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Trade unions postpone agitation following talks with Minister Ale (kh 12/10/2021)

Unions set up roadblock against long stalled aviation bills : The trade unions say they fear the government will gradually privatise the airports, causing them to lose their perks and pay, by Sangam Prasain (kp 12/08/2021)

HAN signs new agreement with trade unions Monthly salary of staffers further reduced to as low as Rs 2,000  (ht 28/01/2021)

Council of trade unions slams employers (ht 27/11/2020)

Restaurants to provide employees uniform pay: Restaurant workers demand at least their basic salary, saying that the decision to cut their salaries came unilaterally, by Krishana Prasain (kp 26/07/2020)

Workers’ unions refuse to obey HAN’s decision (ht 05/05/2020), Hoteliers agree to pay their staff for Chaitra but yet to decide about coming months: Trade unions want government to enforce its decision on wages for workers, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 06/05/2020)

Over 70 percent of industrial workers denied pay, survey finds: A majority of employers in the formal sector flouted government order and withheld their staff salaries for the month of Chaitra, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 04/05/2020)

Labour Day marks pain for workers this year, by Arpana Ale Magar (ht 02/05/2020)

CAAN workers threaten to halt aviation services (ht 26/12/2019)

Workers of all hues need to unite: Organising workers in trade unions is key to implementing the new labour-related laws, by Himalaya Kharel (kp 01/11/2019)

Unhappy with promised perks, pyre burners doubt implementation of the trust’s decision: The indifference of the Pashupati Trust to their demand for better pay and perks led cremators to halt the pyre-burning task, by Anup Ojha (kp 25/10/2019)

Hotel workers give 21-day ultimatum: Workers threaten protest on the eve of Visit Nepal Year (rep 01/10/2019)

Women construction workers: Organising for change: More and more women construction workers are joining unions as they help with claiming compensation; Women still earn almost 30 percent  less than men for  the same work, by Feyzi Ismail (kp 17/07/2019)

Street vendors censure city’s plan to auction off goods seized from them: Nepal Street Vendors Trade Union demands alternative space to run their ‘business’, by Anup Ojha (kp 22/06/2019)

Hyatt Regency shuts down operations: The decision follows a tussle between workers and management, by Sangam Prasain (kp 18/06/2019)

Tea estates in Ilam bear the brunt of workers protest, by Biplab Bhattarai (kp 03/05/2019), Losses to tea industry from workers’ strike top Rs 1 billion, by Arjun Rajbansi (kp 08/05/2019), Tea workers intensify protest demanding implementation of minimum pay, by Yuvraj Bibas (rep 08/05/2019), Protesting tea workers in Jhapa say they are starving, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 10/05/2019)

Women working in informal sectors put forward five-point demand to labor ministr, by Somam Lama (rep 02/05/2019)

A cup full of woes for tea estate workers: An ongoing standoff between tea estate workers and tea factories is expected to result in production losses of 20 percent, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 28/04/2019)

Tea estate workers in east demand minimum wages, by Parbat Portel (kp 02/04/2019)

Trade unions to shut down restaurants: Demands roll back of the decision by Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal  to scrap 10 percent mandatory service charge (kp 04/02/2019), Restaurant workers strike to restore service charge: Employees of four big restaurants in the Kathmandu Valley the Post talked to said they were worried about losing a large part of their salary, by Krishana Prasain (kp 05/02/2019), Trade unions postpone plan to shut down restaurants: Hospitality sector awaits the legal definition of service charge from the Labour Department, by Krishana Prasain (kp 06/02/2019)

Government signs deal with official trade union, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 05/01/2019)

Women tea estate workers form union: Male workers in tea factories of Ilam and Panchthar get Rs 400 per day while women workers get only Rs 300 (kp 08/12/2018)

Most workers in tea industry are temporary: Only 3,244 of over 3 million workers permanent: Survey, by Bhim Chapagain (rep 06/08/2018)

NCP gives aug 21 deadline to suboridate bodies for unification: Unification of trade unions remains a big challenge for the governing NCP (kp 03/08/2018)

Deuba faction faces humiliating defeat in Trade Union Congress (rep 17/06/2018)

Staff unions warn against rights curbs (kp 01/06/2018)

Federal civil service bill: Single apolitical union proposed; Experts say proposed provision will help clean up bureaucracy (kp 27/05/2018), Power to the party: Govt bill legalising a single union to represent all civil servants could make ruling CPN even stronger (kp 28/05/2018)

Unions halt services at Manipal hospital (ht 23/05/2018)

Workers’ protest forces noodle factory to halt operation (ht 23/05/2018)

We’re committed to ILO principles, treaties: PM (kp 02/05/2018), Better employer-employee ties brighten May Day event (kp 02/05/2018)

Trade union asks govt to endorse Federal Civil Service Act (rep 23/04/2018)

Labour Act-2017 hailed for ensuring workers’ wellbeing (kp 02/01/2018)

Working safe: Occupational Safety and Health is an important component of ensuring decent work for all, by Richard Howard and Ayushma Basnyat (rep 03/12/2017)

Labour shortage: Plucking leaves no more workers’ cup of tea, by Chandra Karki (kp 07/10/2017)

NRB trade union: ‘If mgmt changes retirement policy, we’ll protest’ (kp 11/09/2017)

Fulbari extends ‘golden handshake’ to 120 staff, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 08/09/2017), 117 workers make formal Fulbari exit, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 10/09/2017), Fulbari Resort lays off all staff, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 13/09/2017)

Going nowhere: Trade unions have made no significant contribution to the country’s development, by Kabi Adhikari (kp 11/08/2017)

Civil service employees’ union demands salary hike (ht 25/05/2017)

