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KMC deploys heavy equipment to clear roads to Bancharedanda landfill : Newly bought high-pressure pumps will drain floodwaters from inundated settlements, by Arjun Poudel (kp 15/07/2024)

EU provides Rs 12 million grant for plastic waste management (kh 04/07/2024)

Bharatpur streets are overflowing with garbage : Garbage problem worsens as flooding renders riverside dumping site inaccessible in

monsoon, and locals bar dumping near riverside settlements, by Ramesh Kumar Poudel (kp 03/07/2024)

Rains won’t hinder valley waste management this year (kh 28/06/2024)

Local governments unable to deal with plastic waste menace (ae 19/06/2024)

Eleven tonnes of rubbish taken off Himalayan peaks (kh 07/06/2024)

As monsoon nears, KMC starts repairing road to Bancharedanda landfill site : Officials are mulling buying a high-pressure pump to prevent landfill leachate from contaminating the local river, by Arjun Poudel (kp 06/06/2024)

24,575 kg plastic waste prevented from leaking into Sunkoshi river (kh 01/06/2024)

Everest: A high-altitude garbage dump : It could pose health risks for transient climbers but a more serious threat to people living in nearby settlements, by Suzanne OConnell  & Alton C Byers (kp 10/05/2024)

Nepal to use drones to transport garbage from Mount Everest : The Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality has made poop bags mandatory for climbers above the base camp, by Sangam Prasain (kp 30/04/2024)

NA team collects over two tons of garbage from Himalayas (kh 30/04/2024)

Urgency of policy update for Nepal's National Park buffer zones, by Uday R Sharma (rep 30/04/2024)

Seven wards of KMC start waste segregation, four more to start soon : The city office has also issued a tender notice of more than Rs2.2 million to sell segregated reusable waste (kp 30/04/2024)

Waste management in rural tourism, by Manish Koirala (ae 25/04/2024)

EU Ambassador Lorenzo urges political prioritization of Waste Management in Nepal (kh 09/04/2024)

Nepal Army to collect 10 tons trash from the Everest region (kh 08/04/2024)

Locals halt waste disposal at Bancharedanda landfill site, demand action on agreements (kh 06/04/2024)

Kathmandu metropolis calls for tenders for sale of dry waste (kh 22/03/2023)

Segregated waste to be dumped separately in landfill : Officials plan to enforce waste segregation rules in all wards of KMC first and then extend to other local units of the Valley (kp 21/03/2024), Divide and conquer : Segregating the Valley’s waste makes perfect sense. But are we prepared to do the needful? (kp 27/03/2024)

Manage Hosp/ital Waste Properly, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 13/03/2024)

KMC to expand waste segregation to ward number 5 and 12 : The city office has started segregating degradable and non-degradable from ward 27. Degradable waste is also being used to produce biogas  (kp 05/03/2024)

KMC stops collecting waste from four hospitals (kh 26/02/2024)

Kathmandu metropolis starts turning household waste into compost manure (kp 21/02/2024)

KMC suspends garbage collection services at Kanti Children's Hospital (rep 15/02/2024)

KMC starts monitoring waste management practices of health facilities (kp 13/02/2024)

KMC to go for segregated waste management for enhanced efficiency (kh 02/02/2024), KMC begins collection of segregated waste from Ward Number 27 (rep 04/02/2024), KMC to deploy 2,000 sets of dustbins for waste segregation (rep 09/02/2024)

Health ministry seeks expert advice to dispose of 4 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine : The Sinovac-CoronaVac doses gifted by China some two years ago expired in December last year (kp 25/01/2024)

When sustainability becomes just a show, by Cilla Khatry (ae 16/01/2024)

Why are motorcycles worth millions of rupees left to rot at police offices?, by Upendra Lamichhane (rep 11/01/2024)

Kathmandu metropolis plans sorting household waste sector-wise : Officials say the 32 wards of the city will be divided into eight sectors and waste materials will be segregated in the respective blocks (kp 05/01/2024)

Kathmandu Valley Mayors Forum decides to entrust govt with waste management responsibility (rep 05/01/2024)

Managing health-care waste : As Nepal advances its healthcare facilities, prioritising waste management will result in a more sustainable future, by Pushpa Raj Joshi (kp 02/01/2023)

Mixing of medical waste with municipal garbage continues unchecked : Kathmandu Metropolitan City has fined at least two pri/vate firms within one week for mixing hospital waste wi/th household waste and dumping it in the Bancharedanda landfill, by Arjun Poudel (kp 23/12/2023)

KMC to install )4,000 dustbins in public places : The metropolis on Wed)nesday collected 40 tons of garbage from the hill around Swayambhunath Stupa with the help of 300 cleaning staff (kp 08/12/2023)

Kanchanpur district bans plastics (kh 10/11/2023)

Agitating Banchare Danda locals serve October 7 deadline for govt meet their demands : Warn of obstructing garbage disposal in Banchare Danda landfill site if their demands not met by the deadline (rep 16/09/2023), After government’s ‘preliminary draft’ for solution, landfill victims defer their protest until Oct 7 : Negligence at the landfill site has caused reduction in agricultural production, proliferation of flies, disruption of education in schools, respiratory problems and skin diseases, by Anup Ojha (kp 20/09/2023)

Landfill victims warn they will obstruct waste disposal again if their demands aren’t met : Over the past 18 years, authorities have reached 175 agreements with the locals but they have all been breached, by Anup Ojha (kp 13/09/2023)

Circular Economy of Plastics, by Yunish Ghimire and Pratik Bajracharya (rep 11/09/2023)

Kathmandu metropolis starts dumping truckloads of cables at Banchare Danda : Local residents, representatives have objected to the metropolitan city’s move, by Anup Ojha (kp 03/09/2023), Nuwakot lawmakers draw prime minister’s attention to plights of Banchare Danda locals : They hand over a memorandum to the prime minister demanding the government implement past agreements (kp 03/09/2023)

Landfill site locals threaten ‘ultimate’ protest over unfulfilled promises : Say they will talk only with the prime minister and agree for nothing less than a separate body to address their problems, by Anup Ojha (kp 30/08/2023)

Empowering Informal Waste Workers through Formalization, by Deep Prakash Ayadi (kh 29/08/2023)

KMC resumes garbage collection, management in the Valley after an agreement with locals in Sisdole, by Samiksha Shrestha (rep 23/07/2023)

Banchare Danda, Sisdole locals say waste has turned their ‘paradise into hell’ : Amid locals’ protest, police escorted a caravan of garbage trucks to Banchare Danda on Friday, by Anup Ojha (kp 23/07/2023)

Locals not to allow disposal of Valley garbage in Bancharedanda until demands are met (kh 19/07/2023)

Locals in Nuwakot and Dhading stop garbage trucks over ‘broken promises’ : KMC says it has done its bit, accuses federal government of indifference. Supreme Court orders swift disposal, by Anup Ojha (kp 18/07/2023)

KMC takes major step towards sustainability: Plastic use banned (rep 18/07/2023)

Locals of Sisdol, Bancharedanda stop trucks carrying garbage from Kathmandu (kh 17/07/2023), Waste disposal disrupted once again at Banchare Danda (kh 17/07/2023), Kathmandu waste management problem resurfaces : The agitating locals claim that despite signing an agreement a year ago, the KMC has failed to fulfill its obligations, by Pratik Ghimire (ae 17/07/2023)

Kakani Rural Municipality to impose fee of Rs 1,500 from trucks carrying garbage to Bancharedanda (kh 12/07/2023)

Ban and regulate plastic bags, SC tells govt, by Bhasa Sharma (rep 09/07/2023)

Government bans plastic bags below 40 microns (kh 06/07/2023)

Birgunj shows how to manage waste by utilizing data and technology : Birgunj Metropolitan City is taking the lead in addressing the problem of waste management by utilizing the latest technology and data, by Kamal Gurung (nlt 27/06/2023)

Emerging problem: How to handle hazardous e-waste : CRT monitors account for 40 percent, mobile phones 39 percent and refrigerators 16 percent of the total e-waste, by Subin Adhikari (kp 21/06/2023)

Passenger vehicles asked to carry dustbins (kh 11/06/2023)

Reducing plastic waste : We should control plastic pollution before the environmental damages become irreversible, by Anustha Shrestha (kp 11/06/2023)

Managing waste sustainably : Federal and provincial governments should collaborate with local levels to address the problem, by Ganesh Paudel (kp 26/05/2023)

NA collects more than 35,000 kg of garbage from mountains (kh 26/05/2023)

Stalled garbage collection resumes at Singha Durbar and other VIP addresses : Kathmandu mayor had stopped trash collection from the central secretariat to protest federal government’s non-cooperation (kp 25/04/2023)

City may resume garbage removal from Singha Durbar : Kathmandu Metropolitan City officials say they are waiting for the Supreme Court’s Friday order to arrive (kp 24/04/2023)

Shah-Singha Durbar spat sign of bigger waste problem : Dhunibesi and Kakani vow to obstruct garbage disposal at Banchare Danda if their demands are not honoured, by Anup Ojha (kp 21/04/2023), Locals threaten KMC with disruption in dumping of garbage in Banchare Danda landfill site if demands not met within 15 days (rep 21/04/2023)

