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Govt ‘serious’ about incidents related to communal and religious disturbances, says Home Minister (rep 24/09/2023)

PM Dahal to meet President Xi of China in Hangzhou today (kh 23/09/2023), Prime Minister Dahal China-bound seeking support for 30 projects : The prime minister left New York after addressing the UN General Assembly, by Anil Giri (kp 23/09/2023)

Court vs Government: Nepal-India border regulation, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae 22/09/2023)

Govt comes up with 47-pt decisions to address issues of foreign labour migration (kh 21/09/2023)

PM Prachanda's twin visits: High expectations amidst low probability, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht 19/09/2023)

Govt reappoints Krishna Hari Pushkar as Finance Secretary (rep 18/09/2023)

PM Dahal assures Nepalis living abroad of voting rights (kh 17/09/2023)

Govt to raise Rs 9.4 billion in domestic debt through development bonds (rep 16/09/2023)

Poll body fears delay in new law's passage may block reform : The draft bill has been at the Home Ministry for more than two months which shows that it is reluctant to expedite discussions on the bill that takes years to get through both Houses of the Federal Parliament, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 16/09/2023) [Government and opposition parties obviously see their non-inclusive, unconstitutional and corrupt electoral practices in danger with electoral reform!]

Cabinet okays eight deals for Dahal's China visit : Pacts on agro-industrial parks, cultural cooperation, north-south corridors and transmission line on the cards, by Anil Giri (kp 16/09/2023)

Process to form high-level commission in recent 60 kg hold scam forwarded: PM Prachanda (rn 15/09/2023) [What is needed, Mr Dahal, is an independent judicial enquiry, not a high-level commission of the political parties that are obviously involved in the case!]

PM Dahal set to sign BRI Project raising debt concerns (kh 15/09/2023)

PM Dahal leaving for New York to address UNGA on Saturday (rep 14/09/2023), PM Dahal leaving for New York tomorrow : Scheduled to address the UN General Assembly on September 21 (kh 15/09/2023)

Fighting a straw man : Prime Minister Dahal, as always, is on the lookout for a non-existent class enemy (kp 14/09/2023)

Rethinking Tribute Beyond Public Holidays (rep 14/09/2023)

Landfill victims warn they will obstruct waste disposal again if their demands aren’t met : Over the past 18 years, authorities have reached 175 agreements with the locals but they have all been breached, by Anup Ojha (kp 13/09/2023)

Budget cut hampers treatment of moderately acute malnourished children : The cuts in the budget for healthcare programmes have put Nepal’s ambition to meet the SDGs on the line, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/09/2023)

PM Dahal decides to cut the number of Nepali delegation to UNGA (rep 11/09/2023), PM to lead 10-member delegation to UN General Assembly (rep 12/09/2023)

PM Dahal holding meeting with ambassadors from Nepal’s labor destination countries (kh 11/09/2023)

PM Dahal urged to maintain balanced diplomatic relations with neighbors as he prepares for China visit (rep 10/09/2023), Party leaders stress balanced relations as PM set for China visit : Dahal will address the UNGA on Sept 21 and fly to China, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 11/09/2023)

Stranded in Kuwait for nearly a year, around 1,000 Nepali youths seek urgent repatriation (rep 08/09/2023) [Helping these Nepali citizens should be a priority task of the government!]

Govt to raise internal debt for a second time in Bhadra (rep 08/09/2023)

Prime minister wants transitional justice bill endorsed before his US visit : Sub-panel of Law and Human Rights Committee will start detailed discussions on the bill tomorrow. Leaders expect some consensus among major parties today, by Binod Ghimire (kp 08/09/2023) [Why? In its planned form, the law still does not meet international legal standards!]

PM Dahal to lead 24-member delegation to UN General Assembly (kh 08/09/2023)

Unkept promises : Dahal’s event-hopping overshadows governance priorities, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae 07/09/2023)

Govt inhumanity in Central Jail: Overcrowding and dilapidated buildings increase risks to inmates, by Govinda Luitel (rep 06/09/2023)

National Assembly instructs government to make crucial laws : Only 111 laws out of 151 needed to implement the federal constitution have been enacted so far, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 05/09/2023)

Dengue transmission continues unchecked in Dharan : Around 150 people were diagnosed with the mosquito-borne disease on a daily basis until August third week, according to health officials , by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 05/09/2023) [Neglect of duty by national and provincial governments?]

JSP leaders see Gaur probe talk as tactic to rein in party : If the government reopens Gaur files, ‘Dahal will be digging his own grave,’ warns a Janata Samajbadi Party leader, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 05/09/2023) [Innocent politicians don't have to worry at all! But this way they make themselves suspicious. Political threats to prevent the investigation of crimes do not fit at all into a constitutional state!]

Get your priorities right : Instead of listing his achievements, the prime minister should set his administration’s priorities right (kp 05/09/2023)

Preparations in final stage for Prime Minister Dahal’s China visit : The prime minister will leave for Hangzhou, China on September 23 from New York, where he will be attending the United Nations General Assembly (kp 05/09/2023)

Hello Sarkar : The most important thing is to make high-level bureaucrats accountable to the public (ht 05/09/2023)

Land equity for food security : Food insecurity will continue to rise if the government fails to protect agricultural land, by Jagat Deuja (kp 04/09/2023)

PM Dahal pledges to address concerns of conflict victims (kh 04/09/2023) [And why do you continue to refuse to align the TRC Act with standard international human rights statutes?], Questions related to transitional justice will be addressed by parliamentary committee: PM (rep 04/09/2023), Govt committed to bringing those responsible for grave human rights violations to justice: PM (rn 04/09/2023) [And what does "grave" mean in your definition" The laws must be clearly defined and the clarification must be done by the judiciary and not by parliamentary committees!]

Government urged to be sensitive towards economy : The private sector has suggested the government adopt appropriate policies to address the current economic crisis, by Subin Adhikari (kp 04/09/2023)

Comparing Maina Sunwar and Resham Chaudhary cases : Both are cases of criminal political violence, but the security forces are perpetrators in one and victims in the other, by Aastha Dahal (nt 02/06/2023) [Politically motivated murder must not be excused, whether it is committed by security forces or by revolutionaries, even if their cause is justified.]