Textile factory staffers demand payment of outstanding salary (ht 21/05/2017)

May Day celebrated amid improved labour relations, by Bibek Subedi (kp 02/05/2017)

Service charge row drawing to an end: HAN, trade unions plan on settling the dispute while neglecting consumers' issues (ht 22/03/2017)

Minister for single trade union at NT (ht 20/03/2017)

Unpaid airport project workers walk off job, by Sangam Prasain (kp 18/03/2017)

HAN, trade unions agree to review 20-point pact (ht 15/02/2017)

Agitating hotel, restaurant staffers warn of further protests (ht 12/02/2017)

Service charge issue reignites as workers demand entire amount: Hotels, customers want end to compulsory tip that is added to bill (kp 23/01/2017), Trade unions give 3-week ultimatum to hotels (rep 23/01/2017), Meeting between hotels, workers ends fruitless (kp 28/01/2017)

ILO vows to intensify cooperation with Nepal (ht 15/12/2016)

Workers deprived of basic facilities, by Tekendra Basyal (rep 07/11/2016)

Curb Excessive Trade Unionism (rn 27/10/2016)

Toil and trouble: Labour Act deprives domestic workers of basic labour rights that all other workers enjoy, at least at policy level, by Tara Kanel (kp 02/10/2016)

Labour unrest ends after issues settled, by Shankar Acharya (kp 27/08/2016)

Govt holds first civil service trade union election, by Gyan P. Neupane (rep 02/06/2016), UML-tied civil service union gets most votes (kp 03/06/2016), UML's trade union wins most votes (rep 03/06/2016), Civil Servants Vs Party Activists, by Bishnu Gautam (rn 07/06/2016) [!!]

Nepal marks May Day amid improved labour relations, by Bibek Subedi (kp 02/05/2016), Guarantee decent working conditions for all: WOREC (ht 02/05/2016), Toiling hard for livelihood, workers unaware of May Day (ht 02/05/2016), Tillers stage rally demanding liberation (ht 02/05/2016)

Teachers’ unions announce merger (ht 02/05/2016)

Civil servants’ bodies clash over trade union election, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht 12/04/2016)

Union officials barred from using company property: Bank managers have been complaining that the increased involvement of trade union officials in their own activities has hampered the work culture at their institutions (kp 23/01/2016)

Pity the workersInternational Trade Union Confederation needs to do more for Nepali migrant workers, by Nagesh Koirala (kp 27/12/2015)

General strike cripples Saptari (ht 02/09/2015)

Unions call off protests after NEA backtracks (kp 28/08/2015)

Workers rally for labour rights (kp 19/08/2015)

SC interim order against trade unions (ht 11/04/2015), SC bars trade unions from political activities till May 11 (rep 11/04/2015), SC discontinues interim order of limiting trade unions' activities (rep 22/04/2015)

Minister Pandit irked by civil service trade unions: Accuses unions of unprofessional activities (rep 24/03/2015)

KMC employees demand security (ht 13/03/2015)

Project staff claim shares: The memorandum submitted to the project in the name of the Nepal Electric Painter Construction Workers’ Union has demanded 500 shares per worker, by Rajendra Manandhar (kp 04/03/2015)

Public Service For People And TUI Congress, by Premal Kumar Khanal (rn 13/02/2015)

Health unions say strike will continue (ht 13/01/2015), Health trade unions reach deal with MoHP, call off hunger strike (ht 25/01/2015)

Labour unions warn of protest (kp 09/12/2014)

GEFONT supports sacked JSSK staffers (kp 15/11/2014)

'Scrap compulsory retirement provision on the basis of 30-year service': Experts say scrapping of provision would hinder entry of new blood, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 06/11/2014)

NTA union demands alternative chair: Protest programmes to be launched from November 2 (ht 19/10/2014)

TAAN blasts union threat to send back tourists (kp 26/08/2014), CPN-M workers union campaigning against four trekking operators (rep 26/08/2014)

Pvt sector fears labour militancy might strike back (kp 23/08/2014)

Baidya union plays foul: Kantipur Publications (kp 23/08/2014), FNJ, Media Society deplore obstruction (kp 23/08/2014), Media fraternity urges govt to end Kantipur stand-off: State urged to allow smooth flow of information (kp 24/08/2014), Govt slammed for being mute spectator: Media fraternity smarting under discriminatory rules; 10-point demand put forth (ht 24/08/2014), Kantipur staff attacked, papers looted (kp 25/08/2014), Leaders flay Kantipur obstruction (kp 25/08/2014), Assault on press widely deplored (kp 26/08/2014), Minister asks union to end Kantipur violence (kp 26/08/2014), Kantipur blockade draws flak (kp 26/08/2014), Obstructions in Kantipur condemned: Journalists’ associations urge trade union to resolve issues through dialogue (ht 26/08/2014), Leaders, activists flay union move (kp 29/08/2014), Union calls off Kantipur agitation (kp 01/09/2014), Union protest at Kantipur Publication postponed (ht 01/09/2014)

Construction workers announce protest (ht 20/08/2014)

Workers’ wage protest hits tea industry in Jhapa, by Lila Baral and Parbat Portel (kp 12/04/2014)

Rallies demand min wage, social security (kp 02/05/2014), Trade unions demand govt to instate social security schemes for workers: Threaten obstruction of budget session if demands are not addressed (ht 02/05/2014)

Safety, medical expense elude construction workers (kp 30/04/2014)

Brick kiln workers urge employers to ensure basic facilities (rep 20/04/2014)

No respite for brick kiln workers despite hard toil, by Sangeet Sangroula (rep 15/04/2014)

General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT), close to CPN-UML

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