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An opportunity for a fresh start: As Nepal begins its tenure in UN Human Rights Council, it is important for it to protect citizens’ right to religious freedom, by David Anderson (kp 21/02/2018)

Nepal abandons LDC graduation plan (kp 19/02/2018), Between rock & hard place: Nepal has no choice but to put LDC graduation plan on backburner for now (kp 20/02/2018)

Nepal reinforces Geneva mission (kp 06/02/2018)

Nepal must ‘do more’ to protect workers’ rights (kp 06/02/2018)

Nepal and UNDP pact will benefit 14,000 farmers (kp 03/02/2018)

UN spl rapporteur arrives (kp 29/01/2018), UN Spl Rapporteur Morales meets with NHRC officials (kp 02/02/2018)

Nepal SSudan troops run medical camps (kp 26/01/2018)

MoFA sending additional staff to Geneva mission (rep 16/01/2018)

UNGA vote ‘consistent with Nepal’s position on Israel, Palestine’: Foreign Ministry  spokesman says the vote was not against the United States; Nepal only upheld its consistent policy, by Anil Giri (kp 23/12/217), Nepal votes in favour of UNGA resolution (ht 23/12/2017)

Sustainable economic growth: Nepal urges global partnership at UN (kp 30/11/2017)

Nepali blue helmets in SSudan awarded UN Medal for service (kp 17/11/2017)

Foreign secretary attends UNSC debate (ht 29/10/2017) [The secretary's statement at the UNSC contradicts realities in Nepal!]

Nepal elected to UN Human rights Council (kp 17/10/2017), Nepal elected UNHRC member (ht 17/10/2017), Govt working to ensure effective role in UNHRC, by Roshan S. Nepal (ht 26/10/2017), Post-election blues: How was Nepal elected to the top United Nations human rights body with such a checkered rights record of its vital state actors?, by Biswas Baral (rep 26/10/2017) [Can it be that the international community does not really understand Nepal's HR, social and political issues?]

Nepal’s Stake In UN Reform, by Madhavji Shrestha (rn 07/10/2017)

DPM Mahara receives credentials from UNFPA country representative for Nepal (ht 07/10/2017)

Support sought for Nepal’s UNHRC bid (ht 24/09/2017), Deuba highlights peace, security and sustainable development at UNGA (kp 25/09/2017), PM Deuba meets UN Secretary-General on sidelines of UNGA (ht 25/09/2017)

Nepal signs Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty at UN (ht 21/09/2017)

Nepal invites three UN Rapporteurs as it makes a bid for HR Council member (rep 18/09/2017)

DPM Mahara to fly to New York today for UN assembly (ht 17/09/2017), DPM  Mahara leaves for New York for UNGA (kp 18/09/2017), PM Deuba to leave for new York tomorrow (ht 18/09/2017), Mahara attends United Nations events (kp 20/09/2017), Poor diplomacy spills over into New York: Nepal’s ambassador to Washington a no-show at airport to receive PM; Officials fail to ensure Foreign Minister Mahara’s meeting with US prez, by AnilGiri (kp 22/09/2017)

PM Deuba lobbying for seat on UNHRC (kp 15/09/2017)

UN special rapporteurs invited for inspection visit (kp 11/09/2017)

PM Deuba to fly to New York on Sept 19 (ht 10/09/2017)

UN to deploy 250 Nepali guards in Libya (ht 09/09/2017)

Upreti appointed to UN’s HRC (kp 31/08/2017)

Nepal to chair Group of Asia-Pacific States in NY (kp 27/08/2017)

Nepal receives wide support for UNHRC bid (kp 04/07/2017)

Armed Police Force team returns home from South Sudan (ht 03/07/2017)

Nepal shows solidarity with refugees (kp 19/06/2017), Standing with refugees: We are at a crossroads in Nepal, with the chance to finally achieve durable solutions for every refugee, by Kevin J. Allen (kp 20/06/2017)

