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Shreeya Giri from Nepal included in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for mental health advocacy (nlt 16/05/2024)

Chittaranjan Nepali’s epic themes of history : His major thrust was the study of the characters in national history who had performed heroic acts, by Abhi Subedi (kp 14/04/2024)

Enriching our obits : Proper obituaries are essential for instilling professionalism in the genre, by Dharma Adhikari (kp 11/03/2024)

A journey of resilience : After overcoming caste-based discrimination in her early years, Bishnu Maya Pariyar is now known for tireless efforts in uplifting marginalised communities, by Jagdishor Panday (kp 08/03/2024)

Eminent Educationist With A Vision, by Mohan Lohani (rn 08/03/024) [on Rudra Raj Pande]

The Guru That Guna Dev Sir Was, by P Kharel (rn 04/03/2024)

A Legendary Figure : Died year ago at the age of 95, Himalaya Sumsher Rana will be remembered forever in Nepalese history (sp 23/02/2024)

Mountain man Al Read, 87 : Remembering the pioneer of Himalayan rafting, trekking and mountaineering, by Lisa Choegyal (nt 09/02/2024)

Kamal Ratna Tuladhar, long-time copy editor for the Post, dies aged 67 : Tuladhar used to copy-edit news and opinion articles for business and op-ed pages (kp 15/01/2024), Dear Sir, please find attached your obituary : Kamal Ratna Tuladhar was one of the last old-style copy editors in Nepal’s fledgling print journalism, by Dinesh Kafle (kp 25/01/2024)

The accidental champion of biodiversity : Nanda Lal Majhi has dedicated 35 years to biodiversity conservation in Nepal. His efforts underscore the role of local communities in conservation, by Aarati Ray (kp 15/01/2024)

Remembering An Inspiring Karma Yogi, by Dipak Gyawali (sp 12/01/2024) [on Toni Hagen]

Final rites of senior journalist Pokharel performed (kh 02/01/2024), An Ideally Assertive Editor, by Dhruba Adhikary (rn 10/01/2024)

Healing the country : Selfless medical professionals like Dr Koirala, Dr KC and Dr Ruit inspire fellow doctors and all Nepalis (kp 13/12/2023)

Jog Prasad Pandey: Bridging Worlds with Devotion and Service, by Sanket Koirala (kh 09/12/2023)

Powerful Pen On Gender Issues, by P Kharel (rn 06/11/2023)

Everest bank founder and chairman BK Shrestha passes away at 94 (rep 25/10/2023)

Services Ambassador : Sushant is an active member of the thriving community of AWS User Group Nepal, a community of over 1200 AWS professionals and enthusiasts in Nepal (nlt 22/10/2023)

Historian Chittaranjan Nepali dies : Nepali received the first-ever Madan Puraskar in 1956 for ‘General Bhimsen Thapa Ra Tatkalin Nepal’, by Himesh Ratna Bajracharya (kp 18/10/2023)

Her trail to triumph : Sky and trail running sensation Mira Rai has achieved international acclaim through victories in renowned races across the globe, breaking records and earning accolades such as the ‘National Geographic Adventurer of the Year’, by Rukusha Giri (kp 18/09/2023)

Nepal’s Tenzing Gyalzen Sherpa awarded the Guinness World Record for installing high-altitude weather station on Everest (rep 27/04/2023)

Damien Foundation Nepal awarded Dirga Rana Samundra Bam Gold Medal : The Belgian I/NGO has been supporting TB and Leprosy control projects since 2017 (nlt 31/03/2023)

Dr Ruit honored with prestigious Isa Award (ae 22/02/2023)

Nepal’s first Governor Rana passes away (kh 05/02/2023), Himalaya Shumsher, first governor who formalised Nepal’s economy, dies at 95 : Rana is credited with developing country’s banking system, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 06/02/2023), Himalaya Shamsher Rana: The governor who made Nepali currency the legal tender in Tarai, by Pushpa KC (nlt 10/02/2023)

Buddha Air founder Surendra Bahadur Basnet no more : Basnet was also a two-time minister and former justice of the Supreme Court during the Panchayat period (nlt 25/12/2022)

