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EC issues four-point directive to govt for effective security management (kh 18/08/2022)

Ritualistic conduct of elections : Unless street protests erupt once again, Nepal is doomed to endure more of the same, by CK Lal (kp 17/08/2022)

Announcement of federal, provincial poll: Opening vistas of possibilities, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht 17/08/2022)

Election Commission says 84 parties applied to contest upcoming general elections (nlt 17/08/2022), Eighty-four parties apply to contest November elections : Twelve parties have formed four groups to fight the elections under four different poll symbols, by Binod Ghimire (kp 17/08/2022) [Extremely confusing for the voters and, according to section 49 of the PPA, ultimately with loss of identity for those parties that contest under the electoral symbol of another party!]

Anxiety of performance : Politicians form an electoral alliance with an eye on power and position rather than ideological integrity (kp 17/08/2022), Alliance seat-sharing gets knottier as Maoist Centre has Bhattarai, Gautam into its fold : Ruling coalition wants Dahal to accommodate the new entrants in his party’s own share, instead of asking to adjust them as well, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 17/08/2022)

115,131 local election candidates yet to submit expenditure statements (kh 17/08/2022)

EC intensifies preparation for free, fair poll (nlt 16/08/2022) [Elections in which top politicians decide which parties and candidates are even up for election in the respective constituencies are neither democratic nor fair!]

Maoist Center and NSP jointly registered at EC (rep 16/08/2022)

Nov 20 polls: Deadline for party registration at EC ends today (kh 16/08/2022)

Poll body asks Dahal to clarify his remark that a candidate in May polls spent Rs100 million : At a function last month, the Maoist Centre chair had said that a rural municipality chairman spent millions to secure victory (kp 16/08/2022)

Bamdev Gautam to contest under Maoist Centre's election symbol (rn 16/08/2022), Gautam’s risky political journey, by Tapendra Karki (rep 17/08/2022)

Dismantling patriarchy : Fielding a woman candidate is considered risky by the male-dominated parties in Nepal (kp 15/08/2022)

Election Commission mulls reducing campaign duration to 15 days : Submission of the lists of proportional representation candidates by political parties on September 18-19 and first-past-the-post candidacy registration on October 9-12 likely (kp 15/08/2022), EC may shorten campaign duration : It will reduce election expenditure, says CEC Thapaliya (ht 15/08/2022)

EC seeks media role for November 20 polls (kh 14/08/2022)

Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai inching closer on single election symbol and manifesto agenda (kh 14/08/2022) [Two parties, one claiming to be communist, the other socialist, but the same election symbol and manifesto?  The Political Party Act does not seem to interest these politicians!], Poles apart for around a decade, Prachanda and Baburam to forge electoral alliance (nlt 14/08/2022)

40 parties registered with EC for November 20 elections so far (kh 14/08/2022)

LSP and NSP want to join ruling alliance as election nears (rep 14/08/2022) [All parties should form an alliance and divide the seats among themselves. Then there would be no need for elections at all, the money saved could be distributed among the politicians and the latter could claim that Nepal has the best democracy in the world!]

Voices grow for fair representation of women as major elections near : Women leaders complain parties field fewer women for direct election. Experts blame the patriarchal mindset, by Nishan Khatiwada (kp 13/08/2022)

More than 40 percent local election candidates yet to submit spending details : There were a total of 145,011 candidates. Poll law requires them to furnish the details within 30 days of election. The Election Commission mulls action, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 13/08/2022)

Nepal Police proposes 120 thousand temporary police for elections (kh 12/08/2022)

EC to conduct door-to-door voter education for Nov 20 polls, by Smriti Dhungana (rep 11/08/2022)

EC to update electoral roll from August 28 (kh 10/08/2022)

Provincial poll declaration should be provinces’ prerogative, observers say : Federalism yet to be embraced in a true sense with the centralised mindset refusing to go, by Binod Ghimire (kp 10/08/2022)

As elections approach, some are calling for not repeating old faces : Observes say just changing a small set of leaders may not suffice amid degrading political culture, by Binod Ghimire (kp 09/08/2022) [The SC's 2014 directive is binding law for the executive and the legislature. Prompt implementation would have meant that probably none of the top politicians who consider themselves indispensable would still be politically active today, which would be incredibly good for Nepal! Given the disenfranchisement of the electorate through the alliance manipulations of the parties, the NOTA option would be more important than ever!]

Coalition Seat-sharing Onus On NC, Maoist Centre, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 09/08/2022) [Voters should not vote for candidates of a party they do not want to vote for. The party leaders' request is completely undemocratic and leads the party system and thus ultimately parliamentary democracy ad absurdum!]

Will Nepal vote for change? Hopefully, we can eliminate some of the faces that have spread negativity amongst Nepalis, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 09/08/2022) [How is that supposed to work? The failed politicians at the top of the parties have already initiated anti-democratic measures to prevent change!]

Nomination filing for parliamentary, provincial polls on Oct 9 (nlt 09/08/2022)

Hridayesh to contest elections with his own party symbol (kh 08/08/2022)

Party registration for upcoming elections begins today (kh 07/08/2022)

Election calculation : After vacillating, Nepal's coalition finally agrees to 20 November for elections, by Santa Gaha Magar (nt 05/08/2022)

CK Raut to contest elections from Saptari-2 (kh 05/08/2022)

Temporary police to be recruited for November 20 elections (rep 04/08/2022) [It is the duty of the government to ensure that all Nepalis can exercise their right to vote, including deployed security forces, polling agents, migrant workers, etc.]

Govt decides to hold federal, provincial elections on Nov 20 (kh 04/08/2022) [The right to set an election date in the provinces lies with the respective provincial government and not with the central government! Nepal is a federal state! By the way, this also applies to local elections!], EC to start registration of political parties from Sunday (kh 04/08/2022), EC gears up preparations for November 20 elections (kh 05/08/2022), Elections announced for November 20 : Around 18.6 million voters estimated to have been registered for the upcoming elections, with around 1 million added since the May 13 local level polls. Election Commission says 107 days enough for preparations, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 05/08/2022)

MPs demand 50 per cent FPTP tickets for women, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 02/08/2022)

Government plans to hold elections on November 20 : The dillydallying in declaring the date has) prompted some to speculate if the ruling coalition is planning to delay the polls, by Binod Ghimire (kp 01/08/2022)

EC directs govt to take action against employees who are members of political parties, by Smriti Dhungana (rep 01/08/2022), Public post holder with political affiliation will face action: EC (rn 01/08/2022)

SC orders EC not to implement its decision on RPP election symbol row (rep 26/07/2022)

CEC Thapaliya hints at holding federal election on Nov 20 (kh 26/07/2022)

Election Commission launches online voter registration in five more districts (nlt 21/07/2022)

Govt told to ensure voting rights of security personnel, civil servants and prisoners (kh 17/07/2022), Ensure security personnel, staff on poll day get to vote: SC, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 18/07/2022)

Fill out online form to get registered as voter: EC (rn 12/07/2022), Election Commission launches online registration for voters’ roll in Kathmandu Valley (nlt 13/07/2022)

UML’s Ram Bahadur elected Budhiganga Mayor (kh 10/07/2022)

Ph.D. holder Basnet announces candidacy from Kathmandu-9 (kh 08/07/2022)

In Nepal, to be able to vote is a tough nut to crack : Forced to stand in long queues, coupled with delays, service seekers express rage against the tedious voter registration process, by Shrutika Raut ans Sakshi Srivastav (nlt 07/07/2022) [Nepal needs a mandatory population registration system using modern IT. Then additional voter registration will be unnecessary!]

Voting in Bajura’s Budhiganga municipality being held today (kh 07/07/2022), Police open fire at polling center in Bajura (nlt 07/07/2022)

EC officials to recommend Nov 18 or 21 to hold parliamentary and provincial elections (kh 06/07/2022), Poll commission suggests November 18 for federal and provincial elections : Holding both elections in a single phase is possible, it’s cost effective and easier from the management point of view, the commission says (kp 06/07/2022)

Groups demand limited access to voter roll on poll body’s website : They submitted a memo to the commission with several demands, including amendment to relevant electoral laws, by Aakriti Ghimire (kp 05/07/2022)

EC returns local polls’ unspent fund of Rs 1.5 billion to Ministry of Finance (kh 05/07/2022)

Ranju Darshana to contest upcoming federal election from Kathmandu-5 (nlt 03/07/2022)

Concept paper of independent candidacy campaign unveiled (rep 02/07/2022)

EC urges govt to manage e-voting machines for upcoming polls (nlt 30/06/2022) [Yawn, says the Deuba government! This is just like voting rights for the millions of excluded eligible voters!], EC keen to use EVM in general, provincial polls, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 01/07/2022)

EC preparing to hold federal and provincial elections by mid-December: CEC Thapaliya (nlt 30/06/2022)

Supreme Court quashes petition seeking to halt re-polling in Budhiganga Municipality (kh 28/06/2022)

Why Local Elections in Nepal Should be Held on Nonpartisan Basis, by Ambika P Adhikari and Keshav Bhattarai (rep 23/06/2022)

Congress leaders call for letting Nepalis away vote. Poll body says not feasible : Despite Supreme Court order in 2018, no initiatives taken for out-of-country voting. Debate on the issue when polls near seems to be more for public consumption, by Binod Ghimire (kp 22/06/2022)

Engineer Akarshan Pokharel announces candidature in Gagan Thapa’s constituency (kh 21/06/2022)

Snowbalen : Attacks by mainstream parties on independent candidates proves how worried they are about federal elections in November, by Shristi Karki (nt)

Call for bill on out-of-country voting, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 10/06/2022)

‘NC wins elections in 52% municipalities’ (rn 10/06/2022)

Battle of narratives : Political parties, basking in their complacency, didn't bother to check the rear-view mirror, preferring to just look ahead, by Avasna Pandey (kp 06/06/2022)

EC to open voter registration from June 15 (kh 06/06/2022)

Buoyed by success of local polls, Deuba for holding elections by end of November : Encouraged from local polls, the premier holds confidence in the coalition despite some concerns shown by partners, by Anil Giri (kp 05/06/2022)

Lessons From The Local Elections 2022, by Dipak Gyawali (sp 03/06/2022)

Man’s journey from office assistant to ward chief : Netra Bhattarai, 29, impressed many when he was employed at the ward office of Chishankhugadhi-5 as an office assistant. People’s encouragement led him to win the local polls and return to the same office as ward chairman, by Kumbha Raj Rai (kp 01/06/2022)

Parties widely used children in campaigns as poll body remained ineffective : Poll body failed to crack down on parties and stood as a mere spectator, observers say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 31/05/2022)

Congress came first, followed by UML in second position in local polls. Will it shape the outcome of the federal elections? Here are some scenarios : How will Nepali political parties fare in the upcoming elections then? What will be their election strategies after the local poll results?, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt 31/05/2022)

Implications Of Local Polls Outcome, by Bhupa P Dhamala (rn 31/05/2022)

The Balen Shah magic: Its retrospect and prospect, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht 31/05/2022), How Balen Shah, Harka Rai, and Gopi Hamal won their elections, by Jagadish Paudel (rec 31/05/2022), Let The Mayor Deliver On His Pledges, by Namrata Sharma (rn 01/06/2022)

Rekindling hope : This election and the results have provided many pointers that we need to take positively, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 31/05/2022)

Electoral Democracy and Clientelism in South Asia, by Matrika Poudyal (kp 30/05/2022)

The causes of invalid votes in Nepal, by Yatindra KC (nlt 30/05/2022)

Independent candidates rock Nepal’s local elections. What does it show about opportunities, challenges and messages? Many see the victory of independent candidates as the result of people’s frustration with and lack of trust in traditional political parties. Is that the only case?, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt 28/05/2022), Local elections: 385 independent candidates secure victory (rep 28/05/2022)

Electoral Shifts In Local Governance, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn 28/05/2022)

14,402 women elected in local level elections across country (kh), Sunita’s entry into politics not a coincidental one, by Asmita Belabase (rep 28/05/2022)

Balen Shah elected Kathmandu Mayor (nlt 27/05/2022), Independent candidate Balen Shah elected KMC mayor, UML’s Sunita Dangol deputy mayor (kh 27/05/2022), Balen Shah vows to make Kathmandu world’s most beautiful city (kh 27/05/2022) [Please be careful. This now sounds similar to the failed party politicians. The people in KTM will be happy if you make things better.], Balen registers historical win in KMC (ht 27/05/2022)

Local election results: Marred by tortoise-paced counting, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht 27/05/2022)

Local levels elect 14,402 women representatives (kh 27/05/2022)

Message Through The Ballot, by Kundan Aryal (rn 27/05/2022)

8 municipalities of Lamjung have only men as mayors (kh 26/05/2022)

Inclusive elections: Still a big challenge, by Dev Datta Joshi (ht 26/05/2022)

‘Balen’ canes parties with the walking stick : Kathmandu voters rap Congress, UML on the knuckles as they pick a rapper, also a structural engineer, as their new mayor, by Binod Ghimire (kp 26/05/2022)

Vote counting underway in three local units : As per the final results till Thursday morning, NC has secured wins in 326 municipals as UML is placed second with wins in 205 local units (nlt 26/05/2022), Vote count in 749 out of 753 local bodies over; results of 4 yet to come out (kh 26/05/2022), 34,890 people’s representatives elected across country (kh 26/05/2022), Balen secures 38% votes as 3 wards remain to be counted in KMC : Sirjana: 24.24%, Sthapit: 24.03% (kh 26/05/2022), 35,034 representatives elected across country (kh 26/05/2022)

Sudurpaschim fails to elect women, Dalits in chief roles : Number of women representatives elected in deputy mayor and vice-chairperson positions has also decreased as compared to previous local elections, by Arjun Shah (kp 25/05/2022)

EC publishes result of 744 local levels, nine still to come (kh 25/05/2022), Independent candidate Balen Shah certain to become KMC mayor. Balen: 55,747, Sirjana: 35,371, Sthapit: 34,626 (kh 25/05/2022)

34,741 out of 35,221 local representatives elected so far (kh 24/05/2022)

Renu Dahal elected Bharatpur Mayor for second term  (nlt 24/05/2022), JSP’s Singh elected Birgunj mayor, NC’s Alam deputy mayor (kh 24/05/2022)

NC largest as vote count complete in 734 local levels : NC wins in 321, UML: 200, Maoist Center: 120 (kh 24/05/2022), Out of 753 local levels, EC declares result of 740 levels : NC: wins in 322, UML: 203, Maoist Center: 121 (kh 24/05/2022)

Local Poll Deflates Oli's Ego, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 24/05/2022)

UML calls for recounting of votes in Pokhara Metropolis-18 : As per the final results of the vote count at the ward announced this morning, Nepali Congress candidate Shiva Prasad Timilsina had won the Ward Chair post by a margin of three votes (nlt 24/05/2022)

Local polls are over. It’s time for voting reforms : Nepal had five years to plan for better elections and a better election process. But there have been no reforms, similar patterns are being repeated, by Shreya Subedi (nlt 23/05/2022)

Parties have much to learn from independents' rise, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 23/05/2022)

Resham Chaudhary won election from hiding. His 5-month-old party claims Tikapur when he is in jail : Tharus who feel they were shortchanged by the state have spoken through the ballot, activists and analysts say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 23/05/2022)

NC largest as vote count complete in 726 local levels : NC wins in 320, UML: 197, Maoist Center: 120 (kh 23/05/2022)

What’s in store for the five-party alliance after local vote results? With increased bargaining power, the Maoists may want to continue partnership, but CPN (Unified Socialist) and Janata Samajbadi Party look unhappy, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 23/05/2022)

Post politics in Nepal : Disillusioned or not with the parties, a large number of people turn out to cast their votes, by Abhi Subedi (kp 22/05/2022), Local Polls: Outcome And Message, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 22/05/2022)

Final results announced for 706 levels (kh 22/05/2022)

Independent candidate Hamal elected as mayor of Dhangadhi (rep 22/05/2022), Independent candidate Rai leading in Dharan sub-metropolis as about 4,500 votes left to count (kh 22/05/2022)

EC releases results of 6 out of 11 sub-metropolises so far (kh 22/05/2022)

Vote count in 684 out of 753 local bodies over : NC wins mayor/chair in 303 local levels; UML in 185 and Maoist Center in 116 (kh 21/05/2022)

Results of around 90 % local levels out, by Arpana Adhikari (rn 21/05/2022)

Over 150 local units set to be devoid of representatives, creating a vacuum : Experts show problem with the system, including the law that restricts poll body’s powers, by Binod Ghimire (kp 20/05/2022)

Local Polls And Development, by Udbodh Bhandari (rn 20/05/2022)

Local elections dent deposit collection (ht 20/05/2022)

Vote count in 628 of 753 local levels over : NC wins mayor/chair in 280 local levels; UML in 173 and Maoist Center in 112 (kh 20/05/2022), Ruling coalition gets victory in more than two-thirds local levels (kh 20/05/2022), Cut down to size : Citizens have shown what they think of CPN-UML's actions in recent past (kp 20/05/2022)

Newly elected ward member found dead (kh 20/05/2022)

Ditch the paper : There is still room to employ electronic voting in provincial and federal elections (ae 19/05/2022)

Impressions from the election past : The big takeaway is that nothing mattered in the end except the promise of change, by Deepak Thapa (kp 19/05/2022), Civic Engagement At Local Level, by Mukti Rijal (rn 19/05/2022), Balen Shah's popularity: Nepal seeks a new national party, by Sumit Pathak (ht 19/05/2022)

NC dominates results tally with wins in 252 local units, UML victorious in 164 municipals (nlt 19/05/2022), Vote count in 570 of 753 local levels over : NC wins mayor/chairperson in 253 local levels; UML in 164 and Maoist Center in 105 (kh 19/05/2022)

Geeta Chaudhary becomes first female mayor in Saptari (rep 19/05/2022)

Controversy erupts after more ballot papers were found in Nepalgunj-18 (rep 19/05/2022), Vote count postponed in Butwal : Who broke the ballot box seal and why?, by Rekha Bhusal (rep 19/05/2022)

Election taking place at additional 15 voting centres (kh 18/05/2022)

Balen Shah maintains a steady lead in mayoral race of Kathmandu (nlt 18/05/2022), NC leads the tally with wins in 203 local units, UML victorious in 127 municipals (nlt 18/05/2022), Independent candidate Sampang takes lead in Dharan Sub metropolis (kh 18/05/2022), Janamat Party wins mayor in Saptari’s Hanumannagar (kh 18/05/2022), UML demands to stop vote-counting in Pokhara (kh 18/05/2022)

Constantly spurned, how Dalits united to create history in local elections : A team of independent Dalit candidates wins four out of five seats in Ward 8 of Kanakasundari Rural Municipality in Jumla, including the post of chair, by DB Budha (kp 17/05/2022)

Towards voting reform : Election symbols were an alternative when the literacy rate was 20 percent in 1960, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 17/05/2022), Slow-paced counting : The best way to reduce the time for counting the votes is to switch to the Electronic Voting Machine (ht 17/05/2022)

Final results of 282 municipals out, NC wins Chief in 128 local units as UML wins in 78 (nlt 17/05/2022)

Why aren’t more women selected as candidates? Patriarchy alone is not a sufficient explanation for the lack of women in candidate selection for the recently held local elections, by Seira Tamang (rec 16/05/2022)

Disillusioned voters : The truth of the matter is that people are fed up with the antics of politicians (kpVote count disrupted in two places in Jhapa (kh 16/05/2022) [!!!]

Local polls: Nepali Congress looks set to gain, and also to be saviour of Maoists : UML reacts with charges of rigging as alliance seems to have worked to give the odds in favour of ruling parties, by Binod Ghimire (kp 16/05/2022), NC leading in nationwide vote count tally (rep 16/05/2022)

Nepalis in general love to vote. Why is turnout low then? Disenchantment? In Kathmandu Metropolitan City, poll officials say, just half of the registered voters showed up to cast their ballot, by Binod Ghimire (kp 15/05/2022)

Festering political feud resulted in violent election day, observers say : Single-phase vote also stressed security, making forces unable to contain the violence, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 15/05/2022)

Call for action against those who made it difficult for persons with disabilities to vote : Depriving persons with disabilities of their voting right has legal consequences, rights bodies say (kp 15/05/2022)

It takes 32 hours to count 2,424 votes (kh 15/05/2022), Slow vote counting exposes poor skills of Election Commission
Nepal's local polls were held on Friday. The vote counting is taking a long time but Nepal's election management body looks blithely indifferent
(nlt 16/05/2022),
Sluggish vote counting calls for switching to tech-friendly elections : The pace at which ballot papers of municipal elections are being counted is tiring and cumbersome and is a source of controversy, observers say, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 16/05/2022)

People vote with hope and fervour even as they resent politicians, parties : There are some reports of violence in different parts of the country, but the vote was largely peaceful, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 14/05/2022)

Counting votes within wire fences reflects degrading political culture : Fears of shenanigans have grown, prompting measures like CCTV and fencing, by Binod Ghimire (kp 14/05/2022)

On killed in clash between NC and Maoist Center cadres in Solukhumbu (kh 14/05/2022), Two people die in election-related violence in Udayapur, Solukhumbu : Violent clashes, mainly over disputes regarding vote counting, have been reported post-election at several places, by Dilliram Khatiwada and Bhanubhakta Niraula (kp 15/05/2022)

UML cadres accused of beating women in Myagdi (rep 14/05/2022), Police open fire to contain the situation as Deumai polling station Ilam goes tense, by Bhim Chapagain (rep 14/05/2022)

Collection of ballot boxes begins (In pics) (kh 13/05/2022), Voting completed with sporadic incidents (kh 13/05/2022), Vote counting to start from today evening (rep 13/05/2022)

Raute community deprived of voting right, again (rep 13/05/2022)

27% votes cast as of 11:15 am: EC Spokesperson (kh 13/05/2022), 35 percent voter turnout till noon: Election Commission (nlt 13/05/2022). 41% votes cast till 2 PM (rep 13/05/2022), 55 percent votes cast till 4 pm: Election Commission (kh 13/05/2022), EC preliminary estimate puts local election voter turnout at 64 percent (kh 13/05/2022), Voters' turnout not as per expectation; election postponed in 44 polling centers (rep 14/05/2022)

Rights body says elections were not peaceful as expected : Voting stalled in different parts of the country and clashes reported in some area (kp 13/05/2022), Major political parties found violating election code: NHRC (rep 13/05/2022)

Police inspector’s wayward firing kills youth in Udaypur (kh 13/05/2022)

Violent activities reported in several places during local elections : In some places, security personnel fired warning shots to quell the clashes (kp 13/05/2022)

Chits used to cast votes in Bharatpur (rep 13/05/2022)

Local elections: Voting obstructed in 53 polling centers (nlt 13/05/2022)

Registered voters who showed driving licence as identity barred from voting : Election Commission says voter identity card or citizenship certificate or passport, or national identity card were the only identification documents recognised for voting, by Arjun Poudel (kp 13/05/2022)

Voting suspended at two polling centers of Pacharauta (rep 13/05/2022), Voting suspended at three polling centers in Dhankuta (kh 13/05/2022), Voting postponed at four polling centers in Kavre (rep 13/05/2022)

NHRC finds poor arrangements for voters' access to polling centres (ht 13/05/2022)

EC seeks clarification from Bhattarai (kh 13/05/2022)

Local polls: Nepal votes to elect local representatives for the next five years :This is the second time Nepal is voting in the local polls after the country adopted a federal democratic system in 2015 following the promulgation of a new constitution, by Ashim Neupane and Nishan Khatiwada (nlt 13/05/2022), Nepalis head to the polls to shape the country’s future (kh 13/05/2022), Tell your own story : Citizens can decide whether they want to elect somebody who governs them or serves them (kp 13/05/2022)

Enthusiastic voters exercise their franchise (Photo Feature) (kh 13/05/2022)

Elderly dies in course of exercising franchise in Baitadi (kh 13/05/2022)

Clashes reported in different places on election day : Clashes between cadres of different political parties have occurred in Humla, Dolakha, Bara and Okhaldhunga among other districts (nlt 13/05/2022), Tensions in Sindhupalchowk’s Jyamire, Army moves forward to take the situation under control (kh 13/05/2022), Polling affected as firing goes in Ramechhap (kp 13/05/2022), Aerial Firing at Kumbhakarna, Dhanusha (kh 13/05/2022), Ballot boxes vandalized in Dakneshwari, Saptari, by Raghab Sharma (kh 13/05/2022), 15 people injured in a clash at Gadhimai, Rautahat (rep 13/05/2022), Voting postponed due to clash at Shailyashikhar, Darchula (kh 13/05/2022), 10 injured in Kharpunath clash (kh 13/05/2022), Ballot papers torn in Achham, polling postponed in two centers (kh 13/05/2022), Voting at Dakneshwori Municipality-2 to take place on Sunday (kh 13/05/2022), Volunteer injured in Gorkha firing (kh 13/05/2022), Locals run away with ballot boxes in Rautahat (kh 13/05/2022), Clashes broke out in 16 places, warning shots fired in eight places on election day : Two injured in Khukuri altercation in Kohalpur (kh 13/05/2022), Byas Municipality mayoral candidate Joshi injured in assault (kh 13/05/2022), Widespread tension in Sarlahi: Aerial shots fired at three places, polling officials beaten, by Madan Thakur (rep 13/05/2022)

Major political parties found violating election code: NHRC (kh 13/05/2022)

Pollution a passing reference in Capital’s mayoral race, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae 12/05/2022)

Why aren’t political parties talking about earthquakes?, by Cilla Khatry (ae 12/05/2022)

Implications of low women representation in local polls, by Neelam Dhanuse (rep 12/05/2022)

Confusing ballot design may lead to a large number of invalid votes, experts fear : Democracy activists, intellectuals and political parties are worried that the number of invalid votes might be high due to a jumbo ballot paper and confusion over alliance's candidates, by Abiral Gautam (nlt 12/05/2022)

The more teeth to poll commission, the stronger democracy will be, observers say : There are laws but the election body lacks resources—human and financial—to crack down on wrongdoers, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 12/05/2022)

Everything you need to know before you go vote, by Sanjeet M Rajbhandari (rec 12/05/2022)

People are leaving Valley in droves to cast votes in the local polls : Many wait for hours to get seats with most vehicles exiting Kathmandu jam-packed, by Shuvam Dhungana and Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 12/05/2022), BP Highway sees heavy traffic in days before elections : Thousands of people are leaving for their home districts to exercise their franchise, by Raj Kumar Karki (kp 12/05/2022)

Transgender people’s qualms continue as Nepal votes in local polls tomorrow : While the Election Commission has taken some steps to try and create a safe voting environment for transgender people, activists say that there is still a lack of nuanced understanding of transgender issues, by Shranup Tandukar (kp 12/05/2022)

260 thousand security persons mobilized for local election (kh 12/05/2022)

Local Polls : Parties Put Heavy Stakes, by Mukti Rijal (rn)

Local election: Are candidates aware of climate issues?, by Ghanashyam Khanal and Yatish Acharya (ht 12/05/2022)

Despite pre-election clashes, polls may pass relatively peacefully, observers say : Police say as many as 62 cases of clashes have been reported between April 24 and Tuesday, May 10, but expect violence to subside with the silent period in force, by Binod Ghimire (kp 12/05/2022)

Will local elections shape Nepal’s future? (kh 12/05/2022)

EC enhances mechanism to monitor implementation of code of conduct (kh 12/05/2022)

NWC urges to prevent violence against women during election (kh 12/05/2022)

27 media outlets face music; 25 journos warned off on first day of silence period (kh 12/05/2022)

77 % of votes cast in mock polls invalid (kh 12/05/2022)

Nine candidates die as May 13 local poll inches closer (kh 12/05/2022)

20 injured as NC and Maoist Center cadres clash with each other (kh 12/05/2022) [Nice alliance!]

The oligarchy celebrates local polls : The fundamental appeal of municipal polls lies in their ideological vacuity, by CK Lal (kp 11/05/2022)

Local election manifesto: More ritualistic, less realistic, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht 11/05/2022)

Expenditure limit for candidates contesting Nepal’s local polls 2022: Here’s how much they can spend (nlt 11/05/2022)

Lack of voter education in Achham villages may lead to invalid votes : Both parties and their candidates have failed to give due importance to the voter education campaign. As a result, many eligible voters are unaware of the voting process creating high chances of invalid votes, by Menuka Dhungana (kp 11/05/2022)

Election Commission seeks clarification from Dahal, Rana : The poll body has written to them, asking if their recent remarks at campaigns amounted to threatening voters (kp 11/05/2022)

Gradual improvement in election process: Report (ht 11/05/2022) [???]

UML and NC cadres clash in Surkhet, six including four police injured (kh 11/05/2022)

Election silence period: What cannot be done? (nlt 11/05/2022)

2,946 polling centers highly sensitive; 260,000 security personnel deployed (kh 11/05/2022)

Over 1,500 teachers resign on the eve of local polls (rep 11/05/2022) [????]

In case you lose your voter ID, you can still vote by showing your citizenship card, by Hari Krishna Gautam (rep 11/05/2022)

Citizens leaving Kathmandu Valley to cast their votes (kh 11/05/2022) [Nepal must make it mandatory that its citizens are registered where they live, not where they were born. Then they won't have to travel for elections either!]

Schools to remain closed for six days starting today (kh 11/05/2022) [????]

Returning Officers reach all voting centres (kh 11/05/2022)

Remove poll campaign content from social media, CEC tells contestants (ht 11/05/2022)

Nomination set for today after candidate’s demise (kh 11/05/2022)

New voters being provided with voter ID cards today and tomorrow (kh 11/05/2022)

Imports via Rasuwagadhi checkpoint halted (kh 11/05/2022)

Kishore Thapa: ‘The goal is to establish a new political narrative and develop a new political culture’ (interview) (rec 10/05/2022)

About half of Nepal’s voters will not be able to cast their votes in local polls (rep 10/05/2022)

Despite law, Nepal fails to achieve Dalit women representation in wards : Parties say they failed to find candidates, an argument Dalit activists do not agree with, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 10/05/2022)

For people with disabilities, there are barriers galore to right to voting: Secrecy, lack of ballot papers with tactile relief, and tall tables are key infrastructural issues, by Aakash Chaudhary (kp 10/05/2022), Family can assist visually impaired in voting (ht 10/05/2022), Voting rights for all : Persons with disabilities in Nepal continue to be excluded from the electoral process (kp 11/05/2022)

Regulating social media during election silence period to be challenge (kh 10/05/2022)

UML and JSP strike deal to maintain electoral coordination in Palungtar Municipality, Gorkha (kh 10/05/2022)

Deputy mayoral candidate of Maharajgunj municipality Kurmi dies (kh 10/05/2022)

Former Chief Election Commissioner Yadav denied “special observer” role (kh 10/05/2022)

All results of local polls will be published by May 19: CEC Thapaliya (interview) (rep 10/05/2022)

Border checkpoints to be closed from today (kh 10/05/2022), Silence period for May 13 local polls to begin from today midnight : Election campaign and publicity forbidden (kh 10/05/2022), ‘Publicity materials around polling booth to be removed before silence period commences” (kh 10/05/2022)

Who is Kathmandu Metropolis Mayor?, by Sarin Ghimire (kh 10/05/2022)

What to know: Nepal’s local elections 2022 : The local elections are taking place on May 13 across Nepal. Here are some important data and insights you need to know about the elections, by Pragya Lamsal (nlt 09/05/2022)

‘Vote for those with commitment to address women’s issues’ (kh 09/05/2022)

Balen Shah: A youth icon, and a ray of hope amid politics of despair. Balen Shah has emerged as a symbol of hope for change, an icon for those who are deeply dissatisfied with established political parties to look up to in Kathmandu, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt 09/05/2022)

All roar, no bite: Poll body says will monitor spending. Experts doubt : The Election Commission has announced it will deploy officials to monitor campaign expenditures, but analysts say they see little chance of action against overspending, a key source of corruption, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 09/05/2022)

In Madhesh Province, the political landscape is changing : Analysts say the CPN-UML will likely gain from the deep divisions in the Madhesi parties and the alliance politics of five ruling forces, by Anil Giri (kp 09/05/2022) [KP Oli has also pursued a sometimes brutal anti-Madhesh policy since 2015 and has shown no understanding for the concerns of the Tarai people. It is hard to imagine that the people have already forgotten this!]

