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Nepal’s export of high-value goods grows at snail’s pace : According to the statistics, export earnings from goods identified by the NTIS 2023 totalled Rs89.82 billion, up by a meagre 5.64 percent (kp 12/06/2024)

Nepal exports tea worth Rs 2.46 billion in eight months of FY 2023/24 (rep 27/05/2024)

Nepal’s foreign trade slumps by 36.69 billion rupees (kh 20/05/2024), 1300 billion rupees worth of import, 126 billion export (kh 20/05/2024)

Informal cross-border trade balloons: Report. Small informal trade is dominated by a small group of traders forming an oligopoly, while large-scale informal trade is controlled by mafia-style syndicates with political backing, says a SAWTEE report, by Krishana Prasain (kp 17/05/2024)

Protecting trade with a competitive edge : It is important for Nepal to devote resources to finding alternative markets, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 13/05/2024)

Key Issues In Nepal’s Export Trade, by Rajan Sharma (rn 26/04/2024)

Exporters rue Indian anti-dumping charges on Nepali jute products : Until two decades ago, Nepal used to produce 80,000 tonnes of jute annually. Production has now plunged to 10,000 tonnes, by Binod Bhandari (kp 16/04/2024)

Country’s trade deficit reachs to Rs 929 billion (kh 05/04/2024)

Making Nepali Export Competitive, by Prakash Kumar Shrestha (rn 04/04/2024)

Bhumahi-Bhairahawa emerges as a thriving new trade corridor : In the last two years, over three dozen factories have come up along the new corridor with investments of over Rs50 billion, by Nabin Poudel (kp 02/04/2024)

Exports of high-value Nepali products rise 5 percent : The export earnings from goods identified by NTIS 2023 totalled Rs65.68 billion in the first eight months of the current fiscal year (kp 29/03/2024)

Nepal awaits revival of key US trade preference scheme : The generalised system of preferences expired in 2021. However, Nepali exports to US continue to claim benefits, by Krishana Prasain (kp 25/03/2024)

Chinese tea entrepreneurs demand over 100,000 kg of Ilam tea after monitoring visits (rep 23/03/2024), Chinese eye Nepali orthodox tea : Until mid-March, the export of orthodox tea to China jumped 88.31 percent. Insiders say the opening of Chinese market to Nepali tea is significant, by Krishana Prasain (kp 24/03/2024)

Trade deficit declines by Rs. 902.96 billion, exports decreased by 3.99 percent (kh 19/03/2024)

Experts stress strong foreign policy tools to promote Nepal’s trade : Nepal needs to advance foreign trade policy tools to leverage its trade as the country is set to graduate from a least developed country (LDC) in 2026, experts say (kp 13/03/2024)

Nepal imports EVs worth Rs 15 billion in 7 months of current FY (rep 26/02/2024)

Foreign trade in seven months: Import declines by 2.31%, export by 7.07% (kh 21/02/2024), Nepal’s trade deficit reaches over Rs 811 billion in seven months (rep 21/02/2024)

Nepal moves to recognise masyaura as trade prospects grow : Quality Determining Committee is awaiting response from World Trade Organisation on the draft standards containing sanitary and phytosanitary details (kp 20/02/2024)

Nepal exports tea worth Rs 3.9 billion in FY 2022/23 (rep 12/02/2024)

EVs grab a third of auto import value : Nepal imported automobiles worth Rs36.31 billion in first half of the current fiscal. EVs accounted for Rs12.73 billion (kp 05/02/2024)

Nepal’s export of high-value products up 11.82 percent : Export earnings from goods identified by the NTIS totalled Rs48.34 billion in the first half of the current fiscal year (kp 04/02/2024)

Nepal’s export earnings stands one-tenth of its import expenses in the first half of 2023/24 : Trade deficit fell 2.62 percent, imports declined 3.09 percent and exports slumped 7.23 percent (rep  22/01/2024)

Nepal imports EVs worth Rs 12.73 billion in six months : 1,421 units imported in mid-December alone (rep 22/01/2024)

Pickles expanding from Nepali kitchens to global store shelves : In 2019-20, there was no record of pickles export, due to a negligible quantity. In three years, its exports jumped to 161 tonnes worth Rs109.84 million, by Sarahna Khadka (kp 21/01/2024)

Nepal looks to Pakistani, Russian and Chinese markets to diversify its tea trade : At present, the major market for Nepali CTC tea or black tea is India. Nepal exports around 90 percent of its orthodox tea and 50 percent of its CTC tea to India at low price tags, by Krishana Prasain (kp 17/01/2024)

Tea exports decline in first five months of 2023/24 (ae 04/01/2024)

Nepali producers await India’s nod to export cement : Manufacturers say it has been nearly a year since India stopped issuing the IS mark to Nepali cement citing no apparent reason (kp 01/01/2024)

Nepal loses on auto-renewal of trade treaty with India : According to a SAWTEE research, Nepal can’t afford to provide tariff-free access to heavily subsidised agricultural products from India, by Krishana Prasain (kp 07/12/2023)

Tea worth Rs 1.5 billion exported in first four months of FY 2023/24 (rep 26/11/2023)

Nepal had trade surplus with 27 countries during mid-July to mid-November (rep 25/11/2023)

Trade deficit exceeds 460 billion in first quarter of current fiscal year (kh 24/11/2023)

Contraction in Nepal's foreign trade, imports decreased by Rs 20 billion, by Dilip Poudel (rep 23/11/2023)

Exportpreneurship: Why is it good for Nepal? “Exportpreneurship enables Nepali youths to surmount the international trade by leveraging export and entrepreneurship opportunities”, by Rudra Parasad Ghimire (nlt 20/11/2023)

Nepal imports electric vehicles worth Rs 5 billion in first three months of current FY, by Himal Lamsal (rep 20/11/2023)

Nepal’s export earnings from coffee increased nominally compared to hefty import expense in FY 2022/23 (rep 17/11/2023)

Marigold exported to Qatar from Anbukhaireni (kh 13/11/2023)

Potentials And Pitfalls Of Nepal’s Export Trade, by Deepak Dhital (rn 10/11/2023)

Nepal’s export of high-value products rises 18 percent : Export earnings from goods identified by the Nepal Trade Integration Strategy-2023 total Rs26 billion in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, by Krishana Prasain (kp 06/11/2023)

Trade deficit widens to Rs 366.88bn (ht 30/10/2023)

Imports increase in third month of current FY (rep 29/10/2023)

Power export earns Nepal Rs12 billion this wet season : Electricity emerges as one of the key exports as utility eyes sales worth Rs16 billion in the current fiscal year, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 19/10/2023, Nepal exports electricity worth Rs 4.2 billion in a month (rep 19/10/2023)

Trade Deficit's Present and Future Situation in Nepal, by Prajwal Chand (rep 11/10/2023)

Palm oil export from Nepal to India declines by 50 percent, by Himal Lamsal (rep 11/10/2023)

Nepal’s trade volume fell 5.32 percent in the first two months of current FY (rep 25/09/2023), Nepal’s foreign trade declines by 5.32 percent (ae 25/09/2023)

EU supports mainstreaming gender in trade policies (rep 22/09/2023)

Various factors hindering Nepal's export potential, by Sangay Sherpa (ht 22/09/2023)

Trade deficit will end if power worth Rs 130 billion is exported: Governor Adhikari (kh 19/09/2023) [But only if electricity exports are secured throughout the year, and this is likely to take some time...]

Forex reserves enough to pay for 12.5 months’ imports : Nepal’s central bank report says that the year-on-year consumer price inflation stood at 7.52 percent in mid-August 2023 (kp 18/09/2023)

Triveni Labor Cooperative to export turmeric to Germany (rep 12/09/2023)

Give Greater Impetus To Foreign Trade, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 12/09/2023)

Nepal imports goods from third country through Chinese ports after seven years of transit agreement (rep 09/09/2023)

Bangladesh could become new trade destination for Nepal, experts say : Nepal's heavy reliance on India for its exports and trade is evident, while its trade activities with countries beyond India remain lacklustre (kp 02/09/2023)

Trade after LDC graduation : Nepal must explore several options to prevent graduation from becoming a trade catastrophe, by Chandra Ghimire (kp 31/08/2023)

Nepal imported legumes worth Rs 1.34 billion during mid-July and mid-August (rep 31/08/2023)

Programme funded by EU seeks to boost trade in Nepal : The programme is voluntary and open to importers and exporters, including MSMEs whose needs are being specifically catered for by the department within the programme (kp 22/08/2023)

Importers urge government to gradually implement labelling rules on imported goods (ht 21/08/2023)

DoI instructs authorities in Rasuwa to facilitate in China entry permits (ht 21/08/2023)

Soaring tomato exports push up prices in Nepal : Shipments could reach the annual export figure in a few weeks the way warehouses are being emptied, traders say, by Krishana Prasain and Jyoti Shrestha (kp 16/08/2023), Shortages and good neighbourliness : India’s food inflation rose to 11.5 percent in July due to increasing commodity prices, by Smruti S Pattanaik (kp 17/08/2023)

Contraband trade causing milk glut in local markets : Milk is being brought in large quantities across the southern border because of the high prices here, traders say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 15/08/2023)

EU supports mainstreaming women in trade policies : The workshop was jointly organised by the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies (MoICS) and the EU-Nepal Trade and Investment Programme with technical support from the International Trade Centre’s SheTrades Initiative (kp 15/08/2023)

Non-tariff measures urged to cut imports : Sanitary and phytosanitary regulations should be applied to control imports and protect domestic industry, report says, by Krishana Prasain (kp 14/08/2023)

Nepal imported 204,393 units of electric stoves, a 30 percent rise, in FY 2022/23 (rep 10/08/2023)

Export earnings from edible oils plunged to one-third in FY 2022/23 : Export of palm, soybean and sunflower oils gave Nepal notable earnings in the past several years (rep 09/08/2023)

NRB turns flexible on imports; raises the limit of foreign currency to $60,000 from $50,000 for a single transaction (rep 07/08/2023)

New trade strategy lists 32 promising exports : The plan has been designed to support Nepal’s graduation from least developed country status to developing country by 2026, officials say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 03/08/2023)

Nepal faces trade deficit with 133 countries, by Dilip Poudel (rep 03/08/2023)

Exports drop by over 21 percent in FY 2022-23 (rep 01/08/2023)

Carpet, yarn, textile and large cardamom lead export, by Krishana Prasain (kp 31/07/2023)

Nepal spent Rs 11.3 million on import of toothpicks in FY 2022/23 (rep 29/07/2023)

Nepal imported 4,050 units of electric four-wheelers in FY 2022/23 (rep 26/07/2023)

Cement export from Nepal gains momentum (rep 26/07/2023)

Vegetables, fruits worth Rs 6.29 billion imported via Kakadvitta (kh 26/07/2023) [?????], Nepal imports millet worth Rs 510 million from India (kh 26/07/2023) [?????]

Import ban nearly suffocated Nepali economy, experts say : Revenue plunged sharply and government was forced to downsize the budget in mid-term review for lack of cash, by Sangam Prasain and Krishana Prasain (kp 25/07/2023)

Nepal’s trade deficit declines 15.45 percent to Rs 1.454 trillion in FY 2022/23 (rep 25/07/2023), Trade deficit narrowed by Rs 265 billion in fiscal year 2022-23 (ht 26/07/2023)

Exports decrease by 21 percent, and Nepal sells goods worth 157 billion rupees (kh 24/07/2023)

Ways To Tackle Trade Imbalance, by Tula Raj Basyal (rn 16/07/2023)

Nepal exports first batch of haylage to China : The potential for fodder export is huge and the annual exports will fetch Rs4 billion, according to Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Chen Song, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 16/07/2023)

Kakani exports water to Hong Kong and Macau (kh 08/07/2023)

Nepali carpet exports make strongest rebound ever : Shipments in the first 11 months of the fiscal year amounted to an all-time high of Rs10.32 billion, by Krishana Prasain (kp 08/07/2023)

Nepal exports noodles and pasta worth Rs 2 billion in 11 months of current FY (rep 05/07/2023)

3,870 EVs worth Rs 11.23 billion imported in the first 11 months of the current FY (rep 25/06/2023)

Country sees trade deficit of Rs 1337 billion in past 11 months (kh 23/06/2023)

Dog chew exports likely to hit Rs3 billion this fiscal : The hard cheese is prepared from Himalayan yak milk and at high elevations, which has made it widely popular, insiders say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 08/06/2023)

Nepal imports agricultural products worth Rs 250 billion in 10 months (rep 24/05/2023)

Spicing up the economy : Products like large cardamom could be Nepal’s way out of a ballooning trade deficit and economic mess (kp 23/05/2023), Woolen carpets and large cardamom on track to become top export items of Nepal (ae 23/05/2023)

EU-Nepal trade project supports training officials on international trade : A total of 26 government officials, including seven female officers are taking part (kp 23/05/2023)

Trade deficit at Rs 1.2 trillion in 10 months (ht 22/05/2023), Foreign trade decreases by Rs 311 billion (rep 23/05/2023)

Nepal’s trade deficit with Bhutan hits over Rs 126 billion in five years (ae 19/05/2023)

Nepali traders fed up with China’s random border policy : The Tatopani border point re-opened on May 1 after remaining closed for eight years then closed again the next day, by Krishana Pradhan and Anish Tiwari (kp 14/05/2023)

FNCCI asks EU to facilitate Nepali goods : The European Union has 27 member states and represents one of the world’s largest economies (kp 09/05/2023), EU-Nepal business forum ends with commitment to increase trade and investment (kh 10/05/2023)

Locals in remote Mugu urge government to reopen Nakchenangla pass : For the locals of Mugum Karmarong Rural Municipality, Tibet is much closer. They have to walk for five days to reach Gamgadhi—the district headquarters—to buy daily essentials, by Raj Vahadur Shahi (kp 05/05/2023)

Two-way trade from Tatopani-Khasa border resumes (ae 01/05/2023), Nepali trucks being stopped at Tatopani border point : The cargo has to be transferred to Chinese trucks for onward transport under a new rule issued by China, officials said, by Krishana Prasain (kp 02/05/2023) [Free trade as China understands it! Nepal should slowly think about whether China is really a cooperation partner for the future!]

