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Press evaluation:

Vegetables rotting in fields due to rains (ht 21/07/2014)

Farmers discontent as intermediaries fleece them, by Chandi Raj Dahal (ht 21/07/2014)

Rotten tomatoes: Nepali tomatoes are poor in quality and difficult to export as they are laced with harmful pesticides, by Bhadri Khanal (rep 21/07/2014)

Tight spaces call for green rooftops, by Pragati Shahi (kp 19/07/2014)

NGOs provoking farmers: Agri Minister, by Sujan Dhungana (rep 19/07/2014)

Scanty rainfall brings woes to farmers (ht 17/07/2014), Delayed monsoon to hit rice production in country (ht 18/07/2014)

‘Domestic market key to develop agro sector’ (ht 17/07/2014)

Nepal imports rice despite surplus paddy production (rep 17/07/2014)

Migration leaves uncultivated farms, by Shahiman Rai (kp 16/07/2014)

Farmers dump 8 tons of tomatoes in protest (rep 15/07/2014), Rotten tomatoes (ht 16/07/2014), Tomato farmers seek minimum support price, by Suman Bashyal (kp 17/07/2014)

Waiting for the rain: Investment in irrigation infrastructure and energy can help farmers cope with a delayed monsoon, by Mandira Shrestha and Aditi Mukherji (kp 13/07/2014)

Govt monitoring use of pesticides in veggie, fruits (kp 11/07/2014)

90 per cent fieldsleft barren in east (ht 11/07/2014)

Govt set to launch subsidised agri loans (kp 09/07/2014)

Poor rainfall slows transplantation: Fears grow of lower paddy yield, by Sangam Prasain (kp 08/07/2014)

Regional agri research centre launched (kp 07/07/2014)

Farmers under debt burden as BFIs reluctant to lend, by Madhav Aryal (kp 07/07/2014)

Fall in agricultural production blamed on youth out-migration, by Dilip Poudel (rep 07/07/2014)

Myagdi farmers turn to orange farming, by Ram Krishna Gautam (rep 07/07/2014)

Govt likely to fix min prices for farm produce, by Sangam Prasain (kp 05/07/2014)

Time to go organic to tackle pesticide-laced food, by Sujan Dhungana (rep 04/07/2014)

A new slogan ‘Agriculture revolution’ needs tobe translated into action (kp 04/07/2014)

Paddy transplantation meagre at 10 percent, by Sangam Prasain (kp 03/07/2014)

Potatoes: a produce Panchathar is proud of, by Giri Raj Baskota (rep 03/07/2014)

Untimely monsoon: Monsoon rain for this season has already delayed by 15 days; it will certainly have a negative impact on crop production, by Bhairab Raj Kaini (rep 02/07/2014)

More than money: If you want to know hypocricy of government's development programs, look at the condition of country's agriculture, by Sukhdev Shah (rep 01/07/2014)

Lack of agro-technicians hits farmers (ht 01/07/2014)

Govt to declare ‘Decade of Agriculture Revolution’, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 30/06/2014)

Weak monsoon casts gloom over paddy harvest (rep 28/06/2014), Late monsoon hits paddy farmers hard (ht 30/06/2014)

54 youths return fromIsrael with new farm ideas (rep 28/06/2014)

The fruit of neglect: Nepal relies more and more on imported fruits as government fails to promote horticulture, by Nirjana Sharma (rep 28/06/2014

Nepal’s growing food demand: The need to explore options, by Khem Raj Sharma (ht 27/06/2014), National Rice Day: Rice And Food Security, by Bhola Man Singh Basnet (rn 28/06/2014)

Land used for growing veggies up (kp 26/06/2014)

Farm insurance becoming popular in Mid-West (kp 24/06/2014)

A lesson from Patani: Vegetable farming brings prosperity to a village once infamous for marihjuana farming, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 24/06/2014)

Meat production in Valley declines by 10pc Fall due to culling of large number of chickens following outbreak of avian influenza (ht 24/06/2014)

National food security: Self-reliance is the key, by Bhola Man Singh Basnet (ht 24/06/2014)

Govt to halve budget foragri insurance subsidies, by Sangam Prasain (kp 22/06/2014)

Production of tea,rice, dairy to grow (kp 22/06/2014)