Ministry-KMC talks to remove garbage from Singha Durbar inconclusive, by Bhuwan Sharma (rep 21/04/2023(

Petition  filed at SC against KMC’s decision not to collect garbage from Singha Durbar (rep 18/04/2023)

Ratnanagar receives outstanding award for waste management (kh 17/04/2023)

City starts producing methane out of Kathmandu’s garbage : The plant is currently producing eight tonnes of biogas daily and it will be a while before it starts generating electricity too, officials say (kp 17/04/2023)

About time we started using dustbins : Nepalis are yet to learn the value of proper waste disposal. And the problem only seems to be getting bigger, by Somy Bhattarai (kp 16/04/2023)

Garbage piled up in Singha Durbar reflects govt’s indifferent attitude: KMC Mayor Balen (kh 10/04/2023), Waste piles up in Singha Durbar as KMC stops collecting it (ht 10/04/2023)

The tragic lives of trash collectors : Around 4,000 laborers from 75 private companies and municipalities handle the waste Kathmandu generates on a daily basis, by Cilla Khatry (ae 05/04/2023)

Birgunj metropolis dumps garbage on telecom office premises (rep 04/04/2023), After Telecom's commitment, Birgunj Metropolis starts to remove garbage (rep 05/04/2023)

Jomsom bans beer bottles from April 14 (rep 03/04/2023)

Banchare Danda Landfill Affected Area Concern Committee warns KMC of prohibiting dumping of waste if demands not met (rep 15/03/2023)

Shortage of soil for ‘capping’ at Bancharedanda (kh 23/02/2023)

Rampant garbage piles raise stink along Kaligandaki corridor (kh 30/01/2023)

Tulsipur collaborating with private sector for waste management (kh 21/01/2023)

Chandragiri Municipality to continue with waste segregation (kh 19/12/2022)

Garbage collected from tourist site Panchpokhari (kh 16/12/2022)

Kathmandu’s compost bin plan offers little hope : Former officials and urban planners are sceptic as it is a tried, tested, and failed measure, by Anup Ojha (kp 14/12/2022)

Sixth week of clean-up campaign marked in Nagarjun National Park : The event saw students, teachers and volunteers clean up three hiking routes as part of the ‘Litter Free National Park’ campaign ongoing since October this year (kp 05/12/2022)

Birendranagar plagued by waste mismanagement : The garbage being dumped at Tarebhir inside the Shree Krishna Community Forest is causing hazardous pollution, affecting humans and wildlife, by Chandani Kathayat (kp 08/11/2022)

How our society doesn’t support a sustainable lifestyle, by Cilla Khatry (ae 20/10/2022)

Rule to disaggregate solid wastes within the source of origin remains unimplemented (kh 02/10/2022)

KMC scouting for site to manage biodegradable waste (rn 30/09/2022)

Solid waste management in Kathmandu and the way forward : Delving into better, modern and efficient ways of managing organic as well as recyclable solid waste is the necessity of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, by Nabin Kafle (nlt 27/09/2022)

Drowning in plastic, by Cilla Khatry (ae 22/09/2022)

Households segregating waste as requested but KMC mixing it up again : Local officials admit the waste separation plan was launched in haste. Urban planners say City should focus on doable things, by Anup Ojha (kp 22/09/2022)

Reflecting on events : Single-use plastic bottles seem to dot climate change and sustainability programmes, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 20/09/2022)

Nepal produces one million tones of garbage in a year (kh 19/09/2022)

Unmanaged garbage polluting environment in Sundarharaicha (kh 18/09/2022)

Waste at Teku transfer station will be managed in two days: KMC (kh 31/08/2022)

Sustainable waste management : Bringing ready-to-cook food will reduce the amount of food waste entering the city, by Surendra Pradhan (kp 26/08/2022)

Medical waste disposed of in Biring River in Birtamod : Medical waste, highly hazardous to health and generated by various hospitals in Birtamod, has been finding its way to the Biring River of late, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 25/08/2022), Not in the river : Dumping medical waste in rivers leads to fatal consequences as they become sources of disease (kp 26/08/2022)

Action to be taken against those throwing garbage haphazardly (kh 24/08/2022)

Kathmandu’s garbage problem becoming international ignominy : A video clip of CNA news showing garbage heaps in the capital has triggered public rage against the politicians and Mayor of Kathmandu. Tourism entrepreneurs say it will damage Nepal’s reputation (nlt 24/08/2022)

Preparing for COP 27 : Waste management has become a political football that Nepali politicians enjoy playing, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 23/08/2022)

Kathmandu garbage to be picked up within two days (kh 22/08/2022)

Kathmandu Metropolis says it requires 10 days to manage garbage piled up in Kathmandu (nlt 19/08/2022), Garbage management to take 10 more days (kh 20/08/2022)

KMC yet to find alternative places to dump waste (rn 20/08/2022) [How about Baluwatar? Most of the " rubbish " is produced there anyway!]

City of garbage : The streets have filled up with trash once again, and no solution is in sight, by Amish Raj Mulmi (kp 19/08/2022)

Seeing Kathmandu’s garbage crisis from the perspective of Banchare Danda and Sisdole : What may seem like a garbage problem for millions of citizens of Kathmandu is a life or death crisis for the people of Banchare Danda and Sisdole. It is a human development crisis, an existential ecosystem crisis, by Simone Galimberti (nlt 18/08/2022)

Getting Rid Of Garbage Mess For Good, by Santosh Kalwar (rn 18/08/2022)

Bagmati choked with black sewage, trash (ht 18/08/2022)

Islands of waste : Our understanding of what constitutes waste and how we manage it should change (kp 18/08/2022)

KMC starts dumping garbage in Bancharedanda despite people’s obstruction (kh 17/08/2022)

Police escorting garbage trucks to Banchare Danda (nlt 17/08/2022), Amid obstruction, 186 garbage trucks reach Bancharedanda on Tuesday (kh 17/08/2022)

Government bans plastic thinner than 40 microns in Kathmandu (nlt 17/08/2022)

Locals take slingshots to hills to stop garbage trucks from Valley (rep 16/08/2022)

Install recycling plant : The KMC must install an efficient recycling plant used by other metropolitan cities around the world (ht 15/08/2022)

Cadres of ruling parties obstruct garbage disposal at Banchare Danda landfill (nlt 15/08/2022), ‘We will not let garbage be thrown in Banchare Danda until our demands are met’ (rep 15/08/2022), Garbage disposal at Banchare Danda resumes under police protection (rep 15/08/2022)

Additional garbage trucks will reach Bancharedanda today: Mayor Balen (kh 14/08/2022), 250 to 350 garbage trucks will reach Banchare Danda daily from today if no obstacles: Mayor Balen Shah (rep 14/08/2022), Police help ferry Kathmandu's waste (ht 14/08/2022)

City removes garbage from core areas for Gaijatra, but lasting solution not in sight : Garbage transport to Banchare Danda landfill remains halted since Tuesday after lorries were vandalised. Drivers in protest demanding action against vandals, by Anup Ojha (kp 13/08/2022), Kathmanduites feel let down by mayor (ht 13/08/2022)

Waste Management In Valley Time to Adopt Modern Technology, by Nawaraj Bhujel (rn 12/08/2022)

Garbage piles raise stink, no respite in sight (ht 12/08/2022)

Unidentified group vandalizes garbage-laden tippers in Banchare Danda (nlt 09/08/2022), 14 vehicles carrying garbage from Kathmandu to Bancharedanda vandalized (rep 09/08/2022)

Solution-oriented garbage management: Turning Kathmandu Valley's trash into cash, by Sharmila Pathak and Shubhanu Acharya (rn 08/08/2022)

Garbage pile up in Kathmandu yet again (kh 06/08/2022), Few more days before Kathmandu streets see off garbage (kh 06/08/2022), Garbage collection to be stalled in Kathmandu for ‘few more days’ (nlt 06/08/2022)

Composting our way out of chaos, by Cilla Khatry (ae 04/08/2022)

Garbage piled up in Kathmandu as maintenance continues in access road (kh 31/07/2022)

Banchare Danda locals obstruct garbage disposal yet again (nlt 28/07/2022), Bancharedanda locals to obstruct garbage dumping from August 17 (kh 28/07/2022)

Govt bans use of plastic bags thinner than 40 microns from August 14 (kh 26/07/2022), Ban on plastic bags : Plastic bag producing firms should be offered incentives to produce bags made of handmade paper, nettle and jute (ht 28/07/2022)

KMC not to collect garbage for a week (kh 21/07/2022), Garbage piles up on Valley streets, again : With road leading to Banchare Danda being repaired, Kathmandu unable to collect garbage for several days, by Anup Ojha (kp 27/07/2022), Garbage to be collected from tomorrow (kh 27/07/2022)

Ways to manage garbage : It is time we adopted means to recycle waste instead of dumping it in landfills (kp 19/07/2022)

Waste in cities: Problem and awareness, by Sunil Prasad Lohani and Upama Nepal (ht 18/07/2022)

KMC releases schedule for collection of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste (rep 16/07/2022), KMC starts collecting decomposable and non-decomposable waste separately (kh 17/07/2022)