Poll staff, election materials airlifted to remote Chhangru and Tinkar areas (rn 09/05/2022)

Border checkpoints to remain closed for three days (kh 09/05/2022), Borders to be sealed for 72 hours before elections : The government has decided to close all international border points from May 10 midnight to May 13 midnight, by Matrika Dahal (kp 09/05/2022)

Ballot papers reach all 77 districts; 78,000 ballot boxes readied (kh 09/05/2022)

EC issues directives for installing CC cameras at all vote counting stations (nlt 09/05/2022)

4 temporary police personnel die; 48 terminated (kh 09/05/2022)

One-third votes cast in Surkhet invalid (kh 08/05/2022) [in mock polling; the alienating nature of the alliance politics of the party leaders makes the already complicated local elections even more complicated!]

Local Level Election: Number of adult candidates much higher as compared to other age groups (kh 08/05/2022) [All candidates are adults!!!]

Candidates wooing voters with booze, mutton (ht 08/05/2022)

EC urges not to use flags of other parties (rep 08/05/2022), EC warns against use of other party flags, election symbols (ht 08/05/2022)

Majority of local levels see old faces (ht 08/05/2022)

Local Polls: A Democratic Milestone, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 08/05/2022)

EC deploys monitoring teams in different districts that are deemed ‘security sensitive’ (rep 08/05/2022)

EC can address doubts; remain pivotal to electoral security, by Abhaya R Joshi (kh 08/05/2022)

EC seeks clarification from 37 individuals for violating code of conduct (kh 08/05/2022)

Unidentified person attacks election candidate with khukuri (kh 08/05/2022)

EC tightens screw against code of conduct breach (kh 07/05/2022)

Not just UML, Congress and Maoist Centre, many unheard of parties are also contesting local polls : Some of the political parties registered for the May 13 elections have quirky and peculiar names (kp 07/05/2022)

Vehicles to be barred from Nepal's roads on May 13 (ht 07/05/2022)

Election hits school enrolment campaign : School enrolment campaign has not been able to make much headway since most people are either out participating in political rallies or listening to the political campaigners, say educators, by Samjhana Rasaili (kp 07/05/2022)

Arzu under fire for her remarks to stop grants where Congress loses : Analysts say her remarks reflect a lack of understanding of how the state functions, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 07/05/2022) [This is not only offensive, it is criminal and corrupt!]

Local polls more complicated now to predict with alliance politics and splits : Despite Deuba’s wish and Dahal-Nepal’s compulsion, their poll partnership did not take off well, and UML hopes gains, by Anil Giri (kp 07/05/2022)

PM Deuba flies to Damauli from Butwal on Nepali Army chopper (kh 07/05/2022) [????]

Transportation of ballot papers completed: Election Commission (nlt 07/05/2022)

4,000 employees being deployed for election (kh 07/05/2022) [And they will be deprived of voting themselves!], Army takes over security in critical areas (kh 07/05/2022) [They will not be allowed to vote either!]

Call to facilitate participation of persons with disabilities (kh 07/05/2022)

UML cadres attack Maoist Center election candidates in Sindhupalchowk (kh 07/05/2022)

Sale and distribution of alcohol prohibited in Baitadi (kh 07/05/2022)

Baby on her back, Dalit mother on campaign trail : Mina Biswakarma is standing for municipality chair in Myagdi to uplift her community, by Anita Bhetwal (nt 06/05/2022)

Elections in the age of social media : Candidates for the local level elections are advertising more and more on social media, especially Facebook, presenting the Election Commission with new problems it must account for, by Samik Kharel (rec 06/05/2022)

Exploring the barriers to the right to inclusive election in Nepal : Despite elaborate provisions on including persons with disabilities in political and public life in Nepal, political participation by persons with disabilities remains minimal, by Dev Datta Joshi (rec 06/05/2022)

Local Polls Deepen Democracy, by Bhupa P Dhamala (rn 06/05/2022) [But not if they are appropriated and controlled by the national level!]

Domestic flights to remain closed on election day (May 13) (rep 06/05/2022)

Only vehicles with permission to be allowed to ply on voting day (rn 06/05/2022)

Candidates ask yarsa pickers to stay back for polls but few are interested : Many people are in a hurry to go to the uplands this harvesting season since they haven’t been able to make the journey in the last two years because of the Covid-19 pandemic, by DB Budha (kp 06/05/2022)

170 seats for Dalit women representatives go unclaimed, by Rajkarabn Mahato (ae 05/05/2022)

Electoral syndicate against women : From the first election, one thing that hasn't changed is the politics of hegemonic masculinity, by Chandra Bhadra and Sucheta Pyakuryal (kp 05/05/2022)

EC’s Push For Electoral Reform, by Mukti Rijal (rn 05/05/2022)

Cause of rebel candidature: Party indiscipline or wrong modus operandi?, by Jibaraj Pokharel (ht 05/05/2022)

Political parties flouting poll code in Bhaktapur (ht 05/05/2022)

NC and Maoist Center cadres clash with each other in Rukum West (kh 05/05/2022)

EC writes to Home Ministry urging to call back SP Shahi deployed at joint election cell (kh 05/05/2022)

EC directs candidates, political parties to spend through banking system (kp 04/05/2022)

Complaint filed at Election Office against PM Deuba over his proposed Chitwan visit (rep 04/05/2022)

Parties violating election code of conduct in Bajura (ht 04/05/2022)

Valley’s female candidates outline their women-related commitments : The candidates, vying for two top executive posts at local units in the Kathmandu Valley, promised they’d ensure a violence-free, safe and empowering environment for women (kp 03/05/2022)

CEC Thapaliya calls on mass media to aware people on voting rights (kh) [Also on the voting rights of election workers, security personnel and the millions of migrant workers that have been denied by politicians for years, despite clear directives from the Supreme Court?]

Election Commission has stricter code of conduct but lacks mechanism to monitor it : Observers find many clauses impractical as neither parties can follow them nor officials can check compliance, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 02/05/2022)

Final list for polls : The EC should leave no stone unturned to take legal action against those who violate the code of conduct (ht 02/05/2022)

20,000 observers of 68 organisations to observe local poll (rn 02/05/2022)

Local election: No candidacy in 149 Dalit woman members (rn 02/05/2022)

10 candidates elected unopposed in Taplejung local polls (kh 02/05/2022)

Election Commission seeks clarification from Ktm mayoral candidate Sthapit (kh 02/05/2022)

Voters in Birgunj are perplexed as to who to vote for because of alliance politics : Since the Madhes Movement, the parties that championed it have splintered and ultimately joined hands with the forces they once rebelled against, puzzling voters, Tufan Neupane and Bhusan Yadav (kp 01/05/2022)

EC warns of action against anyone publishing poll-related fake info on social media (kh 01/05/2022)

Listen to the locals, by Parmeshwar Devkota (rn 01/05/2022)

Row Of Rebel Candidates, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 01/05/2022)

Ballot papers remain to be sent to 17 districts only (kh 01/05/2022)

Poll candidate dies (kh 01/05/2022)

EC receives 300 queries on local polls a day (ht 01/05/2022)

Women leaders from across the political spectrum say they feel constrained : Their representation in local elections has been trimmed but they cannot speak up. Female politicians say the fight will continue though, by Aakriti Ghimire (kp 30/04/2022)

As alliance parties threaten rebel candidates, Election Commission says that’s criminal act : The election body states that the threats violate citizens’ legal and constitutional right to take part in elections, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 30/04/2022) [When will the so-called top politicians finally be punished appropriately for their constant high-handed behaviour? Non-election of such persons and their protégés would be an appropriate response!], Ruling alliance to take action against cadres violating directives (kh 01/05/2022)

12,789 independent candidates getting election symbols today (kh 30/04/2022), EC provides election symbols to candidates (kh 30/04/2022), Local level poll candidates receive election symbols (rep 30/04/2022)

Over 4,000 withdraw candidacies, by Ranju Kafle(rn 30/04/2022), More than 8,000 withdraw candidacies (ht 01/05/2022)

Bajura Dalits in fix following CPN-UML's bifurcation (ht 30/04/2022)

RPP expresses concern over death threat issued against the party’s candidate (rep 30/04/2022)

EC to provide election symbols to candidates today (kh 30/04/2022)

Border checkpoints to be closed for three days before local polls (rep 30/04/2022)

All people’s representatives elected unopposed in Gurja (kh 30/04/2022)

Whose election is it anyway? Kin and clan networks will once again play a formidable role in determining victory margins, by Amish Raj Mulmi (kp 29/04/2022)

Don’t force anyone to withdraw candidacy: Election Commission (rep 29/04/2022)

Poll panel's new directive unfair to fairer sex : Can affect women's representation in civic bodies as parties prefer to oblige alliance partners, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 29/04/2022)

Election Commission tells local govts to compulsorily install CCTV cameras 7at vote counting venues (rep 29/04/2022)

Candidacy withdrawal open till 5 pm today : EC to publish final list of candidates (kh 29/04/2022)

Rebel candidates refuse to heed party orders to withdraw from race : Election Commission officials say it is against the code of conduct to pressure the candidates to pull out, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 29/04/2022) [Just to remind you: In November 1994, "rebel candidates" caused Girija's defeat after he refused to meet Ganesh Man Singh's legitimate demands!]

17.7 mln ballot papers of required 19.4 mln printed so far (kh 29/04/2022)

EC asks govt to declare public holiday on May 13, seeks permission to use physical infrastructures of local govts (rep 29/04/2022)

5,251 queries registered in EC call center in past 30 days (kh 29/04/2022)

Curbing Monetary Muscle In Polls, by Mukti Rijal (rn 28/04/2022)

Alliance politics impacts female candidacy in local level elections : Close to 41 percent women had won in 2017, but fewer will be elected this time, with nomination number itself down, by Binod Ghimire (kp 28/04/2022), Fewer women this time : Underrepresentation of women in politics has long-term drawbacks (kp 29/04/2022)

As many as 152,465 candidates register nominations for 35,221 posts for local election (kh 28/04/2022), EC to publish name-list of candidates today (kh 28/04/2022)

Action taken against media violating election code of conduct (kh 28/04/2022)

Experts suggest measures to make election process fair and transparent : Experts said while there are a number of laws and policies in place to regulate and monitor the political parties and their acts, weak implementation has led to rising cases of anomalies and violations of election code of conduct (nlt 27/04/2022)

Voting: A Voice Of The Voiceless, by Balmukunda Regmi (rn 27/04/2022) [But only if candidates are also nominated who represent their interests and not those imposed by the central party leadership!]

Low Women Candidacy Breaches Statute, by Namrata Sharma (rn 27/04/2022)

Coalition partners seek electoral alliance within camp (rn 27/04/2022) [These so-called top politicians simply do not want to understand that in the federal system they have no right to prescribe such things to the local level!]

EC to look into nomination papers and complaints today and tomorrow (kh 27/04/2022)

Pindalbari folk pledge votes to those who will build bridge over Biring River : The remote village in Jhapa is cut off from the rest of the district for most of the year due to rise in water level, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 27/04/2022)

Believing in democracy, once-extremist forces of Chand and Raut are joining the poll fray : The hardliners joining the elections is a good move and it does not matter whether they win or lose, experts say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 27/04/2022)

Hard to retain last election’s achievements with less women candidates this time (kh 26/04/2022)

Nomination for Dalit women member nil in seven wards of Humla (kh 26/04/2022)

20,000 observers from 68 organizations to be deployed for local polls (kh 26/04/2022)

Election paraphernalia dispatched to all 77 districts (ht 26/04/2022)

Keshav Sthapit’s candidacy for Kathmandu mayor sparks furore : Sthapit has been accused of sexual harassment by at least two women, by Aakriti Ghimire (kp 26/04/2022) [He should not run for any political office until a court has certified his innocence!]

Chheten becomes ward no 7 chair of Phaktanglung Rural Municipality unopposed (kh 26/04/2022)

Local Election 2022 : Expectation vs reality, by Ayushma Maharjan (nlt 25/04/2022)

Ensuring that local polls are truly free and fair, by Alok Pokharel (rec 25/04/2022)

Local elections: Today is final day for nomination filing (kh 25/04/2022), 48,197 candidates file nominations for May 13 local election
Number likely to increase: EC
(kh 25/04/2022), Over 100,000 nominations filed for local polls : Ruling coalition sees discord and discontent in some districts with some challenging the alliance politics, by Anil Giri and Tika R Pradhan (kp), Local elections 2022: 137,043 candidates file nominations across country (kh 26/04/2022), Number of candidates filing nomination for local polls crosses 141,000 (kh 26/04/2022)

Everything you need to know about May 13 local polls : As many as 79 parties are registered to contest elections at the local level (kp 24/04/2022)

Poll Alliances And Discontents, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 24/04/2022)

Time for Election Commission to set example by enforcing code of conduct : Observers say candidates easily spend beyond limit as there were no actions in such cases in the past, by Binod Ghimire (kp 24/04/2022)

Candidates filing nominations for local polls today and tomorrow (nlt 24/04/2022), Candidacy registration for May 13 local election begins today (kh 24/04/2022)

Election publicity materials removed (kh 24/04/2022)

Alliance for local polls raises spectre of the notorious ‘all-party mechanisms’ : The so-called all-party committees were a tool for the parties to share the spoils, and experts fear a repeat of the practice that will degenerate into kleptocracy, by Binod Ghimire (kp 23/04/2022)

Local elections 2022: 168,000 security personnel to be mobilized (kh 23/04/2022) [And they will all not be given the opportunity to exercise their own right to vote!]

AWC appeals voters not to vote human rights violators (kh 23/04/2022)

EC asks leaders in closed list of PR system to remove names if they want to contest local polls (kh 23/04/2022)

Govt to use private helicopters in local level election (rep 23/04/2022)

EC categorizes over 50 percent voting centers in Madhes province as ‘most sensitive’ (kh 22/04/2022)

Election alliance : The outcome of the local polls will be largely decided by the 3.6 million new generation voters (ht 22/04/2022)

“Voters should exercise their sovereign rights while voting”, interview with Laxman Phuyal (kh 21/04/2022)

EC develops tough provisions for election monitoring (ht 21/04/2022)

Ruling coalition ‘decides’ to field candidacy of Srijana Singh as KMC mayor (rep 20/04/2022)

Ruling coalition to finalize distribution of metropolises and sub metropolises today (kh 19/04/2022) [Nepal is a federal state. Nominating candidates for local elections is not the responsibility of national party leaders!]

Half the ballot papers for upcoming polls printed (ht 19/04/2022)

Elected representatives need to resign if they wish to contest again : Supreme Court quashes petition against poll commission’s mandatory requirement of resignation (kp 19/04/2022) [This is now binding law, but still not rationally comprehensible. The then Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi did not even resign from his position as CJ in 2013 when he took over as head of the executive.]

Dalits demand respectable, proportional representation in upcoming elections (ht 18/04/2022)

Joint Election Operation Center to be established for May 13 local polls : The JEOC has the main responsibility to make necessary coordination to establish election offices and facilitate to submit progress reports related to election programs run by district election offices (nlt 18/04/2022)

Correct Information Key To Fair Polls, by Ballav Dahal (rn 18/04/2022)

As political parties focus on winning seats, electorate takes a back seat : Polling day is only 26 days away, but none of the parties except for Rastriya Janamorcha has unveiled their manifesto for the local level election, by Binod Ghimire (kp 18/04/2022)

Election alliances of Nepali parties: sense or nonsense in local elections?, by Karl-Heinz Krämer (kh 17/04/2022), Alliance politics may help parties but for first-time voters, it comes with confusion : During local level elections, an adult votes for seven candidates. Remembering all the symbols and cross-party candidates will be difficult, observers say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 17/04/2022), In desperate bid, UML collaborates with two fringe parties on polls : As the five parties take forward their electoral alliance plan, the opposition party makes boastful claims even while pursuing any potential tie-up, by Binod Ghimire (kp 17/04/2022)

EC determines election symbols for parties (rep 17/04/2022)

Nation engrossed in election (kh 17/04/2022)

NC’s Joshi faction to forge electoral alliance with UML in Tanahun (kh 17/04/2022)

EC deploys 77 chiefs, 676 returning officers for local election (kh 17/04/2022)

‘If problems appear in some local units, alliance members will have friendly competition’ : Maoist Centre leader Barsha Man Pun speaks on the electoral alliance of ruling parties for local elections, and the economy (interview) (kp 15/04/2022)

Security Plans For Local Elections, by Purushottam Khatri (rn 14/04/2022)

EC for vacating stay on code provision, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 14/04/2022)

Elections law defines circumstances of ballot counting centre capture (ht 14/04/2022), EC's adamancy : The only way to discourage booth capture is for the EC to act tough and not be intimidated by anyone (ht 15/04/2022)

Dr. Deuba calls for electoral quotas for women based on proportional inclusion (kh 13/04/2022)

President Bhandari approves army mobilization for local polls (nlt 13/04/2022)

Women’s Participation in Elections in Nepal, by Shreeju Niroula (rep 12/04/2022), Let Women Lead Local Levels, by Namrata Sharma (rn 13/04/2022), Women in politics : One can have all the rules and yet find a million ways to sidestep them (kp 14/04/2022)

Rising campaign spending : Failure to ensure financial transparency will facilitate corruption and cronyism (kp 12/04/2022)

Election year is here. Poll expenses major cause for concern : Questions asked: Who funds politicians and why do they do that? Observers say costly polls are a source of corruption, by Binod Ghimire (kp 11/04/2022)

Congress leader Shashank Koirala asked to furnish clarification over his Rs60 million remark : The amount spent is much higher than the ceiling of Rs2.5 million set for an individual candidate (kp 11/04/2022), Shashank gets EC show cause notice (ht 12/04/2022)

Date set but why some are doubting timely polls : Several factors at play including difficulty in forming alliances and petitions at court, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 10/04/2022)

Election Commission tweaks provision for level representatives to contest polls : People's representatives registering candidacy in the local-level elections should sign a document mentioning not availing government facilities (nlt 09/04/2022)

Financially hard for women to contest elections (kh 09/04/2022), Keep up our local level representation, women leaders urge Deuba, poll body : Parties fighting elections in an alliance are likely not to field women candidates for both top local government positions, taking advantage of a flaw in the law, by Binod Ghimire (kp 09/04/2022), Election Commission revokes provision to compulsorily field woman candidate : The commission rescinded the decision after the political parties protested against the provision stating that it is against existing laws (nlt 12/04/2022), Election Commission backtracks on its decision related to women’s representation at local level : Now political parties fielding just one candidate for one of the two top local government positions are not compelled to nominate women, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 13/04/2022) [Since Nepal's macho politicians consider the land to be the exclusive property of men, especially those from Bahun castes, men are likely to be the overwhelming majority of candidates in such cases.]

Election code of conduct 2022: dos and dont’s (kh 09/04/2022)

Election expenditure : Questions Of Accountability, by Keshab Poudel (sp 08/04/2022)

Time to cleanse local governments : If the parties field incompetent and corrupt candidates, voters should reject them, by Dinesh Pant (kp 08/04/2022)

EC ready to make clear code of conduct (kh 08/04/2022), Election code of conduct to come into force from today midnight (kh 08/04/2022)

Election code of conduct to come into force from Friday (kh 07/04/2022), UML objects to provisions in election code of conduct (nlt 07/04/2022)

Voting process is going to be complex as parties go for electoral alliance : Voters of parties in the alliance will have a tough time finding the poll symbols and remembering which party has fielded candidates for which positions, by Binod Ghimire (kp 07/04/2022)

Voting rights for Nepalis abroad: Full of promises, lack of action : Political parties have promised suffrage to Nepali citizens living abroad time and again but have not taken definite measures to actually allow them to vote, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt 06/04/2022)

Election security: Concerns arise from parties fighting polls : Not much threat from so called armed outfits and those boycotting the vote. Observers and experts say it would be better if parties fix their rifts and conflict, by Anil Giri (kp 06/04/2022)

Poll preparation, monitoring panel formed (ht 06/04/2022) [There must be poll monitoring independent from government and political parties!]

Election Commission issues directives to compulsorily field woman candidate (nlt 05/04/2022)

EC holding meeting with leaders of political parties today : To seek written commitment on election code of conduct (kh 05/4/2022), Leaders engage in heated argument in meeting called by EC to discuss local polls (rep 05/04/2022) [The party leaders prove once again that they are unwilling to abide by democratic principles and prefer unlawful behaviour!], Election code of conduct in question after the UML refuses to sign it : Experts fault Election Commission for failing to win the confidence of all parties registered to contest the polls, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 06/04/2022)

UN, development partners and AIN concerned over possible coercion, force or intimidation directed at their staff or partners in upcoming polls : "We are particularly concerned when our staff and projects face challenges, such as pressure from any stakeholder to provide donations or in-kind assistance," reads the joint statement (nlt 05/04/2022)

Ballot papers for 747 local levels to be printed by May first week (kp 04/04/2022)

Campaign launched to field independent candidates in local level election (kh 01/04/2022)

Youths head for India in droves indifferent to elections : Say earning livelihoods and feeding their families are more important to them, by Thakur Singh Tharu and Bhawani Bhatta (kp 01/04/2022) [It is the criminal failure of the previous Oli government, but of course also of the present Deuba government, to have simply and purposefully disregarded the SC's directive on the participation of migrant workers in the elections! It has already been established for five years that 2022 is an election year!]

Printing of ballot papers for local polls begins (kh 01/04/2022)

Kathmandu is most populous district. But it comes third in voter numbers : Officials, experts see national Capital hosting more migrants than permanent dwellers and lack of interest among youths in politics as possible reasons for lower voter count, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 31/03/2022)

EC to impose election code of conduct from April 8 (kh 31/03/2022), Tackling Electoral Offences, by Mukti Rijal (rn 31/03/2022)

Election staff must arrive at polling stations three days in advance (rep 31/03/2022) [And what about the opportunity for these staff members to vote themselves? This is a fundamental right of all Nepalese, and the government must ensure that this right can be exercised.]

‘Out of compulsion’: Ruling coalition’s electoral alliance easier said than done : Nepali Congress needs it, but the Maoists need it more. Leaders and analysts say there are complications galore, by Anil Giri (kp 31/03/2022), Ruling coalition agrees to forge electoral alliance in local polls (kh 31/03/2022)

EC tightens noose on contractors aspiring to become local level poll candidates (kh 30/03/2022), Candidate In Local Polls Should Make 19-Point Self-Declaration: EC (rn 30/03/2022)

JEMC to print ballot papers under cover of 150 security personnel (kh 29/03/2022), Army To Safeguard Ballot Paper Printing Station, by Purushottam Khatri (rn 29/03/2022)

17.73 million plus voters to take part in local level polls (kh 28/03/2022)

EC decides to provide 73 small parties their own election symbols (kh 28/03/2022), EC allows fringe parties to contest polls with respective election symbols (rep 29/03/2022)

EC calls for registration for election observation (rep 27/03/2022)

Poll commission plans video tracking of ballot counting : Election officials says local governments should purchase and install the system, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/03/2022), High-tech surveillance : Political leaders cannot be trusted to allow the elections to happen freely and fairly (kp 25/03/2022)

EC To Print 20 Million Ballot Papers For Local Level Election (rn 24/03/2022)

Local Polls Bolster Democracy, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn 23/03/2022)

Political parties reiterate commitment to give voting rights to Nepalis abroad (rep 21/03/2022) [This statement by the political parties is simply a lie. The SC's prescription has been there for years. Neither the Oli nor the Deuba government, nor the parties involved in them, have done anything to implement it. The right to vote belongs to all Nepali citizens, including the helpers and security personnel deployed on election day, including the many people who are denied citizenship papers by the state for gender-discriminatory reasons!], No voting rights for Nepalis abroad, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 21/03/2022), Disenfranchised – millions of Nepalis have no voting rights : Despite the outsized impact that migrant workers have on Nepal, they are still unable to vote in elections as Nepal has no provisions for absentee voting, by Marissa Taylor (rec 21/03/2022), Voting rights : If 115 countries can realise out-of-country voting, there is no reason why Nepal cannot do so (ht 22/03/2022)

EC to not allow int’l organizations to observe local level elections (kh 20/03/2022), PM Deuba says govt committed to holding free, fair elections (kh 20/03/2022) [This must be confirmed by independent observers. The advance exclusion of international observers is questionable!]

UML Chair Oli slams EC for giving two days to register candidates in local level election (kh 20/03/2022)

Election Code of Conduct:  Resignation mandatory prior to becoming candidate (kh 18/03/2022) [This rule is nonsense, anti-democratic and a violation of Article 215 of the Constitution, which guarantees a term of five years and does not declare that this term must be shortened if incumbent representatives wish to run again!],  EC's 'unjust' election code kicks up a row : Provision requiring local reps to quit to contest polls condemned, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 20/03/2022), Writ filed at SC against provision of level representatives to resign for contesting polls (nlt 21/03/2022), Election Commission defends rule requiring local officials to resign before seeking re-election : Officials say rule ensures level playing field for all candidates by preventing possible misuse of state resources, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 22/03/2022) [But that does not justify a constitutional violation. The harshest possible punishment of the incumbents running again in case of misconduct without ifs and buts could be an option.], Supreme Court stays rule requiring resignation by local officials seeking re-election : Clause 36 of the Election Code of Conduct says elected officials seeking re-election must resign before filing their nomination for the upcoming local elections (kp22/03/2022)

EC to register candidates for local level election on April 24 and 25 (kh 18/03/2022)

Residents Of Limi Village, Humla, Select Their Ward Chair, Members Before Election, by Rajan Raut (rn 18/03/2022)

Local elections 2022 likely to beat spending records : Finance Ministry allocates more than 14.5 billion for May 13 election excluding army expenses, by Raghab Sharma (kh 16/03/2022), Poll expenditure cap 'unrealistic', by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 16/03/2022), Finance Ministry approves Rs 14.45 billion for local polls (nlt 16/03/2022)

As Election Nears, Trend Of Switching Parties Rises In Madhes, by Shiva Shankar Mishra (rn 16/03/2022)

EC approves guidelines and procedures for local polls (nlt 15/03/2022)

Fringe parties threaten to boycott polls (ht 15/03/2022), Just demand : Inability of the fringe parties to solicit votes under one election symbol will only add to the campaign cost (ht 16/03/2022), Election Commission working to resolve election symbol issue: CEC Thapaliya (kh 16/03/2022)

Local level elections: 4,000 polling centers being added (kh 15/03/2022)

Local Level Election : Issues of Political Representation, by Rajendra Bahadur Singh (rep 14/03/2022)

Women serving as deputies at local units aspire to take up executive roles : As local elections near, women representatives, however, doubt the male-dominated parties where patriarchy is deep-rooted will make way for them, by Binod Ghimire (kp 13/03/2022)

Fringe parties demand level playing field : As local elections draw close, candidates not getting uniform symbols puts them at a disadvantage, politicians say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 13/03/2022)

EC sets ceiling of expenditures for candidates during polls : Mayor of Metropolis can spend up to Rs 750,000 (kh 12/03/2022), EC puts cap on poll expenditure (ht 12/03/2022)

Strengthening female representation : Women’s underrepresentation in leadership positions reflects a combination of the design of the quota system and party nomination behaviour, by Rohini Pande, Michael Callen, Binod Paudel and Satish Wasti (kp 11/03/2022)

Not much has been done to address problem of invalid votes : Local level polls are just two months away, but the Election Commission has yet to start voter education, which can hugely reduce the number of votes that go void, by Binod Ghimire (kp 11/03/2022)

EC registers 79 political parties for local election : Refuses to register Rishi Kattel’s party citing documents (kh 11/03/2022)

Finance Ministry nods to hiring 100,000 temporary police personnel for local election (kh 11/03/2022)

EC holding meeting with representatives of 17 parties today : To apprise them of election preparations (kh 11/03/2022)

Voters unlikely to get right to reject candidates in local level elections ; Court’s eight-year-old ruling to give people right to cast negative votes yet to be implemented for the lack of a law, by Binod Ghimire (kp 10/03/2022) [To this day, the autocratic politicians do not want to understand that decisions of the Supreme Court are binding law that the executive and the legislature have to abide by.], Voters Must Reject The Corrupt, by Mukti Rijal (rn 10/03/2022), None of the above : Citizens should get to show they prefer a non-existent entity to a politician that betrays them (kp 11/03/2022)

Ballot papers made green to facilitate vote counting: EC (rep 10/03/2022), Opposition red over plans to print poll symbols in green
Observers say parties should focus on manifestos rather than squabble over ballot colour
, by Binod Ghimire (kp 11/03/2022)

Electoral alliance and Prachanda’s election mathematics, by Ishwar Dev Khanal (kh 06/03/2022)

What lies behind the upward trend of resignation among public school teachers in Nepal : Nepal is expected to vote for local level representatives in May this year, and teachers, who hold significant social and political clout in local levels, aspire for various posts. A government job, however, disallows them from contesting the elections (nlt 05/03/2022)

Heating Up : Three New Political Parties Register For Local Elections (sp 04/03/2022)

EC calls for complaints on voter-list from today (kh 04/03/2022)

EC secures Rs 8.11 billion from govt to manage local level election (kh 03/03/2022)

Reining In Poll Expenses, by Mukti Rijal (rn 03/03/2022)

Around 20 million ballot papers to be printed for local polls: EC (nlt 01/03/2022)

80 political parties apply for registrations in EC (kh 28/02/2022), 80 political parties to contest local polls (kh 01/03/2022)

109 Political Parties Registered At EC (rn 22/02/2022)

Political parties focused on local elections (ht 22/02/2022)

Election Commission asks parties to register for local level elections : In 85 days from now, the elections will be held in a single phase to choose new representatives for 753 local units (kp 18/02/2022)

What if… voters got to reject candidates?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae 17/02/2022) [What do the high-handed politicians care about a ruling of the Supreme Court?], Right to reject : What we need is a mechanism for the public to express its disappointment with politicians (ae 17/02/2022) [There are probably not many countries where this is as urgently needed as in Nepal!]

