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NCP calls Standing Committee meet as factional feud deepens (rep 09/12/2018), Tardy Oli sees ruling party leaders walk out on meeting: The communist party’s standing committee to meet on December 15, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 09/12/2018)

EC’s recognition of NCP challenged (ht 08/12/2018)

Ruling party unveils provincial panels, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 04/12/2018), 53% UML, 47% Maoist leaders in NCP provincial committees (rep 04/12/2018)

Unification and Prosperity, by Narad Bharadwaj (rn 30/11/2018)

Key NCP meeting postponed yet again (rep 28/11/2018)

Disgruntled NCP leaders seek jumbo politburo, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 28/11/2018)

Ruling party to set up special provincial committee, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 24/11/2018)

NCP secretariat meeting on November 22, by Tika R Pradhn (kp 19/11/2018)

‘Party unification facing technical problems’ (ht 18/11/2018)

Meeting delays frustrate ruling party leaders, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 18/11/2018)

Oli faces wrath for putting off crucial meet, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 14/11/2018)

NCP leaders vent anger on leadership (rep 07/11/2018)

NCP to expedite unification of lower committees after Tihar, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 06/11/2018)

Delayed panel meetings irk NCP leaders: Party’s standing committee meeting postponed indefinitely; The third NCP standing committee meeting called for Monday and Tuesday had been abruptly postponed until further notice, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 31/10/2018)

NCP panel begins work on allocating responsibilities (ht 31/10/2018)

Various forces at work to make Nepal Communist Party (NCP) a failure: Dahal (ht 29/10/2018)

PM Oli skips tea reception due to ‘minor illness’ (kp 28/10/2018), A mismanaged tea party, dissatisfied invitees, by Bikan K Dawadi (rep 28/10/2018)

Team formed to complete provincial committees of ruling party: The panel of Ram Bahadur Thapa and Bishnu Poudel will also recommend duties for NCP central members (kp 26/10/2018), Task force to allocate responsibilities (ht 26/10/2018)

NCP to dwell on performance of PM Oli’s administration, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 24/10/2018), One party, two tribe: Factions create divisions in the  party and rupture unity (kp 24/10/2018)

NCP secretariat meeting: Provincial panels stay as leader Nepal relents; Shrestha continues as Nepal Communist Party (NCP) spokesperson, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 23/10/2018), NCP admits mistake, says won’t repeat it (ht 23/10/2018)

Ruling party rules out re-election chances, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 22/10/2018)

Oli, Dahal to chalk out strategies during Dashain (ht 16/10/2018)

Dahal changes his tune after by-election fiasco: NCP co-chair confirms no by-election for Kathmandu Constituency 7 (kp 13/10/2018), Bamdev-Rambir Drama: Party Bruised, Lesson Learnt, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 14/10/2018) [This remains to be doubted!]

Secretariat meet to settle issues rocking ruling party, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 06/10/2018), Standing committee to settle row: Next central secretariat meeting will sit on Wednesday to finalise the agenda for standing committee meeting (kp 09/10/2018)

One year into unity, infighting and fissures disrupt the governing party, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 05/10/2018)

Conflict between two chiefs: Officially, both Oli and Dahal are equals. Effectively, Dahal is a lightweight and, practically, Oli stands as the effective heavyweight at least for the next year and a half, by P Kharel (rep 01/10/2018)

Ruling NCP leader Nepal vents ire against govt: ‘Our heads bow down in shame if someone known by the public as corrupt is rewarded’ (rep 29/09/2018), Madhav Kumar Nepal flays his party’s govt (ht), Senior leader of ruling party blasts government (kp 29/09/2018), Nepal rails against ‘unilateral decision’ of Oli-Dahal leadership: Senior leader of Nepal Communist Party accuses party Co-chairmen Oli and Dahal of appointing their loyalists to key posts in seven provinces, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 29/09/2018), Disgruntled NCP leaders gang up on Oli (rep 29/09/2018), Loyalists defend Oli as Nepal brews disconten: Senior leader holds factional event amid widening rift in the ruling NCP, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 30/09/2018)

