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Press evaluation:

Overworked and underpaid: Stakeholders urge government to take initiative to ensure minimum wages for workers, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 04/12/2014)

Hard lives: Construction workers are not given fair wages and vital social security benefits, by Rajendra Senchurey (rep 28/09/2014)

Salary hike adds Rs 28 billion to govt spending (kp 24/07/2014)

Producers okay Rs 201 daily wage, by Parbat Portel (kp 24/05/2014)

FNCCI floats idea to scrap system on  minimum wage (ht 19/04/2014)

TV channels get 90 days to fall in line (ht 02/04/2014)

Salary and wage rate index: Bank staff laughing all the way to the bank; Not a promising year for private firm workers,who suffered the most with no pay hike at all (ht 14/01/2014)

Wage hike eludes tea estate workers in Jhapa, by Raju Adhikari (rep 04/12/2013)

Workers' salary hike row: FNCCI seeks government intervention (kp 07/08/2013)

How much salary do our government officials draw? (kp 03/08/2013)

Raise or cap?, by Vikas Raj Satyal (rep 03/07/2013)

Civil servants seek salary hike (ht 02/07/2013)

Govt fixes minimum salary of workers at factories (nn 05/06/2013), Govt officially endorses workers’ minimum salary of Rs 8,000, by Ashok Thapa (kp 13/06/2013)

CPN-Maoist against new minimum wage: Demands monthly salary of Rs 15,000, daily wage of Rs 700 (ht 01/06/2013)

Minimum salary hiked (ht 29/05/2013)

Workers’ monthly pay hiked to Rs 8,000: Government to implement the new wage structure ‘within a week’, by Ashok Thapa (kp 28/05/2013)

Framing the floor: Debating minimum wages (rep 26/05/2013), Inflation based salary hike on cards: ‘Financial Act needs to include automatic raise based on CPI’ (ht 27/05/2013)

Govt, workers, employers in pay hike talks, by Ramesh Shrestha (kp 01/05/2013), Workers united A decent minimum wage is the right of every worker (kp 02/05/2013)

Govt sets minimum wage for migrants going to Bahrain, Oman (ht 19/04/2013)

Domestic helps earn less than Rs 3,500 (ht 01/04/2013)

Tripartite committee to review minimum wage, by Ashok Thapa (kp 27/03/2013), Committee to look into wages (ht 29/03/2013)

Unequal wages, women labourers rue gender bias: Rights defenders lay stress on educating women about their equal rights (ht 10/03/2013)

‘Minimum wage must increase’ (ht 25/02/2013)

Migrant workers' wage hike: Govt yet to address real needs: Stakeholders, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 11/01/2013)

Govt mulls sector-wise minimum wage rates, by Ramesh Shrestha (kp 08/01/2013)

Trekking workers to get revised pay (ht 12/10/2012)

Give journos minimum wage, says apex court (kp 06/02/2012), Walk the talk on journos’ pay, apex court tells government (ht 06/02/2012), FNJ to press for basic pay (kp 09/02/2012)

MoIC revises minimum wages of journalists (nn 04/01/2012), Govt revises journos’ pay (ht 05/01/2012)

Rs 6,200 (US$72.38) a month is your minimum wage, by Ujjwala Maharjan (rep 30/12/2011)

Health workers stir for salary (ht 21/12/2011)

Gender inequality in wages highest in Nepal, reports ILO (ht 02/12/2011)

Non-teaching staffers cry foul: Seek pay, benefits on a par with school teachers (ht 02/12/2011)

Govt to hike migrant workers’ salary (ht 02/12/2011)

SC seeks explanation on teachers’ salary (ht 26/10/2011)

Minimum wage for farm workers set at Rs 221, by Ashok Thapa (kp 20/10/2011)

Minimum salary deal hits rough weather, again: ANTUF faction, small unions term it ‘Majdurmara’ (kp 02/10/2011)

FNCCI, unions spark to the happy-hours deal (kp 31/08/2011)

Labor ministry maintains silence on pay hike row, by Ashok Thapa (rep 27/08/2011)

Panel for 39% hike in journos' salary (rep 23/08/2011)

Trade unions ask FNCCI to implement pay-hike decision (kp 17/08/2011)

Household income rises over four-fold in 15 years (rep 09/08/2011)

Workers bring Chitwan hotels to their knees, by Chandni Hamal (rep 06/08/2011)

More firms agree to implement new pay package, by Ashok Thapa and Chandni Hamal (rep 03/08/2011)

Agitation expands to hotels, restaurants, by Ashok Thapa (rep 02/08/2011), Hotels hike salary despite HAN’s heel-dragging (kp 03/08/2011)

Workers demand equal salary hike Government fails: According to budget’s increment of civil servants’ pay and perks (ht 28/07/2011), Industrial workers' stir nearing end, by Ashok Thapa (rep 01/08/2011)