Trade deficit narrows 17.06 per cent (ht 01/05/2023)

Nepal exported pet food of Rs 2.26 billion between mid-July and mid-April, a rise of Rs 300 million (rep 23/04/2023)

Nepal’s import expenses start to leap in successive months after government lifted import restrictions (rep 20/04/2023)

Cabinet approves trade deficit reduction action plan after two years (rep 14/04/2023)

Merchandise exports decline in eight months of FY 2022/23 (kh 12/04/2023)

Nepal has two main border points with China. But why does trade suffer? Rasuwagadhi-Kerung border point had been closed for more than three years, by Krishana Prasain (kp 09/04/2023)

Trade experts suggest ending duty-free market access to India : They also said there is no need to grant duty-free market access to India, which is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, by Krishana Prasain (kp 07/04/2023)

Five dry ports planned at Nepal-China border (ae 04/07/2023)

No trade, no food. Life’s hard in remote Mugu : Hundreds of households pushed to poverty after commerce with China came to a halt, by Raj Bahadur Shahi (kp 07/04/2023)

Unpacking trade ties with China : Nepal trades more with distant economies like Italy and France than with its immediate neighbour China, by Prashanti Poudyal (kp 06/04/2023)

Nepali traders laud reopening of Rasuwagadhi-Kerung border point : Some traders say that Chinese border points have a habit of opening and closing randomly, causing them much distress. They have called for a consistent trade and transit policy, by Krishana Prasain and Janak Bahadur Shahi (kp 03/04/2023)

Kailash Terminals JV to operate integrated check post in Birgunj : The facility was opened in April 2018 to facilitate trade between Nepal and India, by Shankar Acharya (kp 03/04/2023)

Kerung and Tatopani border points set to reopen fully for trade, travel : Nepal-China mechanism in Lhasa agrees on Wednesday to reopen Kerung point from April 1 and Tatopani from May 1 (kp 30/03/2023), Rekindled hopes on Nepal-China trade (ae 31/03/2023)

Nepal sees slump in capital goods import (ae 28/03/2023)

Import of LPG sees a decline (rep 24/03/2023)

Nepal's trade deficit is over Rs 950 billion (rep 22/03/2023), Export declines by 29 percent, import 19 percent (kh 22/03/2023), Trade deficit narrows 17.86pc to Rs 953bn (ht 23/03/2023)

Nepal exports cement worth approx Rs 170 million in seven months (rn 10/03/2023)

Nepal enjoys trade surplus with only 33 countries (ae 06/03/2023)

Nepal imported over 86,000 electric stoves in the first seven months of the current FY (rep 05/03/2023)

Taking Nepali tea to the world : Nepal is uniquely positioned to cash in on growing demand for orthodox and speciality tea in the international market, by Nischal Dhungel (kp 05/03/2023)

Export tricks and techniques: A neglected part in Nepal, by Suman Kumar Regmi (ae 03/03/2023)

Nepal’s widening trade deficit, by Srija Khanal (kh 02/03/2023)

Trade and Investment Policy in South Asia, by Hari Prasad Shrestha (rep 28/02/2023)

Imports decline despite lifting of restrictions and cash margin (ae 24/02/2023)

Foreign trade subdued on sluggish demand (ht 23/02/2023)

Half-yearly review: Trade deficit hits 825 billion (rn 22/02/2023), Half-yearly review: Trade deficit hits 825 billion in six months (kh 22/02/2023), Nepal’s total foreign trade decreases by 20.84 pc in six months (kh 23/02/2023)

Nepal seeks to diversify exports amid graduation jitters : The Industry Ministry has proposed to add eight items to the list of priority export goods under the Nepal Trade Integrated Strategy, by Krishana Prasain (kp 17/02/2023)

National pashmina sector export strategy launched : The strategy envisions boosting the export of ‘Chyangra pashmina’ from Rs2.82 billion in 2021 to Rs10 billion by the end of 2026, by Krishana Prasain (kp 08/02/2023)

Nepal exports tea worth Rs 38 million (kh 07/02/2023)

Foreign trade: Decline in imports and exports leaves Nepal in a difficult position (ae 07/02/2023)

Herbal diplomacy: Is Nepal ready? (ht 03/02/2023)

Export value in rupee terms soars as currency weakens : Shipments of listed products in the first six months were worth Rs22.93 billion, according to the Department of Customs (kp 31/01/2023)

70 percent decline in gold jewelry exports (ae 26/01/2023)

Chiraito herb hits all-time high of Rs1,000 per kg : Tibet used to be the largest buyer of the plant; but after China closed the border, traders turned their attention to India, by Ananda Gautam (kp 25/01/2023)

Decline in edible oil exports drags down Nepal’s overall export (ae 25/01/2023)

Despite reopening of border, restrictions still hinder Nepal’s exports to China : Nepal’s exports to China in the last fiscal year 2021/22 stood at just Rs 808m, a drop from Rs 2.1bn in FY 2018/19 (ae 20/01/2023), Rasuwagadhi-Kerung border point closed till February 3 (ae 20/01/2023)

Kerung border reopening brings little joy to traders : Exports from Nepal are allowed to pass every fortnight while imports to Nepal are permitted to pass daily, officials say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 15/1/2023) [This is obviously China's understanding of equal partnership and free trade!]

Demand for Nepali products in Tibet grows after two-way trade resumes : According to the exporters, the Tibetans have started placing orders for the goods via telephone, by Balram Ghimire (kp 08/01/2023)

Nepal implements its first trade logistics policy : The policy mainly focuses on reducing costs and managing trade and the supply chain (kp 07/01/2023)

abbage exports to India soar as organic trend catches on : Nepal exported 11,673 tonnes of white cabbage worth Rs136.17 million to India in the first five months of the fiscal year, according to customs data, by Krishana Prasain (kp 01/01/2023)

China reopens Kerung-Rasuwagadhi border to Nepali exports : Chinese goods have been entering Nepal intermittently through Kerung, but it was no go in the other direction (kp 29/12/2022)

Dhankuta exports timber worth more than 500 million (kh 24/12/2022)

Trade Logistics Policy 2022 draws criticism (ae 23/12/2022)

Two-way trade via Kerung could resume by January first week : But Tatopani border is unlikely to open anytime soon, by Anil Giri (kp 23/12/2022)

NRB comes up with new procedures on subsidy to exporters (kh 19/12/2022)

Lifting import ban is not the only solution, interview with Dhruba Thapa (ae 15/12/2022)

Traders complain about margin deposit requirement to import some goods : In 2021, the central bank announced a 100 percent margin deposit requirement for opening an LC to import goods, by Krishana Prasain (kp 10/12/2022)

Manage Energy To Cut Trade Deficit, by NP Rijal (rn 10/12/2022)

Bowing to the pressure of private sector, govt decides lifting ban on imports of luxury goods (rep 06/12/2022), Nepal lifts seven-month-old import ban on luxury goods : The International Monetary Fund had questioned the wisdom of lengthening the ban on certain products as it was hurting trade and the economy (kp 07/12/2022), Govt decision to lift ban on the import of luxurious items fails to impress automobile dealers (rep 08/12/2022)

Veggie trade in the eastern hills seesaws with the seasons : Sankhuwasabha, Tehrathum and Dhankuta districts export cabbages valued at more than Rs500 million to India annually, by Chandra Karki (kp 06/12/2022)

GBIA carried out foreign trade worth over Rs 22 million during mid-July and mid-November (rep 04/12/2022)

EU supports to build trade capacities of university professors in Nepal to prepare for LDC graduation (rep 03/12/2022)

Export of edible oil through Birgunj customs hits Rs32 billion : Soybean and palm oil were the first and second most exported items from the border point in the first four months of the current fiscal year, by Shankar Acharya (kp 01/12/2022)

Mobile phone import drops by 45% to Rs. 11 billion (rn 27/11/2022)

Nepal reviewing import ban after IMF prodding : The global lender says Nepal should take other monetary measures to deal with its foreign exchange reserve issue, by Krishana Prasain (kp 24/11/2022)

Promoting gender-responsive trade : Gender-inclusive trade can have a multiplier effect on women, their families and also the GDP of a nation, by Sagar Jung Karki (kp 24/11/2022)

Closure of Rasuwagadhi-Kerung border puts Nepali traders on the edge of bankruptcy : The border point has been shut down for the past thirty-four months despite several pledges made by authorities in Kathmandu and Beijing to open it, by Balaram Ghimire (kp 18/11/2022)

Exports may fall slightly after LDC graduation, report says : Nepal has been getting preferential treatment as a least developed country which will end in 2026, by Sangam Prasain (kp 17/11/2022)

Nepal imported TV sets worth Rs 580 million and cameras worth Rs 275 million in past three months  (rep 13/11/2022)

Election hubbub raises hopes of revival in Tatopani : Once a hotspot for transit commerce on the northern border with China, Tatopani lies abandoned since the 2015 earthquake destroyed the infrastructure, by Anish Tiwari (kp 13/11/2022)

Import ban results in closure of 58 motor dealers across country (rn 10/11/2022)

India to export 600,000 tons of unmilled rice to Nepal (kh 02/11/2022)

Exports plunge 35.71pc, imports down 16.20pc : The government’s decision to give continuity to the ban on import of certain non-essential items limited the country’s trade deficit to Rs 359.18 billion in the first three months (mid-July to mid-October) of the current fiscal year (ht 31/10/2022)

Export decreases 34.9 percent during first two months of FY 2022/23 (rn 21/10/2022)

Arghakhanchi Cement exports 2,000 sacks of cement to India, for the first time Nepali cement sold in India (rep 17/10/2022)

Import restrictions on ‘luxury goods’ extended till mid-December : The temporary ban will be in place for automobiles, mobile phones costing more than $300, liquors and motorcycles above 150cc (kp 14/10/2022)

Cash subsidy raised to liven up moribund export : Minimum cash subsidy ranges from 4 to 8 percent as per revised guidelines, by Krishana Prasain (kp 13/10/2022)

Nepal enjoyed trade surplus with 21 countries out of 116 trading partner countries in first two months of current FY (rep 09/10/2022)

Government struggling to hit revenue targets after prolonged import curbs : Its contrasting policy of reducing imports but boosting revenues, as expected, appears to be headed for a failure. Election-targeted populist measures have not helped either, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 02/10/2022)

Traders relieved as most of the goods stranded in China roll into Nepal : The border closure had greatly worried Nepali traders. They would have suffered heavy losses had the shipments arrived too late for the Dashain shopping season, by Krishana Prasain (kp 30/09/2022)

Country's trade gap narrows by 9.45 per cent (ht 26/09/2022)

Nepal imports cell phones worth Rs 6 billion in two months (kh 26/09/2022)

When will the undeclared Chinese blockade end? China is just clearing the Nepal-bound cargo containers stuck at the border, but is least bothered about barrier-free movement for Nepali traders, by Rajesh Khanal (rep 26/09/2022)

Tatopani dry port customs operation entrusted to private sector (rep 24/09/2022)

Over 1,000 brand new vehicles stuck in Birgunj checkpoint (rep 21/09/2022)

Nepal exports plywood worth Rs 500 million in three months (kh 16/09/2022)

Govt to launch ‘Prime Minister Nepali Production and Consumer Promotion Program’ to reduce import (kh 15/09/2022)

Lift import ban soon, private sector urges government : The leaders of the private sector said if the import ban is prolonged, it will impact businesses and discourage investors from investing in Nepal (kp 12/09/2022)

Eight containers roll into Nepal as China opens the border a crack : There could be more than 100 cargo containers waiting on the other side of the border, Nepali traders say, by Krishana Prasain and Anish Tiwari (kp 12/09/2022)

Exports post-LDC graduation : Nepal needs to act smartly by utilising modern technology to adopt a data-driven export policy, by Sagar Jung Karki (kp 07/09/2022)

Traders in difficulty as transit points on the northern border remain shut (nlt 06/09/2022)

Import ban on ‘luxury goods’ extended, with some items allowed : Ban on diamonds, big TV sets, toys, cards, snacks, and tobacco items lifted, by Krishana Prasain (kp 31/08/2022), Govt decision to extend import restrictions draws flak, by Kiran Lama (ht 01/09/2022), Partial relaxation of import ban has created confusion, experts say : Among the 10 restricted goods, diamonds, large television sets, toys, cards, snacks and tobacco products can now be imported into the country, by Krishana Prasain (kp 02/09/2022)

Import ban on liquor and mobile sets may be lifted for festivals : An embargo on 10 types of ‘luxury products’ has aroused resentment among traders who see it as a damper on business during a key holiday shopping season, by Krishana Prasain (kp 29/08/2022)

Clamour grows for completion of Butwal-Belahiya trade highway : The government has identified it as one of the key trade routes for the movement of commerce between India and China, by Dipendra Baduwal and Madhav Dhungana (kp 25/08/2022)

Country's trade deficit narrows by 10.38pc (ht 24/08/2022)

Border uncertainty in north troubles traders again— ahead of festivals : Containers holding goods imported for Dashain remain stranded at check points since last week, by Krishana Prasain (kp 22/08/2022) [China is proving to be an extremely unreliable trading partner! Nepal should be very careful about closer cooperation!], Trade in limbo : The Covid-19 saga cannot be continuously used as a pretext to shut the border points (kp 23/08/2022), Chances of China allowing stranded goods to enter Nepal before Dashain slim, officials say : Nepali embassy in Beijing says it will negotiate with Chinese authorities as traders fear their investment worth billions of rupees will sink if they miss the festive shopping season (kp 24/08/2022) [Trade diversification is of utmost importance for Nepal, if only to reduce dependence on India. Unfortunately, China is proving increasingly unwilling to provide an alternative.]

Palm oil worth Rs 41.6 billion exported from Nepal (kh 20/08/2022), Refined oil worth Rs 59 billion and juice worth Rs 5 billion exported through Birgunj customs in one year (kh 22/08/2022), Paradoxical Scenario, by Tilak Rawal (sp 19/08/2022)

Government accelerates preparation of Nepal Trade Integration Strategy 2022 : The provincial consultations on the draft vision, mission, purpose, the three strategic pillars and strategies will culminate with a consultation in Bagmati Province leading to the preparation of the final draft (nlt 18/08/2022)

New TV sets, foreign booze unlikely during upcoming big sporting events—because there’s an import ban, by Krishana Prasain (kp 18/08/2022)

Nepal's BoP deficit at Rs 255.26 billion (ht 17/08/2022), BoP deficit : A BoP deficit means the country has no option other than to encourage exports through better productivity (ht 18/08/2022)

Traders worry import restrictions may dampen Dashain sales : Most of the goods on the restricted list are those that sell the fastest during the shopping season, traders say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 12/08/2022)

Charting a long and troubling rise in imports : With India, a country Nepal imports most of its of the goods from, itself grappling with the economic jolt, Nepal is not just importing goods but also inflation, by Anushka Nepal (ae 04/08/2022)

Rs 18 billion spent on import of furniture and wood; exports account for Rs 710 million only (rep 04/08/2022)

Bhairahawa Customs office meets 90 percent revenue collection target: Import worth Rs 300 billion, exports worth Rs 7 billion (rep 02/08/2022)

Exports at all-time high of Rs200 billion last fiscal, but paltry compared to imports worth Rs1.92 trillion, by Krishana Prasain (kp 01/08/2022)

Liquor import ban leaves Nepal’s hospitality industry in low spirits : Alcohol sales account for 15 percent of revenues at upmarket hotels, say hoteliers, calling the restriction bad for tourism, by Krishana Prasain (kp 28/07/2022)

Nepal’s import of agricultural products jumps more than double to around Rs 379 billion in the past seven years (rep 28/07/2022)

Trade deficit at Rs 1.7 trillion in fiscal 2021-22 (ht 26/07/2022)

Nepal imports goods from 164 countries (kh 25/07/2022)

Imports rise by 53.3 percent in 11 months (kh 23/07/2022)

Tatopani Customs Office collects Rs 3.42 billion revenue (kh 23/07/2022)

Traders decry arbitrary ban on import of certain goods : The government in April prohibited import of 10 luxury items for three months. Now it plans to stay the ban for some more time (ae 21/07/2022)

Traders express displeasure as import ban is extended : The embargo on 10 types of goods has been lengthened till August-end as per a notice published in the Nepal Gazette, by Prithvi Man Shrestha and Krishana Prasain (kp 18/07/2022)

Govt imposes ban on import of motorcycles above 150 CC (kh 17/07/2022), Ban continues on import of 10 types of goods (rep 17/07/2022)

Nepal exports coffee worth Rs 106.6 million in 11 months of running fiscal (kh 05/07/2022)

Nepal, Bangladesh get $1 billion to boost regional trade and connectivity : The World Bank on Wednesday approved the financing to help regional trade in Nepal and Bangladesh (kp 29/06/2022)

Nepal imports vegetables worth over Rs 34 billion in 11 months : Potatoes worth Rs 7 billion and onions worth Rs 5 billion imported (kh 27/06/2022) [Nepal is really not able to grow enough vegetables by itself? This is quite obviously a mistake in agricultural policy!]

