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Traffic lights back in operation in valley (ht 24/06/2020)

Kathmandu Metropolitan City announces subsidies for staff to buy bicycles: Cycling enthusiasts, however, say the decision makes little sense when the mayor hasn’t built a single cycle-friendly lane in the city in his three years in office, by Anup Ojha (kp 22/06/2020)

Cabbies hit by government decision to ease lockdown only for private vehicles: In the past two days, traffic police have detained over 700 taxi drivers for defying the restriction, by Anup Ojha (kp 18/06/2020)

Sharp rise in number of people entering Kathmandu after govt eased lockdown (rep 16/06/2020)

1,754 accidents in lockdown kill 193 people (kh 16/06/2020)

Odd-even rule for motorcycles irks commuters: The rule will affect hundreds of people rely on two-wheelers to get to work and run their businesses, by Anup Ojha (kp 16/06/2020))

Government’s odd and even rule not effective in Kathmandu, virologist suggest if vehicles and number of people on the road not controlled this will create havoc: Citizen criticize the government’s rule of restricting pillions in motorcycle and call it a ‘nonsense move’, by Anup Ojha (kp 13/06/2020)

Restriction on pillion-riding affects mobility (ht 13/06/2020)

Two dead, two missing as tipper plunges into Karnali River in Kalikot: Following an altercation with the passengers, the driver exited the vehicle which had its engine running, causing the accident, police said, by Tularam Pandey (kp 11/06/2020)

Digging of roads banned from June 15 to September 16 (ht 10/06/2020), Road department to not allow digging on urban roads during rainy season: Despite the notice, roads will be dug up to lay pipes under the Melamchi Drinking Water project, officials say, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 11/06/2020)

Kathmandu city officials fixing pavements that don’t need fixing, locals allege: Ward representatives, however, say they are utilising the budget, and accusations against them are politically motivated, by Anup Ojha (kp 05/06/2020)

An electric shock to Nepal’s energy future: Hike in e-car tax will increase dependence on imported petroleum, add to air pollution, by Ramesh Kumar (nt 05/06/2020

Roads to nowhere: The government’s planning of major traffic infrastructure within the Valley shows how careless its plans are (kp 01/06/2020)

12 killed and 21 injured in an accident in Banke: The injured have been taken to Nepalgunj-based Bheri Hospital for treatment, said police, by Madhu Shahi (kp 01/06/2020), Banke road accident: Death toll climbs to 12, four critically injured, by Arjun Oli (rep 01/06/2020), Dozen die, 21 injured as microbus rams into parked truck in Banke: All passengers on the bus were migrant workers returning home from various cities in India after losing their source of income in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, by Thakur Singh Tharu & Madhu Shahi (kp 02/06/2020)

Flyover and underpass plans fail to convince some urban planners: Similar projects were announced in the past, only to be abandoned, they say, by Anup Ojha (kp 31/05/2020)

Government halves budget for Kathmandu-Tarai expressway: The project deadline could be affected due to budget crunch, Defence Ministry officials say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 30/05/2020)

DoR blacktops 77-kilometre road during lockdown: lockdown: The department has also completed the construction work of 21 bridges (ht 25/05/2020)

Traffic fatality rate in Valley unchanged despite lockdown restrictions: Overspeeding on empty roads has caused 10 deaths in the last 48 days, according to the traffic division office, by Anup Ojha (kp 14/05/2020)

DoR working on various projects despite lockdown (ht 22/04/2020)

Contractors, industrialists face difficulty getting workers to return to workplace: Workers’ unwillingness, lack of transport and accomodation facilities hurt efforts to re-start work, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 20/04/2020)

Gaushala-Chabahil road maintenance to begin today (ht 19/04/2020), Construction of Gaushala-Chabahil section halted: Truck ferrying construction materials stopped by locals in Kavre (ht 22/04/2020)

Road office takes lockdown as opportunity to upgrade roads in Kathmandu: After resurfacing nearly 12 km of the city's roads, the road office is currently painting road markings, officials say, by Anup Ojha (kp 16/04/2020)

Army rushes to pick consultant for Expressway as nation combats coronavirus: Law flouted while selectiung Korean firm (rep 02/04/2020), Nepal Army selects consultant for Kathmandu-Tarai expressway by violating procurement guidelines: Complaint says army officials completed contract negotiations, which would normally take two weeks, within three hours, by Anil Giri (kp 03/04/2020), Consultant selection process in controversy (ht 05/04/2020)

Curfew clamped in Panauti as protests erupt after truck kills woman and her child: During Monday’s protests, police used tear gas shells and opened fire in the air to disperse the mob. Six police personnel and three locals were injured in the clash, by Nagendra Adhikari (kp 18/03/2020)

In Nepal, road safety battle can be won: The investment in road safety is not just a moral imperative, but a development priority, by Hartwig Schafer (kp 17/03/2020)

National pride project Kaligandaki Corridor’s construction grinds to a halt: The 131km road project kicked off in January 2019, by Narayan Sharma (kp 15/03/2020)

New lane rules along Koteshwor-Kalanki stretch (ht 15/03/2020)

Space crunch hits KMC’s plan to construct parking lots (ht 15/03/2020)

Ride-sharing services banned yet again (ht 12/03/2020)

Six-lane road turns into a playground for children, by Rohit Mahato (rep 12/03/2020)

Road authorities to clear encroached land along Bhimdatta Highway: Hundreds of houses and huts have been built encroaching upon the area near highway that links the hill districts of Sudurpaschim Province to Dadeldhura, by D.R. Pant (kp 11/03/2020)

New lane rules to be enforced along Koteshwor-Kalanki stretch (kp 11/03/2020)

Installation of traffic violation software in three more places comes as relief to traffic police, service seekers: Officials say the new system will help maintain an exact record of traffic rule violators in Kathmandu Valley and assist in planning, by Anup Ojha (kp 09/03/2020)

Six killed, 34 injured in two road accidents (rep 05/03/2020)

Overloaded trucks take toll on Ghorahi-Holeri Road, by Dinesh Subedi (kp 05/03/2020)

Lalitpur locals call officials out on dusty, pothole-riddled road: After running out of options, they installed ‘protest boards’ by collecting up to Rs 200, by Anup Ojha (kp 04/03/2020)

No solution in sight for the deadlock surrounding Mid-hill Highway’s construction in Lamjung section: A total of 813 houses would be brought down if the current policy of the city development committee holds, by Aash Gurung (kp 03/03/2020)

Traffic cops start monitoring public vehicles (ht 02/03/2020)

Delay in road blacktopping triggers protest, road block in Gorkha, by Narahari Sapkota (rep 01/03/2020)

New lane rule on Suryabinayak road to minimise accidents, punish rash driving: Traffic police say heavy vehicles, including buses, need to stay on the left, private vehicles on the right (kp 29/02/2020)

Construction of Nagdhunga-Sisne Khola tunnel from Dhading side to begin, by Rudra Khadka (rep 29/02/2020)

Night bus service planned in Kathmandu from Nepali New Year: Although city rules say buses should run till 10pm, roads wear deserted look after 8, by Anup Ojha (kp 28/02/2020)

Traffic congestion in Rajbiraj affects locals: In the absence of bus parks, public vehicles stay put on the road to pick up passengers, causing a long traffic snarl, by Abdhesh Kumar Jha (kp 27/02/2020)

Construction of Diktel-Khanidanda-Ahale road in limbo: The deadline for the project, which began in September 2018, is March 20, by Dambar Singh Rai (kp 26/02/2020)

Build bridges (rep 24/02/2020)

Road expansion drive along Mahendra Highway halted as a byproduct of coronavirus outbreak: Several officials representing the contractor haven’t returned to Nepal since they travelled to China to celebrate the Chinese New Year last month, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 23/02/2020)

Nepal needs additional $879m for safer roads: WB (ht 22/02/2020)

Gaur Bazaar section of Malangawa road yet to be asphalted: The locals in the area complain of poor health conditions because of air pollution caused by the dusty Malangawa-Nawalpur road, byOm Prakash Thakur (kp 20/02/2020)

Naagdhunga road full of potholes again, by Sarita Shrestha (kp 20/02/2020)

Repair work yet to begin on damaged Narayangadh-Muglin road: Some sections of the road stretch started to sink while the upgradation work of the Narayangadh-Muglin project was underway two years ago, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 19/02/2020)

Dismal progress in Saljhandi-Sandhikharka-Dhorpatan road project: Only a 10-kilometer stretch of the road has been blacktopped so far, by Laxman Ghimire (rep 19/02/2020)

NCP, NC roads in Bajura! (ht 19/02/2020) [Party political insanity!]

Nepal Army fails to spend budget for the expressway again: Calling bids for complex bridges and tunnels before the new fiscal year was not possible, Brig-Gen Pandey says, by Binod Ghimire (kp 18/02/2020), Efficiency eludes the army: Delays to the Kathmandu-Tarai expressway will further put forth compounded challenges (kp 19/02/2020)

Infrastructure development discourages agriculture production in Doti: Those families who were self-reliant are now completely dependent on the market for their daily supplies, by Mohan Shahi (kp 18/02/2020)

Four killed in road accidents in Morang (ht 16/02/2020)

Haphazard construction of rural roads increases the risk of accidents along the Mahakali Highway section that passes through Darchula: According to transportation entrepreneurs and workers, instead of easing connectivity, the rural roads have been causing landslides and transport disruption, by Manoj Badu (kp 15/02/2020)

CCTV cameras a boon for tackling hit-and-runs, by Ashim Neupane (rep 15/02/2020)

Department of Roads wants to use airport land to ease traffic congestion at Koteshwor: The civil aviation ministry has agreed to provide land for a two-lane road on the Koteshwor-Jadibuti section and a one-lane road near Jadibuti, officials say, by Anup Ojha (kp 14/02/2020)

Regulate ride-sharing services: Patan High Court (ht 14/02/2020)

KMC plans to operate night bus service within the city (ht 14/02/2020)

Over 600,000 waiting for driving licenses for months: Mass printer fails to clear license backlog as hoped (rep 12/02/2020)

Humla folks still dependent on tuins to cross Karnali river: There are six tuins still in operation across the Karnali river in the district, say locals, by Chhapal Lama (kp 11/02/2020), A bridge to fear: Rural Nepalis continue to rely on risky tuins to cross rivers; the government must speed up efforts to replace them (kp 12/02/2020)

DoTM to increase age limit for obtaining driving licence (ht 11/02/2020), DoTM set to increase age limit to 18 years to get driving license (rep 11/02/2020)

Budget crunch leaves fate of Jumla-Jajarkot roads in limbo (ht 11/02/2020)

Vehicular collisions need more attention: Research needs to be conducted to create driver-centred interventions to prevent road traffic crashes, by Mukesh Adhikari (kp 10/02/2020)

Under-construction bridge at Tikuliyaghat develops cracks: The under-construction bridge in Tikuliyaghat deadline has not been extended but the construction work is still incomplete, by Shiva Puri (kp 09/02/2020)

Recently asphalted Charpane-Narayanchok-Jayapur road develop cracks: Some sections of the six-kilometre road are riddled with potholes, say locals, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 08/07/2020)

A two-way street: Maintaining road discipline and ensuring road safety will bear less fruit if the government or motorists fail to do their part (kp 06/02/2020)

Sajha explores legal options as government demands Rs 3 billion back along with interest: Company’s chief executive says authorities must back the decision with a ‘solid reason’, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 04/02/2020)

Bijuli Bazaar arch bridge is set to open in a month, but there are concerns it will ease traffic: There’s uncertainty over completion of a similar bridge in Tinkune after Pappu Construction, the contractor, was blacklisted for using substandard material, by Anup Ojha (kp 04/02/2020)

Electric vehicles proposed for top-level government officials: A committee under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport comes up with the plan in a bid to reduce expenses over fossil fuel-run vehicles and promote EVs in the country, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 02/02/2020)

Most roads in Ramechhap are unmotorable: Keeping in view the poor condition of rural roads, all three governments—federal, provincial and local—have prioritised road upgradation work in the current fiscal year, by Tika Prasad Bhatta (kp 02/02/2020)

Chhepetar in Gorkha Municipality tense after tipper-hit kills woman (ht 01/02/2020)

Open manholes have now been covered but their elevation poses another problem: Raised manholes, which act as an unexpected speed bump on the roads and cause accidents, are a death trap, said numerous drivers, by Anup Ojha (kp 31/01/2020)

Traffic Police have made lane discipline more stringent, but only 33 percent of roads in Kathmandu have road markings: On average, the traffic police books 200 lane violators every day in the capital, by Anup Ojha (kp 30/01/2020)

Shailung Construction was fined for project delay, but government body is unsure whether it should recover the fine amount: Shailung is being fined Rs150,000 per day since October for the delay of upgrade and expansion of Kamalbinayak-Nagarkot road, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 29/01/2020)

Tension flares after tipper kills youth: Curfew imposed to restore normalcy (ht 29/01/2020)

Road division offices are not getting issue-specific suggestions from procurement monitoring office: Procurement monitoring office says it lacks officials with technical background to address the concerns of road division offices, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 28/01/2020)

Criticism leads Department of Roads to restore 12 dysfunctional traffic lights, but no one is sure about their longevity: Traffic lights on the Capital's roads were dysfunctional almost throughout the past year, by Anup Ojha (kp 27/01/2020)

Speeding drivers causing road accidents in Mahendranagar: Thirteen people have died in 31 road accidents in the first six months of the current fiscal year, according to the data of the District Traffic Police Office in Kanchanpur, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 26/01/2020)

Gorkha-Barpak road awaits blacktopping (rep 26/01/2020)

Locals face hardship as road project in Janakpur keeps missing deadline: The Postal Highway Directorate is once again set to extend the project deadline by a year, by Santosh Singh (kp 26/01/2020)

Govt decides to retract Rs 3bn from Sajha Yatayat (ht 24/01/2020)

Lalitpur needs to live up to its promises on promoting cycling: The city has promised to change urban mobility for the better, but implementation has been lacking still (kp 24/01/2020)

Nepal Cycle Society awaits approval and implementation of new cycle law in Lalitpur: City mayor assures that the law will be passed at any cost, by Anup Ojha (kp 23/01/2020)

Bagmati Province to operate electric buses by mid-May: Province to procure vehicles itself, after an agreement between the government and Sajha Yatayat Co-operative fell apart over share issues, by Subash Bidari (kp 23/01/2020)

New fast track in Eastern Nepal cuts short distance by almost half, by Bhim Chapagain (rep 23/01/2020)

7 killed, 35 injured in truck accident (ht 22/01/2020)

Province 1 government opposes Centre’s move to build roads in state: Provincial, local governments say the federal government’s guideline regarding the construction of connecting road infrastructure infringes upon their rights, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 21/01/2020)

Opening of track linking Taplejung headquarters to China border point elates locals: For the track to reach the Nepal-China border point, the construction company still needs to cut a passage through a nearly one-kilometre rocky cliff face, by Anand Gautam (kp 20/01/2020)

Time-card system introduced in Jhapa to control road accidents: The traffic office has set up its desks in Kakadbhitta, Birtamod and Damak to issue and check time-cards, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 20/01/2020)

Urban Road Standard gathers dust at Cabinet for five months, by Umesh Poudel (ht 20/01/2020)

Humla connected by road network (rep 20/01/2020)

Too many vehicles, too short road: Until the dichotomy between the number of vehicles and the size of road is bridged, traffic congestion will haunt us as a nightmare, by Thaneshwor Chalise (rep 19/01/2020)

A municipality in Khotang has two bus parks but they are never occupied: Haphazard parking in the market area has increased the risk of accidents because of congestion, locals say, by Dambar Singh Rai (kp 18/01/2020)

Road safety awareness drive launched for jaywalkers, but people complain of faded zebra crossings: Traffic police have given awareness classes to more than 1,900 jaywalkers over three days, by Anup Ojha (kp 17/01/2020)

Poor roads the main reason for road accidents in Salyan, police say: According to police data, road accidents in the district have risen by three-fold in three years, by Biplav Maharjan (kp 17/01/2020)

Road linking bridge over Mechi River yet to be built (ht 16/01/2020)