Subtle poison: Vegetable farmers must be well-informed about the harmful effects of pesticides (kp 20/06/2014)

Upper Southern Dhadhing: Marijuana: ‘major source of income’, by Sudip Kaini (kp 18/06/2014)

Dairies not to take back unsold milk (kp 16/06/2014)

Sale of sub-standardrice seeds up in Saptari (ht 15/06/2014)

Tarai farmers like fisheries more than growing crops (kp 12/06/2014)

Dairy farming losing its shine due to low returns (kp 12/06/2014)

Agri Ministry says there will be no fertilizer shortage (kp 11/06/2014), India to send 100k tonnes of DAP (kp 11/06/2014)

It's white gold: Sans middlemen, 'home dairies' fetch high returns for farmers in Ilam, by Benup Raj Bhattarai (rep 10/06/2014)

Rampant sales of illegally imported paddy seeds, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 09/06/2014)

Exhibition on rooftop gardening (kp 08/06/2014)

Tea auction house gains momentum, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 07/06/2014)

Farmers again choose seeds that failed, by Madhsusudhan Guragain (rep 08/06/2014)

Solar pumps for small-holder farmers (kp 01/06/2014)

Smart and safe: Nepali farmers, patrticularly from Tarai and mid-hills are heavily reliant on polluting nitrogenous fertilizers, by Bhairab Raj Kaini (rep 01/06/2014)

Fish of many colours: With its many rivers and streams, suitable temperature and pH factor, Ilam is ripe for rainbow trout farming, by Ash Kumar Rai (kp 01/06/2014)

Min support price proposed for paddy, maize (kp 01/06/2014)

Jhapa's tea industry paralyzed as workers, farmers continue strike, by Raju Adhikari (rep 29/05/2014)

Incessant rainfall hits sugarcane farmers, by Madan Thakur (rep 29/05/2014)

The famed mustard oil from Khokana, by Sangita Shrestha (ht 24/05/2014)

Police arrest 17 agitating Jhapa tea farmers, by Lila Baral (kp 24/05/2014)

Armyworm invasion ruins vegetables, corn in Banke, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 23/05/2014)

Tea factories in east close for lack of leaves (kp 22/05/2014)

Landless farmers protest (ht 22/05/2014)

A dying tradition, by Prakash Timilsena (kp 17/05/2014)

Agriculture sector expands 4.7 percent (kp 13/05/2014), Winter crops disappoint farmers: Production of pulses down 17.2 percent

Guiding the flow: The investment in agriculture should be increased and skills development trainings provided to farmers, by Bhairab Raj Kaini (rep 13/05/2014)

Workers’ wage protest hits tea industry in Jhapa, by Lila Baral and Parbat Portel (kp 12/04/2014)

Rising ginger prices add spice to farmers’ lives, by Pradip Menyangbo (kp 12/05/2014)

Agricultural commercialisation and trade project: 291 firms selected for grant (kp 10/05/2014)

Graduating Nepal into developing country: AgriMin says progress depends on farming (kp 09/05/2014)

Reap what you sow: The rise in overseas employment has left a gaping hole in the agricultural workforce in Nepal, by Anjan Parajuli (kp 07/05/2014)

Mechanizing agriculture: Agricultural mechanization has become an urgent need for Nepal; it imparts dignity to farm work and makes farming attractive to educated rural youth, by Bhairab Raj Kaini (rep 04/05/2014)

Back to basics: ntegrated Pest Management has been adopted by a growing number of organic farms in all districts of Nepal, by Pragati Shahi (kp 03/05/2014)

Chief secy to intervene in bitter row: Sugarcane farmers, producers to hold talk with government, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 03/05/2014), Cops arrest Lumbini sugar mills MD (ht 08/05/2014), Farmers-mills dispute ends as govt fixes cane price (kp 09/05/2014)

‘Focus on ways to increase agro production’ (ht 01/05/2014)

Pesticide testing lab to be built at Kalimati market (kp 28/04/2014)

Budhigandaki project plans fishery (rep 26/04/2014)

Revised policy to give tea sector shot in arm: The policy will promote organic tea farming by compensating farmers for their initial losses resulting from the shift (kp 25/04/2014)