Birgunj transit sees 73 percent increment in exports to third countries in 11 months (kh 26/06/2022)

Chobhar dry port attracts few traders : Less than two dozen container trucks have arrived here since it opened in April, officials say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 24/06/2022)

Nepal after LDC graduation : The preferential market access facility will no longer be available to Nepali exporters, by Shiv Raj Bhatt (kp 23/06/2022)

Country’s trade deficit reaches Rs 1577 billion in 11 months (kh 21/06/2022)

How long will China’s undeclared blockade on Nepal continue?, by Krishna Timalsina (kh 17/06/2022), Nepali importers using southern route due to fickle Chinese transit policy : Traders say they are tired of the frequently changing Chinese transit rules and promises which have caused them massive losses, by Krishana Prasain (kp 17/06/2022) [China is really a good neighbour!!!!!]

Foreign trade from Birgunj increased by 44%, imports increased by Rs 577 billion to Rs 73 billion (kh 11/06/2022)

Trade deficit increases by 30.5 per cent in 10 months (kh 10/06/2022)

Nepal’s foreign trade increases by 59.8 percent till mid-May this fiscal : exports to India and other countries increased 72.9 percent and 25.6 respectively whereas exports to China decreased 24.9 percent (kh 10/06/2022)

Electricity could emerge as key export for Nepal—in the long run : Experts say power exports alone will not be enough to reduce ballooning trade deficit but using electricity for industrialisation and replacing fossil fuel will help economic recovery, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 03/06/2022)

Nepal’s foreign trade worth Rs 1.77 trillion, trade deficit increases by 24.94 percent (kh 24/05/2022), Nepal’s trade deficit crosses Rs 1.4 trillion mark in 10 months of current FY (rep 24/05/2022)

Make in Nepal campaign highlighted as rising imports increase economic vulnerability : Industry Minister says government plans to launch a 10-year scheme to boost domestic production, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/05/2022)

Why import ban is undesirable : This policy is practically suicidal since the banned items are major sources of revenue, by Achyut Wagle (kp 10/05/2022)

Trade-based money laundering : We need not wait for a financial disaster to combat this upgraded form of money laundering, by Dwaipayan Regmi (kp 09/05/2022)

Market unruffled by import ban, but traders warn of possible shortages : Consumer rights activists have lauded the ban on luxury goods, but they say that opportunist traders could increase the prices., by Krishana Prasain (kp 04/05/2022)

Nepal bans imports of 10 goods as foreign currency reserves slide : Nepal is running low on foreign reserves. Import of petroleum products, vehicles and luxury items has put the country’s foreign exchange reserve under stress (nlt 27/04/2022), Nepal bans imports of luxury goods amid dwindling forex reserves : The government response follows growing concerns that the country could face an economic crisis (kp28/04/2022)

Enforcing TRIPS : The challenges ahead, by Sarita Khanal (ht 26/04/2022)

Country imports fruits worth over Rs 11 billion while arable land remains uncultivated (kh 25/04/2022)

Edible oil imports hit Rs100 billion. But no, Nepalis are not guzzling it : Nepalis consume less than 20 percent of what is brought in. The rest is re-exported, almost all to India, exploiting zero-tariff privilege Nepal enjoys as least developed country, by Krishana Prasain (kp 24/04/2022)

Trade deficit widening despite govt attempts to curb import (kh 22/04/2022), Trade deficit widens further to Rs 1.31 trillion (ht 23/04/2022)

Nepal’s export increased by 69.44 per cent in first nine months of current FY (rep 22/04/2022)

NCC, Handicraft Federation agree to enhance cooperation to help reduce Nepal’s widening trade deficit (rep 19/04/2022)

Trade association seeks hefty duties on rice and lentils : Nepal spent Rs36.58 billion in the first eight months of the fiscal year to import rice, according to Nepal Rastra Bank, by Krishana Prasain (kp 17/04/2022)

Warning signs : Our total export is insufficient even to purchase fuel alone, whose prices have soared due to the war in Ukraine (ht 14/04/2022)

No to luxury items : As there is no sign of replenishing the foreign reserve, we have to impose a ban on importing luxury goods (ht 12/04/2022)

The salt of the earth : How the end of the trans-Himalayan rock salt trade led to the decline of Nepal’s Himalayan communities, by Jag Bahadur Budha (nt 08/04/2022)

Nepal bans import of luxury items amid depleting forex reserves (rep 07/04/2022), Banks to ‘discourage’ traders from opening Letters of Credit for luxury goods : Ballooning imports have led to foreign currency going out, pushing balance of payments into the red, officials say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 08/04/2022)

NRB puts ban on import of private vehicles (kh 05/04/2022)

Nepal imports paddy and rice worth about Rs 37 billion in eight months (kh 05/04/2022)

Experts doubt implementation of latest trade deal with China : Beijing has agreed to provide duty-free treatment to Nepali goods, but the northern neighbour has been barring exports from Nepal for years, by Krishana Prasain (kp 01/04/2022)

What’s this humble grass that made it to high-level Nepal-China talks : Haylage is greatly sought after as animal food on the other side of the Himalaya, by Krishana Prasain (kp 29/03/2022)

Taming Trade Deficit (rn 24/03/2022)

Diversify exports : Nepal needs to focus on just a few areas with high export potential and invest capital and skills in them (ht 24/03/2022)

Nepal's exports at a record Rs 147.75bn (ht 23/03/2022)

Nepal imports petroleum products worth Rs 150 billion in eight months (kh 23/03/2022)

Import growth slows in 8th month of current FY (rep 21/02/2022)

Nepal imported coloured powder worth Rs 1.96 billion during the first seven months of current FY (rep 18/03/2022)

Limit Ballooning Trade Deficit, by Shyam Prasad Mainali (rn 16/03/2022)

Cash margin on import to address challenges in economy: Finance Minister Sharma (kh 13/03/2022)

Paddy worth over Rs 12 billion imported in seven months of this fiscal (kh 12/03/2022)

Bilateral solutions for Nepal’s trade imbalance : Nepal’s efforts at Nepal-China-India trilateral cooperation have been unsuccessful. It’s better to seek bilateral cooperation with each of our neighbors, by Balmukunda Regmi (ae 10/03/2022)

The balancing act : Any policy devised to correct the trade imbalance, if done in isolation, will be pointless, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 09/03/2022)

Widening Further : As Nepal’s trade deficit widens to Rs. 1,015 billion in seven months, Nepal’s foreign currency reserve is under strain (sp 11/03/2022)

Nepal’s import bills of petroleum alone surpasses total export earnings by Rs 51 billion (rep 24/02/2022), In futile exercise, Nepal imports new generation fuel for old generation vehicles : The gasoline currently being sold is Euro VI standard, but most motor vehicles only comply with Euro II or Euro III norms, by Krishana Prasain (kp 26/02/2022)

Total foreign trade surges 46.43 per cent (ht 23/02/2022)

Nepal import petroleum products worth Rs 200 billion in seven months (kh 22/02/2022)

Good times end for Nepali palm oil exporters : India has slashed import duty on crude palm oil making it cheaper for Indian refiners to import crude palm oil, by Krishana Prasain (kp 16/02/2022)

Import of petroleum products doubles this year (rep 14/02/2022)

Fuel Import Bill Doubles To Rs. 132bn In Six Months (rn 09/02/2022)

Nepal's trade with China going through rough patch : Lack of visas for Nepali traders, restrictions on container trucks and late delivery of consignments are among the problems hindering trade, insiders say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 06/02/2022)

Diversifying trade : The embargo highlighted the need to reduce our dependency on products of the agricultural sector (kp 03/02/2022)

Nepal’s electric vehicle imports surge after tax cuts : According to the Department of Customs, 1,103 battery-powered cars worth Rs3.24 billion entered the country between mid-July and mid-January, by Krishana Prasain (kp 02/02/2022)

Handicraft exporters on the brink of collapse amid Omicron onslaught : Businesses were still reeling from the blow dealt by the Delta variant when they were hit by the Omicron outbreak, traders said., by Krishana Prasain (kp 01/02/2022)

Widening agriculture trade deficit : Inadequate and ineffective service delivery is a significant impediment to agricultural development, by Padma Singh (kp 31/01/2022)

26 billion oil exported through Birgunj custom in six months (kh 31/01/2022)

Export of Nepali goods via Birgunj customs increases by 186 per cent (kh 28/01/2022)

Edible oil exports in first half valued at Rs68.66 billion : Despite the impressive export statistics, Nepal's soybean oil trade contributes very little to the national economy, economists say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 27/01/2022)

Timure Dry Port Construction Sees 20 Percent Progress (rn 24/01/2022)

NRB cash margin policy results in declining imports of goods (kh 23/01/2022)

Imports worth Rs 1 trillion, exports Rs 118 billion in first six months of fiscal year (kh 23/01/2022), Nepal’s trade deficit widens to Rs 880 billion despite two-fold growth in export in first half of current FY (rep 23/01/2022)

Goods worth Rs 838 billion imported in first five months of current FY (rep 14/01/2022)

China's non-cooperation in trade: Barely 20 trucks passing through the border compared to 200 in the past (rep 13/01/2022), China denies non-cooperation in trade, says it is willing to work with Nepali side to overcome difficulties in movement of goods (rep 14/01/2022)

‘Pathetic’ exports prompt Nepal to review trade strategy yet again : The Nepal Trade Integration Strategy has failed to materialise the country’s export potential, by Krishana Prasain (kp 09/01/2022)

How Nepal’s bid to diversify trade after the blockade fell flat : Experts say over-reliance on the southern neighbour has rather increased because of a lack of strong policies and failure to implement recommended measures, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 30/12/2021)

Country records 63pc rise in foreign trade (ht 24/12/2021)

Nepal’s export conundrum : We need subsidies that are not only based on export turnover but on export innovation too, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 23/12/2021)

High shipping rates wreak havoc on Nepal’s foreign trade : Domestic traders say that international freight charges have swelled by three to five times, pushing up the cost of imports, by Krishana Prasain (kp 22/12/2021)

Nepal sells USD 1.36 billion to foot import bills from India during mid-July and mid-November (rep 20/12/2021)

Nepal's trade deficit widens by 56.8pc (ht 16/12/2021)

Made in Nepal peanut butter in Japan : A Japanese social entrepreneur brings skills and income to Khotang’s peanut farmers by finding export market, by Sonia Awale (nt 10/12/2021)

Birgunj customs sees over three times increment in product export in first quarter (kh 05/12/2021)

Nepali importers suffer as China continues to hold up shipments : Delays in the delivery of goods and constant disruptions on the roads to Khasa and Tatopani have also resulted in higher transportation costs, traders say, by Krishana Prasain and Anish Tiwari (kp 02/12/2021)

Trade Deficit Reaches Rs. 568b Despite Export Increase By 104% In Four Months (rn 28/11/2021), Nepal's ballooning trade deficit: Serious adjustment needed, by Shankar Man Singh (ht 29/11/2021)

Total foreign trade surges 68.1 per cent (ht 17/11/2021)

Imports From Tatopani Border Being Made Easier, by Chitra Mijar (rn 15/11/2021)

Trade deficit crosses Rs 400 billion in three months of current FY (rep 14/11/2021)

Export earnings from listed products barely budged in first quarter: Shipments during the period mid-July to mid-October were worth Rs10.30 billion, up from Rs10 billion previously, by Krishana Prasain (kp 03/11/2021)

Ban on import of peas, black pepper and betel nut lifted (rep 30/10/2021)

The Nyishangba traders of Manang : Their remarkable  adventurism adds an important chapter to Nepal’s history of trade, by Amish Raj Mulmi (kp 29/10/2021)

Total foreign trade surges nearly 80pc to Rs 358.56 billion (ht 26/10/2021), Nepal records Rs 500 billion foreign trade in three months (kh 27/10/2021)

Oil exports may suffer after India slashes import duty : Lower taxes could prompt Indian traders to source the products themselves and dent Nepal’s largest export, insiders say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 19/10/2021)

Import of sanitizers sees a significant decline in the first two months of the current FY (rep 16/10/2021)

Strengthening export competitiveness crucial : Trade deficit as a share of gross domestic product has substantially increased over the years (ht 01/10/2021)

Falling remittances, foreign currency reserves worrisome amid resurging imports :Nepal’s imports surged by 75.7 percent while remittances fell by 18.1 percent in the first month of the new fiscal year, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 26/09/2021), Nepal’s trade deficit widened 71 percent in first two months of current FY (rep 27/09/2021)

Nepal's total trade surges nearly 80pc in first month of fiscal year 2021-22 (ht 24/09/2021)

Nepal spent US $ 4.54 billion to buy Indian currency worth Rs 535.23 billion to finance imports last year (rep 02/09/2021)

The salt traders of Karnali : With the decline of the salt trade, the once-prosperous region of Karnali came to depend on Tibet, the very place it had been trading with for centuries, by Jag Bahadur Budha (rec 31/08/2021)

Government audit report recommends rethink of export subsidy policy : Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies provides subsidies ranging from 3-5 percent of the value on selected goods, by Krishana Prasain (kp 29/08/2021)

Soaring shipping costs make Nepali products less competitive in US : Nepal’s main exports to the US are woollen carpets, woollen felt goods, readymade garments, handicrafts and Himalayan dog chews, by Krishana Prasain (kp 24/08/2021)

Trade Surplus With 22 Out Of 160 Trade Partner Countries, by Laxman Kafle (rn 24/08/2021)

Chiraito traders clearing out stocks  as Tibet market remains closed : Tibet is the largest buyer of the herb, but Chinese authorities do not plan to reopen the border soon, insiders say, by Ananda Gautam (kp 10/08/2021)

Value of Nepal’s exports swells due to stronger dollar : Shipments were worth Rs35.36 billion in the last fiscal year 2020-21, up from Rs27.63 billion in 2019-20, by Krishana Prasain (kp 31/07/2021)

Nepal’s agri imports soar despite Covid-19 disruption : While overall imports grew by 28.66 percent to Rs1.53 trillion, agricultural goods imports increased by more than 30 percent to Rs325 billion, by Sangam Prasain (kp 29/07/2021)

Import of medical equipment almost double amid pandemic : Particularly, the import from China had surged by around 104.8 percent to Rs2.9 billion in the first 11 months of fiscal 2019-20 on a year on year basis, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 20/07/2021)

Streamlining Nepal’s trade competitiveness : The amendment to the Railway Services Agreement between Nepal and India is a major milestone, by Chandra Ghimire (kp 19/07/2021)

Proposed policy to ban small importers sparks individual rights concerns : Provision will limit the number of importers and make it easier to identify them and track their transactions, report says, by Prithvi ManShrestha (kp 16/07/2021)

