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Miscellaneous (general)

2081 BS to have 35 public holidays (kh 14/02/2024), Govt announces 35 public holidays for 2081 BS (With list) (rep 14/02/2024), Need To Streamline Public Holidays, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 20/02/2024)

Nepal Calendar Determination Committee approves 15 calendars for Nepali Year 2081 BS (rep 27/01/2024)

Nepal Sambat, Mha Puja being observed today (kh 14/11/2023), President dubs Nepal Sambat as ‘original calendar’ of Nepal (kh 14/11/2023) [And why do you continue to use an Indian one?], KMC urges adoption of Nepal Sambat as national calendar (rep 14/11/2023)

Rethinking Tribute Beyond Public Holidays (rep 14/09/2023)

New Years, praxis and hope : It is natural to feel that we are entering the new calendrical times with greater uncertainties, by Abhi Subedi (kp 23/04/2023)

Holidays on demand: Immature and arbitrary practice, by Pushpa Raj Joshi (ht 27/02/2023)

How many public holidays is too many? Nepal government often announces public holidays in an arbitrary and ad hoc fashion, adding to an already crowded calendar. Give us a break, say critics, by Purushottam Poudel (kp 14/02/2023)

Re-imagining Nepal’s workweek : Re-imagining Nepal’s workweek : It was only during Juddha Shumsher's reign that a Saturday holiday was introduced, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 28/06/2022)

Holidays at whim: That’s the way for local governments : Local units often come up with own ways of declaring holidays, at times with reasons that defy logic, by Sanju Paudel (kp 20/06/2022)

Govt withdraws two-day weekend decision, from today office hours to remain the same as before (rep 15/06/2022)

Govt overturns its decision on giving two days weekly leave : Public holiday to be granted only on Saturdays from June 15 (kh 06/06/2022), Government rolls back Sunday holiday rule : Starting June 15, it’s again one-day weekend on Saturdays, as the two-day weekend system is revoked in just three weeks (kp 07/06/2022)

Two days a week holidays comes into effect (kh 10/05/2022)

Nepal will have two public holidays a week - Saturday and Sunday - from May 15 (rep 27/04/2022), Government decides to have two-day weekend : Starting May 15, government offices will remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays (kp 28/04/2022), Resetting the workweek : The idea of a five-day working week wouldn’t be too farfetched at all (kp 28/04/2022)

Two days holiday per week will not be effective immediately (rep 17/04/2022)

Calendars published without approval to be seized (rep 24/02/2022), Govt forms committee to monitor calendars (rep 20/03/2022), Calendar Determination Committee to seek clarification from 12 calendars (kh 13/04/2022)

Two years after shortening public holiday list, government starts adding to it again : Officials are calculating potential political benefits while taking decisions on holidays, critics say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 13/02/2021)

Two-day weekly holiday recommended. Experts say it’ll benefit only employees at the expense of service seekers (rep 12/12/2020)

Government fixes public holidays for 2077 BS (ht 15/04/2020)

2076 years since its inception, who started Vikram Samvat is still a mystery: Many believe the name ‘Vikram’ is associated with the calendar, and a king by the same name started it. But which one is up for debate, Abhaya Raj Joshi and Shashwat Pant (kp 15/04/2020) [After all, this calendar is a foreign imvention of Indian Hindus. It has been introduced in Nepal by the Ranas who constructed their lineage from Indian Rajput princes!]

Is Two-day Weekend Practical?, by Kamal Parajuli (rn 15/07/2019)

Power of data in new Nepal: Providing solutions as needed, by Faris H. Hadad-Zervos (ht 04/07/2019)

Final height of Everest may take a year: Survey Dept (rep 29/06/2019)

Home ministry sets criteria for declaring public holidays (ht 20/05/2019)

15 days of national holidays (rep 16/03/2019)

Task force recommends reinstating 12 holidays: The incumbent Oli administration had slashed these holidays soon after coming to power last year, saying that the unnecessary holidays hinder service  delivery to the public, by Anuj Kumar Adhikari (kp 04/01/2019), Panel proposes 13 more public holidays (rep 04/01/2019)

Open data for transparency: Key to economic development, by Nayan Krishna Joshi, Bishnu Dev Pant, Sadichchha Shrestha and Prabin Dongol (ht 29/06/2018)

Government trims public holidays by 22 days (kp 29/03/2018) [down from 104?!!], Proposal to trim list of public holidays elates private sector (rep 29/03/2018), Review decision on public holidays: NEFIN (kp 30/03/2018)

Reliability of govt stats: Data discrepancy creates confusion (kp 13/12/2017)

Govt fixes 100 public holidays for 2074 BS (ht 30/03/2017)

Portal offering official government data launched: offers more than  400 datasets spread  over 12 sections (kp 28/01/2017) [see website], Nepal by numbers: An ambitious project is trying to make government data accessible – and it all started with students, by Marc Allemann (kp 04/01/2017)

Govt to review existing public holidays (kp 12/01/2017)

Christians demand X-Mas holiday (kp 17/12/2016), Christmas celebrations: Bells, carols; Govt: Public holiday Sunday (kp 25/12/2016)

PM Dahal stresses on bringing Nepal Sambat into practice (kp 31/10/2016)

Regular breaks: Nepal tops the list of countries with the most public holidays with 36 days a year (nt 07/10/2016)

Minority report: Goverment should respect sentiments of minority groups in deciding national holidays, by Ramesh Khatry (kp 17/05/2016) [Another proof of the continued single ethnic identity based thinking of Nepal's leading party politicians!!]

Govt decides to observe National Day on Sept 20, by Anil Giri (kp) [Celebrating the non-inclusive and shortcoming constitution of a handful of male Tagadharis??]

MoHA fixes public holidays for 2073 BS (ht 02/04/2016), Christians see red as Xmas holiday scrapped (ht 03/04/2016), Protests for Christmas as public holiday (kp 04/04/2016)

More festive holidays: According to the new calendar published by the government, 2072 BS has 80 holidays, including 23 days-off for festivals (kp 03/03/2015), 46 public holidays set for next year (ht 04/03/2015)
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