Changes on the farm: Farming turns from subsistence to commercial, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 25/04/2014)

Farmers to get ID cards to improve access to services (kp 22/04/2014)

MoAD launches 100-day  programme of 13 projects (ht 22/04/2014)

Brick kilns ruin lives in Siraha villages, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 22/04/2014)

Fish farmers seek low interest loans, by Keshavsaran Lamichane (rep 20/04/2014)

Coffee Research Centre in Gulmi, by Ghanashyam Gautam (kp 18/04/2014)

Foreign tea buyers on inspection tour, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 17/04/2014)

Sweet oranges worth Rs 220m exported from Sindhuli, by Anil Bhandari (rep 17/04/2014)

Nepali tea drinkers going orthodox (kp 17/04/2014)

Inconvenient truths: The new IPCC report warns of disastrous implications of climate change on Nepal’s agriculture, by Madhav Karki (kp 16/04/2014)

Ban on foreign capital in primary farming urged (kp 16/04/2014)

Livestock farming policy in the offing (rep 15/04/2014)

Farmers turn to sugarcane farming, by Ganesh Chaudhary (kp 14/04/2014), Sugarcane farmers hit by lack of buyers, by Aman Koirala (kp 15/04/2014), Farmers not releasing sugar factory trucks (ht 17/04/2014), Sugar mill-farmers dispute drags on (kp 19/04/2014)

Sugar mills warned to pay farmers or face action (kp 07/04/2014)

Mahat urges farmers to take up commercial farming (rep 06/04/2014)

Dolakha farmers learn to adapt (nt 04/04/2014)

Mills shut as imported rice floods market, by Shankar Acharya (kp 03/04/2014)

Innovative farming: Communication between polica makers and farmers is essential for good harvest, by Bhairab Raj Kaini (rep 04/04/2014)

Govt to release 3 new paddy seeds by July, by Sangam Prasain (kp 30/03/2014)

Yet to bear fruit: With a little support fruit cultivation could prove fruitful even for export, by Alisha Sijapati (ht 30/03/2014)

Nepali coffee taking over from foreign products (kp 29/03/2014)

Govt urged to declare floriculture niche area (kp 28/03/2014), Flora expo draws 40,000 visitors (rep 30/03/2014)

Let contract farming safeguard farmers, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 28/03/2014), For the farmers: Contract farming option (rep 30/03/2014)

Against the grain: Increasing access to information for farmers can help reduce crop failure (kp 26/03/2014)

Any which way, it’s farmers who stand to lose: Sugar factories down shutters; Sugarcane price not fixed; Crop withering away, by Shree Ram Sigdel and Pravat K. Jha (ht 25/03/2014), Sugarcane price talks fail to yield sweet results: Farmers want 10 pc increase, sugar producers say cannot pay, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 26/03/2014), Delay in fixation of sugarcane price leaves farmers high and dry, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 27/03/2014)

Collapse of irrigation project turning fertile farms into barren fields, by Nirjan Poudel (rep 25/03/2014)

Hybrid seeds blamed for maize failure, by Aman Koirala (kp 24/03/2014)

Distributing growth: An inclusive workforce, property rights and investments in agriculture can help achieve inclusive economic growth, by Bhim Prasad Bhurtel (kp 23/03/2014)

Can do more: Investment should focus on infrastructure development and legal framework for the entry of private investors, by Bhairab Raj Kaini (rep 23/03/2014)

Flour power: Improved water mills are transforming rural Nepal with efficient agro-processing and electricity, by Ayesha Shakya (nt 21/03/2014)

Agro insurance on the rise (ht 20/03/2014)

Invest in it: Countless historical and contemporary evidences show if a country improves its agricultural productivity it can create a jobs for a number of people, by Dhruva Joshy (rep 18/03/2014)

Rs 150m invested in Chitwan cow farm, by Chandni Hamal (rep 17/03/2014)

A fight for food: Policymakers must focus on using food sovereignty as a framework to alleviate hunger and malnutrition, by Jyoti Bista (kp 16/03/2014)

Sugarcane farmers still waiting for payment, by Upendra Yadav (rep 13/03/2014)

Burgeoning burdens: In the face of climate change, the work of women farmers is becoming more difficult, by Suman Bisht (kp 07/03/2014)