Two NA peacekeepers injured in Congo (rep 19/06/2017)

Prez: Step up efforts for nature conservation: President Bhandari says projects are being implemented to mitigate impact from landslides and flooding (kp 18/06/2017), President Bhandari visits IUCN headquarters in Switzerland (ht 18/06/2017)

Nepal is deputy member of ILO governing board (kp 14/06/2017)

Nepal And UNESCO: Hand In Hand For Heritage Preservation, by Prem Khatry (rn 30/05/2017)

‘UN peacekeeping most effective investment in peace’ (ht 29/05/2017)

Nepal attends meeting on hazardous chemicals (kp 06/05/2017)

“New homes have to be safer”: UN Ambassador Walton Alfonso Webson and Marty Logan discuss the UN's recent work in Nepal (nt 28/04/2017)

UN representatives’ nine-day Nepal visit concludes (ht 25/04/2017)

UN reps call on prime minister (kp 22/04/2017)

Assistant UN Secy Gen, NPC vice-chair meet (ht 07/04/2017), UN under-secy-gen calls on PM (kp 09/04/2017)

UN peacekeeping drill concludes (kp 04/04/2017)

UN Military Affairs adviser inspects army drill in Kavre (kp 03/04/2017)

Trump’s planned UN cuts to affect NA’s wider deployment, by Binod Ghimire (kp 30/03/2017)

Kathmandu Valley’s heritage at stake: UNESCO not happy with the pace of reconstruction in the Kathmandu Valley (ht 25/03/2017), Lowest bidders a major threat (ht 25/03/2017)

War and pieces: Nepali peacekeepers in South Sudan are witness to what happens when ethno-separatism goes out of control, by Dirgha Raj Upadhyay (nt 24/03/2017)

UN under secy general meets NPC vice chair (kp 20/03/2017)

Khadka addresses UN’s CSW session (kp 17/03/2017) [??]

Nepal to run for Human Rights Council seat (kp 26/02/2017) [??], Mahat leaving for UN human rights meet in Geneva: To push for Nepal's membership in UNHCR (ht 26/02/2017), Nepal announces UNHRC candidature for 2018-20 term: This is the first time Nepal has presented  its candidature to the council (kp 01/03/2017) [First respect human rights at home! See collection links on HR issues!], Mahat, UN top official discuss Nepal HR issues (kp 03/03/2017)

UN imposes sanctions on NSET, its 3 officials: Says the entity and persons were found involved in ‘proscribed practices in UNDP procurement actions’ (kp 25/02/2017)

Nepal to chair UN COE WG 2017 (kp 19/01/2017)

New UN Secretary General: Nepal’s Expectations, by Madhavji Shrestha (rn 30/12/2016)

Nepal to graduate from LDC in 2024: UN, by Kuvera Chalise (rep 17/12/2016)

Nepal absent in UN vote on Syria (kp 12/12/2016)

Ensure safe return MoFA should work closely with UN  to secure release of abductees (kp 30/11/2016)

UN Centre for Peace, Disarmament resumes operation (ht 22/11/2016)

Peacekeeper’s diary: The wounds and scars are deeply ingrained in hearts and minds of people. Even a small child calls the neighboring state ‘an enemy’, by Shrijan Bahadur Malla (rep 14/11/2016)

FM Mahat busy with UN session (kp 23/09/2016)

UN seeks more Nepali female peacekeepers: Visiting UN Under Secretary General Khare makes a call to increase the numbers of both female officers and those in lower ranks in peacekeeping jobs (kp 31/08/2016), NA ‘under-represented’ at UN peacekeeping command levels, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 01/09/2016)

Former fighters in UN mission: Once war-makers, now peace-keepers; Ex-Maoist fighters, now Army men, wearing blue helmets (kp 18/08/2016)

Model United Nations conference opens (kp 16/08/2016), ‘Economic integration for prosperity’ (ht 16/08/2016)

UN top official submits letter of credentials (kp 06/07/2016)