CPN assigns provinces to forward district committee merger process (kp 24/09/2018)

Ruling party picks leaders of seven provincial panels: A day before PM Oli’s US visit, party picks  provincial leaders (kp 22/09/2018), NCP names in-charges, office bearers for provinces: Madhav Nepal faction dissatisfied (rep 22/09/2018)

Leadership row delays merger of lower committees: Party leaders say serious discussion on the lower committees’ merger will take place only after two top leaders return from their foreign trips, by Tika R Pradhan (kp 16/09/2018), Dahal abroad, NCP merger completion delayed (rep 17/09/2018)

Progress In Communist Unity, by Narad Bharadwaj (rn 14/09/2018)

NCP meeting fails to resolve major issues: The Central Secretariat meeting discussed unification of party committees, but could not come to a conclusion (kp 13/09/2018)

Leaders seek criteria to select leadership in NCP lower bodies: Demand a high-level probe panel to draft criteria after studying recommendations (kp 02/09/2018)

NCP plans by-election in Dolpa To announce poll and lawmaker Budha’s resignation simultaneously, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 02/09/2018) [???]

NCP unification: Leadership disputes stall lower panels (kp 26/08/2018)

Parliamentary communists: There is no trace of communism except for the sickle and hammer on the party’s flag, by Lok Raj Baral (kp 20/08/2018)

Disgruntled NCP leaders oppose task forces’ report (ht 17/08/2018)

Nepal Communits Party (NCP) elected reps not to get party executive posts (ht 10/08/2018)

PM Oli briefs party Central Secretariat (kp 09/08/2018)

Dolpa youths unite against NCP's plan to elect Gautam from Dolpa (rep 04/08/2018)

NCP gives aug 21 deadline to suboridate bodies for unification: Unification of trade unions remains a big challenge for the governing NCP (kp 03/08/2018)

Shrestha quits as NCP spokesperson after dispute with PM Oli (kp 02/08/2018) [This illustrates Oli's contemptuous and authoritarian attitude towards human rights!], NCP leaders urging Shrestha to withdraw resignation (rep 02/08/2018)

Ruling party plans unity gatherings: Merger of lower committees within three weeks to counter criticism against government (kp 31/07/2018)

Parties renaming public places after their own: Over three dozen names of the public places in Babai rural municipality have been renamed with the names of the past UML leaders and Maoists have followed suit, by Devendra Basnet and Dinesh Subedi (rep 31/07/2018)

Provisions in NCP (NCP) statute ruffles feathers of leaders, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 29/07/2018) [There are no rules or laws for godlike leaders! Such provisions apply only to the rank and file!]

Oli vents ire on party ranks for not defending govt (rep 18/07/2018) [Maybe there aren't so many things worth defending!]

NCP lower committees: Merger process ‘picks up pace’ (kp 16/07/2018)

NCP forms 3-member panel to complete draft (kp 08/07/2018)

Nepal Communist Party sets agenda for SC meeting (kp 05/07/2018)

NCP tells its cadres to stand up against CPN misconducts (kp 02/07/2018)

Groupism very much a reality in NCP, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 01/07/2018)

NCP to revise statute, regulation (ht 26/06/2018), Ruckus over plan to defang panels (kp 27/06/2018)

Gearing up for unity: NCP sister wings scurry to prepare for merger (kp 24/06/2018)

NCP’s political document harsh on other parties, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 22/06/2018)

NCP struggles to pick heads, members of House panels (rep 20/06/2018)

NCP statute bars office bearers from serving more than two terms, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 19/06/2018)

SC tells poll body to clarify over NCP (kp 18/06/2018)

NCP rank and file urged to strengthen govt (kp 17/06/2018)

Ruling party panel to mull four key topics (kp 16/06/2018)

Dahal slams petit bourgeois, calls for a strong communist center (kp 18/06/2018)

Task force submits final drafts of NCP statute and regulations: Proposes forming 32 departments to support govt, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 15/06/2018), NCP task force moots shadow govt (ht 15/06/2018) [This party is in govt, how can it form a shadow govt?]

