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Factors Behind Poor SEE Results, by Govinda Bahadur Tumbahang (rn 18/07/2024)

Data science and AI in Nepal’s HEIs curriculum : It fosters the growth of AI-powered startups, providing solutions for various socio-economic and business challenges, by Roshee Lamichhane and Biplab Bhattacharjee (kp 14/07/2024)

After SEE, what next?, by Atindra Dahal (rep 07/07/2024)

Five schools in Chitwan report zero pass rates in SEE, by Basanta Dhungana (rep 02/07/2024)

SEE results expose education crisis, declining student performance, by Raghab Sharma (kh 01/07/2024), Teachers’ capacity must be enhanced to implement letter grading system : Grading system was enforced without laying the proper ground for it, including through better teacher training, interview with Usha Jha (kp 01/07/2024), Prioritise Reforms In School Education, by Ballav Dahal (rn 01/07/2024)

SEE results published : 47.86 percent pass; 186 students achieve GPA of 4 (kh 27/06/2024), Highest number of SEE students fail in compulsory math (kh 27/06/2024), More than fifty percent SEE students fail: Experts blame poor teaching, by Narayan Aryal (kh 28/06/2024), SEE results show significant student underperformance : High failure rates are reported in Mathematics, English and Science, by Binod Ghimire (kp 28/06/2024), Sea change needed in SEE : A one-size-fits-all system does not fulfil the requirements of a well-rounded education (kp 28/06/2024), Students who failed all subjects in SEE also allowed to retake exams (kh 28/06/2024), Only one student passes SEE from Rajpur Rural Municipality (kh 29/06/2024)

Education Minister vows to bridge gap between school and higher education (kh 09/05/2024)

Class 12 exam starts today with participation of over 390,000 candidates  (rep 26/04/2024)

SEE begins today : 504,414 students from 10,806 schools appearing (kh 28/03/2024)

la students suffer due to daily power outage of 11 hours (kh 16/03/2024)

PM Dahal advocates halting outflow of funds for higher education from Nepal (kh 15/02/2024)

Higher Education Bill: A fiasco : The travesty of the proposed bill is that no authority is willing to take its ownership, by Achyut Wagle (kp 13/02/2024)

Draft bill on higher education disappoints experts : Educationists say the prime minister vowed to reform higher education but the bill reeks of the same old mindset of political and bureaucratic control of universities, by Binod Ghimire (kp 04/02/2024)

Transforming higher education: Challenges and opportunities, by Hari Joshi (ae 01/02/2024)

Shortage of secondary-level teachers hits schools : Forty secondary schools in Achham district are compelled to make do with underqualified teachers for English, Mathematics, and Science, by Menuja Dhungana (kp 30/01/2024)

Spectre of SEE : Time has come to restructure school education and change the focus from rote learning to creativity (kp 26/01/2024)

SEE aspirants are choosing tuition centres over schools : Over 500 Bajhangi students are now in Chainpur, enrolled at various tuition centres, after deserting their schools, by Basant Pratap Singh (kp 25/01/2024)

SEE to be held from March 28 to April 9 (kh 22/01/2024), Over 4.49 lakhs students set to take SEE from March 28 (kh 22/01/2024)

Govt makes whimsical decisions on SEE, by Ruby Rauniyar (rep 17/01/2024)

NEB asks parliamentary committee to continue SEE (kh 11/01/2024), NEB advises govt against abolishing SEE (rep 11/01/2024)

NEB confirms SEE to take place in early Chaitra, routine in Magh (kh 11/01/2024)

Why is an "NOC" required while going abroad for higher education? (rep 11/09/2023)

Khotang local unit’s daughter-in-law education scheme starts : Kepilasgadhi Rural Municipality plans to educate married women who were compelled to quit their studies, by Dambar Singh Rai (kp 01/09/2023)

Robotics and Coding being taught at Durbar High School (kh 26/08/2023)

A hub for higher education : To this end, what Nepal needs is robust infrastructure and strong industry connections, by Roshee Lamichhane (kp 24/08/2023)

Self-driven Learning Matters In Getting Jobs, by Binod Ghimire (rn 24/08/2023)

KMC sends 2,300 students to HS schools for admissions with scholarship : Officials said only four students chose humanities while 1,456 students applied for the science stream, and 747 for management (kp 18/08/2023)

NEB to hold grade improvement exams for Grade 12 on Sept 23-24 (kh 16/08/2023)

NEB publishes Grade 12 results (rep 15/08/2023), Grade 12 results worry educators, college operators : Ever-rising number of out-bound students, coupled with lower graduation rate, emerges as a pressing problem, by Binod Ghimire (kp 16/08/2023), Whose failure? Why almost half of the Grade 12 students failed is an ethical question the authorities must answer (kp 17/08/2023)

Did the SEE result genuinely improve this year?, by Amar Bahadur Sherma (rep 13/08/2023)

Plural histories of higher education : While the number of student departures is staggering, the fact of their leaving itself is nothing new, by Pratyoush Onta (kp 04/08/2023)

Secondary school education in Nepal: What does the new result indicate?, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht 11/07/2023)

KMC asks private school students to register online for scholarships in grade 11 : Kathmandu municipal officials say they are going to use the Optical Mark Recognition system to mark papers, by Anup Ojha (kp 09/07/2023)

NEB schedules SEE ‘Grade Improvement’ Exam for August 11 and 12 (kh 08/07/2023)

NEB publishes SEE results : 22,475 students score A+ (kh 06/07/2023), SEE results better this year (rep 06/07/2023), National school exam results out. Over half the students score GPAs below 2.4 : Officials claim improved student performance, experts say a small rise does not count, by Binod Ghimire (kp 07/07/2023)

