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Since the Delhi Agreement between seven parliamentary parties and the insurgent CPN (Maoist) of 22 November 2005, the people of Nepal have been waiting in vain for the promised realisation of an inclusive democratic system. Although the then putsching monarchy was abolished and a constitution was passed in 2015 after long power struggles between the political parties, even this was the sole work of the exclusively male leaders of the three major parties, predominantly male Bahuns. The appropriate participation of all social groups, as provided for in the interim constitution of January 2007, did not take place. In this respect, the constitution of 2015 even represented in part a step backwards compared to the interim constitution.
Thus, apart from the abolition of the monarchy, not much has changed since the 1990 system. Numerous fundamental human rights continue to be disregarded. There is no inclusion of all social groups. All power and the majority of all state functions are still in the hands of male Tagadharis, especially male Bahuns.  The latter make up only 6 percent of the population, but the identification of the state and its society and culture, in short the nationalist image of the state of Nepal, is still based on the culture and partly narrow-minded, anarchic, patriarchal and socially discriminating view and thinking of this small minority. Under the Oli government this trend has even intensified. As long as this state of affairs continues and the failed generation of political leaders of all parties is replaced by a younger generation that is inclusive, open-minded, receptive and not exclusively oriented towards personal power interests, there will be no end to the crisis situation.


5906 days since Delhi agreement of political parties
5754 days since King Gyanendra was forced to end his putsch
5542 days since Comprehensive Peace Agreement; government, leading party politicians, former Maoists and army leaders still prevent conclusion of the peace process
5487 days since promulgation of the Interim Constitution
5037 days since elections to CA-I
4406 days since CA-I committees presented suggestions for the new constitution (discussion in CA prevented by leading politicians)
3645 days since SRC presented suggestions for the federal structure (majority suggestion rejected by Nepali Congress)
3528 days since dissolution of CA-I
2987 days since elections to CA-II
2558 days since promised Constitution by CA-II failed
2421 days since non-inclusive deal by male Tagadhari leaders of the three big parties
days since promulgation of non-inclusive and so far still not really implemented constitution through illegal procedure (text of constitution)
2191 days since unilateral and non-inclusive first amendment of the new constitution
1463 days since the federal system should have been implemented; still missing: laws, infrastructure, fiscal regulations, staff, naming of states and capitals, etc.
1438 days since KP Oli became PM: most of the necessary working processes not really completed, yet; instead, growing violation of fundamental rights, federal chaos, unabated nepotism, corruption and power struggles; putsch and breaking of the constitution
0761 days since the Samajbadi Party Nepal left the coalition government after PM Oli refused any discussion to make the constitution more inclusive though this promise had been decisive for cooperation
0399 days since PM Oli putsched and destroyed the democratic system with the help of President Bidya Devi Bhandari
0334 days since the Supreme Court confirmed the deliberate unconstitutionality of Oli's procedure : Oli continues to reject personal consequences and further destroys democracy and state
0322 days since the Supreme Court ruled that the merger of CPN-UML and CPN-MC to form the NCP on 17 May 2018 was illegitimate, thereby reactivating the two original parties: all parties want power, but not democracy and the rule of law
0195 days since the Supreme Court reinstated the House of Representatives again and ordered the replacement of Prime Minister KP Oli by Sher Bahadur Deuba; no perspective in sight

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23/01/2022: EC directs RPP to remove ‘monarchy’ and ‘Hindu state’ from its statute (kh), EC warns of action if RPP does not amend statute, party logo (rep), RPP calls office bearers’ meeting as EC asks to remove Hindu state, monarchy from party statute (kh), RPP to seek political and legal redressal against EC’s call to remove Hindu state, monarchy from party statute (kh), What if the local elections are not held on time? As the government is dithering over when to hold the local elections, experts warn that deferring local polls can have consequences on federalism and can also invite constitutional crisis, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt), 'Simultaneous elections not feasible', by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Confusion in Nepali Congress over polls, particularly local elections : Deuba is in a fix as he feels obliged to coalition partners while he faces pressure from his own party leaders, by Anil Giri (kp), It is govt’s responsibility to shape local level by holding polls: EC (rep), Pandemic can derail progress made in child nutrition, UNICEF warns : Says Nepal achieved marked progress in reducing child stunting during 2002-2016 (kp), Govt preparing to spend additional Rs 240 million to decorate new ministers’ quarters (rep) [Corruption in its purest form!], Model social inclusion policy for local levels (ht), World Economics Forum outlines 5 risk factors for Nepal in 2022 (kh)