NCP co-chairs plan to reshuffle party’s CC (ht 13/06/2018)

NCP names Standing Committee Leaders select 26 from ex-UML and 19 from Maoist Centre (kp 12/06/2018)

Leaders’ indifference to ex-Maoist fighter’s life of woe resented, by Dinesh Subedi (rep 12/06/2018)

The ruling Nepal Communist Party, among others, break the law to exclude women: They have three months to comply, by Shubhashree Basnyat (The Record 10/06/2018), Writ petition challenges NCP registration (kp 15/06/2018)

Can NCP be Trendsetter of Marxism?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 10/06/2018)

Maoist betrayal: As Maoist leaders are turning their back on real issues, former Maoist activists and general people take Maoist revolution as an act of great betrayal, by Pratap Sharma (rep 10/06/2018)

Yadav refutes merger reports with NCP (kp 08/06/2018)

NCP finally gets legal party status (kp 07/06/2018), EC decides to register NCP, ignoring law (rep 07/06/2018) [Leading parties can do what they want! Obviously, they are above law and constitution!], NCP acquires EC registration (kp 08/06/2018), Move afoot to challenge poll panel’s decision to register NCP (NCP): Proportional representation of women in all organs of the state is crucial to empower women, but more worrisome is the fact that the prime minister and ruling party co-chairpersons are openly defying the legal provisions (ht 08/06/2018) [A lawless ruling party is the best guarantee for a lawless state!], Masculine parties: Failure to ensure 33pc women representation in party committees shows ‘of men, for men and by men’ attitude of parties (ht 08/06/2018)

Toward elite rule: The unified communist party looks like a club of VIPs with present and past PMs, DPMs, heads of parliament, provincial assemblies and provincial governments, by Thira L. Bhusal (rep 07/05/2018)

Nepal’s political paradox: Nepali communists have come to power through elections. Instead of democracy killing communism, communism here has thrived under democracy, by Narayan Manandhar (rep 07/06/2018)

Dahal without role in NCP Parliamentary Party (ht 06/07/2018)

Province 2 MPs in ugly spat: NCP lawmaker Manju Yadav slaps her colleague Kishori Sah, by Santosh Singh (kp 07/06/2018)

Sum of its parts: The NCP must prove that the unification is in the interest of the nation and its people, by Gopi Uprety (kp 04/06/2018)

NCP violates Party Registration Act with low representation of women (rep 03/06/2018)

‘Avoid groupism, factionalism’ (ht 03/06/2018)

NCP leaders tell party members to refrain from factional politics: Both Oli and Dahal are aware how pernicious factional feud could be to party organisation having witnessed infighting and splits when leading their previous parties (kp 02/06/2018)

NCP gives final shape to its Standing Committee: Formal decision likely tomorrow (kp 31/05/2018) [Inclusion is a forgotten promise of the past if the composition of this SC is the picture of future Nepal!], NCP leaders Bohara, Sherchan complain about being left out (ht 31/05/2018)

NCP submits more documents to EC (kp 29/05/2018), NCP submits signatures, citizenship of CC members for party registration (rep 29/05/2018)

EC likely to deny registration to NCP (rep 26/05/2018) [because of itsd unconstitutionally poor participation of women!]

