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Nurses being paid nominal salaries by private hospitals: NNC; Montlhly pay of nurses a little more than Rs 3,000, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (rep 28/01/2017)

Gender pay gap: What we can learn from global practices to reduce inequality in our workforce, by Tara Kanel (kp 15/01/2017)

50pc incentive boost for Law Services employees (kp 06/01/2017)

Hike in civil sector salary drives up salary, wages indices: Private sector remunerations continue to remain stagnant: NRB data (rep 31/12/2016)

Average salary goes up 14.4pc (kp 20/11/2016)

25 per cent salary hike for postal service staff (ht 23/09/2016)

Panels formed to implement minimum wage for journalists (ht 05/09/2016), Journos’ minimum wage: Media operators
express concern
(kp 10/09/2016)

Up to 20 per cent salary hike on cards for civil servants, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (kp 25/05/2016)

NMS rider for following minimum wage rule: Government must first meet 12 conditions: Media society chair (ht 24/05/2016)

Journos' wage: Media orgs object to cabinet decision (kp 07/05/2016)

Security guards warn of protests (kp 10/04/2016)

Construction workers’ wages soar nearly 13pc (kp 30/08/2015)

Poor living wage of women in informal sector discussed: Wages of women in informal sector is so low that they are not sufficient to sustain livelihood (ht 21/06/2015)

Male-female wage disparity widens (kp 01/02/2015)

Overworked and underpaid: Stakeholders urge government to take initiative to ensure minimum wages for workers, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 04/12/2014)

Hard lives: Construction workers are not given fair wages and vital social security benefits, by Rajendra Senchurey (rep 28/09/2014)

Salary hike adds Rs 28 billion to govt spending (kp 24/07/2014)

Producers okay Rs 201 daily wage, by Parbat Portel (kp 24/05/2014)

FNCCI floats idea to scrap system on  minimum wage (ht 19/04/2014)

TV channels get 90 days to fall in line (ht 02/04/2014)

Salary and wage rate index: Bank staff laughing all the way to the bank; Not a promising year for private firm workers,who suffered the most with no pay hike at all (ht 14/01/2014)


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