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NRNA divided over filing of case against the government (kh 28/11/2021)

NRNs might have left the country but they remain Nepali at heart : Non-Resident Nepalis embody the diversity and pluralism of Nepal and its polity, by Sambridh Ghimire (rec 16/11/2021)

NRNA’s brush with politics : The Nepali Congress’s  interference in the  NRNA’s internal matters  is deplorable, by Naresh Koirala (kp 05/11/2021)

NRNA extends assistance to flood survivors (kh 26/10/2021)

Patron Council ready to resolve NRNA dispute and conduct new election: Shesh Ghale (kh 12/10/2021) [The errant Nepali party politics must be kept strictly out of the work and organisation of the NRNA if the hopeful work of this institution is to have a future!], Term of NRNA executive committee extended by six months (rep 17/10/2021)

Three candidates for NRNA presidency (rep 06/10/2021) [No Janajati, no Madhesi, no Dalit, no Muslim : this is no more inclusive than party politics and the state system!]

Govt directs to halt NRNA election process (kh 13/09/2021), Moving Foreign Ministry is compulsion not political interference: Acharya (kh 17/09/2021)

NRNA Convention: Candidacy announcement begins (kh 05/09/2021)

Nepali Migrants Languish In Luxembourg, by Namrata Sharma (ht 01/09/2021) [see also by the same author: Nepalis abused by Nepalis in Luxembourg. Migrants are victims of mistreatment and exploitation by their own relatives and friends in the heart of Europe (nt 27/08/2021)

NRNA-America sends 31.6 million worth of medical supplies to Nepal on behalf of US Government : NRNA-America and the US Department of Defense agree to assist Nepal during pandemics and disasters (kh 30/08/2021)

Acharya announces candidacy for NRNA President (kh 21/08/2021)

High-level committee for NRNA’s 10th World Conference (kh 20/08/2021)

NRNA to hold 10th AGM in October (kh 18/07/2021)

Non-resident Nepalis extend support for child ICU ward (kh 01/07/2021)

NRN Nepal Development Fund established (ht 21/04/2021)

NRNA supports 170 thousand Nepalis during Covid-19 crisis (kh 04/04/2021)

Unconditional on-arrival visa for NRNs (ht 02/02/2021)

Nepali diaspora hit by Covid surge : The second wave in Europe and the US has affected Nepalis living and working abroad (nt 20/11/2020)

2nd NRN Global Knowledge Convention To Take Place On October 9 -11, by Suraj Bhandari (rn 27/07/2020)

The curious case of Non-resident Nepalis and politics: The NRNs collectively share a great interest in politics back home with an aim to hobnob with the politicians, by Deepak Thapa (kp 14/11/2019)

Power and knowledge within the Non-Resident Nepali Association: As Nepali diaspora grows, the NRNA should continue to address the issues of non-residents and their families, by Abhi Subedi (kp 10/11/2019)

Migrants and the new phenomena of Non-Resident Nepalis: The Non-Resident Nepali Association’s conference feels like a festival. But the NRNs need to learn to behave, by Deepak Thapa (kp 03/11/2019)

CNI, NRNA ink pact to promote FDI in Nepal (ht 26/10/2019)

Panta elected to lead NRN Association (ht 19/10/2019)

NRNs: Partners in development or politics?, by Sujan Dhungana (ht 18/10/2019) [As the NRNA is now firmly in the grip of the political parties, as is everything in Nepal, the hope for a successful engagement of this organisation is diminishing!], Reinventing NRNA (rep 20/10/2019)

9th NRNA Global Convention begins today in Kathmandu (rep 15/10/2019), Ninth NRNA global summit kicks off (ht 16/10/2019), Making NRNA meaningful, by Naba Raj Gurung (rep 17/10/2019)

Karma’s karma: Long settled in Germany, Karma Tamang is making moves to return to Nepal — as a politician, by Sewa Bhattarai (nt 13/09/2019)

NRNA's int'l convention on Oct 15-17 (rep 24/08/2019)

NRNA leaders worried as partisan politics creeps in (rep 24/07/2019)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs sets up Brain Gain Centre: It will take initiatives to help create a network of Nepali diaspora and learn about their contribution to Nepal (ht 11/05/2019)

Stable government has raised hopes for Nepalis living abroad to return: There is no dearth of opportunities in the country for hard workers (kp 19/02/2019)

