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Effective health services delivery needs 92,000 health personnel (rep 09/12/2023), 45 nurses selected for job opportunities in UK (rep 09/12/2023) [How can nurses be sent abroad in view of the large domestic demand?]

Female community health volunteers are unsung heroes : Improved health indicators in Nepal are largely credited to the over 54,000 of volunteers who have worked tirelessly for decades, by Arjun Poudel (kp 06/12/2023), Female health volunteers grieve their contribution unsung (kh 06/12/2023)

Nepal grapples with acute shortage of nurses : Quota for UK employment falls short (kh 28/11/2023)

Over 80 percent of nurses fail licensure exam (rep 26/11/2023)

Parliamentary committee makes efforts to address nursing education issues (kh 07/09/2023)

‘Where should we study now?” Over 10,000 nursing students ask govt, by Ruby Rauniyar (rep 06/09/2023)

Nepal’s nurse flight : If nurse salaries and work conditions do not improve, we will have to ask why nurses stay, rather than why they leave (nt 28/07/2023), Nepali nurses gone and going to the UK : Three nurses speak about higher pay, greater appreciation and learning opportunities in Britain (nt 28/07/2023)

40 health workers unpaid for four months (kh 19/04/2023)

Underpaid Nepali nurses set their sights abroad : The monthly salary of nurses in most private hospitals in Nepal is in the range of Rs10,000 to Rs15,000, insiders say, by Subin Adhikari (kp 02/02/2023)

Nursing staff crunch leaves hospitals high and dry : Although the government makes big claims on building hospitals and expanding health services, it is ignoring the need to hire nurses that form the backbone of hospitals, by Rita Lamsal (nlt 07/01/2023) [Despite this great shortage at home, the government has reached an agreement with the UK to send 10,000 nurses, even though nurses there are currently on the barricades because of poor pay and working conditions!]

Nepali Nurses To Care For English Patients, by Namrata Sharma (rn 28/09/2022)

Nurses Abroad: Boon or Bane?, by Sahara Dhakal (rep 23/09/2022)

‘Government role crucial for attracting students to nursing’ : Increasing the number of nurses can help minimise the gap in Nepal’s nurse-patient ratio (kp 11/09/2022)

Avenues open for Nepali nurses but it could be a recruitment tightrope : Officials say nurses serving in the private sector have been underpaid and labour exploited, by Arjun Poudel (kp 26/08/2022)

Despite shortage within Nepal, government signs agreement to send nurses to Britain : Nepal on Monday signed an MoU to send at least 200 licensed nurses to the UK. Observers say this could result in a shortage of nurses in Nepal, by Shrutika Raut (nlt 22/08/2022), MoU with UK opens new avenue of employment for Nepali healthcare professionals (kh 22/08/2022), Thinking of going to the UK to work as a nurse? Here is all you need to know about latest labor pact to send Nepali  nurses to the UK (nlt 23/08/2022), Nepal and UK sign deal to recruit Nepali nurses in the UK healthcare sector : Nepali citizens will receive the same rights, privileges, protection and dignity as health professionals from the UK, as per the agreement, by Pawan Pandey (kp 23/08/2022)

Govt to send 10,000 nurses to UK : 150 to be sent in first phase (kh 13/06/2022) [???], Nepal slated to sign labour pact to send nurses to Britain : Nepali nurses selected to work in the UK will get same salary as their British peers, officials say, by Pawan Pandey (kp 19/06/2022), Recruitment tightrope : The imbalance of healthcare professionals could hinder our efforts to improve healthcare in Nepal (kp 20/08/2022) [Nepal itself does not need nurses at all, definitely!]

