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NRNA seeks SEBON nod to issue NRN bond (ht 31/01/2018)

NRNs to set up Rs 10bn infra fund (ht 23/01/2018)

The unified contribution of NRN community for Nepalis my priority’, interview with Bhaban Bhatta (ht 30/10/2017)

NRNA to provide 10 million LED bulbs within two years (ht 24/10/2017)

Depoliticise NRNA: NRNs’ umbrella body may face leadership crisis if dirty politics aren’t uprooted (kp 17/10/2017)

NRNA presidential race begins (ht 13/10/2017), AC Sherpa announces candidacy for NRNA Regional Coordinator for Americas (ht 13/10/2017), 8th NRN jamboree to begin today (kp 14/10/2017), Eighth global NRNA conference to begin in the Capital from today (ht 14/10/2017), NRN conference kicks off: General assembly to choose between Bhaban Bhatta and Jamuna Gurung as chief in election tomorrow (kp 15/10/2017), NRNs are goodwill ambassadors: President (ht 15/10/2017), Diaspora to play vital role to achieve 2030 goals (ht 15/10/2017), Bhatta elected NRNA president (ht 17/10/2017), ‘I’ll design common investment vehicle to channel funds to Nepal’, interview with Bhaban Bhatta (kp 18/10/2017)

Nepal Mediciti launches healthcare package (kp 12/10/2017)

Election fever grips NRNs: Around 1,500 to 2,000 NRNs are gathering in Kathmandu for the 8th NRN Global Conference and NRNA International General Assembly from October 14-17 (kp 17/09/2017)

NRNA president terms his tenure successful (rep 10/09/2017)

NRNA assured environment for investment in KTM (kp 13/06/2017)

‘NRNs should invest in hydel, service sectors’ (kp 20/03/2017)

NRN in Germany collecting funds to rebuild Nepal (rep 20/02/2017)

Over 800 Nepali migrants in jails abroad: Blood money can save 17 of the 27 facing death sentence, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 31/08/2016)

Unleashing diaspora potential: It is imperative for Nepal’s growth that second generation Nepalis feel connected to the country and keep in touch with it, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 20/08/2016)

A diverse diaspora: Nepalis are still struggling to establish a strong foothold in Australia, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 10/07/2016)

NRNs in rebuilding: We would like to propose strategic partnership between highly skilled professionals from NRN community and the government, by Tejendra Pherali (rep 14/06/2016)

NRNA asked to build model settlement in 2 years (ht 03/05/2016)

NRNA to build 573 houses in Laprak (kp 25/04/2016)

We are starting construction of Kathmandu Tower in two months, interview with Bhawan Bhatta, vice president of NRNA (rep 19/04/2016)

No refugees: In the changed context we Nepalis do not qualify for the refugee status in any part of the world, by Arun Budhathoki (rep 24/02/2016)

Diaspora speaks: A section believes the reason for 'unofficial blockade' of Nepal is related to India's insatiable need for water, by Bhagirath Yogi (rep 23/11/2015)

Home and away: Diaspora organisations in the US are stuck in a rut, but young Nepalis give a reason to be hopeful, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 10/11/2015)

NRN investments total Rs29.85b in 9 districts, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 17/10/2015), Prez lauds NRNA quake-relief initiative (kp 17/10/2015), NRNs invest Rs 29.85 billion, create 8,276 jobs (ht 17/10/2015), NRNA assembly ends with 10-pt declaration (kp 18/10/2015)

NRNA prez poll likely to be 3-horse race (kp 14/10/2015), NRNA to elect new leadership today (ht 15/10/2015), Ghale retains NRNA prez post (kp 16/10/2015), Ghale to steer NRNA for two more years (ht 16/10/2015)

NRNA to rebuild 1,000 homes for quake victims within two years (ht 13/10/2015)

Help from abroad: Non-Resident Nepalis can provide much needed resources and expertise to rebuild Nepal, by Ratan K. Jha (kp 12/10/2015)

The house of god: A place of worship in New York’s Little Nepal becomes a symbol of religious tolerance, by Dambar K Shrestha (nt 09/10/2015)

Ghale to run for NRNA president once again (kp 19/09/2015)

Rebuilding Nepal: The Open University Initiative (OUI) aims to take education opportunities to the grassroots communities, by Raju Adhikari, Pramod Dhakal, Drona Rasali and Ambika Adhikari (rep 09/09/2015)

Govt appoints Ghale special envoy for reconstruction efforts (ht 15/06/2015)

NRNA provides relief to over 15,000 families (ht) 31/05/2015)

We need to inspire confidence among victims soon to prevent another Haiti, interview with Upendra Mahato (rep 21/05/2015)

NRNA distributes relief in Dolakha, by Rajendra Manandhar (kp)

NRNA to build 1,000 quake-proof homes (kp 07/05/2015))