City covers waste pile in plastic after rains damage road to Banchare Danda : On Sunday, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City used a 40,000 square feet of plastic tarp to cover the humongous pile of rotting garbage at Teku, by Anup Ojha (kp 11/07/2022)

Experts suggest producing fuel from waste plastic, jatropha, ethanol to tide over fuel crisis (kh 07/07/2022)

Garbage management in Kathmandu to be affected for two days (kh 28/06/2022)

Turning waste into energy : A long-term, green solution to Kathmandu’s waste problem could be to adopt waste-to-energy technologies on a large, commercial scale. But can it be done?, by Prasansha Rimal (rec 24/06/2022)

KMC to impose a fine of Rs 500 on those not segregating degradable and non-degradable garbage (kh 23/06/2022)

Infrastructure ambulances to be operated only in the morning and evening (rep 19/06/2022)

Environmental Crisis in Kathmandu: Anarchy on Display, by Sumit Pathak (rep 17/06/2022)

Dirtying the city to keep your home clean : Kathmandu doesn’t have a proper waste management system. But what it also lacks is collective conscience, by Cilla Khatry (ae 16/06/2022)

Early report card of Mayor Balen Shah : Though waste disposal is the collective responsibility of all valley metros only the Kathmandu Mayor was faulted. How should he conduct himself in the days to come?, by Nishan Khatiwada (nlt 13/06/2022)

Garbage top problem among callers to city office : Kathmandu’s ‘call centre’ has received over 1,200 calls but City yet to develop mechanism to address public grievances, by Anup Ojha (kp 12/06/2022)

Shun Politics On Garbage, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 12/06/2022)

Landfill site to be relocated to ward no. 33 of Pokhara (rep 11/06/2022)

Minister Jhakri holding talks with agitating Bancharedanda locals on garbage management (kh 10/06/2022), Banchare Danda locals agree to allow garbage disposal (nlt 10/06/2022), 18-pt deal sealed on KMC’s waste management; garbage be collected from today (kh 10/06/02022), Kathmandu waste collection to resume; to be transported to Banchare Danda during the night only : A new agreement paves the way for garbage disposal which has been affected for over a month, by Anup Ojha (kp 10/06/2022)

Garbage disposal halted for today as well as Banchare Danda locals continue protest : The obstruction in disposal has resulted in huge piles of waste in Kath mandu streets, risking outbreaks of communicable and vector-borne diseases with the onset of monsoon (nlt 09/06/2022)

14 arrested in Nuwakot’s Sisdol for obstructing vehicles carrying garbage (kh 07/06/2022), Police clear obstruction at Banchare Danda landfill site, detain protesters (nlt 07/06/2022), 157 trucks of garbage dumped in Bancharedanda amidst protest (kh 08/06/2022), Locals obstruct garbage disposal yet again (nlt 08/06/2022), Garbage disposal disrupted yet again as Bancharedanda locals up the ante (kh 08/06/2022), NC lawmaker Gagan Thapa urges PM to take initiative in Kathmandu’s waste management (kh 08/06/2022), Garbage in, garbage out : A solution is going to come only if both sides engage in a compassionate negotiation (kp 08/6/2022), Bancharedanda locals clash with police over garbage dump row (kh 08/06/2022), Deadlock over waste management persists, by Ujwal Satyal (ht), Bancharedanda locals clash with police over garbage dump row : Police fire tear gas shells to disperse agitators  (kh 08/06/2022), Six policemen injured in clash with locals in Nuwakot’s Bancharedanda : Police fire six rounds of tear gas shells, 18 protestors arrested (kh 08/06/2022), Barred from disposing of waste in Banchare Danda, garbage trucks return to Kathmandu (rep 08/06/2022)

Local units across country turning waste into wealth and wonder : Around 13.5 tonnes of garbage collected daily from Dhankuta Municipality is turned into compost manure by mixing the decayed garbage with soil, which is later used to fertilise a flower garden, by Ramesh Chandra Adhikari (kp 07/06/2022), Now onward, Kathmandu will not have to suffer due to garbage heaps on streets: Mayor Shah (rep 07/06/2022) [???]

Locals obstruct garbage disposal at Banchare Danda landfill site (nlt 07/06/2022), What an eyesore : The govt should have consulted the locals before building the landfill site at Banchare Danda (ht 07/06/2022), Garbage collection in Kathmandu hits a snag as Sisdol locals continue to disrupt (kh 07/06/2022), Experts’ team to visit landfill site at Sisdol today (kh 07/06/2022), Garbage piles make life difficult in Kathmandu : With the onset of monsoon and garbage rotting in the streets, doctors say there is high risk of outbreaks of communicable and vector-borne diseases, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/06/2022)

Garbage piles feeding river pollution in Capital city (ht 06/06/2022)

Mayor’s second visit to Sisdole does little to placate disgruntled people : On his visit to the dumping site Friday, Shah stated his resolve to free Sisdole of the stench from the garbage dump within a week but locals were far from appeased, by Anup Ojha (kp 04/06/2022)

Saying goodbye to plastics : Recognising the pollution caused by plastics, the hotel industry has promised to ban them (kp 03/06/2022)

Hotels to ban single-use plastics in green push : Water bottles, drinking straws, cutlery, plates, drink stirrers, expanded polystyrene food service products, toothbrushes and combs will be out from 2025, by Sangam Prasain (kp 02/06/2022)

Waste and dust management in Kathmandu a challenge for new people’s representatives : Seven broomer machines remain garaged in lack of drivers. Local obstructions continue at Nuwakot landfill sites, by Anup Ojha (kp 01/06/2022), Kathmandu’s garbage problem is a mess, by Shuvam Rizal (kp 02/06/2022)

Task Force led by Mayor Shah for waste management formed (kh 31/05/2022), Sisdole locals say they won’t allow garbage at Banchare Danda until their demands are met : Over 200 households with around 1,200 family members who reside near the Sisdole and Banchare Danda landfills have been categorised as highly affected households, by Anup Ojha (kp 31/05/2022)

Proper Management Of Urban Waste, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 31/05/2022)

Kathmandu mayor Balen Shah inspects Bancharedanda landfill site (kh 28/05/2022)

Action plan to implement ban on plastic bags below 40 microns (ht 21/05/2022)

Teku residents launch protest against huge garbage buildup at waste transfer station : Garbage transport to Sisdole landfill remains halted for weeks after protests by Nuwakot locals, by Arjun Poudel (kp 17/05/2022), A city that stinks : Kathmandu desperately waits for a new mayor for an end to its waste management problem (kp 18/05/2022)

Garbage piled yet again in Kathmandu Valley (nlt 10/05/2022)

Capital's waste transported with security escorts (rn 08/05/2022)

Piles of garbage litter valley roads yet again : Metropolitan staff has not picked waste for at least 10 days (ht 04/05/2022), Garbage heaps : We could look forward to a cleaner city if the civil service were to be held more accountable for its sanitation (ht 05/05/2022)

Thinking twice about single-use plastics : The government should create and implement stricter rules about the consumption of such materials, by Sakhie Pant (kp 02/05/2022)

KMC makes it mandatory for locals to segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable while disposing household waste (rep 14/04/2022)

Garbage Piles Up In Kathmandu (photo feature) (rn 10/04/2022)

Garbage piles up in Kathmandu as Nuwakot locals obstruct disposal (nlt 12/03/2022)

Damak to produce gas from waste soon (kh 11/03/2022)

Ministry accuses Kathmandu City of reluctance in using Banchare Danda landfill : The City has been using the Sisdole landfill for 17 years although the site was originally meant for just three years, by Anup Ojha (kp 04/03/2022)

Garbage collection in Valley suspended for nine days, cities start stinking (rep 21/02/2022), Waste Piles Up In Kathmandu As Nuwakot Locals Obstruct Disposal, by Arpana Adhikari (rn 22/02/2022)

Manage household waste at home: KMC (ht 20/02/2022)

Valley’s waste disposal obstructed for last five days (kh 18/02/2022)

Four metric tons of waste managed by cleaning Bagmati riverbank (kh 13/02/2022)

Bharatpur Metropolitan City to manage wastes with support from South Korea (kh 11/02/2022)

Deego Nepal: Turning waste to treasure. The company was born of the idea of putting everyday non-recycled waste materials to a sustainable use, by Priyanjali Karn (ae 10/02/2022)

Adhunik Pet Industries: Recycling plastic waste : Kathmandu Valley churns out over three tons of plastic waste daily. This small recycling plant has been recycling some of this waste into granules that in turn are used to make plastic products, by Pratik Ghimire (ae 10/02/2022)

‘Current approach of collecting and dumping wastes has several shortcomings, interview with’ Bishal Bhardwaj, Climate Change Researcher (nlt 03/02/2022)

A zero-waste life: Less is more : The idea is to send nothing to the landfill by reducing consumption, composting, reusing what we have, and recycling what we can’t reuse, by Cilla Khatry (ae 13/01/2022)

Birgunj sets up medical waste management centre : The centre has been established to safely dispose of toxic medical wastes through autoclave technology, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 16/12/2021)

Open waste burning rife across country for lack of management mechanisms : Little has been done to stop persistent organic pollutants reaching air, which are hazardous to life and environment, by Aakriti Ghimire (kh 11/12/2021)