200% incentive for revenue staff unacceptable: Govt employees, by Bimal Gautam (rep 28/07/2011)

Unions in hotels launch agitation for pay hike (kp 25/07/2011)

Judges feel discriminated over salary, by Bimal Gautam (rep 24/07/2011)

MoF struggles to fix pay hike rate, by Milan Mani Sharma (rep 12/07/2011), Govt employees' to get 20 pc pay hike (nn 12/07/2011)

Minimum wage dispute: Trade unions threaten to go on strike (ht 10/07/2011), Trade unions on protest path (kp 20/07/2011)

Government to hike civil servants’ salary: inance Ministry is working on percentage of pay increase that could address current price hike (ht 07/07/2011)

SC stays MoLTM wage package for workers, by Ashok Thapa (rep 04/07/2011), SC issues interim order against salary hike, by Pranab Kharel and Ramesh Shrestha (kp 04/07/2011)

Wages hike for tea workers delayed, by Ashok Thapa (rep 04/06/2011)

Employers to move apex court against new salary provision (kp 04/06/2011)

Govt formalises new salary structure, by Ramesh Shrestha (kp 24/05/2011), Ministry endorses April 16 minimum wage agreement: FNCCI and major trade unions disagree (ht 24/05/2011), Settle wage dispute (rep 25/05/2011), Employers up in arms against new salary provision, by Ramesh Shrestha (kp 25/05/2011), New wage hike for industrial workers can’t be implemented: FNCCI (nn 03/06/2011)

New wage package for workers on cards, by Ashok Thapa (rep 17/05/2011), Govt formalising deal reached with minor trade unions, by Ramesh Shrestha (kp 17/05/2011), Industrialists miffed over govt's unilateral decision to hike salary of industrial workers (nn 20/05/2011), Wages issue drives a wedge: Trade unions divided; FNCCI sticks to agreement (kp 21/05/2011)

Govt to come up with fresh wage package, by Ashok Thapa (rep 12/05/2011), Govt prepares to introduce fresh wage system (nn 13/05/2011)

'Govt will implement new wage structure' (rep 28/04/2011)

Unions far from satisfied Disagreements over different wage agreements continue (ht 25/04/2011)

Pay hike demanded (ht 22/04/2011)

Recent wage negotiation: rumors & reality, by Bishnu Rimal (rep 19/04/2011), Implement agreement: Disgruntled trade unions, by Khilanath Dhakal (rep 22/04/2011)

Tea workers on warpath, by Raju Adhikari (rep 18/04/2011)

Govt, trade unions agree on salary hike to Rs. 6,200 for industrial workers (nn 17/04/2011), FNCCI against fresh wage hike deal (rep 18/04/2011), Employers term government’s latest move 'unilateral' (kp 18/04/2011), Industrialists differ on latest salary, wage hike by govt and trade unions (nn 18/04/2011)

Salary hike negotiations: Unions’ bid for worker social security, by Ramesh Shrestha (kp 24/03/2011), Unions, employers agree on salary, daily wages (ht 25/03/2011), Employers, trade unions hammer out a deal, finally, by Ramesh Shrestha (kp 25/03/2011), Workers in eastern districts rally against agreement between industrialists and trade unions (nn 25/03/2011), Labour deal hits rough weather (kp 26/03/2011), Pay hike row: Employers take tough stance, by Ramesh Shrestha, Shankar Acharya and Madhav Ghimire (kp 29/03/2011), Wage hike deal won't be terminated: FNCCI (rep 31/03/2011), Govt needs to endorse wage agreement: FNCCI (ht 31/03/2011), Salary hike row: Govt vows to resolve crisis within 2 days (kp 01/04/2011), Govt-workers salary negotiation: Trade Unions hum and haw on Rs 2,000 hike in monthly salary (kp 04/04/2011)

Trade unions threaten on minimum wages (ht 11/02/2011)

GEFONT demands increase in workers’ wages (nn 10/02/2011)

Women employees demand provision for sundry benefits (ht 29/12/2010)

Low pay in industries spurs labour exodus to informal sector (kp 22/12/2010)

CEO's salary ceiling, by Prem Khanal (rep 12/12/2010)

Maoist union demands 117 pc hike in wages, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp 08/12/2010)

Through the roof: The widening salary gap between CEOs and workers is cause for concern, by Prakash Shrestha and Kalpana Khanal (kp 06/12/2010), CEOs satisfied with income limit, says NRB (ht 07/12/2010), CEOs are making unwarranted noises regarding cap on their income: NRB (nn 07/12/2010)

Prison ‘staff’ drawing Rs 50 per month (kp 03/10/2010)

Civil servants seek whopping pay hike, by Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 28/06/2010)

Maoist trade union bars trekking agents from sending guides, porters to Annapurna region (nn 14/03/2010)


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