Gagan Pradhan: The man who introduced coffee culture in Nepal (ae 15/12/2022)

Anuradha Koirala : One woman’s mission to free Nepal from human trafficking (ae 03/11/2022)

Anthropologist Om Gurung dies of cancer : Gurung had spearheaded the fight against the state induced social exclusion, cultural discrimination and political domination against indigenous people and other marginalised and disadvantaged groups of Nepal (kp 18/10/2022)

The saga of an unsung hero : The story of Kulababu narrates the struggles of an entire generation of professionals, by CK Lal (kp 28/09/2022) [on Kulanand Lal Das]

Kanchha Sherpa: Shoulder to shoulder with Tenzing and Hillary. The last survivor of the first successful Mt Everest expedition (ae 21/07/2022)

Dr. Man Bahadur KC : Heart Mender, by Keshab Poudel (sp 22/04/2022)

Dhruba Kumar obituary : A towering scholar, by Pratik Ghimire (ae 22/03/2022)

‘Satya Mohan’, a book on a true giant of history, launched : The biography on the centenarian, a cultural institution in his own right, is a vivid account of his perspectives spanning the Rana regime to the current pandemic, by Anup Ojha (kp 19/03/2022)

Durga Ghimire: The pioneering savior of trafficked girls : Ghimire, the activist working to rescue and rehabilitate trafficked girls in Nepal since 1990, opens up about her struggles, by Anushka Nepal (nlt 18/12/2021)

The accidental archiver : On his journey to become a sports photojournalist, Shyam Chitrakar accidentally curated possibly the largest—and most probably the only—sports archive in the country, by Drishna Sthapit (kp 17/12/2021)

Sonia Awale: ‘Writers and journalists must be patient’, by Tom Robertson (rec 25/11/2021)

Panday: Nepal’s First Media Bibliographer, by Harsha Man Maharjan (rn 04/09/2021)

Meet Muni Bahadur Shakya, a pioneering Nepali computer scientist : From programming the first computer able to read Devanagari to developing low-energy desktops that are used in telemedicine, Shakya’s contributions are manifold, by Aishwarya Baidar (rec 24/08/2021)

Tek Bahadur Khatri: An Early Media Historian, by Harsha Man Maharjan (rn 03/04/2021)

New eyes and ears : There is much to do  before Nepali society  appreciates the likes of Sapana Roka Magar, by Pramod Mishra (kp 03/12/2020)

Journalist Gokarna Gautam, who gave voice to the voiceless, dies aged 31 (kp 20/11/2020)

Dixit's Contribution In Media Research, by Harsha Man Maharjan (rn 07/11/2020)

It’s heartbreaking to write about the death of a columnist : Sukhdev Shah always had a national outlook, rather than regional, on many political issues, one reason why he may not have been appreciated much by Madheshi intellectuals and activists, by Mahabir Paudyal (rep 13/10/2020) [on the death of Sukhdev Shah]

Snow leopard Ang Rita Sherpa passes away at 72 (ht 21/09/2020), Nepal's mountaineering legend Ang Rita Sherpa passes away (rep 21/09/2020), ‘Snow Leopard’ Ang Rita Sherpa passes away, by Eak Raj Bastola (kh 21/09/2020), Ang Rita Sherpa, who climbed Everest 10 times without bottled oxygen, dies at 72 : The ‘Snow Leopard’ first reached the top of the world in 1983 and the last time in 1996. In 1987 he became the first person to climb the mountain in winter without bottled oxygen, by Sangam Prasain (kp 22/09/2020), Legendary Ang Rita Sherpa passes away, by Arpana Ale Magar (ht 22/09/2020), Mountaineering legend Ang Rita Sherpa to be laid to rest with state honor (rep 22/09/2020)

The silent skies: Remembering Ang Tshiring Sherpa, 1964-2019, by Lisa Choegyal (nt 14/08/2020)

Grishma Bahadur Devkota’s Magnum Opus, by Harsha Man Maharjan (rn 04/04/2020)