Why Nepalis don’t return: In this millennium of media and information technology, you can equally help your country in ways those physically present in the country do, by Amrit Bhandari (rep 11/02/2019), Why I returned: There are challenges but also opportunities in Nepal. Society, family, culture, belongingness and identity matter more, by Dwaipayan Regmi (rep 11/02/2019)

Drain or gain? Non-structural initiatives can be a productive way to unleash the diaspora’s potential, by Umesh Raj Regmi and Dinesh Gajurel (kp 08/02/2019)

No NRN citizenships through Nepali missions abroad (rep 05/02/2019)

Living in two worlds: Nepali Americans have professed an unconditional allegiance to two countries despite knowing that they will be written off in history books of both countries, by Babu Ram Neupane (rep 26/01/2019)

Why I haven’t returned: Almost 99 percent of Nepalis living abroad do not want to return. Here, if you work hard, you can enjoy the facilities that Nepal might not offer for the next 50 years, by Amrit Bhandari (rep 20/01/2019), Why I will return: Living in London, I have realized how Nepali migrants have been relegated to second class citizens. They don’t question, they don’t demand, they don’t ask, by Swasti Gautam (rep 23/01/2019)

Tapping diaspora’s knowledge: Nepal should take a leap in scientific pursuit through mobilization of its large contingent of diaspora talent and scholarship, by Raju Adhikari, Pramod Dhakal, Ambika P Adhikari and Drona Rasali (rep 13/01/2019)

Address our concerns in citizenship bill: NRN (ht 28/12/2018)

Non-Resident Nepalis to meet in Kampala (kp 20/11/2018)

Foreign Minister Gyawali invites expatriates to invest in Nepal (kp 19/11/2018)

NCP MPs for political rights to NRNs; Demand goes against constitutional spirit: Nembang, by Ashok Dahal (rep 02/11/2018)

NRNA hands over plan for reconstruction of Sindhuligadhi (ht 25/10/2018)

NRN experts to discuss ways to help govt’s development efforts (rep 11/10/2018), Govt ready to partner with NRNA think tank: Minister Gyawali (rep 15/10/2018), A new sort of togetherness: A conference of this nature had long been a political need for the NRNA leadership, by Achyut Wagle (kp 16/10/2018), Govt to partner with NRN think-tank in framing policies for development (ht 16/10/2018)

To leave or live in Nepal? Nepalis in the US, Europe or Australia desperately like to leave. Love for home lingers in their hearts, but due to many factors they cannot just leave, by Kumar R. Shrestha (rep 22/07/2018)

Int'l conference suggests running private higher education on non-profit model (rep 16/07/2018) [see Toronto Declaration]

We love Nepal as much: Many Nepalis living abroad may not have been able to directly help, but they have love for the country in their hearts even as they struggle to settle in foreign land, by Uttam Gaulee (rep 19/05/2018)

NRNA seeks SEBON nod to issue NRN bond (ht 31/01/2018)

NRNs to set up Rs 10bn infra fund (ht 23/01/2018)

The unified contribution of NRN community for Nepalis my priority’, interview with Bhaban Bhatta (ht 30/10/2017)

NRNA to provide 10 million LED bulbs within two years (ht 24/10/2017)

Depoliticise NRNA: NRNs’ umbrella body may face leadership crisis if dirty politics aren’t uprooted (kp 17/10/2017)

NRNA presidential race begins (ht 13/10/2017), AC Sherpa announces candidacy for NRNA Regional Coordinator for Americas (ht 13/10/2017), 8th NRN jamboree to begin today (kp 14/10/2017), Eighth global NRNA conference to begin in the Capital from today (ht 14/10/2017), NRN conference kicks off: General assembly to choose between Bhaban Bhatta and Jamuna Gurung as chief in election tomorrow (kp 15/10/2017), NRNs are goodwill ambassadors: President (ht 15/10/2017), Diaspora to play vital role to achieve 2030 goals (ht 15/10/2017), Bhatta elected NRNA president (ht 17/10/2017), ‘I’ll design common investment vehicle to channel funds to Nepal’, interview with Bhaban Bhatta (kp 18/10/2017)

Nepal Mediciti launches healthcare package (kp 12/10/2017)

Election fever grips NRNs: Around 1,500 to 2,000 NRNs are gathering in Kathmandu for the 8th NRN Global Conference and NRNA International General Assembly from October 14-17 (kp 17/09/2017)