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22/01/2022: Amid sluggish government response, Covid-19 third wave rampages the country : Public health experts say without prompt, reliable and effective response to battle the pandemic, Nepal risks becoming the hotspot of the unimagined rapid surge, a rise of serious cases and even deaths, by Amish Neupane (nlt) [There is nothing to expect. Nepal's politicians have only their power interests in mind, not the concerns of the people, for whose solution they have applied and want to apply again this year!], Nepal progresses significantly in nutrition of mothers and children at risk: UNICEF. There are many reasons behind this improvement but one of the major reasons is the involvement of more than 50,000 female community health volunteers (nlt), Ruling alliance to consult legal experts amid confusion over timing of three polls : Deuba’s coalition partners say they are considering holding the three tiers of election simultaneously, by Anil Giri and Tika R Pradhan (kp), Nepal Oil says it is bankrupt, further price rises foreseen : Situation is so bleak that it is back to the bad old days when the loss-making, cash-strapped public enterprise used to ask the government for handouts to import fuel, by Krishana Prasain (kp), Activists call for sacking Minister Yadav for her incendiary remarks : A group of activists has said a sitting minister threatening target killings is the result of unchecked lack of accountability in the country (kp), NC General Secy Sharma suggests dismissal of Minister Yadav (kh), Prime minister says all outstanding issues will be sorted out through talks : Deuba, in his address to the nation, says the House will resume through agreement (kp) [You have so many urgent tasks that need action, not talks!], Around 33 percent households remain at risk of falling into poverty due to COVID-19 pandemic, survey reveals (kh), Nurture Good Politics In Nepal, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), Experts underscore overhauling reforms in formulating legislation (kh) [What legislation? This has been blocked for months by the anti-democrat KP Oli, who even before as PM preferred not to pass laws through parliament, but to impose them through ordinances!]
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21/01/2022: The foe within : Our entire state is a shining example of commissions, kickbacks, and kleptocracy, by Amish Raj Mulmi (kp), Measuring poverty in Madhesh: What should be done? The government of Madhesh province has been claiming all along that it is a pro-poor government. On what basis is the government evaluating the poverty situation of the province?, by Randhir Chaudhary (nlt), Maoist chair Dahal’s non sequitur sends ripples across the political spectrum : Proposal to hold general elections in April-May by delaying local level polls, which must be held by that time, has been criticised as being against the system and rule of law, by Anil Giri (kp), Prachanda’s proposal of ‘early elections’ triggers ripples in Nepali political spectrum (kh), Dance of democracy : Two parties in ruling coalition block holding local elections on schedule, by Santa Gaha Magar (nt), Polls in the time of pandemic : Playing politics with local elections will undermine Nepal’s democracy and grassroots development (nt), Women journalists say they face harassment, but actions rarely taken : Calls for making working space safe have been lost in din of the ‘nothing unusual’ refrain, by Ankit Khadgi (kp), Victims of negligence : Most of the relief work usually falls on the shoulders of ordinary citizens rather than the state (kp), Working-journalists Association demands probe over Civil Hospital’s neglect to treat journo (kh) [Rejected for reasons of caste??], Civil society representatives protest life threatening remarks of sitting minster (kh), The scars of war : Two siblings who survived a Maoist attack in 2002 speak of their long struggle and hopes for the future, by Sahina Shrestha (nt)