CoAS inspects training for UN missions (kp 04/07/2016)

Rana elected member of UN CEDAW (ht 23/06/2016), Rana vows to implement gender rights in Nepal (kp 29/06/2016)

Nepal elected UNGA vice president in Asia Pacific bloc (kp 15/06/2016)

UN to honour two Nepali fallen heroes: Had lost their lives while in service last year (kp 19/05/2016)

UN pledges int’l support to Nepal for reconstruction: UN official advises utilising domestic and foreign skills in reconstruction work (kp 03/05/2016)

United Nations pledges continued support to Nepal (kp 25/04/2016)

DPM Thapa leaves for US to sign Paris agreement (kp 20/04/2016)

UNESCO DG to visit Nepal (kp 16/04/2016)

More NA soldiers likely to wear blue helmet, by Binod Ghimire (kp 06/04/2016), Nepal Army gives top priority to female representation in UN peacekeeping missions, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 06/04/2016), Investing in peacekeeping: Development of Birendra Peace Operations Training Center into a center of excellence could add new dimension to UN peacekeeping, by Shrijan Bahadur Malla (rep)

From guerilla caps to blue helmetsFormer Maoist combatants now in the Army set to serve in UN peacekeeping missions (kp 13/03/2016), Getting closer: That former combatants are being sent on peacekeeping missions is a sign of change (kp 14/03/2016)

Probe into Tarai violence: UN; Expresses concern over Nepal’s piecemeal progress in transition to peace, by Dewan Rai (kp 12/03/2016)

UN may not support Nepal’s TJ process: Reminds Kathmandu to formulate act, procedures for the TJ bodies in line with international standards; It has also reminded the government of the Supreme Court verdict, which has struck down a dozen provisions as well as suggested amendments to the Act, by Dewan Rai (kp 03/03/2016)

Rana is Nepal’s candidate for CEDAW (kp 01/03/2016)

Nepal rejects UN suggestions on TJ-related cases: Govt tells UN Human  Rights Council it is yet to be prepared to enact  conventions ratified earlier, by Dewan Rai (kp 01/03/2016)

Nepali Picked director at WHO, Geneva (kp 25/02/2016)

NA seeks new options as UN scales down peacekeeping missions, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 17/02/2016)

UN urges talks to sort out statute differences: Pledges support to political leadership in constitution implementation, by Anil Giri (kp 09/01/2016)

Koirala meets UN Secy Gen Moon in US (kp 13/11/2015)

Govt working to end crisis: Oli to Feltman (kp 31/10/2015), UN official calls for peaceful dialogue (ht 31/10/2015)

UN concerned over quake victims’ woes (kp 26/10/2015)

Ban lauds Koirala’s role in statute writing, peace (kp 19/10/2015) [?]

DPM demands transit freedom for LDDCs (kp 03/10/2015), Nepal seeks unhindered access to the sea at UN (ht 03/10/2015)

Singh addresses UN summit on dev agenda (kp 27/09/2015), DPM urges bolstering South-South Co-op (kp 28/09/2015)

Post-statute, Koirala to attend UNGA (ht 17/09/2015), PM’s UN visit may delay new govt formation: Friday’s Cabinet meeting to decide whether Koirala will attend UNGA, by Bhadra Sharma (kp 18/09/2015), PM cancels UN trip, DPM Singh to represent Nepal (kp 24/09/2015), PM Koirala calls off visit to UN: Deputes DPM Prakash Man Singh to attend UNGA, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 24/09/2015), One good move: Prime minister made the right decision in not leaving for UN General Assembly (kp 24/09/2015)

War-makers to peace-keepers: Former Maoist guerillas now in the Nepal Army prepare to leave for UN peacekeeping missions, by Rameswar Bohara (nt 04/09/2015)

PM plans to attend UN General Assembly in New York (ht 23/08/2015)

Nepali pilot killed in Mali hotel attack, bx Devendra Bhattarai (kp 12/08/2015)