CIT to collect funds from Nepalis residing abroad (kp 17/03/2015)

Samskaras down under: While traditional rituals reinforce Nepali identity among migrants in Australia, they are losing value, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp 15/03/2015)

NRNA to collaborate with FNJ (ht 12/03/2015)

Construction of NRNA headquarters starts in Capital (ht 10/03/2015)

Govt allows operating Nepali schools abroad (kp 16/02/2015)

Govt to grant Thai, Myanmarese students of Nepali origin NRN visas (rep 27/01/2015), People of Nepali origin in Thailand and Myanmar to be issued NRN visa (ht 29/01/2015), Govt offers visa fee discount for study: 600,000 students of Nepali origin living in Thailand and Myanmar could benefit (kp 01/02/2015)

Old age problem: Non-Resident Nepalis should invest in an organisation which looks after their aged parents back home, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp 18/01/2015)

Bhaskar’s tunnelThe time may have arrived when the professional diaspora can contribute to Nepal’s economic growth, by Kanak Mani Dixit (kp 24/10/2014)

Diaspora for development: Along with Shesh Ghale’s Sheraton Kathmandu Hotel, the NRNA must continue to focus on Nepal’s tourism prospects, by Surya B. Prasai (kp 21/10/2014

PM urges NRNs to bring big investments (ht 12/10/2014), Government urges NRNs to focus on agriculture, energy, tourism (kp 13/10/2014)

NRNA to invest in Bagmati corridor park construction: NRNA President Sesh Ghale says the associationis keen to work with govt to build similar parks (kp 11/10/2014)

NRN chair donates Rs 50 lakh to his old school (ht 08/10/2014)

Prime minister urges NRNs to invest in Nepal: Asks them to be sensitive (ht 29/09/2014)

NRNs, ex-Gurkhas may get special citizenship (kp 27/09/2014)

NRNA experience: In North America alone, the combined yearly income of Nepali community is about US $ 20 billion, equivalent to total annual GDP of Nepal, by Ambika P. Adhikari (rep 10/09/2014)

Nepalis living abroad can make submission to draft of new constitution (nn 09/06/2014)

Nepal Day event organised in Germany (nn 26/05/2014)

Non-reforming Nepalis: Political wrangling in diaspora organisations dissuades Nepalis who want to do something for the country, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 13/05/2014)

A little of both: Conditional continuity of Nepali citizenship could be a solution to the dual nationality debate, by Bishnu P. Ghimire (kp 25/04/2014) [??]

Fin Min seeks NRNs role in nation building (rep 23/03/2014)

Bringing it back home: There are significant gains—economic, social and educational—to Nepal from migrant Nepalis, no matter where they reside, by Arun Bhattarai (kp 11/03/2014)

Order sought against officials with foreign residency permits (kp 27/02/2014), PIL seeks dismissal of civil servants holding PR, green card (rep 27/02/2014)

Guidelines for Qatar migrant workers good news: NRNA (kp 15/02/2014)

NRNA Thailand announces pro-edu plans (kp 09/02/2014)

NRNA presents detailed work-plan to bolster up organisation (nn 16/01/2014)

NRNA rescues two Nepalis from Uganda, by Devendra Bhattarai (kp 08/01/2014)

Major parties not in favour of awarding dual-citizenship to NRN’s: Rawal (nn 06/01/2014)

NRNA demands waiver in income tax (nn 23/12/2013)

Plan to allow NRNs, foreigners buy homes seems long way off, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 13/12/2013)

Non-Residence Conference: Diaspora's Jamboree (sp 08/11/2013)

NRNA to build five-star hotel (kp 27/10/2013)

I Will Bring Investment Plan, interview with Shesh Ghale (sp 28/10/2013)

The non-resident lahuray: Soon, the non-resident Nepali will inject great energy to a country that has long been in the doldrums, by Kanak Mani Dixit (kp 25/10/2013)

Parties vow goodies in return for capital (kp 23/10/2013), Political parties assure dual citizenship, voting rights to NRNs (nn 23/10/2013), For Dual Citizenship: The Constitution and Nepalese laws do not permit anybody dual or multiple citizenships (sp 28/10/2013) [Then they have to be changed!!]