FIs told to restructure bird flu affected loans (ht 06/03/2014)

Right incentives: Poor infrastructure and dearth of technical inputs are restraining agriculture, by Bhairav Raj Kaini (rep 06/03/2014)

Govt asked to solve sugar price dispute (ht 05/03/2014)

Need to mechanise farming as women on agri front, by Pragati Shahi (kp 04/03/2014)

Goat herder leads path to prosperity, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 04/03/2014)

Plans afoot to produce hybrid cows, buffaloes (ht 03/03/2014)

Green growth: A coordinated effort is required to promote agribusiness in Nepal, by Arun Pandey (kp 02/03/2014)

Making it work: Contract farming can help solve many problems related to production and market-access facing small farmers, by Bhairab Raj Kaini (rep 02/03/2014)

Farmers rue delay in sugarcane pricing, by Santosh Singh (rep 02/03/2014)

Sindhuli farmers use SMS to get better prices, by Madhusudhan Guragain (rep 27/02/2014)

Sales of live fish swell with changing trends: Live fish accounts for around 10 percent of sales while frozen fish makes up the rest, by Suman Bashyal (kp 25/02/2014)

Pesticide awareness training for retailers from today (ht 23/02/2014)

Chitwan starts production of organic fertilizers, by Chandni Hamal (rep 23/02/2014)

Farm Mechanization Expo begins in Chitwan, by Chandni Hamal (rep 22/02/2014), Farm mechanisation, contract farming: Govt set to bring two policy documents (kp 23/02/2014)

Govt to facilitate farmers, sugar mills to fix sugarcane price (rep 22/02/2014)

Chicken price returns to normal: Domestic poultry market back on track after more than a year (ht 21/02/2014)

Beekeepers rue lack of quality certification, grazing fields, by Chandni Hamal (rep 20/02/2014)

Fishery expo from Friday (rep 20/02/2014), Fish producers, traders urge commercial farming (kp 22/02/2014)

MoAD plans interest subsidy for agro loans (ht 19/02/2014)

Bee-keeping trend brings prosperity to Kailali village, by Mohan Budhair (kp 17/02/2014)

Seeds of change: Given the agro-climatic variation, Nepal needs to be breeding seeds; not depending on global corporations, by Kabindra Pradhan (kp 17/02/2014)

Cane farmers take their problems to PM (kp 15/02/2014)

e-Agriculture project boon to Surkhet farmers, by Kalendra Sejuwal (rep 15/02/2014), E-agriculture launched in Surkhet (ht 16/02/2014)

Test of seeds supplied by MNCs planned (kp 14/02/2014)

Citizen Charter to be enforced: To be implemented in DoLS and its 84 offices across the country (ht 14/02/2014)

ADS snags on farmers’ demands, by Sangam Prasain (kp 13/02/2014)

Nepal retains spot as third largest producer of ginger, by Sangam Prasain (kp 12/02/2014)

Green shoots: Farming is proving lucrative to a new generation of young entrepreneurs, and that’s good news for Nepal, a country that has so far been dependent mostly on imports, by Shibani Pandey (kp 08/02/2014)

Awareness on pesticide use emphasised (ht 05/02/2014)

Sugarcane farmers halt supply for non-payment (nn 05/02/2014)

Small is beautiful: Large scale agriculture is profit-oriented; it saves labor but neglects social and environmental costs, by Dinesh Panday (rep 04/02/2014)

Farmers suffer due to credit sale of sugarcane, by Kiranman Bajracharya (rep 02/02/2014)

Court continues stay on GM seeds (kp 27/01/2014)

Dang has huge potential in honey: Study (ht 27/01/2013)

‘Cheated’ sugarcane farmers protest (ht 24/01/2014)

Farmers anxious as foot-and-mouth disease spreads across Ilam, by Benup Raj Bhattarai (rep 23/01/2014)

Tentacled tactics:The threat posed by companies like Monsanto demands a freestanding act on farmers' rights to seeds, by Kamalesh Adhikari (kp 22/01/2014)

Pesticide traces found in veggies grown in Valley (ht 21/01/2014)

Ostrich farm boosts domestic tourism, by Durgalal KC (kp 21/01/2014)