For female health workers, it’s like the pandemic never ended, by Manju Telor (rec 05/06/2022)

Staff adjustment leads to personnel mismanagement at health facilities : Many health workers in overstaffed local units deprived of salaries for months, by Arjun Poudel (kp 16/03/2022)

Together in Combatting COVID; Vitality of Nurses, by Kopila Shrestha Palikhe (kh 30/01/2022)

Process of bringing nurses from Nepal to UK to take one year (rep 24/01/2022)

Female community health volunteers feel neglected : They have long been demanding competitive salaries and allowances but to no avail (kp 02/01/2022)

Government planning to send 10,000 nurses to the UK for employment (kh 19/11/2021) [These nurses are not needed in Nepal?]

Boost Morale Of Frontline Health Workers, by Prakash Budhathoky (rn 07/10/2021)

Health Ministry to recruit 20,000 health workers (kh 23/08/2021)

Shortage of health workers a challenge as country braces for Covid-19 third wave : Officials say the shortage of specialist doctors including paediatricians is a major concern (kp 22/07/2021)

Health workers in Nepalgunj deprived of salary for three months (ht 19/07/2021)

100 nursing colleges to close down (kh 18/06/2021) [Given the particularly high demand for nurses in times of pandemic, the Oli government should explain this absurd policy immediately!]

Act Now: Manage Health Workers to Combat COVID-19, by Nitish Lal Shrestha (kh 17/05/2021)

Saving Nepali mothers on Mother’s Day : Dedicated nurse returns to the village of her birth to run a birthing centre, and save lives during the pandemic, by Naresh Newar (nt 14/05/2021)

Frontline health workers deprived of promised risk allowances : Health workers who were engaged in setting up quarantine and isolation facilities and providing treatment to Covid-19 patients last year say they feel cheated by the authorities, by Madhav Aryal (kp 04/05/2021)

What’s it like to be a health worker in a pandemic? Bheri Hospital nurses and doctors share their stories : It’s tough, exhausting and stressful, they say, but they have continued their duty, devoting themselves to the care of the Covid-19 patients in one of the health facilities that is overwhelmed and short of staff, by Madhu Shahi (kp 03/05/2021)

Workers deprived of risk allowance in Baglung : The Health Ministry had announced a 50 to 100 percent allowance to Covid-19 frontline workers, by Prakash Baral (kp 05/04/2021)

Health workers deprived of risk allowance warn of halting serviceAs many as 53 frontline health workers at Dolakha District Hospital in Jiri have been  deprived of the Covid-19 risk allowance for months, by Anish Tiwari (kp 24/01/2021)

“Govt is apathetic toward issues raised by Nepali nurses” (rep 08/01/2021)

Nursing license exam to take place on Saturday : Number of participants decline due to pandemic (kh 26/11/2020)

Frontline health workers in Karnali Province deprived of risk allowanceThe Health Ministry in April had announced 50 percent allowance for workers deployed to the frontline in the fight against Covid-19, by Jyotee Katuwal and Chandan Kathayat (kp 23/11/2020)

Health workers in Birgunj local unit found absent from duty : An inspection team from Paterwa Sugauli Rural Municipality found health workers in all four health posts of the local unit absent from duty for over a week without informing authorities, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 07/09/2020)

Frontline health workers in Kapilvastu deprived of risk allowance : Some health workers in the district have set up coronavirus insurance in their own initiatives by paying premiums themselves, by Manoj Paudel (kp 07/09/2020)

Care for the frontliners : The government must immediately provide risk allowances to all Covid-19 frontline workers (kp 31/08/2020)

Health workers say they reuse disposable masks as hospitals don’t provide enough : More health workers not involved in treating Covid-19 patients are getting infected with the coronavirus due to the lack of enough personal protective equipment, by Arjun Poudel (kp 26/08/2020)

Health workers deployed at Covid-19 frontline deprived of their allowances: The health workers were supposed to be paid an amount equivalent to their salary for working under challenging conditions, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/07/2020)

Despite quotas, gender stereotypes are still preventing men from becoming nurses: As gender stereotypes continue to see women as natural caregivers and nursing as distinctly feminine, men are often reluctant to pursue the profession, by Elisha Shrestha (kp 16/03/2020)