Maoist and CPN-UML unification: Regular Accident; Dissolving two older communist parties, CPN-UML leaders and Maoist Center leaders set up a new party giving up their old legacy, by Keshab Poudel (sp 25/05/2018)

Dahal’s NCP central member list upsets Maoist Centre aspirants (kp 25/05/2018)

The MC-UML Metamorphosis, by Mukti Rijal (rn 24/05/2018), Challenges Before Communist Party of Nepal, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 24/05/2018), Discontent rife among NCP leaders, leadership under pressure, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 24/05/2018), Hurdles for Unified NCP, by Narad Bharadwaj (rn 25/05/2018)

Only 16 pc representation for women in NCP central committee, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 23/05/2018) [!!! Besides, the party leadership continues to be completely dominated by male Tagadharis, especially Bahuns!!], Only 16 percent women at NCP central committee (rep 23/05/2018)

NCP starts plans for key panel, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 23/05/2018)

Formation of NCP: Powerful Political Entity, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 23/05/2018), Will it last? There is expectation that communist unification will lead to an age of strong and stable government. Is this really going to happen?, by Narayan Manandhar (rep 23/05/2018)

Fringe party raps ruling party for copying its name: Leaders from the ruling NCP said that the party was forced to use the name after the fringe party turned down requests to lend its name (rep 21/05/2018) [Top political leaders can do what ever they like! They are above the law!!]

Good for Nepal: Communist unity is a historical step to have a stable government and to focus on national agenda of economic development and social progress, by Dai Yonghong (rep 21/05/2018)

NCP selects 45 members for central body, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 21/05/2018) [Thank god, 31 of them are Tagadharis! This is a good example for better inclusion of disadvantaged social groups! Besides, nominations are far better than undemocatic procedures like elections!], NCP still struggling to give full shape to central committee (rep 21/05/2018), NCP endorses 441-member CC (ht 22/05/2018), NCP names central panel: Central Secretariat convenes first meeting a Prime Minister’s Office (kp 22/05/2018), Discontent brews as senior leaders resent demotion in new party (kp 22/05/2018)

Politics of stability: UML-MC unification is good news but it shouldn’t come at cost of other parties and civil society (kp 21/05/2018), The unification is not for political gains but for a prosperous Nepal, intewrview with  Janardhan Sharma (kp 21/05/2018) [???], NCP ranking rankles top leaders: Khanal miffed at being placed behind Nepal in party hierarchy, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 21/05/2018) [Power and position is all that counts in Nepal's party politics!], Khanal objects to party’s new hierarchy (rep 22/05/2018)

Nepal: Decisive Turn, by S. Binodkumar Singh (SAIR, 21/05/2018)

Implications of the Left Unity, by Kushal Pokharel (rn 19/05/2018), Merger of Two Communist Parties in Nepal, by Siddhi B Ranjitkar (km 19/05/2018), UML-Maoist Centre Unity Generates Left Momentum, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 20/05/2018), Analysts sceptical on communist unity, by Anil Giri (kp 20/05/2018), Discontent in NCP as unity gives ‘unfair benefit’ to some (rep 20/05/2018),  Conflict victims feel further disheartened after left unity, by Bhadra Sharma (rep 20/05/2018)

The ‘New’ Communists: Our communists are fake and most of them have invested in schools and hospitals and in the transportation sector. So let us not expect our communists to act like communists because they are just capitalists wearing the ‘communist’ tag, by Guffadi (kp 19/05/2018)

Oli and Dahal shake on Nepal Communist Party, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 17/05/2018), , UML, Maoist unite to form NCP; official announcement shortly (kp 17/05/2018), UML, Maoist Center dissolve their respective parties (rep 17/05/2018), NCP central leaders jointly take oath in Baluwatar (kp 17/05/2018), Newly appointed CC members of Unified party administered oath (rep 17/05/2018), Oli and Dahal propose registration of Nepal Communist Party at EC (ht 17/05/2018), Unified party to have 9-member secretariat (rep 17/05/2018), Unification bodes well for country’s future: PM Oli (photo feature), by Dipendra Roka (rep 17/05/2018), If Maoist Center was to merge into UML, why people’s war?, by Shalik Bhatta (rep 17/05/2018), Communist unity heralds ‘new era’: 7-month process culminates in merger of UML, Maoist Centre, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 18/05/2018), New sun dawns on Nepal: Left Alliance partners merge to give mojority govt to country after decades, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 18/05/2018), One body two heads, by Om Astha Rai (nt 18/05/2018), UML, Maoist Center merge to form Nepal Communist Party: First general convention to decide party portfolios through consensus, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 18/05/2018), Compromise on both sides made quick unification possible (rep 18/05/2018)