Govt sets criteria for UNSC vote (kp 18/07/2105)

Nepal to take part in UN summit in Addis Ababa (ht 12/07/2015)

Parliament Secretariat, UNDP renew pact (kp 30/06/2015)

UNICEF working to control child trafficking after quake (kp 20/06/2015)

Govt urged to ratify refugee convention (kp 20/06/2015)

Nepal elected UN budgetary panel chair (kp 17/06/2015)

Nepal among 5 Asia-Pacific countries to get FAO award (kp 10/06/2015)

The UN should use as much national capacity as possible, interview with Jamie McGoldrick (kp 25/05/2015)

Govt to appeal for more aid in World Health Assembly (ht 18/05/2015)

CoAS Rana takes part in defence conference (ht 29/03/2015)

UNCDP to review Nepal’s graduation case next week (ht 19/03/2015)

UN briefed on progress in transitional justice (kp 18/03/2015)

OHCHR offers support to transitional justice process (kp 06/03/2015), Support pledged for justice process: OHCHR ready to offer technical advice to Nepal in its transition phase (ht 06/03/2015)

FM Pandey defends rights situation at UN Human Rights Council (ht 04/03/2015)

Minister quizzes UN rep over ‘security alarm’ (kp 25/02/2015)

UN urges constitution in consensus (kp 14/02/2015)

Dhital presents credentials to UN (kp 13/02/2015)

The UN as witness: An account of how the Seven-Party Alliance and Maoists agreed to involve the UN in monitoring Nepal’s peace process, by Suresh Chalise (kp 25/01/2015)

Thapa picked new UNDOF commander (kp 21/01/2015)

Non-payment of membership dues has left govt red-faced many a time, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 18/01/2015)

NA officer gets post of Force Commander, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 08/01/2015)

Policymakers nervous about Nepal’s possible graduation, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 07/01/2015)

Asia-Pacific LDCs ministerial meeting on December 16-18 (ht 13/12/2014), Three-day Asia Paficic LDCs ministerial meeting starts today (rep 16/12/2014), LdCs ministerial meet begins (kp 17/12/2014), Developing country status so much more than name tag, interview with Gyan Chandra Acharya (rep 18/12/2014), ‘Nepal meets targets for graduation from LDC’, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 19/12/2014), Asia-Pacific LDCs meeting vows sustainable graduation by 2020 (ht 19/12/2014), Asia-Pacific LDCs issues 24-pt declaration (rep 19/12/2014)

Nepal seeks UNODC support to counter drug abuse (ht 05/12/2014)

Two Nepalis inducted into UNSG’s panel (kp 29/11/2014), Pandey in proposed UN Technology Bank (ht 29/11/2014)

Nepal backs India for UNSC permanent member: Demands abolition of veto, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 14/11/2014)

Pandey calls for more woman blue berets (ht 28/09/2014)

FM brings to notice LLDCs’ lack of int’l market access (kp 27/09/2014), FM Pandey calls for deeper understanding among LLDCs (kp 28/09/2014)

PM-led delegation leaves for US today (kp 19/09/2014), Prime minister leaves for New York (kp 20/09/2014), Prime minister leaves for New York (ht 20/09/2014), PM Koirala to address General Debate of 69th UNGA today (kp 26/09/2014), Koirala’s hectic New York schedule (ht 26/09/2014), PM attends UNGA general debate (rep 26/09/2014), Statute priority, PM tells UN: Assures world leaders of Nepal’s commitment to promulgate democratic constitution (kp 28/09/2014), All parties working for democratic statute: PM (ht 28/09/2014), Provide additional safety to UN peacekeepers: Koirala (ht 28/09/2014), Call to action, by Sushil Koirala (rep 19/09/2014) [text of speech at UNGA], PM meets UN chief Ban (kp 29/09/2014)

22 members in UNGA squad (kp 12/09/2014)

Parajuli is UN RC in Zimbabwe (kp 04/09/2014)

