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Press evaluation:

Push to undo hash ban in Nepal: While the recreational use of marijuana is controversial, the case for legalising its medical use is strong, by Sahina Shrestha (nt 14/04/2017), Slim dreams: Girls using drugs to lose weight are getting addicted to them, by Shreejana Shrestha (nt 14/04/2017)

Health ministry drafts bill to regulate alcohol consumption (ht 27/02/2017)

Gov’s stringent policy to regulate alcohol products, by Manish Gautam (kp 22/02/2017), Govt bans alcohol at public functions, private parties (rep 22/02/2017)

75% drug users between 15 to 30 year olds: 6-7 percent users are girls; 35 percent prison inmates abuse drugs; Around 0.2 percent of school children also users: PABSON chair, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (rep 11/02/2017)

Youths opt for controlled drugs over hard drugs, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 15/12/2016)

Govt to launch drive against drug abuse (ht 23/09/2016)

Store drugs lead addicts to street drugs: For addicts, the line is blurring between pharmaceutical drugs and hard drugs, by Shreejana Shrestha (nt 05/08/2016)

‘Drug abusers should be rehabilitated, not punished’ (ht 27/06/2016)

Drug abuse on the rise (ht 29/05/2016)

Daulichaur folk find a way to contain alcohol problem, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 01/05/2016)

Prescription drug abuse worry officials (ht 07/03/2016)

Addicts using parents to get drugs: Police, by Ghanashyam Khadga (11/02/2015)

Women Drug Addicts At Greater Risk Than Men, by Tuphan Neupane (rn 06/02/2015)

Easy availability, lax monitoring fueling drugs abuse, by Amar Khadka (rep 01/11/2014)

Drug users on rise (ht 21/09/2014)

Drug users on rise in Pokhara, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 27/06/2014), Drug abuse afflicting families, society, country (ht 27/06/2014), NCB arrests 167, mostly teens, for drug abuse (ht 28/06/2014)

Those living with single moms ‘more prone to drugs’ (ht 26/04/2014)

In 6 yrs, narcotic users grow twofold (kp 07/02/2014)

Legalizing pot: Does Nepal have moral courage to take a cue from Colorado and reverse its 42-year old decision to outlaw marijuana?, by Aditya Man Shrestha (kp 19/01/2014)

Prescription drugs taking toll on youth (ht 03/01/2014)

Female drug users at a disadvantage: Most of the victims avoid rehabilitation centres due to social stigma (ht 20/08/2013)

Breaking the habit: The government seems completely disinterested in crucial substance use areas where donors don’t fit in, by Ashish Sinha (kp 26/06/2013), Health is the new high, not dope (ht 26/06/2013), Statistics paint scary picture of drug use (ht 27/06/2013)

Politics of alcohol, by Murari Sharma (rep 16/06/2013)

Druggies going for controlled pharmaceutical drugs: NCB (ht 15/06/2013)

Youth in grip of drugs: Study (ht 24/01/2013)

Growing drug abuse in Capital alarms police (ht 28/10/2012)

Drug use on the rise, say narco police: Increase in heroin haul this year (ht 13/10/2012), Mind over matter: Growing drug abuse (rep 14/10/2012)

Newfound interest of city drug users—heroin, by Ankit Adhikari (kp 05/10/2012)

Govt urged to devise firm policy on drugs, by Pallav Bhusal (kp 27/06/2012)

Anti-drug campaign (rep 07/06/2012), Police campaign to curb drug abuse (kp 07/06/2012), Anti-drug fight bearing fruit in the Capital, by Ankit Adhikari (kp 19/06/2012), From addict to advisor, by Manish Gautam (kp 19/06/2012), Lake city wallows in self-pity, by Santosh Chhetri (kp 19/06/2012)

Stakeholders seek national policy on alcohol consumption (ht 06/05/2012)

Demand of hard-core drugs declines, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 01/01/2012)


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