NEB prepares to announce SEE result by Friday (rep 02/07/2023)

Female participation in higher education : How Good Is Good Enough?, by Bhim Prasad Subedi (rn 23/06/2023)

Breaking the Barriers, by Dev Datta Joshi (rep 06/06/2023)

Nepal to continue issuing no objection certificates for non-university courses : Government reverses its earlier decision amid pressure from stakeholders (kp 28/04/2023)

116 fake SEE examinees held in Morang (kh 06/04/2023)

Secondary Education Examination kicks off _ 485,396 students—242,712 girls, 242,674 boys and 10 gender minorities—are registered to sit the exams (kp 01/04/2023)

SEE preparations complete, exams to begin tomorrow (kh 30/03/2023), SEE starts nationwide; one centre setup in Japan (nlt 31/03/2023)

Students benefit from scholarship fund set up by Kanchenjunga pioneer : Himalayan Trust was established in 2013 by George Band, who climbed world’s third highest mountain with Joe Brown in 1955, by Ananda Gautam (kp 27/03/2023)

Creating institutes of eminence : Much is needed to revitalise the landscape of higher education institutions in Nepal, by Roshee Lamichhane (kp 26/03/2023)

Higher education: At home or abroad?, by DJ Shah (ht 10/03/2023)

Grade 12 examinations from May 9 (rn 05/03/2023)

Nepali Students In Dilemma, by Bibek Shah and DJ Shah (rn 10/02/2023)

SEE to be held from March 31 (kh 28/01/2023)

Reorganization of Curriculum to Curb Rate of Failure, by Babu Lama (rep 11/01/2023)

Bajura students quitting studies for want of high schools (ht 24/10/2022)

In rural Pyuthan, an uphill struggle to reach school : The students who are forced to walk six hours daily said their studies have taken a hit. Some have opted to drop out, by Shamsher Bikram GC (kp 29/09/2022)

Lessons From Bhaktapur Municipality, by Mukti Rijal (rn 15/09/2022)

What next for high school graduates? From Humanities to Science to Commerce subjects, students do not have a shortage of choices when selecting a stream of education they want to pursue (kp 11/09/2022), Efforts to have more women in STEM subjects is paying off : Due to the increased number of women studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), women pursuing a career in those sectors are no longer an anomaly, by Pinki Sris Rana (kp 11/09/2022)

Nepali higher education in doldrums: Need of emulating good practices, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht 06/09/2022)

Poor funding, teacher shortage and misplaced government priority blamed for poor school results : A total of 3,522 community schools run classes for grade 11 and 12 but the government provides salaries for just 6,000 temporary teachers, by Binod Ghimire (kp 04/09/2022), It’s not the students : A high failure rate for years warrants urgent investigation (kp 05/09/2022)

GPA System : Confusions Galore, by Bhuvan Dharel (rep 15/08/2022)

2078 BS SEE results published (nlt 27/07/2022), SEE results have deteriorated this year, by Ruby Rauniyar (rep 28/07/2022), SEE results should be investigated: MP Pant (rep 28/07/2022), Poor results : COVID-19 has been a good excuse to cover up for the poor performance of the students (ht 29/07/2022)

By the time they reach Grade 12, as much as 66.9 percent students drop out, by Ruby Rauniyar (rep 24/07/2022)

SEE results to be published within July 26 (nlt 22/07/2022)

Steep rise in visa application volumes in Nepal : Student visas contributed significantly to the overall rise in visa application volumes: VFS Global (kp 01/07/2022)

Technical education in Myagdi’s community schools fails to take off : Lack of qualified teachers and high qualification requirement for courses are to be blamed, by Ghanshyam Khadka (kp 21/06/2022)

Remnant of a glorious past : The way the Tri-Chandra College building has been left to disintegrate is a national shame (kp 16/06/2022)

Education ministry not needed if it cannot make secondary education free: MP Suwal (rep 09/06/2022)

Paradoxes in higher education : Three constraints are particularly evident in reforming Nepal's higher education system, by Achyut Wagle (kp 26/04/2022)

SEE preparations complete; exam to start 8:00 am tomorrow (kh 21/04/2022), Secondary Education Examinations begin today
This year’s examinations are taking place in the physical presence of students after three years
(nlt 22/04/2022), SEE begins from today
As many as 514,967 students from 11,615 schools attending SEE
(kh 22/04/2022)

Nepali students urged to prepare for IELTS : It is recognised by 11,000 universities and educational institutions (ht 09/04/2022)

Technical education will be expanded at all 753 local levels: Minister Poudel (kh 05/04/2022)

It’s already late to formulate a law for running higher education: Gagan Thapa (rep 23/03/2022)

As many as 414,481 students to sit for SEE this year, by Ruby Rauniyar (rep 20/03/22)

PTE becoming ultimate English language test in Nepal: Paulraj (ht 16/03/2022)

SEE results of seven provinces will be published at different times: Chairperson Sharma, by Ruby Rauniyar (rep 22/02/2022)

SEE To Start From April 22 (rn 09/02/2022), Preparations underway to allow province govts to conduct SEE exams: NEB Chairperson Sharma (rep 10/02/2022)

NEB decides to conduct SEE in Baishakh and Class 12 examination in Jeshth (kh 23/01/2022)

NEB publishes results of Class 12 : 7,063 examinees get A-plus (kh 03/12/2021)

Finding Beacon of Education Nestled at Maitighar Heights, by Parul Sigdel (rep 03/12/2021)