UML, CPN-MC bridge rift, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 16/05/2018)

Maoist chief for settling unification issues today: Other leaders not much hopeful about merger soon (kp 27/04/2018), Unification at Crossroads, by Narad Bharadwaj (rn 27/04/2018), Dahal-Oli unification talks fail to progress (ht 28/04/2018), Dahal asks Oli to choose between govt and party leadership, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 28/04/2018), UML-MC Unity: A Sisyphean Task?, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 29/04/2018), UML, CPN-MC stick to their stances (ht 29/04/2018), Oli, Dahal face uphill task taking UML-MC merger forward (rep 29/04/2018), Party unification announcement likely on May 5, says Dahal (ht 02/05/2018), The Dilatory Unification Process, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 03/05/2018), Parties’ unification moving ‘positively’: Leaders say contentious issues almost resolved (kp 04/05/2018), UML, CPN-MC unity issues still not resolved (ht 04/05/2018), Disagreement on sharing stalls merger (ht 08/05/2018), PM’s tweet fuels trust crisis in left alliance, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 09/05/2018)

UML, CPN-MC to draft new programme on socialism (ht 25/04/2018)

Unification Hits Roadblocks, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 25/04/2018), Lack of time delaying unification, says Dahal (ht 25/04/2018)

Maoist Centre to strengthen party units (kp 24/04/2018)

‘Unification issues resolved’ (ht 24/04/2018)

Banner row at UML-Maoist event, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 23/04/2018), ‘Unity will take some more time’ (kp 23/04/2018), Oli, Dahal committed to unification (ht 23/04/2018), MC and UML couldn’t come together on Lenin’s birth anniversary but May 5, Marx’s 200th birth anniversary, is coming up, interview with Narayan Kaji Shrestha (kp 23/04/2018), Madhav Nepal opposes Oli-Dahal gentleman’s agreement, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 23/04/2018)

Divided We Stand: Despite all efforts, political parties are yet to unite with a cause, by Keshab Poudel (sp 20/04/2018)

Unification hits a snag: UML, Maoist leaders say merger unlikely on April 22, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 18/04/2018), Dahal predicts UML-Maoist Centre merger by mid-May (kp 19/04/2018), To be or not to be: MC Chairman Dahal faces a moment of hard truth: does he want to go with UML or not? (kp 19/04/2018), Unified party’s general convention to choose chair through consensus: Left unification announcement possible on May 5’, by Rewati Sapkota (ht) 19/04/2018), No disagreement over power sharing: Dahal (ht 19/04/2018), Consensus on unified party’s chair ruled out, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 20/04/2018), UML, Maoist Center hold 'open and candid' discussions (rep 20/04/2018), Left leaders hopeful of Oli-Dahal negotiations: Dahal seeks assurance from Oli of leadership  of the unified party after unity convention, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 21/04/2018), The Unification Deadlock, by Kushal Pokharel (rn 21/04/2018), Dahal-Oli talks positive (ht 21/04/2018), Oli, Dahal fail to resolve issues (ht 22/04/2018), Oli, Dahal ‘committed’ to party unity: Plan fresh  May 5 date for announcing 2 parties as one (kp 22/04/2018)

