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Updated 24 January 2024

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TV news, big publishing houses, other online publications, academic papers

TV news

News from Nepali TV stations:
Sagarmatha TV : Prime News in Nepali can be watched or downloaded
Kantipur TV  (live service) [news in English]
News24 Nepal : live streams
ABC Television Nepal : live streams in Nepali
Avenues TV : news live streaming in Nepali
Karobar Obline TV (in Nepali)

Publications from big publishing houses

Kantipur publications: [Kantipur, Kathmandu Post, Nari, Nepal and Saptahik can also be read or downloaded as PDF]
Kantipur [PDF], a leading Nepali daily
The Kathmandu Post [PDF] , a leading English daily
Nari [PDF] ,  a monthly Nepali journal for women

The Himalayan Times : a leading English language daily covering national,regional and international news [print edition can also be downloaded as PDF file, but it is not available since November 2023]

Nepal Republic Media Publications: [all following publications can also be read or downloaded as JPG; free registration is required]
República ,  a leading English language daily
Nagarik , a leading Nepali daily

Annapurna Media publications:
Annapurna Post [Epaper], a leading Nepali daily
Annapurna Express [Epaper], a leading English daily, Monday-Friday)

Gorkhapatra Sansthan publications: [all publications can also be read or downloaded as PDF]
The Rising Nepal [PDF], a government owned English daily
Gorkhapatra [PDF], a government owned Nepali daily

Kamana News publications: [all publications can also be read or downloaded as PDF]
Nepal Samacharpatra , a Nepali daily (except Saturdays)
Kamana , a Nepali monthly journal
Sadhana , a Nepali monthly journal on health and beauty

Naya Prakashan publications:
Nayan Patrika [PDF] , a Nepali daily

Himal Media publications:
Himal Khabarpatrika , a Nepali weekly (on Thursdays)
Nepali Times , an English weekly (on Fridays), can also be read and downloaded from the Digital Himalaya website as PDF]

Other online publications

Rajdhani , a Nepali daily [epaper available
Saurya , a Nepali daily [editions can be read or downloaded as PDF]
Karobar , a Nepali daily with orientation on economy [Can be read or downloded as PDF]
Khabarhub , an English news ticker, also available in Nepali
Nepalnews , on online news portal, also available in English
Setopati , a Nepali news ticker (also available in English)
Ratopati , a Nepali news ticker (also available in English)
Record Nepal , news in English
New Spotlight , an English journal (irregularly, mostly biweekly) [articles can  be read online with some delay]
Kathmandu Metro , news and comments in English by Siddhi B. Ranjitkar (irregularly)
Madheshvani [PDF], a Nepali weekly (on Fridays)
New Business Age , an English monthly with orientation on economy [issues can be read or downloaded as PDF]
Pariwartan Khabar , a Nepali news ticker
Sancharkarmi , a Nepali news ticker (also available in English)

Forex: the daily updated foreign exchange rates (also for past dates), served by Nepal Rastra Bank

Nepal Monitor:  a system designed to alert local organisations to human rights and security incidents

News Now (Search: Nepal): automatically searching more than 20.000 news sources every five minutes

Academic papers

Himalaya: The Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (formerly Himalayan Research Bulletin, between 1972 and 1980 known as Nepal Studies Association Newsletter)

Journals of Himalayan Studies: scanned copies of a number of journals, magazines and publications of Himalayan studies for free download as provided by Digital Himalaya (Ancient Nepal, Ādarśa, The Bhutan Review, Bulletin of Tibetology, Center for Constitutional Dialogue, Contributions to Nepalese Studies, Carter Center, Crisis Group, European Bulletin of Himalayan Research, Gochali, Himal, Himal SouthasianHimalayan Journal of Sciences, International IDEA, Journal of Bhutan Studies, Journal of Newar Studies, Journal of the Tibet Society, Kailash, Martin Chautari Policy Briefs, Midweek, Mother Tongue Pipal Pustak, Mulyankan, Nation Weekly, Nepalese Linguistics, Nepali Aawaz, Nepali Times, Newsfront, Occasional Papers in Sociology and Anthropology, Ogmios, Peace and Democracy in South Asia, Pūrṇimā, Read, Regmi Research Series, Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines, Samaya, Saptahik, Sharada, Shikshak)

Nepal Journals Online: with links to about 385 Nepali Journals; more than 37,000 articles can be read and downloaded as PDF

Nepal Observer: an e-paper irregularly published by Nepal Research

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