A remote village in Musikot connected to road network 17 years since construction started: With direct motorable access to nearby markets, villagers hope for development to take off, by Hari Gautam (kp 14/01/2020)

KMC divided over removing parking lot from Khula Manch (ht 14/01/2020)

Govt tells 18 fuel stations to relocate to safer spots (rep 14/01/2020)

Pedestrians have no space on narrow, overcrowded Okhaldhunga roads, by Sher Bahadur Jero (rep 14/01/2020)

Six-lane Birgunj-Pathlaiya road to be ready by mid-July (rep 14/01/2020)

Over four years since government decision to replace tuins, they are still in use over Mahakali River: Tuins are still in operation at seven places in Byas Rural Municipality, by Manoj Badu (kp 13/01/2020)

A year after handover of Kalanki-Koteshwor road, the eight-lane expressway still lacks safety infrastructure: Forty-five people have died and 769 others have been injured on the road in the past 19 months, by Anup Ojha (kp 10/01/2020)

Construction of Madan Bhandari Highway via Chure worsens the fragile zone, a report says: The 1200-km under construction highway, which will traverse the Chure range, fails to consider the region’s geology and possible environmental damage, including serious impacts on the ecology and people of Tarai, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 10/01/2020)

One more thing the state has a problem with: truck poetry: The Department of Transport Management has outlawed the quirky verses on the backs of public vehicles, saying they cause distractions and road accidents, by Bhrikuti Rai (kp 06/01/2020), Truck literature must survive—and thrive: The government wants to scuttle voices that puncture its narrative of 'Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis', by Dinesh Kafle (kp 06/01/2020)

Safety barriers helped reduce number of accidents on Karnali Highway: Police data: The Road Sector Development Project of the World Bank had helped the department to construct road safety barriers as a pilot project, by Tularam Pandey (kp 06/01/2020)

Traffic police to constitute task force to monitor public transport anomalies: Every day, personnel will be deployed in plain clothes to monitor wrongdoings by public vehicle operators, by Anup Ojha (kp 05/01/2020)

Heavy snowfall disrupts road transportation (ht 05/01/2020), Snowfall obstructs highway, scores of passengers stranded (rep 05/01/2020)

A village in Rukum (West) are bringing road connectivity to their homes: The locals of Umakhola village are opening a road track using traditional tools and equipment, by Hari Gautam (03/01/2020)

Govt decides to initiate second phase of Ring Road expansion drive (ht 03/01/2020)

Four persons die, four injured, one missing in Bajura jeep plunge (ht 03/01/2020)

Department of Roads gears up to initiate Butwal-Palpa tunnel project: The planned 1.3-kilometre tunnel will have double lanes with a width of 8.5 metres and a sidewalk, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 02/01/2020)

Tokha-Rasuwagadi road: Chinese technical team starts preliminary study (hr 92/01/2020)

Locals worry homes will be inundated due to expansion of Ghinaghat-Biratchok road: The Province 1 government has been expanding 22.7 km of the road into four lanes with a design that doesn’t take into account the locals living along the road, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 01/01/2020)

Under-construction Madan Bhandari Highway draws flak, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 31/12/2019)

Four-lane road in Gaighat near completion, by Maheshwar Chamling Rai (rep 31/12/2019)

No mercy to the roads: So let’s define carrying capacity, by Shyam Sunder Kawan (ht 30/12/2019)

Shoddy repair work causes potholes to reappear along Nayabazar-Balaju road: Department of Roads claims more than 60 percent of potholes in Kathmandu Valley have been set right, by Anup Ojha (kp 27/12/2019)

Transport department plans tougher driving licence tests: The department is working with the traffic police division to amend the existing law, by Anup Ojha (kp 26/12/2019), Procuring driving licence could get tougher (ht 27/12/2019)

15,444 drivers, riders booked (ht 26/12/2019)

Construction of Madan Bhandari Highway delayed due to dispute: Residents of Salkot and Babiyachaur want the highway to be constructed near their settlements, by Jyoti Katuwal (kp 26/12/2019)

Over 70% drivers, conductors have high blood pressure: Bajura police (rep 26/12/2019)

Uncertainty in the construction of a bridge in Darchula: The bridge, upon completion, would have connected Mahakali Municipality to Dharchula in Pithoragarh, India, by Manoj Badu (kp 24/12/2019)

Two drivers arrested for unhealthy competition on road, by Dhruba Dangal (rep 24/12/2019)

Pappu gets permission to repair damaged Jabdighat bridge: The 435-metre long bridge over the Babai river had caved in even before it was handed over to the government authorities., by Kamal Pnthi (kp 23/12/2019)

Construction of strategic roads in Jajarkot going at a snail’s pace: Despite the roads being only partially built, the federal government had not allocated any budget to the road projects in the current fiscal year, by Bhim Bahadur Singh (kp 22/12/2019)

Private cars drive taxis away from Bhaktapur: An estimated 400 private second-hand cars and vans are being operated in Dudhpati, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Kamalbinayak, Thimi and Sallaghari, by Anup Ojha (kp 21/12/2019)

Mapping of road accident black spots ordered (ht 21/12/2019)

Will imposing odd-even vehicle rule reduce pollution? Two lawyers think so.: Urban engineers say the formula may not make a lot of difference and the state needs to think of long-term solutions to air pollution, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 20/12/2019)

Syaubari-Dhunche-Syaphru section of Pasang Lhamu Highway in dilapidated condition: The road section, which was severely damaged in the 2015 earthquakes, is riddled with potholes every few metres, by Balaram Ghimire (kp 18/12/2019)

Army hands over 30 km stretch of Kali Gandaki Corridor road to govt (rep 18/12/2019)

Woman dies after being hit by a car in the Capital: Police arrest the driver and a second man, both of whom were under the influence of alcohol, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 17/12/2019)

27,000 trees cut during fast track construction (ht 17/12/2019)

Dharan-Sindhuli-Hetauda road project slows down: According to project officials, around 75 percent of work along the Dharan-Sindhuli-Hetauda road has been completed so far, by Subash Bidari (kp 17/12/2019)

Continuous snowfall disrupts Martadi-Kolti road stretch in Bajura (ht 16/12/2019)

15 killed and 17 injured as passenger bus veers off a road in Sindhupalchok: Overspeeding and rash driving led to the accident, suspect police, by Anish Tiwari (kp 16/12/2019), Tough law needed: Road accidents can be minimised to some extent provided the bus owners and drivers are held accountable for the passengers’ safety (ht 17/12/2019)

Traffic Division to train over 100,000 school students and drivers on traffic rules: The division will launch a new drive from December 17, mobilising 133 traffic police personnel in all 44 units within Kathmandu Valley, by Anup Ojha (kp 15/12/2019)

There are roads in remote Dadeldhura, but none good enough for operation: Almost all local units have been building roads in the name of development, but vehicles cannot operate in most because they are often built without proper homework, by D.R. Pant (kp 15/12/2019)

Discipline the drivers (rep 15/12/2019)

Bailey bridge connects Khotang to eastern tarai (rep 15/12/2019)

Nepali and Chinese officials stress road connectivity to boost tourist arrivals from China: Nepal was able to attract a meagre 0.1 percent out of the total Chinese visiting abroad, by Prahlad Rijal ()kp 14/12/2019)

Govt to resume installing embossed number plates (ht 14/12/2019)

'Pokhara to get its first sky bridge by upcoming April', bny Sandesh Shrestha (rep 14/12/2019)

Narayangadh-Muglin road section to remain closed during noon (ht 12/12/2019)

DoTM starts printing smart driving permit through ‘mass printer’ (ht 12/12/2019), ‘Mass printer’ dysfunctional in less than a week after its launch (ht 14/12/2019), Transport department starts printing of driving licenses, by Sujita Pradhan (rep 16/12/2019)

Kathmandu proposes its own 3.1 km cycle lane after Lalitpur: Cyclists welcome City’s move, but say it’s waking up a bit too late in the day, by Anup Ojha (kp 11/12/2019)

Chapter of accidents: Heavy penalties are a must to strictly enforce the traffic rules for the safety of both passengers and pedestrians (ht 10/12/2019)

Dandapari, a remote part of Kavre, connected with road network: Road connectivity has brought comfort to the locals who once had to walk for days to reach the nearest market, by Nagendra Adhikari (kp 10/12/2019)

Nepal Army scraps decision to select international consulting firms for Kathmandu-Tarai expressway: An internal probe finds evaluation criteria were leaked; with new bidding, the completion deadline has been pushed to May 2024, by Binod Ghimire (kp 10/12/2019)

Construction of Narayangarh-Butwal road stalled (ht 10/12/2019)

Banke’s Kohalpur tense after a truck hits a studentProtesters set the vehicle on fire; police fire warning shots and lob tear gas shells, by Madhu Shahi (kp 09/12/2019), Kohalpur erupts for the second day after truck runs over girl: Protesters defied prohibitory orders to stand up against police brutality; authorities agree to a six-point agreement, pledging compensation and investigation, among others, by Madhu Shahi (kp 10/12/2019), Normalcy restored, prohibitory order still stands (ht 10/12/2019), Local admin to request govt for fair probe into Kohalpur incident, by Arjun Oli (rep 10/12/2019), Prohibitory order lifted in Kohalpur (ht 11/12/2019)

Battered roads and chaotic traffic: Pedestrians, public transportation, government vehicles, goods carriers and private vehicles, in that order, should get priority, by Shyam Sundar Kawan (kp 09/12/2019)

Design for expansion of Muglin-Sisne Khola road nearing completion: The 96-kilometre stretch will have crawler lanes and fast lanes for slow and high-speed vehicles, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 08/12/2019)

909 cabbies booked in a month for violating rules (ht 08/12/2019)

Residents of Nuwakot elated with the construction of Chhahare-Tokha tunnel: Nepal and China on October 13 had signed a memorandum of understanding under which China will help build two stretches of the road linking Kathmandu and Rasuwagadhi, by Krishna Thapa (kp 6/12/2019)

PMO forms rapid taskforce to address road problems (ht 06/2/2019)

Directive to cover potholes: Yet another deja vu, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht 05/12/2019)

Road safety must be a priority to end needless deaths: Making the streets safer for pedestrians and drivers should be a major policy priority (kp 04/12/2019)

14 killed in Baglung jeep accident; 3 injured airlifted to Kathmandu (ht 04/12/2019)

Ridesharing apps solved out travel woes. But the government is not convinced: The government should adapt to changing times and accept app-based ridesharing services, by Manish Raj Kharel (kp 01/12/2019)

Lalitpur Metropolitan City inaugurates first bike lane in the Valley: The city is working to promulgate New Cycle Law 2020 to guarantee cycling is the safest mode of transport in the metropolis, by Anup Ojha (kp 01/12/2019)

Gridlock fears grip Valley residents as Kathmandu gears up for South Asian Games: The organisers of the Games have promised a mega show, but for many on the streets, the event could end up being more of a hassle, by Suman Malla (kp 01/12/2019)

Encroachment along Chandranigahpur road section continues unabated: The highway and sidewalks are still peppered with food and vegetable stalls, by Shiva Puri (kp 01/12/2019)

After public shaming, road authority warns contractors to rush remaining work: Of the 17 road contracts awarded under the second phase of line of credit, work has only been completed on five projects, according to officials, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 30/11/2019)

Construction of 'Asia's longest suspension bridge' in final stage, by Sangam Gharti Magar (rep 30/11/2019)

For long-haul drivers, long hours on the road and no help in case of accidents: Though stipulated by law, injured drivers and the kin of the deceased rarely receive any financial assistance from their employers or the government, by Parbat Portel and Samuel Chhetri (kp 29/11/2019)

19 dead after bus falls off a cliff in Arghakhanchi: A dozen more were injured after the bus plunged 500 meters down the road, by Birendra KC (kp 28/11/2019)

Construction of the Tinau corridor starts, but conservationists decry the move: A total of Rs450 million has been allocated for the corridor in the current fiscal year, by Amrita Anmol (kp 26/11/2019)

Construction of Postal Highway's Birgunj-Kalaiya-Bariyarpur stretch picks up pace, by Upendra Yadav (rep 26/11/2019)

Legal side of infrastructure: Is Nepal ready to tackle the legal issues related to tunnels and underground infrastructures?, by Bipin Adhikari and Bidushi Adhikari (rep 26/11/2019)

Gokuleshwor-Khalanga road still remains neglected: The construction of the road stretch started under the Panchayat government. However, the track is yet to be completed, by Manoj Badu (kp 25/11/2019)

Police yet to identify culprit in hit-and-run that claimed doctor’s life (ht 25/11/2019), Baneshwor hit-and-run suspect arrested (ht 27/11/2019)

Department of Transport opens up avenue for e-taxis: New guidelines will facilitate the operation of e-taxis, which should be sedans with a 40-kilowatt motor and a lithium-ion battery, by Anup Ojha (kp 24/11/2019)

Locals of Susta using boats to cross Narayani River since ages due to lack of bridge, by Rekha Bhusal (kp 24/11/2019)

All roads in Birendranagar, the capital of Karnali province, in poor condition: Most of the roads in the city are unmotorable—causing inconvenience for vehicles and pedestrians alike, by Chandani Khatayat (kp 23/11/2019)

Triyuga-Gaighat road to be upgraded within three months, by Maheshwar Chamling Rai (rep 23/11/2019)

Locals enraged over snail-paced road construction, by Binod Subedi (rep 23/11/2019)

Government issues a second notice asking to stop ride-sharing services: Operators call it a ridiculous move, saying the government is fearful of technology, by Anup Ojha (kp 21/11/2019), The government should encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, not stifle it: Ride-sharing is here to stay, and laws will make the operators more responsible (kp 22/11/2019), Govt steps up crackdown on Tootle, Pathao, by Umesh Poudel (ht 25/11/2019), Govt backs down over ride-sharing ban after public backlash, by Sujeeta Pradhan (rep 27/11/2019)

Shopkeepers of Chabahil halt vehicular movement (ht 21/11/2019) [Criminal neglect by an incompetent government!]