NRNA president terms his tenure successful (rep 10/09/2017)

NRNA assured environment for investment in KTM (kp 13/06/2017)

‘NRNs should invest in hydel, service sectors’ (kp 20/03/2017)

NRN in Germany collecting funds to rebuild Nepal (rep 20/02/2017)

Over 800 Nepali migrants in jails abroad: Blood money can save 17 of the 27 facing death sentence, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 31/08/2016)

Unleashing diaspora potential: It is imperative for Nepal’s growth that second generation Nepalis feel connected to the country and keep in touch with it, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 20/08/2016)

A diverse diaspora: Nepalis are still struggling to establish a strong foothold in Australia, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 10/07/2016)

NRNs in rebuilding: We would like to propose strategic partnership between highly skilled professionals from NRN community and the government, by Tejendra Pherali (rep 14/06/2016)

NRNA asked to build model settlement in 2 years (ht 03/05/2016)

NRNA to build 573 houses in Laprak (kp 25/04/2016)

We are starting construction of Kathmandu Tower in two months, interview with Bhawan Bhatta, vice president of NRNA (rep 19/04/2016)

No refugees: In the changed context we Nepalis do not qualify for the refugee status in any part of the world, by Arun Budhathoki (rep 24/02/2016)

Diaspora speaks: A section believes the reason for 'unofficial blockade' of Nepal is related to India's insatiable need for water, by Bhagirath Yogi (rep 23/11/2015)

Home and away: Diaspora organisations in the US are stuck in a rut, but young Nepalis give a reason to be hopeful, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 10/11/2015)

NRN investments total Rs29.85b in 9 districts, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 17/10/2015), Prez lauds NRNA quake-relief initiative (kp 17/10/2015), NRNs invest Rs 29.85 billion, create 8,276 jobs (ht 17/10/2015), NRNA assembly ends with 10-pt declaration (kp 18/10/2015)

NRNA prez poll likely to be 3-horse race (kp 14/10/2015), NRNA to elect new leadership today (ht 15/10/2015), Ghale retains NRNA prez post (kp 16/10/2015), Ghale to steer NRNA for two more years (ht 16/10/2015)

NRNA to rebuild 1,000 homes for quake victims within two years (ht 13/10/2015)

Help from abroad: Non-Resident Nepalis can provide much needed resources and expertise to rebuild Nepal, by Ratan K. Jha (kp 12/10/2015)

The house of god: A place of worship in New York’s Little Nepal becomes a symbol of religious tolerance, by Dambar K Shrestha (nt 09/10/2015)

Ghale to run for NRNA president once again (kp 19/09/2015)

Rebuilding Nepal: The Open University Initiative (OUI) aims to take education opportunities to the grassroots communities, by Raju Adhikari, Pramod Dhakal, Drona Rasali and Ambika Adhikari (rep 09/09/2015)

Govt appoints Ghale special envoy for reconstruction efforts (ht 15/06/2015)

NRNA provides relief to over 15,000 families (ht) 31/05/2015)

We need to inspire confidence among victims soon to prevent another Haiti, interview with Upendra Mahato (rep 21/05/2015)

NRNA distributes relief in Dolakha, by Rajendra Manandhar (kp)

NRNA to build 1,000 quake-proof homes (kp 07/05/2015))

CIT to collect funds from Nepalis residing abroad (kp 17/03/2015)

Samskaras down under: While traditional rituals reinforce Nepali identity among migrants in Australia, they are losing value, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp 15/03/2015)

NRNA to collaborate with FNJ (ht 12/03/2015)

Construction of NRNA headquarters starts in Capital (ht 10/03/2015)

Govt allows operating Nepali schools abroad (kp 16/02/2015)

Govt to grant Thai, Myanmarese students of Nepali origin NRN visas (rep 27/01/2015), People of Nepali origin in Thailand and Myanmar to be issued NRN visa (ht 29/01/2015), Govt offers visa fee discount for study: 600,000 students of Nepali origin living in Thailand and Myanmar could benefit (kp 01/02/2015)

Old age problem: Non-Resident Nepalis should invest in an organisation which looks after their aged parents back home, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp 18/01/2015)

Bhaskar’s tunnelThe time may have arrived when the professional diaspora can contribute to Nepal’s economic growth, by Kanak Mani Dixit (kp 24/10/2014)