Link schools to industrial skills: Finance Minister Sharma (rep 25/11/2021)

Coronavirus pandemic: A revolution for connectivity in higher education, by Durga Prasad Bhandari (ht 02/11/2021)

Govt launches Nurturing Excellence in Higher Education Program (kh 28/10/2021), $60m higher education programme aided by World Bank launched : Five-year plan aims to improve the quality and labour market relevance of Nepal’s higher education. Project aims to improve quality of  learning and scale up collaborative research (kp 29/10/2021)

Why students cheat : Cheating in exams is the result of an outdated system dominated by profit-oriented institutions, by Shrijan Pandey (kp 23/09/2021)

Implementing Life Skills Education Curriculum, by Shak Bahadur Budhathoki (rn 19/09/2021)

Grade 12 exams to be held from September 15 (kh 01/09/2021)

NEB to conduct class 12 exams from Sept 3rd week (kh 27/08/2021)

House panel directs government to conduct grade 12 exams in person, by Binod Ghimire (kp 25/08/2021)

Government working to introduce fail grade in school level exams : Experts have long been recommending continuous assessment system to implement letter grading effectively, by Binod Ghimire (kp 24/08/2021)

Nepali higher education system : Issues and measures, by Hari Prasad Lamsal (ht 18/08/2021)

Postponing exams is not the solution : There are alternatives to physical exams. Authorities should be a little more  creative in finding them, by Sarthak Bikram Panta (kp 15/08/2021), Students fear losing a year with grade 12 exams postponed indefinitely : National Examination Board is in a wait-and-see mode but students  and teachers want virtual exams without delay (kp 15/08/2021)

SEE results once again show effect of centralised education system : Federal authorities say local units lack competency to oversee school education as prescribed by the constitution, but experts argue that has to be tested first, by Binod Ghimire (kp 10/08/2021)

Postponement of Grade 12 exams causes further confusion, by Rubi Rauniyar (rep 10/08/2021)

MoHP recommends postponing Grade 12 examination : 374,000 students to be affected if exam postponed (kh 06/08/2021), Grade 12 exams postponed (rep 07/08/2021), Grade XII examinations postponed indefinitely (ht 08/08/2021), How frustrating : Arbitrary evaluation of the students in Grade XII could adversely influence their admission to good colleges in Nepal and abroad (ht 09/08/2021)

SEE results to be delayed; 24 schools under scanner for giving unexpected marks (kh 06/08/2021)

Schools in Kathmandu Valley start Grade 11 classes though SEE results not published yet (rep 06/08/2021)

Students lose sleep over exams set amid rising coronavirus cases : Candidates are calling for alternative modes of testing but officials say it’s not feasible as all students don’t have proper devices, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 31/07/2021)

NEB to publicize SEE results by August 9 (kh 29/07/2021)

Majority of SEE students score 90 percent : Govt preparing to publish results by Mid-August, by Pabitra Sunar (rep 17/07/2021), Grade 12 exams to start from August 15 (rep 28/07/2021)

NEB extends deadline to fill out exam forms for XI and XII (kh 26/06/2021)

Decentralise SEE and honour statute, experts advise government : Education experts say the government with a centralised mindset doesn’t want to lose any of its authority, by Binod Ghimire (kp 16/06/202)

NEB to publish SEE results by July 30 (kh 14/06/2021)

SEE results to be published based on internal evaluation (kh 01/06/2021)

SEE to be conducted through alternative assessment method (kh 30/05/2021)

SEE unlikely this year too, says Shrestha (ht 25/05/2021)

City decides to conduct school exams, but community schools unprepared : A school principal says many of his students in remote villages are unreachable, by Anup Ojha (kp 21/05/2021)

Students fear promotion to higher grades as they are ill-prepared (ht 17/05/2021)

Secondary Education Examination and grade 12 examinations postponed until further notice : The government had in January decided to hold the national grade 10 examinations in presence of students this year. Grade 12 examinations were held only in November last year instead of June (kp 10/05/2021)

Pupils in limbo : The cabinet needs to reconsider its  decision to conduct in-person exams (kp 03/05/2021)

Secondary Education Examinations uncertain amid soaring infections, by Binod Ghimire (kp 02/05/2021)

500,000 examinees to attend SEE this year (kh 05/04/2021)

Bridging the gender gap  in higher education : Just improving literacy rates as a token of inclusion may not improve gender parity, by Roshee Lamichhane (kp 01/03/2021)

Cabinet decides to hold Secondary Education Examinations centrally : The decision is against the spirit of federalism envisioned in the constitution, provincial officials say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 10/02/2021)

Computer courses reach rural areas of Mugu : The villagers say they are happy with the availability of computer courses in community schools at affordable fees, by Raj Bahadur Shahi (kp 04/02/2021)

Nurturing entrepreneurship : Can it be done in schools?, by Supriya Bhatta (ht 03/02/2021)

Ad hoc decision to allow math as a compulsorysubject in grades 11 and 12 under fire : Court had rejected a petition to make the subject compulsory but told the government to make a final decision. Now students can choose it or Social Studies and Life Skills, by Binod Ghimire (kp 31/01/2021)

National Examination Board to take 10 more  days to publish grade 12 results, by Binod Ghimire (kp 15/01/2021)

Supreme Court finally issues verdict in favour of new curricula for grade 11 : While private schools had been sticking to the old curriculum, public ones had adopted the new one, by Binod Ghimire (kp 13/01/2021), ‘New course for grades XI, XII adds burden on students, schools’ (ht 14/01/2021)