PM at UNGA: Nepal to accord India and China high priority (kp 03/09/2014)

Failure to ratify BWC deprives Nepal of int'l support to fight Ebola, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 01/09/2014)

UN hikes allowance for peacekeepers, by Kamal Pariyar (kp 27/08/2014)

UN grieves over flood, landslide deaths (ht 21/08/2014)

PM to leave for UN General Assembly (ht 15/08/2014)

UNICEF Nepal head Hozumi arrives (ht 12/08/2014)

NAked truth: The NA has a record of widespread and systematic violations of human rights perpetrated as part of the conflict, by Suhas Chakma (rep 27/07/2014)

Under the shadow: The UN must be improved for better; Without it the world would be in an even more dangerous situation, by Shambhu Ram Simkhada (rep 23/07/2014)

United Nations for increased Nepali female peacekeepers (kp 22/07/2014), Better posts sought for Nepali Blue Helmets (ht 22/07/2014)

UN official arriving: To discuss Nepal's role in peacekeeping missions (ht 04/07/2014)

Ban seeks more Nepali women peacekeepers (ht 22/06/2014)

UN commits on refugee solution, by Anand Gurung (kp 20/06/2014)

Bhattarai to lead UNGA body (ht 20/06/2014)

Govt yet to install Buddha statue at Unesco headquarters (kp 14/06/2014)

Proposal to ratify Arms Trade Treaty to be tabled (ht 08/06/2014)

UN assistant secy gen arriving today (rep 14/05/2014), UN support sought for govt priority sectors: Xu urges framing of a long-term plan to take a leap forward (ht 16/05/2014)

Thoroughbreds: Nepal army maintains high level of professionalism by sending soldiers with robust pre-deployment training, by Ratindra Khatri (rep 14/04/2014)

UN peace mission: NA set to extend deployment length (kp 09/04/2014)

UN mission cuts tasks: Nepal halts consular services from New York, by Anil Giri (kp 08/04/2014)

In the line of duty Nepali women soldiers are doing a stellar job in Lebanon, although their family members wish they were in Nepal to take care of the home and hearth, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 05/04/2014)

NA peacekeepers winning hearts in Lebanon (kp 30/03/2014)

Govt backs Malla’s UNCAT candidacy (ht 28/03/2014)

Resolution on Ukraine: Nepal likely to abstain in UN vote (kp 27/03/2014), Crimea crisis concerns Nepal, but what will it do at UN? Likely to remain absent during United Nations General Assembly voting scheduled for today (ht 27/03/2014)

NA man as deputy head of UN mission in Sudan (rep 12/03/2014)

Six Nepali peacekeepers injured in an attack in Congo (nn 04/03/2014), 6 NA peacekeepers hurt in DR Congo (kp 05/03/2014)

Diligent peacekeepers: For Nepal, UN peacekeeping mission carries a lot of significance; it is a tool for the government to engineer leverage in international forum, by Shrijan Bahadur Malla (rep 26/02/2014)

NA men building airstrip in DR Congo, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 30/01/2014)

NA to deploy 140 soldiers to Mali for peacekeeping (kp 29/01/2014)

NA blue helmets numbers cross 100,000, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 28/01/2014), Lakh army personnel in UN peace missions (ht 30/01/2014)

NA peacekeepers in DRC doing great but fear downsizing: 1,800 km roads rehabilitated in 10 years, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 26/01/2014)

Govt to deploy 850 NA peacekeepers in South Sudan (rep 10/01/2014), Nepal joins UN mission in south Sudan (nn 16/01/2014)

Be a party to arms trade treaty: UN (ht 07/01/2014)

UN hails ruling against clemency for grave abuse (ht 07/01/2014)

UN seeks 850 NA personnel for S Sudan (kp 01/01/2014), Your war, our soldiers! In an unwritten rule, developed countries fulfill their responsibility through financial support; Countries like Nepal send their troops, by Dinesh Lamsal (rep 07/01/2014)


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