Nepal exports goods worth Rs 121 billion in past 11 months (kh 25/06/2021)

Nepal’s annual soybean oil exports to India near Rs50 billion : Despite the impressive export statistics, the soybean oil trade contributes very little to the economy, economists say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 25/06/2021)

How trade spats increase poverty: the India-Nepal Episode of 2015, by Sanjay Kathuria, TG Srinivasan and Swarnim Wagle (rep 23/06/2021)

Nepal’s trade deficit grew by around 25 percent to Rs 1.26 trillion in first 11 months of current FY (rep 23/06/2021)

Nepal’s Foreign Trade: Import worth Rs 1205 billion, export Rs 108 billion, by Sabina Karki (kh 27/05/2021)

Current account deficit surges 64.49 per cent (ht 13/05/2021)

Chinese border closure hits Nepali entrepreneurs hard : With no export orders, manufacturers and exporters are facing tough times and have started looking for other sources of income observing the situation, by Krishana Prasain (kp 25/04/2021)

Export of Nepali felt products surges 61.97 percent : Traders attributed the growth to products being competitive in the international market, in terms of price and quality, by Krishana Prasain (kp 18/04/2021)

Nepal has $9.2 billion untapped export potential: Report; In the fiscal year 2019-20, exports amounted to $835 million while imports worth $10.22 billion flooded in, a World Bank study shows, by Sangam Prasain (kp 13/04/2021), 'Export competitiveness key to green, resilient and inclusive recovery' (ht 13/04/2021), Export potential : The govt and the private sector need to identify the areas where investments can be made to harness the export potential (ht 14/04/2021)

One-door system for food import, export permits soon (ht 10/04/2021)

Export Of Garment Products Decreases By 10 Times In Two Decades (rn 31/03/2021)

EU-Nepal TIP to boost pashmina business in Nepal (rep 31/03/2021)

Govt allows import of luxury vehicles to resume (ht 23/03/2021)

Dissecting bordernomics : Borders should become points of facilitation, not control, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 23/03/2021)

Nepal imports goods worth Rs 1.25 billion in single month as economic activities start rebounding (rep 22/03/2021)

Govt partially lifts restriction on import of peppercorns, peas, dates and betel nuts (rep 19/03/2021)

Nepal’s current account deficit at Rs 101.90bn (ht 17/03/2021)

Nepal’s tea exports thrive despite pandemic : Shipments to Germany alone were worth Rs52.7 million in the first half of the fiscal year, officials say, by Parbat Portel (kp 12/03/2021)

Nepal-Bangladesh trade pact stuck over other charges : Nepali officials say an agreement between the two neighbours is unlikely until the other duties or charges (ODC) on listed goods are dropped to zero, by Krishana Prasain (kp 10/03/2021)

Nepali importers turn to sea to escape the vagaries of northern borderTraders don’t mind the extra cost and time since there is no risk of their shipments being held up, they say, by Krishana Prasain and Balram Ghimire (kp 05/03/2021)

Chobhar dry port expected to be completed next month : The facility will allow importers to make customs clearance in Kathmandu and facilitate trade, officials say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 03/03/2021)

Nepal needs strategy, robust trade deals to graduate from poor club, experts say : As the United Nations recommends Nepal’s graduation from least developed country after 2026, challenges are of sustained growth since nation will lose existing support, by Anil Giri (kp 28/02/2021)

Nepal begins process to register five species of large cardamom grown in the country : Once the species of large cardamom, one of the most expensive spices in the world, are registered, Nepal can claim their ownership and patent them in the international market, by Ananda Gautam (kp 21/02/2021)

Mobile imports nearly double despite tattered economy : The rise in legal imports has also been attributed to the immobilisation of the grey market by virus restrictions, by Krishana Prasain (kp 20/02/2021)

Nepal spent US $2.04 billion to purchase Indian currency to fund imports in the first six months of current FY (rep 16/02/2021)

Novel project seeks to promote Nepali tea in the world market : Stakeholders expect the project, estimated to cost around Rs175 million, to  provide significant support by way of technical assistance, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 11/02/2021)

Traders say China imposing ‘undeclared blockade’ : Shipments are still being held up at the northern border for over 16 months now on the pretext of Covid-19 pandemic, much to importers’ chagrin, by Krishana Prasain (kp 06/02/2021), Despite promises, bilateral trade with China struggles to bounce back :  While Beijing appears to be reluctant to open border points on different pretexts, Nepal has failed to raise the issue strongly, much to the disappointment of traders, by Krishana Prasain (kp 09/02/2021), Tatopani border point reopens after three weeks : The border was closed on January 20 for the repair works on the Miteri bridge that links Nepal and China, by Anish Tiwari (kp 09/02/2021)

Cardamom and tea exports rise (ht 05/02/2021)

Nepal bans import of poultry products after bird flu detected : Docs urge to take precautions (kh 31/01/2021)

Agricultural products lead export growth : Export revenues swelled by 15.46 percent mainly due to a rise in shipments of cardamom, tea and medicinal plants, by Krishana Prasain (kp 26/01/2021)

One-door system in agro-related foreign trade implemented (ht 25/01/2021)

Strained infrastructure in Bhairahawa dents trade growth : More than 700 freight trucks enter Nepal daily through Bhairahawa, making it the country’s second busiest transit point, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 23/01/2021)

Pursue a country-wise trade promotion plan, study says : According to the Department of Customs, exports made up only 7.5 percent of the country’s total trade in the last fiscal year, by Krishana Prasain (kp 12/01/2021)

Scared of regional trade : While everybody is forming blocs, South Asian countries are weirdly punishing each other, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 07/01/2021)

Govt enforces anti-dumping regulations to check import of substandard goods (rep 03/01/2021)

Traders shift to exporting soybean oil as palm oil loses lustre after India’s restriction : Soybean oil shipments increased four and a half times to Rs13.5 billion in the first five months of the fiscal year, by Krishana Prasain (kp 28/12/2020)

Sindhupalchok’s coffee exports keep up despite pandemic : The district exported more than 7 tonnes this year to Australia, Japan and South Korea, by Anish Tiwari (kp 24/12/2020)

Trade deficit narrows by 12.5 per cent to Rs 362.29bn (ht 22/12/2020)

US to support Nepal in increasing production of exportable goods : Nepal has not been able to produce exportable goods  on a large scale (kp 18/12/2020)

DoC begins study on import of Tesla EV (ht 14/12/2020)

Nepal saw massive spike in food imports (rep 07/12/2020) [This is no wonder after the incompetent Oli government did not allow Nepali products to be transported to markets and consumers!]

Burdensome barriers to trade : Non-tariff barriers and  preference erosion have complicated Nepal’s export strategy, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 02/12/2020)

Nepal witnesses trade surplus with 25 countries in the first four months (rep 29/11/2020)

Traders fear they may miss winter sales season too : The northern border reopened in mid-October after being closed for several months, but only a small number of containers were allowed to pass, by Krishana Prasain (kp 28/11/2020)

Lack of uniformity creates confusion in trade data (ht 27/11/2020)

Rising value of yuan likely to raise import cost, by Arpana Ale Magar (ht 20/11/2020)

Higher tea prices push up Nepal’s export earnings : Tea exports see a steep jump of 150 percent to Rs2.18 billion. Shipments in the first quarter of the last fiscal year amounted to Rs871 million, by Krishana Prasain (kp 18/11/2020)

Entrepreneurs warn of sit-in at border points with China if import not eased (kh 10/11/2020)

Infrastructure development lagging behind trade growth in Bhairahawa : The column of trucks waiting to enter Nepal through the Sunauli border is usually 10 km long, traders say, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 05/11/2020)

Nepal’s trade deficit down 15.1 per cent in Q1 (ht 05/11/2020)

Trade deficit narrows down nearly 25 per cent (ht 22/10/2020) [This is no wonder with hardly any imports and exports!]

Uncertain global trading system : In trade matters,  differences between rich and poor countries have intensified recently, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 19/10/2020)

Nepal imported mobile phones worth Rs8 billion in two months, data shows : Demand has swelled as activities ranging from education and work to shopping are moving online, traders say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 10/10/2020)

As border with China is closed, Nepali carpets in Taplejung find no market : Traditional carpets from the district are sought after across the border for their warmth, price, and durability, traders say, by Ananda Gautam (kp 04/10/2020)

Lockdown causes tea exports to soar as people stay home guzzling the brew : Tea shipments from Nepal jumped 147 percent year-on-year in the first two months of the fiscal year, officials say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 02/10/2020)

Trading via Tatopani and Rasuwagadhi still closed despite government assurance: Importers (rep 29/09/2020)

Traders eyeing festival sales are worried as goods remain at Chinese borders : Almost 2,000 containers full of clothes, electronic devices and shoes have been stranded at two northern border points as Covid-19 protocol slows down cargo clearance, by Sangam Prasain (kp 28/09/2020)

Nepal’s orthodox tea gets its own trademark : The trademark includes the words ‘Nepal Tea Quality from the Himalaya’ and is the country’s first brand of agri produce, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 24/09/2020), Tea farmers and traders sceptical about trademark implementation : Stakeholders highlight the system of getting organic tea certified, which costs more  than Rs 500,000, as a major obstacle to widespread adoption of the new brand, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 27/09/2020)

Cabbage exports to India hit Rs 500 million annually : The cabbage harvest season has started in the eastern hills, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 23/09/2020)

Trading during a pandemic : World commerce will depend on the agility of exporters and their ability to innovate, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 10/09/2020)

COVID disruptions a boon for Balance of Payments : Nepal’s balance of payments for fiscal 2019-20 is at a surplus of 282.41 billion rupees (ht 25/08/2020) [This is no wonder under the ban of international flights!]

Nepal lost Rs 7 billion in exports of high value products as virus strangles foreign trade: Shipments of listed products in fiscal 2019-20 plunged 18.65 percent year-on-year, according to official data, by Krishana Prasain (kp 11/08/2020)

How to be an expert exporter: These are the important skills needed to promote exports in the post-coronavirus world, by Suman Kumar Regmi (kp 07/08/2020)

Already struggling to meet targets, Nepal’s footwear export numbers look at an uncertain future: Nepal exported footwear worth Rs 2.36 billion in the fiscal year 2014-15, this declined to Rs 767 million in the fiscal year 2019-20, by Krishana Prasain (kp 02/08/2020)

Nepal’s overall imports have gone down but agriculture import continues to expand, hitting record Rs 250 billion: Experts say import-promoting policies, high production costs, change in consumer behaviour and lack of restrictions on import are to blame as the government fails to support farmers, by Sangam Prasain (kp 28/07/2020), Go local: The government must create a support system for local farmers rather than continue to import agro products (kp 29/07/2020)

Nepal’s readymade garment sector faces Rs 1.25 billion hit as foreign buyers cancel orders: As the garment sector was recovering from years of downturns, the virus pandemic has emerged as a big setback for the sector, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 26/07/2020)

Nepal needs a better strategy: India’s GST helped Nepal to shore up exports, but core competence is a concern, by Pratim Ranjan Bose (kp 05/07/2020)

Earnings from listed products down 18 percent as virus crushes exports: Shipments during the first 11 months of the fiscal year were valued at Rs 17.83 billion, by Krishana Prasain (kp 03/07/2020)

Importers leave piles of uncleared cargo at Sirsiya Dry Port: The dry port is operating at three times its capacity with 4,358 containers sitting in its premises, by Shankar Acharya (kp 17/05/2020)

Nepal's palm oil exports could suffer as India suspends import licences: Shipments in the first eight months of the current fiscal year were valued at Rs 15.35 billion, by Krishana Prasain (kp 15/05/2020)

Import Via Tatopani Resumes, by Laxman Kafle (rn 11/05/2020)

Officials warn rise in number of cargo trucks entering Nepal raises the risk of coronavirus: Health workers fear the spread of Covid-19 if safety guidelines are not followed while allowing entry to trucks, by Arjun Poudel (kp 10/05/2020)

Lockdown wipes out handicraft trade as exports drop to zilch: The sector has suffered losses worth nearly Rs 2 billion in lost exports in the past two months, by Krishana Prasain (kp 30/04/2020)

Certificate of Origin temporarily not required in trade with India (ht 07/04/2020)

Govt bans imports of high-end cars, expensive edibles: The measure is aimed at checking depletion of forex reserve amid the threat of COVID-19, by Rajesh Khanal (rep 31/03/2020)

Enhancing exports to Bangladesh: Taxes levied on imports at Bangladesh customs is primary obstacle to Nepal’s exports. The high taxes arise from customs duty, para-tariff and overvaluation of certain products for customs purposes, by Kshitiz Dahal (rep 03/03/2020)

ITC to inject $9 million to promote export of pashmina, coffee (rep 01/03/2020)

Nepal-China trade hit by coronavirus threat (rep 18/02/2020)

Government may lift restriction on milk powder import (ht 16/02/2020)

Policy instability takes its toll on herb exporters, by Arjun Oli (rep 30/01/2020)

Exports via Nepalgunj customs down 62%, by Arjun Oli (rep 19/01/2020)

Strategic plan to enhance trade in the offing, by Umesh Poudel (ht 17/01/2020)

Extra charge by shipping companies cost Nepali importers Rs 1 billion annually, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 15/01/2020)

India’s ban on imports of refined palm oil could kill Nepal’s biggest export: The restriction is believed to be aimed at Malaysia but Nepal has been exporting palm oil worth billions of rupees to India by exploiting a zero-tariff facility, by Sangam Prasain (kp 10/01/2020), India says its businesses can still buy processed palm oil from Nepal: Local traders said the Indian government’s statement provides relief for many panic-stricken Nepali manufacturers, by Sangam Prasain (kp 11/01/2020)

With the export of everything else falling, palm oil rises to the top: A smaller inventory, increased domestic consumption and a slowing Indian economy could account for the fall in exports, say experts, by Krishana Prasain (kp 08/01/2020)

Processed edible oils become Nepal's top export: Soybean and palm oil shipments in the first five months of the fiscal year were worth Rs8.58 billion, by Shankar Acharya (kp 02/01/2020), Oily business: Refined palm and soybean oil becoming Nepal's largest export is worrying (kp 03/01/2020)

Trade deficit down but government struggles to meet revenue target (rep 02/01/2020)

Transit Protocol with China to come into effect from February, but there are obstacles ahead: The primary challenges to third-country imports via Chinese ports have to do with infrastructure in Nepal and a lack of knowledge about Chinese processes, by Anil Giri (kp 02/01/2020)

Lack of organic certification hits Nepal's tea exports: Shipments were down 24 percent year-on-year to Rs1.16 billion in the first four months, by Krishana Prasain (kp 28/12/2019)

Nepal’s gasoline imports fall as economy slackens: Slow growth in the construction sector and a halt in development activities led to the decline, economists say, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 20/12/2019)

Trade deficit narrows by 8.9pc (ht 19/12/2019)

Exports of felt products surge by over 50 percent to Rs 1 billion: The US, European countries and Japan are the major market for Nepali felt products, by Krishana Prasain (kp 16/12/2019)

DoFTQC upgrading lab to facilitate exporters (rep 16/12/2019)

Trade deficit down 8.9 percent to Rs414 billion on plunging imports: Imports fall for fourth straight month, but economists say this is no cause for celebration, by Sangam Prasain (kp 30/11/2019)