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20/01/2022: Panel to ask PM on inclusive, proportional system in envoy appointment (ht), Democracy in political parties : Why do the same leaders continue?, by Krishna Man Pradhan (ht), Minister Renu Yadav gives provocative statement; threatens to kill CK Raut (kh) [If the minister has really expressed this in such a way, she is no longer sustainable for a minute and should be dismissed immediately!], Nepal’s sitting minister threatens to repeat the ‘Gaur massacre’: Here’s the story of the 2007 carnage and impunity that followed : Since 2007, victims of the carnage have been demanding justice but to no avail, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt), No China involvement is India’s caveat for buying power from Nepali plants : The southern neighbour has but one concern about buying electricity—who is helping develop projects in Nepal, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp) [Interference by both India and the U.S. in the context of their own anti-China interests!], New school reform plan set for rollout despite two previous flops : A 10-year Rs953.43b Education Sector Plan will come into action in July, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Prioritise Public Education, by Umesh Raj Regmi (rn), Queues and chaos : Every wave seems to expose our lack of preparedness, always leaving things to be done at the eleventh hour (kp), Quick and effective decisions : The government should show how its policy decisions can create changes on the ground in favour of farmers, by Madhukar Upadhya (kp), Have No Dilemma On Local Polls, by Mukti Rijal (rn), Shocking revelation : It proves that the persons assigned to vaccinate the public had sold them in the black market for personal gain (ht), Dahal proposes to hold general election in April-May, by Ameet Dhakal (Setopati), संवैधानिक व्यवस्थाअनुसार ६ महिनाभित्र स्थानीय निर्वाचन गर्न सकिन्छ : दाहाल (ka)
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19/01/2022: Constitutional and legal contradictions surface amid local election talks : Some parties in the ruling coalition appear to be in bid to exploit the loopholes to delay local level polls, which have been proposed by the poll body for April-May, by Anil Giri (kp), The Election Commission should be allowed to decide when it wants to hold the polls (kp), Provinces, local units rely heavily on Kathmandu for resources : Sub-national governments have been forced to compromise on their autonomy in decision-making due to their over-reliance for resources on the federal government, experts say, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Redrawing the map : Territorial issues between countries are as challenging to resolve as claims over land ownership between squabbling siblings, by CK Lal (kp), Internally democratic : Nepal’s political parties are required to ensure inclusive, decentralized democratic processes in their internal functioning but they remain highly centralized, by Sambridh Ghimire (rec) [Today's male party leaders are neither willing nor able to do this! They see themselves as the only rightful and godlike owners of Nepal!]
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18/01/2022: Children without father or born through second marriages deprived of birth registration : Many children are stateless as they are unable to get citizenship certificates due to lack of birth registration documents issued by ward office, by Amrita Anmol (kp) [How can a state that calls itself a democratic constitutional state deny citizenship to children because their parents were not legally married to each other? This is a serious violation of international law!], Ruling alliance agrees to hold local polls in April (nlt), Experts call for bringing India, China on board to resolve Kalapani row : Modi statement on Lipulekh has created fresh uproar, with Delhi, Kathmandu issuing statements one after another, by Anil Giri (kp), Stagflation looms large : Decreasing remittances, dwindling forex reserves and widening balance of payment deficit are impossible to be reversed overnight, by Achyut Wagle (kp), The lasting scars of war: sexual violence during the conflict : Fifteen years since the 10-year conflict ended, there is no justice and little peace for victims of rape and sexual violence, by Ameesha Rayamajhi and Deepesh Shrestha (rec)
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17/01/2022: Fake stories on MCC Vs nationalism: Readers confused with eye-popping headlines (kh), Mass meetings, rallies and gatherings banned until Feb 12 (kh), Nepal reeling under fertilizer shortage as China reluctant to supply it on time : 38,500 metric tons of fertilizer stuck in China, by Eak Raj Bastola (kh), Deuba in poll dilemma— whether to listen to his party or alliance partners : At least two parties in his coalition want three tiers of elections in one go. Congress thinks otherwise, by Anil Giri (kp), Migrants return : The reverse movement of migrants can be perceived either as a problem or an opportunity by the authorities (kp), UML seeks government accountability while it holds the House of Representatives hostage : A dysfunctional Parliament is unlikely to convene meetings anytime soon amid Covid-19 scare, by Binod Ghimire (kp), CK Raut-led Janamat party announces protest programs (kh), Janakpur voted permanent capital of State 2 (kh), The bitter struggle behind sweet sugar: Is the industry on the verge of collapse? Sugar mills are crushing farmers instead of sugarcane, while the successive governments stand as mute spectators secretly serving the crony capitalists while ignoring the farmers who are fighting for justice (nlt)