Surkhet-Jumla road section of Karnali Highway in dilapidated condition: The road section was last paved in May 2012, and in just seven years, it is riddled with potholes and cracks, by LP Devkota (kp 21/11/2019)

Biratnagar locals protest delay in road construction (ht 20/11/2019)

Electric vehicles likely to replace tempos, micro-buses (ht 19/11/2019)

Road department bars subordinate bodies from preparing bid package over Rs500 million: The move is aimed at stopping collusion among builders and checking the mobilisation cost, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 18/11/2019)

345 bikers detained in a single day (ht 18/11/2019)

Nepal’s first, and forgotten, tunnel: 102 years later, the country has finally understood the advantage of highway tunnels to cut travel time, by Gopal Gartaula (nt 15/11/2019)

For elderly visitors to Swayambhunath, even crossing the road is a hazard: Elderly worshippers, who visit Swayambhu every day for the kora, fear that expansion will only make the Ring Road section more dangerous, by Anup Ojha (kp 15/11/2019)

Electricity poles stand in the middle of the road in Sarlahi: The notorious Pappu Construction is the contractor for the project, and has used substandard materials for the construction as well, say locals, by Om Prakash Thakur (kp 15/11/2019)

Forest ministry allows cutting 46,294 trees to expand Butwal-Narayangadh section: The expansion work was on hold over the issue of cutting trees, by Narayan Sharma (kp 14/11/2019)

Birtamod–Bhadrapur road project : 25 percent work finished, deadline two months away, by Yubaraj Bibash (rep 14/11/2019)

Enraged locals slam contractor for dilly-dallying in expanding Bhaktapur-Nagarkot road, by Krishana KC (rep 14/11/2019)

Local units in Jajarkot prioritise road construction over other sectors: Genuine and sensitive issues are being ignored because most local units equate development with roads, by Bhim Bahadur Singh (kp 13/11/2019)

Babai bridge damaged due to careless construction nearby: The Bridge Division has been constructing a new two-lane bridge alongside an old one to connect Gulariya with the rest of the district, by Kamal Panthi (kp 13/11/2019)

Lalitpur Metropolitan City to start construction of 4.7 km cycle lane from next week: Nepal Cycle Society estimates there are over 150,000 cyclists in the Valley, and it expects the numbers to go significantly higher if more infrastructure are added, by Anup Ojha (kp 12/11/2019), Lalitpur’s plan to make the city cycle-friendly should be lauded: But, as always, how the project is implemented is important (kp 12/11/2019)

Dusty roads make life difficult for the residents of Salyan: Though the Division Road Office allocates millions of rupees for road repair work every year, the roads in the district are in dire conditions, by Biplab Maharjan (kp 12/11/2019)

Madan Bhandari Highway: Gaighat Bazaar section to be 25-meter wide (rep 12/11/2019)

538 people died in 4,657 road accidents in the last three and a half months (rep 10/11/2019)

Traffic division gives 15-day ultimatum to truck drivers to implement new rules: With seven killed and 146 injured in the past three months, traffic police ask drivers and owners to make necessary changes to the trucks’ bodies, by Anup Ojha (kp 10/11/2019)

Construction of bridges bring respite to the locals in Province 5, by Binod Ghimire (rep 10/11/2019)

Bridge over Trishuli River in limbo (ht 10/11/2019)

Construction of Pushpalal Mid-hill Highway hit (ht 10/11/2019), Put highway on track: Since the highway is to be the lifeline of the mid-hills, the government must pay due attention to its early completion (ht 11/11/2019)

Just four months into repair, the Sindhuli section of the BP Highway is already riddled with potholes: Immense traffic, especially of heavy goods carriers, has taken a toll on the recently repaired road, road authorities say, by Raj Kumar Karki (kp 09/11/2019)

Locals living around Urlabari-Rabi road section suffer from health complications caused by dust pollution: The road has been under construction for the last seven years with no sign of completion, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 09/11/2019)

Traffic police warn against reckless driving (ht 09/11/2019)

Road expansion work along Butwal-Narayangadh begins: Upgradation work has been delayed over the issue of felling trees along the roadsides, by Narayan Sharma (kp 07/11/2019)

Second phase of Ring Road expansion from January (ht 06/11/2019)

Main contractor out of contact, construction in limbo, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 06/11/2019)

Blacktopping of Diktel-Halesi road completed (rep 06/11/2019)

In Myagdi, rural roads turn into “death zones” for locals: A total of 100 people have been killed in dozens of accidents in the district since 2008, according to data provided by District Police Office, by Ghanashyam Khadka (kp 05/11/2019)

Road fatalities in Nepal: When will it end? (rep 05/11/2018)

At least 17 people killed as bus falls into Sunkoshi River in Sindhupalchok: Search and rescue operation will be carried out throughout the night, say police, by Anish Tiwari )kp 04/11/2019), Entire Shailung rural municipality in mourning, by Ramesh Khatiwada (rep 05/11/2019), Sonam Tamang: The man who saved dozens of lives, by Dhurba Dangal (rep 06/11/2019)

Construction of Dharan-Chatara-Sindhuli-Hetauda road in final stage, by Anil Bhandari (rep 05/11/2019)

Four major motorable bridges in Dang completed before set deadline: The bridges are between 200 metres and 860 metres long and the construction works have been completed seven months to one year ahead of the deadline, by Durgalal KC (kp 04/11/2019)

Upgradation work along Okhaldhunga-Rumjatar finally gathers momentum: Authorities say they will fine contractors Rs 90,000 per day if they don't deliver on time, by Kumbharaj Rai (kp 03/11/2019)

60pc Midhill Highway in west sector completed, kp 03/11/2019)

Construction of the Bahane-Syaulibang road started 21 years ago but it’s still incomplete: Lack of enough budget, misappropriation of funds, ineffective use of allocated budget, disputes regarding road alignment are the main causes behind the delay of the road project, by Giru Prasad Bhandari (kp 02/11/2019)

Festive season road accidents in Valley rising, traffic data show: Traffic police says drink-driving and speeding are main causes of road accidents, by Anup Ojha (kp 01/11/2019)

Pokhara-Muglin highway to be widened to four lanes: The $254 million project is expected to be completed in 2025, by Sangam Prasain (kp 01/11/2019)

Electric lights to be installed along Belahiya-Butwal road, by Mohammad Habib (rep 01/11/2019)

Local units in Baglung prioritise constructing foot trails to promote tourism: The local government aims to promote the already-existing foot trails and explore new ones keeping tourism in mind, by Prakash Baral (kp 01/11/2019)

Nepal's second longest bridge construction completes (ht 31/10/2019)

Traffic division starts training programme for drivers from Singha Durbar to cut down on traffic rule violations: Traffic Police gives training to 35 drivers of Home Ministry and would train other officers after Tihar, by Anup Ojha (kp 28/10/2019)

Pantapara villagers suffer for lack of bridge over the Biring river: Villagers blame the construction company for the delay in the bridge’s completion, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 27/10/2019)

Department of Transport Management: New mechanism to determine public transport fare in offing (ht 26/10/2019)

Access to road brings prosperity to a village in Surkhet, by Nagendra Upadhyaya (rep 26/10/2019)

Construction of bridge over Bhotikhola River starts (rep 26/10/2019)

Electric vehicles are the future of mobility, but is Nepal ready? Electric vehicles could combat air pollution and reduce the country’s dependence on imported oil, but there’s still room for more effective policies and support infrastructure, by Tsering Ngodup Lama (kp 26/10/2019)

China to upgrade dirt track that connects Tiptala Bhanjyang and Olangchungola: The Chinese government has allocated Rs 960 million for the upgradation of the road in Taplejung, by Ananda Gautam (kp 23/10/2019)

Oli inaugurates construction work of Nagdhunga tunnel: The proposed tunnel will be 2.45 km long and have two 3.5-metre lanes, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 22/10/2019), Construction of Nagdhunga-Naubise tunnel road project commences (ht 22/10/2019), Nagdhunga-Naubise tunnel road to be completed in 42 months, by Muna Sunuwar (rep 22/10/2019)

Smart driving license backlog piles up as mass printer remains unutilized, by Sujeeta Pradhan (rep 22/10/2019)

Sajha e-bus procurement process put on hold over slow progress: The cooperative transport company, however, says it took time to set up a multi-stakeholder committee and prepare bidding documents, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 21/10/2019), Purchase of 300 electric buses halted (ht 21/10/2019), What's holding up the buses? The procurement process should be sped up, not stopped (22/10/2019), Govt blocks purchase of 300 electric buses by Sajha over specifications row, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 22/10/2019)

Mid-Hill Highway section gets bogged down in confusing rule: Since the criterion hasn't been published in the gazette, old rule determining the margins is in effect, officials say, by Prakash Baral (kp 21/10/2019)

Upgradation of Naubise-Nagdhunga road completed, by Sarita Shrestha (kp 19/10/2019), Nagdhunga-Naubise tunnel: Construction to begin tomorrow (ht 20/10/2019)

Police blame mushrooming party palaces with insufficient parking for traffic woes: Division office writes to city office and the district administration to set criteria and monitor mushrooming banquet halls, by Anup Ojha (kp 19/10/2019)

Second phase of ring road expansion from Kalanki to Maharajgung likely to start in the new year: Department of Roads expects to clear road section of trees and electric poles within the next two months, by Anup Ojha (kp 18/10/2019)

Govt to expand Thankot-Mugling road (ht 18/10/2019)

Tree issue puts Butwal-Narayangadh road expansion on hold: A fresh assessment before project’s launch showed the number of trees to be cut at 50,352, up from 9,027, by Ghanshyam Gautam (kp 17/10/2019)

Koshi Corridor: New hopes for north-south highway, by Rohit Rai (rep 17/10/2019)

Kandra Bridge not built even in eight years, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal and Puspalal Joshi (rep 17/10/2019)

Road department rejects the recommendation for load test on Rs200 million bridge built by Pappu Construction in Teku: The dispute between the department and the contractor erupted after the department refused to accept the bridge, terming the structure as substandard, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 16/10/2019)

Passengers rarely report taxi drivers for overcharging, traffic police say: Most cabbies in Kathmandu refuse to go by taximeters and set their own fares, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 16/10/2019)

Postal highway upgradation drive creates more problems than solutions: The Bariyar-Paterwa stretch in Bara, which is currently under construction, has developed cracks and fissures only days after the road was blacktopped, by Laxmi Sah (kp 15/10/2019)

Nepal, China sign MoU to develop 50-km road linking Kathmandu and Rasuwagadi: The road, including two tunnels, will reduce the distance to the town bordering China, but with feasibility study yet to be done, construction is at least three years away, by Prithivi Man Shrestha (kp 14/10/2019)

Road condition the major stumbling block for Lumbini’s tourism year goal: The Buddha’s birthplace hasn’t seen as many tourists as expected for the Lumbini Travel Year 2076, owing to the sorry state of its roads, by Amrita Anmol (kp 14/10/2019), The government must undertake development activities for its citizens: The problems road conditions are creating for Lumbini’s tourism year goals cannot be ignored (kp 15/10/2019)

Suspension bridges help link Tehrathum villages with headquarters: Every year, the District Coordination Committee receives around 10 to 12 demands for suspension bridges, by Chandra Karki (kp 14/10/2019)

Canopy bridges installed to prevent deaths of Banke wildlife on highways: Speeding and reckless driving through sanctuaries continue to kill protected animals, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 14/10/2019)

Offices under road department ignored instructions to invite bids by mid-September: The instruction was issued to drive road offices to hasten the tender process, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 13/10/2019)

Much hype, little work to show: Rasuwagadhi border point lies in a state of disrepair: While the Chinese side of the border has received a major facelift, that of Nepal remains in a sorry state, by Balaram Ghimire (kp 12/10/2019)

Delay in upgradation affects vehicular movement on Nagma-Gamgadhi road, by Dhan Bahadur Budha (rep 12/10/2019)

Transmission line affects work of 6-lane road, by Yogesh Rawal (rep 12/10/2019)

11 killed and dozens injured in Sindhupalchok bus accident: Five persons died on the spot, one on the way to the hospital and five others at Dhulikhel hospital, according to police, by Anish Tiwari (kp 11/10/2019), Bus carrying over 100 falls killing 11, injuring 99 (rep 12/011/2019)

38 injured as passenger bus crashes into tree in Chitwan (rep 09/10/2019)

Consumer rights group supports traffic police’s action to book drunk drivers: In the past one week, 1,305 drunk drivers have been booked in Kathmandu Valley, by Anup Ojha (kp 06/10/2019)

Road upgradation work along Lamosanghu-Jiri left incomplete for four years: Thousands of passengers travelling home for Dashain celebrations are hit hardest by the dilapidated road, by Rajendra Manandhar (kp 06/10/2019)

Birendranagar aims to be the country’s first ‘cycle city’: A Detailed Project Report (DPR) to construct bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly roads in the city is already underway, by Jyoti Katuwal (kp 05/10/2019), Pedalling good health: Birendranagar is all geared up to turn into a cycling city by 2025—and that's good news (kp 11/10/2019)

Traffic police issue tickets to 1,121 drunk drivers over the past five days: Police have stepped up crackdown on drink driving in view of the festival, by Anup Ojha (kp 04/10/2019)

Local units taking initiatives to repair damaged roads: Landslides have damaged around 3,000 km dirt road this monsoon, authorities say, by Tika Prasad Bhatta (kp 04/10/2019)

Euro VI standard fuel in local market from April (ht 04/10/2019)

Slushy roads hassling travellers (ht 02/10/2019)

Blocked Diktel-Hilesi road reopened after 14 hrs (rep 02/10/2019)

Bus plunges into river, two killed, by Dinesh Subedi (rep 01/10/2019)

Traffic snarls choke Nagdhunga-Naubise road, but alternative routes are not ready: There is an immediate need to find a solution to congestion along the main gateway to Kathmandu, officials say, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 30/09/2019), Police: Traffic congestion along Naubise-Nagdhunga road eases, by Aditi Baral (rep 30/09/2019), Vehicular movement along Naubise-Nagdhunga road eases: The Dhading District Police Office has imposed a ban on the movement of heavy vehicles on the road during Dashain festival, by Harihar Singh Rathour (kp 01/10/2019), Dysfunctional system of governance: The long snake-like traffic jam in Naubise-Nagdhunga aptly depicts the incompetence of the state authorities, by Achyut Wagle (kp 01/10/2019)

Birgunj-Thori stretch of the postal road project sees little progress: The Birgunj-Thori stretch is being handled by AMR Pappu ConTech Joint Venture at a total cost of Rs 2.12 billion, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 30/09/2019)

Molung Khola bridge construction delayed by over four years: The Infrastructure Development Office has asked the contractor company to present a written work procedure within a week, by Kumbharaj Rai (kp 30/09/2019)

Manthali municipality penalises street vendors and shop owners: On Friday, the municipal office confiscated goods that were displayed in public space for sale, by Tika Prasad Bhatta (kp 30/09/2019)

Traffic police have a difficult job, but many drivers say they could be a bit friendlier: The traffic police are woefully under-equipped to deal with the city’s chaotic traffic and this can lead to accidents, injuries and even deaths of personnel, by Sneha Dahal (kp 29/09/2019)

Disputes in construction of Mid Hill Highway in Lamjung: Over 800 households will be affected if the Mid Hill Highway project comes through in Sundarbazaar, by Aash Gurung (kp 29/09/2019)

Upgradation of Syaphrubesi-Rasuwagadhi road section starts: Around 16km road will be upgraded to a two-lane, all-weather highway, by Balaram Ghimire (kp 29/09/2019)

DoTM bans heavy-duty vehicles from entering or leaving valley (ht 28/09/2019)

Technical difficulties in mass printer delay smart licence printing: There are around 7,000 new applicants every day but only 1,500 cards are being printed currently, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp28/09/2019)

Traffic police book 600 people for traffic rule violation and ticket scalping: The Metropolitan Traffic Division has adopted special surveillance measures to discourage frauds who have longe been fleecing the festival passengers, by Anup Ojha (kp 28/09/2019)

Team sent to inspect delay in upgradation work of the Beni-Jomsom-Korala road: The project’s careless implementation has put settlements along the Kaligandaki river at landslide risks, by Ghanashyam Khadka (kp 27/09/2019)

Why are there so many road accidents during Dashain? Speed, overload, fatigued drivers and poorly maintained vehicles lead to crashes in the festival travel rush, authorities say, by Dipesh Khatiwada (kp 26/09/2019)

Dashain passengers demand online ticket booking service. Transport operators tell them to wait until next festival season: Naya Bus Park counters sell around 33,000 tickets in three days, by Anup Ojha (kp 25/09/2019)

Tatopani border closed after Nyalam-Ramite road section caves in: Revenue worth Rs66.9 million was collected at the border point in the first two months of this fiscal year, the customs office of Tatopani Dry Port says, by Anish Tiwari (kp 25/09/2019)

Six killed, 23 injured in separate road accidents (ht 25/09/2019)

Vehicular movement along Pasang Lhamu Highway halted for 10 days: Hundreds of containers carrying goods from China lie stranded on the road, by Balaram Ghimire (kp 22/09/2019)

Makwanpur being a Tuin-free district by the end of the current fiscal: Eighteen suspension bridges are being constructed in eight local units of Makwanpur in the fiscal year 2019/20, by Pratap Bista (kp 20/09/2019)

Why are Kathmandu’s traffic jams notorious? Kathmandu Valley has seen a steady rise in the number of vehicles even as effective measures of traffic management are lacking, by Anup Ojha (kp 19/09/2019)

Poor condition of Beni-Jomsom road affects pilgrims to Kagbeni in Mustang: Upgradation of the road is going at a snail’s pace, which is affecting hundreds daily, by Ghan shyam Khadka (kp 19/09/2019)

Revival of road project to Everest region will transform travel and local economy, officials say: Many hope that the motorable road will put an end to complete reliance on flights for travel to and from one of the most popular destinations in the country, by Sangam Prasain (kp 18/09/2019)

Public vehicles on the Mid-hill Highway charging exorbitant fares: Passengers are forced to pay anywhere between Rs600 and Rs700 one- way tickets, far exceeding the fare ceiling fixed by the Department of Transport for highway buses, by Prakash Baral (kp 18/09/2019)

Lakhs deprived of smart driving licence (ht 18/09/2019), Look smart, DoTM: Whatever the reason, having service-seekers wait for years for a smart driving license is simply frustrating (ht 19/09/2019)