NFC offering higher prices (kp 20/01/2014)

Millions invested for turkey poultry in Pokhara, by Rup Narayan Dhakal (ht 20/01/2014)

Chitwan farmers ask the govt not to import cows, by Ramesh Kumar Poudel (rep 19/01/2014)

DoA spending tumbles in first quarter (ht 17/01/2014)

Who moved the chewing cheese? Even as churpi becomes popular abroad, the domestic market is stagnating and driving away farmers and investors, by Hariz Baharudin (nt 17/01/2014)

Green state of mind: Farmers and the commercial food industry are responding to Nepalis’ changing food attitudes, by Meghna Bali (nt 17/01/2014)

Palpa farmers rejoice as ginger prices soar, by Madhav Aryal (kp 16/01/2014)

Goat, chicken population jump significantly, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 15/01/2014)

Seeds that give: technologies USAID encourages to help the sustainably use of safe, feed proven a growing and appropriate population, by Beth Dunford (kp 14/01/2014), Measure for measure: The arguements on Nepal’s low agricultural productivity offered by USAID are debatable, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 15/01/2014)

Betel nuts production rise 'unnaturally' in Jhapa, by Raju Adhikari (rep 14/01/2014)

Sugarcane farmers hit hard as sugar price drops, by Madan Thakur (rep 12/01/2014)

Honey production down by 80 percent in Jajarkot, by Janak KC (rep 12/01/2014)

Farmers still reluctant to insure crops, livestock, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 11/01/2014)

Strawberry fields forever, say farmers (kp 10/01/2014)

Apex court says no to GM seeds, by Pranab Kharel and Rajesh Khanal (kp 09/01/2014), Seeds of discord: The discourse on genetically modified seeds must be localised (kp 10/01/2014)

Govt pays Rs 231.7m in bird flu compensation (kp 08/01/2014)

Export potential of chhurpi discussed, by Sambid Bilas Pant (rep 08/01/2014)

Farming first: We need to work to preserve our traditional way of doing agriculture, by Paras Adhikari (kp 05/01/2014)

Agriculture development strategy: Ministry starts talks on issues raised by farmers, by Sangam Prasain (kp 05/01/2014)

Organic Movement In Nepal A Long Way To Go, by Sushil Thapa (rn 04/01/2014)

Coffee output falls 12pc due to pests, ignorance (kp 03/01/2014)

Going the organic way Many hurdles, by Sushil Thapa (ht 31/12/2013)

SC moved against import of GMO seeds (kp 30/12/2013)

Portion of arable land in country shrinks (ht 30/12/2013)

MoAD to regulate wholesale markets (kp 30/12/2013)

Old machines hit jute mill production, by Binod Bhandari (kp 30/12/2013)

Local's aversion to farming fueling food crisis in Karnali, by Kalendra Sejuwal (rep 29/12/2013)

Paddy, maize output surges on good rains: Paddy production up 12pc to 5.047m tonnes; maize up 9.8pc to 2.28m tonnes (kp 28/12/2013), Summer cereal crop production to go up (ht 28/12/2013), Paddy production up 12 percent: Report (rep 28/12/2013)

Govt plans to introduce hybrid seeds: To bring four varieties of maize seeds and one of cucumber (ht 28/12/2013)

Farmers shift from grain to high-value vegetables: Over a span of 10 years, vegetable farming areas have grown 41 percent (ht 27/12/2013)

Farmers’ plight (ht 27/12/2013)

Urea supplied by India’s IPL found to be substandard, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 26/12/2013)

Farmers first: Laws on agriculture must include a strong farmers’ rights component (kp 25/12/2013)

Cereal imports down to Rs 4.75 billion (rep 25/12/2013)

467k farm households added in 10 yrs: Census, by Sangam Prasain (kp 25/12/2013), 128,000 hectares of fertile land uncultivated (nn 25/12/2013), Cultivated land shrank 4.7 percent in 10 yrs: Report (rep 26/12/2013)