Butwal continues to pollute Tinau River with its waste : Garbage is dumped on the riverbanks as the city does not have a waste processing site. Garbage disposal on the riverbanks is affecting the region’s biodiversite, by Amrita Anmol (kp 13/11/2021)

Ward chairpersons throw garbage in front of mayor’s house in Janakpur (rep 31/10/2021)

Poorly handled Covid-19 garbage could give rise to hazardous waste crisis : Amount of coronavirus-related refuse is increasing. There are protocols to manage such items, but implementation has been weak, leaving public health in peril, by Arjun Poudel (kp 29/09/2021), A clean sweep : Cleaner surroundings have a profound positive effect on our health (kp 30/09/2021)

Garbage piling up in the vicinity of TIA : Attracts birds increasing chances of bird-hit as planes land or take-off, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 29/09/2021), Control bird menace : TIA today lies in the midst of a dense settlement and market places, which generate tons of food waste every day (ht 30/09/2021)

Government reintroduces ban on plastic bags, but implementation remains doubtful, by Anup Ojha (kp 17/09/2021), Ban on plastic bags below 40 micron comes into effect nationwide (ht 18/09/2021)

Waste no waste : High time to embrace biogas, by Sunil Prasad Lohani and Bipasyana Dhungana (ht 09/09/2021)

Kathmandu: City of Garbage, by Dinkar Nepal (ae 09/09/2021)

Down in the dumps : Sisdole residents continue to suffer health and environmental problems from the thousand tonnes of garbage that are being dumped in their locale every day, by Aishwarya Baidar (rec 07/09/2021)

Garbage collection resumes in Kathmandu, major thoroughfares yet to be cleared off wastes (rep 04/09/2021)

What if… we could drastically reduce our waste? If Kathmandu were to reduce consumption and segregate waste, Banchare Danda, an under-construction landfill site in Nuwakot, won’t go the Sisdol-way, by Cilla Khatry (ae 02/09/2021)

Load of rubbish : A landfill site's lifespan can be extended by many more years if we can reduce the amount of refuse going there (ht 02/09/2021

Kathmandu mayor says garbage collection will resume today : Shakya blames damaged road to Sisdole for the mess. City has agreed to pay the Department of Roads for repairing the road to Sisdole landfill site, by Anup Ojha (kp 01/09/2021), One more week to collect all garbage from Valley (kh 018/09/2021)

Youths dump garbage outside Kathmandu Metropolitan City office gate : The protest was organised against the city’s failure to collect garbage from the Capital for the last two weeks (kp 30/08/2021), Citizens launch campaign to dispose of Valley garbage in Sisdole (rep 31/08/2021)

Urban Ministry urged to complete construction of landfill site in Bancharedanda soon (kh 29/08/2021)

Resolving Kathmandu Valley’s solid waste problems, by Dhundi Raj Pathak (28/08/2021)

Garbage city  : For a lasting solution to our waste management problem, we need to rethink what constitutes waste (kp 24/08/2021), Garbage piled up in Kathmandu Valley (rep 25/08/2021), Kathmandu valley to remain littered with trash for one more week (ht 26/08/2021), While Kathmandu stinks, its mayor is running a musical campaign : Kathmandu Metropolitan City officials say the road to Sisdole landfill site has been damaged by rains so garbage won’t be picked up until the rains stop, by Anup Ojha (kp)

KMC fails to rid the streets of waste (ht 20/08/2021)

More garbage piles up on Bagmati riverbank in Thapathali (kh 15/08/2021)

Living with garbage, by Marissa Taylor (rec 12/08/2021)

COVID-19 healthcare waste management reform drive launched (kh 07/08/2021)

Masks save lives, but they’re also leading to a gargantuan waste problem, by Prasansha Rimal (rec 05/08/2021)

Garbage Piles Up In Kathmandu As Sisdol Landfill Site Filled, by Kshitiz Siwakoti (rn 16/07/2021)

Floodwaters bring waste to Chitwan park, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 12/07/2021)

Gokarneshwor municipality installs sophisticated waste management machine (kh 08/07/2021)

What next after Sisdol and Bancharedanda?, by Kopila Wagle and Kanchan Mani Dixit (kh 18/06/2021)

The forgotten soldiers: Kathmandu’s trash collectors, by Cilla Khatry (ae 17/0/2021)

Over 6,000 kg garbage scooped out from Mt Makalu (kh 28/05/2021) [Climbers who leave waste on the mountains should be punished!]

Only half of municipal waste gets collected, far less recycled : The waste management baseline survey of Nepal was conducted by  the Central Bureau of Statistics in the country’s 271 municipalities, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 11/05/2021)

Managing Everest’s waste problem, by Alton C Byers (nt 30/04/2021)

Bhimdatta municipal government has no place to manage town’s wasteA proposed landfill project has failed to take off due to protest from some town residents who do not want a waste management facility near their homes, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 18/04/2021)

How Kathmandu’s waste management emerged as a perennial problem : Segregation of garbage at the source itself and recycling the useful materials could serve as a long-term solution, according to experts, by Anup Ojha (kp 16/04/2021)

Amlekhgunj littered with garbage (ht 15/04/2021)

KMC To Operate Banchare Danda Landfill Site From May 15, by Kshitiz Siwakoti (rn 08/04/2021)

Garbage collection resumes in Kathmandu after deal with Sisdole residents : Roadsides and neighbourhoods in Kathmandu were littered with garbage heaps for the past one week, by Anup Ojha (kp 03/04/2021)

Annual reports presented in HoR (kh 31/03/2021)

Valley’s waste management hindered for six days (kp 31/03/2021)

Wasting waste : A near non-existent waste management system has turned our rivers into dark veins of dirt (kp 02/03/2021)

Garbage from Beni pollutes Kaligandaki river : The municipality has been disposing of its waste in the riverbank for the last 17 years for a lack of a designated dumping site, by Ghanshyam Khadka (kp 01/03/2021)

Authorities fail to control waste burning as Valley residents breathe polluted air : Even after Kathmandu was ranked the world’s most polluted city, government bodies have been unable to stop open garbage burning, one of the major contributors to air pollution, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 19/01/2021)

Bharatpur’s plan to construct modern landfill site fails to take off even after three years : The city has been dumping garbage on Narayani riverbanks for many years, polluting the river and surrounding areas, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 18/01/2021)

Use of electronic goods continues to grow but there’s no policy for its disposal : Most of the e-waste generated in the country comes from television sets, computer display monitors, and refrigerators. More people are also disposing of their phones, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 17/01/2021)

The domestic tourism sector is growing—but so is its litter : As more and more Nepalis travel within the country, tourism stakeholders and environmentalists say that it’s important for tourists  to travel responsibly and be mindful of the impact they have on the destinations they travel to, by Tsering Ngodup Lama (kp 21/12/2020)

Anti-plastic behavior dying a slow death, environment ministry in a slumber, by Anjali Subedi (rep 18/12/2020)

Construction of waste processing facility starts in Rupandehi, by Amrita Anmol (kp 09/12/2020)

Valley garbage to be dumped at Banchare Danda from 2nd week of Dec (kh 08/12/2020)

Call for proper waste management in Kathmandu valley amidst COVID-19 (ht 28/08/2020)

Bharatpur dumps waste in Narayani River banks despite having designated land to build a landfill site: Monsoon spells disaster for locals living in riverbank settlements with garbage washed ashore by the overflowing river, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 15/08/2020)

The COVID-19 plastic pandemic: Increase in plastic materials to counter infection risk threatens to undo a decade of work to reduce waste, by Sonia Awale and Ramesh Kumar (nt 31/07/2020)

KMC grapples with waste management (ht 12/07/2020)

Municipal solid waste management: Discourage Plastic Use, by Mani Nepal (ht 29/06/2020)

Rain damages road to Okharpauwa landfill: The condition of the road might worsen further if rain continues, say officials while doctors warn diseases could spread easily if the collection of waste is disrupted, by Anup Ojha (kp 10/05/2020)

New landfill site at Bancharedanda to come into operation next month (ht 09/05/2020)

Garbage collectors who make sure diseases don’t spread are now at risk of contracting Covid-19: Sanitation workers are a high-risk group since they come into contact with objects that could host the coronavirus but they’re working without proper protective gear, by Anup Ojha  (kp 05/04/2020)

Kathmandu metropolis fails to address garbage woes amid COVID-19 scare (ht 26/03/2020), KMC struggles with waste management: Sanitation workers are not prepared for scheduled garbage pickup (ht 29/03/2020)

Poor waste management affects people of Siddharthanagar: The municipality had been dumping garbage at the Paklihawa area, which lies in the border of Siddharthanagar Municipality Ward No. 1 and 2, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 17/03/2020)

Unsafe disposal of used lead-acid batteries a concern in Myagdi: The disposal of used lead-acid batteries as regular trash has raised concerns over soil contamination and water pollution, by Ghanashyam Khadka (kp 08/03/2020)

Locals prevent Gorkha Municipality from dumping garbage in Hattigauda: The municipality has been using the forest area in Hattigauda as a dumping site without proper disposal system, which has led to waste pollution in the forest, say locals. by Hariram Upreti (kp 26/02/2020)

Siddharthanagar Municipality disposing of waste on riverbank, by Mohammad Habib (22/02/2020)