Landslides block Sanphe-Martadi road section (ht 17/09/2019)

The city deploys broomers to clean the streets every day. The tipper trucks mess them up overnight: Large-scale construction projects in the Capital have seen hundreds of trucks entering Kathmandu during the night, leaving a dusty mess behind, by Anup Ojha (kp 17/09/2019)

Bhuri Gaun-Telpani road being upgraded for the first time since it was built: Once the road comes into operation, it is expected to work as a lifeline for the residents of Sudurpaschim and Karnali provinces, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 17/09/2019)

Fate of 600 road projects hangs in balance as provinces are reluctant to own them: Handing over of these projects, previously under the federal government, has stalled for more than a year, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 15/09/2019)

Multiple landslides along Tansen-Butwal section leave passengers in hardship: Residents have for long complained that the authorities concerned have not taken concrete initiatives to resolve the landslide problem in the area sustainably, by Madhab Aryal (kp 15/09/2019)

Pasang Lhamu Highway obstructed following landslide: Locals, tourists and pilgrims going to Kailash Mansarovar have been affected by the road blockage, by Balaram Ghimire (kp 13/09/2019)

NEA to install 50 electric vehicle charging stations, by Supriya Sharma (rep 13/09/2019)

Where have all the chautaris gone? As chautaris disappear and locals voice concerns, Bharatpur Metropolis pushes forward the idea of building ‘smart’, by Pramita Dhakal (kp 12/09/2019)

Locals elated after road cut through cliff edge, by Mohan Gurung (rep 12/09/2019)

New traffic chief vows to reduce Valley’s traffic problems: SSP Bhim Prasad Dhakal unveils a work plan that revolves on the themes of engineering, education and enforcement, by Anup Ojha (kp 11/09/2019)

Bajhenchyan Danda-Diktel road section sees damage even before work completion: The contractor company says road infrastructures have been damaged due to heavy rainfall during the monsoon, by Dambar Singh Rai (kp 11/09/2019)

Electric buses to start operation in Valley today (ht 09/09/2019), As private sector introduces e-buses, experts say onus to promote green vehicles lies on government: Financial support to meet upfront investment, more charging stations and mechanisms to make them profitable are must to make green efforts sustainable, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 10/09/2019)

Transport Department says 200 buses will be added for Dashain: Metropolitan Traffic Police Division estimates that this year over three million people are set to leave the valley, for which 9,000 buses are needed every day to carry passengers, by Anup Ojha (kp 07/09/2019)

Passengers suffer as 5 bridges remain incomplete, by Madhusudan Guragain (rep 07/09/2019)

Tinkar road section obstructed due to multiple landslides: Vehicular movement has come to a halt, leaving the locals of Duhu and Byas to risk their lives by walking through the landslide-prone Tinkar road, by Manoj Badu (kp 06/09/2019)

Govt fixes temporary fare for public EVs (ht 05/09/2019)

Transport management office and traffic police to install 14 help desks for Dashain: The move is aimed at helping people travelling to their hometowns during the festival, by Anup Ojha (kp 04/09/2019)

Rs 720m goes down the drain in the name of road building in Salyan district: A total of 500 roads have been built in the area, but locals say the roads serve no purpose in elevating their lives, by Biplav Maharjan (kp 04/09/2019)

Bridges along the East-West Highway in dilapidated condition: The Nawalparasi stretch is one of the busiest sections of the East-West Highway. According to the district traffic police office, more than 1,200 vehicles use the road daily, by Nabin Paudel (kp 04/09/2019)

Haphazard road construction destroys lives, livelihoods in rural districts, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal, Jagat Khadka and Bira Gadal (rep 03/09/2019)

Food prices shoot up in Kanchenjunga area as Topethok-Ranipul road gets obstructed: With no vehicles to import goods, the local grocers and hoteliers have hired porters and Chauri to carry the load, by Ananda Gautam (kp 03/09/2019)

The road to disaster: Dozer use causing landslides, by Dane Carlson (ht 03/092019)

Road department turns in yet another dismal results: Officials, however, claim progress in bridge construction the most impressive with completion of 250 structures in the last fiscal year, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 01/09/2019)

Vehicle parking banned along Ring Road (ht 01/09/2019)

Rainwater destroys road link to Manthali (ht 01/09/2019)

Govt prepares to open bid for roads to Lamabagar border, by Ramesh Khatiwada (rep 01/09/209)

Frequent landslides obstruct Surkhet-Jumla road: Landslides along the road section have blocked the highway for 23 days within the last five months, by Tularam Pandey (kp 01/09/2019)

Postal Highway still incomplete, people in Tarai disappointed (rep 31/08/2019)

Budhiganga River in Bajura a perennial threat to locals: Even though Tribeni Municipality recently banned people from using the bridge, locals continue to use it, by Sangeeta Timilsena (kp 31/08/2019)

Koteshwor’s traffic jam is a nightmare for commuters. For hawkers, it’s a boon to their business: Dozens of roadside wait for vehicles to come to a halt and linger for minutes so that they can earn their living, by Anup Ojha (kp 30/08/2019), Make Kalanki-Maharajgunj stretch of Ring Road public-centric and environment-friendly, activists demand
Campaigners oppose the road department’s plan to cut over 2,000 trees along the stretch
, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 30/08/2019)

Most rural roads in Baglung are swept away by landslides during monsoon: Repair works start in the winter season only to be severely damaged in the monsoons, by Prakash Baral (kp 30/08/2019)

Government extends Kathmandu-Tarai expressway deadline to 2024: Nepal Army, which is in charge of the national pride project, hints at use force if there is trouble in land acquisition in Khokana area, by Binod Ghimire (kp 29/08/2019), Army aims to complete expressway in 3.5 years: New DPR pushes cost by Rs 63 billion (rep 29/08/2019)

What comes first—electric cars or charging stations?: Without a sizeable mass of EVs on the road, operators may not be ready to invest in putting up charging stations across the country, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 28/08/2019), Nepal unplugged: Electric vehicle adoption will stagnate unless there are ample charging stations (kp 29/08/2019)

Govt to build 200 charging stations across country (ht 27/08/2019)

Transport Management Department brings in new machine to meet service seekers’ demands: The new printer has the capacity to print around 10,000 smart licenses in a day and will print all pending licences with two months, say authorities, by Shuvam  Dhungana (kp 27/08/2019)

Remote rural municipality in Sankhuwasabha connected with road network: The rural municipality prioritised the project soon after the people’s representatives were elected in 2017, by Dipendra Shakya (kp 25/08/2019)

Overworked drivers the main cause behind increasing road accidents: Even though the buses seem to be technically driven by two individuals, there is only one driver, authorities say, by Harihar Singh Rathore (kp 25/08/2019)

Traffic police buy 36 new breathalysers to keep tabs on drunk drivers: The new machines will be helpful in checking drunk driving which is a major cause of road accidents, traffic police say, by Anup Ojha (kp 24/08/2019)

439 face suspension of licences for drink-driving (ht 24/08/2019)

Damaged by floods and landslides, Kanti Highway’s deadline pushed further, project officials say: The monsoon has brought about more than 100 landslides on the highway, causing road sections to cave in at 15 spots, by Pratap Bista (kp 24/08/2019)

Budget for road project released before work completion: The road upgradation project is still ongoing, locals say, by Manoj Paudel (kp 24/08/2019)

Has the ‘Pick and Drop’ drive really eased city’s traffic? Many say the rule has indeed systematised public transportation in the Capital’s core areas, which has led to less traffic jams, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 23/08/2019)

Bridge construction started with investment of Rs 61.35m in Bhojpur (ht 23/08/2019)

Three killed in jeep accident (rep 23/08/2019)

Ring Road Improvement Project to axe over 2,000 trees from Kalanki to Maharajgunj: Officials say the move is part of a drive to widen the road from three lanes to eight lanes, by Anup Ojha (kp 22/08/2019)

Locals of Bramadev in Kanchanpur demand early opening of Tanakpur bridge: The locals of Bramadev submitted a memorandum to Gahatodi to take initiatives to open the Tanakpur border point soon, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 22/08/2019)

Kathmandu-Tarai Fast Track DPR okayed: Estimated cost of the project raised to Rs 175.19 billion ; Total length reduced by 3.7 km to 72.5 km; Nepali Army to construct 17-km stretch on its own, by Umesh Poudel (ht 22/08/2019)

Karnali govt launches campaign to replace tuins with suspension bridges, by Ganesh Bishu (rep 20/08/2019)

Upgradation of Syaphrubesi-Rasuwagadhi road section to begin in October: Eighty-two houses along the road section will have to be demolished, and 323 utility poles removed from the road area, officials say, by Balaram Ghimire (kp 19/08/2019)

Almost all Kathmandu Valley road expansion contracts likely to face termination in less than a year: Right of way is not clear in most of the projects as the final deadline for completing works approaches near, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 18/08/2019)

Traffic police take action against 7,089 reckless drivers (ht 18/08/2019)

Rs 2.61 billion budget approved to upgrade Mailung-Syafrubesi road, by Himnath Devkota (rep 18/08/2018)

Construction work on Rayal-Thing road segment puts locals at unease: Villagers remain wary and question the sustainability of these infrastructural development projects, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 17/08/2019)

Flood sweeps away bridges leading to Phoksundo Lake, by Bishnu Prasad Devkota (rep 17/08/2019)

Rural roads make Karnali highway too risky, by DB Budha (rep 17/08/2019)

Two dead, three injured in separate accidents in Tanahun (ht 16/08/2019)

City office and traffic police raise millions in fines as parking problem continues to grow: Kathmandu Metropolitan City has designated 80 areas as parking lots, but hardly a dozen serve as parking spaces, by Anup Ojha (kp 15/08/2019)

Bridge over Arunkhola caves in, vehicles banned (ht 15/08/2019)

Under-construction Birgunj-Pathlaiya trade road starts peeling off (ht 15/08/2019)

Under-construction bridge collapses in Saptari (ht 14/08/2019)

Floods damage Sanphe-Martadi road (ht 13/08/2019)

Four years since signing, a crucial transit agreement sees no progress: Nepal, Bangladesh and India have not been able to move forward on a cross-border motor vehicles agreement after Bhutan pulled out two years ago, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 12/08/2019)

Galchhi-Rasuwagadhi road widening project begins: The government recently started the upgradation work of Galchhi-Rasuwagadhi road section, by Krishna Thapa (kp 12/08/2019)

Engineering study must before opening road tracks (ht 12/08/2019)

Cases of valuable missing in taxis on the rise (ht 11/01/2019)

Two-driver rule in long-route buses ineffective, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 11/08/2019)

Six killed, 23 missing after a passenger bus plunged into Trishuli: The bus was travelling from Malangwa, the headquarters of Sarlahi district to Kathmandu, by Harihar Singh Rathour (kp 10/08/2019), Death toll in bus accident reaches 8 (ht 11/08/2019)

Insurance for road accident victims to double to Rs1 million: Auto accidents killed 11,005 people across the country in the last five years, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 10/08/2019)

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division booked 12,749 taxi drivers in the last fiscal year: Traffic police say social media has hugely helped in taking action against errant cabbies, by Anup Ojha (kp 08/08/2019)

Vehicular movement to take around two weeks to resume on the Mid-Hill Highway, authorities say: The highway remains obstructed after rain-swollen Badigad stream swept away a road section on Sunday, by Prakash Baral (kp 08/08/2019)

Upgradation work of Beni-Jomsom-Korala road at snail’s pace: Road project accuse concerned authorities of not extending help to complete upgradation works, by Ghanashyam Khadka (kp 07/08/2019)

Locals hard put with landslide-damaged roads yet to come into operation (ht 06/08/2019)

Khairenighat gets a motorable bridge after 11 years, by Anil Bhandari (rep 06/08/2019)

Pushed to the curb, Kathmandu’s rickshaw pullers are the last of a dying profession: Confined to a small area inside Kathmandu Valley due to traffic congestion, these rickshaw pullers barely make enough to get by, by Samuel Chhetri (kp 05/08/2019)

Cracks appear on recently asphalted Bramhamadev road: Officials blame MK Niraj and Road and Lama Rajendra JV for doing the shoddy job, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 05/08/2019)

Traffic congestion getting worse, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 05/08/2019)

Lingering delay in bridge completion continues to put lives at risk: Around 150 people use makeshift rafts and boats to cross the Lalbakaiya River every day, by Shiva Puri (kp 05/08/2019)

Newly opened roads harm community forests in Darchula: Locals blame forest users groups for not doing anything to stop haphazard construction, by Manoj Badu (kp 04/08/2019)

Public transportation problems: Valley's denizens continue to face problems as authoritieshave failed to come up with any clear plans regarding public transportation sector (ht 04/08/2019)

Workers of Beni-Jomsom road project padlock site office in protest over wage arrears: The contractor of the 20-km road project has not paid workers’ wages for the past five months, by Ghanashyam Khadka (kp 02/08/2019)

Road causing inconvenience to Martadi people (ht 02/08/2019)

Locals risk their lives to cross rain-swollen Mahakali river: Villagers have to cross the river as they rely heavily on Indian markets across the border for everyday commodities, by Manoj Badu (kp 01/08/2019)

Pappu told to dismantle, rebuild Tinkune Arch Bridge (ht 01/08/2019)

Haphazardly constructed rural roads become a bane for Dhading residents, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 31/07/2019)

Blacktopping of 30-km long road stretch in Barpak left midway, by Narahari Sapkota (rep 31/07/2019)

Arch bridge in Muglin opens for trial after three years of construction: The country’s first two-lane arch bridge is already being used by over 20,000 vehicles that use the Anbu Khaireni road every day, by Anup Ojha (kp 31/07/2019)

Delay in bridge installation restricts Manang locals’ mobility (ht 31/07/2019)

Road crashes are not accidents: They can be prevented by treating and addressing the underlying causes in advance, by Prem Sharma Lamsal (kp 31/07/2019)

Absence of motorable bridge over Seti river create difficulties for villagers: Patients have to be carried on stretchers or in bamboo baskets to reach District Hospital in Chainpur, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 30/07/2019)

Stretches of flood-damaged postal highway yet to be repaired: Thousands of locals affected due to transportation disruption along the highway, by Om Prakash Thakur (kp 28/07/2019), Flood damages five kilometres of Postal Highway, by Prabhat Kumar Jha (ht 29/07/2019)

Khadichaur-Charikot road closed for three consecutive days (ht 28/07/2019)

Road accidents claim 223 lives in Sudur Pashchim last year (rep 27/07/2019)

Donor gives the green light to appoint a contractor for Nagdhunga Tunnel Project: The project office and locals of Dhunibesi yet to agree on land compensation amount, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 25/07/2019)

Blacktopping of Arniko Highway section wears off within a year, by Ramesh Khatiwada (rep 25/07/2019)

Truck operators withdraw protest: Govt forms a nine-member task force to study VCTS, route permit, among other issues (rep 24/07/2019)

Koshi Highway resumes after eight hours (ht 23/07/2019)

Contractors urged to manage traffic congestion (ht 23/07/2019)

Road disruption causes daily commodities crunch in hills (ht 23/07/2019)

Local units giving priority to road projects, but compromising their quality, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 22/07/2019)

Recovery of roads and bridges damaged by floods and landslides to cost Rs220 million: Experts say haphazard construction without proper study lead aggravates damage to infrastructure, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 22/07/2019)

Tree guards and fresh saplings rekindle hope for Kalanki-Koteshwor road greenery project: Lalitpur mayor offers Rs 6 million—a budget allocated to buy him car—to purchase two tankers to water the saplings, by Anup Ojha (kp 22/07/2019)

Jeep plunge in Bajura claims two, leaves 12 injured (ht 20/07/2019)

Under-construction Bagmati bridge in limbo again, by Madan Thakur (rep 20/07/2019)

Transport bodies transform into companies (ht 20/07/2019)

Government recommends new provisions for ride-sharing sector: Ride-sharing companies urge the government to hold dialogue in order to bring proper provision and set proper criteria, by Nayak Paudel (kp 19/07/2019)

A day with the only female driver of Sajha Yatayat: Many appreciate Harmita Shrestha’s work, calling it a step ahead for women empowerment, but in a ‘man’s world’ days aren’t always that easy, she says, by Anup Ojha (kp 18/07/2019)