Govt preparing to add 13 local units ahead of polls (nlt 17/02/2022)

SC issues order to register writ petition against local elections (nlt 17/02/2022)

Federal spirit in local elections : The parties should let their subnational organisational entities distribute election tickets, by Achyut Wagle (kp 15/02/2022)

Implement SC order to enable Nepalis abroad to vote' (ht 15/02/2022)

Teenagers turning 18 a-day before local level election date to be eligible for casting vote (kh 14/02/2022)

EC to register parties for local polls from Thursday (kh 14/02/2022), Registration of parties for local polls kicks off from today (kh 17/02/2022)

Election Commission to begin daily press briefing from today (kh 13/02/2022)

EC seeks an additional Rs 40 billion to conduct local level election: Minister Sharma (rep 11/02/2022)

Will people from Kalapani region get to exercise their franchise? There’s no voter list update. Nor does the poll body know which local units it is supposed to conduct elections in, by Prithvi man Shrestha and Anil Giri (kp 10/02/2022) [Sorry, but given the current circumstances, this question sounds ridiculous!]

Janamat Party Chair Raut warns of obstructing elections if farmers’ demands not addressed (kh 09/02/2022)

EC urges Ministry of Federal Affairs for making arrangements of necessary materials for local election (kh 08/02/2022), Home Minister and Finance Minister discuss election budget (kh 09/02/2022)

Govt decides to hold local polls on May 13 (rep 07/02/2022), Government decides to hold local level polls on May 13 : Those elected from second and third phases of polls in 2017 say they would challenge the move in the court, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 08/02/2022) [This doesn't have to be a problem. The elections can be held nationwide on one day. But those elected in 2017 will not be replaced by the newly elected until their five-year terms expire.], Some 1.6 Million New Voters Enlisted In A Year (rn 08/02/2022), Supreme Court moved against govt’s decision to hold local polls in May : Representatives elected in the second and third phases of the earlier local-level polls will not be able to serve for full five years if the polls are held in May, the petitioner has argued (nlt 09/02/2022), Supreme Court rejects petition challenging the date of local election : The petitioner, who approached the court arguing May 13 polls will deprive thousands of elected representatives of their right to five-year term, says he will appeal against the court’s refusal (kp 09/02/2022)

EC calls for application to design ballot papers (kh 05/02/2022)

Holding local level elections on May 18 may not end legal complications : Representatives elected in the second and third phases of the local level polls conducted in 2017 can move court asserting their right to serve for full five years, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 05/02/2022)

Election Commission estimates local-level elections to cost Rs 12 billion (nlt 03/02/2022)

Government, Election Commission agree to hold local polls on May 18 at one go : As Election Commission officials and the prime minister agreed on the date it will be formally announced through a cabinet decision soon (kp 01/02/2022), Government, poll authority agree to conduct local level elections on May 18 : Date yet to be officially announced, but it goes in line with the opposition demand and not to the liking of Prime Minister Deuba’s coalition partners, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 02/02/2022)

Election Commission Estimates Local Elections To Cost Rs. 12 Bln (rn 01/02/2022)

Local level elections: Law revision must or not? Depends who you ask : Ruling alliance says it will amend Acts to make them compatible with the constitution. First declare dates; if it’s by May 19, there is no need, the main opposition says, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 31/01/2022)

What constitution and election laws say about local level polls : Politicians and experts are divided over constitutional provisions and poll-related laws. Interpretations are different, by Tika R Pradhan and Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 30/01/2022)

Coalition makes a turnabout, agrees to hold local level polls by mid-June : Plans are afoot to align election laws with constitutional provisions. Confusion, however, persists, by Anil Giri (kp 30/01/2022)

Lawyers demand local elections be held on time (rep 30/01/2022)

All politics is local : Local governments elected in 2017 show what the country can look like when people are put first, by Sahina Shrestha (nt 28/01/2022), Think nationally, vote locally : Local government elections cannot be held hostage just because two national parties are afraid they will lose (nt 28/01/2022)

EC invites Law Ministry for discussion on election laws (kh 28/01/2022) [As long as the constitution is not changed, the elections have to take place as mentioned in the constitution, irrespective of what subordinate laws may say!]

Why Local Polls Draw Growing Interest, by Mukti Rijal (rn 27/01/2022)

Unified Socialist candidate Garima Shah gets elected from Sudurpaschim Province (kh 26/01/2022), All Candidates Of Ruling Coalition Elected To NA From Sudurpaschim, Lumbini Provinces (rn 26/01/2022), Ruling alliance secures victory in 18 of 19 seats in National Assembly poll (With list of elected candidates) (rep 27/01/2022), Ruling parties win 18 out of 19 seats in National Assembly elections (nlt 27/01/2022), UML the main sufferer yet a winner in National Assembly elections : The main opposition continues to be the largest party in the upper house despite losing seven seats. The ruling alliance wins in all provinces except Province 1, by Binod Ghimire (kp 27/01/2022)

National Assembly Election: Counting underway : Results to be out today itself (kh 26/01/2022)

Local level elections will be held by mid-April 2023: Madhav Nepal (kh 25/01/2022)) [According to Article 225 of the Constitution, local elections must be held five years after the last elections, and at the latest six months later. This is binding. What is written in subordinate laws may not be constitutional and then as irrelevant as the arguments of a handful of male Tagadharis at the head of the government and political parties. Nepal is not their property!], Plan to amend law to delay local polls faces criticism : Parties should not create instability by misinterpreting constitutional provisions, leaders and experts say, by Anil Giri (kp 25/01/2022), EC urges government to fix local election date at the earliest (kh)

EC all set to hold NA polls; voting from 9 am Wednesday (kh 25/01/2022)

Silent period for National Assembly election begins (kh 24/01/2022)

EC directs RPP to remove ‘monarchy’ and ‘Hindu state’ from its statute (kh 23/01/2022), RPP calls office bearers’ meeting as EC asks to remove Hindu state, monarchy from party statute (kh 23/01/2022), RPP to seek political and legal redressal against EC’s call to remove Hindu state, monarchy from party statute (kh 23/01/2022), EC warns of action if RPP does not amend statute, party logo (rep 23/01/2022)

It is govt’s responsibility to shape local level by holding polls: EC (rep 23/01/2022)

'Simultaneous elections not feasible', by Ram Kumar kamat (ht)

What if the local elections are not held on time? As the government is dithering over when to hold the local elections, experts warn that deferring local polls can have consequences on federalism and can also invite constitutional crisis, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt 23/01/2022)

Postponing local elections would be unconstitutional and undemocratic: Thapa (kh 20/01/2022) [The constitution allows for a slight postponement of local elections. Whether such a postponement makes sense is another question. Moreover, the constitution overrules the Local Election Act. The latter does not seem to conform to the rules of the Constitution!], Have No Dilemma On Local Polls, by Mukti Rijal (rn 20/01/2022)

Ruling alliance agrees to hold local polls in April (nlt 18/01/2022)

NC Election Committee dismisses complaint against Binod Chaudhary (kh 18/01/2022)

Division over local level poll dates as two ruling parties press for delays : CPN-UML for Election Commission-proposed dates while the Congress wants fresh discussion with political forces, by Binod Ghimire (kp 15/1/2022), Deuba in poll dilemma— whether to listen to his party or alliance partners : At least two parties in his coalition want three tiers of elections in one go. Congress thinks otherwise, by Anil Giri (kp 17/01/2022)

Political Parties Urge To Hold Local Elections On Time (rn 14/01/2022)

Time to tweak our electoral system, by Birendra Prasad Mishra (ae 13/01/2022)

Election Commission convenes all-party meeting Friday kh 12/01/2022)

National Assembly election code of conduct effective from today (kh 10/01/2022)

EC provides election symbols to parties vying in NA elections : Final list of candidates published (kh 09/01/2022)

The History Of Polls In Nepal, by Aashish Mishra (rn 08/01/2022)

Clean up elections to clean up politics : In a democracy, elections force accountability but the voting process itself needs to be overhauled, by Shristi Karki (nt 07/01/2022)

Volatile Mix of Politics and Religion : Local elections this year will be a kind of referendum on federalism and secularism (nt 07/01/2022)

Election Commission registers Good Governance Party, provides certificate of registration (kh 06/01/2022)

Registration of voters’ name list at Election Commission (rep 05/01/2022)

43 candidates from 12 parties register candidacies for NA election (with list) (kh 04/01/2022), NA election: Candidates allowed to spend up to Rs 350,000 (kh 05/01/2022), All you need to know about National Assembly elections : 19 members will be elected on January 26 to replace those who are retiring on March 4 (kp 05/01/2022)

EC dismisses Milan Pandey's complaint (rep 04/01/2022)

Electoral Integrity: A Crucial Aspect of Sustaining Democracy, by Rajaram Bartaula (rep 03/01/2022)

Preparations for local polls begin amid concerns from some ruling parties : CPN (Maoist Centre) and CPN (Unified Socialist) want all three elections to be held in a single phase in November, by Binod Ghimire (kp 01/01/2022) [Article 225 of the Constitution reads simply: "The term of office of a village assembly and a municipal assembly shall be five years from the date of election. A new village and municipal assembly shall be elected not later than six months after the expiry of such term." Where does it say that an additional law is needed? It would definitely be more cost effective to hold all elections on a single day. But it would be much more important to create the conditions for all eligible Nepali citizens to vote, including migrant workers, as the Supreme Court ruled long ago!]

Election process for National Assembly polls begins from today (kh 01/01/2022), EC to give election symbol to parties for NA elections on Jan 4 (kh 02/01/2022)

Election body’s removal of ‘unconstitutional’ terms from Maoist statute triggers debate : Election Commission says some phrases including ‘communism’ in the party charter contradict the constitution, by Binod Ghimire (kp 30/12/2021) [And what about parties that oppose the fundamentals of the constitution like RPP and Bibeksheel Sajha Party when they reject the achievements of the past decades and want to return to authoritarian Hindu monarchy? This is clearly against the interests of the multi-ethnic and multi-religious society of Nepal! The secular Republic of Nepal is ailing only because of the incompetent, corrupt, disinterested political elite that remains deeply rooted in Hindu thinking!]

12 parties to take part in National Assembly elections (kh 26/12/2021), Discussion Held On Election Security Strategy (rn 27/12/2021)

EC proposes to hold local levels election on April 27 (kh 24/12/2021)

Election Commission holding local level election on May 3 (kh 22/12/2021), When should the local elections be held? Election Commission says by May next year. Political parties don’t seem to be prepared, by Binod Ghimire (kp 23/12/2021), Govt preparing to hold local level polls on May 3: CEC Thapaliya (rep 23/12/2021)

Forgotten commitment by political parties : The law says that there should be at least one-third women at party committees at all levels, by Ila Sharma (kp 17/12/2021) [The machos at the top of the parties will never change without drastic punishments. Exclusion of the parties concerned at the next elections would be a guaranteed effective remedy! CPN-UML and NC would definitely be candidates!]

NA elections: EC calls on political parties for registration (kh 16/12/2021)

Deceased not to be included in electoral roll (kh 11/12/2021

NA Election: Candidacy Nomination On Jan 4, Election On Jan 25 (rn 07/12/2021)

Govt not ready for out-of-country voting : EC says existing laws need to be amended to enable Nepalis living abroad to vote, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 05/12/2021) [The government has had more than four years to fulfil the SC's order in this regard!]

Voter-list being collected at 637 local level centers from today (kh 03/12/2021)

Voter IDs to be registered in all 77 districts (rep 01/12/2021)

Upcoming upper house polls could leave a weakened UML even weaker : A loss may be solely the UML’s but holds the potential for affecting national understanding by deepening the divide, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 25/11/2021)

EC warns NC, UML against using govt staff (ht 24/11/2021), EC's warning : Any tendency to rebuff the EC's warning by the two parties will only have other political forces ritually following their footsteps (ht 25/11/2021)

Voters name list to be collected at local level centers (kp 22/11/2021)

Govt to hold National Assembly elections by Jan 22 (kh 10/11/2021), National Assembly member election to be held on January 26 (rep 20/11/2021)

Election Commission legitimizes Chair Mishra-led Bibeksheel Sajha Party : The election body approves the party's recent amendment to statute (kh 04/11/2021)

Possibility of early elections diminishing : The constitution has no provision for vote before schedule and most parties in the ruling alliance are still unprepared, by Anil Giri (kp 31/10/2021)

How and when will the three-tier elections be held?, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (ae 28/10/2021)

20 Seats of 20 National Assembly lawmakers falling vacant (rep 26/10/2021), PM, EC Officials Discuss NA, Local Elections (rn 26/10/2021)

Election Commission gears up for local elections (kh 26/10/2021) [One should not expect too much. None of Nepal's parties and political leaders feel bound by the constitution and laws!]

Early elections are in talks, but there are complications galore : Besides legal hurdles, coalition partners also have some issues, while Deuba may face a hard time justifying it, by Anil Giri (kp 20/10/2021)

Ruling coalition mulls holding three-tire elections simultaneously (kh 18/10/2021)

Poll prospects of new parties depend on how alliances evolve : Formation of CPN (Unified Socialist) and Loktantrik Samajbadi could lead to vote splitting, and for them  to gain, they will have to rely on others, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 30/08/2021)

Right to reject: To vote or not to vote?, by Anoushka Pant (ht 30/08/2021)

EC asks people’s representatives to decide their party by September 7 (kh 29/08/2021)

EC summons leaders of CPN-Unified (Socialist) and DSP for identification today (kh 25/08/2021), CPN-Unified (Socialist) leaders at EC for verification (kh 25/08/2021), DSP leaders reach Election Commission for verification (kh 25/08/2021)

EC allocates time for Madhav Nepal’s party verification : Calls leaders to show before Commission from 11.30 am to 2 pm on Wednesday (kh 24/08/2021)

EC to ignore Oli faction's claim, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 23/08/2021)

EC calls Madhav Nepal and Mahanta Thakur’s parties for verification (kh 20/08/2021)

Election Commission updates central executive committee of Samajbadi Party : In the new body, party chair Mahantha Thakur and his 15 supporters have not been included, pushing the party towards a split, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 10/08/2021)

EC cancels registration of 41 political parties (kh 03/08/2021)

EC cancels election schedule for HoR (kh 15/07/2021)

EC endorses mid-term polls date; unveiling 67-pt election schedule today (kh 05/07/2021), Election Commission unveils calendar of events for November ‘mid-term polls’ (rep 05/07/2021) [Even before the SC decides on the unconstitutionality of the HoR dissolution?]

Election body preparing for polls despite uncertainty : The Election Commission plans to issue a tender notice next week for the procurement of election materials, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 03/07/2021) [Oli is now to blame for this situation for the second time. He should be held personally responsible for the completely unnecessary expenses if the SC declares his actions unconstitutional this time as well, which is to be assumed! It would have been much more important to use the time to finally prepare a postal voting option so that migrant workers and other expatriate Nepalis, election workers and security personnel could also vote. Denying them the right to vote is unconstitutional!

Not the right time to conduct polls : Faulty comparisons, by Mahendra P Joshi (ht 02/07/2021)

Abide by the code : The office-bearers must live up to the people's expectations and take impartial and fair actions as per the legal provisions (ht 01/07/2021)

Maoist Center reaches EC demanding dismissal of its 18 leaders defecting to UML (kh 18/06/2021)

JSP Yadav faction re-approaches EC to claim legitimacy within party (kh 18/06/2021)

Elections will be held during COVID-19 pandemic, claims PM Oli (kh 17/06/2021) [???]

EC’s decision partial and prejudiced, says JSP Chair Yadav (kh 15/06/2021), Maoist Spokesperson Shrestha accuses EC of being govt’s hand puppet (kh 15/06/2021)

Election Commission refuses validating actions taken by JSP rival factions (kh 13/06/2021)

Election Commission’s selective way of decisions comes into question : Poll body, which was reluctant to act promptly on the now  defunct Nepal Communist Party dispute and on UML, is quick to decide on the issues of Janata Samajbadi Party, by Binod Ghimire and Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 04/06/2021)

With 4,178 new cases, Nepal's Covid-19 tally reaches 561,302 : The Health Ministry reports 114 new deaths including figures from the past few days based on statistics from the Nepal Army (kp 31/05/2021)

Vote casting in NA by-polls of Lumbini Pradesh kicks off : Election results to be published today itself (kh 31/05/2021), Lumbini NA by-election:  276 voters cast votes as of 12 noon (kh 31/05/2021), Drigha Narayan Pandey elected to NA from Lumbini Province (kh 31/05/2021)

Nepal Public Health Association demands to annul mid-term elections (kh 26/05/2021)

EC advices PM to conduct election in a single phase (kh 23/05/2021)

CPN (Unified) Party registered at EC : Party’s leader Jiwan Rai is close to Madhav Nepal; election symbol pen (kh 23/05/2021) [This indicates a formal split of the CPN-UML in the making!]

Khim Lal Devkota defeats Ram Bahadur Thapa in National Assembly election : Devkota, an independent candidate backed by Nepal-Khanal faction of the UML, had the support of Congress and Maoist Centre. Thapa was fielded by the UML (kp 20/05/2021) [Both Oli and Thapa really deserve this!]

EC holding by-elections in Bagmati tomorrow, in Lumbini on May 31 (kh 19/05/2021)

RPP issues whip to vote for Home Minister Thapa (kh 19/05/2021) [The monarchists and supporters of the Hindu state support the election of a former Maoist! Someone must have radically changed his mind, and it is not the RPP!], PM Oli violates election code of conduct, EC warns of action (rep 19/05/2021), PM Oli urges to cast votes for Thapa in NA by-elections (kh 19/05/2021)

Badal and Devkota file candidacies for NA by-election (kh 07/05/2021)

EC prepares financial procedure for NA seat by-election (kh 27/04/2021)

Election Commission earns disrepute over communist party legitimacy indecision : The commission has time and again failed to resist influence despite being a constitutional body, observers say, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 17/04/2021)

Purse Plays Havoc In The Polls, by Mukti Rijal (rn 15/04/2021)

Election in crisis : Why we need to talk about, by Apurva Singh (ht 08/04/2021)

Nepal’s Updated Voters Stand At 16,243,110 (rn 18/03/2021)

Poll commission to resume voter registration this week : Following the Covid-19 lockdown and the government announcement to conduct  snap elections, enrolment had been halted for a long time, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 17/03/2021)

Upholding SC verdict, Election Commission scraps Oli-Dahal’s NCP, revives erstwhile CPN (UML) and NCP (Maoist Center) (rep 09/03/2021), EC asks UML and Maoist Center to come up with new name and election symbol if  they opt for fresh merger (rep 09/03/2021), EC scraps Oli-Dahal led NCP (kh 09/03/2021), Poll body’s rush to enforce court decision raises questions about its credibility : That the commission had shown no urgency to resolve the NCP dispute leaves room for suspicion, former officials argue, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 10/03/2021)

Supreme Court awards Nepal Communist Party to Rishiram Kattel : The decision makes the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) registered under Oli and Dahal in May 2018 illegitimate (kp 07/03/2021), SC recognizes Rishi Kattel’s party authentic NCP : Annuls Prachanda-Oli’s NCP (kh 07/03/2021) [This means that the two divided factions of the ruling party must immediately look for a new names. Both use of the name NCP is illegitimate! The question remains why the SC took so long to make this important decision. The EC should never have recognised Oli and Dahal's party as NCP under existing law!]

Poll commission to discuss legitimacy claims of Dahal-Nepal faction next week : The Election Commission’s indecision has drawn widespread criticism, including from former commissioners, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 06/03/2021), Supreme Court final verdict on NCP’s name row on Sunday (kh 06/03/2021), EC holding meeting to sort out NCP’s authenticy row today (kh 07/03/2021)

House restored but poll body still has to settle ruling party dispute : Experts say the Supreme Court verdict may have taken some pressure off Election Commission but it cannot sit on the case forever, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 26/02/2021)

EC undecided which NCP faction legitimate (ht 23/02/2021)

Election commission to set up 21,000 polling booths : Preparations for elections moving forward smoothly, officials say even as  settlement of the Nepal Communist Party dispute appears far off (kp 21/02/2021)

Wisdom of the crowds : The only definite way of gauging the will of the people is through an election, by Sambridh Ghimire (kp 21/02/2021) [There may have to be early elections in the near future, but not now. At the moment, the only question is whether Oli was allowed to dissolve parliament in order to prolong his personal power or whether he had to abide by the internationally customary democratic rules of the game: resignation or a vote of confidence in parliament. Only then, if no new government can be formed, may there be new elections!]

Poll body continues election preparations while ignoring the dispute in Nepal Communist Party : After it said 30-day deadline for claiming legitimacy had passed, Dahal-Nepal faction submitted another set of papers which the poll body is studying, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 20/02/2021)

Government seeks logistical support from India, China even as poll uncertainty continues : Poll body has yet to resolve dispute in Nepal Communist Party, a must for holding elections, but it has expedited other works, by Anil Giri (kp 17/02/2021)

Poll body steps up preparations, but indecision on Nepal Communist Party legitimacy continues : Amid concerns over spring elections, Dahal-Nepal faction says preparations lack meaning without resolving party row, by Binod Ghimire (kp 15/02/2021)

Oli’s large-scale secretary transfers in lead-up to elections come into question : More transfers of bureaucrats as well as of police officers are on the cards, officials say. Past experience shows  that officials have a role in influencing elections, by Anil Giri (kp 14/02/2021)

Oli asking poll body not to get into any party disputes raises concerns : As polls are not possible until the Nepal Communist Party issue is resolved, analysts wonder if the prime minister has a different game plan to drive his opponents into a corner, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 10/02/2021)

Govt decides to hold midterm elections in 40 districts in first phase and in 37 districts in second phase (rep 09/02/2021)

PM Oli reaches Election Commission to take stock of preparations for elections and seek his faction's official recognition as legitimate NCP (rep 09/02/2021)

Dahal-Nepal faction reaches Election Commission seeking official recognition as legitimate NCP (rep 02/02/2021), Dahal-Nepal faction stakes claim to Nepal Communist Party at poll body : Experts say it is up to the Election Commission to decide how to take the issue forward, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 03/02/2021)

Oli, despite leading caretaker Cabinet, on spree to inaugurate and award projects : Inaugurating them is an attempt to influence elections which the poll body should look into and awarding them risks future governments not owning them, observers say, by Anil Giri (kp 31/01/2021) [The minimum punishment for a coup plotter should be that he should never again be allowed to participate in elections or hold public office!]

Litmus Test Of Constitutional Bodies, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 31/01/2021)

900,000 names added to voters’ list ahead of polls (kp 31/01/2021)

It’s time for parties to register for polls but Oli-Dahal’s legitimacy row remains : Election Commission this week decided not to give legitimacy to either faction of Nepal Communist Party. But with elections nearing, it will have to make a choice, experts say, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 30/01/2021) [Wouldn't it be time for an interim order by the Supreme Court to halt election preparations pending a final decision on the constitutionality of the dissolution of parliament? Nepal is facing irreparable damage!]

Poll body refuses to give legitimacy to either faction of Nepal Communist Party : Factions led by Oli, and Dahal and Nepal have failed to follow procedures, officials say, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 25/01/2021), Election Commission invites both Oli and Dahal factions to discuss upcoming midterm polls (rep 28/01/2021)

Election Commission to notify donors about  potential areas of cooperation to hold elections : Officials to allocate budget for elections from internal resources while keeping door open for assistance in kind, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 25/01/2021) [Regular elections should be supported by donor countries in the interest of preserving democratic processes, but not completely superfluous early elections that serve only the power interests of a PM who has failed on all fronts!]

More than 50 different items are needed for polls, Election Commission says as preparations begin Even if Supreme Court decides Oli’s dissolution was constitutional, dispute in Nepal Communist Party has to be settled before polls are possible, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 17/01/2021) [And what about the voting rights of expatriate Nepalis, especially the millions of migrant workers? The Supreme Court's ruling in this regard is binding law, but the incompetent Oli government has done nothing so far!!]

CEC Thapaliya stresses need to update voters’ list before polls (ht 14/01/2021)

Nepal Communist Party has been cleaved in two, but a formal—legal—split seems to be heading to stalemate : The Election Commission says neither the Oli faction nor the Dahal-Nepal camp has presented the necessary  paperwork for it to be recognised as the legitimate party. And neither seems to want to take the blame for split, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 13/01/2021)

EC amends rules to recognise NCP split : Will decide which faction of the party should use original party’s name, flag, and election symbol during polls (ht 06/01/2021)

EC writes to PM Oli, Dahal factions on legitimacy claims (ht 04/01/2021)

Large number of people could be disenfranchised if polls are held as planned : The government has announced midterm elections on April 30 and May 10 but experts say there isn’t enough time for new voters to get registered, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 02/01/2020)

Voters Name List Being Updated From January 28 (rn 01/01/2020)

EC starts updating voters’ list (ht 28/12/2020), Election Commission starts preparing for polls : The constitutional body is assessing the budget, human resources and materials required and taking stock of its logistics, officials say, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 29/12/2020), Poll Preparations : As per the apex court order, the govt must enact a law allowing voting right of the migrant workers from their host countries (ht 29/12/2020) [!!!!]

Election Commission to settle dispute over legitimacy of Nepal Communisty Party : After the Dahal-Nepal faction submitted the necessary documents claiming legitimacy, the commission will now ask the Oli faction for its response to the claim, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 26/12/2020)

Nepalis abroad will get to vote: Minister Bhusal (rep 06/09/2020)

Review Election System For Stability, by Mukti Rijal (rn 07/05/2020)

Riddles of electoral democracy: Is there any rational to participate in voting? Why are we voting? For whom are we voting? Isn’t it time to look for an improved system of securing representation even when that happens through voting?, by Pranab Kharel and Gaurab KC (rep 05/05/2020)

NC ward chair’s post declared void after party change (kh 04/05/2020)

EC submits NA election results to president (ht 30/01/2020)

NCP bags 16 out of 18 NA seats up for grabs (ht 24/01/2020) [Once again extremely inclusive: 50 % are Bahuns, 5 of them male; not a single Janajati besides one Shrestha; only one Madheshi; no Dalit woman!], NCP sweeps upper house elections: Nepali Congress loses seven seats (rep 24/01/2020)

Preparations for NA polls in full swing (ht 19/01/2020)

EC completes preparations for upper house election (rep 17/01/2020)

Nominations filed for NA elections slated for Jan 23 (ht 06/01/2020)

NC, RJP-N finalise candidates for National Assembly elections (ht 05/011/2020)

NCP leadership takes unilateral decision as it picks National Assembly candidates: The party leadership failed to live up to its recent commitment to following due process, accuse leaders, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 04/01/2019) [Long live the authoritarian male political leaders and their anti-democratic behaviour!], NCP finalises NA election candidates (ht 04/01/2020) [Wow, really inclusive: Far more than half of them are Bahuns!]

Election Commission publishes NA elections schedule (ht 19/12/2019)

NCP, RJP-N to support each other in NA polls (ht 19/12/2019)

EC to consult political parties for NA election (ht 07/12/2019), EC starts preparation for NA elections (rep 08/12/2019), EC preparing for NA elections (ht 10/12/2019), Party registration for upper house member election begins (rep 14/12/2019)

Electoral reforms: To ensure free, fair polls, by Krishna Man Pradhan (ht 06/12/2019)

By-elections’ Messages To Political Parties, by Siddhi B Ranjitkar (km 05/12/2019)

Lessons from Sri Lanka: Provision of postal vote is something Nepal can immediately learn from Sri Lanka. In Nepal, thousands of security personnel and election staff cannot vote during the elections, by Krishna M. Pradhan (rep 04/12/2019)

NC registers historic victory in Dharan (ht 03/12/2019), Dharan election, a cause for concern for ruling NCP (ht 03/12/2019), Congress candidate wins in Dharan after decades, by Rohit Rai (rep 03/2/2019)

Curbing corruption: Faulty election system of First Past the Post is one of the main reasons responsible for motivating political corruption, by Kul Ratna Bhurtel (rep 02/12/2019)

NC candidate Bhandel wins SA by-poll from Bhaktapur (ht 02/12/2019), Late minister Adhikari’s wife wins landslide victory (ht 02/12/2019), Back in politics with a landslide:
Bidya Bhattarai’s election as member of parliamente
, by Sandesh Shrestha (rep 03/12/2019)

19 candidates fail to garner even a single vote (ht 02/12/2019)

New parties face drubbing in by-elections as Nepalis continue to vote along party lines: “They failed to convince the voters as to what they would bring to the table if they were given a chance”, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 02/12/2019), In by-election results, ruling party's popularity declines but opposition is unable to capitalise: Contesting polls for the first time as a unified party, the Nepal Communist Party should’ve won even more seats, but it failed to perform as expected, analysts say, by Anil Giri (kp 02/12/2019), Election results show no major change in political equation (rep 02/12/2019)

65.43 per cent votes cast in by-elections (ht 01/12/2019)

Voters’ turnout low compared to last elections (ht 01/12/2019), 16.4pc ballots cast at Thawang of Rolpa district (ht 01/12/2019)

Explosions mar by-polls in places (ht 01/12/2019)

337 candidates contesting for 52 seats (ht 30/11/2019)

By-elections unlikely to affect national politics, analysts say: Given the organisational structure of the traditional parties, observers say there is little chance for newcomers to enter the system, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 29/11/2019)

IED detonated outside ruling party candidate’s office in Mahottari: The explosion has caused minor damages to the building while there were no human casualties, by Santosh Singh (kp 29/11/2019)

Candidates of major parties are canvassing in swing areas for Dharan by-poll: The Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and the Nepali Congress (NC) have intensified their poll activities targeting the swing voters of the landless squatters, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 27/11/2019)

There is a blatant disregard for the Election Code of Conduct: Candidates running for office—be it at the local, provincial or federal level—have the responsibility to be true to their words and lead by example (kp 27/11/2019)

Election fervor grips Kaski-2, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 27/11/2019)

Strike nationalism out of election agenda: Dahal, by Tilakram Rimal (ht 26/11/2019)

Nine persons calling for poll boycott arrested: The arrested are cadres of the CP Gajurel-led Deshbhakta Ganatantrik Morcha (ht 26/11/2019)

Candidates in final phase of campaign (ht 26/11/2019)

Kaski-2 by-election: Criteria for building near river changed for votes, by Bharat Koirala (ht 22/11/2019), Tough fight expected between NCP and Congress (ht 23/11/2019)

Election code of conduct violation complaints filed (ht 21/11/2019)

Political parties found violating election code of conduct in Sankhuwasabha: Government vehicles are being used in election publicity campaigns, by Dipendra Shakya (kp 18/11/2019)

Nominations filed for by-election (ht 14/11/2019), 13 candidates register for post of chairman (ht 14/11/2019)

Govt told to take custody of licensed arms: All weapons to be deposited at the nearest police station (ht 13/11/2019)

Parties often prioritise women candidates to cash in on sympathy votes: The fielding of a number of candidates in the upcoming by-elections fits a tendency to award election tickets to women after the demise of their husbands, by Binod Ghimire (kp 12/11/2019), A ticket for her: The old practice of fielding wives in their husbands’ former seats continues (kp 13/11/2019)

EC publishes final list of 64 candidates (ht 11/11/2019), EC publishes final list of by-poll candidates (rep 11/11/2019), Sherman withdraws by-election candidacy (ht 11/11/2019), NCP rebel candidate fails to withdraw candidacy for by-polls, by Sangam Gharti Magar (rep 11/11/2019)

All polling stations marked sensitive in Makalu for the upcoming by-election: The by-election is going to be held for the position of chairperson in Makalu Rural Municipality, by Dipendra Shakya (kp 09/11/2019)

Election fever grips Dharan (ht 09/11/2019)

Rastriya Janata Party and Samajbadi Party eye electoral alliance for November 30 polls: The Janata Party will support the Samajbadi Party for three provincial assembly and a federal parliament seat, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 09/11/2019)

With nominations filed, election fever grips Kaski Constituency-2: NCP, Sajha and Bibeksheel have fielded woman candidates, while Nepali Congress has chosen a long-time party member, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 08/11/2019), 65 in fray for one HoR, three PA seats (ht 08/11/2019), 70 contesting 4 legislative seats (rep 08/11/2019)

Govt to mobilise army for by-election security (ht 08/11/2019)

Eyes on by-elections (rep 07/11/2019)

Parties scramble to finalise candidates: It appears that none of the major political parties have been able to finalise the list of their candidates (ht 03/11/2019), Choose able persons: Political parties should field candidates who are honest, competent and have maintained a clean image in society in the by-elections (ht 04/11/2019), Battle of narratives as parties settle for by-polls in test of Oli’s popularity (rep 05/11/2019), NC struggles to finalise candidates (ht 06/11/2019), 17 booths, 31 election centres in Panchthar (ht 06/11/2019)

Parties busy discussing whom to field for by-polls (rep 02/11/2019)

Government prepares security plan for by-polls (ht 02/11/2019)

Candidates yet to submit election expenses (ht 31/10/2019) [after 2 years!!]