National Examination Board opens registration for SEE : Provincial governments have been demanding that they be allowed to conduct the exams, by Binod Ghimire (kp 31/12/2020)

Schools hopeful Supreme Court will clear confusion over new curriculum for grade 11 : Government-run schools have switched to the new curriculum, which private schools have refused to adopt, by Binod Ghimire (kp 15/12/2020)

Grade 12 exams begin with duration of tests curtailed by half : The National Examination Board is preparing to  publish the results within 45 days (kp 25/11/2020)

Grade 12 exams to start on Tuesday despite coronavirus threat : Officials say all possible safety measures have been adopted for the largest assembly of people in the education sector since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, by Binod Ghimire (kp 22/11/2020), Grade XII exams begin today : Coronavisus-hit examinees can take examinations later (ht 24/11/2020)

त्रिवि सुधारको कडी : सेवा आयोग : नेपालले पनि उच्चशिक्षालाई अनुसन्धानमुखी बनाउन छिटै ‘टेन्योर ट्रयाक सिस्टम’मा जाँदा उपयुक्त हुन्छ [The link of TRI reform: Service Commission : It would be appropriate for Nepal to move to a tenor track system soon to make higher education research-oriented], by Niranjan Parajuli and Madhavi Bhatta (np 18/11/2020)

Amid dispute, Supreme Court stays implementation of grade 11 curricula : Court rules officials shouldn’t enforce curricula when local governments have authority to manage school education, by Binod Ghimire (kp 07/11/2020)

Grade 12 exams can be given online (kh 05/11/2020)

Students fear coronavirus more than their exams Officials have promised utmost precautions at test centres to stop the spread of Covid-19, but students are not convinced about their safety, by Binod Ghimire (kp 31/10/2020)

Grade XII exams from November 24 (ht 22/10/2020)

Officials, private schools at loggerheads over curriculum even as grade 11 classes begin : School operators say this is not the right time to introduce new courses, by Binod Ghimire (kp 21/10/2020)

New high school curricula change: They don’t add up, by Sheshraj Kumar Sharma (ht 20/10/2020)

Government’s indecision over exams worries thousands of grade 12 students: Officials say they plan to conduct the exams in such a way that the risk of transmission of Covid-19 is minimised, by Binod Ghimire (kp 18/10/2020)

Parents demand refund of SEE fees : The National Examination Board collected Rs 241 million for the Secondary Education Examinations which were called off, by Binod Ghimire (kp 02/10/2020)

Govt still undecided on Grade XII examinations (ht 01/10/2020)

US to attach fixed end-date on visas for Nepali students : Education consultants say the move could force students to look for universities in other countries, by Binod Ghimire (kp 26/09/2020)

COVID-19 Impact: Kathmandu Valley sees closure of over 300 hostels, by Sabina Karki (kh 29/08/2020)

Study abroad permit decision confuses students : Students wonder why the government did not resume issuing no objection certificates immediately after the nationwide lockdown was lifted, by Binod Ghimire (kp 27/08/2020)

Breaking the glass ceiling, one STEM class at a timeSince its formation in 2016, Women in STEM Nepal has trained more than 500 girls, teaching them the basics of coding, design thinking and robotics, by Ankit Khadgi (kp 26/08/2020)

Fate of Grade XII students still hangs in balance (ht 24/08/2020)

Concerns rise as govt decision may leave over 26,000 SEE students unable to secure admission in Grade 11 : Students are denied the opportunity of the supplementary grade promotion examination this year (rep 22/08/2020)

SEE results published (rep 17/08/2020)

Covid-19 puts SEE results on hold, leaves students anxious: Government says publishing results would increase mobility and risk of infection, by Binod Ghimire (kp 14/08/2020)

A-levels students protest in front of British Council in Kathmandu to oppose ‘unfair grading’ by Cambridge International (rep 14/08/2020)

Ways To Upgrade Engineering Education, by Amod Khatiwada (rn 12/08/2020)

Impact Of Pandemic On Academic Sector, by Prasun Sangroula (rn 11/08/2020)

Declining Higher Education, by Mukti Rijal (rn 30/07/2020)

Continued indecision over grade 12 examinations worries students and colleges: Meanwhile, experts and school operators are against nation-wide decision on schools as Covid-19 threat is not uniform as ‘unrecognised’ virtual classes restart, by Binod Ghimire (kp 24/07/2020)

Children deprived of secondary-level education in a Madi settlement: The nearest secondary level school is about a two hours’ walk away, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 12/07/2020)

After cancelling this year’s SEE, government looking for alternatives to grade 11 exams as well: Exams likely to be postponed until epidemic subsides as it won’t affect the students’ promotion to grade 12, officials say, by Binod Ghimire (kh 25/06/2020)

With schools grading their SEE students this year, there is a concern about test score inflation: Looking at the past trends of internal evaluation, education experts say schools are unlikely to grade their students in an impartial manner, by Binod Ghimire (kp 20/06/2020)

Challenges Of Higher Education, by Mukti Rijal (rn 18/06/2020)

Guardians, Students Happy Over SEE Cancellation, by Aashish Mishra (rn 12/06/2020)

Education Ministry mulls alternatives for SEE: Prime Minister Oli has said that conducting the Grade 10 board finals is not possible this year, by Binod Ghimire (kp 27/05/2020)

PABSON for cancellation of SEE (ht 06/05/2020), As uncertainty grows over Grade 10 finals, calls grow louder to scrap SEE: It is too early to conclude the exam cannot be conducted, officials say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 09/05/2020), Exam Management In Aftermath Of COVID-19, by Kushal Pokharel (rn 09/05/2020)