Pradip Pariyar selected for the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders Class of 2020: Pariyar, a social activist and executive director of Samata Foundation, joins global leaders like the prime minister of Finland, Pakistani and Bhutanese ministers, and an Olympic gold medallist (kp 12/03/2020)

Durga Nath Sharma, journalist behind the popular world affairs show, is dead at 72: Sharma was a veteran journalist with stints in Radio Nepal, Gorkhapatra and Nepal Television, but his enduring legacy will be the Bishwo Ghatana programme, by Samiksha Baral (kp 06/02/2020)

Shiva Regmi’s Contributions In Media Research, by Harsha Man Maharjan (rn 01/02/2020)

Legacy of Dor Bahadur Bista: The academic height Bista gained within Nepal and in educational institutions he visited in other countries around the world is enviable for many who are in the academia today, by Ram Bahadur Chhetri (rep 21/01/2020)

Senior journalist Kasajoo passes away (ht 27/11/2019), Vinaya Kasajoo: A Believer In Media Power, by Harsha Man Maharjan (rn 07/12/2019)

Final rites of senior journo Gurubacharya performed (ht 24/11/2019)

Manjushree Thapa: The content of democracy is social, psychological, emotional: The Nepali-Canadian writer talks about citizenship, her writing and the Nepali political class’s Panchayati hangover, by Pranaya SJB Rana (kp 10/11/2019)

Nepal Rastra Bank unveils coins to commemorate historian Satya Mohan Joshi: Joshi, who turned 100 in May this year, is not pleased with Minister Khatiwada for keeping the event attendees wait for an hour, by Anup Ojha (kp 11/09/2019)

Dr Sanduk Ruit: ‘You can make history in this country’: The pioneering eye surgeon speaks about how he got into eye care, his work with cataracts and his infamous trip to North Korea, interview with Pranaya SJB Rana (kp 25/08/2019)

Remembering a scholar extraordinaire: The greatest contribution of Naya Raj Pant and his students was awakening their countrymen to the realization that they could carry out research competently enough on their own, by Mahesh Raj Pant (rep 10/08/2019)

Business icon  Prabhakar Rana passes away, by Arpana Ale Magar (ht 01/06/2019), End of an eraPrabhakar Rana, a business icon, leaves behind a legacy, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 04/06/2019), Remembering Prabhakar Rana, by Siddhartha Thapa (rep 12/06/2019)

In his own tongue: A new documentary on Kancha Sherpa, the last surviving member of the first summit of Everest, brings focus to how mountaineering has affected the Sherpa community, by Jemima Deki Sherpa (kp 29/05/2019)

Journalist Pushkar Lal Shrestha dies (kp 18/04/2019)

Industrialist Diwakar Golchha passes away (kp 11/04/2019), A ‘courageous’ industrialist no more (ht 11/04/2019)

Ang Tshiring Sherpa: Aviation pioneer and hospitality entrepreneur: Sherpa owned, among other things, one of the leading airline companies in the country, by Bhrikuti Rai (kp 28/02/2019), Noted tourism entrepreneur dead in Taplejung chopper crash, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 28/02/2019)

Kul Man Ghising: The man who gave us light, by Deepak Adhikari (kp 16/02/2019)

Dor Bahadur Bista, the Unforgettable, by Prem Khatry (rn 22/01/2019)

Undying persistence: To remember Professor Kamal Prakash Malla, return to his work, by Abhi Subedi (kp 25/11/2018), A professor par excellence: Remembering Kamal P Malla, by Suwarn Vajracharya (ht 29/11/2018)

Anti-untouchability activist Badi receives BBC honour, by Arjun Shah (kp 22/11/2018)

The defence rests: Kusum Shrestha who played a lead role in the law profession passed away last week, by Bipin Adhikari (kp 19/11/2018)

Tribute to Bhola Dahal: Bhola changed people’s lives. Thousands of kids were able to return to homes after fighting the war, by Michael Shipler (rep 28/10/2018) [on Bhola Dahal]

Nepali private media pioneer, NRM chairman Hemraj Gyawali passes away (rep 14/10/2018)