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16/01/2022: Rights violation of women, children worrisome (ht), FDI in first five months of current FY increases by 49.6 percent; Govt’s capital expenditure stands at 13.44 percent (kh), Govt’s capital expenditure stood only 13.44 percent in the first half of current FY, less than last year’s 14.4 percent (rep), NA Meeting Scheduled For Monday Postponed Again (rn), HoR meeting postponed due to COVID-19 (kh), COVID-19 third wave: Political leaders in isolation (kh), Government reiterates Limpiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipulekh belong to Nepal (kh), Lipulekh, Limpiyadhura and Kalapani integral parts of Nepal: Government : Nepal government has been requesting Indian government to stop unilateral construction/expansion of any road that goes via Nepali territory, Minister Karki says (kp)
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15/01/2022: Division over local level poll dates as two ruling parties press for delays : CPN-UML for Election Commission-proposed dates while the Congress wants fresh discussion with political forces, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Calls grow in ruling parties for Deuba to speak up on Lipulekh : Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba is under pressure to respond to Modi’s statement on India’s road expansion through the territory that Nepal has included in its map, by Anil Giri (kp), Media for Deep Democratization : Democratization should not be misunderstood as merely creating more structures, populating them and pursuing ritual elections, by Mohan Nepali (rep), Public Space Makes Authority Responsible, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), Janamat Party stages protest rally in Gaur (ht), Six months in power: Deuba Government has been a monumental failure : Here is a list of major failures that mark the six months in office of Prime Minister Deuba, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt)
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14/01/2022: Amid a virus crisis, Nepalis grapple with an inflation burst : Inflation hits a 64-month high to 7 percent. Prices are going through the roof, which could affect the overall standards of living and hamstring economic growth, by Krishana Prasain (kp), Nepal’s economy’s facing hard time: Former Finance Minister Dr. Lohani (kh), Economic forecast : For a country like Nepal to fully return to the pre-pandemic level, the govt needs to vaccinate its total eligible population (ht), Gamgadhi fire victims shiver under flimsy tents in winter chill : A massive fire on November 15 last year had destroyed 21 houses in the Mugu district headquarters, by Raj bahadur Shahi (kp) [Failure of the Deuba government to provide assistance! The party convents were probably more important!], New virus wave hits political meetings, gatherings : Cabinet has not been able to meet since January 5. With their leaders in isolation, political parties have postponed scheduled events, by Anil Giri (kp), The right to live : The misuse of technology to enforce sex-selective abortion needs to stop (kp), Nepal’s global image : There is no logic that resource-rich Nepal should remain at a lower rung of the development ladder indefinitely, by Yagya Bahadur Hamal (kp), Will the current coalition continue until the next election? CPN (Maoist Center) and CPN (Unified Socialist) are the biggest advocates of sustaining the coalition until the elections as if their existence would be endangered if they compete in the election under the respective party banners, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt), Nepal’s ruling party Nepali Congress asks New Delhi to immediately stop road construction in the Lipulekh area : Nepali Congress has categorically claimed that Lipulek, Limpiyadhura and Kalapani are Nepal’s territory and India should respect historical evidence (nlt), Lessons still not learnt : On National Earthquake Safety Day on 15 January, let us remember that the 2015 quake taught us to be better prepared (nt)
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13/01/2022: Nepal failed in preventing Covid deaths and addressing rights challenges: HRW (kp) [see HRW report on Nepal], Gender bias forcing women into sex-selective abortions : Sex-selective abortions are illegal in Nepal but are still widely practised for preference of sons over daughters, rights activists say, by Rupa Gahatraj and Aakash Chaudhary (kp), Deuba’s six months in office: A poor show of governance : There is not much for the government to boast about on any front, observers and analysts say, by Anil Giri (kp), Poor families yet to get one-time grant of Rs10,000 : Those receiving the government incentive must be willing to work voluntarily in the future under the Prime Minister Self Employment Programme, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Dang police office registers complaint in conflict-era disappearance case : Victims are losing hope in transitional justice bodies and are turning to regular justice process, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Covid surge threatens to hinder Nepal’s economic recovery : Nepal’s economy has been estimated to grow 3.9 percent this fiscal year, unchanged from its June 2021 outlook, the World Bank says in its Global Economic Prospects report, by Sangam Prasain (kp), Inflation soars to 7.11 percent in the fifth month of current FY, general people hit hard as prices of daily essentials reach five-year high (rep), Inflation on the rise, remittance dwindling and foreign exchange reserve depleting (kh), MCC, Indo-PacificStrategy and Nepal-US Relations, by Dron Lamichhane (rep), Civil Society At The Crossroads, by Mukti Rijal (rn)