SEE new dates uncertain due to govt indecision on lockdown (ht 03/05/2020)

SEE to take place after situation gets normal: Education Ministry (kh 26/04/2020)

National Campaign for Education suggests government conduct internal evaluation for SEE and higher secondary students: National Examination Board says national exams are crucial because internal evaluation scores won’t be validated (kp 22/04/2020)

SEE likely to be rescheduled (ht 16/03/2020)

New high school curricula: They don’t add up, by Shesraj Kumar Sharma (ht 16/03/2020)

Higher Education Policy Highlights, by Prem Khatry (rn 11/03/2020)

No-Maths option in grades 11 and 12 Biology group finalized, teachers protest, by Ruby Rauniyar (rep 31/01/2020)

Lack of secondary level school forcing students in this remote Sindhupalchok village to abandon studies: Students have to take a three-day walk to reach the nearest secondary level school in Gumbathan, by Anish Tiwari (kp 27/01/2020)

Madrasa students cannot sit for Secondary Education Examination for lack of syllabi: The federal government has yet to finalise the syllabi for madrasas from grades 6 to 10, by Amrita Anmol (kp 24/01/2020)

Durbar High School has new building, more rooms and better facilities, but it lacks concrete plan: There’s no school management committee and the city authority responsible for operating the school has yet to draw up guidelines to run the historic institution, by Anup Ojha (kp 19/01/2020)

Admission delays force Nepalis to study abroad: More medical students have gone to foreign colleges this year than in the last three years, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 31/12/2019)

Tilottama Secondary School in Palpa adopts technical education for the first time: The school has introduced the technical courses to make students employment-ready when they complete school education, by Madhav Aryal (kp 12/12/2019)

Government revokes earlier plan to conduct grade 11 exam at national level: Experts say the education system cannot run on an ad hoc basis, by Binod Ghimire (kp 18/09/2019)

Not satisfied with your SEE marks? Get your answer sheets reexamined: A study by the examination controller's office showed that two-thirds of mistakes with marks are due to the negligence of examiners, by Binod Ghimire (kp 16/08/2019)

'Dismal' performance of students in Grade XII exams: Educationists call for revision in govt policy (rep 30/07/2019)

The collapse of Nepal's higher education system: Political apathy and policy imperviousness are two major bottlenecks to Nepal's higher education reform, by Achyut Wagle (kp 23/07/2019)

NTA to set up IT labs in 1,000 public schools: Each lab will have computers, printer, surveillance system, UPS system, by Muna Sunuwar (rep 15/07/2019)

CDC fails to bring new curriculum for Grade XI this year too (ht 09/07/2019)

Lost in pursuit of A+: In search of the elusive A+, are our students forgetting something important?, by Prashant Gnawali (rep 07/07/2019)

Schools are setting their own entrance criteria, in contradiction to government rules, by Binod Ghimire (kp 06/07/2019)

Three years on, confusion continues to reign over the SEE letter grade system: Parents and students are still attempting to convert letter grades  into percentage points in order to understand what they mean, by Binod Ghimire (kp 05/07/2019)

‘After Kathmandu, students prefer to study in Biratnagar’, by Binod Subedi (rep 04/07/2019)

Chitwan becoming popular educational hub, by Sabita Shrestha (rep 04/07/2019)

Provinces ready to hold secondary education examination next year: Federal government is still undecided about delegating the authority, by Binod Gimire (kp 02/07/2019) [Central politicians are not interested in implementing federalism!]

SEE results display disparity in education offered at public and private-run schools: While 14,788 students from private schools secured GPA above 3.60,  only 2,792 managed to do so from public schools, by Samuel Chhetri (kp 28/06/2019), Community schools attain exemplary SEE results (rep 29/06/2019), Falling behind in SEE (rep 30/06/2019)

Government to stop issuing No Objection Letters for diploma and language courses: The Ministry of Education said it won’t issue such letters unless students can provide  an offer of higher education upon completing the diploma or language course, by Binod Ghimire (kp 13/06/2019), Govt bars pupils from pursuing  non-academic courses abroad: Plus Two must for going abroad for studies, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 13/06/2019)

Absence of grades XI, XII forces girls into early  marriage (ht 18/05/2019)

428,052 students appearing in SLCE (rep 29/04/2019)

Effectiveness of Bridge Course, by Hira Bahadur Thapa (rn 26/04/2019)

What after SEE? These are the best times for SEE appeared students to find out what they can do to excel in life and decide their career path, by Durg Gautam (rep 14/04/2019)

SEE exams in Province 2 suspended: The government  decision follows two consecutive paper leaks, by Binod Ghimire (kp 30/03/2019), Let provincial government hold remaining SEE exams: Experts; The Ministry of Education cancelled the rest of the exams on Friday after  a series of paper leaks, by Binod Ghimire (kp 31/03/2019), SEE students stage protests in several spots in Province 2: 20 people — including police — injured and more than a dozen vehicles vandalised (kp 31/03/2019)

SEE science test in State 2 rescheduled for April 5 after question paper leak, by Abdhesh Kumar Jha (kp 29/03/2019)

Back to the Middle Ages: An examinee had her sanitary pad confiscated in the name of security (kp 28/03/2019)

SEE candidates face problem after snowfall in Humla (ht 27/03/2019)

Students say errors in national exam questions left them confused: On the first day of Secondary Education Examination, the English subject’s questions were riddled with grammatical mistakes and typos, by Arjun Poudel (kp 25/03/2019), Unpardonable mistakeThe question paper setting process needs to be vetted by the head (kp 26/03/2019), OCE officials admit errors in SEE question papers, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 27/03/2019)