Pashmina exports in the first quarter down 27 percent: Shipments during the period mid-July to mid-October totalled Rs567 million, by Krishana Prasain (kp 28/11/2019)

Nepal’s trade deficit fell 12 percent to Rs307.78 billion in the first quarter: Reduced imports of readymade garments and electrical equipment shaved Rs20 billion off the trade deficit, by Sangam Prasain (kp 22/11/2019), BoP at Rs 14.43bn surplus despite fall in remittance inflow (ht 22/11/2019)

Traders urge export promotion to cut trade deficit with India: Nepal has a Rs855 billion trade deficit with the southern neighbour which is its largest trading partner, by Suresh Raj Neupane (kp 20/11/2019)

Coffee worth Rs 98 million imported in last fiscal (rep 18/11/2019)

Nepal isn't just importing two-thirds of its needs from India, it’s also importing inflation: With the Indian economy slowing and the Indian rupee falling, Nepal could face increasing pressure on its foreign exchange reserves, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 14/11/2019)

To reduce the trade deficit, Nepal has to rely on agriculture: In the short term, the hydropower and agricultural sectors offer Nepal’s best hope, by Jagadish Prasad Bist (kp 03/11/2019)

Nepal's trade deficit in the first quarter drops to Rs307 billion: This is the third straight month imports have fallen and export earnings have swelled, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 02/11/2019), Trade deficit shrinks by 12% in first quarter, by Rajesh Khanal (rep 02/11/2019)

Trade deficit shrinks 3 percent in the first two months: Officials cited wider restrictions on the import of luxury goods and a rise in exports for the drop, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 25/10/2019)

Import of industrial raw material decreases (rep 24/10/2019)

BoP records surplus of Rs 6 bn after over a year (ht 25/09/2019), Trade deficit down 11.5 percent in the first month of the fiscal year: Experts say the trade figures could have been manipulated to paint a rosy picture, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 26/09/2019)

Foreign exchange reserves decline for the first time in 10 years, reducing import ability by half: Four years ago, Nepal had enough reserves to sustain the imports for 14.1 months, but now that number has reduced to just 7.8 months, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 23/09/2019)

Export of Nepali readymade garment hits 13-year high: The country exported readymade garment worth Rs6.34 billion in the last fiscal year, the highest in over a decade, by Krishana Prasain (kp 16/09/2019)

Misguided attempts at cutting the trade deficit: The aim should be to promote productive sectors, not impose restrictions on ordinary Nepalis (kp 10/09/2019)

Surging trade deficit is cause for concern, but it could be turned into opportunities: There are several areas where Nepal can cash in on to boost domestic businesses, analysts say, by Rajnesh Khanal (kp 08/09/2019)

External sector worsening despite economic growth : Pressure is building on BOP (rep 05/09/2019)

Wanted: Maximum tailwind of exports, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 03/09/2019), Develop export plans: Nepal must explore new areas of investment that can help boost our exports and create job opportunities here (ht 04/09/2019)

Nepali footwear losing charm, export drops 27 percent: Local manufacturers have been focusing on expanding their domestic market share while putting low focus on export , by Krishana Prasain (kp 02/09/2019)

Kolkata port improve services as other Indian ports court Nepali traders, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 02/09/2019)

Government starts operation of its own CFS in Kolkata (ht 31/08/2019)

Nepali export products being priced out of the market: Revenues from exports of five of the nine listed products dropped in the last fiscal year, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 28/08/2019)

Energy Ministry proposes check on power consumption by businesses: The ministry made the move in a bid to encourage usage of energy-efficient technology, machines and equipment to reduce energy imports and curb emissions, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 22/08/2019)

Vegetable and rice worth Rs 15 billion imported through Bhairahawa, by Rekha Bhusal (rep 22/08/2019)

Geographical indications for export promotion: Nepal may not compete in international trade on scale, but it does have unique products to sell, by Madhu K. Marasini (kp 21/08/2019)

Ministry moves to expand the export basket to trim trade deficit: The widening trade deficit has hit foreign currency reserves, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 21/08/2019)

Nepal and Bhutan poised to sign trade agreement: Analysts doubt the deal will boost trade much due to Nepal's small export basket, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 15/08/2019)

With festival season approaching, sugar traders lobby for an extension on import restrictions: The sugar industry consistently asks for an import restriction so that it can raise prices during the festival season, citing a shortage, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 14/08/2019)

Millennials rack up huge import bill for packed food items: According to the Population Census 2011, about one-third of the country’s population is in the age group of 20-40 years, by Krishana Prasain (kp 04/08/2019)

Imports Increasing through Vizag port, by Nikeeta Gautam (rep 03/08/2019)

Trade deficit balloons to Rs 1.32 trillion (rep 30/07/2019)

Vehicle, petroleum worth Rs 47 billion imported via Bhairahawa (rep 30/07/2019)

Nepal’s trade potential hindered by poor trade logistics, analysts say: Traders face numerous hurdles while transporting goods through Indian land, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 29/07/2019)

Problems galore in export of medicinal herbs to India, by Arjun Oli (rep 29/07/2019)

India-Nepal logistics summit: Investment, trade with India govt’s top priority (ht 29/07/2019), Call to improve competitiveness of Nepali products to bring down trade deficit, by Nikeeta Gautam (rep 29/07/2019)

Maize worth 71 billion imported in 10 years, by Madhusudhan Guragain (kp 24/07/2019)

Korean companies interested to import spring water from Nepal, by Nikeeta Gautam (rep 22/07/2019)

Visakhapatnam overtakes Kolkata in handling Nepal-bound cargo: Visakhapatnam pulling Nepali traders with efficiency and higher capacity, by Shankar Acharya (kp 21/07/2019)

Nepal’s rising trade deficit takes toll on country’s foreign currency reserves: The trade deficit grew 17 percent in the first 11 months of the last fiscal year, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 21/07/2019)

Country records BoP deficit of Rs 90.83 bn (ht 20/07/2019)

Export of refined  palm oil soars (ht 20/07/2019)

Certificate of Origin to be issued online (rep 20/07/2019)

Quantitative restriction on sugar import  lifted (ht 19/07/2019), As the festival season approaches, sugar producers once again demand restrictions on import: This is a pattern that repeats every year, where import restrictions cause prices to rise, benefiting producers who have hoarded sugar, analysts say, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 19/07/2019)

Govt enforces online consignment tracking system: Private sector leaders skeptical about effective implementation (rep 18/07/2019), Tarai industrialists join protest against VCTS (ht 22/07/2019)

Discrepancy calls trade data credibility into question, by Arpana Ale Magar (ht 18/07/2019)

Country’s export rises by 19.2 pc (ht 14/07/2019), Export revenues from listed products inch up 2.7 percent, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 14/07/2019)

Govt allows import of restricted commodities that had initiated due process (rep 14/07/2019)

Int'l shipping firms court importers as trade volume goes up, by Ritesh Tripathy (rep 08/07/2019)

Govt prohibits export, import of various goods: The government has fully banned import of plastic bags less than 30 micron (ht 07/07/2019)

India tightens Nepal’s tea exports, by Bhim Chapagain (rep 06/07/2019) [???]

India expresses concern over chemical testing requirements: Lack of properly equipped labs leaves imported fruits and vegetables rotting at the border, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 05/07/2019), MoICS revokes decision to check pesticides in veggie imports, by Arpana Ale Magar (ht 06/07/2019), Nepal revokes pesticide tests for fruits, vegetables under Indian pressure (rep 06/07/2019), ‘Don’t revoke decision to test pesticides in imported vegetables’ (ht 07/07/2019)

Imports surge via Rasuwagadhi customs point: Readymade garment, apple, footwear, bags and spectacles were the major items imported, by Balaram Ghimire (kp 01/07/2019)

Trade deficit balloons toRs 1,212 billion in eleven months (rep 29/06/2019)

Only five trucks have crossed the Tatopani border since its reopening: Chinese side has imposed a host of restrictions, pointing to unresolved issues by the Nepal government, traders say, by Rajesh Khanal and Anil Giri (kp 28/06/2019)

Trade deficit surges 17.4 percent year-on-year to Rs1.21 trillion, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 28/06/2019), Trade deficit at  Rs 1.21 trillion in first 11 months (ht 28/06/2019)

Total exports growing, except to China (rep 23/06/2019), Earnings from exports to China plunge 29 percent: Shipments in the first 10 months of the fiscal year were valued at Rs1.78 billion, by Krishana Prasain (kp 24/06/2019)

BoP under pressure as trade deficit widens (ht 20/06/2019)

Tatopani tales: Ropening of the Tatopani trade route will facilitate and ease imports between Nepal and China, but the country is yet to exploit benefits from trade ties by increasing exports (ht 16/06/2019)

Cash incentive for exports to India27 products, including vegetables, fruits, footwear products and cardamom, to enjoy the facility (ht 12/06/2019)

Nepal-India to amend transit, trade treaties, RSANepali importers of third-country goods to save Rs 7 billion annually, by Umesh Poudel (ht 10/06/2019)

Friendship bridge in Rasuwagadhi comes into operation, by Balram Ghimire (kp 07/06/2019)

Nepal’s trade gap: Serious adjustment needed, by Shanker Man Singh (ht 30/05/2019)

Nepal-China trade set to surge with Tatopani Customs re-opening, by Anish Tiwari (kp 29/05/2019)

Nepal buys Rs 394 billion Indian rupees to pay for soaring imports, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 21/05/2019)

BoP at Rs 64.68 billion deficit as imports cross one trillion rupees mark (ht 20/05/2019)

Stylish foreign furniture invades Nepali homes, by Krishana Prasain (kp 11/05/2019)

Trade deficit jumps 22 percent to over Rs 990b in first nine months, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 10/05/2019), Trade deficit balloons to Rs 992 billion in Q3: Nepal enjoys trade surplus with only two dozen countries out of 151 trading partners (rep 10/05/2019)

Cereal import bill hits record high despite bumper harvests, by Sangam Prasain (kp 09/05/2019)

China deal offers Nepal more options for third country trade, by Rajesh Khanal (kp08/05/2019), Signing of protocol with China to help diversify country’s trade (ht 08/05/2019)

DoSMPC takes action against 119 traders (ht 01/05/2019)

Sugar import restrictions extended till mid-July, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 30/04/2019)

Nepal’s gasoline consumption almost doubles in five years, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 30/04/2019)

Tatopani border point to reopen in May, by Dhruba Dangal (rep 28/04/2019), Tatopani trade route to reopen in mid-June, by Dhruba Dangal (rep 29/04/2019)

Private sector urges government to regulate imports through budget (ht 25/04/2019)

Tea export down in first eight months of fiscal year (ht 25/04/2019)

Automobile imports down 13pc to Rs18.73b, by Shankar Acharya (kp 21/04/2019)

Pashmina export revenues falling despite government incentives, by Rajesh Khanal(kp 20/04/2019)

Exports to China drop by 27 per cent (ht 18/04/2019)

Trade deficit swells 24.5pc to Rs 887.88b as imports surge, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 17/04/2019), Trade deficit remains cause for concern (ht 17/04/2019), External sector position continues to worsen: BoP slips into deficit of Rs 58.99 billion (rep 17/04/2019)

Ports of trade: Nepal must utilise the Chinese ports to give a boost to third country trade and reduce the ballooning trade deficit (ht 11/04/2019)

Nepal International Trade Fair opens in Kathmandu (kp 29/03/2019)

Footwear imports double as domestic exports stagnate, by Krishana Prasain (kp 23/03/2019)

New rule to encourage use of electronic cargo tracking system, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 21/03/2019)

Rasuwa Customs meets revenue collection target 4 months early, by Balram Ghimire (kp 16/03/2019)

Traders using Integrated Check Post over traditional customs point in Birgunj, by Shankar Acharya (kp 10/03/2019)

Incentive fails to rev up export revenues from listed products, by Rajesh Khanal (ht 25/02/2019)

Traders urge improvement of Nepal-Bangladesh customs process, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 24/02/2019)

Where we failed on trade: Major trade routes Nepal struggles to open with China today were customary trade routes to travel and supply goods to Tibet and vice-versa, by Bipin Ghimire (rep 24/02/2019)

Govt to introduce  anti-dumping, countervailing measures, by Sujan Dhungana (ht 22/02/2019)

Cabinet approves anti-dumping bill: It will prevent firms from exporting obsolete and substandard products, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 16/02/2019)

Govt raises export cash incentive to 5%: Listed goods exported to India also eligible for cash incentive now (rep 16/02/2019)

Nepal blew Rs103b on fuel in first six months, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 15/02/2019), External sector position worsens further (rep 15/02/2019)

Transshipment modality, electronic cargo tracking to be implemented from today, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 15/02/2019)

BoP deficit widens to Rs 63.7 billion (ht 14/02/2019)

India rejects request to remove import quotas, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 12/02/2019)

Government to tighten gold trade: Inland Revenue Department is working on a directive that will make it mandatory for gold traders to ask their customers for personal details, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 09/02/2019)

Imported sugar trickles into market after being stranded at Dry Port: The government imposed quantitative restriction on imported sugar nearly five months ago to protect domestic sugar producers who complained about the low price of imports, by Shankar Acharya (kp 06/02/2019)

Trade tensions: Oli’s pitching to investors at Davos is futile without creating a trading environment, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 28/01/2019)

Transshipment privileges in Kolkata from Feb 15: Move is expected to reduce the cost of trading for Nepali traders, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 26/01/2019)

Tighter checks for importers producing fake documents: Customs Department, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 24/01/2019)

In defence of protectionism Nepal has to limit imports to cut the swelling trade deficit and help domestic industry, by Siddharth Poddar (kp 23/01/2019)

Export diversification: Must to reduce trade deficit, by Bhubanesh Pant (ht 22/01/2019)

Coffee imports value 42pc more than value of exports, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 21/01/2019)

Nepal’s outflow of money heavily outweighs inflows, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 19/01/2019), Forex reserve fall continues as import bill continues to rise: Forex kitty dips $79 million in five months (rep 19/01/2019)

Import of mobile phones plunge 16.19 percent, by Krishana Prasain (kp 11/01/2019)

Nepal bought cars valued at Rs18b in ’18, by Krishana Prasain (kp 08/01/2019)

Trade deficit widening due to luxury goods imports: Ministry, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 07/01/2019)

Unsustainable Import-led Economy, by Hira Bahadur Thapa (rn 04/01/2019)

Right concept, wrong approach: Export subsidies and import control measures are inadequate to beat the trade deficit, by Bijendra Man Shadkya (kp 02/01/2019)

Trade deficit yawns to Rs570b, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 01/01/2019)

Government hikes export cash incentives to 5 percent, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 29/12/2018)

Trade deficit balloons to Rs 569 billion in first five months (rep 28/12/2018)

Panel to explore measures to check swelling imports, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 20/12/2018)

Govt taking steps to address rising trade deficit (ht 19/12/2018)

Profiles of exportable goods being created province-wise, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 18/12/2018)

Export of herbs via Gaddachauki surge: Earlier, traders used to export the local herbs produced in the hills of the Far Western districts via Nepalgunj-Rupaidiya customs point, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 17/12/2018)

Nepal’s jute exports to India hit Rs1.66 billion, by Binod Bhandari (kp 16/12/2018)