By-election code: EC must thoroughly check for any criminal background of a person after he/she files nomination for a public post to be elected by the voters (ht 31/10/2019)

NCP Kaski committee picks Bidhya Bhattarai as by-election candidate: Bhattarai is the widow of Rabindra Adhikari, the minister for culture, tourism and civil aviation who died in a helicopter crash in Taplejung on February 27, by Deepak Pariyar (kp 26/10/2019)

With two weeks for nomination deadline, parties just start discussions on candidates for the by-election: One federal seat and three provincial assembly seats will be up for grabs during the November 30 polls, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 25/10/2019)

Sajha Party announces its candidate for Kaski by-election: Nepal Communist Party and Nepali Congress struggling to pick party candidate, by Deepak Pariyar (kp 24/10/2019)

52 poll officers appointed (rep 22/10/2019)

EC publishes by-elections schedule (ht 19/10/2019)

Over 20,000 new voters eligible to cast vote in by-elections (ht 17/10/2019)

Ruling Nepal Communist Party stares at tough by-election: Government’s poor show and controversies surrounding some leaders could affect performance during polls, analysts say, by Thika R. Pradhan (kp 14/10/2019)

By-elections And Expenditure, by Mukti Rijal (rn 05/09/2019)

EC urges political parties to register for upcoming by-elections (rep 03/09/2019)

NCP, NC intensify search for candidate for Kaski-2 by-elections: PM Oli urges Bamdev Gautam, a party veteran, to contest by-elections from Kaski-2 (rep 04/08/2019)  [There can never be enough male Bahuns in parliament to represent their meagre 6 per cent castemates! Long live non-inclusive Bahunvad!]

Nov 30 fixed for all by-polls (rep 03/08/2019)

Debate on external voting rages on, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 23/07/2019), Ensure absentee vote: As ordered by the apex court, Parliament has to pass law allowing Nepali expats to vote in the three tiers of elections (ht 24/07/2019)

Students risking their lives for higher education, by Yogesh Rawal (rep 05/07/2019)

EC begins work on by-elections (rep 05/07/2019)

Chitwan court finds Maoist activists guilty of tearing ballot papersat local poll: Next hearing to hand down punishment, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 14/06/2019), Court convicts 2 Maoists for tearing up ballots in Chitwan, by Sabita Shrestha (rep 15/06/2019), Court yet to pronounce sentence for Bharatpur vote vandals, by Sabita Shrestha (rep 21/06/2019), Maoist activists-duo fined with Rs 100,000 each for tearing up ballot paper (rep 02/07/2019)

PHC confirms Thapaliya as CEC (ht 18/04/2019)

CEC nomination draws flak from civil society (ht 07/04/2019)

Voting for change: An integrated electoral system will not only limit electioneering costs but also make the representatives responsible to their voters, by Birendra P Mishra (kp 07/04/2019)

Elections in Nepal: Mixed system needed, by Birendra P Mishra (ht 05/04/2019)

Review electoral system for good governance, says CIAA chief (ht 03/04/2019)

Hearing of CEC candidate deferred at NC’s request (kp 01/04/2019)

Empower EC: The EC should be given the powers to set the dates for the elections so as to make the body both autonomous and powerful (ht 27/03/2019)

Election Commission without chief as CEC Yadav retires (rep 25/03/2019), Thapaliya recommended for the position of chief election commissioner, by Binod Ghimire (kp 26/03/2019)

SAC tells govt to conduct by-elections by mid-May (rep 20/12/2018)

Party name dispute: Apex court serves show cause to NCP, poll body, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 11/12/2018)

A check for change: Why do we need reform in election laws?, by Krishna Man Pradhan (kp 02/12/2018)

Elections and disability: Disabled communities in Nepal are disenfranchised before, during, and after elections, by Gianna Francesca M Catolico (rep 18/11/2018)

By-polls uncertain due to govt delay in clearing legal hurdles: 28 seats in local and provincial constituencies are vacant (rep 17/11/2018)

General elections 2017: Parties flagrantly violated code of conduct: Report (ht 17/11/2018)

Candidates yet to submit details of poll expenses (ht 02/11/2018)

EC seeks funds to study external voting, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 28/10/2018)

Poll body to make a call on parties’ name dispute: The Election Commission is likely to make a call on the matter in its meeting on Thursday, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 25/10/2018) [The ruling party does not have the right on its side just because it is the stronger party! Its recognition under the name NCP by the Election Commission in May 2018 was not understandable!], EC fails to resolve party name row: Members of both parties failed to arrive at a mutual understanding on the issue (kp 26/10/2018), Ruling communist party gets its contested name: Poll body quashes Kattel’s petition claiming the Nepal Communist Party name along with the acronyms (kp 27/10/2018) [??]

96 parties fail to furnish property details: EC (kp 24/10/2018)

Nepalis abroad set to exercise voting right: Court orders facilities for citizens to vote from foreign destinations, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 03/09/2018), Ensure voting rights for Nepalis living abroad, SC tells government, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 03/09/2018), Right to vote for Nepalis living abroad (rep 04/09/2018), Enabling Nepalis abroad to vote: ‘Government should start preparations immediately’, by Roshan S Nepal (ht 26/09/2018)

Election a costly affair: Report says most candidates spent beyond EC limit, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 17/07/2018), Big money: An estimated bill of Rs131 billion shows that electoral spending has increased sharply (kp 18/07/2018)

EC chief asks govt to fix dates for next elections well in advance (ht 28/06/2018)

SC tells poll body to clarify over NCP (kp 18/06/2018)

16 parties yet to submit poll expense details: Expenditure details are required to make parties accountable, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 10/06/2018), Poll expenses: The Election Commission Act and rules have given power to poll body to take legal actions against those who don’t abide by the law (ht 11/06/2018)

Parties to be told to ensure 33pc women representation (ht 09/06/2018) [This is ridiculous after the NCP has been officially recognised with only 16pc women!]

NCP violates Party Registration Act with low representation of women (rep 03/06/2018), EC decides to register NCP, ignoring law (rep 07/06/2018) [Leading parties can do what they want! Obviously, they are above law and constitution!], Move afoot to challenge poll panel’s decision to register NCP (NCP): Proportional representation of women in all organs of the state is crucial to empower women, but more worrisome is the fact that the prime minister and ruling party co-chairpersons are openly defying the legal provisions (ht 08/06/2018), The ruling Nepal Communist Party, among others, break the law to exclude women: They have three months to comply, by Shuchashree Basnyat (The Record 10/06/2018)

EC asks govt to ensure safety of commissioners (kp 24/04/2018)

Quest for identity: Nepal has only one decade of reservation policy but voices of resistance has started to be heard, mainly from dominant community, by Nishnu Think (rep 22/04/2018)

EC to start voter registration from Sunday (ht 13/04/2018)

EC spent millions in donor funds with no audit: OAG report (rep 13/04/2018), OAG report shows rampant financial irregularities in EC (ht 15/04/2018)

EC to release 44 surplus cars (kp 28/03/2018)

EC to review elections (ht 28/03/2018)

SC orders govt to ensure migrants’ right to vote, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 23/03/2018)

EU mission urges EC to maintain transparency (kp 21/03/2018), [see official eu report], Mission against Khas-Aryas’ proportional representation (kp 21/03/2018), EU-EOM report undermines successful holding of election: Government (rep 21/03/2018), Govt rejects EU report on elections: Foreign Ministry says the report not only undermines the recent polls, but also goes against the scope and norms of international election observation (kp 22/03/2018), Stop comments challenging constitution: Govt tells EU (rep 22/03/2018), Uncalled-for report: The Eu election observation mission has gone beyond its mandate to comment on political issues that have already been settled (ht 23/03/2018), EU report totally unacceptable: EC (rep 23/03/2018), Hail to the chiefs, by Om Astha Rai (nt 23/03/2018), Baburam’s U-turn, by Om Astha Rai (nt 23/03/2018), EU mission sticks to advice for EC (kp 24/03/2018), EUEOM claims it fully abided by ToR, MoU (ht 24/03/2018), European Union’s Divisive Mission, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 25/03/2018) [Criticising the EU and favouring the non-inclusive politics of Nepal's male Tagadhari politicians! The EU critics is necessary and justified as long as these politicians continue their non-inclusive practice of selecting candidates for the FPTP system!], PM Oli urges EU to correct its report on election observation (ht) [What kind of election observation shall this be? The EU shall claim that the election has been inclusive and that there have to be additional Tagadhari representatives elected though the PR system even though you and the other parties have predominantly nominated male Tagadhari candidates for the FPTP system?], PM criticises EU poll mission for its report (kp 26/03/2018), EU report smacks of rancour,  says Prime Minister Oli (ht 26/03/2018), EUEOM report is an insult to Nepal's sovereignty: PM (rep 26/03/2018), Long-term returns: Govt is rightly keen to maintain state’s autonomy but must guard against majoritarian overreach (kp 16/03/2018) [Hopefully, the PM and others of the over-represented male Tagadhari leaders have time and are able to read this excellent editorial!], PCN asks EU to retract poll report (kp 26/03/2018) [??????], Lest we ignore: Provisions of positive discrimination are meant to benefit under-represented groups and its very purpose is defeated if an already dominant ethnicity is brought under its ambit, by CK Lal (rep 26/03/2018), UML, Maoists, NC slam EU mission’s poll report: Congress MPs avoid issue in House n RJP-N members say report rightly seeks changes (kp 27/03/2018), What EU wants: Nepal is a home to more than 100 ethnic communities, multiple castes and languages. Why should EU always target Khas Arya?, by Prem Singh Basnyat (rep 28/03/2018) [The basic misunderstanding is that the EU did not "direct" Nepal, as the author claims, to exclude Tagadhari castes from the PR system but simply "advised" the state to think about better inclusion of still disadvantaged sections of society in the election system! This has been part of the EU's election observation task because it has to do with the fairness of recent elections. An intervention into the internal affairs of Nepal would have been if the EU had "directed" the parties to stop their outstanding preference of male Tagadharis when nominating FPTP candidates! If the FPTP system becomes inclusive for all sections of society, there would be no reason to exclude any social group from the PR system!], Touching a raw nerve: If we want to brag about being a democracy, we should have the courage to go through this process of review by the EU EOM, by Pramod Mishra (kp 29/03/2018)

Bidari, Khatiwada, Paudyal can’t vote in prez election (ht 11/03/2018)

Nominations for prez race today; Congress CWC meet to pick presidential candidate (kp 07/03/2018)

Two parties submit PA elections expenses: NC spends Rs28.08m and Maoist Centre Rs4.90m, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 04/03/2018)

Parliament Secretariat told to fix schedule for election of speaker, NA chair (ht 01/03/2018), Prez polls process starts on Monday: EC appoints Senior Judge Til Prasad Shrestha as Election Officer (kp 02/03/2018), Election panel puts Rs400k limit for presidency runners: Election Commission to fine candidates exceeding spending limit, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 03/03/2018)

Tikapur carnage suspect surrenders: Kailali District Court remands MP-elect Chaudhary in judicial custody, by Arjun Shah (kp 27/02/2018)

Maoist leader moves SC for not getting MP spot (kp 19/02/2018)

EC starts work on presidential election (rep 16/02/2018), Ambiguity over presidential poll date: EC to announce schedule after consulting the government (kp 17/02/2018)

EC submits poll results to Prez (kp 15/02/2018)

EC to hand over election results to President today, by Prithvi Man Shestha (kp 14/02/2018)

EC submits NA election results to president (kp 12/02/2018)

UML finalises PR list: Motilal Dugar becomes MP again (kp 12/02/2018), UML sends 37 women, 4 men to parliament under PR system (rep 12/02/2018), Poll body instructs three parties to correct PR list (kp 13/02/2018)

Basnet, Paudel, Joshi named for 3 National Assembly seats (kp 11/02/2018), Prez to consult legal experts on National Assembly nominees (ht 12/02/2018), Prez okays Khatiwada, Bidari, Poudel for NA (kp 21/02/2018), Fresh NA appointments ‘unconstitutional’: Congress (kp 21/02/2018), Dignity of office: The President chose to sit on the recommendation of Deuba government until a new government under Oli took office (ht 22/02/2018), Deuba govt’s NA nominees move SC (ht 24/02/2018), Apex court stays oath ceremony of 3 NA members (kp 26/02/2018), SC halts oath-taking of 3 upper house members, by Ananta Raj Luitel (rep 26/02/2018)

EC to present poll results to Prez within Wednesday (rep 11/02/2018)

EC: Presidential election in 3rd week of March, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 05/02/2018)

SC refuses to halt NA election process (kp 03/02/2018)

10,000 ballot papers printed for NA election (ht 02/02/2018)

CMs through vote if consensus fails: UML; Party leaders stand against the Standing Committee picking CMs, ministers and Speakers from the centre (kp 31/01/2018)

Voting duplex: Single transferable voting system remains unpopular because of large constituencies, complex counting and parochial politics, by Bikal Shrestha (rep 30/01/2018)

Bhusal pulls out of race in favour of Thapa, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 30/01/2018)

All Province 2 candidates elected to NA (ht 29/01/2018)

Election symbols to be allocated to NA candidates on Monday (rep 28/01/2018), NA candidates get election symbols (kp 30/01/2018)

Make NA voters aware of voting technique, EC staffers told (ht 27/01/2018)

Complaint against UML NA candidate (ht 27/01/2018)

Poll expenditure of losing candidates in Gulmi more than that of winners, by Shiva Lal Subedi (rep 27/01/2018)

Parties ready names, mostly, for National Assembly vote (kp 24/01/2018), EC set to receive nominations for NA election (ht 24/01/2018), 83 file nominations for Upper House polls: With 17 candidates elected unopposed, 66 to contest for 43 seats, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 25/01/2018), 83 file papers for 56 Upper House seats: Seventeen, including 12 women, to be elected unopposed on January 29, by Arjun Poudel (ht 25/01/2018), Nominations filed for NA polls in all seven provinces: Each province will elect eight members to the National Assembly (ht 25/01/2018), Discontent rife in parties over NA lists, by Roshan S. Nepal (kp 25/01/2018), Naya Shakti, Bibeksheel to back NC pick (kp 25/01/2018), Maoist victim files candidacy for NA, by Prakash Adhikari (kp 25/01/2017), Parties’ Upper House picks dismay watchers, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 27/01/2018)

EC publishes voters’ list for NA election (kp 22/01/2018)

National Assembly election: ay to vote: Marking, not stamping (kp 21/01/2018)

EC to mobilise technical teams to facilitate NA vote counting (ht 19/01/2018)

EC declares PR winners for provincial assemblies (kp 18/01/2018), EC names winners of provincial PR seats (rep 18/01/2018), EC makes public name list of PR winners for provincial assemblies (kp 19/01/2018) [list of all elected PR MPs], Wait over as EC gives winners certificates: 172 of the 220 provincial assembly members elected under the PR category are women (kp 20/01/2018)

Trickle-down democracy: EC needs to improve voting procedures so all citizens can vote and electoral outcomes better represent them, by Sanjay Sharma (kp 17/01/2018)

EC proposes four types of ballot papers for NA poll (ht 17/01/2018), Uncertainty clouds counting method (ht 18/01/2018)

EC to discuss NA election with parties today (ht 16/01/2018)

Left alliance expects 43 seats in NA: CPN-UML likely to field 29 candidates, Maoist Centre 14, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 15/01/2018)

Office of election officer for NA polls set up in Province 6 (ht 14/01/2018)

Promotional materials used by parties during elections becoming eyesore (rep 12/01/2018)

EC makes public election calendar for NA polls (kp 11/01/2018)

10 parties register with poll body for Upper House polls (kp 10/01/2018), 21 parties registered for National Assembly vote (kp 13/01/2018)

EC staffers learning about single transferable voting system (ht 09/01/2018)

EC issues election cost details amid questions (kp 08/01/2018), CIAA probing graft charges against poll panel (ht 08/01/2018), EC confirms meeting among constitutional heads (rep 08/01/2018)

Revised list of RJP-N, RPP provincial PR poll winners incorrect: EC (ht 08/01/2018), Provincial Assembly elections: PR candidates of RJP-N to becategorised under one group, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 11/01/2018)

Election Commission Under Scrutiny?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 07/01/2018)

State representation row: EC writes to RJP-N again for revising candidate list; EC official warns party  of accepting only the  candidates that meet the representation criteria, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 07/01/2018)

Upper house vote on Feb 7: Displeased at the delayed date, the UML says it will take part in the National Assembly elections  nonetheless (kp 06/01/2018)

EC could seek deal on declaring poll results: Election commissioners say they are under pressure from political parties and their unions to announce poll results (kp 05/01/2018), 1st Provincial Assembly meet A month away (kp 05/01/2018)

105 parties submitted audit details early: EC; EC says the recent elections caused the parties to submit their income and expenditure details in time, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 04/01/2018)

Representation from Karnali zone dismal (ht 04/01/2018)

Upper House poll slated for Feb 8: Chief Election Commissioner Ayodhee Prasad Yadav suggests the date in a meeting with Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba in Baluwatar on Tuesday evening, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 03/01/2018), Left alliance’s pressure on EC irks Congress (kp 03/01/2018), Cumbersome Constitutional Provisions, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 03/01/2018), PR results can’t be announced before Upper House polls: EC (kp 04/01/2018)

An ex-Kamlari, a Dalit widow become state parliamentarians, by Kamal Panthi and Bharat Jarghamagar (kp 03/01/2018)

3 out of 6 parties err on women’s representation (kp 03/01/2018) [including the NC!], Six parties submit corrected list of winning PR candidates (ht 05/01/2018)

Left presses EC to publish poll results soon (kp 02/01/2018), Left alliance pressures EC to announce PR results (ht02/01/2018), 6 parties to resend proportional lists (kp 02/01/2018)

Poll costs faked as spending goes through EC roof: To cloud expenditures past limit, candidates resort to fake reports, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 01/01/2018), Poll expense details sought from parties (ht 01/01/2018)

Discontent in parties over provincial PR (rep 01/01/2018)

Date for National Assembly election to be announced by January 12: DPM Shrestha, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 31/12/2017) [???]

Dissecting election results: FPTP votes are basically driven by personality of the candidates, PR votes by party ideology, by Narayan Manandhar (rep 31/12/2017)

Making milestones: The Election Commision must be praised for holding a series of elections at short notice, despite a few controversial decisions, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 31/12/2017)

SC asks EC to furnish ballot papers of Sunsari-3 (ht 30/12/2017)

CEC Yadav's daughter-in-law elected to Province 2 assembly (rep 30/12/2017)

EC opens listing for upper house (kp 29/12/2017), CEC asks prime minister to announce NA poll date (ht 30/12/2017)

UML allots 71 PR seats to female candidates (kp 29/12/2017) [for Provincial Assemblies], NC CWEC meet to finalise provincial PR list today (ht 29/12/2017), Maoist Centre elects four male PR members for state assemblies (kp 30/12/2017), RJP-N decides PR picks for provinces (kp 30/12/2017), Parties submit lists of provincial PR candidates: Only 13 parties have made the cut for provincial PR seats (ht 30/12/2017)

UML draws EC's attention over PR seat allocation delay (rep 29/12/2017), EC in fix over PR seats for lower house (rep 29/12/2017)

NC’s Electoral Debacle, by Mukti Rijal (rn 28/12/2017)

EC finalises allocation of HoR PR seats (ht 28/12/2017)

‘Faulty’ PR candidate lists: Madhesi dalits to move court (kp 26/12/2017), Writ on Madhesi Dalits’ PR seats (kp 27/12/2017)

‘Bamdev’s own modus operandi behind poll loss’, by Kamal Panthi (kp 26/12/2017)

Parliamentary PR poll results in two days (ht 26/12/2017)

SC rejects Chaudhary’s plea to get MP certificate via power of attorney (kp 25/12/2017), SC tells MP Resham Chaudhary to face trial, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 25/12/2017)

EC accepts ‘faulty’ RJP-N PR candidate list, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 25/12/2017)

20pc proportional votes go to waste, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/12/2017)

EC allots proportional seats of provincial vote: CPN-UML has topped the PR chart by securing a total of 75 seats, followed by  the NC’s 72 and 35 of  the CPN (Maoist Centre), by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 23/12/2017), Provincial PR seat allocation to parties complete (ht 23/12/2017)

Call for ‘sufficient’ access to election observers: Carter Center says provisions should always be in place to allow poll observers adequate access to ensure  transparency and integrity of elections (kp 23/12/2017), Vote counting generally consistent with international standards: Carter Centre (ht 23/12/2017)

Reduced poll expenses furnished (ht 22/12/2017)

Leftist poll win has little to do with India, China: Experts, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 21/12/2017), Strategy for survival: Nepal’s latest election results do not mean dismay for New Delhi or joy for Beijing, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 22/12/2017)

EC ready to hold NA poll under STV polling system, by Arjun Poudel (ht 20/12/2017), Left to sweep upper house under majority system, a few seats for NC under STV, by Ashok Dahal and Mani Dahal (rep 20/12/2017)

Evaluating NC’s ‘loss’: Judging by the popular votes this time for Nepali Congress, communist victory appears nothing more than an outcome of political match-fixing, by Narayan Manandhar (rep 20/12/2017)

The missing millions: A comparison of census and Election Commission data shows hordes of lost voters, by Sanjay Sharma (kp 19/12/2017)

EC working on PR quota allocation in lower house: Poll authority busy verifying data after receiving related documents from most of the electoral constituencies, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 19/12/2017)

Post-poll prospects: Hill voters accused Congress of not speaking strongly against the blockade while Madhesis were disenchanted with its inadequate support for statute amendment, by Pramod Jaiswal (rep 19/12/2017)

Election 2017: Surfacing Hopes, by Prem Khatry (rn 19/12/2017)

PR vote count to be completed today: EC (ht 17/12/2017), PR vote count concludes, UML largest party in parliament (ht 17/12/2017), Preliminary results of Nepal’s parliamentary elections of 2017 (with some comparisons to the CA elections of November 2013, by K.-H. Krämer (Nepal Observer 44, 17/12/2017)

EC: Allocation of PR vote seats could take time. by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 17/12/2017)

6,000-odd votes under proportional representation missing in Morang, by Hari Afhikari (ht 17/12/2017)

More than one lakh votes invalid in Saptari (ht 17/12/2017), CPN-MC swept away (ht 17/12/2017) (related to Saptari), RJP-N bags highest number of PR votes (ht 17/12/2017 (related to Saptari)

Proportional representation: A likely scenario: At 8pm on Friday, the UML appeared to get 41 PR seats in the House while the NC could secure 40 seats. Maoists might get 17 seats, the SSF-N and the RJP-N 6 each, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 16/12/2017)

Investing in inclusion: Constitutionally guaranteed proportional  representation won’t guarantee qualitative change (kp 15/12/2017) [The parties' women discriminating way of nominating candidates for elections is a fundamental crime and a grave violation of the constitution!!], Pro-women (nt 15/12/2017)

Cop-turned-politician Silwal in the dock? Apex court orders action against those involved in forging appraisal documents related to former DIG; After resigning from police force, Silwal joined the  CPN-UML and went on to win a seat in the House of Representatives (kp 15/12/2017) [The connections between politics and crime can never be close enough! This cannot be called rule of law!]

78 % UML, 58 % Maoist candidates won polls, by Ashok Dahal (rep 15/12/2017)

Elections and everyday democracy: Vignettes from election day in Sindhupalchok, by Sangita Thebe-Limbu (nt 15/12/2017)

Temporary police hit the streets (ht 15/12/2017), 12 temporary cops injured in Dolakha clash (ht 19/12/2017) [Working agreements have also to be respected by the state!], Temporary police personnel return home three days earlier: DPO charged with discrepancy in temporary  cops’ ration allowance (ht 20/12/2017)

The Promised Land (nt 15/12/2017), Electoral reform, by Bhojraj Pokharel (nt 15/12/2017)

UML on top as FPTP vote count concludes: Claims 80 House of Representatives and 167 provincial constituencies (kp 14/12/2017), In winner-take-all game, some lost by a whisker, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 14/12/2017), Gachhadar wins in Sunsari-3 (kp 14/12/2017), No. of directly elected female candidates slumps further: Only six secure seats in House of Representatives under FPTP category in these elections (kp 14/12/2017), Shashank NC’s only rep in House from Province 4, by Lal Prasad Sharma(kp 14/12/2017), 46 candidates lose deposit in Kavre district (ht 14/12/2017), Four cops hurt in election victory rally clash between NC, FSF-N (ht 14/12/2017)

Invalid votes under FPTP system averaged at 5.18 pc: CEC Yadav (kp 14/12/2017), Invalid votes high in Khotang, Palpa and Baglung (rep 14/12/2017), 26,000 votes invalid in Kapilvastu, says EC, by Manoj Poudel (kp 15/12/2017), More than 10pc invalid votes in Parsa (ht 15/12/2017)

Man on the run set to walk into Parliament: Resham Chaudhary wins election from Kailali-1; He is on our wanted list; we will arrest him: Police (kp 13/12/2017) [Question to EC and RJPN: What about article 87 of the constitution??], EC to submit Resham Chaudhary’s certificate to Parliament Secretariat (ht 14/12/2017), SC refuses Chaudhary’s writ petition (kp 16/12/2017)

Observers suggest poll reforms (kp 13/12/2017)

Vote counting resumes in Sunsari Constituency 3 (kp 13/12/2017), Gorkha folk elect Bhattarai ‘for his past works’ (kp 13/12/2017)

Counting of FPTP votes over in 4 days, says EC: Counting of votes in Syangja began  on Sunday midnight (kp 12/12/2017), Vote count halted in Sunsari-3 (kp 12/12/2017), Madhesi alliance dominates Parsa poll results (ht 12/12/2017), RJP-N, FSF-N win eight seats in Saptari (ht 12/12/2017), UML may have to elect allwomen candidates under PR (ht 12/12/2017), Morang records less number of invalid votes in recent polls (ht 12/12/2017), Resolve the row: Considering the urgency, the Election Commission has urged the government to draft a law for the Upper House election (ht 12/12/2017), Results Of Federal And Provincial Elections Of 2017, by Siddhi B Ranjitkar (km 12/12/2017)

Sainte-Laguë formula to decide PR seats (ht 12/12/2017), How PR seats are allocated (kp 13/12/2017)

Old faces dominate tally, by Chandan Kmuar Mandal (kp 12/12/2017)

Elections 2017: Hoping Changes For Better, by Prem Khatry (rn 12/12/2017)

EC presses govt to frame laws for National Assembly elections, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 11/12/2017)

UML leads in popular vote too, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 11/12/2017), Madhesi parties hold little sway outside Province 2: Most of the seats the SSF-N and the RJP-N are winning are from the eight Tarai districts west of Koshi, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 11/12/2017), Top NC leaders fail to rescue party, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 11/12/2017) [They are the main reason for the NC defeat!!], Key architects of left alliance: Bamdev, Shrestha suffer loss: UML top leaders, including party Chairman Oli, Khanal, Nembang register convincing wins (kp 11/12/2017) [Shrestha got punished for the Maoists' wicked and arrogant attitude towards BRB!!], Left alliance consolidates its lead (ht 11/12/2017)

New faces cement their place in provincial assembly of Sindhupalchowk, by Dhruba Dangal (rep 11/12/2017)

RPP Chairman Thapa loses in Makawanpur-1 (ht 11/12/2017) [Wonderful! Nepal has finally got rid of him!], Only a few businessmen fare well in elections (ht 11/12/2017)

Forum, Congress trade blows at victory rallies: Clashes break out during victory rallies taken out by the Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum Nepal and the Nepali Congress in Rautahat on Sunday (kp 11/12/2017)

Left Alliance Heads For Resounding Victory, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 10/12/2017), Left alliance heading for comfortable majority (ht) 10/12/2017, Country on the cusp of taking Left turn: UML-Maoist Centre alliance set for election sweep; The two forces also leading in districts along plains, except Province 2, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 10/12/2017), Some saving grace for NC as it faces biggest electoral setback (kp 10/12/2017), Left alliance claims all Baglung seats, by Prakash Baral (kp 10/12/2017), Dalit elected to provincial assembly (kp 10/12/2017) [At least 10 per cent of the candidates should have been Dalits!!!], 44 ballot papers sans official signatures (kp 10/12/2017), With Mishra’s defeat, Bibeksheel Sajha loses hope for direct win: BSP has fielded candidates in all the kathmandu constituencies but the party seems unlikely to win any FPTP federal house seat, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 10/12/2017), Rijal secures hard-fought win for Nepali Congress (ht 10/12/2017), NC routed in Dolakha, Sindhupalchowk (ht 10/12/2017), Left alliance emerges dominant force in hilly districts of Province 1 (ht 10/12/2017), CPN-MC wins all seats in Rukum East (ht 10/12/2017)

NC, UML neck to neck in PR vote: NC gets 39,353 PR votes for federal parliament  compared to UML’s 39,260 (kp 10/12/2017)

UML-MC leading in provincial polls also (ht 10/12/2017)

Observation by carter center, EU: ‘Polls were generally well-conducted’ (kp 10/12/2017), Political  freedom  prevailed over violence, says EU (ht 10/12/2017)

Parties urged to remove poll publicity materials (kp 10/12/2017)

Left on track as alliance move proves right: Analysts say UML, Maoist Centre’s rallying cry for ‘prosperity through stability’ worked well while NC failed to win voters’ trust, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 09/12/2017), Left alliance ahead in most constituencies (ht 09/12/2017), Left alliance takes early lead in Valley, by Chandan Kumaer Mandal (kp 09/12/2017), Chhakka Bahadur pulls off surprise win in Humla: First independent  candidate to make it to federal parliament (kp 09/12/2017), An apple farmer’s sweet success in politics: UML’s Polden Gurung makes it to federal parliament from Manang, by Aash Gurung (kp 09/12/2017), Maoist Centre’s Roka wins in Rukum East, by Hari Gautam (kp 09/12/2017)

An agitated NC mulling over quiet introspection: Senior NC leader Ram Chandra Poudel says the party will discuss the  possible reasons behind poor performance, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 09/12/2017)

Dispute over ferrying of ballots in jeep used by candidate: Rival say ballot boxes were changed in collusion with the local administration and security personnel on way to counting venue (kp 09/12/2017)

Turnout revised up to 69.58pc (kp 09/12/2017)

Found in transition: With polls yesterday, Nepal is on its way to completing political transition that started in 2006 but a lot still remains to be done (kp 08/12/2017), Into a state of uncertain stability: Whoever wins, Nepal will likely be ruled by the same old leaders, by Om Astha Rai (nt 08/12/2017)Challenges ahead: Those in newly elected Parliament must ensure that welfare of people takes precedence over petty party interests, by Shyam KC (kp) [This would mean a total revolution campared to what has happened so far!!], Historic polls conclude with 67pc turnout, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 08/12/2017), First phase vote count starts: Early results put CPN-UML ahead (kp 08/12/2017), A watershed moment: Successful completion of elections ends long-drawn transition infusing hope of stability, but challenges remain, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 08/12/2017), Election largely peaceful, says government (kp 08/12/2017), Polling by and large peaceful in Valley, by Rupesh Acharya (ht 08/12/2017), CK Raut’s hometown boycotts elections (kp 08/12/2017), Voters share they had no confusion how to cast ballot, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 08/12/2017), Most voters cast their votes within five minutes, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 08/12/2017), Confusion reigns in PR voting as voters lack education, by Roshan S. Nepal (ht 08/12/2017), Voters not taught to cast ballot properly, says NRHC (ht 08/12/2017), Enthusiastic participation of youths in elections, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 08/12/2017), Hassle-free voting for elderly, differently abled (ht 08/12/2017), Three don’t get own vote, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 08/12/2017), Election grounds over 350 domestic flights (kp 08/12/2017), Pvt sector upbeat as phase II elections conclude peacefully (ht 08/12/2017), Bullet to ballot: After 21 years of war and wilderness Nepal finally looks to future stability by holding three elections in one year, by Santa Gaha Magar (nt 08/12/2017)

6 injured in Nawalparasi IED explosions (kp 08/12/2018), Election postponed in Arghakhanchi station: Voters vandalise Madhure Basic School polling station after they found ballot papers without election officer’s signature (kp 08/12/2017), Bomb goes off in Purano Naikap (ht 08/12/2017), Blast at NEA facility disrupts power supply (ht 08/12/2017)

So close yet so far: As important as today’s polls are, very little has been done on post-poll federal project (kp 07/12/2017) [!!!]