Nagdhunga Tunnel project’s launch delayed again: The project envisages boring a tunnel through the western hills and eliminating many switchbacks on the main highway leading out of Kathmandu, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 18/07/2019)

Govt enforces online consignment tracking system: Private sector leaders skeptical about effective implementation (rep 18/07/2019), Tarai industrialists join protest against VCTS (ht 22/07/2019)

Govt directs Pappu  Construction to rebuild parts of Teku bridge (ht 18/07/2019)

Contractor of Madi bridge to get second deadline extension, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 18/07/2019)

Haphazard road construction triggers landslide in Bajhang, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 17/07/2019)

After widespread criticism, smart parking fees revised in New Road: The new charge for two-wheelers is Rs 15 for up to  30 minutes, and Rs 25 for an hour; for four-wheelers, it is  Rs 50 for 30 minutes and Rs 80 for an hour., by Anup Ojha (kp 16/07/2019)

Haphazard road construction irks Rukum residents, by Lokendra Khanal (rep 16/07/2019)

Road construction works in Baglung lack in quality: Poor monitoring and evaluation is blamed for inferior work, by Prakash Baral (kp 15/07/2019)

Blacktopped road damaged within a month of construction (rep 15/07/2019)

Road accidents claimed 121 wild  animals in 2017-2018 (ht 14/07/2019)

Construction of Thankot - Naubise tunnel road to begin in October, by Himal Lamsal (rep 14/07/2019)

11 years on, road project still incomplete in Baglung: Rural municipality aims to enlist it as a ‘pride project’, by Prakash Baral (kp 13/07/2019)

Local levels building perilous roads‘: What’s the point of building such roads that lead to hell?’, by Umesh Poudel (ht 12/07/2019)

Passengers along  Besisahar-Chame stretch face problems (ht 12/07/2019)

Much-needed tourist bus park stuck in limbo, by Nikeeta Gautam (rep 12/07/2019)

Road expansion project seeks ministry’s decision to resume work or abandon it: Project authorities say it’s been three months since they sent a request, but the ministry has not responded yet, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 11/07/2019)

Province 1 fails to effectively implement ban on old vehicles: Most older vehicles are in operation in hill districts where the presence of traffic police is little to none, by Sumnima Chamling (kp 11/07/2019)

Why we need night bus service: Government needs to implement 24-hours bus service program immediately in Kathmandu. Later this service can be expanded to other urban cities like Pokhara and Biratnagar, by Ashish Gajurel (rep 11/07/2019)

A Sarlahi village suffers in lack of a bridge, by Mithilesh Yadav (11/07/2019)

Three killed, 16 injured in bus plunge (ht 11/07/2019)

PM wary about estimated cost of  fast track project (ht 11/07/2019), Cut cost of expressway: While the cost of the fast track should be cut as much as possible, the govt should also approve its DPR without further delay (ht 12/07/2019)

Traffic police hotline 103 gets thousands of complaints every day: The toll-free line that started in 2006 receives complaints relating to daily inconveniences faced by people in public transportation, by Anup Ojha (kp 10/07/2019)

The construction of Expressway puts settlements at risk, locals say, by Subash Bidari (kp 10/07/2019)

Eight years on, bridge construction in limbo (ht 10/07/2019)

Reducing road fatalities: Road traffic fatalities and injuries can be prevented but it requires sustained commitment, effective intervention and determined actions from the government, by Som Nath Ghimire (rep 10/07/2019)

Heavy vehicles stranded as diversion swept away (ht 09/07/2019)

Corruption in road project: Main contractor sub-contracts road project for half the cost, by Suman Malla (rep 09/07/2019)

617,252 yet to receive smart license cards (rep 09/07/2019)

Rural roads being blacktopped, by Giriraj Baskota (rep 09/07/2019)

Enraged locals protest sluggish work at Jaleshwore-Janakpur road section, by Rabindra Upreti (kp 07/07/2019)

Saplings along Kalanki-Koteshwor road are dying for lack of care: Officials blame the metropolis and the road department for failing to protect the plants, by Anup Ojha (kp 05/07/2019)

Road stretch opened through the fields prepared for paddy plantation: Bulldozers used for the construction also destroy water supply mains and over 100 ropanis of paddy fields, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 05/07/2019)

Three killed, five injured in Arghakhanchi jeep plunge (ht 05/07/2019)

‘Highway from Delhi to Nepal-China border to pass through Saptari’ (ht 04/07/2019)

Reckless driving blamed for rising road accidents in the valley (ht 03/07/2019)

Rs 450million handed over to Sajha Yatayat to purchase electric buses: Province 3 government announces plan to operate electric buses in Kathmandu within the next 10 months, by Anup Ojha (kp 02/07/2019)

Manthali-Khurkot road in sorry state (ht 02/07/2019)

Ferry service to operate in Karnali River (ht 02/07/2019)

233 persons died in road  accidents this fiscal in Gandaki (ht 02/07/2019)

2 killed, 25 injured in Dhading bus-vans collision, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 01/07/2019)

Corridors opened to ease traffic congestion are turning into illegal parking spots: Hundreds of vehicles are parked along the corridor underpasses at Balkumari, Bhatkeko Pul, New Buspark,  Gopi Krishna, Setopul and Hanumansthan, by Nayak Paudel (kp 01/07/2019)

Highway prone to blockage due to ‘illegal’ sand mines, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 30/06/2019)

Faulty design halts construction of bridges, by Mukti Prasad Nyaupane (rep 30/06/2019)

Keeping a check on daytime drunk driving difficult, say traffic police: As per the traffic police, excessive vehicular movement, lack of enough human resources and equipment are the major obstacles, by Nayak Paudel (kp 30/06/2019)

A matter of life and death: A road safety audit of the Kalanki-Koteshwor Road should have been conducted before, not after, it was opened to traffic, by Premsharma Lamsal (kp 30/06/2019)

Kathmandu Metropolitan City floats plan to hike parking fees: Presenting the financial bill on Tuesday, Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya proposed charging Rs 25 per hour for two-wheelers and Rs80 for two-wheelers in the  city’s core areas, by Anup Ojha (kp 29/06/2019), Kathmandu residents appreciate ‘smart parking’ in New Road, but complain of higher costs: The cost of Rs 25 per hour for parking two-wheelers and Rs 80 for four-wheelers is just too high, drivers say, by Anup Ojha (kp 01/07/2019), No parking: Mobile app will not provide sustainable solution to the city’s parking woes (kp 02/07/2019)

Bajhang district impounds bulldozers used illegally on road projects: Bajhang DAO has instructed local units to stop using dozers without conducting a  feasibility study, design estimate and ensuring quality Environmental Impact Assessment, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 27/06/2019)

‘Government committed to promoting e-vehicles’ (ht 27/06/2019)

3 students killed, 4 injured in tractor accident, by Khamma Khatri (rep 27/06/2019)

Jumla's risky and exploitative public transport system, by DB Budha (rep 26/06/2019)

New Road area 'smart parking' gets mixed response, by Aditi Baral (rep 26/06/2019)

940 booked for speeding on Koteshwar-Kalanki run (rep 25/06/2019)

Over 41k offenders booked for honking in Valley since mid-April 2017, by Sujeeta Pradhan (rep 25/06/2019)

Lawmakers doubt timely completion of fast-track (ht 25/06/2019)

Bitumen shortage hits blacktopping of roads across the country: Birgunj Customs Office bars three consignments of bitumen for possible abuse of South Asia Free Trade Area rules, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/06/2019)

Kalanki-Nagdhunga road expansion nears completion: Cost to drop 15 percent due to reduced work for contractors, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 24/06/2019)

Landslip-prone spots along Muglin road stretch remain unattended, by Ramesh Kumar Poudel (kp 24/06/2019)

Galchhi-Rasuwagadhi road project officials complain of harassment over land compensation, by Krishna Thapa (kp 24/06/2019)

Irate Thali locals force mayor to walk on dilapidated road (ht 24/06/2019)

Under-construction bridge over Madi River in Kaski swept away (ht 24/06/2019)

Haphazard widening, blacktopping of roads as fiscal year end nears, by Madan Thakur (rep 23/06/2019)

Lessons from Amsterdam: Can Kathmandu ever be a cycle-friendly city?, by Prarambha Dahal (kp 22/06/2019)

Bajhang’s Pankot-Bhusya road built without technical survey: Authorities often sanction opening of road stretches in remote areas without any plans, studies and tests, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 21/06/2019), Bajhang administration to take action against those involved in haphazard road construction: CDO directs banning the use of bulldozers in road projects worth below Rs 10 million, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 22/06/2019)

Dilapidated Prithvi Highway section seeing more accidents, by Binod Dhungana (rep 20/06/2019)

'Pick-and-drop in public transport catching on, by Aditi Baral (rep 20/06/2019)

'Sub-standard roads' behind rising accidents in far-west (rep 20/06/2019)

As monsoon nears, open drains and uncovered manholes pose even bigger risks: Heavy rains tend to flood the Valley’s streets, obscuring open drains and manholes  from motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians, by Anup Ojha (kp 20/06/2019), Gaping lack of concern: The yearly occurring injuries and deaths due to open manholes and drains can easily be avoided (kp 21/06/2019)

Thori locals argue over highway alignment, by Shankar Acharya (kp 20/06/2019)

Risky travel: In this age of mobile phones, the passengers should take the initiative to alert the traffic cops about any tendency by the drivers to overspeed or overload (ht 19/06/2019), Road to death (rep 19/06/2019)

Jeep plunges into Karnali: At least 10, including rural  municipality vice-chair, missing (ht 19/06/2019), Status of  10 missing in accident still unknown (ht 20/06/2019)

One passenger dead, 31 injured in Bara bus accident (ht 18/06/2019)

Nine killed in jeep accident (ht 18/06/2019)

Manthali-Khurkot road stretch in sorry state (ht 15/06/2019)

Cars in the Karnali: Humla and Mugu are finally being linked to the rest of Nepal, but with the road comes pollution, by Prakash Singh (nt 14/06/2019)

Galchi-Rasuwagadhi road project moves at snail's pace, by Sarita Shrestha and Himnath Devkota (rep 13/06/2019)

Roadworthiness test for e-scooters irks riders, promoters and sellers: As per a new government rule, the test—among many other requirements—includes  riders to complete an uphill ride to Seto Gumba with a pillion rider, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 13/06/2019)

SC tells govt not to build road, rail line thru CNP without consultation, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 13/06/2019)

Officials yet to go through Safety Audit report on Kalanki-Koteshwor road: A total of 658 accidents have taken place on the stretch in the past 10 months, by Anup Ojha (kp 12/06/2019)

Road to Rara a ‘torment’ all the way, by DB Budha (rep 12/06/2019)

Locals block road for want of repair (ht 12/06/2019)

Transport Department plans to resume night bus service in Kathmandu: Along with the Ring Road, the public buses will also go up to Dhulikhel and Thankot, by Anup Ojha (kp 11/06/2019)

Helmet, licence must for e-scooter riders: Department of Transport Management has directed  traffic police to impose fines on  those flouting rules (ht 08/06/2019)

Road project triggers  migration in Bajura (ht 08/06/2019)

Dusty road along Bhairahawa–Taulihawa route a challenge to Visit Lumbini Year, by Mohammad Habib (rep 08/06/2019)

Three killed in Trishuli jeep plunge, as many missing (ht 05/06/2019)

Construction of Karnali  Corridor picks pace (ht 05/06/2019)

Once he protested wide old roads on film. Now he’s the one widening them.Nilkaji Shakya, now chairman of Kathmandu’s Ward 25, is facing the same kind of  problems he presented 25 years ago as an actor in the MaHa teleserial ‘Kantipur’, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/06/2019)

Kalanki-Koteshwor becomes ‘killer road’, recording 658 accidents in 10 months: Metropolitan Traffic Police Range data shows 25 people have died and 454 others have been critically injured in the road stretch, by Anup Ojha (kp 05/06/2019)

No-go zones for freight  vehicles (ht 03/06/2019)

Province 3 govt to build Ring Road on outskirts of Valley (ht 03/06/2019), Misplaced priority: Instead of investing its limited resources on a road in the Valley, Province-3 would do better by focussing on other vital areas (ht 04/06/2019)

Construction of Koshi Corridor Highway gains momentum, by Ananda Gautam and Gyanu Ghimire (kp 02/06/2019)

Public vehicles to issue 'electronic paying card': Town planners, however, call the plan ‘too ambitious’, considering  the government’s track record of unkept promises, by Anup Ojha (kp 01/06/2019), Smart parking system alone unlikely to end parking woes in Kathmandu (ht 04/06/2019)

Police take action against 10,787 errant cabbies (ht 01/06/2019)

Driver dies as bus falls into river in Sindhuli, by Tanka Chhetri (rep 01/06/2019)

Road construction agonizing locals, by Yogesh Rawal (rep 01/06/2019)

Three passengers killed, 22 injured in accident (ht 31/05/2019)

Traffic Police Division announces plan to intensify ‘no horn’ campaign: The move is an effort to reduce sound pollution levels in the Capital, says the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, by Anup Ojha (kp 30/05/2019)

‘Safety issue compromised along Tatopani trade route’, by Ramesh Khatiwada (rep 28/05/2019)

Dharan-Chatara-Sindhuli-Hetauda road construction expedited, by Anil Bhandari (rep 28/05/2019)

Outer Ring Road: Heading for a limbo, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht 27/05/2019)

Bad road a challenge to Visit Lumbini campaign, by Mohammad Habib (rep 27/05/2019)

3,000 vehicles booked in four months for haphazard parking: Traffic police division says parking violations have gone down after the introduction of the ‘wheel clamp’ campaign, by Anup Ojha (kp 26/05/2019)

384,206 traffic rules violators booked (ht 25/05/2019)

Traffic police book over 10,000 errant taxi drivers in five months: 3,000 of them get tickets for refusing to go to the designated places, by Anup Ojha (kp 25/05/2019)

Eight years on, three bridge projects remain incomplete: Controversial Pappu Construction behind two of these projects, by Kumbharaj Rai (kp 24/05/2019)

NEA installing 10 EV charging stations (rep 24/05/2019)

Three toots for Tootle: The motorcycle ride-share serves as a reliable option for people with disabilities unable to use public transport, by Sonia Awale (nt 24/05/2019)

Muglin bridge to come into operation from last week of June (ht 23/05/2019)

Unsustainable development projects in Sudurpaschim pose environmental riskNone of the local units has carried out environment impact assessment for road construction projects, by Pant (kp 22/05/2019)

Locals obstruct vehicular movement on  Chettrapati-Swoyambhu road section (ht 22/05/2019)

Locals still crossing Mahakali River using tubes as Indian officials defer inaugural of suspension bridge, by Prem Chunara (rep 22/05/2019)

Construction of Sadhikholsa Bailey bridge nears completion, by Anish Tiwari (kp 21/05/2019)

Too many ‘useless’ and substandard roads, by Giriraj Baskota (rep 21/05/2019)

100 km track of Khulalu-Salli Salla road section opens for vehicles, by Tularam Pandey and Chhapal Lama (kp 21/05/2019)

Enhance travel security: The government can no longer stay indifferent to the growing number of accidents, said to kill about 2,200 people annually (ht 21/05/2019)

Two-wheeler accidents result in more casualties in the Valley, data shows: According to traffic police, reckless driving of riders and poor road  conditions are major reasons behind the accidents, by Nayak Paudel (kp 20/05/2019)

14 dead, 32 hurt in separate road accidents (kp 20/05/2019)

Transport federation asks its committees to register as companies within five days: The government-imposed deadline ends on June 1, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 20/05/2019)

‘Pillion riders will have to wear helmet’ (ht 20/05/2019), Safety first: Proposed rule of making the helmet a must for pillion riders is welcome (kp 21/05/2019)

Metropolis to facilitate ‘digital parking’ in New Road next week: Through the ‘Park KTM’ app, 700 two-wheelers and over 200 four-wheelers can book parking spaces in five designated spaces in the area, by Anup Ojha (kp 19/05/2019)

Rule violators getting calls from Traffic Police Office (ht 19/05/2019)