First Radio Nepal singer leaves artistic legacy (kp 01/09/2018) [on the death of Hari Prasad Rimal]

Enduring importance of Darnal: Suvash Darnal was an ardent and effective spokesman against caste discrimination, by Carl Gershman (kp 28/08/2018)

Achyutananda: Meet Nepal’s forgotten aviator; Profile of a Nepali scientist whose life remains cloaked in mystery and who, accounts claim, built and flew a flying machine even as the country remained largely isolated from the outside world, by Prawash Gautam (kp 18/08/2018)

Darnal Award selects Baitadi activist (kp 10/06/2018) [on Saraswati Nepali], Dalit woman bags Darnal Award for social justice (rep 12/06/2018)

Caregivers shift Dr Devkota to his ancestral home (kp 10/06/2018) [on Upendra Devkota], Pioneer neurosurgeon Dr Devkota no more (kp 19/06/2018), Renowned neurosurgeon Devkota passes away, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 19/06/2018), Dr Devkota cremated with full state honours at Pashupati (kp 20/06/2018), In memoriam: Dr. Upendra Devkota (rep 20/06/2018), Upendra Devkota’s lives, by Kunda Dixit (nt 22/06/2018), Lessons from Dr. Devkota’s Life, by Kushal Pokharel (rn 23/06/2018), A new lease on life: With Dr Devkota’s passing, all those who, like me, have benefitted from his gift have lost a true treasure, by Jyotsana Simha (kp 07/07/2018)

Fearless leader: GP Koirala led Nepal’s changeover from  authoritarian rule to democratic governance, by Suresh C. Chalise (kp 10/04/2018)

That last hug: Granddaughter remembers Dor Bahadur Bista on his 90th birthday anniversary, by Hima Bista (rep 18/01/2018)

The risk taker, by Rupak D. Sharma (kp 31/12/2017) [on Swarnim Wagle]

Bhuwon Ratna Sthapit, 63: His ideas changed the way agriculture scientists had been working in Nepal, inspiring a whole new generation to involve farmers in their research (nt 06/10/2017)

The shining subaltern: DB Parihar overcame caste barriers to struggle for Nepal’s and India’s freedom, by Dinkar Nepal (nt 18/08/2017)

Baldev Ram, who fought for Dalits and landless people, dies at 67, by Abdhesh Kumar Jha (kp 02/08/2017)

Ang Rita bestowed Guinness honours (kp 27/06/2017)

Education in her blood: Nepali becomes first female South Asian dean at a university in the United States, by Sean Shoemaker (nt 23/06/2017) [on Shabnam Koirala-Azad]

Nepal's sole bone marrow transplant doctor, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (rep 07/06/2017) [on Dr Bishesh Poudyal]

Who will lead the charge? The man who was to have led the campaign for the restitution of Nepal’s looted statuary is no more, by Kanak Mani Dixit (nt 02/06/2017) [on Sukra Sagar Shrestha]

Tourism industry icon Shrestha passes away: Shrestha joined the tourism industry in 1968 by establishing Himalayan Travel and Tours (kp 31/05/2017)

Hydropower expert Hari Man Shrestha passes away, by Bishnu Belbashe (rep 29/04/2017)

Ang Rita Sherpra in critical condition, by Khilak Budhathoki (rep 14/04/2017), 10 times Everest summitter Ang Rita shifted to general ward (rep 18/04/2017)

A serious Swiss: Toni Hagen knew from his country’s experience that Nepal would benefit from democracy and decentralisation, by Lisa Choegyal (nt 14/04/2017)

Nakarmi, who designed ground breaking water mills, dies at 71, by Bibek Raj Kandel (kp 21/02/2017)

The spirited generation: Every change since 1950 has merely been repeated attempts at rekindling the spirit that was snuffed out in the winter of 1960 by a deceitful king, by C.K. Lal (rep 13/02/2017) [in remembrance of Soorya Lal Amatya who died in early February 2017]

From hut to putt: Story of Pratima Sherpa, Nepal’s first female golf star (ht 27/01/2017) [But the state denies her Nepali citizenship!!]