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12/01/2022: Supreme Court orders immediate distribution of senior citizen allowance (kh), Two major Madhes-based parties in crisis : Disputes deepen in Upendra Yadav’s Janata Samajbadi Party and Mahantha Thakur’s Loktantrik Samajbadi Party over key appointments (kp), Nepal Faces New Geopolitical Reality, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn), Investigation stopped : It seems that the attorney's office is under pressure from the powers that be which do not want the case to move forward (ht), Why case filing in document forgery in Lalita Niwas land grab scam has been delayed : Police submitted documents so as to move case by January 11; district attorney office returns it for more investigation, says statute of limitations not applicable, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Country in crisis: Need for responsible Opposition, government, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht)
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11/01/2022: Cronyism in Nepali politics : The government instead of acting as a neutral player seems instead to be a puppet in the hands of a few individuals (kp), Divisive politics : The disillusionment campaign begins in an election year with millions of first-time voter, by Sujeev Shakya (kp), Nepal’s democracy, political parties and internal politics, by Raghab Sharma (kh), Second wave caught Nepal unawares. No lessons learned a year later : No strategies made to fight new surge when there was lull despite warnings of an explosion of infections, experts say, by Arjun Poudel (kp), Prithivi Jayanti and National Unity Day: Unity in Diversity, by Shankar Man Singh (rep), Enhancing the Dialogue Efficiency of Political Parties in Nepal, by Dev Raj Dahal (tn), That iconic portrait of Prithvi Narayan Shah, by Pranaya Shamsher JB Rana (rec)
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10/01/2022: As cases rise, Covid response agency recommends slew of new measures : Limiting gatherings to 25 people, school closure until January-end, and vaccination cards at public places, among the suggested measures, by Arjun Poudel (kp), Education Ministry decides to close schools until Jan 29 (kh), Nepal’s mask-averse politicians : On most occasions, Nepali leaders barely cover their nose and mouth, while they often play fast and loose with health safety protocols, disregarding the virus threat, by Tika R Pradhan & Binod Ghimire (kp) [At the same time, politicians continue to call for mass meetings. This can be called irresponsible at best, but it is more criminal!], Control the spread : To break the chain of spread requires a concerted effort of the authorities and the entire community (kp), He was murdered for his fight to save environment. Justice eludes his family two years on : Justice has not been served in Omprakash (Dilip) Mahato’s murder. Instead, the victim’s family faces false allegations, by Tufan Neupane (kp)
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09/01/2022: Need for openness in governance : The age of democratic accountability in Nepal also needs to emphasise citizen engagement, by Taranath Dahal (kp), PM Deuba intensifies efforts to ratify MCC  (kh), Deuba makes overtures to Oli over House obstruction, MCC : UML chair says position remains the same on both issues, by Anil Giri (kp), Senior leaders in isolation after Dahal tests positive for Covid-19 : Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and other ruling alliance leaders were present in two meetings on Thursday and Friday attended by the Maoist chair, by Tika R Pradhan (kp), Taking economic growth rate to 7 percent is challenging: Governor Adhikari (kh), Political leadership’s myopic vision impeding national drive for development: Dr. Bhattarai (kh), Ward member, teacher arrested for settling rape case involving 77-year-old woman (rep)
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08/01/2022: Health institutions in Achham reel under lack of infrastructure and manpower : There are more than 500 health institutions in the district and none of them is equipped to provide essential services, by Menuka Dhungana (kp), Dilapidated Salyan Prison overcrowded with inmates : The stone-and-mud building with four rooms shelters 129 inmates, including 22 women and three of their children, by Biplab Mahrajan (kp), Govt mulls closing int'l border, suspending flights to and from Nepal as COVID-19 cases see a fresh spike (rep), Oli has held parliament hostage: NC General Secretary Thapa (rep), Why are some countries rich and others poor?, by Vaishally Shah (rep), Perils Of Pre-Political Politics, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn), CCMCC decides to close schools till Jan 29 in view of surging COVID-19 cases : Vaccination card made mandatory at public places, including airports (kh)