GM seeds a business trick: 5 of 17 registered hybrid varieties of seeds in Nepal belong to Monsanto, by Dewan Rai (kp 24/12/2013), Monsanto enters a country illegally, interview with Vandana Shiva (kp 24/12/2013), Seeds of sovereignty: Why is Monsanto so eager to enter a country with such a small market and whose GDP is almost the same as its annual net sales, by Binod Acharya (rep 25/12/2013), Uproar over GM seeds: Inside out, by James Rinaldi (ht 27/12/2013), Civil society, farmers stage Monsanto protest (kp 28/12/2013)

Control use of pesticides in vegetables: CIAA (ht 23/12/2013)

Govt issues 16 directives to boost farm sector (kp 22/12/2013)

Chitwan poultry farms in a shambles after bird flu, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 21/12/2013)

Feathered friends: Although they may not realize it, migratory birds help local farmers with pollination and insect minimization, by Ishwor Kadel (rep 21/12/2013)

Poison fishing puts river ecosystem under threat, by Anil Bhandari (rep 21/12/2013)

KMC to promote rooftop farming (rep 21/12/2013)

Terrace treasures: Nepal’s farmers have created amazingly complex eco-machines that need to be recognised asin valuable assets, by Stephen Mikesell (kp 20/12/2013)

Seeds of discord: Genetically modified seeds cannot be reproduced; buying seeds every season raises cost of production for farmers, by Prayash Raj Koirala (rep 18/12/2013), Monsanto import stopped: CG Seeds, by Pragati Shahi (kp 21/12/2013), Genetically modified seeds destroy ecology: Expert (kp 23/12/2013)

More than a thousand tillers in a lurch (ht 16/12/2013)

Ilam locals start commercial farming of Lauth Salla, by Benup Raj Bhattarai (rep 15/12/2013)

Bhaktapur paddy failure: Farmers press govt for relief, by Pragati Shahi (kp 14/12/2013), Cheated paddy farmers warn of decisive agitation (ht 17/12/2013)

CG’s tie-up with Monsanto sows seeds of foreign dependence: Seed Quality Control Centre fears Nepali farmers may be
forced to rely on imported hybrid seeds year after year
(ht 14/12/2013)

Farmers thrilled as ginger prices jump, by Chandra Karki (kp 14/12/2013)

Lending to agro sector doubles (ht 14/12/2013)

Govt moves to reduce use of pesticide (ht 12/12/2013)

WTO provision on farm subsidy likely to hit Nepal’s agri sector (ht 09/12/2013), Bali pact may not help Nepal’s agro biz: Experts (kp 10/12/2013)

Sugarcane price: Farmer-mill talks end fruitless, by Aman Koirala (kp 08/12/2013)

It is time to stop acting the goat, by Sujata Awale (ht 08/12/2013)

Rainbow Trout Farming In Kaligandaki River, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 05/12/2013)

Farmers hit by shortage of subsidised wheat seeds, by Bhim Ghimire (kp 04/12/2013)

Mustang Farmers Facing Shortage Of Apple Saplings, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 04/12/2013)

Commercial ostrich rearing begins in Dang (nn 04/12/2013)

Bird flu damages: Govt gives Rs 77.82m in compensation (kp 04/12/2013)

Pesticide use in veggie farming ‘alarming’, by Sangam Prasain (kp 03/12/2013)

Production Of American Parent Stock Begins In Nepal, by Madhusudhan Guragain (rep 01/12/2013)

Law On Contract Farming On The Cards (rep 01/12/2013)

Farmers Face Wheat Seed Scarcity, by Suresh Yadav (rep 29/11/2013)

Growth failure in agro-produce: Whose fault is it anyway?, by Nitya Pandey (rep 29/11/2013)

Dairy at below capacity due to milk shortage, by Shankar Acharya (kp 28/11/2013)

Cheaper seeds thrill farmers, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 28/11/2013)

Farmers hurt by delaysin fixing reference price, by Kamal Panthi (kp 27/11/2013)

Southward exodus to avoid cold begins, by Arjun Shah (kp 26/11/2013)

Dairy Producers Reduce Fresh Milk Collection, by Sujan Dhungana (rep 26/11/2013)

'Double The Compensation For Bird-flu Victims', by Rudra Pangeni (rep 24/11/2013)

Orange production rises in Myagdi, by Hari Krishna Gautam (rep 24/11/2013), Production falls In Gorkha, by Narahari Sapkota (rep 24/11/2013)