Nepal can quadruple exports, says World Bank (kp 15/12/2018), Economic woes aboundIt is logical to examine whether Nepal’s affiliation with the WTO has benefitted it, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 05/12/2018)

Nepal gets poor marks at Trade Policy Review in Geneva, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 05/12/2018)

Export cash incentive to be raised to 5 percent, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 04/12/2018)

Fuel import bill hits Rs69b in 4 months, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 01/12/2018)

Nepal’s trade deficit balloons: Fuel, agro imports reach Rs 483.75b, export earnings at Rs 29.28b, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 30/11/2018), Trade deficit touches Rs 454b in 1st four months (rep 30/11/2018)

Exports of NTIS products rise 7.2pc in first quadrimester (ht 30/11/2018)

‘WTO trade privileges still underutilised’, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 30/11/2018)

Trade Diplomacy Under Globalisation, by GP Acharya (rn 26/11/2018)

Footwear imports outweigh exports, by Krishana Prasain (kp 20/11/2018)

Nepal’s Trade Deficit, by Siddhi B Ranjitkar (km 12/11/2018)

How can we improve our export? It is difficult to find international market for Nepali products because of our small scale production, lower quality and higher price, by Suman Kumar Regmi (rep 04/11/2018)

Business hurdles: Importers complain about delay in issuing paperwork, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 29/10/2018)

Bamboo stools worth Rs 3 million exported to China, by Himnath Devkota (rep 29/10/2018)

Trade deficit rises to Rs 350b in first quarter: Exports stood at only Rs 23.74 billion (rep 26/10/2018), Trade deficit swells to Rs 349.84b in Q1 (kp 27/10/2018)

Construction of ICD Timure to begin from October-end (ht 14/10/2018)

51,680 vehicles imported via Birgunj, by Shanker Acharya (kp 12/10/2018)

Nepali pashmina, coffee export disappoints: As part of the government’s Nepal Trade and Integration Strategy 2016, coffee and pashmina were identified as high priority goods for export (kp 11/10/2018)

Trading through China: A transit agreement with China was a long time coming. Nepal should have pursued one in the aftermath of the 1989-90 blockade by India, by Paras Kharel (rep 02/10/2018)

Cut imports, cut deficit: The runaway trade deficit cannot be checked without radical steps to reduce imports, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 01/10/2018)

Heavy equipment firms strike gold in Nepal: Imports of the machinery used in road and construction have surged year on year, by Krishana Prasain (kp 19/09/2018)

Export of Nepali handicrafts fall by 3 percent: India and China produce handicraft products at a much larger scale for the international market, which means the prices are comparatively lower than Nepal’s handicraft goods (kp 09/09/2018)

Goods for Teej remain stuck in Kerung due to lack of containers, by Himnath Devkota (rep 09/09/2018)

Cargo volume at Birgunj ICP increases sharply, by Shankar Acharya (kp 08/09/2018)

China allows Nepal access to its ports: The pact on Transit and Transportation protocol ends Indian trade monopoly, by Anil Giri (kp 08/09/2018), Nepal set to get access to seven China ports (rep 08/09/2018) [What does this mean if there are no functioning roads on Nepali territory? The govt has not been able to repair the road via Kodari even three and a half years after the earthquake!], Traders: Access to China’s ports not a magic bullet, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 09/09/2018), No more in dependence: The trade and transit agreement with China ends Nepal’s dependence on India (kp 10/09/2018) [Without functioning transit routes?], Road to trade with China begins now (rep 10/09/2018)

Construction of country’s major trade route delayed, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 08/09/2018)

Untangling the trade deficit: To lessen the trade deficit, the government should also encourage the export of processed products instead of exporting unprocessed items, by Hari Prasad Shrestha (kp 07/09/2018)

Nepal, China to study Tatopani border: Move to revive customs office; Dry port construction picks up pace with 50 percent of Customs building, warehouse and parking complete; The project will build a border inspection building, cargo warehouse, litigation-warehouse, a parking lot with a capacity of accommodating at least 158 large containers and 33 cars (kp 02/09/2018), Customs office in Tatopani ‘could start in one year’: Dry port construction to complete by May 2019, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 05/09/2018)

Trade deficit in first month of Fiscal Year rises to Rs 113.69 billion (rep 02/09/2018)

Imports surge 57.18pc, trade deficit crosses Rs 100bn (ht 31/08/2018)

Government revises tariff rates on goods (kp 30/08/2018)

Nepal spent Rs170b on gasoline last year: NRB; Despite reduced load-shedding hours, oil imports continued to soar, further widening the trade deficit, officials said (kp 28/08/2018)

Birgunj Inland Container Depot gets much needed upgrade (kp 27/08/2018)

Share of imports through Birgunj dry port drops to 10.5 per cent (ht 26/08/2018)

Smuggling of peppers thrive after betel nuts, by Parbat Portel (kp 23/08/2018)

Trade deficit soared to Rs1.16t in last fiscal (kp 22/08/2018)

Middlemen in veggie trade to be eliminated , by Krishana Prasain(kp 22/08/2018)

Chinese traders eying Nepali cardamom, by Khagendra Adhikari (rep 20/08/2018)

Beverage imports on the rise: Import of beverages to the country is increasing with every passing year., by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 20/08/2018)

Rasuwagadhi trade route remains shut due to bridge damage, by Himnath Devkota (rep 19/08/2018)

Alcohol imports decline as domestic production ramps up: According to Surya Sedai, chief of customs office, the increasing reliability of domestic alcohol and price hikes of international alcohol brands were the main reasons for falling imports of alcohol in the country, by Shankar Acharya (kp 18/08/2018)

Integrated Check Post in Birgunj set for expansion; The four-month-old facility is unable to handle the volume of commerce passing through, by Shankar Acharya (kp 16/08/2018)

Imports from India: NRB makes LC mandatory for imports of over IRs 50 million (rep 15/08/2018)

Trade deficit: Economic woes are not a priority for the political class on both sides of the aisle, by Achyut Wagle (kp 07/08/2018), Agro products import bill crosses Rs200b, by Sangam Prasain (kp 07/08/2018)

Black pepper imports through Birgunj jump six-fold, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 06/08/2018)

Import of auto-rickshaw via Birgunj up by 74 percent, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 05/08/2018)

Delivery of Nepal-bound cargo to Jogbani via rail to continue (ht 02/08/2018)

Vehicle imports via Sirsiya ICD surge 31pc, by Shankar Acharya (kp 01/08/2018)

Cargo delays: Issues in logistics management stifle Nepal’s trade potential (kp 30/07/2018)

Tea for global market: As Nepal has increasingly been exporting tea, it must strive to develop it as a brand, by Nanu Jha (kp 29/07/2018)

Rasuwagadhi border point closed down, by Himnath Devkota (rep 29/07/2018)

Traders exploring Japanese markets for fresh ginger (kp 27/07/2018)

Nepal’s trade deficit with Bangladesh grows: Nepal used to have a trade surplus with Bangladesh just recently in 2014, by Parbat Postel (kp 27/07/2018)

A post mortem of Nepal’s garment boom: Mallika Shakya’s new book 'Death of an Industry' holds important lessons for the country’s trade, by Sewa Bhattarai (nt 27/07/2018)

Nepal jumps up 10 spots in logistic performance index (kp 26/07/2018), Nepal makes progress in World Bank's logistics performance index (rep 26/07/2018)

Trade activities gaining momentum at Birgunj ICP (rep 23/07/2018)

Black pepper imports via Birgunj jump seven-fold to Rs5b, by Shankar Acharya (kp 23/07/2018)

Congestion plagues Sirsiya Dry Port: With nearly 700 containers waiting to be cleared and a further 900 more on its way, the Dry Port is likely to choke under the strain, by Shankar Acharya (kp 22/07/2018)

Exports to China rise substantially (ht 22/07/2018)

Trade of NTIS products up (ht 22/07/2018)

Vehicle imports via ICP, Birgunj customs soar (kp 22/07/2018)

Export earnings from NTIS goods swell 10 percent, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 21/07/2018)

Railborne imports through dry port up 25 percent (rep 20/07/2018)

Yawning trade deficit: It’s hurting our economy, by Rohan Byanjankar (ht 18/07/2018)

Escaping the trade trap: The budget statement was vague about actions to cut Nepal’s trade deficit with India, by Jagadish Prasad Bist and Aadersh Joshi (kp 12/07/2018)

Lentil imports through Sirsiya jump twofold, by Shankar Acharya (kp 10/07/2018)

Cereal import bill hits new record high of Rs41 billion, by Sangam Prasain (kp 09/07/2018), Binging on foreign food: It is worrying that our cereal import bill is higher than the farm budget of Rs40 billion (kp 10/07/2018)

Furniture worth Rs 18b imported annually (rep 09/07/2018)

Nepal’s trade deficit surges to record Rs1 trillion (kp 05/07/2018)

Lack of irrigation infrastructure holding back export potential: Two-thirds of arable land lacks irrigation infrastructure, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep 01/07/2018)

High customs tariff likely to have negative impact on WTO review (ht 26/06/2018)

700 Nepali containers stuck in Kolkata, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 25/06/2018)

Indian delegation discuss ways to boost trade (kp 21/06/2018)

Birgunj ICP fails to please importers, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 21/06/2018)

Supply-side Constraints in Nepal’s Export, by Suman Kumar Regmi (rn 20/06/2018)

Ilam tea becoming a popular drink in Japan, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 20/06/2018)

Nepal and transit: Despite the distance, Visakhapatnam offers lower end-to-end cost for Nepali traders, by Mahendra P. Lama (kp 13/06/2018)

Fuel import bill balloons to all-time high of Rs131.93b (kp 12/06/2018)

Trade with Tibet to remain open even during monsoon, by Himnath Devkota (rep 12/06/2018)

Exports to China nearly doubled: NRB (kp 11/06/2018)

Alarming Scenario of Trade Deficit, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn 11/06/2018)

Skyrocketing imports exert pressure on current account, forex reserves (ht 11/06/2018)

Lack of consulate at Vizag delays shipments: More than 1,400 containers are stuck at the port in India due to paperwork hassles, by Shankar Acharya (kp 09/06/2018)

Maersk Line opens new office in Kathmandu: For over last two decades, Maersk Line has been providing shipping and logistical solutions to Nepali traders via its network in India (kp 08/06/2018)

Imports should promote production, says finance minister (ht 08/06/2018)

Bangladesh to revise list of duty free products, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 02/06/2018), Nepal, B’desh agree to conclude BIPPA soon (ht 02/06/2018)

Nepal asks Bangladesh to simplify trade procedures: Nepal has long been asking Bangladesh for easy visa facility for Nepalis, preferential treatment for a number of Nepali goods and access to Bangladeshi ports (kp 31/05/2018)

Four-wheeler imports surge by twofold, by Shankar Acharya (kp 28/05/2018)

Firms seek protectionist measures as imports rise unabated, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 28/05/2018)

Nepal-Bangladesh trade talks to focus on barriers: Nepal will ask Bangladesh to address hurdles to exporting acrylic yarn to Bangladesh and review the list of 108 Nepali products which have duty free access to the Bangladesh market, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 26/05/2018)

Widening Gap: The data released by TEPC shows that Nepal’s trade deficit widens by 21.5% to Rs 815.26 billion in nine months (sp 25/05/2018)

Govt to discourage import of finished agro goods, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 23/05/2018)

Export to China via Rasuwagadhi doubles in nine months, by Ayam Shrestha (rep 21/05/2018)

Toward better economy: Nepal’s economy would have long collapsed without remittances for imports have sky-rocketed while exports continue to plummet, by Kedar Neupane (rep 16/05/2018)

Gasoline imports jump to Rs117b in first 9 months (kp 12/05/2018), Fuel import bill climbs 34%: Trade deficit widens by 21.5% to Rs 815.26 billion in nine months (rep 12/05/2018)

Kanchanpur veggie farmers export Rs1 million worth of produce daily, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 05/05/2018)

Experts urge diversifying country’s trade routes (ht 01/05/2018)

Nepal, India agree to amend transit treaty to facilitate Nepal’s trade (rep 30/04/2018)

Biratnagar trials Nepal’s second cargo train route, by Madhav Ghimire (kp 27/04/2018)

Stronger dollar to affect BoP situation (ht 27/04/2018)

CONCOR starts ferrying Nepal-bound cargo containers to Jogbani: The move is expected to lower transportation cost for Nepali traders (ht 26/04/2018)

Tea, coffee top country’s exports list (rep 26/04/2018)

Kailali imports veggie worth Rs500m annually, by Mohan Budhayer (kp 24/04/2018)

Fuel import bill surges by 40 percent, by Ayam Shrestha (rep 24/04/2018)

Biratnagar becomes largest export gateway of the country (rep 23/04/2018)

Nepal records BoP deficit of Rs24.7 billion (kp 22/04/2018)

Nepal exports Rs2b of tea (kp 20/04/2018)

Sugar import surges by over 80 percent, by Shankar Acharya (kp 19/04/2018)

Piles of uncleared cargo choke Birgunj dry port, by Shankar Acharya (kp 18/04/2018)

Trade experts debate fourth industrial revolution (ht 04/04/2018)

Non-tariff barriers holding back Nepal’s export trade, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 29/03/2018)

Large cardamom tops list of agro exports (kp 28/03/2018)

Earnings from exports to China surge 72pc (kp 25/03/2018)

3rd International Women's Trade Expo kicks off: Women entrepreneurs of 30 districts are participating in the expo (rep 23/03/2018)

Govt studying ways to cut redtape to boost exports (kp 22/03/2018)

Study reveals widespread underinvoicing in exports (kp 21/03/2018), Under-invoicing in carpet export to China costing Nepal dear, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 21/03/2018), Underinvoicing raises tax avoidance, money laundering concerns, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 21/03/2018)

Demand for Basmati spikes rice import bill by 21pc to Rs17b (kp 19/03/2018)

Importers delay customs clearance citing controls (kp 18/03/2018)

Tea talk: Technical skills of tea farmers and producers must be enhanced to boost exports (kp 13/03/2018)

Diplomatic channels to be explored to boost exports, says finance minister (ht 13/03/2018)

3rd International Women’s Trade Expo from March 22 (rep 13/03/2018)

Qatari investors keen in importing mineral water: Qatar mainly imports mineral-mixed bottled water from France and Italy (kp 08/03/2018)

Nepali ginger traders eye Italy as potential market, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 07/03/2018)

Nepal International Trade Fair to kick off in capital tomorrow (ht 07/03/2018), 7th Nepal International Trade Fair underway (kp 09/03/2018)

Nepal’s Chyangra Pashmina logo okayed by 47 countries (kp 06/03/2018)

Exporters trained on import rules and market preferences of China (ht 04/03/2018)

Import of cement falls, clinker rises, by Santosh Neupane (rep 01/03/2018)

Consultation meeting on Trade Policy Review held (kp 27/02/2018)

Nepal begins second Trade Policy Review (kp 20/02/2018)

Hunt on for new ports: Current ports being used by Nepali traders are either congested or unsuitable, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 19/02/2018)

Ginger in a pickle: Understanding export rules, by Rajan Sharma and Sudhir Shrestha (ht 16/02/2018)

Nepal to discuss trade barriers at IGC meet, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 14/02/2018)

Export basket to India witnesses changes in new tax regime (ht 14/02/2018)