Diaspora for development: Along with Shesh Ghale’s Sheraton Kathmandu Hotel, the NRNA must continue to focus on Nepal’s tourism prospects, by Surya B. Prasai (kp 21/10/2014

PM urges NRNs to bring big investments (ht 12/10/2014), Government urges NRNs to focus on agriculture, energy, tourism (kp 13/10/2014)

NRNA to invest in Bagmati corridor park construction: NRNA President Sesh Ghale says the associationis keen to work with govt to build similar parks (kp 11/10/2014)

NRN chair donates Rs 50 lakh to his old school (ht 08/10/2014)

Prime minister urges NRNs to invest in Nepal: Asks them to be sensitive (ht 29/09/2014)

NRNs, ex-Gurkhas may get special citizenship (kp 27/09/2014)

NRNA experience: In North America alone, the combined yearly income of Nepali community is about US $ 20 billion, equivalent to total annual GDP of Nepal, by Ambika P. Adhikari (rep 10/09/2014)

Nepalis living abroad can make submission to draft of new constitution (nn 09/06/2014)

Nepal Day event organised in Germany (nn 26/05/2014)

Non-reforming Nepalis: Political wrangling in diaspora organisations dissuades Nepalis who want to do something for the country, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 13/05/2014)

A little of both: Conditional continuity of Nepali citizenship could be a solution to the dual nationality debate, by Bishnu P. Ghimire (kp 25/04/2014) [??]

Fin Min seeks NRNs role in nation building (rep 23/03/2014)

Bringing it back home: There are significant gains—economic, social and educational—to Nepal from migrant Nepalis, no matter where they reside, by Arun Bhattarai (kp 11/03/2014)

Order sought against officials with foreign residency permits (kp 27/02/2014), PIL seeks dismissal of civil servants holding PR, green card (rep 27/02/2014)

Guidelines for Qatar migrant workers good news: NRNA (kp 15/02/2014)

NRNA Thailand announces pro-edu plans (kp 09/02/2014)

NRNA presents detailed work-plan to bolster up organisation (nn 16/01/2014)

NRNA rescues two Nepalis from Uganda, by Devendra Bhattarai (kp 08/01/2014)

Major parties not in favour of awarding dual-citizenship to NRN’s: Rawal (nn 06/01/2014)

NRNA demands waiver in income tax (nn 23/12/2013)

Plan to allow NRNs, foreigners buy homes seems long way off, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 13/12/2013)

Non-Residence Conference: Diaspora's Jamboree (sp 08/11/2013)

NRNA to build five-star hotel (kp 27/10/2013)

I Will Bring Investment Plan, interview with Shesh Ghale (sp 28/10/2013)

The non-resident lahuray: Soon, the non-resident Nepali will inject great energy to a country that has long been in the doldrums, by Kanak Mani Dixit (kp 25/10/2013)

Parties vow goodies in return for capital (kp 23/10/2013), Political parties assure dual citizenship, voting rights to NRNs (nn 23/10/2013), For Dual Citizenship: The Constitution and Nepalese laws do not permit anybody dual or multiple citizenships (sp 28/10/2013) [Then they have to be changed!!]

Sixth NRN Global Conference concludes: Decides to set up relief fund for migrants (ht 23/10/2013)

Dual benefits: Dual citizenship automatically implies dual loyalties, and that raises uncomfortable questions for many, by Krishna Sharma (rep 22/10/2013)

NRNA finally registered at MoFA (rep 21/10(2013), Govt hands over registration certificate to NRNA: Move paves the way for the umbrella organisation to open a secretariat in Nepal (ht 22/10/2013)

Gen Assembly gives NRN a new definition, by Sangam Prasain (kp 20/10/2013), Election for NRNA president today (kp 20/10/2013), Walk the talk: Sixth NRNA conference (rep 20/10/2013), Top Priority Of NRNA Prez Candidates Is To Register, Institutionalize (rep 20/10/2013), NRNA holds first ever polls to choose chief (kp 21/10/2021), NRN-ICC election under way (ht 21/10/2013), Australia based Ghale elected NRNA president (nn 21/10/2013), Ghale elected new NRNA prez after win, by Ramesh Shrestha (kp 22/10/2013), Diaspora and development: NRNs must help revitalise the economy through investment in infrastructure (kp 22/10/2013), It’s time to do something for Nepal: Prez (kp 22/10/2013), Remittance income being spent on unproductive purchases (kp 22/10/2013), Relief fund for migrant workers will be set up within a week, interview with Shesh Gjale (kp 22/10/2013)