Higher education in crisis: Pedagogy and course delivery techniques invariably are at least two decades old, by Achyut Wagle (kp 19/03/2019)

The right stuff: What top American universities look for in students, by Thomas Robertson (kp 27/01/2019)

Reforming higher education: Higher education strategies that perform well over time are those that are aligned well with and designed to address national development priorities, by Arun Joshi (rep 24/01/2019)

More homework needed: We only considered a few things while making policy to integrate ICT into education, by Sagun Shrestha (kp 07/12/2018)

Expats and experts: Diaspora scholars shouldn’t use criticism as a default position in scholarly conversations, especially if the larger objective is to develop better understanding of issues, by Shyam Sharma (rep 11/09/2018)

Int'l conference suggests running private higher education on non-profit model (rep 16/07/2018) [see Toronto Declaration]

Pvt schools charging admission fees for Grade 11 against rules (rep 07/07/2018)

Ministry recalls Regmi over SEE results fiasco: Probe committee finds Examinations Controller Regmi at fault for the publication of incomplete SEE results (kp 02/07/2018), Ministry of Education recalls OCE controller Regmi after probe report (ht 03/07/2018)

Over 60,000 students going abroad for higher study this year alone (rep 01/07/2018)

Confusions of SEE System, by Kushal Pokharel (rn 30/06/2018)

Need For Education Quality Enhancement, by Hira Bahadur Thapa (rn 29/06/2018)

SEE graduates rush to choose college options, by Dilasha KC (rep 28/06/2018)

SEE results show drop in learning outcomes, by Binod Ghimire (kp 24/06/2018), SEE results paint bleak picture as more students obtain lowest GPA, by Bashant Khadka and Sangeet Sangroula (kp 24/06/2018), Bridge the gap: Disparity between public and private schools a reason for falling grades of students in SEE (kp 25/06/2018), OCE fails to publish detailed SEE results (rep 25/06/2018), Looming crisis: Poor SEE results (rep 25/06/2018), Letter grading system has made students careless, say experts (ht 25/06/2018), Thousands suffer due to erroneous Grade X results , by Anita Shrestha (ht 26/06/2018), Govt begins probing SEE results controversy (rep 26/06/2018)

Daring to dream, by Ashma Chhetri (rep 22/06/2018)

New Grade XI curriculum highly unlikely in next academic session, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 21/06/2018), In a state of limbo: Authorities must turn the present crisis surrounding Grade XI curriculum into an opportunity to come up with better plans to improve school education (ht 22/06/2018)

Committees formed to design curriculum for Grade XI, XII (ht 16/06/2018)

Board permits schools to hold grade 11 exams (kp 02/06/2018)

Producing professionals: Higher education cannot be just teaching, especially just transfer of knowledge. It must foster disciplinary identity and professional development, by Shyam Sharma (rep 30/05/2018)

Construction of German Technical School begins (ht 19/04/2018)

The changing world of work: We have to prepare our youth and manage their talent for the job market in the future, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 10/04/2018)

Reimagining SEE: Exams like SEE should be meant for graduating and sending-off our young ones to explore their future rather than finding a reason to hold them back, by Sakun Gajurel (rep 27/03/2018)

SEE beginning today (ht 22/03/2018), Over 4.8 lakh examinees appear for SEE (ht 23/03/2018), Quake-damaged schools in Gorkha yet to be rebuilt: SEE exams being conducted under makeshift tents, by Narahari Sapkota (rep 23/03/2018)

OCE warns against irregularities during SEE (ht 20/03/2018)

CTEVT to set up schools in all provinces: Existing regional technical schools will be upgraded (ht 16/03/2018)

Jiri Technical School rising from rubbles, by Ramesh Khatiwada (rep 07/03/2018)

Grade XI re-examination results out (ht 25/02/2018)

Students in Rasuwa skip classes for extra tuition, by Himnath Devkota (rep 18/02/2018)

No promotion without at least D plus in Grade VIII (kp 12/02/2018)

CDC changes curriculum of 15 optional subjects of Grade IX, X (ht 06/01/2018)

Higher education: Way forward, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn 06/02/2018)

Unleashing opportunity: Reforms in higher education must, by Bishwo Bandhu Pokharel (ht 17/01/2018)

Grading system also in Grade XI (ht 10/01/2018)

Local units ‘not ready yet’ to run secondary schools: KMC Mayor Shakya says it will take the metropolis at least a couple of years to manage education up to the secondary level (kp 01/12/2017)

Break off the downfall: The higher education sector has to be revamped in order to produce globally competitive and capable students, by Umesh Raj Regmi (kp 16/11/2017)

3rd Nepal Higher Education Fair kicks off tomorrow: Students visiting the fair will get to know about a wide range of higher education options available in the country (kp 11/08/2017), Third Nepal Higher Education Fair begins (kp 12/08/2017)

+2 schools bar students from taking subjects of their interest: 0+2 still operating against Education Act, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (rep 21/07/2017)

PM emphasises quality higher education for all (kp 03/07/2017)

Around 150,000 students ‘can’t pursue’ higher studies: Candidates, however, can sit for grade improvement test scheduled for August 3-6; Even to study vocationalsubjects at the CTEVT, students must score at least a C (40-50 marks) in Maths, English and Science , by Samipa Khanal (kp 21/06/2017)

Lamjung triplets set example in SEE results: Score ‘good grades’, with brother scoring A+ and sisters A (kp 21/06/2017)

Students to greener pastures: An improved education system and job opportunities will stem the student exodus, by Kabi Adhikari (kp 20/06/2017)