Employees hired on contract basis complain of unequal pay at Baitadi Hospital: They are afraid to talk about the matter with hospital administration because of the risk of being fired, say nurses, by Tripti Shahi (kp 02/02/2020)

State-run hospitals short of nurses: Need 46,000 nurses, but 15,000 have been hired so far, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 06/01/2020), Shortage of nurses: There is a huge demand for nurses in the developed world, and it is easy to tempt them with good pay and facilities (ht 07/01/2020)

Health Ministry awaits health workers’ contract directive endorsed by the federal government: After directive is received, agencies under the federal, provincial and local level governments can hire health workers for vacant posts, by Arjun Poudel (kp 25/12/2019)

Doti health workers agitate seeking colleague’s release (ht 11/12/2019)

Nurses don’t want to work at rural schools, by Anil Bhandari (rep 08/12/2019)

Female community health volunteers: unsung heroes shouldering huge responsibilities with minimal return: Nepal's improvement in health indicators is largely credited to the thousands of these health volunteers who have been working untiringly for the last 31 years, by Arjun Poudel (kp 06/12/2019)

Staff adjustment affects health services across the country: Health workers have refused their postings in remote areas, according to officials, by Arjun Poudel (kp 03/12/2019)

Health workers carry out administrative tasks in Bogtan, Doti: Authorities say they are being compelled to hand over the responsibility of ward secretaries to health workers due to a lack of employees, by Mohan Shahi (kp 26/11/2019)

Province 3 government to hire 101 nurses for schools in current fiscal year: Each rural municipality will get Rs500,000 to buy equipment and medicines for schools, by Arjun Poudel (kp 22/10/2019)

Female community health volunteers in baitadi fret over ‘paltry’ remuneration: The volunteers complain they are yet to get due recognition, perks, and facilities for their work, by Tripti Shahi (kp 26/08/2019)

Province 3 to extend ‘One School, One Nurse’ programme to 119 community schools: Teachers, guardians, and students alike have come together to request the provincial government to launch the programme in every community school in the province, by Pratap Bista (kp 15/08/2019)

Health Ministry seeks Cabinet approval to hire over 5,000 health workers: Officials say staff must be hired immediately to ensure services to patients, by Arjun Poudel (kp 11/08/2019)

Nursing license results stir debate on quality of training, by Sujeeta Pradhan (rep 04/07/2019)

Health Ministry to ask health workers to continue service: Health staff adjustment to be completed within a month, by Arjun Poudel (kp 21/06/2019)

10 protesting nurses arrested (rep 18/05/2019), Nurses agree to withdraw hunger strike after job assurance (rep 20/05/2019), SDBNTC nurse denies ending hunger strike (ht 22/05/2019), Nurse Jita Baral ends 14-day hunger strike (ht 24/05/2019)

Unemployment high among qualified nurses (kp 13/05/2019)

Nurses begin hunger strike at SDBNTC, NAN office (ht 11/05/2019)

Thousands of health workers file complaint against their adjustment (ht 21/04/2019), Health Ministry suspends staff adjustment process: Directs service providers to wait until further notice, by Arjun Poudel (kp 23/04/2019)

Health workers in Khotang without salaries for five months (rep 06/04/2019)

Shortage of nurses affects BPKIHS services, by Rohit Rai (rep 17/03/2019)

Staff adjustment proposal worries health assistants across country, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/02/2019)

Nurses dissatisfied with MoHP proposed new health structure (ht 29/01/2019)

Health assistants defy ministry decision, by Nayak Paudel (kp 09/01/2019), Health Assistants threaten to quit en masse: Stage rally in Capital against government’s plan to allow auxiliary health workers to head health posts, by Nayak Paudel (kp 11/01/2019), HAAN’s protest  programmes to continue (ht 15/01/2019)

All local levels to get public health nurses (ht 30/12/2018)