Baitadi Farmers Turn To Pickle Production (rep 21/11/2013)

Change in Chitwan: A surge in migration and adoption of new practices in agriculture show a new path for Chitwan, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 20/11/2013)

Lentil Exports From Eastern Region Down (rep 20/11/2013)

Banana boom: Banana  cultivation  in Chitwan has picked up pace since 2003, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 19/11/2013)

Sniffing success, by Janak Nepal (kp 19/11/2013)

Coffee brews a buzz in Syangja, by Santosh Chhetri (kp 19/11/2013)

Scheme to attract youth to farm (kp 17/11/2013)

Beekeeping Works Wonder For Dadeldhura Farmer (rep 14/11/2013)

Paddy production up in Kailali (nn 14/11/2013)

Kiwi farming ups farmers’ earnings (kp 12/11/2013)

Modern livestock farms emerging in Rupandehi, by Amrita Anmol (kp 11/11/2013)

Import of raw jute rises as local production falls, by Binod Subedi (rep 11/11/2013)

Cell of change: Mobile technology has greatly aided farmers in India; Nepal should emulate such practices, by Sanjib Chaudhary (kp 10/11/2013)

Farmers rue lack of minimum paddy price, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 10/11/2013)

Govt introduces 35pc subsidy on wheat seeds, by Sangam Prasain (kp 08/11/2013)

Farmers forced to sell sugarcane at low rates, by Bechu Gaud (kp 07/11/2013)

Agro portals to provide information to farmers (ht 07/11/2013)

Kanchanpur wheat fields on the decline, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 04/11/2013)

Tea auction house hits Ilam farmers hurdles (ht 03/11/2013)

Govt bid to attract youths into farm (kp 31/10/2013)

Tea Exports Up 16 Percent (rep 30/10/2013)

Bringing sparkle to the wine industry, by Chandra Karki (kp 29/10/2013)

Sweet fruit of hard work, by Santosh Chhetri (kp 29/10/2013)

Affected poulterers getting compensated (ht 29/10/2013)

Farmers Using Harmful Chemical Fertilizers To Be Punished (rep 29/10/2013)

Team asks govt to address all demands of tea entrepreneurs, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 28/10/2013)

Flower expo kicks off (kp 26/10/2013), Flower business growing 20 percent annually (rep 27/10/2013)

Coffee holding a promising future, by Santosh Chhetri (kp 22/10/2013)

Ginger farming: Farmers laughing all the way to the bank, by Madhav Aryal (kp 22/10/2013)

NTCDB seeks Rs 25 million to set up tea auction house (kp 21/10/2013)

Panchkhal Farmers Protest After Chinese Seed Fail To Yield, by Madhusudhan Guragain (rep 20/10/2013)

Hemja’s vegetable farmers all smiles as incomes soar, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 18/10/2013)

Lending to agriculture sector rises by 33 pc (ht 17/10/2013)

Ayo A-du-wah: Already #4 producer of ginger in the world, Nepal can lift farmers out of poverty with this cash crop, by Tsering Dolker Gurung (nt 11/10/2013)

Taking farmers to market, interview with Allert van den Ham, CEO of the Dutch development organisation SNV (nt 11/10/2013)

Rooftop farming conference to be held in December (ht 10/10/2013)

Agro-based projects to be provided collateral free loans (ht 10/10/2013)

Govt mulls collective trademark for tea, coffee (ht 07/10/2013)

Paddy output to grow 2 percent to 4.6 million tonnes: FAO (kp 06/10/2013)

Bio-intensive in Banepa, by Peter Gill (kp 05/10/2013)

Bhaktapur crop failure: 16 VDCs hit; farmers lose Rs 80 million, by Sangam Prasain (kp 04/10/2013)

Farm gate prices of paddy fixed, by Mohan Budhayar (kp 04/10/2013)

Govt blames farmers as they brace for a ‘grainless’ Dashain, by Pragati Shahi (kp 03/10/2013)

Natural honey export plunges (ht 01/10/2013)

Govt tea estates reel under labor shortage, by Benup Raj Bhattarai (rep 30/09/2013)

Nothing to cheer about: Trapped by a lack of incentives, Nepali wine producers do not see any point in being ambitious, by Kaushal Sapkota (kp 29/09/2013)