Valley’s pig keepers are not just making a living. They are also contributing to organic waste management: Pig farmers are collecting leftover foods from hotels, restaurants and boarding houses to feed their animals, by Anup Ojha (kp 15/02/2020)

KMC grapples with waste management woes (ht 09/02/2020)

Challenges Of Hospital Waste Management, by Om Prakash Ghimire (rn 13/01/2020), Private hospitals still burning, burying and disposing of hazardous waste together with municipal waste, a new study shows: Health facilities’ reluctance to abide by the rules is putting public health at risk and polluting environment, experts say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 17/01/2020)

Kathmandu Metropolitan City once again starts waste segregation campaign: This time, the city office will strictly enforce waste segregation rule, officials say, by Anup Ojha (kp 04/01/2020)

Rajbiraj youths dump garbage at municipality gate (ht 01/01/2020)

Dumping site constructed without feasibility study (ht 18/12/2019)

What it takes to get rid of plastic: The ultimate determiner will be the budget allocation for waste management and industrial support for alternatives, by Siddhartha Mainali (kp 02/12/2019)

Waste management is a major problem in Achham: Lack of proper landfill sites leading to pollution of streams and rivers, by Menuka Dhungana (kp 30/11/2019)

Roadside dumping of waste irks locals (ht 30/11/2019)

No space for garbage in Jumla headquarters: Chandan Nath Municipality alone produces around 40 quintals of garbage on a daily basis, but with garbage collection halted in the area for the past month, locals are having a tough time, by LP Devkota (kp 03/11/2019)

The garbage pile grows while locals, experts and city governments argue: When projects stall due to local pressure, the onus is on the local body to find an alternative site, convince the residents of the need for such projects, or relocate settlements to make room (kp 25/10/2019)

Construction of solid waste processing centres in Rupandehi has been cancelled: The local units have requested the federal government to solve the problem of garbage management after the Asian Development Bank cancelled its funding, by Amrita Anmol (kp 24/10/2019)

Waste segregation plan of KMC gathers dust (kp 23/10/2019)

Birgunj Metropolis dumping waste near no-man’s-land: The ghastly sight of garbage heaps and unpleasant smell have forced locals and tourists alike to avoid the area, by Shankar Acharya (kp 04/10/2019)

KMC to continue valley waste management during Dashain as well (ht 04/10/2019)

Foul smell from garbage hassling locals (ht 03/10/2019)

Work under way to generate biogas from garbage (ht 03/10/2019)

Everest fights back (against garbage and bad press), by Alton C Byers (nt 20/09/2019)

Bhedetar stinking to high heavens (ht 17/09/2019)

Trishuli riverbanks are littered with garbage: The river is one of the 100 tourist destinations chosen by the government for the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign, by Harihar Singh Rathour (kp 14/09/2019)

Improper disposal of medical waste is putting garbage collectors—and the public—at risk: Despite governmental regulations, a number of hospitals and clinics are not segregating their waste properly, leaving needles and body parts for general waste collectors, by Sneha Dahal (kp 04/09/2019)

Trishuli River turning into dumping site of way-side shops along Prithivi Highway, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 03/09/2019)

Lahan locals call for relocation of waste management centre: The agitating locals held a gathering on Sunday to plan a fresh protest programme, by Bharat Jargha Magar (kp 02/09/2019)

Managing wastes: Unmanaged waste has adverse impact on public health and economy. The government should manage it properly, by Sushmita Dulal (rep 01/09/2019)

Waste segregation a must for every household in KMC (ht 28/08/2019)

Coca-Cola wanted consumers to be ‘best friend’ with its new product. Not everyone is amused: Consumers and waste management companies say smaller sized bottles will add to plastic pollution in Nepal. Coke defends its packaging, calling them recyclable, by Bhrikuti Rai (kp 27/08/2019)

Kathmandu metropolis starts waste segregation in three wards: The initiative will be launched in Wards 12, 18 and 21, officials say, by Anup Ojha (kp 26/08/2019)

Haphazard construction of roads puts villages at high risk of landslides: Many families in three villages of Bajhang have been displaced due to landslides in the last three years, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 22/08/2019)

Enforce the plastic ban (rep 21/08/2019)

Everest region to ban plastic items below 30 microns from 2020, by Supriya Sharma (rep 20/08/2019), No plastic bottles and bags in Everest region from January: Local government to ban the use of plastics below 30 microns and beverages bottled in plastic, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 22/08/2019)

Metropolitan city says it will book all those who dump garbage in public places during the night: Kathmandu residents say such drives have been launched in the past as well but with little success, by Anup Ojha (kp 07/08/2019)

Social campaigner is beaten up while nabbing litterbugs in Koteshwor: Garbage throwing on roadside is rampant during the night, but authorities till date have paid no heed, by Anup Ojha (kp 03/08/2019)

Plastic straws are slowly being replaced in Kathmandu’s restaurants, but a complete switch might take some time: Following global concern, a few restaurants in Kathmandu are consciously limiting their use of plastic straws by switching to sustainable alternatives, by Abani Malla (kp 01/08/2019)

KMC to set up community  composting facilities (ht 28/07/2019)

Capital's waste remains unattended despite cleaning drive (rep 28/07/2019)

Waste management to be regulated (ht 18/07/2019)

Dhangadi dwells on managing medical waste (kp 13/07/2019)

Kathmandu is stinking: Do something (rep 02/07/2019)

Irate locals obstruct garbage  vehicles at Sisdol landfill site (ht 01/07/2019)

Kathmandu Metropolitan City spent millions on smart dustbins. No one is using them: The city’s mayor, while defending the purchase, said residents were deliberately  making him look bad by not using the trash can, by Anup Ojha (kp 28/06/2019)

Lack of efficient garbage disposal and management system spells trouble for Valley residents this monsoon: Rains damage the road that leads to Sisdole landfill site, obstructing garbage collection from the Valley, by Anup Ojha (kp 25/06/2019)

Unmanaged hazardous hospital waste is a cause for concern in Capital: The city authority recently penalised five state-run hospitals and some private-run hospitals for disposing of hazardous hospital waste alongside household waste, by Arjun Poudel (kp 25/06/2019), Down in the dumps: Healthcare institutions’ hazardous practices cannot continue (kp 26/06/2019)

Locals agitate over proposed dumping site at Dadi Chaur (ht 12/06/2019)

Lahan-4 residents protest against mismanagement of waste in the municipality: Garbage not collected for the past 26 days due to locals’ protest for relocation of waste management centre, by Bharat Jargha Magar (kp 11/06/2019)

All local units in Chitwan using forests and rivers to dump their waste, by Sabita Shrestha (rep 01/06/2019)

Kathmandu not prepared to manage its waste in monsoon: Every day 150 trucks carry waste from 18 local federal units of Kathmandu Valley  and Banepa to a dumping site at Sisdole, by Arjun Poudel (kp 29/05/2019)

More than 10 tonnes garbage collected from Everest (ht 28/05/2019)

4,000 kg Mt Everest waste brought to Capital: DoT struggling to bring down dead bodies found during the cleaning campaign (ht 18/05/2019)

Garbage disfiguring Muktinath’s pristine surrounding, by Sushil Babu Thakali (rep 12/05/2019)

KMC finds new landfill site to dispose of Valley garbage (rep 04/05/2019)

Major clean-up campaign hopes to rid Everest of 10,000 kg garbage: The campaign will not only bring back garbage but also the bodies of dead climbers that litter the world’s highest peak, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 29/04/2019), 3,000 kg of garbage collected from Mt Everest region (kp 29/04/2019)

Karnali flows foul for lack of waste management (ht 28/04/2019)

Haphazard throwing of recharge cards and tobacco packets to be controlled, by Anup Ojha and Sanjaya Lama (kp 21/04/2019)

Army removes two tons of waste from Everest (rep 20/04/2019) [Make the mountaineers and their teams responsible! The destruction of the sensitive environment is not a trivial offence!], 2,000 kg solid waste collected from Mt Everest region (ht 22/04/2019)

Plan to clear Everest of bodies, trash: The base camp will be set up by the third week of April to start the mega campaign, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 08/04/2019), 10,000 kg garbage targeted (ht 12/04/2019)

Province 5 using rivers as dumping sites, by Rekha Bhusal (rep 06/04/2019)

Garbage dumped in Dhading streams (05/04/2019)

The (re)cycle of waste: Here are the professional waste management service providers that focus on resource recovery, by Rose Singh (kp 31/03/2019)

#TrashTag gaining momentum: Young Nepalis take up the ‘do-good’ internet challenge of cleaning public places, taking pictures and posting them online, by Anup Ojha (kp 13/03/2019)

Exemplary waste management on Bagmati riverside, by Biken K Dawadi (rep 20/02/2019)

Large cities of Province 1 dumping waste in the open (rep 03/02/2019)

Byas Municipality making waste management system more effective (ht 29/01/2019)

That’s a wrap: Nepal took another big step by declaring Chitwan National Park a plastic-free zone, by Tsewang Nuru Sherpa (kp 27/01/2019)

What ails Kathmandu Valley’s waste management project? (rep 24/01/2019)

City authority vows stern action against litterbugs, by Anup Ojha (kp 23/01/2019)

Police collect waste as municipal officials boycott work, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 08/01/2019)