45 districts go to polls today, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 07/12/2017), 45 districts go to polls today: 12,235,993 voters to elect 128 parliamentary FPTP candidates, by Arjun Poudel (ht), Over 200,000 security forces for today’s polls, by Manish Gautam (kp 07/12/2017), Vote count set to start this evening: Security stepped up around counting centres (kp 07/12/2017), Official Ids valid for voting: EC (kp 07/12/2017), Three injured as left alliance, SSF-N supporters clash (kp 07/12/2017)

EC to fast-track vote counting: Hopes to announce results within eight days (kp 06/12/2017), FPTP poll results by December 11, claims poll panel Results of PR elections by Dec 15 (ht 06/12/2017), FPTP results within four days: EC (rep 06/12/2017)

Dialectics of dictatorship: Peoples’ real agenda for elections are overshadowed by the exchange of high-voltage allegations, by Achyut Wagle (kp 06/12/2017)

40,000 deployed for vote security, by Thakur Singh Tharu and Manoj Paudel (kp 06/12/2017), Focus on safety of people, poll materials: Security tightened around polling booths and stations in 45 districts where the second phase of elections takes place on Thursday (kp 06/12/2017), Police struggle to identify source of explosives, by Manish Gautam (kp 06/12/2017), Incidents of blast continue (kp 06/12/2017), Where is the security? NC leader Gagan Thapa escaped a deadly attack but Deuba govt needs to do more (kp 06/12/2017), Security stepped up ahead of phase II polls (ht 06/12/2017) [??], AI concerned about increasing violence (ht 06/12/2017)

NC’s Thapa among 11 injured in blast: First explosion in Capital targeting campaign three days ahead of polls, by Manish Gautam (kp 05/12/2017), Blasts targeting candidates continue unabated: IED goes off near a hotel in Dhangadi where PM Deuba was staying (kp 05/12/2017), Bomb blasts continue: MoHA reiterates commitment to holding peaceful elections, by Roshan S. Nepal (ht 05/12/2017), ‘Lack of designated home minister affecting security’, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 05/12/2017), Security tops agenda for poll observers, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 05/12/2017), Frequent blasts have challenged poll security, says NHRC (ht 05/12/2017), Cowardly act: The government must tell the public why the security agencies have not been able to control such violence (ht 05/12/2017), Security heightened for Thursday’s vote. by Aman Koirala (kp 05/12/2017), Extra funds sought for ferrying ballot boxes (kp 05/12/2017), Daily wagers being paid to trigger blasts, claim Nepal Police, by Rewati Sapkota and Tilak Rimal (kp 05/12/2017)

Bajura women not free to exercise voting rights, by Prakash Singh (ht 05/12/2017)

Silence period on (ht 05/12/2017), No voter education in rural areas of Saptari (ht 05/12/2017), Dom voters want candidates to improve their living condition, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Hari Adhikari (ht 05/12/2017), Empty stomachs matter more than elections for Majhis, by Chhabi Lal Tiwari (rep 05/12/2017)

602 contesting elections for 63 seats in Province 1 (ht 05/12/2017)

‘80pc vehicles booked for taking voters home’: According to transport entrepreneurs, there are  only 20 percent vehicles for passengers to choose a ride on until today, by Anup Ojha (kp 05/12/2017), Growing chill troubles poll officials, by Biplav Bhattarai and Chandra Karki (kp 05/12/2017), Poll deployments hit essential services, by Kamal Panthi (kp 05/12/2017)

17 votes cast in the name of deceased (kp 05/12/2017)

Security agencies intensify patrol: Detain 284 people with guns, explosive devices (kp 04/12/2017), Peaceful election: Govt should do all it can to stop security threats so that people can vote without fear (kp 04/12/2017)

Poll body: ‘Election quiz’ also has questions on CPN-UML (kp 04/12/2017), EC confident of secure elections: Says preparations for Thursday’s voting complete (kp 04/12/2017), Yadav confident about poll security: Chief election commissioner asks voters to cast votes without any fear (ht 04/12/2017), Poll candidates face an uphill struggle to win over disillusioned voters in Kathmandu-2 (ht 04/12/2017), Poll candidates yet to reach Dalit settlement in Siraha district: Party cadres will reach the settlement with alcohol and meat a day before polls (ht 04/12/2017) [???], Female voters to decide fate of candidates: On Friday alone, around 55 men of Mangalsain left for India for employment (ht 04/12/2017), Election code violated in Saptari (ht 04/12/2017), Top leaders in tough poll battles (rep 04/12/2017), Tired of tall promises, voters avoid campaigners, by Tekendra Basyal (rep 04/12/2017), Young candidate to give tough fight to seasoned ones in Lalitpur, by Pooja Chauhan (rep 04/12/2017)

EC’s poll code limited to papers only? No action taken against anyone except a few warnings here and there: Election observers say the poll authority on almost all occasions has turned  a blind eye to poll code  violation (kp 03/12/2017) [Only foreign election observers are punished severely for doing their job!!]

EC working to publish results within week; Official: Election Commission preparing to relay vote counting updates more frequently (kp 03/12/2017) [It would be better for many reasons if only preliminary final results are published for each constituency! The continued publishing of intermediate results is confusing and provokes militant actions!]

Caste equationslikely to playcrucial role in Dhanusha, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Brij Kumar Yadav (ht 03/12/2017)

Case filed demanding re-poll, by Keshav Adhikari (ht 03/12/2017)

Appearance and Reality: During election campaigns, candidates display ostensible acts of kindness and desire to serve, by Prawash Gautam (kp 03/12/2017), Triangular contest in Mahottari-3, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 03/12/2017), Nidhi, Mahato brace for close contest in Dhanusha-3 (ht 03/12/2017), Amendment dominates three-way poll race in Province 2 (rep 03/12/2017), Will Karki be able to protect the legacy of Koirala's?, by Amar Khadka (rep 03/12/2017), Rebel candidates pose challenge to left alliance in Salyan, by Devendra Basnet (rep 03/12/2017)

Rain likely to play spoilsport with phase II polls (ht 03/12/2017)

‘Decisive’ Gurkhas don’t count much, by Lila Ballav Ghimire and Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 03/12/2017)

Blasts continue in various districts (kp 03/12/2017), Army enhances presence to curb anti-poll actions: NA officials say resurgence of violent activities has prompted them to ‘play  a more active role’  in maintaining law and order during the elections (kp 03/12/2017), APF, Indian SSB start joint border patrol (kp 03/12/2017), Security situation ‘normal’ in Tarai districts, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 03/12/2017)

Home but not dry: The two-phase elections will conclude this week, but the federal journey has just begun, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 02/12/2017)

Parties giving voters free ride home, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 02/12/2017), ‘Madhesi parties will best serve our interest, so we’ll vote for them’, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 02/12/2017), ‘Parties flouting poll code of conduct’ (ht 02/12/2017), Congress, left alliance candidates in close contest in Tanahun (ht 02/12/2017), Election code violation rampant in Chitwan, by Rewati Sapkota and Tilak Rimal (ht 02/12/2017), Triangular contest in Saptari district (ht 02/12/2017)

Re-election sees lower voter turnout: At one centre, voter turnout was 42.46 pc on Friday, down from 65.34 pc earlier, by Hari Gautam (kp 02/12/2017)

EC instructs agencies to step up security (kp 01/12/2017), Four injured in Itahari blast, by Bedraj Poudel (kp 01/12/2017), ‘Chand-led CPN grave threat to security’ (ht 01/12/2017), Blast in Capital hours after security meet, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 02/12/2017), One killed, five dozen hurt in violence over two weeks (kp 02/12/2017), EC urges parties to aid security (kp 02/12/2017)

Oli denies ‘match fixing’ with Sitaula: UML chair reiterates that his party was committed to supporting Rastriya Prajatantra Party’s Rajendra Lingden in the constituency as announced earlier (kp 01/12/2017) [???], Aggressive campaigning by parties leaves voters in a fix, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 01/12/2017), EC Commissioner Shah inspects poll campaign (ht 01/12/2017), Contestants wooing indigenous Tharu community voters (ht 01/12/2017), Jha calls on voters to elect Madhesi alliance candidates (ht 01/12/2017), Statute amendment top agenda for FSF-N, RJP-N (ht 01/12/2017), Last lavish lap: As Election Day draws closer, candidates are trying to outdo each other in wooing swing voters, and win power (nt 01/12/2017), Voters' vow: Neither bullets nor cynicism will deter people from delivering their political verdict, by Om Astha Rai (nt 01/12/2017), Political theories versus reality: Ongoing elections mark the dawn of federalism but candidates believe power will rest in Kathmandu, by Shreejana Shrestha (nt 01/12/2017), Performance vs promises (nt 01/12/2017), Mahantha Thakur's prospects uncertain in Mahottari, by Mahesh Kumar Das (rep 01/12/2017), Our election circus, by Gunjan Upadhyay (rep 01/12/2017), Putting NC Marginal Candidates At Risk, by Siddhi B Ranjitkar (km 01/12/2017)

Voter turnout decreases in Nuwakot, by Bhagawati Lama (rep 01/12/2017)

CEC's daughter-in-law in Maoist PR list (rep 01/12/2017)

Temporary cop injured in Dang explosion dies: 1st casualty of anti-poll activities, by Durga Lal KC (kp 30/11/2017), NC candidate among seven hurt in Udaypur IED blast, by Dilliram Khatiwada (kp 30/11/2017), NHRC condemns rising incidents of bomb attack (kp 30/11/2017), EC seeks security stratagy for second phase polls (kp 30/11/2017), How to save the election: Premier Deuba has failed to demonstrate strong  commitment to security for historic elections (kp 30/11/2017)

Horsing around: Insincerity and false promises has become a staple of Nepali politics now, rendering vote swings highly probable, by Deepak Thapa (kp 30/11/2017), First-Phase Federal And Provincial Elections, by Siddhi B Ranjitkar (km 30/11/2017)

Re-polling at two centres in Rukum (West) tomorrow, by Hari Gautam (kp 30/11/2017), All ballot boxes secured at district headquarters (kp 30/11/2017)

NC sends central reps to 45 districts (kp 29/11/2017), Left alliance reverts focus to door-to-door campaign (kp 29/11/2017), Party’s poll drive in line with EC rules, says UML: The EC had directed the UML to come clean within 24 hours over the publica-tion of ads in broadsheet dailies appealing for votes (kp 30/11/2017), RPP’s Bohara accused of poll code violation (kp 30/11/2017)

Proxy voting blamed for highest turnout, by Arjun Shah (kp 29/11/2017), Low participation in Dhading (kp 29/11/2017)

Water, land titles among voters’ concern (kp 29/11/2017), Work comes first for labourers, not election, by Shiva Puri (kp 29/11/2017)

Kanda ballots reach Bajhang HQ, finally (kp 29/11/2017)

Govt plans to deploy 60,000 security forces in 8 districts, by Manish Gautam (kp 29/11/2017)

IED blast in Tulsipur leaves nine injured, by Durga Lal KC (kp 29/11/2017)

After polls, ballot box safety major concern: Political parties in Sindhupalchok install close-circuit television cameras (kp 28/11/2017), Ballots from 40 polling stations to be airlifted, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 28/11/2017), EC warns against opinion polls, survey (kp 28/11/2017) [??], Party representatives dispute over boarding chopper: Helicopter returns without carrying ballot boxes (kp 28/11/2017), Chopper returns without ballot boxes from Kanda: Row over who will board copter (ht 28/11/2017), Migration, terror blamed for low voter turnout, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 28/11/2017), IEDs detonated targetting ballot boxes (kp 28/11/2017)

No violence please: Use of guns and explosives to dirupt electoral environment can have long-term implications on national security, by Binoj Basnyat (kp 28/11/2017)

Shivpujan Ray Yadav’s nomination annulled (ht 28/11/2017), Yadav to move court against EC for revoking his candidacy: Left bloc candidate ousted from race for corruption (kp 28/11/2017), SC seeks cause of Yadav’s ouster from race (kp 06/12/2017), SC upholds EC move of revoking Shiva Pujan Yadav’s candidacy (kp 07/12/2017)

Congress courts Madhesi, fringe forces to contain left: There is a ‘tentative agreement’ that the two sides  should forge alliance in the constituencies where  the prospects of the left alliance winning are high (kp 28/11/2017), Old foes back in race after 23 years, by Pratap Bista (kp 28/11/2017), Unfounded fears: Portrayal of the left alliance as a potential threat to democracy is nothing more than political propaganda, by Lalbabu Yadav (kp 28/11/2017)

Vote in 32 districts a success, says EC; Former chief election commissioner Uprety: More than 65 percent turnout satisfactory against the odds (kp 27/11/2017), CEC Yadav hails effective security, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 27/11/2017), 2 dozen hurt in clashes, repolling at two centres (kp 27/11/2017), Peaceful polls (ht 27/11/2017), Women voters turn out ‘in force’, by Manoj Badu (kp 27/11/2017), Observers urge EC to focus on better voter education (kp 27/11/2017), Despite concerns, over 60 percent vote in Province 6 (kp 27/11/2017), Tingla folk boycott polls yet again (kp 27/11/2017), All that is free and fair: The first phase of elections has gone well despite deep apprehension (kp 27/11/2017), Thirty per cent votes cast in Thawang: This is remarkable, considering no vote was cast in 2013 CA election, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 27/11/2017)

There is no transparency on political parties’ election spending, interview with Shree Hari Aryal (kp 27/11/2017)

Snowfall in high-altitude regions (kp 26/11/2017), EC urges all to exercise franchise without fear, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 26/11/2017), Reliable security measures in place: Ministry (kp 26/11/2017), Robust security in place for elections, says  home ministry (ht 26/11/2017), Explosion at polling centre creates panic (ht), Media warned against ‘code violation’ (kp 26/11/2017), Prithvi Highway shut for 17 hours (kp 26/11/2017) [??], It’s a six-hour trek to polling centre, but voters undaunted, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 26/11/2017)

Few candidates reach Shikaribas, by ShankarAcharya (kp 26/11/2017), A look at some top battles (kp 26/11/2017)

Badi voters seek guarantee of permanent settlement, by Tekendra Deuba (ht 25/11/2017), Musahar community  neglected by candidates in Bara, by Pushpa Raj Khatiwada (ht 25/11/2017)

EC bars two EU observers from poll monitoring (kp 25/11/2017) [As a consequence, all poliiticians and parties that have violated the election code of conduct should be bared from elections??], ‘Government has violated election code’: Govt allegedly distributed a huge sum of money to  cadres of ruling parties (ht 25/11/2017) [This must be checked by international election observation teams as well if the election observation shall make any sense!!], EC helpless against poll code violators: Observers: Lack of effective voter education programme is another concern raised, by Tika R. Prahan (kp 25/11/2017, Parties clash in different districts ahead of polls (kp 25/11/2017), CEC appeals to all sides to respect silent period (kp 25/11/2017), EC asks RPP boss to clarify (kp 25/11/2017), Blasts continue, explosive devices defused (kp 25/11/2017), Attacks on cadres condemned (ht 25/11/2017), Pedestrian injured in explosion (ht 25/11/2017), Two arrested forinvolvement in anti-poll activities (ht 25/11/2017) [Peaceful activists are arrested, but the militants are allowed to run free!]

People can vote with old ID cards: EC: The election body started issuing voter ID cards  from the polling centres  in 32 districts on Friday (kp 25/11/2017)

NC fields highest number of candidates (ht 25/11/2017)

64,020 NA personnel deployed for poll security (ht 25/11/2017)

Election watch: Free and fair poll observation is  important exercise in a democracy (kp 24/11/2017)

Power centre: Electing the Parliament and state assemblies does not necessarily ensure the kind of decentralisation that Nepalis have long needed, by Om Astha Rai (nt 24/11/2017), Key to the future: Leaders and activists interested in shaping Nepal’s future should focus on shaping up the elections, by Dinkar Nepal (nt 24/11/2017)

MoHA orders arrest of top CPN leaders: Anti-poll activities continue despite govt’s ‘improved security’ claims (kp 24/11/2017), Anti-poll activities continue, election officials attacked (kp 24/11/2017), Rally ban in fear of clash (kp 24/11/2017)

Back to district for elections, by Aash Gurung (kp 24/11/2017), Poll officials find it hard to reach villages: It takes three days on  foot to reach Junichande  and Barekot rural  municipalities from the  district headquarters (kp 24/11/2017), Livelihood concerns Rajapur locals more than elections, by Kamal Panthi (kp 24/11/2017)

Election economics: Campaign spending pumps cash into the economy and stimulates short-term growth, by Shiv Raj Bhatt (kp 24/11/2017)

EC rejects govt request to transfer officials (kp 24/11/2017), Election Commission cancels transfer of three CDOs, three others (kp 24/11/2017)

Silence period for Sunday’s vote begins: 300-metre periphery of the polling centre to be cleared of publicity materials (kp 24/11/2017)

‘Illiterate women voters of Bajhang at risk of manipulation’, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 23/11/2017), When radio is king: Battle for hearts, minds and ears as elections near (kp 23/11/2017), Voters’ confusion (ht 23/11/2017)

Scores of CPN activists arrested in the run-up to upcoming polls (kp 23/11/2017), MoHA: Tight security in place for Sunday polls, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 23/11/2017)

Fighting alienation: During elections, rational voting has to flourish and negative elements should not be allowed to outweigh positive ones, by Sajal Mani Dhital (kp 23/11/2017)

Code violations go unchecked (kp 23/11/2017), Phase I poll campaigning ends tonight (ht 23/11/2017)

EU reps violate election code in Kanchanpur, by Chitranga Thapa (kp 23/11/2017), EC urged to bar EU poll observers from Kanchanpur, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 23/11/2017), CEC hardens position on int’l poll observers: Says there’s no need for missions, monitors to certify elections of Nepal (kp 23/11/2017) [????]

Govt to file cases against anti-poll elements in court, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 22/11/2017), CEC asks govt to ensure security for voters (ht 22/11/2017), SC calls parties, EC to discuss 33 pc women candidates, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 22/11/2017) [Why only 4 days ahead of the first election day?], 319 PR candidates in closed list in Province 4 (ht 22/11/2017), Most voting centres sensitive (ht 22/11/2017)

Karnali region: Candidates quiet about perennial food shortage, underdevelopment, by Janak Nepal and Prakash Adhikari (kp 22/11/2017), Rural Palpa don’t know how to vote; poll body to send educators soon, by Madhav Aryal (kp 22/11/2017), Ignorant voters in a remote Panchthar village in dire need of voting lessons, by Roshan S. Nepal and Laxmi Gautam (ht 22/11/2017), Muslim voters confused (ht 22/11/2017)

Provincial assembly candidates overshadowed in campaigns (ht 22/11/2017)

CPN-MC to wind up campaign in Chunwang: Security beefed up, separate campaign route fixed for NC to avoid clash, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 22/11/2017)

Four CDOs transferred (kp 22/11/2011)

Deuba tells forces to act tough: Pledges security agencies resources and support to curbing activities that threaten peaceful elections, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 21/11/2017), Security measures upped around election offices, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 21/11/2017), Candidate’s vehicle torched, IEDs found in several places (kp 21/11/2017)

Border voters demand more police in their towns and villages, by Madhav Ghimire and Binod Bhandari (kp 21/11/2017), Rukum West contestants set precedent for campaigning: Incurring minimal expenditure to spread their message without violating poll code of conduct, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 21/11/2017), Congress, Madhes parties under urge to seek poll alliance to take on left, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 21/11/2017), Langtang: Where election candidates never go, by Him Nath Devkota (rep 21/11/2017), New candidates put up fight against 'heavyweights' in Sunsari (rep 21/11/2017), Underprivileged Dom community unfazed by elections, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 21/11/2017), Parties found breaching election code as authority turns blind eye, by Mahesh Kumar Das (rep 21/11/2017)

Talking through their hat: Many of the health care promises in the election manifestos are absurd and undoable, by Nirmal Kandel (kp 21/11/2017)

Printing of ballot papers completed: EC (kp 21/11/2017), Poll panel prints over 57 million ballot papers (ht 21/11/2017)

Final list of PR candidates: Women account for 55pc of total PR candidates; After EC disqualifies 253, total number comes down to 5,838 (kp 20/11/2017)

Phials of blood: How would the Madhesi activists who agitated for constitutional change vote in a poll being held to ensure the inviolability of the same statute?, by CK Lal (rep 20/11/2017)

Nepal needs the PR electoral system until we achieve inclusiveness that renders PR unnecessary, interview with BhojraJ Pokharel (kp 20/11/2017)

Army to step up poll security measures: Says it will conduct land and aerial patrols as violent acts go unabated, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 20/11/2017)

Left alliance to carry on with its campaign: Maoist Chairman  Dahal was in Jhapa when his son Prakash breathed his last on Sunday morning, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 20/11/2017)

Despite higher population size women voters are less than men (kp 19/11/2017)

New direction: In these elections, for the first time in the country’s history, development agenda tops, by Prawash Gautam (kp 19/11/2017)

Voter education materials looted (kp 19/11/2017)

Candidates fund themselves for campaigns, mostly, by Biinod Ghimire and Sanjeev Giri (kp 19/11/2017)

NC, Maoist Centre leaders attacked: Blast targeted at Mahat injures six in Nuwakot (kp 18/11/2017), EC says it is serious about candidates’ security (kp 18/11/20187), Attacks on leaders continue unchecked:  IED hurled at NC leader Ram Chandra Poudel’s vehicle in Tanahun n Explosion near left alliance programme venue in Rautahat (kp 19/11/2017), MoHA says ‘attention drawn to assaults': Yet to release information on who are behind blasts (kp 19/11/2017)

188 types of poll signs on ballots (kp 18/11/2017)

From the margins: While there are sparse Muslim settlements in the hilly regions of far western Nepal, they receive little to no attention from government agencies, and political candidates vying for office, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 18/11/2017)

Elections becoming ‘unnaturally expensive’: Study says Rs 5,000 spent per voter during local polls, by Prithvi Shrestha and Binod Ghimire (kp 18/11/2017), Follow the money! Our political parties never tell the EC, or the people, where they get their funds from and it seems that the EC does not have the courage to take any action, by Guffadi (kp 18/11/2017)

Incidents of attack on leaders stoke concern: IED blasts targeting candidates, poll campaigns continue unabated; Police say they have upped vigilance, arrested over 150 in two weeks (kp 17/11/2017), 5 NCP cadres arrested (kp 17/11/2017)

Youths ‘least bothered’ about voting (kp 17/11/2017), Nudges for betterment: Political parties contesting achievable goals, accompanied by an aware voter base, would set Nepal in the right direction, by Jaya Jung Mahat (kp 17/11/2017)

Kailali-5 contest: A test of Arzu’s popularity, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 17/11/2017), Changing face of election campaign: Political parties, leaders turn to social, digital media to reach voters, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 17/11/2017), Alliance politics: Foes turn friends in West Rukum: UML’s Sher Bahadur KC supporting Maoist Centre’s Janardan Sharma who defeated him in 2008 CA polls, by Durga lal KC and Hari Gautam (kp 17/11/2017)

EC ‘concerned’ about ‘secret financial dealings’: CEC Yadav seeks support from all sectors to curb such activities (kp 16/11/2017), ‘Whither development, whither employment? Candidates face tough questions while canvassing, by Madhav Ghimire’ (kp 16/11/2017), Volunteers take voter education to rice, cardamom plantations (kp 16/11/2017)

Blind people call for secret voting rights (kp 16/11/2017), It takes 8 hours for Siddara locals to vote!, by Birendra KC (kp 16/11/2017), Rural voters unaware of polls, by Purna BK (kp 16/11/2017)

Deuba courts Nepalgunj Mayor Rana to boost NC-led alliance (kp 16/11/2017), Unsecure: Govt, security agencies need to be vigilant to curb attacks on election candidates (kp 16/11/2017)

Women voters outnumber men in 3 states, 39 districts (kp 15/11/2017), Tales of the far west: The focus is on marginalised groups as they contain a large number of swing voters, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 15/11/2017)

Blasts targeting candidates cause for concern, say poll observers (kp 15/11/2017), NHRC to probe attacks on candidates (kp 15/11/2017), UML criticises government over attacks on left candidates (kp 15/11/2017), Carter Center launches int’l poll observation (kp 15/11/2017), Use of kids in campaigns raises concerns (kp 15/11/2017), 22 NCP cadres arrested in Province 4 (kp 15/11/2017)

Keen contest in Ktm-5 as heavyweights clash, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 15/11/2017), Poll fight gets tough, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 15/11/2017), Koirala, Pandit frontrunners in Morang-6 (kp 15/11/2017)

Money, muscle and politics: Corrupt politicians should be voted out of office, but this does not happen in Nepal, by Bigyan Prasai (kp 14/11/2017)

Poll costs to exceed Rs 20b (kp 14/11/2017)

SSF-N manifesto targets ‘identity’ supporters, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 14/11/2017), Poll campaigns losing frills in Province 1 (kp 14/11/2017), Dodhara-Chandani asks for jobs, development projects, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 14/11/2017), Billionaire Chaudhary joins NC’s Koirala in election rally, by Narayan Sharma (kp 14/11/2017)

Banda hits life in Rolpa (kp 14/11/2017), Chitwan makes special  security  arrangement, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 14/11/2017)

Voters of remote Shyamrang want deliverance from endemic poverty, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 13/11/2017)

Only sound and fury, by Mahabir Paudyal (rep 13/11/2017)

Challenges galore for 5-time MP, 4-time PM Deuba, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai and Mohan Budhair (kp 13/11/2017), Oli’s rival Adhikari urges voters to choose young and dynamic leaders, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 13/11/2017), Toss-up between NC and left alliance in Kailali-4, by DR Panta (kp 13/11/2017)

Unidentified group fires at Pun’s team, by Kashiram Dangi (kp 13/11/2017), EC: Security upped for candidates (kp 13/11/2017)

‘70pc votes cast for ward member in local polls invalid’ (kp 12/11/2017)

No enforcement: Flouting election Codes of Conduct will have a multiplier effect on the level of corruption, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp 12/11/2017)

Thapa fights to retain repute, Bhattarai makes fresh foray, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 12/11/20177), Supporters see Rawal as future PM, UML boss: Opponents charge him with doing little for the district, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai and Menuka Dhungana (kp 12/11/2017), Reopening of Tatopani border main agenda: Incumbent and former information ministers in the fray, by Anish Tiwari (kp 12/11/2017), Flood victims’ request to candidates: Build our houses: Say they will vote for those who can address the flooding problem, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 12/11/2017)

Cache of explosive materials seized, by Prakash Adhikari (kp 12/11/2017)

18-40 age group makes up over half of voters, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 11/11/2017)

Back to the basics: While manifestos pledge railways, rapid development, and foreign investment; voters want political actors to stick to the basics, by Sanjeev Giri (kp11/11/2017), Putting people first: While infrastructural development has brought much-welcome changes, social development is the need of the hour, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 11/11/2017), Fake manifestos: Our political parties should stop wasting money publishing  hawa-daari manifestos and littering our streets, by Guffadi (kp 11/11/2017)

Bibeksheel Sajha manifesto out with focus on prosperity (kp 11/11/2017), Dipayal as state capital major agenda in Doti: Dipayal was the headquarters of the far-western region before the country adopted federalism, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 11/11/2017)

IEDs hurled at election motorcade of Sharma (kp 11/11/2017), 2 injured as NC, left bloc activists clash in Solu, by Kumbharaj Rai (kp 11/11/2017)

8 women in the fray in Dang (kp 10/11/2017), No female Muslim FPTP candidate in Province 1, by Dilliram Khatiwada (kp 10/11/2017), Poll campaigns yet to reach Chepang settlement (kp 10/11/2017)

More women in campaigns as most of men are abroad, by Rajendra Manandhar (kp 10/11/2017) (related to Dolakha), Mechi Pari locals feel snubbed by leaders: Say elections hardly matter to them; All they want is basic facilities, by Sanjeev Giri and Parbat Portel (kp 10/11/2017)

Voters ‘unaware’ of duties of centre and state govts: Experts say political parties and leaders should have done enough homework to make voters understand powers and responsibilities of central and provincial governments, by Binod Ghimire (kp 09/11/2017)

Why vote? I will never endorse anyone blindly; my endorsement will depend on past records and personal demeanour, by Pramod Mishra (kp 09/11/2017), Numbers are not enough: It will not do much good if women elected to power are not committed to the cause, by Tara Kanel (kp 09/11/2017)

SC ruling ‘forced’ EC to buy additional 100 tons of paper (kp 09/11/2017)

Security situation in Province 2 discussed (kp 09/11/2017)

Parties stress on pollution control, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 09/11/2017)

Gender discriminatory practices not on parties’ vote agenda, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 08/11/2017)