Mid-Hill Highway Projectoffice seeks clarification from erring contractors: The project directorate has warned builders of blacklisting and contract termination, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 19/05/2019)

Call to promote electric vehicles: Environmentalists demand adequate budget for implementing earlier announced policies and infrastructure development, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 17/05/2019)

Nepal road accidents claimed 11,005 lives in five years (rep 17/05/2019)

Hundreds of students affected as locals block road in Lalitpur (ht 17/05/2019)

Contractor seeks extension of road project in Dhangadi (ht 17/05/2019)

Road construction snail-paced (ht 17/05/2019)

Elected officials demand road be opened—against court order: Supreme Court orders the Tilganga-Tamaraganga road section remain closed, as it is part of a UN heritage site and must be protected, by Anup Ojha (kp 16/05/2019), Tilganga-Tamraganga road shut down to protect heritage: PADT’s move to close the 675-metre road was prompted by the SC’s  order three years ago (ht 16/05/2019)

Contractor begins blacktopping Chabahil-Jorpati road (ht 16/05/2019)

Krishnamarga road sees 20% work progress, by Binod Dhungana (rep 16/05/2019)

Heed the warnings: Now that the locals of Chabahil and Dholagiti have tasted success with their protests, the residents of other localities could also join the bandwagon (ht 15/05/2019)

Highways Can Turn Parasitic, by Tone Bleie (rn 15/05/2019)

Locals protest road construction delay, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 14/05/2019)

PM Oli’s claim that Kathmandu is ‘dust free’ is far from reality: City residents say VIPs who move around in air conditioned vehicles  are unaware of the Valley’s ground reality, by Anup Ojha (kp 13/05/2019)

Transport office’s plan to install GPS in vehicles raises privacy concern: New technology is a good initiative but it needs broader consultations, activists say, by Nayak Paudel (kp 13/05/2019)

Khutiya-Dipayal fast-track halted,says forest office ht 13/05/2019)

Despite action plans and ambitious targets, Nepal lags behind in e-mobility transition: How Kathmandu transited through the death of trolley buses and Safa Tempos to hazardous air and dented spirits, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 12/05/2019)

Construction of major highways improves road connectivity (ht 12/05/2019)

Agitated residents, traders shut down unrepaired Bouddha road: At least four protesters and a member of the police force were injured in the brief scuffle, by Anish Regmi (kp 10/05/2019) [The imcompetent politicians and administrators had promised the repair years ago!], Locals protest road construction delay, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 10/05/2019), Contractor buckles under pressure (ht 10/05/2019), Tusal-Bauddha road prepared for instant blacktopping after locals’ protest, by Sonam Lama (rep 11/05/2019)

Delayed construction of road causing problems for residents (ht 10/05/2019)

Bridge construction hit by delay and use of inferior materials: Four years since the expiry of contract deadline, Swachhanda Construction has  delivered only 40 percent of the project, by Chandra Karki (kp 10/05/2019)

Two-thirds of budget of Kathmandu Tarai Expressway unspent (brep 09/05/2019)

Road asphalt wears off within a year of construction, by Dinesh Subedi (rep 08/05/2019)

City’s ineffective road clean-up drive is throwing taxpayers’ millions down the drain: The metropolis has spent Rs249,600 just on fuel for its five broomers in the last 39 days, by Anup Ojha (kp 07/05/2019)

Lack of policies hits operation of electric vehicles (ht 07/02/2019)

NEA plans to set up 10 electric vehicle charging stations in Valley (ht 06/05/2019)

The story of a bridge that was never built, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 06/05/2019)

Traffic police to remove illegal ticket counters, by Anup Ojha (kp 05/05/2019)

Traffic police to enforce pick and drop in Kalanki area from today: Officials hope the move will ease traffic congestion and facilitate passengers, by Anup Ojha (kp 05/05/2019)

Road to connect China and India in Eastern region nears completion, by Madhav Ghimire and Dipendra Shakya (kp 05/05/2019)

Unplanned road construction a big threat to Baitadi, by Bira Gadal (rep 05/05/2019)

The problem with buses in Nepal: We can emulate Bogota, Columbia and adopt bus rapid transit, instead of unfeasible metro-rails, by Bidur Timalsina (kp 05/05/2019)

To live in hope: Riding a bicycle in Kathmandu is not healthy or safe. But neither is riding a motorbike or a scooter. The hope is that someday, it will be, by Asmof Karki (kp 04/05/2019)

Mustang villages cutoff in lack of bridge over Kaligandaki, by Sushil Babu Thakali (rep 04/05/2019)

Government to restore traffic lights in five places of Valley by next week: The Department of Roads has allocated  Rs 10.9 million for the project, by Anup Ojha (kp 03/05/2019)

42 errant cabbies booked in a day (ht 03/05/2019)

Settlers occupy areas along Bhimdutta Highway (kp 02/05/2019)

Construction of bridges along Postal Highway incomplete, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 02/05/2019), Construction of bridge along Postal Highway in limbo, by Santosh Singh (kp 05/05/2019)

Dress code for public vehicle ticket counter employees (ht 01/05/2019)

Country’s oldest highway in urgent need of repair, by Pratap Bista (kp 30/04/2019)

Five people dead in Palpa jeep accident (kp 30/04/2019)

Siddhicharan Highway in sorry state (ht 30/04/2019)

Construction of suspension bridge completed before deadline, by Pratap Bista (kp 29/04/2019)

Landslide prevention works of Narayangadh-Muglin road delayed, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 28/04/2019) [No problem, the next monsoon is still more than a month away and it comes as a surprise!!]

Tatopani border point to reopen in May, by Dhruba Dangal (rep 28/04/2019)

29 per cent vehicles fail emission test in Balkumari (ht 28/04/2019)

Stakeholders realigning Jajarkot-Jumla road, by Bhim Bahadur Singh (kp 26/04/2019)

Bridges to Balthali: Across three bridges, up and down a couple of valleys and into relative serenity, Balthali is Kathmandu’s unsung bolthole, by Thomas Heaton (kp 26/04/2019)

Nepal’s electric transport future is here: Once seen as a quaint option, electric vehicles promise ecological and economic benefits, by Sonia Awale (nt 26/04/2019)

Five people dead, 34 injured in Dadeldhura bus accident, by Panta (kp 25/04/2019)

Tootle and Pathao make commute easy, but many women express safety concerns: Women say harassment has not stopped even though both ride-sharing  services say they have a system in place to discourage—and penalise—riders, by Sachitra Gurung  (kp 23/04/2019)

Nepal’s glaring road problems: Political leadership is indifferent to 2,000 lives claimed by road accidents annually across the country (ht 22/04/2019)

Work apace on Kaligandaki Corridor road widening, by Shiva Lal Subedi (rep 22/04/2019)

Two killed, 10 injured in Dhading Bus Accident, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 22/04/2019)

Kanti Highway expected to be fully operational by October, by Pratap Bista (kp 21/04/2019)

Newly opened corridors will ease city’s traffic jam: Traffic police, by Anup Ojha (kp 20/04/2019)

Construction of bridge over Kamala River stalled for years, by Maheshwor Chamling Rai (rep 20/04/2019)

Asset verification process of transport operators set to become free of hassles: Public transport operators are yet to register as companies under new rules, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 19/04/2019)

Lack of bridge forces Gumba folks to cross rivers with ropes (ht 18/04/2018)

Kathmandu-Hetauda Tunnel Highway: Govt neglect puts public money at risk (rep 16/04/2019)

Verdict on Nagdhunga-Kalanki road expansion has knock-on effect on other projects: Locals who were ready to give up land for road expansion are now  seeking compensation in line with the Supreme Court’s order, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 16/04/2019)

Stakeholders say theimplementation ofmetropolis’ new driving law will be challenging: Focus on pedestrian amenities and road surface markings, they say, by Anup Ojha (kp 16/04/2019)

Locals warn of protest against sluggish road construction work in Bhaktapur (ht 16/04/2019)

Obstruction in land acquisition delays construction of Postal Highway, by Upendra Yadav (rep 15/04/2019)

Seven dead, 42 hurt in separate road accidents (kp 15/04/2019)

Four die, four injured in Dharan accident (ht 14/04/2019)

Most roads in Rolpa constructed without DPR and IEA report, by Dinesh Subedi (rep 14/04/2019)

Jajarkot villagers rely on tuins to cross Bheri River, by Bhim Bahadur Singh (kp 14/04/2019)

Bus Rapid Transit: Can it be a panacea for public transportation woes in Kathmandu?, by Bidur Timalsina (kp 14/04/2019)

Reconstruction work at Tatopani border nearing completion, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 13/04/2019)

1,100 km of roads in quake-hit districts yet to be rebuilt, by Diya Dhakal (rep 13/04/2019)

Government’s plan to operate 300 electric buses fails to garner momentum, by Anup Ojha (kp 11/04/2019), Electrify the future: The government’s grand plan to operate e-buses is yet to see the light of day (kp 12/04/2019)

Nagdhunga tunnel plan gets bogged down in paperwork, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 12/04/2019)

Govt to revise DPR of Outer Ring Road (ht 11/04/2019)

Over 50 pc vehicles in capital fail pollution test, by Biken K Dawadi (rep 11/04/2019), 62.5 per cent vehicles fail tests (ht 12/04/2019)

Nagdhunga tunnel construction delayed (ht 10/04/2019)

Highway project pays out Rs560 million in compensation, by Krishan Thapa (kp 10/04/2019)

After traffic police take down pamphlets, cabbies  accuse state of restricting freedom of expression: The Department of Transport Management said the pamphlets sent a  ‘misleading message’ to the public and were merely tools of ‘emotional blackmail’, by Anup Ojha (kp 10/04/2019)

KMC to slap fine for littering public vehicles (ht 09/04/2019)

Seven killed, 53 injured in road accidents (ht 09/04/2019)

Patan wants to become a cycle city. But can it pull it off? The city’s mayor has an ambitious plan and a bold vision, but he’ll first have to fight the mindset that believes in development around vehicles and driving roads, by Arpan Shrestha (kp 08/04/2019), Lalitpur to get bicycle lanes (ht 12/04/2019)

Locals obstruct Prithvi Highway demanding immediate repair, by Binod Dhungana (rep 08/04/2019)

Two corridor roads opened to ease traffic congestion (ht 07/04/2019)

Plan to manage public vehicles puts authorities on collision course, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 07/04/2019)

City’s broomer machines cleaning VVIP areas only: Kathmandu Metropolitan City officials say they are still imparting training to the machine drivers, by Anup Ojha (kp 07/04/2019)

Three killed in road accidents (ht 06/04/2019)

Plans afoot to hike fine up to Rs10,000 for traffic rules violators, by Anup Ojha (kp 05/04/2019)

Reform plan launched to manage Valley’s traffic and reduce pollution (kp 05/04/2019)

Government raises toll for vehicles (ht 05/04/2019)

A newly built bridge has been declared ‘risky’ but vehicles continue to ply on it: The bridge in Capital’s Teku was built by the ill-famed Pappu Construction, by Samuel Chhetri (kp 04/04/2019)

Road network at the doorstep of Everest (rep 04/04/2019)

Road Department tightens screw on erring contractors: The move is aimed at encouraging builders to complete their work within the deadline, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 02/04/2019)

Six killed, three injured in Okhaldhunga jeep accident (rep 01/04/2019)

Nepal Police launches new system to record accidents in the central database, by Nayak Paudel (kp 30/03/2019)

Rickshaw pullers, taxi drivers share difficulties they face everyday in Capital, by Anup Ojha (kp 29/03/2019)

Traffic police start pilot project in a bid to ease Capital’s traffic woes: The undertaking focuses on the renovation of the corridor and bridges, as some sections are obstructed by mounds of soil after construction, by Nayak Paudel (kp 29/03/2019)

Construction of bridge left incomplete for last 9 years, by Mohan Budhaair (kp 28/03/2019)

Mayor inaugurates broomer machines: Kathmandu Metropolitan City to operate the newly brought machines at night along five different routes, by Anup Ojha and Sanjaya Lama (kp 27/03/2019)

Construction of 11 suspension bridges in Humla in limbo, by Janak Bahadur Shahi(rep 27/03/2019)

Binayak-Thatikhand road sees little progress with contract due to expire on April 28, by Menuka Dhungana (kp 27/03/2019)

Dusty Chabahil-Sankhu stretch choking people, businesses, by Anita Shrestha (ht 26/03/2019)

As Bijulibazar arch bridge opens, youths find some dangerous adventure, by Anup Ojha (kp 26/03/2019)

Foundation stone laid for the longest suspension bridge of Nepal, by Sangam Gharti Magar (rep 25/03/2019)

Delayed Kalanki-Nagdhunga road project is taking heavy toll on locals and commuters: Hours-long traffic jams on the dusty stretch are stressing people out, by Anup Ojha (kp 24/03/2019)

Road upgradation work halted citing insecurity, no payment, by Anish Tiwari (kp 24/03/2019)

Rural roads in poor state; no respite for locals, by Tika Prasad Bhatta (kp 23/03/2019)

Pillars of road safety: The number of road fatalities in Nepal is increasing  alarmingly despite an action plan, by Shubhechchha Bhatta (kp 22/03/2019)

Kathmandu-Tarai expressway to cost Rs 213 billion: Korean company submits the final Detailed Project Report to Nepal Army, by Binod Ghimire (kp 21/03/2019)

Tendering process for remaining portion of Postal Highway starts, by Rakesh Khanal (kp 20/03/2019)

Construction of Miteri bridge gains momentum: The Chinese builder plans to complete the reconstruction of the infrastructure in the bridge area within May 2019, by Anish Tiwari (kp 19/03/2019)

Eight years on, construction of the Kamala river bridge yet to complete: A joint venture of the disreputed Pappu Construction was contracted to complete the bridge by the fiscal year 2015-16, by Raj Kumar Karki (kp 18/03/2019)

Kathmandu Valley’s overhead bridges in dire need of repair: Urban planners say dilapidated structures pose a serious threat to pedestrians, by Anup Ojha (kp 17/03/2019), A bridge to fear: Kathmandu’s dilapidated flyovers  could be a disaster in the waiting (kp 18/03/2019)

Locals work together to build road on their own (rep 17/03/2019)

Roads blacktopped in Parbat, by Chhabilal Tiwari (rep 16/03/2019)

Kathmandu metropolis allocates Rs500 million to instal 6,000 street lamps: Metropolis to call tender for the installation after two months, by Anup Ojha (kp 10/03/2019)

Kathmandu’s taxi drivers say the meter fare is killing them: An alliance of drivers in the Valley wants to set a fixed rate for routes under three kilometres. Officials say they haven’t given the demand a thought, by Arpan Shrestha and Sanjog Manandhar  (kp 07/03/2019)

Landslide-blocked Mailung-Syaphru road section yet to come into operation, by Balaram Ghimire (kp 07/03/2019)

Transport associations say  difficult to follow two-driver rule Police are using a new system to ensure that two drivers take turns to drive long-route buses to their destination, by Nayak Paudel (kp 03/03/2019) [This must not be an argument!]