Urban Development Ministry preparing design for landfill site (kp 07/01/2019), MoUD to construct structure for dumping non-recyclable waste (ht 07/01/2019)

Plastic pollution: Let’s pledge to beat it, by Srichchha Pradhan (ht 24/12/2018)

Piling up: Nepal’s waste management predicament presents a number of social and environmental problems, by Binod Joshi (kp 17/12/2018)

Drowning in plastic: Do your bit to eliminate pollution by pledging to use one less plastic bag everyday; Today, just in Kathmandu, people use 4,700,000 to 4,800,000 plastic bags daily, by Srichchha Pradhan (kp 14/12/2018)

The things we throw away: Garbage management in Kathmandu requires alternative measures that are less costly, environment-friendly and sustainable, by Mohan Guragain (kp 08/12/2018)

KMC installing 60 smart dustbins in city's major thoroughfares (rep 28/11/2018)

Those littering in KMC may face up to 3 months in jail or Rs 100,000 fine, by Shuvam Dhungana (rep 27/11/2018)

From waste to wealth: For Doko Recyclers, recycling waste begins at the source: with garbage segregation, by Bibhu Luitel (kp 26/11/2018)

KMC to be without a landfill for months: Sisdole landfill almost full, Banchare Dada site will take 6 months to open, by Biken K Dawadi (rep 26/11/2018)

Mayor warns action against slothful staff: KMC garbage disposal staff’s tardy attitude and ‘politics’ irks Shakya, by Anup Ojha (kp 20/11/2018)

Biratnagar Metropolitan City streets littered with garbage (ht 13/11/2018)

MoU signing on waste management project delayed, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 07/11/2018)

Garbage woes plague Rajbiraj Municipality (ht 24/10/2018)

People still lack awareness about waste management (kp 22/10/2018)

Locals offer 500 ropanis to dump stinking Sisdole, by Anup Ojha (kp 06/10/2018)

Dumping method blamed for urban garbage problems (kp 30/09/2018)

Metropolis starts cleaning drive in all wards ahead of Dashain (kp 30/09/2018) [And what will happen after the Hindu festival of Dashain?]

Tax litterbugs more: Minister Pandit; He stresses the need to send out the message to the rest of the world that Nepal is a beautiful, clean and green country (kp 23/09/2018)

SC writ seeks solution to city garbage issue (kp 18/09/2018), Case filed against govt for failing to manage waste (ht 18/09/2018)

Waste management From trash to treasure, by Sagar Bhatta (ht 03/09/2018)

Hospitals not managing waste properly (ht 31/08/2018)

What will Nepal do with its e-waste? As purchasing power rises, Kathmandu faces the problem of electronic waste disposal, by Sonia Awale (nt 31/08/2018)

Municipality to buy plastic waste (ht 29/08/2018)

Solid waste a stinking problem: Open burning severely impacts people’s health, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 28/08/2018)

Capital streets free of waste for BIMSTEC: Kathmandu metropolis deploys four jet machines to clean the streets (kp 28/08/2018)

Triyuga Municipality finds landfill site after 22 years, by Maheshwor Chamling Rai (rep 27/08/2ß18)

Garbage woes plague Manthali Municipality (ht 25/08/2018)

16 shacks of plastic waste cleared from trekking route in Nagarkot (kp 22/08/2018)

Five municipalities collaborate for effective waste management (ht 18/08/2018)

Locals, garbage truckers angry at sorry state of Sisdole landfill site, by Biken K Dawadi (rep 17/08/2018)

Dharan and Itahari dumping waste recklessly, by Rohit Rai (rep 12/08/2018)

Garbage collection begins in Lahan, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 12/08/2018)

Garbage piling up on streets of Kathmandu valley, again (ht 10/08/2018)

Bhairahawa Waste Management Project in limbo, by Binod Pariyar (rep 07/08/2018)

KMC starts three-phase plan to address garbage crisis, by Biken K Dawadi (rep 05/08/2018)

Lahan's garbage collected by NC youth wings after 18 days, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 05/08/2018)

KMC to construct ‘new garbage site soon’ (kp 29/07/2018), Garbage management problem likely to recur after three months (rep 29/07/2018)

Sustainable Solution to Waste Disposal Problem, by Kushal Pokharel (rn 28/07/2018)

Garbage woes plague Rajbiraj Municipality (ht 27/07/2018)

Garbage nuisance, by Diya Dhakal (rep 26/07/2018)

Litterbugs in Tansen to be captured on camera, by Mukti Prasad Nyaupane (rep 22/07/2018)

Stench troubles Valley folk as garbage litters streets, by Anup Ojha (kp 21/07/2018)

Integrated solid waste management of Kathmandu valley: IBN board okays PDA with NepWaste (rep 19/07/2018)

‘Garbage collection will resume only next week’ (kp 16/07/2018), Garbage piles to stay on streets for one more week: Epidemiologists fear outbreak of diseases; Sisdole landfill has already exceeded capacity; Govt yet to identify new landfill (kp 16/07/2018), Stinky affair: Solid waste management in the Capital warrants serious attention from the govt (kp 17/07/2018), A tale of stinking hill: Residents suffer as garbage piles on Valley streets, by Anup Ojha (kp 18/07/2018)

E-waste pollution: Threat to human health, by Shobha Dahal (ht 10/07/2018)

KMC fails to set up alternative landfill site: Sisdole was originally meant to be a temporary landfill; the KMC had acquired the site for three years until 2008 (kp 03/07/2018), KMC officials sitting on waste management accord since 4 months, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 03/07/2018)

More than 32,000 kg waste collected from Everest, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 01/07/2018) [Make trekkers and , especially, mountaineers accountable!]

Waste-to-energy plant in operation in Nawalparasi (ht 27/06/2018)

Eco-friendly sanitary pads struggle to find market, by Krishna Prasain (kp 26/06/2018)

E-waste alert, by Kshitiz Pokhrel (rep 24/06/2018)

Make the switch: Our love affair with plastics is toxic and its time we get rid of it, by Sramika Rijal (kp 10/06/2018)

A plastic world: Microplastics in the sea now outnumber stars in our galaxy. It’s high time we woke up to the problem, by Valerie Julliand, David Molden and H.E. Lasse Bjørn Johannessen (kp 05/06/2018), The last straw: The government, manufacturers, retailers and consumers need to arrive at solutions to beat plastic pollution, by Ugan Manandhar (kp 05/06/2018), Clean conscience: Government policies to ban plastic is one thing, using conscience to avoid using them is another, by Pramisha Thapaliya (kp 06/06/2018)

Garbage woes plague Rajbiraj (ht 02/06/2018)

Everest litter worries Khumbu folks, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 30/05/2018) [The government must construct sufficient public toilets at Everest BC and make the mountaineers responsible for waste disposal!!], The real quest: Records on Everest make headlines, but govt must take steps to keep it clean for posterity (kp 01/06/2018)

Govt to punish garbage dumpers (ht 27/05/2018)

Industrial scale litter: The government’s plastic bans have been repeatedly sabotaged by big businesses, by Mukesh Pokhrel (nt 18/05/2018), Virtuous cycle, by Yuvaraj Shrestha (nt 18/05/2018), Plastic money: Conservation group pays Rs 1 for every discarded plastic bottle in Langtang to upcycle them, by Samuel Johns (nt 18/05/2018)

Living with rubbish: Garbage was not a problem to the villagers who were not offended by the sight of it, by Tim Taylor (kp 15/05/2018)

Plastic menace: There is need to make concerted efforts from government, citizens and other stakeholders to get rid of plastics (ht 24/04/2018)

Rubbish playgrounds: Can upcycling help Kathmandu defeat trash? As Kathmandu overflows with trash, the city is seeking not just to transform attitudes to waste—but the waste itself, by Saptarshi Ray (kp 21/04/2018)

KMC mulls vending machine for waste mgmt (kp 28/02/2018)

Waste from Everest region airlifted, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 18/03/2018)

IBN, Nepwaste sign deal for waste management: Nepwaste will build a landfill site in Nuwakot and a transfer station at Teku to manage the solid waste (kp 08/03/2018), IBN, Nepwaste ink initial pact to manage Valley’s solid waste (ht 08/03/2018)

Plastic manufacturers to be brought under law (ht 28/02/2018)

Waste plagues Dhankuta (ht 14/02/2018)

28 hotels, restaurant operators booked (kp 28/01/2018)

Open burning of wastecontributing to rise in air pollution levels: 28.4 tonnes waste is generated by hospitals in the valley every day (ht 28/01/2018)

NUDS proposes complete waste collection coverage for urban areas (ht 22/01/2018)

Government lacks laws to address e-waste woes (ht 20/01/2018)

KMC warns litterbugs with arrest (kp 28/12/2017)

Initiative taken to construct modern waste processing center, by Sher Bahadur KC (rep 26/12/2017) [related to Butwal]

New landfill site expected to mitigate environment hazards, by Ram Saran Tamang (kp 25/12/2017)

Waste management a serious problem in jails of eastern region, by Amar Khadka (rep 21/12/2017)

174 people punished for throwing garbage on road (kp 19/12/2017)

Waste not, want not: Focus on long-term plans along with immediate ones for sustainable waste management system, by Reena Chikanbanjar (ht 17/12/2017)