Sixth NRN Global Conference concludes: Decides to set up relief fund for migrants (ht 23/10/2013)

Dual benefits: Dual citizenship automatically implies dual loyalties, and that raises uncomfortable questions for many, by Krishna Sharma (rep 22/10/2013)

NRNA finally registered at MoFA (rep 21/10(2013), Govt hands over registration certificate to NRNA: Move paves the way for the umbrella organisation to open a secretariat in Nepal (ht 22/10/2013)

Gen Assembly gives NRN a new definition, by Sangam Prasain (kp 20/10/2013), Election for NRNA president today (kp 20/10/2013), Walk the talk: Sixth NRNA conference (rep 20/10/2013), Top Priority Of NRNA Prez Candidates Is To Register, Institutionalize (rep 20/10/2013), NRNA holds first ever polls to choose chief (kp 21/10/2021), NRN-ICC election under way (ht 21/10/2013), Australia based Ghale elected NRNA president (nn 21/10/2013), Ghale elected new NRNA prez after win, by Ramesh Shrestha (kp 22/10/2013), Diaspora and development: NRNs must help revitalise the economy through investment in infrastructure (kp 22/10/2013), It’s time to do something for Nepal: Prez (kp 22/10/2013), Remittance income being spent on unproductive purchases (kp 22/10/2013), Relief fund for migrant workers will be set up within a week, interview with Shesh Gjale (kp 22/10/2013)

Putting economy first: Nepal does not pursue coherent economic diplomacy; Economic affairs are handled on an ad hoc basis; This has to change soon, by Bhim Udas (rep 20/10/2013)

New Rupakot resort building enthusiam: Upon completion, we expect that it to be a model project under an NRN investment: Adhikari, by Basanti Banstola (kp 20/10/2013)

NRNA looks to include agendas in parties’ election manifestos (kp 19/10/2013)

NRNA spent Rs 80m in social welfare in past two years (rep 19/10/2013)

NRNA to amend member eligibility criterion: Only those living abroad for more than two years to be recognised as non-resident Nepalis (ht 19/10/2013)

Still some way to go: NRNs must lead and participate in programmes intended to connect the diaspora’s expertise and experience with the mother country, by Jiba Lamichhane (kp 18/10/2013)

NRNs call on exporters to launchcountry-specific promos (ht 18/10/2013)

Cabinet forms panel to facilitate NRN convention (ht 27/08/2013)

Thapa announces candidacy for NRNA President (nn 05/08/2013), Race for NRNA president heats up (kp 09/08/2013), Nepal’s investment climate is still relatively better (kp 11/08/2013), Shah announces bid for NRNA president (kp 15/08/2013)

Reversing an exodus: Encouraging foreign returnees, by Nirmal Thapa (rep 27/07/2013)

NRNA donates Rs 5 million for flood victims (kp 18/07/2013)

Diaspora and beyond: The questions remains, how to leverage the collective might of the Nepali diaspora, by Sujeev Shakya (kp 28/05/2013)

Register and operate, MoFA tells Non-Resident Nepali Association (kp 14/05/2013), Paradigm shift in NRNA vision, by Roger Adhikari (nn 15/05/2013)

Fast friends, by Rebanta Bahadur K.C. (rep 02/05/2013)

Can NRNA Survive?, by Roger Adhikari (nn 27/04/2013)

Going overseas: Is the grass greener?, by Basudha Gautam (ht 25/04/2013)

NRNs demand voting rights (nn 17/03/2013)

NRNs to announce investment in hydropower projects soon (nn 12/02/2013)

FNCCI, NRNA sign pact for cooperation to boost economy (nn 21/01/2013)

NRNA to invest in Kathmandu-Kulekhani-Hetauda project (nn 18/01/2013)

Harnessing the diaspora: For sustained development, by Birendra Bahadur Budha (ht 04/01/2013)

Time to deliver: NRN must prepare a Nepal Action Plan for at least two years, by Bhim Udas (kp 12/10/2012), No double-digit growth without NRNs: PM (kp 12/10/2012), NRNs invest in country (ht 12/10/2012)

NRNs register investment company (ht 10/10/2012)

NRNA annual meeting starts in Switzerland (nn 25/09/2012)

NRNs plan to fund 100 MW project (kp 04/09/2012)

NRN-initiated Open University to be launched next year (nn 31/08/2012)

NRN regional conference starts in Sydney (nn 30/08/2012)

Rs 1 million in 2 hours: Korea's Nepali diaspora donates generously to help Nepalis back home, by Rabindra Mishra (nt 17/08/2012)

NRNs can now buy foreign employment bonds (ht 04/06/2012)

Once a Nepali always a Nepali: Giving Nepali Diaspora right to retain citizenship will benefit the country’s development, by Jiba Lamichhane (kp 27/05/2012)

Away from home: Tapping Nepalis abroad, by Purushotam Ojha (rep 08/05/2012)

Panel to look into NRN voting rights (kp 16/04/2012), , NRNs may get to cast ballot from abroad (ht 16/04/2012)

NRNs urge Nepali embassies to protect Nepali diaspora (nn 06/04/2012)

Bideshi Nepalis, by Ayushma Basnyat (rep 23/03/2012)

Remittance from Nepalese diaspora: Fuelling incalculable transformation, by Hari Bansh Jha (ht 01/03/2012)

7th NRNA International General Assembly and Global Conference 2015 (program)

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