At least 11 killed in Darchula jeep plunge (rep 02/03/2019)

‘Traffic congestion cost Kathmandu Rs 16.5 billion in 2018’ (rep 02/03/2019)

90 percent work on Muglin bridge complete; set to open on Nepali New Year, by Anup Ojha (kp 01/03/2019)

Over 72,000 road projects in limbo (ht 28/02/2019)

DoTM likely to hike public transport fare (ht 27/02/2019)

Go electric to cut oil bill: As long as we import petroleum, Nepal’s trade deficit will keep ballooning, by Paban Pandey (kp 25/02/2019)

New legal trouble for Pathao: A writ filed in the Supreme Court challenges the ride-sharing company’s legal status in Nepal, by Tsering D Gurung (kp 25/02/2019), Top court rejects stay appeal against Pathao: Petitioner and ride-sharing service company to furnish written explanation to the court, by Tsering D Gurung (kp 27/02/2019)

Seven places prone to landslides along Narayangadh-Muglin road, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 25/02/2019)

Pepsicola-Sallaghari road expansion at snail’s pace (kp 23/02/2019)

Two years on, 4.5-km bypass road sees no sign of completion, by Sabita Shrestha (rep 23/02/2019)

45 public buses booked for overlooking rule (kp 22/02/2019)

People in remote Rolpa village rejoice arrival of motor vehicles, by Kashiram Dangi (kp 22/02/2019)

KMC's lighting program in the dark: 7.5 pc of required street lamps installed in seven months, by Biken K Dawadi (rep 22/02/2019)

15-year-old was driving ill-fated Baglung jeep (rep 21/02/2019)

Passengers obliged to change multiple vehicles in Dolpa-Nepalgunj route, by Bishnu Prasad Devkota (rep 21/02/2019)

Electric buses unveiled by PM remain garaged (rep 21/02/2019)

Road mishap in Province - 5 : 350 dead, over 1,000 injured in seven months, by Rekha Bhusal (rep 20/02/2019)

Work on 12 bridges along Beni-Jomsom-Korala road ongoing, by Sushil Babu Thakali (rep 19/02/2019)

Construction of 7,000 road projects across country stalled (ht 16/02/2019)

Jhulaghat bridge remains an unmet promise: Locals deprived of economic benefits in absence of motorable bridge over Mahakali River, by Bira Gadal (rep 16/02/2019)

At least four killed, nine injured in Jajarkot bus crash (kp 15/02/2019), Dilapidated Rimna road blamed for Thursday’s accident, by Janak KC (rep 16/02/2019)

Motorcyclist killed after colliding with bus on East-West Highway (kp 15/02/2019)

Traffic police launches drive to shape up public bus drivers, by Anup Ojha (kp 14/02/2019)

Crossing Mahakali remains a challenge for Dadeldhura folk, by Panta (kp 14/02/2019)

Dhading's rural roads: Development in winter, destruction in monsoon, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 13/02/2019)

Kalanki-Koteshwor section undergoes road safety audit, by Anup Ojha (kp 13/02/2019)

Footpaths to be made compulsory in new roads: Transport Minister, by Biken K Dawadi (rep 13/02/2019)

HoR holds debate on road safety (ht 13/02/2019)

App aims to ensure two drivers in long-route buses (ht 13/02/2019)

Road construction done without research causing depletion of water sources, by Shumsher Bikram GC (rep 12/02/2019)

115 tuins replaced with trail bridges (ht 11/02/2019)

DoTM mulls int’l driving licence (ht 11/02/2019)

Police to launch app aimed at making night buses safer, by Nayak Paudel (kp 10/02/2019)

Undoing traffic jam: While the number of drivers penalized for violating traffic rules is increasing steadily, the number of violators is also rising, by Kabi Adhikari (rep 10/02/2019)

How safe is Kalanki-Koteshwar road?, by Bikan K Dawadi (rep 10/02/2019)

Progress on Koshi Corridor excites local entrepreneurs, by Giriraj Baskota (rep 10/02/2019)

Palpa Butwal road section shut for geological survey (kp 10/02/2019)

Revving up: It’s time to bid adieu to the internal combustion engine, by Gaurab Raj Pandey (kp 10/02/2019)

Shortest route linking Udayapur with Kathmandu comes into operation (ht 09/02/2019)

Seven dead in road accidents, by Raj Kumar Karki (kp 08/02/2019)

While KMC fails, a person’s drive to manage strays thrives, by Anup Ojha (kp 07/02/2019)

Traffic police launch safety drive on Valley’s newly widened road: Certain sections of the stretch have been dubbed ‘death traps’, by Anup Ojha (kp 06/02/2019), Over 6,000 cabbies booked for traffic violations (kp 06/02/2019)

Surveyors plot landby breaching highway buffer regulation, by Shiva Puri (kp 06/02/2019)

Singha Durbar-Putalisadak road still in dark—so is KMC, by Anup Ojha (kp 05/02/2019)

Khokana will remain  Kathmandu-Tarai Expressway entry point: Korean firm submits draft of the detailed project report to the Nepal Army, by Binod Ghimire (kp 05/02/2019)

Two-wheelers involved in 56.49pc road accidents in Kathmandu valley (ht 05/02/2019)

Handover delay in peak season stalls more than 1,000 road projects, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 04/02/2019) [Anti-federal government politics!]

Suspension bridge built in Darchula border yet to come into use, by Manoj Badu (kp 04/02/2019)

Call to pass bill related to road safety (ht 03/02/2019)

7-kilometer track takes 41 years to open, by Ashok Sujan Shrestha (rep 03/02/2019)

Tuin accident victims to get govt relief (ht 02/02/2019)

Struggle committee to intensify agitation for early completion of bridges (ht 01/02/2019)

Road construction project in limbo (ht 01/02/2019)

China’s design plan delays Ring Road phase two project: Chinese side unhappy about criticism of the first phase road expansion completed recently, sources say, by Bibek Subedi (kp 31/01/2019)

3 months after repair, BP Highway back to square one, by Anil Bhandari (rep 31/01/2019)

Economic case for road safety: If Nepal doesn’t act to reduce road injuries it might lose seven percent of GDP growth in the next two decades, by Puspa Raj Pant (rep 30/01/2019)

Kathmandu-Tarai expressway to be shorter: According to Nepal Army, the project report has  proposed more tunnels, shortening the road to 73.5km, by Binod Ghimire (kp 30/01/2019)

Tipper-hit kills minor in Morang: Biratnagar-Biratchowk road section remained tense after irate locals torched seven tippers (ht 29/01/2019)

Passengers worried over reckless driving, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 29/01/2019)

One-track mind: To address road safety in Nepal, we need to mind the gaps, by Puspa Raj Pant (kp 27/01/2019), Deadly highways: Road safety should be made a national priority as many people are dying in mishaps, by David Kainee (kp 29/01/2019)

Nepal Electricity Authority, driver blamed for Sabaila accident, by Brij Kumar Yadav (ht 27/01/2019)

1 die, 25 hurt in bus crash (kp 26/01/2019)

Mismanagement plagues transport department (ht 25/01/2019)

Highways or death traps? In the absence of proper monitoring and precaution, highways that are being envisioned will most certainly increase Vehicle Wildlife Collisions, by Pramod Neupane (rep 24/01/2019)

Hundreds of travellers stuck in snow in various districts (kp 24/01/2019)

Ride Sharing Ventures in Nepal, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 24/01/2019)

Heavy snowfall disrupts Solukhumbu-Kathmandu road (rep 23/01/2019)

Pashupati road being operated against Supreme Court directive, by Anup Ojha (kp 22/01/2019)

City starts work on overpasses (kp 22/01/2019), KMC to build two pedestrian bridges this fiscal year (rep 22/01/2019)

Locals along Galchhi-Trishuli Road enforce banda demanding compensation, by Krishna Thapa (kp 21/01/2019), General strike hits life in Nuwakot (ht 21/01/2019)

A dangerous life: Road safety is not a privilege, but the right of the people (kp 21/01/2019), Valley roads claimed 132 lives in six months, by Biken K Dawadi rep 21/01/2019)

4 dead, 25 hurt in separate road accidents (kp 21/01/2019)

Life in the fast lane: The Nepal Army is overstepping its mandate, and the fast track has dissatisfied locals, by Ayushma Basnyat (kp 21/01/2019)

With 60 percent zebra crossings faded, pedestrians at risk of being run over, by Anup Ojha (kp 20/01/2019)

Getting back on track: Perpetual delays in legislation and implementation on road safety will cost more lives, by Bhagirath Yogi (kp 20/01/2019)

Three dead, as many hurt in Sarlahi road accident: A speeding truck hit a bus that was parked on the roadside (kp 20/01/2019)

24 injured as bus overturns (kp 20/01/2019)

Chhinchu-Jajarkot road in dilapidated state (kp 20/01/2019)

33 years on, Doti road construction nowhere near completion (ht 19/01/2019)

Nepal’s deadly roads take their toll: It is no longer correct to call them accidents, this is slaughter, by Gopal Gartaula (nt 18/01/2019)

Seven dead, 33 injured in Parbat bus accident, by Agandhar Tiwari and Prakash Baral (kp 18/01/2019)

Poor road condition sees decline in tourist numbers in Sankhu (kp 17/01/2019)

Siraha road accidents kill 39 in past six months (rep 17/01/2019)

Ride-sharing apps hit hurdle as state sides with taxi operators: The recent seizure of motorbikes used by Tootle and Pathao riders  raises concerns about letting tech companies operate unregulated , by Tsering D Gurung (kp 16/01/2019), Middle of the road: Government’s reaction to ride-hailing services should be to step in and update laws—not restrict innovation (kp 16/01/2019) [There is special need of insurance and tax payment regulations!], Ride partners perplexed as crackdown continues, by Timothy Aryal (kp 17/01/2019), Transport management dept rules out action against ride-sharing services, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 17/01/2019), Law to regulate ride-sharing services by April, by Timothy Aryal (kp 18/01/2019), Capitalising on back seats: The government’s decision to lift the ban on ride-sharing is progressive, by Mangal Bahadur Thapa (kp 18/01/2019)

Poor quality drives transport management department to halt printing smart licences, by Umesh Poudel (ht 16/01/2019)

New ‘wheel clamp’ campaign books 213 motorists in a week: Drive implemented to lessen congestion in the city, by Anup Ojha (kp 13/01/2019)

Locals Build wooden bridge in Dumling, by Manoj Badu (kp 13/01/2019)

Roads to nowhere: Shailung Construction holds contracts for the maintenance of many roads in Kathmandu  Valley. But its performance on nearly all of them has been found wanting, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 12/01/2019)

Government-approved death traps: Road accidents are created by the government’s neglect and lack of responsibility, by Naresh Koirala (kp 11/01/2019)

Move like ants: Have you seen ants stuck in traffic? Researches have proven that if we all drove more like ants walk, we would experience fewer traffic jams, by Biranchi Poudyal (rep 10/01/2019)

NC MPs register public importance motion on road carnage (rep 09/01/2019) [This is justified, but one must still ask why they did not become active when their party was in government!]

Commuters are NOT happy with KMC ‘pick and drop’ points (kp 08/01/2019), Commuters bear brunt of pick-and-drop (rep 09/01/2019)

Microbus runs over five pedestrians (ht 08/01/2018)

APF men on standby to clear landslide debris, by Bibhu Luitel (kp 07/01/2019)

Avoiding road deaths: The best way to reduce road traffic deaths and severe injuries in Nepal is through a safe system approach with good post-crash care, by Amrit Banstola (rep 06/01/2019)

Construction of Tamakoshi bridge in limbo for nine years (ht 06/01/2019)

MPs Criticise government for failing to deliver (kp 05/01/2019)

80 pc breathalysers defunct; can’t be repaired in country: In 2014, the MTPD had  bought 18 breathalysers  for Rs2.4m; today, half of  them don’t work, by Anup Ojha (kp 03/01/2019), Traffic police allocate Rs 4.1m for breathalysers, by Anup Ojha (kp 06/01/2019)

Bridge construction in limbo for six years (ht 03/01/2019)

Police teams in rural areas in bid to control careless driving (ht 03/01/2019)

Traffic police book 1,817 rule violators on New Year’s Eve, by Anup Ojha (kp 02/01/2019)

Construction of roads in locality elates Chepang communities (kp 02/01/2019)

Bhojpur-Khotang road section being blacktopped (ht 02/01/2019)

Landslide blocks Dhunche road (kp 01/01/2019)

Man dies, 24 hurt in separate road accidents (kp 01/01/2019)

Traffic police rely on social media to book rule violators, by Anup Ojha (kp 31/12/2018)

Solar lamps along Singha Durbar, Bhadrakali start working after a year: After nearly a year of lying defunct, twenty-four solar lamps have finally  been repaired along one of the most famous thoroughfares in the Capital, by Anup Ojha (kp 30/12/2018) [Wow, an extremely conscientious and competent government and administration!]

Using public transport an ordeal for disabled people, by Shuvam Dhungana (rep 30/12/2018)

286,922 DUI offenders booked so far (ht 30/12/2018)

Nagdhunga tunnel delayed over contractor selection process, by Bibek Subedi (kp 30/12/2018)

Government to send back faulty electric buses: Supplier BYD wants re-assessment of vehicles, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 29/12/2018)

Govt to establish transport authority (ht 29/12/2018)

After criticism, KMC installs ‘pick and drop’ information boards, by Anup Ojha (kp 28/12/2018)

Govt to buy 300 electric buses for Kathmandu valley (rep 28/12/2018), Plan to bring 300 e-buses to city receives mixed response: Transparency major concern for the purchase plan worth billions (rep 30/12/2018)

Kathmandu-Tarai Expressway: Army seeks Rs 680 million as incentive for staff, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 27/12/2018)

City planners sceptical about KMC’s plan to install smart zebra crossings, by Anup Ojha (kp 26/12/2018)

Baphi villagers rely on boats and tubes to cross Seti, by Mohan Shahi (kp 26/12/2018)

China to start upgrading Syabrubesi road soon, by Bibek Subedi (kp 26/12/2018)

Pokhara’s Bus Park to be upgraded, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 26/12/2018)

Pokhara-Baglung road to be closed six hours a day, by Chhabi Lal Tiwari (rep 26/12/2018)

‘No changes in Fast Track starting point’ (rep 26/12/2018)

Ghorahi tense after bus kills scooterist, by Durga Lal KC (kp 25/12/2018)

A road to nowhere: Campaigns without proper urban planning no solution to Capital’s traffic woes (kp 25/12/2018)

Road safety: It is high time govt recognised road safety as an issue and implemented strong regulations to curb road accidents and save lives (ht 24/12/2018)

Lack of publicity renders city’s ‘pick and drop’ drive ineffective, by Anup Ojha (kp 23/12/2018)

Expressway project on track, says parliamentary team: Nepal Army is building  the shortest way from Kathmandu to the Tarai (kp 23/12/2018)

Kathmandu’s roads are widening, but there’s no space for pedestrians: The existing set-up of most of the Valley’s streets shows there’s little concern for pedestrians, and even where there are sidewalks, they have been poorly built and managed, by Arpan Shrestha (kp 22/12/2018)

16 killed in bus accident, by Durga Lal KC (kp 22/12/2018), Death toll in Dang bus accident climbs to 23, 12 deceased identified, by Shiva Lal Subedi (rep 22/12/2018), Polytechnic institute mourns loss of students and teachers: Twenty-three were killed in Friday’s bus accident, by Durga Lal KC (kp 23/12/2018), Tragedy in Dang should be a wakeup call (rep 24/12/2018)

Second phase of bridge maintenance project begins: First phase conducted major maintenance along 17-km bridge length and minor repairs along 10 km (rep 22/12/2018)

Millions of rupees being spent on installation of bridge over Sunkoshi (ht 22/12/2018)

Valley natives stage protest against road expansion drive (kp 21/12/2018)

One killed, 25 others injured in road mishap (rep 21/12/2018)

Killer roads claim 864 lives across Nepal in 4 months: 3,728 injured in 4,298 accidents including 1,488 severely, by Bikan K Dawadi (rep 18/12/2018), Road safety must be a national priority (rep 19/12/2018)

Hopping on: With ride-sharing services Tootle and Pathao, Kathmandu’s passengers can finally ride safe and ride cheap, by Krishana Prasain (kp 17/12/2018)

Koshi gets alternative crossing, by Sangam Prasain (kp 17/12/2018)

‘Pick and drop rule’ for passenger vehicles enforced around Tundhikhel area, by Shuvam Dhungana (rep 17/12/2018), Public vehicles barred from waiting at city centre (ht 17/12/2018)

Govt shows flexibility towards transporters: Extends the deadline for transport associations to switch to company model till mid-March (ht 17/12/2018)

Dept of roads tarmacking streets sans clearing utility poles, pipelines, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 16/12/2018)

China awaits design approval of second phase of Ring Road expansion project (ht 16/12/2018)

Can Kathmandu ever be a cycling city? With temperate weather and a small size, Kathmandu should be a perfect cycle city. Instead, cycling here is difficult, dangerous and even lethal, by Bibhu Luitel (kp 15/12/2018)

18 dead, 16 injured in mini-truck plunge, by Krishna Thapa (kp 15/12/2018), Nuwakot truck crash toll reaches 20, by Krishna Thapa (kp 16/12/2018)

Seven dead, 12 injured in separate road accidents (kp 15/12/2018)