KMC plans to set up five more garbage transfer centres, by Anp Ojha (kp 07/12/2017)

KMC sees Shyame Kholso as alternative to Sisdole landfill, by Anup Ojha (kp 28/11/2017)

Eternal chokehold: Extensive efforts must be made to curb the use of lethal materials like plastic, by Kedar Karki (kp 19/11/2017)

Tara Air airlifts waste from Everest region (kp 18/11/2017)

Sisdole dumping ground nearing its full capacity: Proposed permanent facility at Banchare Danda nowhere near complete, by Anup Ojha (kp 03/11/2017)

No landfill sites for managing carcasses (ht 24/10/2017)

Waste to be used to produce biogas (ht 16/10/2017)

Garbage dumped in dolphin conservation area, Yogesh Rawal (rep 12/10/2017)

Slaughterhouse waste ill-managed (ht 09/10/2017)

Garbage truck drivers on strike (kp 07/10/2017), Waste disposal to resume from today (ht 08/10/2017)

KMC distributes over Rs 20 million compensation to Okharpauwa folks (ht 07/10/2017)

Long delay: The authorities should work in concert and take immediate steps to manage the garbage (ht 03/10/2017)

Sisdole people receive KMC’s compensation (kp 28/09/2017)

KMC preparing to build permanent landfill site at Bancharedanda (ht 27/09/2017)

KMC picketed over delay in waste mgmt (kp 19/09/2017)

UN Environment partnering with LEAD Nepal for waste management (rep 11/09/2017)

Authorities fail to manage litter picked up from rivers: Trash heaps crop up at major thoroughfares of city (kp 10/09/2017)

Waste piling up on Valley streets (ht 09/09/2017), Waste disposal to resume today (ht 10/09/2017), Garbage collection resumes after deal with Okharpauwa locals, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 11/09/2017)

Okharpauwa folks turn away waste containers (kp 06/09/2017)

Unmanaged waste increases health hazards in Sisdole, by Pooja Bista (rep 05/09/2017)

Okharpauwa locals continue to obstruct waste disposal (ht 01/09/2017)

Waste collection resumes after 20 days, by Pooja Bista (rep 31/08/2017)

Garbage disposal: Aathmile locals lift obstruction (kp 27/08/2017)

Dhankuta earns Rs 3 million a year from garbage (kp 23/08/2017)

Garbage collection obstructed, by Anup Ojha (kp 13/08/2017)

‘Nepal’s cleanest city’: Why Dhankuta’s solid waste conundrum is no longer a wasted opportunity, by Richa Bhattarai (kp 05/08/2017)

Okharpauwa locals obstruct waste disposal (kp 03/08/2017), Okharpauwa locals lift obstructions (kp 04/08/2017)

KMC facing garbage segregation problem (kp 31/07/2017)

Dirty Disputes: Politics of waste, by Priyanka Gurung (rep 28/07/2017)

Ban on plastic bags ineffective (ht 17/07/2017), Plastic bag ban proves to be just a fanciful idea: Earlier moves go down the drain, govt fails to bring new directive; Official says focus must be on raising awareness about reuse and recycle (kp 28/07/2017)

Waste management: Detrimental effects of solid waste in the Everest region should be curbed in innovative and efficient ways, by Tsewang Nuru Sherpa (kp 14/07/2017)

City fathers demand review of proposed garbage deal (kp 12/07/2017), Waste mgmt project wins support of Ktm municipal bodies (rep 12/07/2017)

Rs 219 per family for garbage truck come April, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 12/07/2017)

Kawasoti locals protest municipal decision on dumping site (ht 07/07/2017)

Pokhara-Lekhnath metropolis facing garbage woes (ht 25/06/2017)

Everest cleaning campaign: French team clears trash (kp 31/05/2017)

Nepal attends meeting on hazardous chemicals (kp 06/05/2017)

First textile recycling factory set up in Bhojpur, by Bidhya Rai (kp 28/04/2017)

Ban on plastic bags in Valley proves a non-starter (ht 18/04/2017)

IBN close to signing solid waste deal with Nepwaste (kp 09/04/2017)

NTA stresses on regulatory framework for e-waste management (ht 08/04/2017)

Implement plastic ban effectively, govt told (ht 21/03/2017)

Waste contract likely to be signed this week: Nepali-Finnish joint venture Nepwaste will be implementing Package Number 1 of the Kathmandu Valley Integrated Solid Waste Management Project (kp 14/03/2017)

IBN close to signing deal with Nepwaste (kp 15/02/2017)

Govt agency mulls using drones to keep an eye on litterbugs (kp 12/02/2017)

Sisdol landfill site row: Okharpauwa VDC put off protest (kp 11/02/2017)

Valley municipalities explore new landfill site: 5-member body formed for joint operation in Banchare Danda, Nuwakot, by Anup Ojha (kp 07/02/2017)

Garbage litters highway forest in Nawalparasi, by Nabin Paudel (kp 04/02/2017)

Chiefs of municipalities in Valley take stock of Okharpauwa-based landfill site (ht 27/01/2017)

Ex-minister stresses proper management of household waste (ht 18/01/2017)

Payment dispute delays handover of energy plant (ht 07/01/2017)

Kathmandu valley integrated solid waste management project: IBN to start negotiation with private firms soon, by Bibek Subedi (kp 05/01/2017)

Govt to conduct feasibility study for landfill sites in Valley (ht 04/01/2017)

Govt to enforce segregation of household waste (kp 01/01/2017)

‘Hamro Lalitpur’ app to keep track of garbage trucks, by Anup Ojha (kp 31/12/2016)

Integrated plan must for effective waste management: Minister Thapa (kp 18/12/2016)

MoFALD to slap litterbugs with fine up to Rs 500: Rules against tossing waste from vehicles introduced, by Anup Ojha (kp 16/12/2016), Stiff penalty for throwing trash from vehicles (ht 16/12/2016)

New landfill site being constructed (ht 10/12/2016)

KMC collects Rs 26,500 from litterbugs in fines: Women’s group active  in river clean-up fines a woman dumping waste into Bagmati at Tilganga on Saturday morning (kp 04/12/2016)

Value in waste: KMC’s pilot project’s success could lead to similar projects in other municipalities and involvement of the private sector on a bigger scale, by Sujata Awale (ht 13/11/2016), Power generation from waste to start in a week (ht 18/11/2016), Operation of waste-to-energy plant delayed (ht 23/11/2016), Teku energy plant yet to come into operation (ht 25/12/2016)

Power generated from waste for the first time (ht 27/10/2016)

Waste management problem in Ilam, by Bhim Chapagain (rep 20/10/2016)

Litterbugs beware: KMC may be on to you (kp 19/10/2016)

Fines for not segregating household waste at source (ht 18/10/2016)

Rampant dumping of garbage at Bhateri pollutes Madi River (ht 17/10/2016)

Side effects of waste: Nepal needs to assess the long-term impacts of waste-to-energy initiatives (kp 14/10/2016)

Despite ban, use of plastic bags rampant (ht 02/10/2016)

Solid waste management: Municipalities asked to implement act pronto (kp 25/09/2016)

IBN to sign Rs8b waste management contract (kp 21/09/2016)

Several organisations take part in nationwide clean-up campaign (ht 18/09/2016)

KMC fits waste-to-energy plant in Teku (ht 06/09/2016), Waste-to-power project at final stage, by Anup Ojha (kp 09/09/2016), Festivals, public holidays delay launch of waste-to-energy plant (ht 14/09/2016) [? Reduce the number of public Hindu holidays dramatically! We are no longer living in the Middle Ages!], Waste-to-power plant set to start operation (kp 21/09/2016), Power generation from waste to begin only after Dashain (ht 01/10/2016), KMC starts generating gas from waste (ht 07/10/2016)

Waste-to-power machines finally arrive in Birgunj , by Pramod Kumar Tandan (ht 21/08/2016)

Nepal lacks e-waste management laws (ht 07/08/2016)

Municipalities told to enforce plastic ban (ht 05/08/2016)

From waste to use: More innovative methods of turning the wastes to use should also be learned from the experiences of other countries (ht 05/08/2016)

KMC importing waste-to-energy equipment, by Pramod Kumar Tandan (ht 04/08/2016)

Living amidst filth, by Roshan Sharma (Development and Cooperation, August 2016)

UN Park turns into a garbage dump (ht 18/07/2016)

Ban on production and use of plastic bags comes into effect (ht 17/07/2016)

Landslides obstruct garbage transport (ht 17/07/2016)

KMC to generate electricity from waste materials (ht 16/07/2016)

Govt to resume plastic ban drive: Citing poor monitoring for the failure of the previous ban, the govt has decided to enforce the regulations  strictly this time (kp 04/07/2016)

IBN to sign agreement to manage valley’s waste: Nepwaste will implement the project in Kathmandu and neighbouring VDCs, while Clean Valley will work in Lalitpur, Kirtipur, Bhaktapur, Madhyapur Thimi and adjoining VDCs, by Bibek Subedi (kp 23/06/2016)

Cleanliness is godliness, by Kalu Maila (rep 03/06/2016)

Faecal sludge mgmt project: DDCs told to allocate land (kp 22/05/2016)