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07/01/2022: Despite constitutional mandate, women’s representation in Nepali politics remains minimal, by Anushka Nepal (nlt), 90 percent employed women are working informally in Nepal : Women informal sector workers share a disproportionate burden of unpaid care work and family responsibilities that limit their job opportunities, by Aakriti Ghimire (kp), Declining standards of journalism : Spreading misinformation affects media credibility and harms all democratic institutions, by Ila Sharma (kp), Battling the Shame of Periods Stain : Why cannot we just normalize a period stain? Why do girls have to be ashamed of something biological and completely natural?, by Jyoti Sharma (rep), Ruling, opposition parties doing little to end stalemate, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht), Study shows only 0.30 % of news stories in Nepali media have bylines of women journalists (rep) [see corresponding report], Volatile Mix of Politics and Religion : Local elections this year will be a kind of referendum on federalism and secularism (nt), Clean up elections to clean up politics : In a democracy, elections force accountability but the voting process itself needs to be overhauled, by Shristi Karki (nt)
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06/01/2022: The fire of Hindutva upsurge : The combustible mixture of religion and politics is likely to widen the gulf between different communities, by CK Lal (kp), Despite current calm, standoff in Supreme Court portends larger complications : Constitutional Bench is unable to sit, Judicial Council is ineffective and Judicial Service Commission hasn’t met, delaying judges’ appointments, promotions and transfers, by Binod Ghimire (kp) [Since the beginning of KP Oli's authoritarian and anti-democratic actions, Nepal has increasingly been showing signs of a failing state!], No encouragement for start-ups : Strategies must be put in place to provide a conducive environment to allow the youths to thrive (kp), Industry and commerce in disarray due to headless ministry : The Deuba administration has not appointed a new industry minister since the previous incumbent left office last May, by Krishana Prasain (kp), All officials, except two, at Maoist Center’s central office test positive for COVID19 : Maoist Center Chair Prachanda isolating himself from today itself (kh), Is Landlockedness a Boon or a Curse for Nepal? Changing the Grand Narrative, by Pradip Kumar Kafle (rep), Charge-sheet ready : Land mafias would not have dared grab the govt land without a nexus of the politicians, bureaucrats and even justices (ht), Nepal as a battleground in the era of ‘Great Power Competition’, by Rajan Karki (tn), Burning despair : The recent law on acid attacks is a step in the right direction but it would’ve gone a longer way had it also accounted for burn survivors, by Marissa Taylor (rec), What if… (local) elections cannot be held on time?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae), Nepal’s federal provinces: Missed opportunities, by Thira Lal Bhusal (ae)
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05/01/2022: Nepal can do much better : Journalists and state agencies are both to blame for the low ranking in the press freedom index, by Bhanu Bhakta Acharya (kp), Nepal emerging as a transit and destination country for forced labor and sex trafficking: Report. The study has also found out that traffickers have also been operating under the cover of educational consultancies to lure young children to go abroad for education (nlt) [see corresponding World Bank report], Over 4.4 million people involved in informal sector face vulnerabilities, by Eak Raj Bastola (kh), All you need to know about National Assembly elections : 19 members will be elected on January 26 to replace those who are retiring on March 4 (kp), Their five-year terms are ending but most local units still don’t own office buildings : Federal officials blame lack of funds and unresolved issues at the local level, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp), Women’s Battle For Leadership, by Namrata Sharma (rn), 128 Landslide Survivors In Nawalparasi Continue To Spend Night In Open (rn), Chinese Ambassador Hou meets MCC Task Force Coordinator Khanal (kh), What is CK Raut up to? After earning opprobrium for being a secessionist for a long time and then receiving praises for joining mainstream politics respecting Nepali sovereignty, CK Raut is again in the headlines. Is he doing politics the right way?, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt)