Villages where no one goes to ask for votes, by DR Panta (kp 08/11/2017), Darchula, East Rukum voters at a loss, by Manoj Badu and Hari Gautam (kp 08/11/2017)

Money for nothing: When elections become race for patronage rather than principles they are bound to be expensive (kp 08/11/2017)

EC to see if poll duty officials can vote (kp 08/11/2017), 300 polling centres ‘highly sensitive’, by Prakash Adhikari (kp 08/11/2017), Poll materials dispatched to 28 districts: EC (kp 08/11/2017), Pistol found on bike used by MC candidate (kp 08/11/2017)

EU launches poll observation mission (kp 08/11/2017)

An octogenarian’s fixation with running against Deuba: Karna Singh Rawal has been contesting against NC chief since 1999, by Mohan Budhair (kp 08/11/2017), Left alliance commits to stability, prosperity: UML-Maoist manifesto silent on stated goal of replacing form of governance with directly elected president, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 08/11/2017), RPP ‘firm on Hindu state, monarchy’ (kp 08/11/2017)

Voters, leaders in eastern hills stress connectivity with China: Say road networks to north could change the face of entire region, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 07/11/2017)

Seats up but claimants fewer than in CA vote, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 07/11/2017), Seat-sharing with UML: Maoists fear absence of FPTP candidates may hit PR votes, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 07/11/20187)

Candidates’ total expenditure set to exceed Rs 10 billion (kp 07/11/2017)

Youth look for those with development agenda, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 06/11/2017), Dalits hold the key, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 06/11/2017)

PM calls for effective voter education drive: Asks EC to ensure greater participation of people; Records at the poll  authority show that  the percentage of void votes was 12.5 percent in local elections (kp 06/11/2017), The EC constantly shifts positions and buckles under pressure, interview with Neel Kantha Uprety (kp 06/11/2017)

Congress to throw weight behind Thakur: Withdraws candidacy of its leader Bajranga Nepali in Mahottari-3, by Rabindra Upreti (kp 06/11/2017), 4,482 in the fray for Phase II:EC distributes election symbols n Says parties can start poll campaigns from today (kp 06/11/2017), In Morang-6, Koirala, Pandit set for tough fight, by Madhav Ghimire (kp 06/11/2017), SSF-N, RJP-N snub principle of inclusion: FPTP list for federal polls does not have even one woman (kp 11/11/2017), (Un)easy alliances: Elections are weeks away; left and NC-led  alliances have different political characteristics (kp 06/11/2017)

No women candidates in Province 6 for FPTP vote, by Janak Nepal (kp 05/11/2017), Only 5.5 per cent female candidates in Kavre (ht 05/11/2017), ‘Dummy’ candidates in fray, by Aman Koirala (kp 05/11/2017), Disgruntled party cadres to contest independently (ht), UML asks rebels to withdraw candidacies (kp 05/11/2017), EC annuls Govinda Raj Joshi’s candidacy, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 05/11/2017), Heavyweights bracing for tough fight in constituency-2 of Saptari, by Byas Shankar Acharya (ht 05/11/2017), Dozens of businessmen in election fray, by Sujan Dhungana (ht 05/11/2017)

First-time voters against gerontocracy, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 05/11/2017)

HRMEA prone to misuse: The phrase ‘as far as possible’ in the Act lets leaders choose from PR list, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 05/11/2017)

Election authority yet to start voter education drive: Vote three weeks away; Fear for high invalid votes (kp 05/11/2017), Districts asked for poll supply plan, by Manish Gautam (kp 05/11/2017), 1,900 poll code violation complaints filed at EC, by Rupesh Acharya (ht 05/11/2017)

In Darchula, voters say development matters more than ideology, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 05/11/2017), Taplejung locals upbeat about stability after polls, by Sanjeev Giri and Ananda Gautam (kp 05/11/2017)

EC readies PR candidate list for two polls: 56 percent of 6,094 fielded under the category are women (kp 04/11/2017), PR lists for parliamentary, provincial polls unveiled (ht 04/11/2017), Ballot papers dispatched to districts (ht 04/11/2017)

Election manifesto: Charter amendment top agenda of Madhes-based parties, by Roshan S. Nepal (ht 04/10/2017), UML tops others in fielding CM hopefuls, by Binod Ghimire (kp 04/11/2017), Two alliances neck and neck in Lamjung (ht 04/11/2017), Eight ex-finance ministers contesting polls (04/11/2017), Mahara, Pokhrel file candidacies from Dang (ht 04/11/2017), Old faces dominate nominations in Surkhet (ht 04/11/2017)

4,708 file nominations for Phase II polls, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 03/11/2017), Parties face hard time ‘adjusting’ leaders: See rebel candidates in some places after  some popular faces left out, by Binod Ghimire (kp 03/11/2017), Candidates file nominations amid fanfare (kp 03/11/2017), Bibeksheel Sajha contesting for 60 seats, with focus on Valley (kp 03/11/2017), Candidates' lists infested with criminals, goons, by Manish Gautam (kp 03/11/2017), Dhungana makes a comeback to politics after 23 years: To contest for the NC in Bhaktapur Constituency-2, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 03/11/2017), Left bloc common manifesto lashes out at Congress (kp 03/11/2017), 4 female candidates contesting in Kailali, by DR Panta (kp 03/11/2017), Major political parties fail to field enough number of women candidates (ht 03/11/2017), Politicians in proportion: Women must be allowed to contest direct elections so as to develop leadership skills (kp 03/11/2017) [Its is their right! Men have nothing to allow!], NC to contest 120 parliamentary seats in second round of polls (ht 03/11/2017), Poll alliances have reduced possible clashes, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 03/11/2017), Nomination filing peaceful in Province 7, by Tekendra Deuba (ht 03/11/217), Parties fielding senior leaders eyeing CM posts, by Rupesh Acharya (ht 03/11/2017)

56 organisations permitted to monitor elections, by Roshan S. Nepal (ht 03/11/2017)

Electoral competency: Women are still underrepresented in Nepali politics and the PR system has not made it any better, by Sanjaya Mahato (kp)  Women candidates few and far between in NC: Party leadership struggles to quell charges of nepotism and favouritism, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 02/11/2017), Maoist Centre finalises  its candidates for Valley: Choice of Sharma, Pun sparks uproar (kp 02/11/2017), Keen contest on cards in Gulmi-1, by Ghanashyam Gautam (kp 02/11/2017), Sitaula, Lingden face each other for third time (kp 02/11/2017)

SSF-N, RJP-N finalise seats for Province 2 (kp 01/11/2017), NC unveils election manifesto (kp 01/11/2017), NC advocates for wealth redistribution, social insurance (kp 01/11/2017)

Snowfall hinders poll campaigns in high altitude regions (kp 01/11/2017)

Major forces get time slots for nomination (kp 01/11/2017)

EC gears up for separate ballots: Move follows consultation with attorney general; Having 2 different ballots ‘not to hit’ poll schedule, by Binod Ghimire (kp 30/10/2017), Poll panel to abide by court directive: To print separate FPTP ballot papers for provincial, parliamentary polls, by Arjun Poudel (ht 30/10/2017), SC’s strong directives to EC at this crucial time will hamper progress made towards FDR, interview with Bipin Adhikari (kp 30/10/2017), EC condemned for ignoring SC order (ht 30/10/2017) [Parties and politicians ignore SC orders as well!], Decision to print separate ballots: EC activities postponed (kp 01/11/2017)

EC tells govt to cancel Rs10b programme (kp 30/10/2017), EC bars ex-MPs from spending CDF money (rep 30/10/2017)

Polls prevent many Mustang locals from moving to lowlands despite growing chill, by Bishan Chhetri (rep 30/10/2017)

Too poor to run! If election tickets are to be auctioned off to highest bidders, why would anyone devote her life for the party’s betterment?, by Subhash Ghimire (rep 30/10/2017)

PR candidate lists in (kp 30/10/2017), Sitaula to run from Jhapa-3 (kp 30/10/2017), Left alliance struggles to finalise constituencies: Division of constituencies in Chitwan, Jhapa, Salyan, Udaypur and Sunsari has remained undecided, according to UML sources (kp 30/10/2017), SSF, RJP fail to pick common candidates (kp 30/10/2017), Parties finalise candidates for PR lists (ht 30/10/2017), Left alliance close to finalizing FPTP candidates (rep 30/10/2017), Left alliance allocates poll constituencies in Biratnagar (ht 30/10/2017), NC proposes alliance in selected seats in Province-2 (rep 30/10/2017)

Cong factions play favourites as party selects candidates: Deuba flexing his muscles in ticket distribution; Poudel not happy, Sitaula camp in a tight spot, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 29/10/2017), Congress, left alliance set for a close fight in Bajura: Going by the results of local level polls, communist forces are likely to have the upper hand (kp 29/10/2017), Left alliance to launch East-West campaign from November 5, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 29/10/2017), No deal yet with FSF-N, RJP-N: NC, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 29/10/2017), Congress discusses changes to Proportional Representation list (ht 29/10/2017), Second phase of FPTP polls: Left alliance fails to finalise seat sharing (ht 29/10/2017), Same old faces in fray for polls in province 6 (ht 29/10/2017)

Govt releases Rs5b for federal, provincial polls (kp 29/10/2017), Reps of candidates may stay at ballot boxes storage locations (kp 29/10/2017), Training for Myadis from today: Names of more than 98,000 personnel finalised for deployment (kp 29/10/2017)

Resettlement process: Locals affected by Budhi Gandaki hydro project warn to boycott polls, by Sudeep Kaini (kp 29/10/2017)

Crime does pay: If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from watching too many films it is that participation in politics is natural progression for gangsters, by Gunjan Upadhyay (rep 28/10/2017)

Dalit leaders demand fair distribution of tickets in second phase elections (ht 28/10/2017)

Election Picking Up Momentum, by Kushal Pokharel (rn 28/10/2017), Security beefed up for HoR, provincial polls (ht 28/10/2017), No voting centre set up at Nyuna yet again (ht 28/10/2017), Dolakha candidates wooing voters in Kathmandu to ensure victory (ht 28/10/2017), 131,950 new voters in Province 7 (ht 28/10/2017)

UML, Maoist Centre launch joint campaign, by Kashiram Dangi (kp 27/10/2017), NC decides constituencies for top leaders (kp 27/10/2017), Left alliance finalises seat sharing for Dec 7; NC, Madhes-based parties struggling with seat allocation (ht 27/10/2017), Maoist leader Paudel in race from Baglung-2: Paudel, who recently quit Naya Shakti Party to rejoin CPN (Maoist Centre), will have NC’s Niraj Pun as his main contender in the race (kp 27/10/2017), Chances of Cong alliance with SSF-N, RJP-N slim: The parties likely to work to ensure victory for their ‘top leaders’ (kp 28/10/2017), NC not keen on democratic alliance, allege FSF-N, RJP-N, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 28/10/2017), FSF-N, RJP-N close to deal (ht 28/10/2017), Gear up for polls, Deuba to Tarun Dal (kp 28/10/2017), NC nominates a few more candidates (ht 28/10/2017), Left alliance likely to finalise seat sharing today, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 28/10/2017)

Parties commit to following poll code of conduct (ht 27/10/2017)

Offices of chief returning officers set up for December 7 polls (ht 27/10/2017)

SC orders separate ballots for two polls: Asks EC to present report on progress made since its earlier ruling; An election commissioner says polls not possible on November 26 if separate ballots were to be printed, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 26/10/2017), SC seeks progress info from EC on printing separate ballots (rep 26/10/2017), EC not to print separate FPTP ballot papers: Supreme Court orders commissioners of the poll panel to furnish clarification within three days, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Arjun Poudel (ht 26/10/2017), Court ruling on separate ballots raises concerns, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 27/10/2017), EC working on response to court (kp 27/10/2017), EC undecided on FPTP ballot papers, by Arjun Poudel (ht 27/10/2017), Respect SC order: The EC should be prepared to print separate ballot papers if the SC orders so as the apex court’s order is binding to all state organs (ht 27/10/2017), EC starts printing of FPTP ballot papers, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 28/10/2017), Views divided on EC’s decision (ht 28/10/2017)

EC toothless, complains Yadav: Yadav expresses his regret that the EC lacks authority to schedule or postpone elections or to make a financial decision (kp 26/10/2017)

How will we vote? Upcoming elections could be a referendum over inclusion of identity versus exclusion of nationality and nationalism, by Pramod Mishra (kp 26/10/2017)

100 candidates pull out of race: Election authority says 702 in the fray for Nov 26 vote; 40 candidates back off from federal elections and 60 from provincial polls (kp 26/10/2017), 705 in fray for Nov 26 elections (ht 26/10/2017), Dissidents of left alliance withdraw nominations (ht 26/10/2017)

NC, left alliance putting final touches on poll manifestos, by Sanjeev Giri and Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 26/10/2017), NLF faction to support Yadav’s SSFN (kp 26/10/2017), ERPP-R candidate withdraws from race to join Congress (kp 26/10/2017), Dahal seeks Devi Gyawali’s support in Chitwan, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 26/10/2017), UML withdraws from Manang where gangster Manange is contesting (ht 26/10/2017) [In accordance witth article 87 of the constitution one must ask why this man is allowed to be a candidate. This is another example for the connection between political parties and criminals!], UML withdraws candidate to make way for Manange (rep 26/10/2017), Left alliance allocates FPTP constituencies (ht 26/10/2017), NC, Madhes parties at odds over share of Province 2 seats (rep 26/10/2017)

Hustle And Bustle of Elections, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 26/10/2017)

Province 4 stakeholders want early voter education (kp 26/10/2017)

Poll Alliance For Stability, by Mukti Rijal (rn 26/10/2017)

First batch of European Union election observers arrives (kp 26/10/2017), European Union deploys election observation mission to Nepal (ht 27/10/2017)

Poll duty to deprive lakhs of right to vote: EC says it didn’t have time to issue voter IDs to govt staff on poll duty (ht 25/10/2017) [This means that the elections cannot be called free and fair!], Sheer negligence: If the EC was able to arrange for government employees to exercise their voting rights in the past why cannot it do the same this time? (ht 26/10/2017)

Rebel candidates give left alliance hard time: Parties’ calls to withdraw candidacy cut no ice with ‘dissatisfied leaders', by Sanjeev Giri (kp 25/10/2017) [And what about the dissatisfied women, Dalits, etc.?]

Left alliance puts Congress in a bind (ht 25/10/2017)

‘Ballot printing for PR system nearly over’ (kp 25/10/2017)

Parties leave out women, Dalits in candidate selection, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/10/2017) [Not even 5 per cent female candidates!!], Fair share of tickets a far cry for women: Three major parties field only nine women for Nov 26 polls, by Arjun Poudel (ht 24/10/2017), Two alliances field just 8 women under FPTP in first phase polls: Poll alliances, reluctance of women aspirants, cited for low female numbers, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 24/10/2017), Gender imbalance: The major political parties  have given importance to male candidates for reasons, or rationale, beyond anybody’s comprehension (ht 24/10/2017)

EC yet to decide on types of ballot papers: Lawyers say Supreme Court order doesn’t have binding force, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 24/10/2017)

Poll alliances trigger dissent in districts, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 24/10/2017)

Private sector under pressure for donations (ht 24/10/2017) [These are extortions, not donations!],

Bibeksheel Sajha Party lays claim to limited constituencies (kp 24/10/2017)

Central level leaders contesting provincial assemblies: Most aspire for top posts, by Ashok Dahal (rep 24/10/2017)

Myadi job lures migrant workers, by Tularam Pandey (kp 24/10/2017), Over 46,000 apply for temporary police jobs in Province 1, by Siddha Raj Rai (rep 24/10/2017), Around 300,000 apply for Myadi jobs: Nepal Police to finalise names on Friday; Govt to deploy highest number of temporary security recruits in Province 2 (kp 26/10/2017)

Bijukchhe, Nidhi talk electoral alliance (ht 24/10/2017)

Most candidates register in Dolakha (ht 24/10/2017)

EC bars use of promotional materials (kp 23/10/2017)

Nominations for first phase polls in 32 district today (kp 22/10/2017), Nominations over for Phase I polls; Leaders: Successful candidacy filing augurs well for elections crucial for implementing the new constitution, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 23/10/2017), Parties field nominees for Phase 1 polls (kp 23/10/2017), Heavyweights in Nov 26 clash (kp 23/10/2017), Limited seats force heavyweights to face off each other, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 23/10/2017), Local leaders rebel against alliance candidates (rep 23/10/2017), Maoist Centre leaders, cadres in Jajarkot disappointed with alliance decision, by Janak KC (rep 23/10/2017), Bhattarai, Shrestha trade barbs, by Sudip Kaini (kp 24/10/2017)

Federal and provincial polls: NC working to finalise candidates for 1st phase (kp 20/10/2017), Left alliance close to dividing constituencies for leaders: UML picks FPTP contestants for  32 districts, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 20/10/2017), Maoist Centre to get ‘56’ fed House seats (kp 20/10/2017)

No change in election dates, reiterates poll governing body (kp 19/10/2017)

SC rules out interim order on separate ballots for two polls: There is no need to issue an interim order at a time when ballot papers for PR system have already been sent for printing, says SC, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 19/10/2017), EC to decide on apex court order today (ht 23/10/2017)

Fewer parties contesting elections under PR system: Compared to 122 ahead of CA polls, only 49 parties in fray, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 17/10/2017), 49 parties file closed list of PR candidates (ht 17/10/2017)

Parties submit lists of PR candidates: Major forces register names in haste, to revise lists within EC’s deadline; UML, Congress bigwigs to contest direct elections (kp 16/10/2017), Parties file closed lists of candidates, by Arjun Poudel (ht 16/10/2017), Eleventh-hour negotiations delay filing of candidacies (rep 16/10/2017), Top leaders throw in their hats for PR polls (ht 16/10/2017), Fielding of criminal figures in polls unleashes public ire: Who will contest from Manang if not Manange?: Oli, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 17/10/2017), 88kg gold smuggling: Congress PR candidate arrested; Police: Those held earlier named Man Bahadur Tamang as point person, by Manish Gautam (kp 17/10/2017), Serious differences emerge over PR nominations (rep 17/10/2017)

Threshold forcing fringe parties to go for mergers, alliances (rep 16/10/2017)

PM’s move violates poll code but won’t affect elections: EC (kp 15/10/2017), EC issues 27-point directive to government (ht 15/10/2017)

Bibeksheel Sajha Party names more candidates (kp 15/10/2017), Parties in Dang scrambling to pick candidates, by Durga Lal KC (kp 15/10/2017)

Aspirants knocking doors of central leaders, by Bhim Chapagain (rep 15/10/2017)

PR candidates’ closed lists to be submitted today (kp 15/10/2017)

Foreign bodies invited to observe polls: EC sends invitations  to the election bodies  in India, Bangladesh,  Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 15/10/2017)

Expenditure limit for candidates up 150pc (kp 14/10/2017), Rs 2.5m poll expense limit for FPTP MP candidate; Politicians who had contested the recent local elections said the expenditure ceiling fixed by the EC on Friday was 'totally impractical', by Bhadra Sharma (rep 14/10/2017)

National Assembly election bill not listed in business schedule (ht 14/10/2017)

Lawmakers flouting poll code in Morang (ht 14/10/2017)

Report of panel probing 2013 CA poll silent about rigging (rep 14/10/2017)

7 journalists recommended as provincial poll candidates (kp 13/10/2017)

Security  agencies  told to ensure security for polls (ht 13/10/2017), Home Ministry rolls out election security plan (kp 14/10/2017)

Central leaders shun provincial poll tickets (ht 12/10/2017) [related to Province 6]

Election manifesto blues: For breakthroughs, by Dilli Raj Khanal (ht 12/10/2017)

Renu Dahal votes for UML in DCC election, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (rep 12/10/2017)

Vote transfer row halts National Assembly Election Bill, by Ashok Dahal (rep 12/10/2017)

Govt hiring 98,168 temporary cops, by Anup Ojha (kp 11/10/2017), Temporary cop vacancies announced (ht 11/10/2017), Mahottari police office overwhelmed (kp 13/10/2017)

EC prints 1.8m dummy PR ballot papers (ht 11/10/2017)

NC, UML pick candidates in Manang (kp 11/10/2017), Three major parties recommend election candidates in Morang (ht 11/10/2017), Pre-poll alliances make fielding candidates tough for parties, by Raju Adhikari (rep 11/10/2017)

MoGA warns civil servants against contesting polls (ht 10/10/2017) [To prevent members of special vocational groups from candidating in elections is a grave violation of equal fundamental rights!]

Writ petition filed against EC over PR cluster criteria (ht 10/10/2017)

EC registers highest number of voters in Morang district (ht 10/10/2017)

'Too many old faces may dampen voter zeal', by Bhim Chapagain (rep 10/10/2017)

Election officers to be stationed in district HQs (kp 09/10/2017)

Election staffers stage protest, demand pay (ht 09/10/2017)

EC pushing for STV system, says Ila Sharma (ht 09/10/2017)

Election bill for president, vice-president passed (ht 09/10/2017)

EC holds orientation for political parties (ht 08/10/2017)

CEC Yadav warns of scraping candidacy of poll code violators (rep 08/10/2017)

Many aspirants for chief minister in Province 4, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 08/10/2017)

Old faces to dominate parliamentary, provincial polls nomination (rep 08/10/2017)

EC harbours poll deferral fears (kp 07/10/2017)

Political parties in Pokhara struggle to pick candidates, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 07/10/2017)

EC asks Dev, Pokhrel to furnish clarification: Dev has been summoned for transferring Caan chief while Pokhrel is under scanner for taking part in NC’s political programmes (kp 06/10/2017), EC seeks clarifications from NRA chief (rep 06/10/2017)

EC appoints poll officers for all 165 constituencies (rep 05/10/2017)

Election funding: Many loopholes; Our electoral laws should reflect the realities of Nepali society rather than some hoped for ideal, by Sanjaya Mahato (rep 04/10/2017)

EC makes public details of constituencies (ht 04/10/2017)

CEC stresses on flawless ballot paper printing (kp 04/10/2017)

EC updates voters’ roll to 15.4 million (kp 04/10/2017)

Upcoming polls simpler than local level elections: EC (ht 03/10/2017)

SSF-N claims Birgunj top seat (kp 28/09/2017), EC fails to meet vote count target: Task crosses 5-day deadline; Rajbiraj results delayed by late polling (kp 28/09/2017), Election results of all 136 local levels in Province 2 delivered (ht 28/09/2017)

Major party leaders campaign in Chitwan, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 27/09/2017), EC allows Carter Centre to observe elections (ht 27/09/2017)

Halted vote counting yet to resume in Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan City (ht 27/09/2017), Surya Narayan saving grace for NSN in Province 2 (ht 27/09/2017)

Sluggish vote count in Rajbiraj (ht 26/09/2017)

RJP-N wins in Janakpur: Newly united force claims the ruling Congress party’s traditional bastion, by Shyam Sundar Shashi and Santosh Singh (kp 25/09/2017), Rajbiraj Municipality still waiting for election results (ht 25/09/2017)

Expediture on poll campaigns: Most candidates yet to furnish details: EC, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 25/09/2017)

‘Four types of ballot paper needed’ (ht 24/09/2017), RJP objects to same ballot paper for two polls: But Election Commission clarifies ballot papers cannot be changed (kp 25/09/2017)

Madhes-based parties give tough fight to Congress in Saptari (ht 24/09/2017), UML faces crushing defeat in Rautahat (ht 24/09/2017), FSF-N wins most top seats in Parsa (ht 24/09/2017)

EC finalises ballot paper design for PR system (kp 23/09/2017), EC invites Carter for polls (kp 23/09/2017)

Money, power had role in candidate selection: Ex-prez (kp 23/09/2017), Election system should be changed: Dahal (kp 23/09/2017)

UML’s Oli urges party cadres to keep calm (kp 23/09/2017)

Major parties gear up for provincial, federal polls, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 22/09/2017)

Learning Lessons Electoral Way, by Narad Bharadwaj (rn 22/09/2017), RJP-N, SSF-N putting up good showing: Congress maintains lead, Maoist Centre following (kp 22/09/2017), 50-year-old man dies in Rautahat clash, by Pawan Yadav (kp 22/09/2017), Rina Kumari Sah elected first female mayor of Province 2, by Shiva Puri (kp 22/09/2017)

EC calls parties to hold back tea reception (kp 21/09/2017)

Election Anomalies (rn 21/09/2017), RJP-N registers first win, Congress maintains lead: CPN (Maoist Centre) opens account; Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum-N ahead of CPN-UML; RJP-N’s good showing despite internal disputes ahead of the elections is due to its stance on  constitutional issues, analysts say (kp 21/09/2017), Int’l community lauds Nepalis for local polls (kp 21/09/2017), 3 major political parties continue to obstruct  vote counting in Baragadhi; NC, Maoist Centre and  UML demand re-election for Baragadhi Rural Municipality ward 6 (kp 21/09/2017), Election reflection: Early indications from third phase of local polls show a differing trend to the first two phases (kp 21/09/2017), EC to increase teams to speed up vote counting (ht 21/09/2017), Vote count disrupted over row (ht 21/09/2017)

Party reps kept at bay as vote count begins: Officials say tight security in place to avoid re-run of Bharatpur-19 fiasco (kp 20/09/2017), EC revises Province 2 voter turnout to 77 pc: es of local level polls (kp 20/09/2017), At 77 percent, Province 2 tops in voter turnout (rep 20/09/2017), Overwhelming voter turnout in Madhes shows their desperation to vote, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 20/09/2017), Major parties open their account in Province 2 (ht 20/09/2017), Disputes halt counting at places (ht 20/09/2017), Peaceful polls: The elected officials at the local level can serve the people better than bureaucrats as they are acquainted with local needs (ht 20/09/2017), The pain of being disallowed to vote, by Suresh Yadav (rep 20/09/2017)

Pre-election vibrations: Rajbiraj saw a high level of security presence due to its image as a political hot spot, by Sujeet Karn and Sangita Thebe Limbu

People vote in Province 2 with fervour: EC’s early  estimates put voter turnout at 73 percent (kp 19/09/2017), High women participation, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 19/09/2017), Extra caution in Rautahat to prevent Bharatpur-type incident, by Madan Thakur (rep 19/09/2017), Bad weather fails to dampen Birgunj voters' spirit, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 19/09/2017)

Major parties agree on two ballot papers for provincial, parliamentary elections (ht 19/09/2017)

Race to the end: Lawmakers yet to pass important legislation, even as Dasain will make Parliament inactive (kp 18/09/2017)

CPN-MC selects candidates in Jajarkot for HoR, PA elections (ht 18/09/2017)

Province 2 votes today: Chief Election Commissioner Yadav requests people to ‘give one day for the nation', by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 18/09/2017), Final phase of local level elections today, by Arjun Poudel (ht), Invalid vote concerns: Invalid votes in the eight Tarai districts were higher than elsewhere during  the two Constituent Assembly elections held  in 2008 and 2013, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 18/09/2017), NC, UML cadres clash (kp 18/09/2017)

Stage all set for local elections in Province 2: No violent clashes reported in run-up to vote: Officials, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 17/09/2017), Border sealed for tomorrow’s election: Cross-border crimes deemed major threat (kp 17/09/2017), Election code breach ‘rampant’ (kp 17/09/2017), Voter education ‘ineffective’ in Bara district, by Laxmi Sah (kp 17/09/2017), Voters can cast votes using citizenship certificate (ht 17/09/2017)

Rainfall likely on election day: MFD (kp 16/09/207)

EC proposes Rs 1.4m expenditure ceiling for FPTP candidates, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 15/09/2017)

MP’s vote to be equivalent to 79 votes: Bills on presidential, national assembly polls registered (ht 15/09/2017), Civic body chief’s vote to have a weightage of 18 (ht 15/09/2017)

Hope from polls in poor’s camp, by Pawan Yadav (kp 15/09/2017), ‘Heightened’ security for elections (kp 15/09/2017), Silence period begins at midnight tonight (kp 15/09/2017), Political parties ready for election day (ht 15/09/2017), Madhes-based  forces  in shadow in Siraha (ht 15/09/2017), Voting to heal past wounds: Local elections in Province 2 bring together candidates and voters from hills and plains, by Julia Thomas (nt 15/09/2017), The Battle for Birganj:
Birganj is a microcosm of everything traditionally associated with elections: money, muscle and betrayal
, by Rameshwar Bohara (nt 15/09/2017), Last but not the least (nt 15/09/2017)

How Nepal has voted: Fair competition enables members of the janajati populace to rise to leadership positions, by Krishna Prasad Upadhyaya and Krishna Prasad Sharma (kp 14/09/2017)

Projects for lawmakers: Incumbent MPs may have ‘unfair’ advantage; EC says ‘hands tied’ over projects under constituency development and infrastructure programmes, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 14/09/2017), Cabinet expansion violates poll code, but can’t do anything: CEC Yadav (kp 14/09/2017), 7 parties told to stop poll code violation (kp 14/09/2017), Parties violating election code of conduct in Rautahat, by Madan Thakur (rep 14/09/2017), Overkill: Excessive security personnel in Tarai during Province 2 polls could do more harm than good (kp 14/09/2017), Children used in PM’s election assembly: EC (ht 14/09/2017), EC to issue voter ID card from Sept 15-17 in Province 2 (ht 14/09/2017), Musahars ask for citizenship with candidates seeking votes, by Mahesh Kumar Das (rep 14/09/2017)

Bill on National Assembly members registered: The bill has proposed the first-past-the-post  Bloc Voting Electoral System - similar to the  one adopted for the local level elections - to elect  members of the National Assembly, by Binod Ghimire (kp 14/09/2017), 2.66 local unit votes equal 1 provincial assembly vote, by Ashok Dahal (rep 14/09/2017)

UML caught in 2 minds over Oli’s Tarai poll drive: The party secretariat, how-ever, says the preparations were under way to hold mass events in the region, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 14/09/2017)

Election code violation: EC asks deputy Speaker, NTV chief to clarify (kp 13/09/2017), Tarechauri folk rally behind one of their own, by Rabindra Uprety (kp 13/09/2017), Poll campaigning in full swing (ht 13/09/2017), Rift in RJPN hits poll campaigns (rep 13/09/2017), Flood victims unimpressed by candidates’ tall promises, by Jitendra Kumar Jha (rep 13/09/2017), Selling dreams to buy votes, by Madan Thakur (rep 13/09/2017)

Calendar for two major polls unveiled (kp 12/09/2017), Federal, provincial polls: 88 parties listed for PR election (kp 13/09/2017)

Flood survivors join poll campaign, by Dipendra Baduwal and Pawan Yadav (kp 12/09/2017), Schools to close for five days (kp 12/09/2017), UML has lost moral ground to seek votes, says Yadav (ht 12/09/2017), Even candidates don't know how to vote!, by Balkrishna Adhikari and Suresh Yadav (rep 12/09/2017), Polls have become costlier: Candidates , by Bal Krishna Adhikari and Mahesh Kumar Das (rep 12/09/2017), Dalits in Saptari disappointed over election ticket snub: 'Political parties have taken us only as vote banks', by Jitendra Kumar Jha (rep 12/09/2017)

The state of the race: Holding elections without addressing concerns is not sufficient to placate the population in the Tarai (kp 11/09/2017), Election code violation rampant (ht 11/09/2017), Daily wage earners to snub candidates favouring bandhs, by Byashsankar Upadhyay (ht 11/09/2017), Province 2 polls a litmus test for Madhes parties, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 11/09/2017)

EC demands 195 judicial staffers for elections (kp 11/09/2017)

3 major parties intensify campaigns in Province 2: While Maoist Centre Chairman Dahal is already in the plains, NC President and PM Deuba and UML Chairman Oli are set to address rallies starting this week, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 11/09/2017)

Province 2 Poll: Litmus Test For Madhesi Parties, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 10/09/2017), RJP-Nepal views NC as its main competitor (kp 10/09/2017), Election officials step up monitoring of code violation (kp 10/09/2017), EC asks Gachhadar, State Min Pun to clarify code violations (kp 10/09/2017), EC seeks clarification from DPM, mayoral candidate and NC minister (ht 10/09/2017), 68,000 personnel on the ground for security (kp 10/09/2017), No budget allocation for local polls in Province 2 (kp 10/09/2017), Candidates get election symbols (ht 10/09/2017), 109 polling centres declared highly sensitive (ht 10/09/2017), Poll campaigning stepped up (ht 10/09/2017), Big parties figure large in Janakpur polls, by Balkrishna Adhikari and Suresh Yadav (rep 10/09/2017)

EC directs ministry to set up DCCs (ht 10/09/2017)

Foreign firms invited to enlist for poll observation: EC says presence of  international observers adds to the credibility  of elections (kp 10/09/2017), EC invites int'l observers for province, parliament polls (rep 10/09/2017)

Federal and provincial elections: EC’s plan to publish poll schedule put off; The poll body, however, has asked parties to inform it by Tuesday about the places from where they want to  contest elections (kp)

Poll code affecting relief works, Deuba tells EC: Code of conduct for federal and provincial elections—to be held on Nov 26 and  Dec 7— has been in place since August 30 (kp 09/09/2017) [???]