Dhamra port an option for third-country trade, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 12/02/2018)

Agro products lead increase in exports (kp 09/02/2018)

Anti-transit fraud system: Officials discuss installation of cargo tracking system (kp 08/02/2018)

Pilferage control: Cargo tracking system to be installed ‘soon’ (kp 06/02/2018)

Dependence on foreign farm goods spinning out of control, by Sangam Prasain (kp 02/02/2018)

Govt decides to scrap National Trading Limited (30/01/2018), Fuel trade with China in doubt as govt shuts NTL (ht 01/02/2018)

Nepal’s lentil import up, by Parbat Portel (kp 30/01/2018)

Nepal Int’l Trade Fair to begin on March 8 (kp 25/01/2018)

Nepali traders face hassles in ginger export to India once again (ht 25/01/2018)

Highest BoP deficit after 2010-11 (ht 18/01/2018), Oil, autos top import list as deficit swells (kp 19/01/2018), Nepal’s export to India takes a steep dive (ht 19/01/2018)

Trade through eastern region declines again, by Binod Subedi (rep 15/01/2018)

Cabinet okays ECTS modality (ht 14/01/2018), Testing of ECTS begins (ht 16/01/2018)

Trade deficit balloons to Rs 398.76 billion: Trade deficit of first five months of this fiscal is more than total annual import bill of the country eight years ago (ht 10/01/2018)

Raw materials imports soar on building boom, by Shankar Acharya (kp 09/01/2018)

Nepal to use brand new logo to promote tea abroad, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 08/01/2018), Collective trademark for Nepali orthodox tea (ht 12/01/2018)

How Nepal’s trade cost could be minimised (ht 07/01/2018)

Trade deficit widens to Rs 310 billion (ht 24/12/2017), Trade deficit jumps 12 percent in 1st quadrimester (rep 24/12/2017)

Restrictive trade policies increasing production cost: WB recommends slashing tariff on capital goods, raw materials (ht 22/12/2017)

Govt explores sanctions-hit Qatar to export agri produces (kp 12/12/2017), Capitalising on the gulf: Nepal should capitalise on opportunity  presented by Qatar to boost international trade (kp 13/12/2017)

TEPC to launch e-commerce platform targeting SMEs (kp 08/12/2017)

Clinker import bill surges 33 percent, by Shanker Acharya (kp 08/12/2017)

Barriers make life difficult for ginger exporters (kp 02/12/2017)

Close, yet so far: Deepening of economic integration in South Asia is not possible without expansion of intra-regional trade, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 30/11/2017)

Govt to launch white paper on ballooning trade deficit (kp 30/11/2017)

Nepal must ‘push for proper implementation’ of WTO provisions (kp 29/11/2017)

Commodity traders allowed to trade in 6 types of goods: Agricultural products include 23 goods like cotton, cardamom, chilli, cashew nut, paddy, sugarcane, buckwheat, mustard, potato, ginger, fruit and fruit juice (kp 28/11/2017)

Despite hassles, traders stick to Kolkata port (ht 26/11/2017)

Income from high export potential products drops: Trade hurdles  and middlemen’s involvement to blame (kp 25/11/2017)

Touting trade tricks: Resources meant for boosting trade should be directed towards the real beneficiaries, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 08/11/2017)

Nepal’s BoP in deficit, again: The BoP deficit of Rs5.9 billion indicates Nepal needs to find more ways to earn foreign currency, otherwise foreign exchange reserve will come under pressure (kp 30/10/2017), NRB paints bleak economic picture (ht 30/10/2017), Current account deficit soars to Rs 17.88 billion (rep 30/10/2017)

Shoot oneself in the foot: Nepal needs to put more energy into boosting exports  to check the rising trade deficit, by Suresh Neupane (kp 27/10/2017)

Nepali pashmina support project likely to be extended: ITC has hinted that the extended programme will focus on improving backward linkages that will include supporting chyangra farmers in the mountainous regions (kp 20/10/2017)

Delay and hassles in Indian transit raise Nepal’s cost of trade (ht 18/10/2017)

‘Half of Nepali exports face non-tariff barriers’ (kp 14/10/2017)

Govt to launch export strategy of four products (ht 12/10/2017), National Sector Export Strategies launched: Aims to promote export competitiveness of cardamom, handmade paper, tea and coffee (ht 14/10/2017), Govt launches product-specific strategies to enhance export: Strategies for 190 activities to be implemented in five years (rep 14/10/2017)

Govt urges industries to enhance quality of products to boost trade (ht 12/10/2017), Improve quality: Some products of Nepal such as ginger, pashmina and medicinal and aromatic herbs have much potentials and are of high quality meeting stringent needs of importers (ht 13/10/2017)

Exporters urged to diversify as per market trends (kp 11/10/2017)

Imports via Rasuwagadhi soar 51 percent in 2mths, by Balaram Ghimire (kp 27/09/2017)

Rs 70.6bn trade deficit in first month (ht 23/09/2017), Nepal’s first BoP deficit in 11 months (kp 23/09/2017)

Messing around: It is not likely that export will expand and diversify through paltry cash subsidies to exporters, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 21/09/2017)

Nepal enjoys trade surplus with only 18 countries (ht 20/09/2017)

Failing on trade: The first month of the current fiscal alone saw trade deficit of Rs 80 billion, which comes to around Rs 2.67 billion per day, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 18/09/2017

Trade through Biratnagar border point resumes, by Dev Narayan Shah (kp 11/09/2017)

Harmonizing of rules discourages informal trade between Nepal and India, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 11/09/2017)

Bill of export mandatory for imports of over Rs 5,000 from India (ht 10/09/2017)

Trade talks: All the loopholes must be plugged before raising export cash incentive (kp 05/09/2017)

Detour routes raise costs (kp 01/09/2017)

Heavy equipment imports soar on rising demand (kp 31/08/2017)

Trade deficit surges to Rs 79.99bn in first month (ht 31/08/2017)

Keep calm and trade on: What effects the introduction of GST in India will have on Nepal remains to be seen, by Samridhi Pant (kp 29/08/2017)

Export cash incentive to be hiked to 4 pc (kp 29/08/2017)

Decreasing exports: Reduce tariffs, by Ram Khadka (ht 29/08/2017)

Agro import bill close to hitting Rs200b mark: The country’s dependency on imported food has been ballooning out of control, by Sangam Prasain (kp 13/08/2017)

Bhairahawa border point: Heightened security hits Nepal-India trade, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 08/08/2017)

Low capex spending and widening trade deficit, by Saurav Bhasyal (ht 06/08/2017)

Nepal's third country trade: 96 percent of containers bringing import goods return empty, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 01/08/2017)

Rasuwagadhi-Kerung border point: Nepal, China trade set to normalise soon (kp 01/08/2017)

Enhancement of competitive edge must, says commerce minister (ht 30/07/2017)

Unusual Indian security check hits Nepal’s trade, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 26/07/2017), Traffic congestion at Bhairahawa eased, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 27/07/2017)

Third country imports up as traders diversify (kp 25/07/2017)

No additional fee on Nepal's third-country trade from GST: India (rep 20/07/2017)

Emerging transit dynamics: Private sector ports are making attractive offers to Nepali overseas traders, by Achyur Wagle (kp 19/07/2017)

Exponential import growth backs revenue collection (ht 19/07/2017)

Govt fails to impose VAT on stockbrokers (kp 17/07/2017)

India to compensate Nepali traders affected by GST, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 12/07/2017)

Sluggish export: The government must create conditions in which farmers and producers can export their goods at competitive prices (ht 10/07/2017)

Export of NTIS products declines: Govt's target of increasing trade of priority products may be unmet (kp 09/07/2017)

Nepal imports 13 times more than it exports (kp 08/07/2017)

Nepali traders scramble to make sense of GST, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 02/07/2017), Nepal’s trade volume takes a hit (ht 04/07/2017), India’s GST slows down Nepal’s imports, exports (kp 05/07/2017)

Stakeholders urge promotion of inland waterways for trade (ht 30/06/2017)

Legume imports reach Rs5b in first 11 months, by Shankar Acharya (kp 23/06/2017)

New rules weigh heavy on courier service providers: Imported medical equipment, other essential goods at Tribhuvan International Airport, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 23/06/2017)

Export earnings from NTIS products drop (kp 17/06/2017)

Trade deficit widens to Rs 746 billion (rep 17/06/2017)

Cement import from India doubles: Demand up but domestic plants running below capacity (ht 15/06/2017)

Shipping liners start issuing combined bill of lading via Vizag (ht 14/06/2017)

Nepal Coffee trademark listed in 7 more markets: The brand is in the process of being registered in Australia and the US, as per the association. The government has so far spent Rs5 million on the registration process (kp 11/06/2017)

DoC urges traders to obtain IE code (ht 06/06/2017)

The Quagmire Of Trade Deficit, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn 05/06/2017), Nepal’s trade deficit with S Asian countries widens to Rs444b, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 05/06/2017)

Pashmina exports down 6.8 percent due to lower demand in Europe, by Aagat Ruchi Sapkota (kp 28/05/2017)

Imports of telecom goods surge 42pc (kp 26/05/2017)

Raw materials imports up as construction rebounds, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 23/05/2017)

Vehicle, spare part imports surge 59.7pc (kp 21/05/2017)

Basmati lovers drive up rice import bill, by Sangam Prasain (kp 19/05/2017)

Betel nut consumers pick up export slack (kp 19/05/2017)

Kanchanpur exports vegetables worth Rs1m, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 16/05/2018)

Trade deficit soars to 26pc of GDP in Q3, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 13/05/2017)

Trade gap widening each passing year (ht 11/05/2017), Export of NTIS products plummets: Outflow of priority products like medicinal herbs, ginger and cardamom witnesses significant drop (ht 11/05/2017)

Govt mulls subsidy hike for top export items (ht 09/05/2017)

Women highly active in informal trade with India: Sawtee report (kp 03/05/2017)

Tea exports jump record high to Rs2.4b (kp 01/05/2017)

Roads not taken: BCIM will lessen Nepal’s dependence on India by giving it direct access to markets beyond India, by Gaurav Bhattarai (rep 26/04/2017)

Quality mark mandatory for 12 imported goods (kp 24/04/2017)

13th Nepal Int’l Trade Fair and Expo kicks off (kp 21/04/2017), Nepal 13th Int’l Trade Fair off to a roaring start, by Aagat Ruchi Sapkota (kp 23/04/2017)

Cargo tracking system to be launched in June, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 13/04/2017)

Current account deficit at over Rs6b (kp 13/04/2017)

Nepal 13th Int’l Trade Fair launching soon (kp 13/04/2017)

TEPC to become Trade Promotion Institution (ht 01/04/2017)

Nepal International Trade Fair kicks off today (ht 16/03/2017), International Trade Fair throws open its doors (kp 17/03/2017), Nepal International Trade Fair concludes (ht 21/03/2017), Int’l trade fair generates Rs 200 million in deals (kp 21/03/2017)

EIF support likely to drop in next phase (ht 15/03/2017)

Nepal to seek DFQF access to more goods: Nepal has received duty-free treatment for 66 items including certain carpets, headgear, shawls and scarves apart from travel goods, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 14/03/2017)

Third country trade: Sever ties with fraudulent agents in Kolkata port, importers told, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 09/03/2017)

Aid for trade: Govt, donors hold meeting (kp 07/03/2017), Govt prioritizes trade to achieve sustainable growth (rep 07/02/2017)

Nepal International Trade Fair to begin on March 16 (kp 03/03/2017)

Win-all trade: Women in Baglung, Parbat and Sindhuli districts have greatly increased their income from export of items made from allo, by Erica Prasai (rep 27/02/2017)

Export cash incentive scheme ‘fails’ to meet desired objectives, by Rupak D. Sharma (kp 26/02/2017)

2nd International Women's Trade Expo begins (rep 15/02/2017), Women entrepreneurs share challenges of doing business (rep 16/02/2017), International Women's Trade Expo concludes (rep 20/02/2017)

Trade in the balance: Imposition of antidumping duty on Nepali and Bangladeshi jute and jute products will not encourage bilateral and regional trade, by Samridhi Pant (kp 07/02/2017)

Pact signed to open Nepali goods stalls in sister cities (kp 06/02/2017)

Exports of herbs from Rukum up 12pc in H1 (kp 06/02/2017)

Export of Nepali jute items to India resumes (ht 02/02/2017)

India levies 4.5% service charge on third-country imports, by Binod Subedi (rep 30/01/2017) [???]

DoC introduces ExIm code for traders (ht 27/01/2017)

Govt to enforce IE Code (kp 26/01/2017)

Nepal presents documents to WTO after ratifying Trade Facilitation Agreement (ht 26/01/2017), Nepal ratifies Trade Facilitation Agreement (rep 26/01/2017)

Ceramics exports jump 45pc in first 5 months, by Sakchham Karki (kp 26/01/2017)

An Italian start-up gears up to promote Nepali craftsmanship, by Sujan Dhungana (ht 24/01/2017)

‘Export is must for economic and overall development’, interview with Surendra Kumar Shrestha, President of Export Council of Nepal (kp 23/01/2017)

Trade deficit balloons to Rs352b in first 5 months (kp 19/01/2017)

Parliament ratifies Trade Facilitation Agreement (ht 16/01/2017)

Nepal 107th WTO member to ratify Marrakesh protocol (kp 16/01/2017)

Bad Indian road hits importers, by Shankar Acharya (kp 15/01/2017)

Rs666m worth of felt shipped in 5 months, by Sushank Kumar Yadav (kp 12/01/2017)

Govt urged to bring private sector into fertiliser trade (kp 11/01/2017)

Export of metal craft up by 50 percent, by Santosh Neupane (rep 09/01/2017)

Trading up: Integration into the South Asian economy is a golden opportunity for Nepal, by Alaina B. Teplitz (kp 06/01/2017)

Introduction of ExIm code to hit small, medium traders, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 04/01/2017)

CVD imposed by India affects jute exports, by Ajit Tiwari (rep 03/01/2017)

Nepal’s vegetable export potential still untapped (kp 31/12/2016)

Unexpected tax kills jute exports to India: Indian customs authorities have imposed a 12.5 percent excise duty on goods made of natural fibre, traders have said; Jute products from Bangladesh are exempt from the tax (kp 29/12/2016)

Export of silver products up: Manufacturers cite improved quality for the surge of 54pc (ht 24/12/2016)

‘Govt itself responsible for export barriers’ (ht 22/12/2016)

Clinker import surges 674pc (ht 20/12/2016)

66 Nepali goods now eligible for duty-free entry into US: President Obama signs proclamation to implement programme (kp 17/12/2016)

Nepal’s Trade deficit doubles in first 4 mths (kp 17/12/2016), Trade deficit balloons to Rs 277.13bn (ht 17/12/2016)

NCC, Chinese team sign MoU to boost trade (kp 16/12/2016), Nepal-China trade goes online: Daigou sellers turn to WeChat and TaoBao to sell Nepali handicrafts in China, by Qiu Tian and Pan Lan (nt 16/12/2016)

‘Export incentive must to make Nepali garments competitive’ (ht 15/12/2016)

50pc timber products in market imported (ht 14/12/2016)

Country to participate in Indo-Asia trade meet (ht 14/12/2016)