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04/01/2022: Nepal's federalism: Time for a review : The first elected local governments under the federal constitution promulgated in 2015 are near completion of their five-year tenure, by Achyut Wagle (kp), And the chairman proclaimed: ‘I am the chairman; elect me’ : The Maoist Centre convention is much ado about nothing, as its sole aim was to reinstall Dahal as leader, insiders and observers say, by Tika R Pradhan (kp), Convention of appointees : The message from the jamborees is a preview of what to expect during the general elections (kp) [Voters shall once again only be allowed to choose between the old and repeatedly failed politicians who do not represent society in terms of gender or ethnicity. All parties agree on this! What kind of democracy is this anyway?], Major parties pick candidates as they brace for National Assembly elections : Prospects grim for UML. Except in Province 1, ruling alliance controls enough weight to beat the main opposition party, by Anil Giri (kp), EC dismisses Milan Pandey's complaint (rep)
see also news programmes of Kantipur TV : morning (English), evening (Nepali)

03/01/2022: Electoral Integrity: A Crucial Aspect of Sustaining Democracy, by Rajaram Bartaula (rep), Hope and despair : Beneath their tall claims, politicians desire to attain power at any cost (kp), Maoists pledged to uplift marginalised. And they further marginalised them : Dalits in party are questioning if they are going to get the promised space, as they are left out of committees now, by Tika R Pradhan (kp), Deuba accused of nominating only supporters to Congress central committee : Among 13 nominated, just two, or mere 15 percent, are women, by Binod Ghimire (kp), Deconstructing Political Hierarchy, by Madhav Prasad Aryal (rn), Stop interfering : Frustration runs high among those police personnel who don't have the connections or money to influence their promotions and transfers (ht), Ruling coalition shares seats in National Assembly : To jointly field candidates in NA poll (kh)
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02/01/2022: Police open fire on CK Raut’s party cadres, five injured (kh) [The police shot at these people just because they were demonstrating? Not even in the case of damage to property would the use of firearms have been appropriate!], At least 16 injured as Janamat Party cadres clash with security personnel in Dhanusa : Eight security personnel and eight party cadres have been injured so far. Authorities are still trying to bring the situation under control, said police (kp), Desmond Tutu and Nepal : Tutu’s death has become an occasion of soul-searching in tackling the multiple whammies, by Abhi Subedi (kp), Wake up from this dreamy world : Ours is a country where personal interests always take precedence over national interests, by Tim Gurung (kp) [And all the failed "top politicians"! are so ignorant and refuse to understand that they have to go if they want to finally do the country a service!], Maoist Path Of Revolution : Who Will Bell The Cat?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn), Follow Einstein’s Socialism, by Parmeshwar Devkota (rn), Incidents Of Violation Of Press Freedom Increasing (rn), Over 9,000 crimes against women in five months (ht), End interference in security bodies, CIAA tells home ministry (ht)
see also news programmes of Kantipur TV : morning (English), evening (Nepali)

01/01/2022: Extrajudicial killings and the wait for justice : Unlawful executions by police, especially in the Tarai, have continued despite rights organisations including the United Nations calling on Nepal to act to stop them, by Tufan Neupane (kp), Press freedom violation cases on the rise (ht), Call for more inclusive media in terms of content, participation (ht), Hostility to media continues even as instances of press freedom violation see a decline in 2021 (rep), Nepal unique in guaranteeing women’s rights: PM Deuba (kh) [No, Mr Deuba, the opposite is the case!], 434 at risk of trafficking rescued (rep), Looking back at 2021: The year not to be forgotten in politics : The year 2021 witnessed a lot of unpleasant and unfortunate political events that are going to shape Nepal’s politics in 2022, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt), Election process for National Assembly polls begins from today (kh), Politics in 2021 : Democracy was saved but hope is all we have, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Civic Face Of Constitutional Democracy, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn)
see also news programmes of Kantipur TV : morning (English), evening (Nepali)

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Government’s Recent Moves Have Restricted Activists
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Current Draft Law Does Not Meet International Standards on Prosecuting Worst Crimes
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The Nepal peace process
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Ways to destroy a nation: bandh calendar

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