Plastic ain’t fantastic, by Sneha Pandey (rep 06/05/2016)

Effective garbage management, by Priyanka Gurung (rep 08/04/2016)

Dangerous rubbish: E-waste is adding a new problem to Nepal’s already mismanaged and overburdened garbage disposal system, by Lokmani Rai (nt 01/04/2016)

Naya Shakti cleans up Boudha area (kp 27/03/2016)

Faecal sludge treatment plant comes into effect: The plant has the capacity to treat sludge generated by septic tanks of around 200 households every day (kp 24/03/2016)

Naya Shakti launches city clean-up drive (kp 20/03/2016)

‘Power from organic waste in 3 months’: Around 300 tonnes of organic waste is produced in the Valley daily (kp 18/03/2016)

Govt to act tough on plastic ban violators: Says it had intentionally ignored use of plastic bags after earthquakes last year (ht 27/02/2016)

Despite ban, use of plastic bags rampant in Valley, by Sanskriti Acharya (rep 10/02/2016)

The alchemists of waste: As more and more people come to understand the value that can be created out of waste, many small companies similar to Biocomp Nepal are cropping up everywhere, by Sneha Pandey (nt 29/01/2016)

KMC launches Integrated Waste Management Project (ht 28/01/2016)

KMC project to convert waste into energy: Metropolis chief doesn’t have high hopes in EU-partnered undertaking, by Gaurav Thapa (kp 21/01/2016)

Plastic waste can be converted into fuel (ht 15/01/2016)

Disaster waste mgmt policy awaits Cabinet approval, by Gaurav Thapa (kp 22/11/2015)

Waste to energy: Construction of biogas plants  can contribute to energy security (kp 06/11/2015)

74.5 metric tonnes of highly toxic pesticides disposed (ht 05/11/2015)

Fuel crisis: KMC unable to remove garbage, by Anup Ojha (kp 01/11/2015), Fuel crisis hinders garbage collection, by Riwaj Rai (rep 02/11/2015)

Martadi streets littered with household wastes (ht 28/10/2015)

Lack of fuel affects garbage collection in valley, by Riwaj Rai (rep 17/10/2015)

Down in the dumps: Solid waste management in the Valley requires serious attention from the govt (kp 21/09/2015)

KMC to levy waste disposal fee on municipalities (ht 14/09/2015)

KMC finally clears garbage collected at Teku station (ht 10/09/2015)

Teku transfer solution: KMC vows to push waste on time, by Anup Ojha (kp 09/09/2015)

Banning plastic bags remains a challenge (kp 23/08/2015)

Medical waste pollutes Tinau, by Amrita Anamol (kp 23/08/2015)

Hospital waste dumped into river proving fatal, by Raju Adhikari (rep 18/08/2015)

Plastic bag ban still a burning issue?, by Karuna Neupane Subedi (ht 16/08/2015)

Management of post-disaster debris poses challenge (ht 13/08/2015)

Electronic waste management: Separate policy needs to be formulated (ht 11/08/2015)

Banish the bag: The government needs to continue to monitor the ban on plastic bags (kp 07/08/2015)

Govt steps up monitoring on plastic ban (kp 04/08/2015)

Compensation up for animal attacks (kp 28/07/2015)

Govt to restart plastic-free KTM campaign (kp 27/07/2015), Ban on plastic bags to intensify (ht 27/07/2015)

Plan to levy waste mgmt surcharge on manufacturers, by Gaurav Thapa (kp 03/07/2015), KMC preparing to bring new
provision to curb littering
(ht 03/07/2015)

Experts call for converting urban waste into clean energy (ht 19/06/2015)

Environmental battle of the new age: Though the story is different elsewhere, Nepal has not caught up with the idea of e-waste management, by Priyanka Gurung (rep 05/06/2015)

KMC to take two more days to clear garbage (ht 01/05/2015)

OAG finds fault in city waste management (ht 17/04/2015)

KMC launches apps to receive garbage complaint (ht 14/04/2015), ‘Clean KTM’ app helps city officials manage waste, by Chahana Sigdel (kp 18/04/2015)

Plastic ban coming into effect tomorrow (ht 13/04/2015), Plastic bag ban in valley: Six govt teams to monitor implementation (kp 14/04/2015), Plastic-free city: Ban on plastic bags is first step in our dream of a clean and green Kathmandu free of hazardous wastes, by Sandhya Regmi (rep 14/04/2015), Valley announced plastic bag-free zone (kp 15/04/2015), Many oblivious of govt move: Stakeholders say it will take some time for its full implementation (ht 15/04/2015), Officials seize plastic bags (kp 16/04/2015), Govt teams monitor plastic ban (ht 15/04/2015), FNCCI urges government to roll back its decision to ban polythene bags (ht 17/04/2015), Plastic-free new year, not easy: “Only a blanket ban will work, making exceptions will make it impossible to enforce”, by Sahina Shrestha (nt 17/04/2015), Traders, consumers demand alternative, by Anup Ojha (kp 18/04/2015), Denizens facing hard time managing household waste, by Some Nath Ghimire (ht 19/04/2015), Heavy fine for plastic users, distributors (ht 21/04/2015), Govt ‘enforcing’plastic ban strongly (ht 24/04/2015), To bag or not to bag, by Priyanka Gurung (rep 24/04/2015)

Indian Army team to remove tons of Everest trash: 30-member group leaving for Lukla today, to bring down approximately 4,000 kg rubbish (ht 11/04/2015)

Garbage at Teku transfer station creating public nuisance (rep 10/04/2015)

SC ‘favours’ plan to ban plastic bags (kp 08/04/2015), SC refuses interim order on plastic ban (ht 08/04/2015), Garbage in, garbage out: The ban on plastic bags is well-intentioned, but it is enforcement that matters (kp 09/04/2015)

KMC to distribute waste segregation bins to 500 households of Ward No 9 (ht 04/04/2015)

Mess of a mountain: Hauling trash off Everest is a Himalayan task but somebody’s got to do it (kp 03/04/2015)

Managing waste becoming a challenge: Capital generating 500 tonnes of garbage every day, say KMC, stakeholders (ht 03/04/2015)

Pokhara locals included in waste management (ht 27/03/2015)

Ban on polythene bags from April 14 (ht 23/03/2015), Govt’s New Year resolve: Polythene bag-free Valley (kp 24/03/2015)

Waste management: Govt warns of action against those creating obstruction (ht 21/03/2015)

Manage waste on your own: KMC to public (ht 14/03/2015), City roads and roundabouts littered with garbage: KMC hasn’t collected waste since Thursday after employees refused to work demanding security (ht 15/03/2015), City reeks as
KMC staff raise stink about loss: Metropolis employees have not collected garbage since Thursday
(ht 16/03/2015), Valley’s waste collection resumes (kp 17/03/2015), KMC resumes garbage collection inside city: Finnish and Indian companies deployed to study state of waste dumped at Sisdole (ht 17/03/2015), Okharpauwa locals agree to let KMC dump garbage (ht 18/03/2015)

KMC-Sisdole folk row hits waste mgmt (kp 13/03/2015), Okharpauwa locals obstruct garbage dumping (rep 13/03/2015)

Plastic waste exported to India (ht 11/03/2015)

Teku Waste Transfer Station still to clear garbage (ht 08/03/2015)

40 tonnes garbage collected (kp 01/03/2015)

Rupees from rubbish: Private companies are stepping in to manage and make money from Kathmandu’s garbage, by
Sahina Shrestha (nt 27/02/2015)

Sisdole locals obstruct garbage disposal (kp 24/02/2015), Okharpauwa locals obstruct waste disposal at Sisdole (ht 25/02/2015), Okharpauwa locals’ protest affecting waste management (ht 26/02/2015), Waste disposal resumes (kp 28/02/2015)

Students’ waste mgmt concept tops Idea Fest, by Gaurav Thapa (kp 22/02/2015)

Hamri Bahini sells 100,000 ‘green’ bags, raises Rs 5m, by Gaurav Thapa (kp 21/02/2015)

Govt ups drive to ban plastics bags in Valley (ht 15/02/2015)

Awareness about waste management (ht 14/02/2015)

Waste management plan gathers momentum (ht 12/02/2015)

IBN finally selects 2 firms for DPR on Valley waste (rep 12/02/2015)

Municipalities urged to promote waste segregation (rep 07/02/2015)

New biogas programme launched (kp 04/02/2015)

Waste management: Govt plans large-scale biogas plants in cities (kp 29/01/2015)

Manthali reeking with stench as garbage remains unmanaged (ht 25/01/2015)

Govt against landfill in new municipalities (kp 24/01/2015)

Kirtipur Municipality dumping garbage into Bagmati River, by Sangeet Dangroula (rep 24/01/2015)

Government to urge officials to avoid plastic bags (kp 15/01/2015)

Govt seeks traders’ help to ban plastic bag use (kp 08/01/2015), Bid to rid Valley of plastics flips manufacturers’ lid: Section of business community flays move, govt says firm on decision to ban them (ht 08/01/2015)

Govt sets parameters for incinerators (ht 03/01/2015)

Litter louts findnew trash bins inflower pots (ht 03/01/2015)

Bhrikuti Mandap filled with waste materials (ht 03/01/2015)
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