Expressway to stay on course despite Khokana protests, by Binod Ghimire (kp 14/12/2018), SAC orders govt to heed local complaints about fast-track project (rep 15/12/2018)

Speeding a norm on 'risky' BP highway, by Anil Bhandari (rep 13/12/2018)

Rasugadhi Hydropower Project builds road to Thuman village, by Himnath Devkota (rep 13/12/2018)

Shanghai group set to hand over KK road project to Kathmandu, by Anup Ojha (kp 12/12/2018)

Public transporters ‘must register as private companies by Dec 16’, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 11/12/2018)

10 years on, Khaireni bridge still incomplete, by Tika Prasad Bhatta (kp 11/12/2018)

Compensation controversy affects a national pride road project, by Bhagwati Lama (rep 11/12/2018)

Contractor blamed for sluggish Lamosanghu-Jiri road improvement, by Ramesh Khatiwada (rep 09/12/2018)

Roadblocks, by Ramesh Kumar (nt 07/12/2018)

I see you: Installing CCTV cameras on the streets demands accountability (kp 07/12/2018)

Public Transportation Reforms, by Narad Bharadwaj (rn 07/12/2018)

Kathmandu to enforce ‘pick and drop’ rule from December 16: City Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya says the new campaign aims to make Kathmandu a traffic-congestion free city, by Anup Ojha (kp 06/12/2018)

Chinese company starts rebuilding  Miteri Bridge in Sindhupalchok, by Anish Tiwari (kp 05/12/2018), Tatopani border likely to open in May, by Dhruba Dangal (rep 06/12/2018)

State inadequacies impede road works worth Rs 26b, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 04/12/2018)

How a ‘dangerous’ verdict halted road expansions: 170 cases against road expansion pending at Supreme Court, hundreds in other courts across country, by Anjali Subedi and Rudra Pangeni (rep 04/12/2018)

6 dead in road accidents (kp 04/12/2018)

A suspension bridge gives new lease of life to over 15 villages, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 03/12/2018)

Proposal to construct provincial bus terminal in Tilottama, by Rekha Bhusal (rep 02/12/2018)

Blacktopping of Gulariya-Belawa road section begins, by Nirmal Ghimire (rep 02/12/2018)

Disgruntled minister questions tenders for 20 bridges on fast-track road (rep 01/12/2018)

New vehicle route system from Dec 16 (ht 01/12/2018)

Fast Track alignment should not be changed: Nepali Army (ht 01/12/2018)

Shake a leg: The chronic traffic congestion in the Kathmandu Valley can be reduced by cycling, by Shubhechchha Bhatta (kp 30/11/2018)

13 hurt as car runs over pedestrians (ht 30/11/2018)

Six people dead in Dailekh car accident (kp 29/11/2018)

Trees halt construction of highway in Kailali. In Kanchanpur 62km of Postal Highway section remains incomplete, by Mohan Budhair and Bhawanci Bhatta (kp 29/11/2018)

Salleri-Surkhe road construction halted, by Kumbharaj Rai (kp 28/11/2018)

MPs for halting KTM-tarai fast track work until DPR is ready (rep 27/11/2018)

Five dead, 48 injured in Saptari bus accident, by Abdhesh Kumar Jha (kp 25/11/2018)

Mind the road: No substantial actions have been planned to improve air quality and road safety, by Prashanta Khanal (kp 25/11/2018)

Citizens grope in darkness: KMC and NEA squabble over defunct street lights at Singha Durbar, by Anup Ojha (kp 24/11/2018)

16 killed in Dadeldhura bus plunge, by Panta (kp 23/11/2018), Dadeldhura crash toll rises to 18 (kp 24/11/2018)

Nepal razes three bridges built by India: nepal granted india permission to  construct two wooden bridges across mahakali river in Byas in October. However, the indian side constructed five bridges, by Manoj Badu (kp 23/11/2018)

Narrow bridges cause traffic bottlenecks on Muglin road: 18 bridges on the route needs replacement for smooth traffic flow, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 20/11/2018)

Road projects worth Rs 26b in limbo due to handover delays, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 19/11/2018)

Nepal Police rescue 7,029 women and children from traffickers in last 5 years (kp 18/11/2018)

Plan to install 14 portable bridges to ease city traffic (kp 18/11/2018)

Dolpa headquarters linked to national road network (kp 18/11/2018)

Two dead, 17 hurt in Dadeldhura jeep crash, by Panta (kp 18/11/2018)

Belahiya-Butwal road starts cracking even before completion of project, by Mohammad Habib (rep 18/11/2018)

Most auto drivers in Sindhuli driving without licenses, by Anil Bhandari (rep 18/11/2018)

Road extension around Fewa Lake risks soil deposition, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 17/11/2018)

72pc of accidents during festivals due to reckless driving (kp 16/11/2018)

New Friendship Bridge in Rasuwagadhi within 6 months, by Himnath Devkota (rep 15/11/2018)

Four die in road accidentsm (kp 15/11/2018)

Additional 2,400 trail bridges needed in Nepal (ht 15/11/2018)

Overpasses to be constructed in Chabahil, Maitighar (ht 15/11/2018)

Road rebuilding crawls as blame game continues (kp 14/11/2018)

Residents not happy with substandard roads, by Bhim Chapagain (rep 14/11/2018)

3 dead in separate crashes (kp 14/11/2018)

Landslides obstruct Kodari Highway, by Anish Tiwari (kp 13/11/2018)

New expressway turns killer: Recently opened Koteshwor-Kalanki road section kills nine people in three months, by Anup Ojha (kp 07/11/2018)

Years on, postal highway project fails to gain momentum (ht 07/11/2018)

Ten dead, two injured in Dolpa jeep accident, by Bishnu Lal Budha (kp 06/11/2018)

Average 160 people die a year in Valley road accidents: Traffic police, by Shuvam Dhungana (rep 06/11/2018)

Kathmandu sees high numbers of vehicles; traffic management turns challenging, by Narayan Dhungana (rep 04/11/2018)

Registrations resume under new numbering scheme (kp 03/11/2018)

Kathmandu-Tarai Expressway: Khokana, Bungamati residents complain to visiting lawmakers, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 02/11/2018)

Jogbani-Kimathanka track opening work nears completion (ht 02/11/2018)

Construction of motorable bridge left in limbo (ht 02/11/2018)

Electri-City Cars: Do your bit for the ecology and economy by switching to a battery car, and save money, too, by Sikuma Rai (nt 02/11/208)

Blacktopping done in hurry results in cracks within four months, by Narhari Sapkota (rep 01/11/2018)

Fund crunch hits reconstruction of quake-ravaged Tatopani road: More than three years after the devastating  earthquake, the passage to China from Tatopani remains inaccessible by vehicles, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 31/10/2018)

With ban lifted in Valley, tipper trucks again taking their toll, by Madhusudan Guragain (rep 31/10/2018), Tipper ban lifted ‘to spur government projects’, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 01/11/2018)

Low bids hit construction projects: Mid-Hill Highway (Eastern) prepares to terminate contracts of three bridge and wall projects, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 31/10/2018)

Liping road repairs begin, by Anish Tiwari (kp 30/10/2018)

Motorable bridge comes into operation in Bajura (ht 30/10/2018)

‘Mechanically fit’ old vehicles likely to get permission to operate (ht 29/10/2818)

Nijgadh-Kathmandu Expressway: Mismanagement leaves felled trees in limbo; The logs have started decaying after it was hit  by the incessant rain  during the monsoon, by Laxmi Sah (kp 28/10/2018)

Cyclist’s bid for ‘fresh air’ ends in open drain, by Anup Ojha (kp 28/10/2018), Man dies after falling into manhole, by Anita Shrestha (ht 28/10/2018)

Bridge over Mechi River  yet to come into operation (ht 28/10/2018)

Valley roads become deathtraps: Claim 4 lives in 24 hours, by Himal Lamsal (rep 28/10/2018)

Road accidents during Dashain rise 50pc: Nepal Police data shows 568 road accidents took place in the country, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 28/10/2018)

Nagma-Gamgadi road upgrading project: Local’s rage forces contractors to use quality materials, by DB Budha (rep 27/10/2018)

China begins repairing Araniko Highway, by Dhruba Dangal (rep 26/10/2018) [Why on earth has not Nepal itself begun and successfully completed this important task long ago?]

DoTM plans GPS based vehicle tracking system (ht 26/10/2018)

New bridge over Trishuli River ‘80pc complete’: The project has missed two deadlines. The first was mid-October 2017 and the second, mid-March 2018, by Anup Ojha (kp 25/10/2018)

Jajarkot-Dolpa road: Army opens track for Bheri corridor, by Krishna Prasad Gautam (kp 25/10/2018)

Construction of six-lane road still incomplete, six years on, by Rekha Bhusal (rep 25/10/2018)

Vendor to print driving licences from this week (kp 24/10/2018)

E-buses launched: Electric mobility action plan aims big, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 24/10/2018), A Ride To The Future, by Narad Bharadwaj (rn 26/10/2018)

Govt seeks help for DPR of six tunnel roads (ht 24/10/2018)

Holiday travellers clog Beni-Jomsom road, by Ghanashyam Khadka (kp 24/10/2018)

Narayangadh-Muglin highway: Improved road already in tatters, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 23/10/2018)

Inflow of people to Kathmandu increasing (ht 23/10/2018)

1 dead, 24 injured as mini lorry overturns in Sindhupalchok (kp 23/10/2018)

Six dead, 16 injured in bus accident, by Narayan Sharma (kp 22/10/2018), Six killed, 50 injured in Nawalparasi bus accident (ht 22/10/2018), Three killed in Ramechhap accident (ht 22/10/2018), 7 killed, 137 injured in separate road accidents in one day (ht 22/10/2018), Road fatalities during Dashain triple to 13 from last year, by Anup Ojha (kp 23/10/2018)

DoTM plans to reshuffle vehicle routes in Valley from mid-December (ht 22/10/2018), Plan for 66 new public vehicle routes in Valley (kp 23/10/2018)

Over 2.5 million people leave Kathmandu (kp 17/10/2018)

3 family members among six dead in road accidents (kp 17/10/2018)

Charging ahead: Nepal needs to switch to EVs if its agenda is to avoid losses economically and environmentally, by Rakshya Lama (kp 16/10/2018)

Risky travelling: The festival rush increases chances of road accidents (kp 15/10/2018), Accidents mar festival travel rush, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 16/10/2018)

NA shortlists six firms to build bridges along Fast Track (ht 15/10/2018)

Department of Roads refuses to accept new bridge over Bishnumati, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 13/10/2018)

Nine killed, 63 injured in three road accidents, by Anil Bhandari and Bhagwati Lama (rep 13/10/2018)

Exodus continues from Kathmandu: More than 1.5 million people head home from the Valley (kp 12/10/2018)

Morang starts written test to check drink driving (kp 12/10/2018)

Route restriction lifted to ease travel rush (kp 10/10/2018)

Amend vehicle registration process as per provincial system: Cabinet tells govt (ht 10/10/2018)

Four dead, 13 injured in two road accidents (rep 10/10/2018)

Find innovation to manage Valley traffic (rep 10/10/2018)

Dashain dash: Shoddy vehicles accident-prone: Last season, 483 people died in 2,953 accidents, by Chandqan Kumar Mandal (kp 07/10/2018)

Six dead, 17 injured in Banke microbus crash, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 07/10/2018)

Nepal allows India to build 2 wooden bridges across Mahakali River, by Manoj Badu (kp 07/10/2018)

Chyachhada cliff hinders Hilsa-Simkot road building, by Jaya Bahadur Rokaya (kp 07/10/2018)

Expressway study agreement inked (kp 03/10/2018)

Repair causes hours-long traffic jam (kp 03/101/2018)

New luxury buses alleviate commuters’ daily ordeal, by Anup Ojha (kp 03/10/2018)

Residents block traffic at Kalanki, by Anup Ojha (kp 29/09/2018)

Government mulls ‘authority’ to manage public transport system, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 26/09/2018)

Ban on 20-year-old vehicles deprive rural areas of transportation, by Bhim Chapagain (rep 26/09/2018)

Postal Highway becomes a nuisance due to delay in completion, by Mithilesh Yadv (rep 26/09/2018)

Lack of road compels Sertung locals to transport goods on mules, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 25/09/2018)

Citizens suffer every night as over 24 street lights fail, by Anup Ojha (kp 24/09/2018)

Project-control issue stalls 1,500 road works Impasse continues as Kathmandu controls projects  while provincial governments hold budget (kp 24/09/2018) [Leading politicians of the central level are still trying to prevent the implementation of federalism!]

Bridge project delay affects Lalima residents (kp 14/09/2018)

Police book over 1,000 traffic rule violators (kp 23/09/2018)

Locals put their sweat and money to repair road, by Narahari Sapkota (rep 23/09/2018)

DPR for road link to China set to be revised, by Himnath Devkota (rep 23/09/2018)

No road expansion at ABC foot trail for next 30 years, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 23/09/2018)

Pappu Construction violates approved design in four bridges: Infrastructure Ministry’s study reinforces growing concerns over quality of projects handled by the firm, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 22/09/2018), Pappu delay disrupts local life and trade: Pappu has been accused of missing the deadline on 25 bridge construction deals, out of a total of 41 construction contracts, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 22/09/2018)

Transport strike hits normal life in Mahottari, Bara (kp 20/09/2018), Transport strike paralyses country: Police fire bullets and lob teargas canisters during clash with drivers in Achham (kp 21/09/2018), Transport operators refuse to open festival ticket booking (kp 21/09/2018), Drivers end strike after deal: Eight-point agreement calls for drivers’ release, legal amendments, vehicle tests and road reforms, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 22/09/2018), Government, agitating drivers ink deal to resume transportation services (rep 22/08/2018), Dashain bookings start after nod to fare hike: Committee to review and suggest systematic fare adjustment for public vehicles within two months, by Arpan Shrestha and Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 23/09/2018)

Korean firm wins bid to make expressway DPR, by Binod Ghimire (kp 20/09/2018)

DoR to instal traffic lights at seven places (ht 20/09/2018)

Expressway project is a test of country’s leadership: Pokharel (kp 19/09/2018)

Army proposes two more tunnels along expressway, will cost Rs 5 billion extra, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 19/09/2018), Nepal Army must exercise transparency (rep 20/09/2018), Project report delay won’t hit
expressway works, says Army
(kp 21/09/2018), DPR will be ready in four months: Nepal Army (rep 21/09/2018), Experts advised more tunnels: Nepal Army: Additional tunnels to cost Rs 4.29 billion (rep 22/09/2018)

Demolition of illegal structures along BP Highway begins, by Madhusudhan Guragain (rep 18/09/2018)

Arniko Highway neglected after closure of trade route with China, by Dhruba Dangal (rep 18/09/2018)

Postal road project: Works progress at a snail’s pace (kp 17/09/2018)

Locals risking their lives due to delay in bridge construction, by Upendra Yadav (rep 16/09/2018)

Beni-Jomsom road ‘unsafe’, by Hari Krishna Gautam (rep 15/09/2018)

Negligence by Pappu and Kancharam makes Rajbiraj-Kunauli road miserable, by Jitendra Kumar Jha (rep 15/09/2018)

Of roads and revenue: Despite raising billions in taxes from the use of infrastructure and on vehicles, the annual budget for the repair, maintenance and improvement of the Valley’s roads remains inadequate, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 12/09/2018)

Landslides block Narayanghat-Mugling road at several places, by Sabita Shrestha (rep 12/09/2018)

Mainstream electric vehicles with law: Nepal urgently needs an electric vehicle policy and infrastructure to cope with rapid development of EVs and to reduce air pollution and oil import, by Subhechchha Bhatta (rep 11/09/2018)

Dashain becomes a bargaining chip: Transport entrepreneurs refuse to open advance bookings for the festival until government unfreezes their bank accounts, by Sanjeev Giri and Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 10/09/2018) [Not the rule of law and free market economy shall be enforced but syndicates and corruption!?]

Right of way: The road expansion did not help motorised transport much, instead it actively harmed pedestrians, by Pranaya SJB Rana (kp 10/09/2018)

Small vehicle imports surge despite mass transportation push: e-rickshaw imports up 549 percent (rep 10/09/2018)