Charter revision on parties’ poll agenda (kp 09/09/2017), 5,686 contesting for 856 posts in Saptari (ht 09/09/2017), Many party-switchers in Mahottari, by Mahesh Kumar Das (rep 09/09/2017), Rampant breach of election code of conduct in Mahottari (rep 09/09/2017)

PM urges Election Commission to allow political parties to file FPTP nominations first (ht 09/09/2017)

Candidate pressured to withdraw nomination (ht 09/09/2017)

EC allots election symbols to 91 parties (ht 08/09/2017) [for national and provincial elections]

RJP-N manifesto lashes out at Maoist Centre (kp 08/09/2017), Campaign costs ‘hefty’ in Birgunj, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 08/09/2017), Bibeksheel Sajha Party going slow on Phase 3 polls (kp 08/09/2017), 36,073 candidates vying for 6,627 posts in province no 2: EC (ht 08/09/2017), Parties ignore martyrs' families in candidacy registration, by Jitendra Kumar Jha (rep 08/09/2017), Trading tears for votes: A bullet killed her son. Now she is turning to the ballot for justice, not just for herself but for everyone in the community, by Jiyalal Sah (nt 08/09/2017)

Candidates register nominations (kp 07/09/2017), Over 18,000 file papers for Sept 18 polls (ht 07/09/2017), Parties use children in election rallies in Rautahat district (kp 07/09/2017), RJP-N leader quits party to become Mayor candidate of Maoist centre (kp 07/09/2017), Martyr’s sibling files independent candidacy (ht 07/09/2017), Leaders, cadres of various political parties clash over election tickets (ht 07/09/2017)

EC to seek Rs 10.27bn for Nov, Dec polls (ht 06/09/2017)

RJPN fails to finalize candidates for 22 local units (rep 06/09/2017)

Nominations for Province 2 polls today (kp 06/09/2017), NC, Maoist Centre working on alliance (kp 06/09/2017)

Sarlahi’s rural voters don’t know how to vote, by Aman Koirala (kp 06/09/2017)

House endorses two election-related bills, by Binod Ghimire (kp 05/09/2017) [SC decisions are once again not of any interest for politicians!!], Poll bills clear parliament after amendment dropped, by Ashok Dahal (rep 05/09/2017), Muted voices: Ideas such as ‘right to no vote’ should have been discussed before lawmakers dropped them (kp 06/09/2017)

Two EC secretaries changed in five days, by Arjun Poudel (ht 05/09/2017) [????]

Parties start canvassing in Siraha (ht 05/09/2017), Election code violation rampant in Birgunj (ht 05/09/2017), Parties throw lavish feasts to woo voters, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 05/06/2017)

Janak Shiksha needs ‘45 days’ to print 34 million ballotsThere was concern if the JSSK will be able to print  so many ballot papers as  it had taken around 45 days to print 16 million  ballots for the local polls (kp 04/09/2017)

Big III not forging alliance from centre: However, they will welcome such alliances if they are made by local committees (ht 04/09/2017)

Govt and EC at odds over ‘early’ election code (kp 03/09/2017), Right to recall unlikely in new election bill, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 03/09/2017), Not now: Right to recall provision would likely lead to a spate of recall moves one or two years after the election, and it would not do good to anybody (ht 04/09/2017)

Defection rife among disgruntled party leaders (ht 03/09/2017)

Security stepped up for phase III civic polls (ht 03/09/2017)

Nepali Congress, CPN-UML finalise candidates in Siraha (ht 03/09/2017)

Third phase local polls: Parties struggle to pick their candidates for Dhanusha (kp 03/09/2017)

CEC warns against poll code violation (kp 02/09/2017), Election code violation: Govt orders transfer of over 400 staffers; Poll panel to direct it to rescind its decision, by Arjun Poudel (ht 02/09/2017), Ministry halts employee transfers (ht 03/09/2017)

Oppn MPs accuse NC of delaying poll bills (kp 02/09/2017)

EC to seek Rs 10b for province, parliament polls, by Bhadra Sharma (rep 02/09/2017)

EC divides districts for two phases of elections (kp 01/09/2017)

Right to vote: Ensure accessible polling booths so that persons with disabilities are not disenfranchised, by Pragya Lamsal (kp 01/09/2017)

Rs 2 billion sought for phase III local polls, by Bal Krishna Adhikari (rep 01/09/2017)

Election code of conduct comes into effect (ht 31/08/2017)

CDC submits its report with 165 electoral constituencies: Move takes the country one more step towards the implementation of the constitution, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 31/08/2017), CDC creates 495 constituencies (ht 31/08/2017), 3,578 polling centers for phase III local polls (rep 31/08/2017), Important step: Some districts seem to be over or under-represented because of differences in population distribution (ht 01/09/2017)

Govt decides to hold polls in two phases: First round on Nov 26, second on Dec 7 (kp 31/08/2017), Govt decision to hold polls in 2 phases irks UML, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 31/08/2017)

Parties wooing Madhesi voters (ht 31/08/2017), Nepal slams Madhes-based parties (ht 31/08/2017), ‘NC-Maoist alliance frustrated after defeat in first and second civic polls’ (ht 31/08/2017)

EC says better to hold polls in two phases: Cites logistics management and weather conditions among others, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 30/08/2017), EC preparing for two-phase provincial, parliamentary polls: If it has its way, the second phase may be held on December 7 or 12 (ht 30/08/2017)

No time to lose: CDC’s report is almost complete, now lawmakers and govt must help EC complete polls (kp 30/08/2017)

Over 1.5m added to voter list (ht 30/08/2017)

Delay in candidate selection hits parties' poll campaigns (rep 30/08/2017)

Aspirants involved in election publicity campaign in Rajbiraj (ht 30/08/2017)

3rd phase local polls: EC says 1.8m voter IDs to be reprinted (kp 29/08/2017)

Parties eyeing for electoral alliance as polls in Province 2 approach (rep 29/08/2017)

Parties in race to pick poll candidates (kp 28/08/2017) [Obviously, the central leaders of the parties once again decide on the local candidates! This is the opposite of democracy and local participation!!]

EC setting up offices in local units of Province 2 (kp 28/08/2017)

Registered at EC, RJP-N seeks ‘umbrella’ for fed, provincial polls (kp 27/08/2017)

Parties asked to list nominating officials (kp 26/08/2017)

Time bound: To hold elections in a single phase, govt should prioritise crucial electoral legislation (kp 24/08/2017), Chances of early poll acts slim (kp 25/08/2017)

More than 1.3 million new voters registered (ht 25/08/2017)

Fix roads before polls: EC to govt (kp 24/08/2017)

Morang has 81,862 new voters (ht 23/08/2017), 20,000 new voters added in Palpa, by Mukti Prasad Nyaupane (rep 23/08/2017)

EC suggests govt to hold elections separately (kp 23/08/2017)

Not my candidate: The right to reject all candidates during elections is essential in a participatory democracy, by Saurav Karki (kp 22/08/2017) [This is especially important under the system of nepotism that is prevalent in all Nepalese parties!!]

EC investigates into Budhanilkantha voter registration dispute (kp 21/08/2017)

Over 1 million new voters registered (kp 20/08/2017)

Close schools in Province 2 for a week: EC (ht 19/08/2017) [Why for a week?????]

EC says difficult to hold two major polls together (kp 17/08/2017), Both polls to be held together most likely on November 20: Govt preparing to announce date by Sunday after consulting with EC, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 18/08/2017), EC, parties agree to hold provincial, parliamentary elections by Nov 23 (rep 18/08/2017)

EC bars political leaders from distributing relief items in Province 2 (rep 18/08/2017)

Cabinet extends CDC’s tenure by 15 days: CDC officials say their work was affected by the SC’s ruling last week that cleared way for adding new federal units in Province 2 (kp 16/08/2017)

EC asks govt to announce date for polls immediately (ht 16/08/2017)

Keep on voting: Election season is in full swing, and archaic practices and laws need to be reformed, by Krishna Man Pradhan (kp 15/08/2017)

Govt to EC: Give RJP-N single election symbol (kp 14/08/2017)

Election authority writes to govt to purchase EVMs, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 13/08/2017)

Vote of confidence: The Election Commission should be strengthened to make it a bulwark of democracy, by Bishnu Hari Marasini (kp 11/08/2017)

Fix a date, by Rameshwar Bohara (nt 11/08/2017)

Election Commission’s central office also registering voters (ht 10/08/2017)

Constituency Delineation Concerns, by Mukti Rijal (rn 10/08/2017)

Prepare for both polls together, Deuba tells EC: Election officials ask govt to fix dates by August 17 (kp 08/08/2017), Hold provincial, parliamentary polls together, PM tells EC: Poll panel pitches for use of EVMs (ht 09/08/2017), EC asks govt to announce date for elections pronto (ht 09/08/2017)

Renu Dahal turns the tables on Devi Gyawali: Wins the mayoral race securing 43,127 votes against her rival’s 42,924 (kp 06/08/2017), Renu’s victory fails to impress Maoist leaders (kp 07/08/2017), Maoist, NC take out victory rally in Bharatpur, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 07/08/2017)

UML won most seats with vote share like NC’s, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 06/08/2017)

Local poll losses trigger blam game in NC, UML, by Sher Bahadur KC (rep 06/08/2017)

Province 2 Election: Stage Set For One-upmanship, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 06/08/2017)

Voters’ education programme: EC to launch campaign in Province 2 on August 17 (kp 06/08/2017)

75.58pc voter turnout in Bharatpur-19 (kp 05/08/2017)

Out-district voter registration very high in Valley: EC (ht 05/08/2017)

Constituency delimitation: So much to do, only a few days in hand; CDC, which has 2 weeks, is yet to fix basis for carving out constituencies (kp 04/08/2017), ‘Gerrymandering’ warned (kp 04/08/2017), CEC Yadav advises CDC on delineation: Says don’t overlap rural municipalities and division of wards (ht 05/08/2017), CDC to expedite report writing (ht 05/08/2017), CDC weighing delineation models (ht 06/08/2017)

CEC: Logistical issues if two polls held together (kp 04/08/2017)

MPs demand 55 FPTP seats for women (ht 04/08/2017)

Lawmakers for letting EC decide poll dates (kp 03/08/2017)

EC’s voter registration boosts citizenship applicant numbers, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 03/08/2017)

All demands can’t be fulfilled, says CDC (ht 03/08/2017)

EC to request govt to purchase EVMs (rep 02/08/2017)

Major parties gear up for Phase 3 poll (kp 01/08/2017), Dahal for alliance with Madhesi parties (kp 01/08/2017)

Court upholds EC’s re-polling decision, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 31/07/2017), Bharatpur poll officer told to hold re-election in Ward 19 at the earliest (kp 01/08/2017), Conduct repoll in Bharatpur-19 as soon as possible: Election panel (ht 01/08/2017), Bharatpur mayoral candidate’s son held (ht 03/08/2017), Ensure fair re-polling in Bharatpur-19, says EC (ht 03/08/2017)

CEC Yadav sees logistical hurdles in holding two elections together (kp 31/07/2017), Price of polls: PM and EC should make all efforts to hold provincial and general polls in one go if it’s politically feasible (kp 31/07/2017)

Voters’ registration at local levels from today (kp 31/07/2017)

Call to form 3 constituencies in Banke (kp 30/07/2017), CDC collects suggestions in Pokhara (ht 30/07/2017), Constituency delimitation: Parties remain at odds over bases (kp 31/07/2017), CDC urged to give more weightage to population (ht 31/07/2017), ‘Stress geography for poll constituencies’ (ht 01/08/2017), Parties lay stress on population (kp 02/08/2017)

EC tells parties to enroll for upcoming polls: Asks parties to enroll by Aug 27 (rep 30/07/2017)

MPs for banning candidates for 10 yrs for involvement in tearing ballot papers (rep 30/07/2017)

Parliament  to send election related bills to House panel, by Rupesh Acharya (ht 30/07/2017)

EC mulling single ballot paper for FPTP, PR: Plans to propose the idea if provincial and federal polls are held together; What the poll body is planning, however, has drawn mixed reactions, with some saying it will avoid confusion among voters and others saying it limits people’s choice, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 29/07/2017), Govt preparing to hold 2 major polls together: Says it will save money, ensure country does not miss Jan 21 deadline, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 30/07/2017)

NEFIN for ensuring proportional representation in all elections: After consulting with indigenous lawmakers from several parties, NEFIN drafts amendment proposals to the election bills (kp 28/07/2017)

‘Two levels of polls possible at one go’: For this the FPTP and PR votes should also be counted simultaneously: EC (ht 28/07/2017)

Apex court verdict deferred for 10th time (rep 28/07/2017) [This smells of political undermining of jurisdiction!]

EC to discuss use of EVMs with parties (kp 27/07/2017)

More than 4 million votes cast in phase II civic polls invalid: EC (ht 27/07/2017) [How can these elections be called fair and democratic??]

Recovering the expenses: High election campaign costs provide legitimacy to political corruption, by Sanjaya Mahato (kp 27/07/2017)

Voter registration pulling crowds, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 26/07/2017), Tikapur sees rise in number of people seeking citizenship certificates, by Yogesh Rawal (rep 26/07/2017)

Pressure builds within RJPN for poll participation (rep 26/07/2017)

Petitioners plead against poll panel’s decision to order re-polling, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 24/07/2017), Bharatpur fracas: AG challenges petitioners’ right to move SC, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 25/07/2017)

Right to reject sought in new election bill (ht 24/07/2017)

Time constraint may affect EC's EVM plan (rep 24/07/2017)

Flawed Analysis Of Poll Results, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 23/07/2017)

Carter Center renews call for poll observation (kp 23/07/2017)

EC expert panel suggests Indian EVMs for upcoming elections, by Bhadra Sharma (rep 23/07/2017)

Govt forms CDC under former SC justice Das: Gives 21 days to carve out constituencies for national, provincial polls; After receiving CDC’s report, the government will send it to Parliament, which then will forward it to the Election Commission (kp 21/07/2017), Race against time: The Constituency Delineation Commission should be allowed to function independently (kp 21/07/2017), Govt yet to contact CDC chairperson, members (ht 22/07/2017)

Phase III local poll calendar published (kp 21/07/2017), India-made EVMs capable of including all parties: EC team; Officials fear time constraint for using voting machines during upcoming provincial, federal polls, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 21/07/2017), Bills for federal and provincial polls tabled (kp 21/07/2017), Candidacy nominations for Province 2 polls on Sept 6 (rep 21/07/2017)

Metro without mayor: "Maoists did not just tear up ballot papers, but attacked democracy as well", by Om Astha Rai (nt 21/07/2017))

CROs entrusted with holding DCC elections (ht 20/07/2017)

High invalid vote despite Rs 750m spent on voter education, by Bhadra Sharma (rep 20/07/2017)

Elected local reps of Bharatpur unable to work: With vote counting in wards no. 19 and 20 stalled, those who won elections haven't been sworn in (ht 20/07/2017)

All in the same vote: To make the third phase of local polls a success, big parties should go to the interior of Province 2, by Deepak Chaudhary (kp 19/07/2017)

After pressure, EC to go to local level for voter listing (kp 19/07/2017), Rs1.7 billion sought for 3rd phase vote (kp 19/07/2017), Voter registration picks pace in Kaski (ht 19/07/2017)

EC may extend voter-registration deadline: Poll panel likely to allow out-district registration as well, by Arjun Poudel (ht 18/07/2017)

Fringe parties take strong exception to proposal to retain 240 units (rep 18/07/2017)

Why CPN-MC Had A Poor Performance, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn 17/07/2017)

Morang voter education campaign ineffective (ht 17/07/2017), EC begins nationwide voter registration campaign (rep 17/07/2017), EC re-urges PM to clear legal, administrative hurdles without further delay (rep 17/07/2017)

PM asks EC to gear up for state, fed polls: Promises Constituency Delimitation Commission ‘within a week or two’ (kp 17/07/2017)

Provincial, national polls: Revised bills could affect women’s representation, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 16/07/2017)

Six parties registered with EC (kp 16/07/2017)

EC pressed for wider voter listing (kp 15/07/2017), Elected representatives yet to submit their expenditure detail, by Nagendra Upadhyaya (rep 15/07/2017), 396 candidates of Rasuwa yet to submit election expenditure, by Bhagwati Lama (rep 15/07/2017), Concerns over upcoming polls as govt misses EC's deadline (rep 15/07/2017)

Why UML Won Local Elections, by Narad Bharadwaj (rn 14/07/2017), Nepali Congress to hear from Province 2 leaders ahead of polls: Party to assess its position in the eight Tarai districts to devise a strategy for the third phase of local polls (kp 14/07/2017)

Parties call for extending voter roll update duration: Seek at least a month, saying 15-day window not enough; As per the EC calendar, people can register their names, correct mistakes on the existing list and remove double registration  from July 16-30 (kp 13/07/2017)

Election expenditure details sought from parties, candidates: Political parties, candidates and elected representatives have to furnish details of poll expenses in 30 days (ht 13/07/2017), 1,178 candidates forfeit deposit after failing to secure 10 pc votes (ht 13/07/2017)

Election bills: Candidates to be barred from race in more than one constituency (kp 12/07/2017), 334 candidates lose security deposit (ht 12/07/2017), UML gives relief materials to flood victims in Rajbiraj (ht 12/07/2017)

CDC delay likely to hit poll cycle: EC seeks constituency delimitation report by the end of this month, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 11/07/2017), Delayed polls to hinder dev works in Province 2, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 11/07/2017), Bharatpur ballot case: Hearing deferred for third time; To be heard on July 17 (kp 11/07/2017) [Political reasons??], EC takes action against poll observers (ht 11/07/2017), Temporary police of Province 2 sent off before phase III polls (ht 11/07/2017), 21 pc votes invalid in Biratnagar Metropolitan City (ht 11/07/2017)

Two election related laws forwarded to Cabinet (kp 10/07/2017), EC set to update voters’ list from mid-July, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 10/07/2017), Voter registration for provincial, central parliamentary elections to begin from July 16 (ht 10/07/2017), Unconvincing: The EC should reconsider its decision and allow the citizens to register their names in the voters roll from a convenient place (ht 12/07/2017)

Nepali Congress asserts supremacy in Biratnagar (kp 10/07/2017), RJP-N not to get election symbol of its choice (kp 10/07/2017), EC refuses to provide new election symbol to RJPN (rep 10/07/2017), Endangered Baramu folk win 14 seats (kp 10/07/2017), 11 parties in registration process for upcoming elections (kp 10/07/2017), Frequent poll deferrals cost Rs 4 billion, by Bhadra Sharma (rep 10/07/2017)

Hearing on Bharatpur ballot row on Monday (kp 08/07/2017), EC keen to use EVMs in upcoming polls (ht 08/07/2017), Nripa Bahadur Od: The first dalit mayor of a sub-metropolis, by Dil Bahadur Chhantyal (rep 09/07/2017), Ex-teachers elected in various posts in rural municipalities (rep 09/07/2017)

UML makes most of elections, leaves NC to lick its wounds: Party managed to sell its agenda well even in Tarai districts, say experts, by Binod Ghimire  (kp 07/07/2017), Election results of Dharan Sub-metropolis likely in a week (ht 07/07/2017), Election fervor returns as RJPN mulling to register party, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 07/07/2017), Former MPs soundly defeated in mayoral races, by Devendra Basnet (rep 07/07/2017), Big parties lose traditional strongholds in Jhapa, by Raju Adhikari (rep 07/07/2017)

Not disappointed with poll results: Bibeksheel, Sajha: Parties admit lack of organisational base (kp 06/07/2017), Uncertainty persists over stalled vote count in Dharan (kp 06/07/2017), The long road: The dominance of major parties might bring some political stability, but it has its pitfalls (kp 06/07/2017), Election results of 13 local units in Morang declared; NC takes lead (ht 06/07/2017), 358 forfeit poll security deposit in Dhankuta (ht 06/07/2017), 15 per cent votes invalid in Biratnagar (ht 06/07/2017), Flood victims untouched by election excitement, by Sher Bahadur KC (rep 06/07/2017), RJPN candidate wins elections, by Kiran Man Bajracharya (rep 06/07/2017), Internal feuds cost parties their traditional strongholds, by Bhim Chapagain (rep 06/07/2017)

EC wants poll dates by first week of August (kp 05/07/2017), EC asks govt to give laws and fix polls date (ht 05/07/2017)

20 per cent votes cast in KMC invalid (ht 05/07/2017) [Such percentage calls the local elections into question!!]

Independent candidate wins mayoral race (kp 05/07/2017), RPP’s Rana elected mayor of Nepalgunj (ht 05/07/2017), When luck comes into play in elections (ht 05/07/2017) [Elections must not be a lottery! There should be a run-off ballot in such cases!], CPN-Maoist Centre wins Bhajani, Kailali (ht 05/07/2017), UML internal rifts lose it stronghold to NC, by Ajit Tiwari (rep 05/07/2017), CPN-UML bites dust in its own strongholds, by Ajit Tiwari (rep), Parties losing traditional strongholds in Province 5, 7, by Kalendra Sejuwal (rep 05/07/2017), Strike affects normal life in Rolpa, by Dinesh Subedi (rep 05/07/2017)

Preferred Political Forces, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 05/07/2017)

What The Local Elections Say, by Prem Khatry (rn 04/07/2017), Fringe parties limited to handful wins (kp 04/07/2017), Muslim woman elected vice-chair (kp 04/07/2017), UML wins Ghorahi Sub-metropolis (ht 04/07/2017), Independent candidates faring badly in Biratnagar Metropolis (ht 04/07/2017), Parties file complaint seeking re-poll (ht 04/07/2017), 85 forfeit poll security deposit (ht 04/07/2017), Nationalist stand, weak NC leadership helped UML in polls, by Ashok Dahal (rep 04/07/2017), Gachchhadar, Yadav maintain influence in their regions, by Amar Khadka (rep 04/07/2017), Poll results bring joy to some and tears to others, by Sher Bahadur KC (rep 04/07/2017)

EC forms panel to complete all polls by Nov-end (ht 03/07/2017)

EC again proposes buying EVMs: This time from India, by Bhadra Sharma (rep 03/07/2017)

Third-phase elections: Too many invalid votes, by Birendra P. Mishra (ht 03/07/2017)

Congress ‘weakened’ in Deuba’s home district, by DR Panta and Mohan Budhair (kp 03/07/2017), UML wins most hill districts of Province 1 (ht 03/07/2017), Dhangadi Sub-metropolis records very high number of invalid votes, by Tekendra Deuba (ht 03/07/2017), Small margins making all the difference (ht 03/07/2017), Vote count too slow in Biratnagar Metropolis (ht 03/07/2017), Four Dadeldhura journos win top civic posts (ht 03/07/2017), UML buoyed, NC-Maoists upset with poll results, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 03/07/2017), Is Maoist Center bound to confine to rural areas?, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 03/07/2017), UML wins in all 7 local units of Dhankuta, by Siddha Raj Rai (rep 03/07/2017), Other parties making in-roads into Maoist stronghold Rolpa, by Dinesh Subedi (rep 03/07/2017), Mother defeats daughter in elections (rep 03/07/2017), NC wins in CPN-UML stronghold Rampur, by Himal Lamsal (rep 03/07/2017)

Parliament and Provincial Assembly elections not possible in single phase: CEC Yadav (ht 02/07/2017)

2nd Phase Of Local Poll: People Dump Extremist Forces, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 02/07/2017)

UML maintains lead in sub-metropolises: NC ahead in Biratnagar, Rastriya Prajatantra Party in Nepalgunj (kp 02/07/2017), Nepali Congress leading poll race in Province 7 (ht 02/07/2017), CPN-MC ahead in Province 5 (ht 02/07/2017), CPN-UML wins in 25 local levels in Province 1 (ht 02/07/2017), 105 votes invalid, woman loses by 5, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 02/07/2017), Sluggish pace of vote counting in Dhangadi Sub-Metropolis irks residents (ht 02/07/2017), Is UML emerging as largest party in local poll? (rep 02/07/2017), Polls performance of fringe parties continue to go from bad to worse (rep 02/07/2017), Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum dominant in Tikapur: Tharus' vote dominant in Tikapur, by Yogesh Rawal (rep 02/07/2017), Biratnagar's electoral alliances in crisis, by Ajit Tiwari (rep 02/07/2017), EC to accept only ballots sealed in ballot boxes: Vote counting has been affected at some local units due to differences among parties (rep 02/07/2017), Voters not ready to change their mindset, by Rohit Rai (rep 02/07/2017)

EC proposes holding all elections by Nov 23 (kp 01/07/2017), EC moots deadlines for provincial, central polls, by Bhadra Sharma (rep 91/07/2017), Hold provincial, parliamentary polls before December: EC (ht 01/07/2017), Parliament and Provincial Assembly elections not possible in single phase: CEC Yadav (ht 01/07/2017)

UML, NC in tight race, Maoists distant third: The main opposition is ahead in Provinces 1 and 5  while the NC is better placed in Province 7 (kp 01/07/2017), Will major forces win west Tarai? Regional parties trail in early race, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 01/07/2017), UML wins in three local levels in Province 1 (ht 01/07/2017), CPN-MC clean sweeps civic polls in Rukum (ht 01/07/2017), Nepali Congress ahead in Province 7 (ht 01/07/2017), UML registers victory in Deuba's home district, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep 01/07/2017))

Women voters outnumber men: High turnout brings grim fact into focus: Male migration to different countries in search of work (kp 30/06/2017), Second phase local polls: Early results put UML and NC in close contest (kp 30/06/2017), Counting begins in 307 local levels; CPN-UML leading in most (ht), NC alleges ‘booth capture’ (kp 30/06/2017), NC-Maoist electoral alliance again demands re-poll, by Ram Bahadur Kunwar (rep 30/06/2017), Three injured in Bajhang clash: The Maoist Centre threatens to obstruct the vote count if the arrested party cadres are not freed immediately (kp 30/06/2017) [Crimes are not punishable if they are committed by party cadres??], Phase II civic poll results coming in (ht 30/06/2017), Peaceful polls: The two phases of local elections have proved the fact that the people want peace, stability and prosperity through periodic elections (ht 30/06/2017), Early vote count spells tight race between NC, UML: CPN (Maoist Center) stands third, other fringe parties lead in some seat (rep 30/06/2017), All eyes on Biratnagar poll: Vote counting delayed for five hours, by Ajit Tirai (rep 30/06/2017), by Kanak Mani Dixit (nt 30/06/2017), Voting in the rain, by Neel Kantha Uprety (nt 30/06/2017), 2 down, 1 to go (nt 30/06/2017), Getting to the other side: Despite lack of conviction that local elections will improve lives, people cross swollen rivers to vote, by Gopal Gartaula (nt 30/06/2017)

Phase II polls see 70.5pc voter turnout: People brave rains in some parts of the country to reach polling centres to cast votes;EC says voting concluded peacefully with no untoward incidents in any of the provinces , by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 29/06/2017), 70.5 pc voter turnout in phase 2 local polls (rep 29/06/2017), Observers say voting ‘highly encouraging and peaceful’: The NHRC has drawn authorities’ attention to poll timing given the difficulties faced by voters due to rains (kp 29/06/2017), Up to 80 percent voter turnout in Madhesi constituencies, by Sher Bahadur KC and Kiranman Bajracharya (rep 29/06/2017), Poll deferral disappoints locals of Province 2, by Mahesh Kumar Das (rep 29/06/2017), Poll lessons: Election success should encourage major parties to engage with RJP-N (kp 29/06/2017), Tingla villagers refuse to cast vote (kp 29/06/2017), Pressure mounts on RJP-N; all eyes on 3rd phase now (kp 29/06/2017), Thawang locals participate in polls with enthusiasm, by Kashiram Dangi (kp 29/06/2017), Four fake voters held in Dhankuta (ht 29/06/2017), Voters brave weather, defy threats (rep 29/06/2017), First-time voters enthusiastically participated in local elections (rep 29/06/2017), 4 elderly die at polling centers (rep 29/06/2017)

Head constable saves hundreds from fatal bomb explosion (ht 29/06/2017), Policeman risks his own life to save voters from bomb explosion, by Devendra Basnet (rep 29/06/2017), Bomb terror in various districts on Election Day (rep 29/06/2017)

Parties used 853 children during Phase I polls: CCWB (kp 28/06/2017)

EC submits torn ballots to court: Hearing set for July 7 (kp 28/06/2017)

Anti-poll parties playing double roles (rep 28/06/2017)

LDOs asked to Determine size of DCCs (kp 27/06/2017)

Clashes, blasts raise security concerns: Such incidents could result in low voter turnout during polls: Experts (kp 27/06/2017), Light to moderate rains expected on voting day (kp 27/06/2017), EC ‘not acting tough’ on election code violators (kp 27/06/2017), 250,000 leave Valley for vote (kp 27/06/2017), Surge in outbound traffic from capital (ht 27/06/2017), United States, UK appeal for peaceful polls (kp 27/06/2017), Poll officials to accept govt IDs from voters (kp 27/06/2017), Observers charge EC lost its independence (kp 27/06/2017), Voter education ‘ineffective’ in Siddharthanagar, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 27/06/2017), IED detonated at house of UML candidate (kp 27/06/2017), EC urges govt to discipline Mainali (ht 27/06/2017), Security stepped up in Province 7: One bomb disposal team has been deployed a every local level (ht 27/06/2017), 10,630 yet to receive voters’ ID in Morang (ht 27/06/2017), EC to tighten preventive measures against ballot tearing, by Bhadra Sharma (rep 27/06/2017), Thin security presence spawns worry in Dang during polls, by Devendra Basnet (rep 27/06/2017), Nepalgunj voters want haphazard development to stop, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 27/06/2017)

Is UML Reconsidering Its Position?, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn 26/06/2017)

No measures to reduce invalid votes: Observers (kp 26/06/2017), Only fresh voter ID cards to be accepted: Those issued during 2013 CA polls, citizenship cards, passports, driving licences or land certificates won’t work unless the EC decides otherwise (kp 26/06/2017), Three missions permitted to watch polls (kp 26/06/2017), Silence period on (kp 26/06/2017), 7 injured in explosion during Maoist Centre’s election rally (kp 26/06/2017), Migrant workers returning home for elections, by Khagendra Awasthi (kp 26/06/2017), Prez approves Army mobilisation for second phase of local polls (ht 26/06/2017), Code of conduct violations rife in Bajura (ht 26/06/2017), Big parties fooling voters with conflicting promises (rep 26/06/2017), Ex-Kamaiyas to vote for candidates who will address their demands, by Balkrishna Adhikari and Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep 26/06/2017), Nepal-India border closed for elections (rep 26/06/2017), All parties have their eye on landless voters in Dharan, by Durga Dulal and Rohit Rai (rep 26/06/2017) [They will forget this with the closing of the polling stations!]