Health workers deprived of salary in Tanahun (ht 09/12/2018)

Health workers deprived of salaries for months, preparing for protest, by Bishnu Prasad Devkota (rep 18/08/2018)

Health workers on war path in Jajarkot (ht 12/07/2018)

Less than 50 pc nurses pass licence exam (ht 26/06/2018)

15pc seats to be set aside for males to pursue nursing courses (ht 25/06/2018), Council opens nursing courses to male students, by Nayak Paudel (kp 26/06/2018)

Nurses, resident doctors demand better facilities: The agitating nurses and medical students warn of intensifying their protests if their demands are not addressed immediately (kp 23/06/2018), Nurses demand high level positions at MoHP (ht 23/06/2018)

Health workers deprived of salaries since months (rep 18/06/2018)

Health workers in Jumla unhappy with new budget, by DB Buda (rep 09/06/2018)

Staffers of health posts in LMC not paid for four months (ht 07/06/2018)

Health post workers playing truant (ht 14/05/2018)

Health workers call for improved services nationwide (kp 07/05/2018)

Health staff sans salary for three months (ht 24/04/2018)

Nepali men in nursing: It’s time males became nurses, by Ben McGarry (ht 14/02/2018)

Nurses begin service boycott across country to protest their ‘exploitation’: Pressing an 11-point demand, nurses have  started boycotting services across the country for three hours daily (kp 17/01/2018), KAHS nurses protest against low pay, shun duties, by DB Budha (rep 17/01/2018), Govt ready to negotiate (kp 18/01/2018), Nurses’ stir cripples Dhangadi hospital (ht 18/01/2018), Nurses call off protest after deal with govt (ht 19/01/2018)

Nurses halt services for an hour across country (ht 13/01/2018)

Two nurses stage sit-in demanding justice (ht 09/01/2018)

Dismissal of 3 nurses at HOTC: Nurses warn of nationwide protest; Term of nurses hired on contract expired recently: Health Ministry (kp 03/01/2018)

‘FCHVs can play crucial role in fighting NCDs’, by Manish Gautam (kp 12/12/2017)

Nurses threaten to hit streets (ht 10/12/2017)

Training to enhance health workers’ knowledge on GBV (ht 27/05/2017)

Nurses demand better pay (ht 13/05/2017)

Health workers’ protest may hit anti-polio drive (kp 13/02/2017)

Nurses being paid nominal salaries by private hospitals: NNC; Montlhly pay of nurses a little more than Rs 3,000, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (rep 28/01/2017)

Govt health workers must take permission to work in pvt sector (rep 21/01/2017)

Health workers' protest in Jumla hits patients, by DB Buda (rep 02/01/2017)

Violence against women: Central role of health workers, by Giulia Vallese and Jos Vandelaer (ht 08/12/2016)

Five female community health volunteers honoured (ht 06/12/2016)

Govt taskforce to address health professionals’ concerns: Nurses, health assistants, community health workers, lab technicians have been facing problems in recruitment and job retention (kp 31/10/2016)

CIAA concerned about stalled recruitment of health workers in far-western region (ht 06/08/2016)

Procedures for hiring doctors on contract formulated (ht 08/06/2016)

Over 100 positions of health workers lying vacant (ht 26/02/2016)

Health workers dearth in remote Ramechhap: Officials say the positions for around 100 health workers are vacant in several health facilities in remote parts of the district for a long time (kp 18/02/2016)

Nurses say No: As nurses protest against forced volunteerism, the ethical responsibilities of hospitals come into question, by Manish Gautam (kp 19/09/3015)

DPHO unable to retain nurses, by J. Pandey (kp 10/07/2015)

Nursing the community: Community health nurses are critical parts of the healthcare regimen, and yet, many remain unaware of them, by Sumitra Sharma (kp 29/01/2015), Nurses call for uniformity in pay and perks (ht 30/01/2015)
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