SEE results a witness to education disparity, by Binod Ghimire (kp 17/06/2017), 4,284 score highest GPA in SEE (rep 17/06/2017), Girls lag despite outnumbering boys in exams, by Binod Ghimire (kp 18/06/2017), Teachers blamed for poor SEE results (ht 18/06/2017), Education of daughters: Disparity in SEE performance shows that girls still have a long way to go (kp 19/06/2017), 462,136 SEE students received 445,000 E grades in 52 subjects (rep 19/06/2017), See results: Dismal Picture (sp 23/06/2017)

Govt to include road safety in college curriculum (ht 16/06/2017)

Grade 11 exams being rescheduled for third time (rep 31/05/2017)

Colleges exacting '4 times higher' fees than ceiling for MD/MS, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (rep 27/04/2017)

Durbar High School awaits reconstruction (ht 19/04/2017)

In Trump era, fewer Nepalis going to US for studies: Records show a sharp decline in numbers, by Binod Ghimire (kp 02/04/2017)

High-tension line concerns college (kp 16/03/2017)

Financial literacy paradox: Banking curriculum, by Pralhad Giri (ht 06/03/2017)

NEB to reschedule Grade XI, XII exams (ht 24/02/2017)

HISSAN, PABSON hold general conventions (rep 21/02/2017)

Technology education: Work in progress, by Hitesh Karki (rep 21/02/2017)

Equality Foundation takes computer study to Panchthar schools, by Shahiman Rai (kp 20/02/2017)

No country for bards: The poor condition of English learning at our schools and colleges can  be pegged to a core problem: the segregation of literature from grammar, by Mohan Guragain (kp 18/02/2017)

Take a leap: Strengthening science and technology education can be a stepping stone towards creating and retaining skilled human resources for sustainable development, by Prativa Pandey Malla (rep 15/02/2017)

Marks for life: As the semester system increases the weight of internal assessment, private colleges  can choose to abuse their new-found powers or to greatly improve higher education, by Shyam Sharma (rep 04/01/2017)

Culture Studies In Higher Education, by Prem Khatry (rn 03/01/2017)

Results of Grade XI partial results published (ht 07/12/2016)

English access microscholarship gets wider reach (kp 06/12/2016)

‘Implement higher secondary policy pronto’ (kp 02/12/2016)

Proposed Education Regulations incomplete: HISSAN (ht 25/11/2016)

A decade on, hostel building remains incomplete (ht 15/10/2016)

Grade XII results published; total pass percentage 48.17 (ht 13/09/2016)

Higher education now more accessible for rural women, by Barun Paneru (rep 10/09/2016)

Higher Edu Fair draws 3,500 visitors (kp 13/08/2016)

Comparing colleges: Students should be careful about selecting the right  one from from among a bewildering array of choices, by Umesh Raj Regmi (kp 15/07/2016)

HSEB formally transformed into National Examination Board (ht 01/07/2016)

Academic calendar released (kp 21/06/2016)

Few choices for students scoring low grades, by Kokila KC (ht 15/06/2016)

National Strategies Of Financial Education – Way Forward, by Prakash Koirala (rn 10/06/2016)

Govt fails to cap +2 tuition fees, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (rep 09/06/2016)

In Kapilvastu, 26 VDCs don’t have secondary school (ht 02/06/2016)

More schools to run technical classes now (kp 25/05/2016)

Kantipur HISSAN education fair starts on Thursday (kp 17/05/2016), Kantipur Hissan Edu-Fair from today (kp 19/05/2016), 4-day Kantipur HISSAN Edu-fair kicks off (kp 20/05/2016), Huge footfall at Kantipur-HISSAN Edu-fair (kp 21/05/2016), Huge response: Nearly 100,000 visit event (kp 22/05/2016), Fair concludes with record no. of visitors (kp 23/05/2016)

Grade XI examinations begin; Nepali paper today (ht 16/05/2016)

Grade XII examinations beginning today (ht 02/05/2016)

Technical education: Academic courses should be based on the needs, interests and demands of the students, by Shree Prasad Devkota, Shiba Bagale and Yam Bahadur Basnet (kp 13/04/2016)

Chaos in higher secondary system: HSEB, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (rep 19/03/2016)

Plus 2 to adopt letter grading (kp 24/02/2016), Letter grading system in plus-two level from new session (ht 24/02/2016)

Minister Pokharel urges promotion of technical, vocational education (ht 18/02/2016)

Still a lot to learn: Higher Secondary Education Board should reevaluate its working methods, by Chiranjibi Niroula (kp 26/01/2016)

Wait for me: Nepal’s higher education woes have prompted a student exodus to faraway lands, by Umesh Raj Regmi (kp 15/01/2016)

HSEB publishes Grade XI result after six months (ht 15/01/2016)

Classes obstructed as campus fails to pay lecturer salaries, by Jagat Khadka (rep 14/01/2016)

Higher education: Time to act now, by Govinda P. Acharya (ht 16/12/2015)

Education minister expresses concern over degrading quality of higher education (ht 24/11/2015)

A failed institution: Higher education in Nepal needs a complete overhaul to make it relevant to the present, by Govinda P. Acharya (kp 22/11/2015)

The MBA journey: Work experience is important because BBA graduates enter job market with less than six months of internship, by Nirmal Thapa (rep 07/11/2015)

Separate board for holding secondary exams proposed, by Kokila KC (ht 20/10/2015)

Grade 12 results out, 39.99 percent pass (kp 08/10/2015)

Grades XI, XII curriculum being modified (ht 06/10/2015)