Putting economy first: Nepal does not pursue coherent economic diplomacy; Economic affairs are handled on an ad hoc basis; This has to change soon, by Bhim Udas (rep 20/10/2013)

New Rupakot resort building enthusiam: Upon completion, we expect that it to be a model project under an NRN investment: Adhikari, by Basanti Banstola (kp 20/10/2013)

NRNA looks to include agendas in parties’ election manifestos (kp 19/10/2013)

NRNA spent Rs 80m in social welfare in past two years (rep 19/10/2013)

NRNA to amend member eligibility criterion: Only those living abroad for more than two years to be recognised as non-resident Nepalis (ht 19/10/2013)

Still some way to go: NRNs must lead and participate in programmes intended to connect the diaspora’s expertise and experience with the mother country, by Jiba Lamichhane (kp 18/10/2013)

NRNs call on exporters to launchcountry-specific promos (ht 18/10/2013)

Cabinet forms panel to facilitate NRN convention (ht 27/08/2013)

Thapa announces candidacy for NRNA President (nn 05/08/2013), Race for NRNA president heats up (kp 09/08/2013), Nepal’s investment climate is still relatively better (kp 11/08/2013), Shah announces bid for NRNA president (kp 15/08/2013)

Reversing an exodus: Encouraging foreign returnees, by Nirmal Thapa (rep 27/07/2013)

NRNA donates Rs 5 million for flood victims (kp 18/07/2013)

Diaspora and beyond: The questions remains, how to leverage the collective might of the Nepali diaspora, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 28/05/2013)

Register and operate, MoFA tells Non-Resident Nepali Association (kp 14/05/2013), Paradigm shift in NRNA vision, by Roger Adhikari (nn 15/05/2013)

Fast friends, by Rebanta Bahadur K.C. (rep 02/05/2013)

Can NRNA Survive?, by Roger Adhikari (nn 27/04/2013)

Going overseas: Is the grass greener?, by Basudha Gautam (ht 25/04/2013)

NRNs demand voting rights (nn 17/03/2013)

NRNs to announce investment in hydropower projects soon (nn 12/02/2013)

FNCCI, NRNA sign pact for cooperation to boost economy (nn 21/01/2013)

NRNA to invest in Kathmandu-Kulekhani-Hetauda project (nn 18/01/2013)

Harnessing the diaspora: For sustained development, by Birendra Bahadur Budha (ht 04/01/2013)

Time to deliver: NRN must prepare a Nepal Action Plan for at least two years, by Bhim Udas (kp 12/10/2012), No double-digit growth without NRNs: PM (kp 12/10/2012), NRNs invest in country (ht 12/10/2012)

NRNs register investment company (ht 10/10/2012)

NRNA annual meeting starts in Switzerland (nn 25/09/2012)

NRNs plan to fund 100 MW project (kp 04/09/2012)

NRN-initiated Open University to be launched next year (nn 31/08/2012)

NRN regional conference starts in Sydney (nn 30/08/2012)

Rs 1 million in 2 hours: Korea's Nepali diaspora donates generously to help Nepalis back home, by Rabindra Mishra (nt 17/08/2012)

NRNs can now buy foreign employment bonds (ht 04/06/2012)

Once a Nepali always a Nepali: Giving Nepali Diaspora right to retain citizenship will benefit the country’s development, by Jiba Lamichhane (kp 27/05/2012)

Away from home: Tapping Nepalis abroad, by Purushotam Ojha (rep 08/05/2012)

Panel to look into NRN voting rights (kp 16/04/2012), , NRNs may get to cast ballot from abroad (ht 16/04/2012)

NRNs urge Nepali embassies to protect Nepali diaspora (nn 06/04/2012)

Bideshi Nepalis, by Ayushma Basnyat (rep 23/03/2012)

Remittance from Nepalese diaspora: Fuelling incalculable transformation, by Hari Bansh Jha (ht 01/03/2012)

Role of Nepali Diaspora in Higher Education in Nepal (Toronto Declaration), 7-8 July 2018

7th NRNA International General Assembly and Global Conference 2015 (program)

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