Cheated and silenced, the voters in the Terai will go to the polls with a heavy heart, by Anurag Acharya (The Record 25/06/2017)

Minority groups flay parties for ignoring them (kp 25/06/2017), Brush with controversies may weaken EC’s teeth: Vehicle purchase plan, call details of staffers among other issues in question (kp 25/06/2017), Not against polls: RJP-N (kp 25/06/2017), Bibeksheel Party gunning for 2nd round vote: The party is running for mayor and deputy mayor in Baitadi, Kailali and Kanchanpur districts (kp 25/06/2017), 51 election candidates over 80 years of age (ht 25/06/2017), Madhes-based parties likely to give tough fight to Big III in Morang (ht 25/06/2017), 3 communities will decide Nepalgunj poll result, by Kalendra Sejuwal (rep 25/06/2017), RJPN brass campaign for party's independent candidates, by Sher Bahadur KC (rep 25/06/2017), Voter ID card distribution begins today (rep 25/06/2017), Tea estate workers lament 'use and throw' policy of political parties, by Raju Adhikari (rep 25/06/2017), Leaders only visit us during elections: Locals (rep 25/06/2017) [!!]

Rejected blue ink to be used in vote again (kp 24/06/2017), CEC Yadav plays down EC secy’s transfer (ht 24/06/2017), Old faces competing for mayoral post in Gulmi, by Shiva Lal Subedi (rep 24/06/2017), Maoist Center lures voters with sample land ownership certificates in Dharan, by Rohit Rai (rep 24/06/2017)

Election To Education: The failure of the three parties to bring the RJPN in the election process will definitely pose a threat to the legitimacy of the elections, by Keshab Poudel (sp 23/06/2017)

Costly Election Boycott, by Narad Bharadwaj (rn 23/06/2017), No political pressure on EC: Yadav (kp 23/06/2017), Mayoral candidates vow to rejuvenate Biratnagar, by Madhav Ghimire and Binod Bhandari (kp 23/06/2017), EC likely to bar party reps from touching ballot papers (ht 23/06/2017), 32 Doti polling centres sensitive (ht 23/06/2017), 66 polling stations highly sensitive in Kanchanpur, 18 in Palpa (ht 23/06/2017), NHRC to monitor elections in 35 districts on June 28 (ht 23/06/2017), Polling Together: Two years after bloody clashes, Tikapur is trying to bury the past to hold local elections, by Shreejana Shrestha (nt 23/06/2017), Polls apart (nt 23/06/2017), Factors that could sway Butwal city polls, by Roshan Sedhai and Sher Bahadur KC (rep 23/06/2017), Big parties woo Tharu voters in Tikapur, by Balkrishna Adhikari and Yogesh Rawal (rep 23/06/2017)

How Crazy Are We?, by Hemang Dixit (sp 23/06/2017)

Local Polls ill legitimacy: Although the second phase of local election is under way, the absence of RJPN, a strong Madheshi group, will pose a question of legitimacy (sp 23/06/2017)

EC secy transferred after row over purchase of cars, by Bhadra Sharma (rep 23/06/2017), Election commissioners scramble to defend move (kp 24/06/2017)

Fringe parties' survival at stake with rise in political opportunism, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 23/06/2017)

Setting a bad precedent: Postponing elections is a terrible habit, it will weaken Nepal’s democracy, by Damakant Jayshi (nt 23/06/2017)

The baffled voters: Effective voter education programmes are necessary to reduce the number of invalid ballots, by Umesh Raj Regmi (kp 23/06/2017)

Second Round Poll: Success Will Prevail, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 22/06/2017), Achham’s female candidates for compulsory girl child education, by Menuka Dhungana (kp 22/06/2017), Central leaders busy in election campaigns (kp 22/06/2017), Election Commission clueless about number of contestants (ht 22/06/2017), EC deploys 75 undercover officials for phase II election (ht 22/06/2017), Dalits of Bajura village cannot vote freely (ht 22/06/2017)

EC assigns election symbols to candidates (kp 21/06/2017), EC publishes final list of nominees (ht 21/06/2017), NHRC to step up vigilance (kp 21/06/2017), 4 APF AIGs in election security visit (kp 21/06/2017), 7 held for anti-election activities (kp 21/06/2017), SC directs EC to produce torn ballot (kp 21/06/2017), SC asks EC to submit ‘original decision’ over Bharatpur re-polling (ht 21/06/2017), SC seeks torn Bharatpur ballots, other documents (rep 21/06/2017), Communication unavailable for 4 remote polling stations in Bajura (ht 21/06/2017), Women leaders buoyed, eyeing better posts in next elections, by Kalendra Sejuwal (rep 21/06/2017), Over 5,000 women elected in phase one local polls (rep 21/06/2017), Candidates head into election campaigns carrying flags and symbols of other parties (rep 21/06/2017)

Is it ethical for teachers to take to politics? Some 1,000 teachers quit their jobs to contest local polls, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (rep 21/06/2017)

Election And Population Dynamics, by Prem Khatry (rn 20/06/2017), 11 elected unopposed (kp 20/06/2017), Four-day school closure for polls (kp 20/06/2017) [Schools cannot be closed often enough!], Parties counting on Muslim voters in Rupandehi and Kapilvastu, by Madhav Dhungana and Manoj Paidel (kp 20/06/2017), Tingla residents boycott election (kp 20/06/2017), Parties urged to exercise restraint: EC (ht 20/06/2017), Poll code of conduct flouted in Province 7 (ht 20/06/2017), 3,366 nominated to contest for 685 posts in Jhapa election (ht 20/06/2017), 1,234 candidates to contest in polls in Panchthar (ht 20/06/2017), Twenty candidates contesting in Khotang (ht 20/06/2017), NC, Maoists join hands to keep UML at bay: Form a poll alliance in over 70 local units (rep 20/06/2017), Communal harmony major agenda for Tikapur voters, by Yogesh Rawal (rep 20/06/2017)

CPN-MC, FSF-N tie up for votes in Biratnagar (ht 19/06/2017), Ensure elections: The EC will have to do more to ensure that elections are held and the counting is also done in a free, fair and impartial manner without any security lapses (ht 19/06/2017), RJPN attempts to foil candidacy filing in various districts, by Mahesh Kumar Das and Suresh Yadav (rep 19/06/2017), RJPN demands release of cadres (rep 19/06/2017), Political parties violate election laws (rep 19/06/2017), Thawang finally ready for polls, by Devendra Basnet and Dinesh Subedi (rep 19/06/2017), We are caught between the government and RJPN: Locals of Province-2, by Upendra Yadav (rep 19/06/2017), ‘Phase III poll as suggested by agitating forces’ (ht 19/06/2017) [Did they really suggest it in this way?], No Shift In Position Fuelling The Fire, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn 19/06/2017), Polls ‘undemocratic’, say RJP-N leaders, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 19/06/2017), Candidacies filed despite protests (kp 19/06/2017), Sporadic clashes in Tarai but candidates unfazed (kp 19/06/2017), UML cadre killed in clash with NC in Bajura (ht 19/06/2017), FA condemns firing, arrest of protesters (ht 19/06/2017), Doubtful deferral: It would be wrong to blame only the RJPN for Province 2 delay. Congress is as responsible, by David Kainee (rep 19/06/2017)

Nominations for June 28 local elections today, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 18/06/2017), Candidates to file nomination today (ht 18/06/2017), Refrain from using kids for electioneering: EC (ht 18/06/2017), Far-flung Bajura villages deprived of voter education (ht 18/06/2017)

Holding Local Polls Still A Challenge, by Kushal Pokharel (rn 17/06/2017), Poll officials, volunteers return from Province 2 (kp 17/06/2017), EC lifts some provisions of election code of conduct in Province 2 (ht 17/06/2017), Polls leave villages across Mechi untouched (ht 17/06/2017), RJPN cadres torch poll materials (rep 17/06/2017)

Nomination deadline pushed to Sunday (kp 16/06/2017), Govt postpones polls in Province 2: UML objects to the move; RJP-N unconvinced; Deuba runs risk of repeating history (kp 16/06/2017), Invalid ballot: Candidates teach people how to vote, by Birendra KC (kp 16/06/2017), Two former PLA members in race for top local level posts in Morang (ht 16/06/2017), CPN-MC hindering poll campaigning, allege NC, UML (ht 16/06/2017), The Third-Phase Local Election, by Siddhi B Ranjitkar (km 16/06/2017)

Strong security in place for polls: Home minister (kp 15/06/2017), EC concerned as officials detained (kp 15/06/2017), Remote Bajura villagers demand parturition centre in return for votes (ht 15/06/2017), 15 voting centres most sensitive in Panchthar (ht 15/06/2017), Bajhang women to vote for those pledging to end chhaupadi (rep 15/06/2017)

Phase II poll preparations complete: CEC (ht 14/06/2017), Tea workers announce ‘no vote’ agitation (ht 14/06/2017), UML cadres injured in Bajura clash (ht 14/06/2017), Teacher falls prey to leaders’ promise (ht 14/06/2017), NC picks Dalit leader as mayoral candidate (ht 14/06/2017), Security beefed up across tarai amid RJPN threats (rep 14/06/2017), 42 polling stations marked 'security-sensitive' in Udayapur, by Maheshwor Chamling Rai (rep), Birgunj locals eager to cast votes, by Ram Saran Tamang (rep 14/06/2017)

Technically included, practically left out: The number of Dalit candidates for top jobs in municipal and village councils is near zero despite commitments for inclusion in the constitution and party documents, by Bhola Paswan (The Record 13/06/2017)

Candidate selection delayed in Province 2, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 13/06/2017), Confusion reigns in central Tarai (kp 13/06/2017), UML not to back party’s corrupt local reps (kp 13/06/2017), ‘EC can’t accept third-phase elections’ (kp 13/06/2017), It’s all a ruse: Landless people’s take on polls, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 13/06/2017), NHRC condemns poll event disruption (ht 13/06/2017), Election fever grips Biratnagar metropolis (ht 13/06/2017), Parties launch poll campaign in Jhapa district (ht 13/06/2017), Major political parties struggling to finalize candidates, by Santosh Singh (rep 13/06/2017), Bhojpur wants capable, competent persons (ht 13/06/2017), RJPN cadres beat up 3 polling officers, vandalize vehicles (rep 13/06/2017)

Parties accused of giving tickets to affluent candidates, by Kalendra Sejuwal (rep 13/06/2017)

Bibeksheel set to field candidates in five districts: Sajha focuses on party organisation, remains undecided, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 12/06/2017), EC: Materials printed in local languages with ‘good intent’ (kp 12/06/2017), ‘Zero tolerance against anti-election activities’ (kp 12/06/2017), Apex court postpones hearing on Bharatpur ballot count row: Bench of Justices Bishwombher Prasad Shrestha and Prakash Man Singh Raut ‘find no time for the case’ (kp 12/06/2017) [??], MTF submits details for candidate authorisation (kp 12/06/2017), EC fiat to strictly implement poll conduct code (ht 12/06/2017), FNJ members told to resign before filing candidacy for civic polls (ht 12/06/2017), Candidates selection incomplete in Bara (ht 12/06/2017), Parties yet to choose poll contestants in Siraha (ht 12/06/2017), Kin of poll-clash victim stage mute rally (ht 12/06/2017), Family, ethnic ties decisive in tarai polls, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 12/06/2017)

CPN-UML finalises Province 1 candidates (kp 11/06/2017), 3 parties field aspirants from a single family (kp 11/06/2017), Poll body firm on ensuring code compliance (kp 11/07/2017), 20 candidates obtained less than 100 votes in Kavre (ht 11/06/2017), Major parties finalize candidates in Dhankuta, by Siddharaj Rai (rep 11/06/2017), Parties barred from distributing symbol-printed materials (rep 11/06/2017)

EC gives RJP-Nepal three days to submit details (kp 10/06/2017), Parties gearing up for quick candidate picks , by Tika Ram Pradhan (kp 10/06/2017), ‘Illegal arms a major security threat’ (kp 10/06/2017)

House amends Local Level Election Act: Move aimed at bringing agitating parties on board the election process, by Binod Ghimire (kp 09/06/2017)

Special security plan for polls in Rupandehi, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 08/06/2017)

Over 4,500 temporary cops resign (kp 07/06/2017), Election offices stage mock polls, run voter education programme, by Bedraj Paudel (kp 07/06/2017), Election fever grips Bhojpur (ht 07/06/2017)

Question of credibility: The Election Commission acting like an extended wing of the government does not bode well for democracy, by Achyut Wagle (kp 06/06/2017)

RJP-N ‘ready’ for polls with one of six vote symbols: Election officials say the demanded symbol - umbrella - cannot be given to the united party as ballot papers have already been printed and delivered to the districts, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 06/06/2017)

EC to take diplomats on poll inspection visits (ht 06/06/2017), Election drives wedge between siblings (ht 06/06/2017), Preparations for polls over in Sunsari (ht 06/06/2017)

First vote in rainy season fraught with challenges, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 05/06/2017)

Brothers become rival candidates in Baitadi (kp 05/06/2017), Bharatpur vote count venue declared prohibited zone (kp 05/06/2017), Writ petition against EC’s decision on Bharatpur vote row: Petitioners demand annulment of the Election Commission’s decision and a court order for the EC to resume counting of the votes in the disputed ward (kp 05/06/2017), SC stays EC’s decision to hold re-polling in Bharatpur-19 (hts 05/06/2017), Re-polling in bharatpur-19: Apex court stays EC decision; Asks authorities to maintain status quo until Sunday (kp 06/06/2017)

706 candidates lose security deposit (ht 05/06/2017)

Educate voters: Emphasise on voter education for the upcoming second phase of local elections, by Reena Chikanbanjar (ht 04/06/2017)

44k police deployed in the East for poll security (kp 04/06/2017)

Mother, daughter NC’s deputy mayor candidates in Jhapa (kp 03/06/2017), NA mobilised to ensure security ahead of polls (ht 03/06/2017), Locals concerned as parties flout poll code of conduct in Panchthar (ht 03/06/2017), Children being used for poll campaigning (ht 03/06/2017)

Bharatpur vote counting fiasco: 90 ballot papers found torn, 70pc in shreds, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 02/06/2017), EC undecided how to resolve ballot-tearing row (rep 02/06/2017), Political parties violating election code in Morang (ht 02/06/2017), Poll date change elates Muslims (ht 02/06/2017), Candidates yet to submit expense details (ht 02/06/2017), PM election boils down to EC decision on Bharatpur incident, by Tika R. Pradhan and Binod Ghimire (kp 03/06/2017), Bharatpur Scam Spoils Prachanda’s Image, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 04/06/2017)

RJP-N viewed as strong contender in the plains, by Aman Koirala (kp 02/06/2017)

Local concerns: Some analysts believe it will be tough to hold elections in the Tarai belt without first amending the constitution, by Biswas Baral (rep 02/06/2017)

Bharatpur vote counting fiasco: EC panel fails to throw enough light on incident, by Prithvi Man Shrestha and Bimal Khatiwada (kp 01/06/2017), EC seeks number of ballot papers torn  (ht 01/06/2017), Parties gearing up for elections in Biratnagar (ht 01/06/2017), Polls rescheduled for June 28: Kune 16 is candidacy nomination day (rep 01/6/2017), Repeated deferrals annoys voters, candidates, by Devendra Basnet (rep 01/06/2017), Rainfalls may affect elections during monsoon, by Ram Saran Tamang (rep 01/06/2017)

Phase II local polls to be held on June 28: The government says the decision to reschedule polls was taken after members of the Muslim community drew its attention to the Ramadan festival they are observing (kp 31/05/2017), Govt registers bill to amend local poll law (kp 31/05/2017, RJP-N fallen between two stools? Differences within the party stalling decision on its participation in local elections: Some leaders within the RJP-N are for finding ‘a political way out’ and going to polls while others say participating in the polls without government addressing their demands would mean losing face with the constituencies, by Anil Giri (kp 31/05/2017), RJP-N cadres clash with police, four injured: The clash ensued when police intervened as the RJP-N supporters were trying to padlock the office of Chief Election Officer (kp 31/05/2017)

More than 150,000 personnel to be deployed for poll security (kp 31/05/2017), Widow and kids of slain Tamang seek protection, by Rajendra Manandhar (kp 31/05/2017), Re-election unacceptable, says main opposition (ht 31/05/2017), UML threatens protest if Bharatpur goes for re-polls (rep 31/05/2017), Nine journos in election fray in Dang (ht 31/05/2017), Investigation panel returns from Chitwan (ht 31/05/2017), Quitting job paid off only for eight, by Anil Bhandari (rep 31/05/2017)

Phase II local elections rescheduled for June 23 (kp 30/05/2017), Govt puts off phase 2 local polls for June 23 (rep 30/05/2017), NDF seeks conducive environment for polls (ht 30/05/2017), NC picks candidates for Doti, Udayapur (ht 30/05/2017), Vote counting put off in Bharatpur after Maoists tear ballot papers, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (rep 30/05/2017), Most parties fielding Tharu candidates in Kailali rural municipality (rep 30/05/2017)

Parties ‘ready to delay polls by about a week’, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 29/05/2017)

UML’s Shakya elected Kathmandu mayor (kp 29/05/2017), ‘I’ll make Kathmandu a better place to live’, interview Bidhya Sundar Shakya (kp 29/05/2017), Victory in defeat: New parties have proved that their foray into politics is not only hype (kp), ‘Failing to win won’t stop our work’, interview with Ranju Darshana Neupane (kp 29/05/2017), Sajha Party thanks its voters (kp 29/05/2017), EC gears up for second phase of local elections (kp 29/05/2017), Myadi recruits up in arms against police (kp 29/05/2017), Siraha engaged in preparations for local poll (ht 29/05/2017), EC opening election office in all local units today (rep 29/05/2017)

Second Phase Election: Fraught With Challenges, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 28/05/2017), 100k civil staffers to be on poll duty (kp 28/05/2017), RJP-N protest dampens poll spirit in Banke (kp 28/05/2017), Security in Bajura to be stepped up (kp 28/05/2017), Four-party meeting ends inconclusively: NC leaders ready to delay second phase of local level elections, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 28/05/2017), Election should not be postponed: Oli, by Bhim Ghimire (kp 28/05/2017), Salt, rice top voters’ demands in remote Bajhang villages, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 28/05/2017)

Gathabandhan ups the ante: Announces protests aimed at foiling June 14 election; The RJP-N says it will not participate in polls as the government has failed to address its demands and implement past deals, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 26/05/2017), RJPN announces to disrupt polls, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 27/05/2017)

SC stays govt decision to add local units in Tarai districts (kp 27/05/2017), SC stays addition of local levels in Tarai: Observes such changes should be made one year before civic polls, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 27/05/2017) [Under this consideration the whole local elections would be invalid!!], UML wins mayor, news digest deputy mayor seats in Pokhara Lekhnath (kp 27/05/2017), 11 women candidates elected to deputy mayoral, vice-chair’s posts in Dhading (ht 27/05/2017), Mood in Madhes veering toward election, by Ajit Tiwari (rep 27/05/2017), Locals concerned about lack of voters' education, by Raju Adhikari (27/05/2017)

Election and ballot papers: Simple solutions are possible, by Pramod Raj Pokharel (ht 26/05/2017)

Including the excluded: The real winners of the local elections are not political parties, but women, by Om Astha Rai (nt 26/05/2017), Federal feminine republic of Nepal (nt 26/05/2017), Madam Mayor, by Kantika Sejuwal (nt 26/05/2017)

Elections with added units not possible on June 14, says EC, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 26/05/2017), Parties in Banke ready for polls, save RJP-N (kp 26/05/2017), Voters of remote Bajura village demand rice before election, by Arjun Shah (kp 26/05/2017), Madhes-centric parties welcome govt decision to increase local units (kp 26/05/2017), Quake victims hope elected reps will help them get grant (ht 26/05/2017), Election activities intensify in Dang (ht 26/05/2017), 13934 representatives elected in 278 local units (rep 26/05/2017)

Unprincipled Hobnobbing In Local Polls, by Mukti Rijal (rn 25/05/2017), Gearing Up For Second Phase Local Poll, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 25/05/2017), Police blamed for candidate’s death in Malkot firing (kp 25/05/2017), Security beefed up for second phase of local level elections (ht 25/05/2017), Musahar community deprived of voter education (ht 25/05/2017), Results still awaited three cities, two other units (rep 25/05/2017), Major political parties facing hard time choosing candidates (rep 25/05/2017)

Polls on June 14 with added local units difficult, says EC: According to EC officials, PM Dahal has sought to know whether postponing elections could be an option to bring agitating forces on board the poll process, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 25/05/2017), EC tells PM second phase polls not possible if local bodies increase (ht 25/05/2017), EC rules out polls in 22 newly-created local units: Dahal proposes defering second round polls to accomodate new units, by Bhadra Sharma (rep 25/05/2017)

Bar Afghanistan, Nepal has perhaps the slowest vote counting process, interview with Neel Kantha Uprety (rep 25/05/2017)

Campaign to educate voters yet to reach villages (kp 24/05/2017), Aspirant candidate spends Rs 1.5m to open 6km track, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 24/05/2017), Parties at pains to select candidates (ht 24/05/2017), NC selects candidates in rural municipalities (ht 24/05/2017), EC takes flak for not enforcing code, credibility questioned (rep 24/05/2017), Preparations in full swing for phase II local polls, by Binod Subedi (rep 24/05/2017), Locals of Rolpa eager to cast votes, by Dinesh Subedi (rep 24/05/2017), Parties set to adopt failed alliance strategy again, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 24/05/2017)

Congress Can Bounce Back, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 24/05/2017)

Vote count resumes in Pokhara Lekhnath (kp 23/05/2017), UML wins mayor, NC deputy mayor in Madhyapur Thimi (ht 23/05/2017), Madhes moves into election mode, by Suresh Yadav (rep 23/05/2017), Party-switching worked for many but didn't for some, by Dhruba Dangal (rep 23/06/2017), Maoists still remain influential in 'war-era' bases, by Devendra Basnet and Ganesh BK (rep 23/05/2017)

12 Tarai districts to get 22 more local units: Cabinet decides to upgrade Birgunj and Biratnagar as metropolitan cities (kp 23/05/2017), Cabinet adds 22 local levels in Tarai (ht 23/05/2017), Govt forms 22 more local units in Tarai districts: EC says it will now be 'quite difficult' to conduct second round local polls on June 14, by Bhadra Sharma and Gyan P. Neupane (rep 23/05/2017), Decision to increase number of local units puts EC in a fix: The EC says it cannot make any comment as it is yet to receive information about the government decision of increasing 22 local units in 12 Tarai districts, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/05/2017), Local unit addition affects poll preparations, says CEC Yadav: Chief commissioners says preparing new voter lists and managing logistics in the new local units are challenging tasks (kp 24/05/2017), Phase II polls as scheduled: CEC (ht 24/05/2017), New local federal units: UML accuses govt of gerrymandering; Oli says the decision should not have been made taking cues from the results of the first-phase polls, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 24/05/2017), UML takes serious exception to govt decision (ht 24/05/2017), EC 'totally unaware' of decision on 22 new local units (rep 24/05/2017)

Towards tech-friendly polls: The chaos of the elections reflected the nature of our society, where planning and order have never been a priority, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 23/05/2017), Sheer underrepresentation: Electing a familiar person to represent the locals is almost impossible under the new structure, by Achyut Wagle (kp 23/05/2017)

Maoist Center Shaken To Roots, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn 22/05/2017), Maoist Center fails to impress urban voters, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 22/05/2017), Parties other than UML boycott counting in Pokhara (ht 22/05/2017), Election activities intensifiy in Province 7 (ht 22/05/2017), Parties preparing for second phase of polls in Morang (ht 22/05/2017), EC rejects PM's request to increase local units: The election body has also refused to give umbrella as the election symbol to the newly-formed Rastriya Janata Party Nepal as demanded by its leaders (rep 22/05/2017), Madhesi parties in bid for poll alliance (rep 22/05/2017), Parties in final phase to select candidates for second round polls, by Ajit Tiwari (rep 22/05/2017), Poll observer urges enhanced voter education (rep 22/05/2017)

Local Elections Voters Punish Flip-floppers, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 21/05/2017), EC, ministry review security situation for Phase II vote: Potential election boycott by RJPN, activities of CPN and open border with India among the security threats, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 21/05/2017). Vote counting in Bharatpur resumes after 16-hour halt, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 21/05/2017), Changu vote counting centre sealed (kp 21/05/2017), General strike hits life in Rasuwa after Khukuri attack (kp 21/0572017), Election preparations begin in eastern region (kp 21/05/2017), Not over yet: Election Commission can do a better job during the second phase of local elections, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp 21/05/2017), UML leading with NC not far behind (ht 21/05/2017), Certificate seized three days after being sworn in as ward chairperson (ht 21/05/2017)

Early Indications Of Local Polls, by Kushal Pokharel (rn 20/05/2017)

Election Commission to change stamp colour for Phase II polls (ht 20/05/2017)

Hubby elected ward chairman, wife deputy mayor of Rukum (ht 20/05/2017), CPN-UML leading in vote count on Day V (ht 20/05/2017), UML maintains tiny lead as vote-count nears completion (rep 20/05/2017), Maoists in blame game after KMC losses, by Gyan P. Neupane (rep 20/05/2017), Five women mayor and deputy mayors to lead Syangja towns, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 20/05/2017), Man beaten almost to death during conflict becomes Gorkha's mayor, by Narahari Sapkota (rep 20/05/2017), Women who made it to major local unit posts, by Pooja Chauhan (rep 20/05/2017)

As results trickle in, NC admits its shortcomings (kp 19/05/2017), Chepangs elected ward chairmen (kp 19/05/2017), UML leading with NC close behind in vote count (ht 19/05/2017), CPN-MC sweeps polls in Rukum (ht 19/05/2017), Vote counting in hills excites tarai folks, by Ritesh Tripathi (ht 19/05/2017), Maoists lose influence in Gorkha, by Narahari Sapkota (rep 19/05/2017), Results declared for two-thirds local units (rep 19/05/2017), Political Parties And First-Phase Local Elections, by Siddhi B Ranjitkar (km 19/05/2017)

E-voting, anyone? What we need right now is a healthy debate on voting system, by Saugat Gautam (rep 18/05/2017)

Poll observers point to lack of voter education: Huge ballot papers, dozens of electoral symbols and inadequate awareness programmes could lead to high number of invalid votes (kp 18/05/2017), Report stresses need for effective voter education (ht 18/05/2017), CEC says counting will be completed in a week (kp 18/05/217), More desks set up to speed up vote counting (ht 18/05/2017), Women win village seats, by Narayan Sharma (kp 18/05/2017), UML calls for probe into poll violence: Says second phase elections should be held under current structure (kp 18/05/2017), UML, Congress pitted in tough electoral battle (ht 18/05/2017), More results of local level election on Day III (ht 18/05/2017), Congress, UML neck and neck on Day 3 of vote count (rep 18/05/2017), Only one woman elected mayor so far, by Kalendra Sejuwal (rep 18/05/2017), Local election seen as harbinger of inclusiveness (rep 18/05/2017) [??], 'Ill-timed' second phase polls less exciting for Muslims, by Binod Subedi (rep 18/05/2017), RPP seemingly headed for a stinging defeat, by Gyan P. Neupane (rep 18/05/2017) [This anti-inclusive Hindu fundamentalist party should see it as the referendum it has been asking for!!!]

The election effect: One hopes the dysfunction that became so apparent with the all-party mechanisms after 2007 will stop after these elections, by Deepak Thapa (kp 18/05/2017)

All Eyes On Second Phase Poll, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 18/05/2017), Palpa, Jhapa prepare for JUNE 14 elections (kp 18/05/2017)

Vote counting tedious, time-consuming affair: It may take weeks for results to be out if enumerators keep at current pace (kp 17/05/2017), Slow counting leaves voters disappointed, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 17/05/2017), Correct it: Adequate counting units should be added to finish counting even in the metropolitan cities within a week at the latest (ht 17/05/2017), Vote counting to speed up (ht 17/05/2017), Early counts show high vote wastage, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 17/05/2017) [!!!], Poor voter education blamed for high number of void votes, by Rupesh Acharya (ht 17/05/2017), Local polls bring promising signs of social change, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep), Namobuddha, Dhulikhel re-election today (kp 17/05/2017), Keys to ballot boxes ‘go missing’ from inside court building (kp 17/05/2017), Ex-Maoist fighters win in Rukum village, by Hari Gautam (kp 17/05/2017), UML front-runner even on Day Two: Kathmandu Metropolitan City results unlikely before one week, states Election Commission (ht 17/05/2017), Local level election results so far (ht 17/05/2017), Early vote count shows big 3 leading pack (rep 17/05/2017), NC, UML win 12 wards each in Makawanpur, by Ashok Shrijan Shrestha (rep 17/05/2017), New parties put in 'unexpected performance', by Roshan Sedhai (rep 17/05/2017), Manang drops consensus way, by Santosh Pokharel (rep), Representatives who stand out (rep 17/05/2017), NC’s memo against killing of its cadre (ht 17/05/2017), Lessons From Local Polls, by Shyam KC (rn 17/05/2017), A Victory For Democracy, Nation, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 17/05/2017), New Delhi changes tack, assumes ‘neutral position’: Observers say India has softened stance on Nepal’s constitution and is encouraging Madhes-based forces to take part in polls, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 17/05/2017), US seeks int’l observers’ access to June 14 polls (kp 17/05/2017)

Legal vacuum for elected representatives to start work (rep 16/05/2017)

Complicated ballot paper, poor voter's education and inks blamed for slow vote counting, by Kalendra Sejuwal (rep 16/05/2017)

UML, NC ahead in Manang and Mustang districts (kp 16/05/2017), Malkot clash: RPP candidate succumbs to bullet injuries (kp 16/05/2017), Family members of victim shot by APF seeking justice, by Madhusudan Guragain (rep 16/05/2017), Large number of youngsters participate in Chitwan polls (kp 16/05/2017), Valley residents complain of tardy pace of vote counting, by Rupesh Acharya (kp 16