Changing focus: Higher education reforms will not be successful without appropriate interventions in private colleges, by Pratyoush Onta, Lokranjan Parajuli, Devendra Uprety and Pramod Bhatta (kp 28/09/2015)

62 high schools permitted to run technical classes (ht 26/09/2015)

Govt apathy delays technical classes, by Binod Ghimire (kp 13/09/2015)

HSEB all set to begin classes for technical subjects, by Kokila KC (ht 05/09/2015)

Japan priority destination of Nepali students: Ogawa (ht 23/08/2015)

HSEB to aid earthquake-hit students (ht 18/08/2015)

Short-circuited: The students who opted for the technical education stream in high school don’t have anywhere to turn to because the government has not even designed a follow-up curriculum, by Binod Ghimire (kp 08/08/2015)

Registration of 39 Plus Two colleges scrapped (ht 04/08/2015)

Dalits suffer due to lack of sec school (ht 03/08/2015)

Foreign degree seekers hit record number, by Binod Ghimire (kp 28/07/2015)

Grant for quake victims: HSEB in dilemma (ht 27/07/2015)

Braille book shortage hits students (kp 26/07/2015)

Enrolments dwindle in higher education, by Binod Ghimire (kp 20/07/2015)

SMCF demands free,compulsory secondary education (ht 20/07/2015)

Losing our young: More than half the students who go abroad for higher studies never come back, by Tsering Dolker Gurung (nt 17/07/2015)

Govt to fund PG medical courses, by Manish Gautam (kp 17/07/2015)

Resolve Janaki Medical College row: House panel (kp 13/07/2015)

‘Waive fees for quake-hit Plus-II students’ (ht 13/07/2015)

Scholarship for quake-hit students: HSEB extends application deadline by a week (ht 11/07/2015)

Grade XI classes to start from August 1 (ht 09/07/2015)

Panel recommends tightening screws on medical colleges, by Manish Gautam (kp 08/07/2015), Panel sets scholarship quota, fee ceiling, by Manish Gautam (kp 09/07/2015)

HSEB allowed to start classes for TSLC graduates: CTEVT decides to challenge the decision in court, by Binod Ghimire (kp 08/07/2015), HSEB to start technical education (ht 08/07/2015)

HSEB, CTEVT embroiled in jurisdiction row (kp 06/07/2015)

Reforming a diseased sector: A committee report recently handed over to the PM recommends wholesale changes in Nepal’s medical education sector, by Manish Gautam (kp 04/07/2015), Government ‘reluctant’ to make public policy report, by Manish Gautam (kp 07/07/2015), Right to read: Govt should make medical education policy public as soon as possible (kp 08/07/2015)

Status of medical education, by Hemang Dixit (sp 03/07/2015)

Govt advised to grant study loan, by Manish Gautam (kp 02/07/2015)

Encourage students studying abroad to return home: MoE (ht 02/07/2015)

Janaki Medical College students stage protest near Singha Durbar (ht 02/07/2015)

‘No new medical schools in Valley’, by Manish Gautam and Binod Ghimire (kp 30/06/2015), Addressing irregularities in medical education: Mathema-led task force submits report to PM, by Kokila KC (ht 30/06/2015), No MBBS classes in proposed Valley colleges, by Manish Gautam (kp 01/07/2015), Dr KC warns of staging protest again: Calls for making public the report prepared by Mathema-led task force (ht 01/07/2015)

Valley colleges eye expansion outside after quakes, federalism deal, by Binod Ghimire (kp 28/06/2015)

Technical and vocational education: Future of over 3,000 students uncertain: With govt failing to provide them with options, they are not sure about further studies, by Kokila KC (ht 27/06/2015)

HSEB tells HSS, Plus Two colleges to abide by rules (ht 26/06/2015)

HSEB grants affiliations to 22 schools (kp 25/06/2015)

What SLC graduates are looking for in a college: Post-quake,students looking to enrol in colleges for further education want to know whether the building is safe, by Sangita Shrestha (ht 24/06/2015)

HSEB scraps licence of 72 HS schools, by Binod Ghimire (kp 23/06/2015)

Grade XII board exams in seven districts from June 29 (ht 15/06/2015)

10+2 examinees to get second chance (ht 02/06/2015), More girls than boys in +2 test, by Binod Ghimire (kp 03/06/2015), Grade XII board examination begins today (ht 03/06/2015), 1st day of Grade XII exams passes off peacefully (ht 04/06/2015), Numbers can lie: Girls outnumbering boys in Higher Secondary exams belies social reality (kp 05/06/2015), Grade 12 examinations conclude (kp 15/06/2015)

HSEB changes 19 Valley test centres (ht 30/05/2015)

HSEB to deploy medical team at exam centres (kp 26/05/2015)

30 HSEB Valley exam centre buildings get red stickers (kp 23/05/2015)

Govt told to ensure higher tech education for students (kp 20/04/2015), Ministry directed to include technical, vocational stream (ht 20/04/2015)

Plus Two Colleges Facing Death, by Prem Khatry (rn 17/03/2015)

Samata starts ‘cheapest’ Master’s programme (kp 11/03/2015), Samata starts MBS,MA just for Rs 100 (ht 11/03/2015)

Higher education: Ministry set to unveil new policy, by Binod Ghimire (kp 24/02/2015)

Plus Two schools in the far-west region grappling with crisis of teachers, by Tekendra Deuba (ht 31/01/2015)

Hissan general convention starts (kp 11/01/2015)

Maoist MPs warn of stir over decision on college affiliation (kp 01/01/2015)
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