Nepali shippers prefer Haldia to Kolkata port (kp 12/12/2016), Nepali traders urged to use HICT for int’l shipments (ht 12/12/2016)

Import of two-wheelers increases: 108,837 units were imported in the first quadrimester of 2016-17 (ht 12/12/2016)

Easy exchange: Inland Clearance Depot has made life easier for traders who suffered from disorganized cargo transfers and other hassles, by Ayush Joshi (rep 07/12/2016)

The great barrier: The new trade integration strategy has acknowledged non-tariff measures as ‘serious bottleneck’ to boosting exports, by Gunjan Upadhyay (rep 01/12/2016)

Rising import of agro products worries veep Pun (rep 01/12/2016)

Dependency on one country affecting farm exports: Export of cardamom, ginger and tea affected by Indian decisions in recent months, by Raju Adhikari (rep 29/11/2016)

Demand for iron and steel skyrockets (ht 24/11/2016)

Chocolate imports soar by 37 percent, by Santosh Neupane (rep 24/11/2016)

Trade deficit doubled in first quadrimester (ht 23/11/2016), Alarming scenario: The doubling of the trade deficit in the review period should be taken with  seriousness and attempts should be made to take immediate remedial measures (ht 24/11/2016)

EU to allow only certified exports (ht 21/11/2016)

Coffee production fulfils 5pc of export demand (kp 16/11/2016)

PM makes a pitch for broader trans-Himalayan cooperation (kp 11/10/2016), ‘Investment required in infrastructure’: Prime Minister emphisises developing Nepal as transit corridor for regional trade (ht 10/11/2016)

Crucial Nepal-China trade road too risky, by Niranjan Paudel (rep 08/11/2016)

Traders urge envoys to ease export of Nepali tea and coffee (ht 05/10/2016)

Hanjin bankruptcy creates chaos among Nepali traders , by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 04/11/2016)

Made in Nepal: Nepal-made products are steadily gaining visibility and recognition around the world, by Sahina Shrestha (nt 28/10/2016)

Bhaktapur International Trade Fair 2016 from December 9 (ht 27/10/2016)

A trading nation: For Nepal to become a trading rather than an importing country, it should make its products more competitive, by Ram C. Acharya (kp 25/10/2016)

Trade deficit widens to Rs 201.69bn (ht 24/10/2016)

Nepal posts trade surplus with 36 countries: But the trade volume with those countries is relatively tiny and the majority of items exported to those countries are handicrafts (kp 16/10/2016)

Food imports balloon as local output stalls, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 15/10/2016)

Nepal hopes to begin third-country trade via China by end of the year (ht 07/10/2016)

Freight rate hike could make imports dearer (kp 05/10/2016)

MoC launches updated NTIS (ht 30/09/2016)

Trade deficit widens as import up nearly 55pc (ht 29/09/2016)

Shipping liners to issue multi-modal bill of lading, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 28/09/2016)

MoC prepares to table TFA in Parliament (ht 25/09/2016)

Export growth of NTIS priority products plummets over time (ht 12/09/2016)

Trade deficit widens (ht 07/09/2016)

Bhairahawa ousts Birgunj as largest import gateway (ht 23/08/2016)

Trade deficit with SAARC nations rises (ht 11/08/2016)

Trade through Vizag Port could be more feasible, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 06/08/2016)

Trade deficit jumps with lentil exports in free-fall, by Parbat Portel (kp 04/08/2016)

Import-export via Birgunj border point falls heavily, by Ram Sarraf (ht 01/08/2016)

Nepal’s imports shrink to Rs 782b in 2015-16 (kp 24/07/2016)

Traders call for easing ban on Basmati exports, by Shankar Acharya (kp 12/07/2016)

Experts urge policy harmonisation for boosting exports (ht 10/07/2016)

Export of woolen carpet, RMG, black cardamom improves (rep 02/07/2016)

Trade deficit puts pressure on forex reserve (ht 30/06/2016)

Country’s exports plunge to Rs 61.24bn (ht 23/06/2016)

Trade deficit falls on lower oil import bill (kp 10/06/2016)

Tea producers complain about extra paperwork for exports, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 02/06/2016)

Vehicle imports: Mandatory to present a tripartite agreement now; According to the bill, only the authorised importer of the automobile in the country would be eligible to import the vehicle, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 31/05/2016)

Nepal-EU trade cooperation helping build capacity of dairy stakeholders (rep 31/05/2016)

Govt provides relief to traders hit hard by border blockade: Financial bill allows deduction of detention and demurrage costs while clearing last instalment of income tax for this fiscal year (ht 31/05/2016)

Minister concerned about growing food imports (kp 30/05/2016)

NFTA welcomes budget for next fiscal (ht 30/05/2016)

Talking about trading: The way things are, earning money from carbon trading seems to be a distant dream, by Hemant Ojha and Dil Khatri (kp 27/05/2016)

Imports of steel rods up as domestic output slows (kp 25/05/2016)

Nepal trade integration strategy 2016: List of goods, services with export potential cut to 12, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 17/05/2016), Unleashing potential: Whether the revised NTIS list will help meet export targets remains to be seen (kp 18/05/2016), Revised NTIS aims to address supply-side constraints (ht 19/05/2016)

Minister Chand bats for export-led growth (ht 17/05/2016)

Nepal, Bangladesh agree to remove TBT (ht 12/05/2016), 108 Nepali products get duty-free access to Bangladesh, by Parbat Portel (kp 14/05/2016)

Fuel import bill halves to Rs52b due to embargo (kp 10/05/2016)

Rice imports from India jump to Rs13.43 billion (kp 24/04/2016)

Lack of banking services at Tatopani stalls trade, by Rishiram Poudyal (kp 20/04/2016)

Better roads imperative to boost trade (ht 17/04/2016)

Detention and demurrage charges: Shipping agents waive off around Rs3 billion fees, by Shankar Acharya (kp 16/04/2016)

Cabinet delays endorsement of NTIS 2015, projects stalled (ht 14/04/2016)

Costly connections: Neither of the two—India and China—should ever be given the monopoly of trade in this country, by Shyam KC (kp 08/04/2016)

‘India’s trade barriers limit Nepal’s export potential’ (kp 31/03/2016)

Bhairahawa emerges as top import route (kp 27/03/2016)

Fifth Nepal International Trade Fair opens today (kp 17/03/2016), NITF-2016 to kick off today (ht 17/03/2016), Nepal Int’l Trade Fair 2016 begins (kp 18/03/2016), Prez bats for self-reliance for sustainable development (ht 18/03/2016)

New US facility disappoints garment entrepreneurs (ht 13/03/2016), Listed products have greater potential, say US officials: Nepali garment manufacturers are disappointed that they cannot avail the facility instantly as the products they make currently are not listed under the scheme (kp 15/03/2016), Nepal could utilise US facility by August (ht 17/03/2016)

Delay in delivery of imported goods from Kolkata port: Importers forced to pay high detention charges (kp 10/03/2016)

Oil import bill plunges 55pc due to embargo (kp 10/03/2016)

US trade officials visiting Nepal to discuss, simplify duty-free access (rep 09/03/2016)

Garment entrepreneurs unclear of duty-free facility provided by US (ht 07/03/2016)

Medicinal herbs worth Rs400 million exported: Bajhang shipped out 296 kg of yarsagumba valued at Rs390m in the past seven months, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 04/03/2016)

Vehicle imports through Birgunj down 50 percent, by Shankar Acharya (kp 01/03/2016)

Agents refuse to release cargo until dues paid, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 27/02/2016) [Another proof of Oli's failed state visit to India!]

Nepali garments get duty-free status in US: The move addresses the demand of Nepali garment manufacturers who had been lobbying for duty-free entry for over a decade, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 26/02/2016), Nepali garments all set to get duty-free access to US market, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 26/02/2016)

Weakening rupee against dollar a big worry for Nepali importers, by Bibek Subedi (kp 24/02/2016)

Trade experts seek simplification of transit procedures in negotiation (ht 23/02/2016)

Vishakhapatnam port to be operationalized for Nepal’s third country trade: Another transit route to Bangladesh to be opened, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 20/02/2016), India, B’desh open immigration offices, by Parat Portel (kp 22/02/2016), Traders elated at opening of Vishakhapatnam Port, by Shankar Acharya (kp 23/02/2016), Secy: Vizag port will ease third country trade (kp 28/02/2016), Govt urges pvt sector to use Visakhapatnam Port (ht 28/02/2016)

Overall trade in first half squeezed by 30pc (ht 16/02/2016)

Import, export activities at Sirsiya Dry Port jump, by Shankar Acharya (kp 07/02/2016)

Imports dip 26.5pc in H1 (kp 06/02/2016)

Imports of coal, clinker rise through Kakarbhitta, by Parbat Portel (kp 06/02/2016)

Food imports jump sharply as trade embargo eases, by Shankar Acharya (kp 05/02/2016)

Government: Non-tariff barriers slowing exports to be identified (kp 03/02/2016)

DoC plans ‘Nepal National Single Window’ system (kp 28/01/2016)

Moving nowhere: Nepal must understand that bilateral ties no longer work without trade, by Bhanu Bhakta Acharya (kp 20/01/2016)

Across borders: Lower cost of trade would encourage people do to business through official channels, by Abaya Neopane (kp 14/01/2016)

Trading up: Addressing supply-side constraints are the major challenges for Nepal’s international trade, by Mina Aryal (kp 13/01/2016)

NEFFA explores alternatives to minimise losses faced by Nepali traders (ht 10/01/2016)

Imports drop in all sectors except gold, colza seeds (kp 09/01/2016)

Clearing customs: Over the years Nepal has introduced a number of trade facilitation measures, by Suman Kumar Regmi (kp 06/01/2016)

Third country trade triples in wake of blockade, by Kuvera Chalise (rep 04/01/2016)

DoCSM backs calls for establishing Garment EPZ (ht 19/12/2015)

Golden opportunity to reclaim lost glory: United states grants duty-free access to nepali readymade garment until 2025, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 13/12/2015)

Agro products top import list, by Sangam Prasain (kp 27/11/2015)

‘Diversify trade, intensify diplomatic engagement’ (kp 25/11/2015)

Trade over politics: It is not trade that has now made Nepal vulnerable; it is the lack of free trade, by Sarita Sapkota (rep 16/11/2015)

HTPL to waive detention charges: Importers who have already paid fees for 40-day period to get refund, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 11/11/2015)

Ongoing Tarai protest hits trade financing (ht 14/10/2015)

Detention charge costing importers over Rs 12 crore daily, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 09/10/2015)

Infographics: Understanding Nepal’s trade (rep 07/10/2015)

Govt studying feasibility for new trade route, by Ramesh Shrestha (ht 19/09/2015)

Think trade: There are many areas where Nepal and India could work together to enhance trade, by Purushottam Ojha (kp 16/09/2015)

Reopen customs point: Traders, by Krishna Thapa (kp 14/09/2015)

Nepal has trade surplus with 32 countries (kp 09/09/2015)

Prolonged strikes hit trade, business activities in West, by Janak Nepal (kp 04/09/2015)

Trade policy 2015: Export industries get new incentives (kp 03/09/2015), MoCS launches new Trade Policy (ht 03/09/2015)

Rice and paddy imports bill surges to Rs25b (kp 30/08/2015)

Tricks of trade: The poor countries, unlike their rich cousins, are not able to maintain non-tariff walls to protect their domestic industries from cheap imports, by Purushottam Ojha (rep 20/08/2015)

Revised Trade Policy gets nod from the Cabinet (ht 12/08/2015)

First trade deficit with Bangladesh in 10 years, by Parbat Portel (kp 06/08/2015)

Nepal’s trade deficit soars to 33.34 percent of GDP (kp 03/08/2015)

Favourable trade treaty with India sought: Experts urge removal of quantitative and qualitative restrictions on Nepali exports, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 04/08/2015)

Result-based approach to be proposed to reduce trade deficit, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 02/08/2015)

IE code to be implemented (ht 01/08/2015)

Pre-shipment inspections, brokers needed to remove trade barriers (kp 29/07/2015)

Nepal to notify WTO on its TFA preparations (ht 29/07/2015)

Exports down 4.8pc to Rs77.83 billion (kp 26/07/2015)

Incentive scheme for exports being revised (kp 11/07/2015)

Duty-free access to Nepali garment: Strong lobbying needed to get US senate to pass bill: Experts (kp 20/06/2015), Govt asked to lobby with the US for DFQF facility for Nepali garments (ht 20/06/2015)

Country’s trade deficit widens (ht 23/05/2015)

Imports through Biratnagar customs down 50 percent, by Binod Bhandari (kp 17/05/2015)

Govt may ban zinc sheet export, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 15/05/2015))

Increased imports, negative BoP likely (kp)

Traders halt transportation of goods imported from China, by Rishiram Poudyal (kp 23/04/2015)

OAG report calls for closing tax loophole (kp 22/04/2015)

Exports dip 8pc on fall in shipments to India (kp 17/04/2015)

New infra transforms Rasuwagadhi into trade hub , by Krishna Thapa (kp 17/04/2015)

Bhaktapur trade fair begins (kp 12/04/2015)

NCC recommends revising goods list (kp 10/04/2015)

Decline in export widens country’s trade deficit (ht 10/04/2015)

NBSM in line to receive international accreditation (kp 08/04/2015)

World, here we come: Nepali exporters have to realise that it’s a whole other country out there, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 03/04/2015)

Potential energy: It takes 22 days for merchandise such as coffee, carpets and pashmina shawls to reach Kolkata port; This is far too long, by Resnje Teerink (rep 28/03/2015)

Blocking the way: Non-tariff barriers, along with high inflation and supply side constraints, are hurting Nepal’s trade with India, by Karishma Shakya (kp 10/03/2015)

Tepal to support TRIPS protocol amendment (ht 08/03/2015)

Traders slammed for tendency to pressure govt (kp 04/03/2015)

Nepal asks for revision of citrus trade pact, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 01/03/2015)

Trade deficit with China rises by 41.45 per cent (ht 28/02/2015)

Brand registration expected to boost Nepal coffee exports (kp 20/02/2015)

Sugarcane growers protest on East-West Highway, by Aman Koirala (kp 20/02/2015)

Onion imports from India high due to low output, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 05/02/2015)

Ambiente to help expand export market, by Prashanaa Chitrakar (ht 05/02/2015)

TEPC calls for proposal to register trademark in export destinations (ht 04/02/2015)

Draft of revised Trade Policy ready: MoCS proposes adding 11 products and seven services to boost exports, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 25/01/2015)

Country may open rice export to China (ht 21/01/2015)

Dadeldhura exports potatoes worth Rs 220m annually, by Barun Paneru (rep 17/01/2015)

300 containers stranded in Khasa due to strike (kp 13/01/2015)

Fruit imports swell due to low domestic output (kp 10/01/2015)

Nepal International Trade Fair to be held in March (kp 09/01/2015), FNCCI invites foreign firms to participate in international trade fair (ht 09/01/2015)

Try something else: The government’s much hyped export promotion schemes have not worked, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 08/01/2015)

Agro imports leap, join Rs 100b club, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 07/01/2015)

Beekeepers threaten stir if honey delisted from NTIS (kp 05/01/2015)

Priority products export posts negative growth (ht 04/02/2015)

List of products facing problemin export forwarded to China (ht 04/01/2015)

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