Mira Rai is the 2017 Adventurer of the Year, by Mary Anne Potts (rep 27/01/2017), Rai is NatGeo People’s Choice Adventurer 2017 (kp 28/01/2017)

Former King of Mustang passes away (ht 17/12/2016) [on the death of Jigme Dorje Palbar Bista], Last king of Mustang dies at 86; Final wish to son: Never migrate from the district, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 17/12/2016), Presence and absence: Mourning the loss of King Jigme Dorje Palbar Bista, by Sienna Criag (nt 23/12/2016)

Pushpa Basnet is CNN Superhero: Five past CNN heroes were shortlisted for the CNN Superhero award set up to celebrate 10 years of CNN heroes (kp 13/12/2016), Pushpa Basnet: From CNN Hero to Superhero (rep 13/12/2016)

Thundu Sherpa, 46: On Monday morning as the earth shook, the diametrically opposed worlds of mountaineering and horology lost a legend, by Michael Kobold (nt 02/12/2016)

Former bonded labourer wins N-Peace Award (kp 17/11/2016) [on Basanti Chaudhary]

Rai nominated for Nat Geo adventurer award (kp 05/11/2016)

French govt confers "Knight of the Legion of Honour" on Ang Norbu Sherpa (rep 27/10/2016)

Nepal’s most popular Buddhist nun is a musical rock star (ht 13/10/2016)

Chamar receives Darnal Award, by Pratichya Dulal (kp 16/08/2016) [on Raksha Ram Chamar], Together we stand: The Darnal award to Chamar shows the marginalised of the hills and the Madhes have a common agenda to pursue, by Pramod Mishra (kp 18/08/2016)

A consummate democracy activist: Suvash knew that real change would require activist institutions of civil society capable of collective action, by Carl Gershman (kp 16/08/2016) [on Suvash Darnal]

Service above all else: Dr Moin Shah was a firm believer in community-based medical education and urged doctors to come out and serve the society they practiced in, by Manish Gautam (kp 06/08/2016)

Remembering Dr. NN Sinha, by Peter J. Karthak (rep 29/07/2016)

Adams’ body to be kept at Nepal Academy for tribute: Cremation in the afternoon at Pashupati Aryaghat (kp 25/05/2016), Final rites of Adams performed: Nepal, for her, was a second home where she dedicated her life in social work, tourism and environment conservation (kp 26/04/2016)

Pasang Lhamu bags National Geographic honor for her relief efforts (rep 06/02/2016)

Pioneer industrialist Chaudhary passes away (ht 05/02/2016) [on the death of Lunkaran Das Chaudhari]

Nepali appointed professor at Oxford (ht 01/02/2016)

The one who never gives up (ht 24/01/2016) [on Bhadra Man Tuladhar]

Man who pioneered Nepali anthropology, by Subhash Ghimire and Guna Raj Luitel (rep 18/01/2016) [on Dor Bahadur Bista who disappeared 20 years ago]

Last of country’s car porters dies, by Pratap Bista (kp 13/01/2016)

Breaking barriers: A Nepali mountaineer-turned-relief worker is in the race to win NatGeo’s Adventurer of the Year, by Tsering Dolker Gurung (nt 27/11/2015)

Micro credit pioneer Pant passes away (kp 09/09/2015)

World’s shortest, Dangi dies at 76 (kp 05/09/2015)

Philanthropist Shrestha donates properties worth Rs 100 million, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 20/08/2015) [on Maiyadevi Shrestha]

Pluto’s mountains named after Tenzing Norgay Sherpa: Nepal’s first landmark in the solar systemm, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 19/07/2015)

Looking for Dor Bahadur Bista: Kesang Tseten’s new documentary investigates the disappearance of Nepal’s foremost anthropologist 20 years ago, by Kunda Dixit (nt 17/04/2015)

Rs 1.5m cash to first Olympian Baidya (kp 27/02/2015)

Social worker Adams recovering, say doctors (kp 25/02/2015)

The Kathmandu essayist: Our reading culture cannot progress in the absence of Kamal Prakash Malla, by Kanak Mani Dixit (kp 13/02/2015)

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