Questions over date of UML, Maoist merger, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 16/04/2017), UML, CPN-MC likely to miss unity deadline (ht 16/04/2018), YCL presses Dahal for 'dignified' merger with UML (rep 16/04/2018) [Dignified equality is relative: CPN-MC only got about one third of the PR votes in recent elections compared to CPN-UML!], UML leaders bat for early merger with Maoists: PUCC set to take a call today (kp 17/04/2018)

PUCC delay casts doubt over partyunification date: With the scheduled merger date only ten days away, chairmen of both the parties are currently away from the Capital (kp 13/04/2018)

Busy PM, lack of homework blamed for delay in unity talks (rep 12/04/2018)

Left unification could see more delay over power-sharing, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 10/04/2018)

Dahal and ministers slam ‘unilateral’ Oli, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 08/04/2018), UML-Maoist Centre Merger: Prachanda Floats Trial Balloons, by Ritu Raj Subedi (rn 08/04/2018), ‘50 per cent representation in unified party is bottom-line’ (ht 08/04/2018)

Irreversible Left Unification, by Narad Bharadwaj (rn 06/04/2018)

Maoist Center's 50/50 demand throw left merger in disarray, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 02/04/2018), Oli to give one more try for consensus before India visit (rep 03/04/2018), Has Unification Process Hit a Snag?, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 04/04/2018), Left merger announcement ‘on April 22’ (kp 04/04/2018), UML-MC unification announcement on April 22 (ht 04/04/2018), Oli, Dahal to work together to resolve disputed issues (rep 04/04/2018), UML, Maoists seek middle path for unification (rep 05/04/2018), Parties to settle unity issues after Oli’s visit, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 06/04/2018)

UML-Maoist Centre unification: Top panel to act upon merger documents; Ratio of representation, poll symbol yet to be agreed, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 01/04/2018), ‘Party unification after PM Oli’s India visit’ (ht 01/04/2018)

Party merger ‘difficult’ before PM’s India visit: PUCC meeting assigned to sort all outstanding issues, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 30/03/2018)

Task forces work out nitty-gritty of left unification, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 29/03/2018), Drop two-term limit, 70-yr age bar: Left taskforce, by Roshan Sedhai (rep 29/03/2018)

Left unification only after PM’s India visit: Announcement likely on April 22, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 28/03/2018)

UML, Maoists to have equal share in unified party: Dahal, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 27/03/2018), Left unification to happen on equal terms, says Dahal: Says the unified party to have equal representation from both left alliance partners, by Rewati Sapkota (ht 27/03/2018), UML, Maoists in dispute over stake in new party (rep 28/03/2018)

Unified party may have 301 CC members: PUCC likely to get party’s political document on Thursday (ht 26/03/2018)

Maoists hasten merger with UML: Left allies speed up preparations for unification before PM’s India visit, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 25/03/2018)

Party unification by April 23: Dahal (ht 22/03/2018), Left alliance unification proposed for April 22 (rep 23/03/2018)

UML-Maoist to unite on April 22, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 12/03/2018)

Oli and Dahal form a formidable team: Backed by party machine, Oli is a tough leader who sticks to his gameplan; Prachanda a flexible dealmaker with broad constituencies, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp 23/02/2018)

Unification And Stability, by Bijay Aryal (rn 21/02/2018), Much-awaited Deal Sealed, Finally !, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 21/02/2018), ‘Comrade Oli is PM for five years’ (kp 21/02/2018), Party unification process may take a month: Shrestha (rep 21/02/2018)

Unified left party may not get name of ‘Communist Party of Nepal’ (ht 21/02/2018)

UML, Maoist Centre agree to form CPN, by Tika R- Pradhan (kp 20/02/2018), UML, Maoist Center are now one party: New party named Communist Party of Nepal, by Roshan Sedhai and  Ashok Dahal (rep 20/02/2018), Turn-wise deal on premiership detrimental for country: Nepal (ht 20/02/2018) [It would once again prevent the now possible political stability! The Left alliance has not been elected by a great majority to continue the endless power struggles!]

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