Ban on livestock in passenger buses hits small farmers, by Sangeet Sangroula (rep 29/09/2013)

Farmers scramble to keep up with post-bird flu demand, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 28/09/2013)

Climate change has hit crop production: Study (kp 26/09/2013)

Thought for food: Nepal can provide food security rights to its citizens only through an optimum combination of food rights and food production policies, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 26/09/2013)

Model for change: Agri-product specialization, by Sukhdev Shah (rep 24/09/2013)

Wayward pesticides claiming human lives in Ilam, by Benup Raj Bhattarai (rep 17/09/2013)

Banks to restructure poultry loans (ht 14/09/2013)

Rice import bill increases 47pc to reach Rs 13.67b (kp 06/09/2013)

Paddy fields in Tarai suffer from drought, by Sangam Prasain (kp 04/09/2013)

Growing Use Of Tractors, Power Tillers Suggests Farm Mechanization Is Gaining Pace (rep 03/09/2013)

Nepal maintains sixth place in world lentil output: FAO; Market demand pushes price to Rs 121 per kg, by Sangam Prasain (kp 01/09/2013)

Poultry farmers seek compensation (ht 31/08/2013)

MASF: A Working Approach (sp 30/08/2013)

Farm loans issued by ADBL up over two-fold to Rs 8 billion (kp 28/08/2013)

Vegetable imports up despite high domestic yield, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 27/08/2013)

Panel to assess impact of bird flu on farmers (ht 27/08/2013)

Govt’s new fertiliser provision hits small farmers hard, by Chetan Adhikari (kp 23/08/2013)

Food for thought: The bird flu outbreak calls for a total rethinking of the way we produce food, especially meat and meat products, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 22/08/2013)

Nepal’s popular wines to hit market in Japan, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 22/08/2013)

Sales of mutton, fish, pork jump after ban on chicken (kp 20/08/2013)

Rice imports hurt domestic mills, by Binod Bhandari and Bhim Ghimire (kp 19/08/2013)

Tea producers demand govt support to boost sector, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 14/08/2013)

Jhapa to get tea auction house, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 09/08/2013)

Poultry business in doldrums, chicken shortage foreseen (ht 09/08/2013)

Paddy transplantation completed on 92 percent of fields (kp 07/08/2013)

Govt approves 50 percent subsidy on animal, crop insurance (kp 06/08/2013)

Production of chicks, eggs down, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 05/08/2013)

Humla’s greenhouse effect: Nepal’s most isolated district used to be known for hunger and disease, but new farm methods have improved nutrition and incomes, by Sunir Pandey (nt 02/08/2013)

Nepalis drink 300 kg of coffee daily (kp 01/08/2013)

Farmers adopt modern technology to cultivate potato (nn 31/07/2013)

Humla residents learning to cultivate vegetables, by Nirjana Sharma (rep 26/07/2013)

Farm budget still too little to attain food self-sufficiency, says Gharti (kp 23/07/2013)

Two new agriculture initiatives to reduce poverty and hunger across Western Nepal (nn 23/07/2013)

Nepali honey struggles in int’l market: On the verge of extinction due to lack of an international standard lab, by Eliza Manandhar (ht 23/07/2013)

Youth to get hi-tech training on agriculture (ht 19/07/2013), Young Nepali Farmers: Learning In Israel (sp 26/07/2013)

Paddy transplantation progressing twice as fast; over in 59.2pc fields, by Sangam Prasain (kp 17/07/2013)

SRI: Making a world of difference, by Maina Dhital (kp 16/07/2013), Multi-sectoral collaboration can promote SRI, interview with Norman Uphoff (kp 16/07/2013)

Agriculture gets Rs 21.40 billion, by Sangam Prasain (kp 15/07/2013)

Agro-produce slumps with village youths flying abroad (ht 14/07/2013)

Economic survey 2012-13: Farm sector growth slows due to fertiliser crunch, delayed rains, by Sangam Prasain (kp 13/07/2013)

Govt plans to exchange, preserve aboriginal seeds for research (ht 12/07/2013)

Sana Kisan sending farmkids for training in Israel (kp 07/07/2013)

AIC says fertilizer import amounted to 230k tonnes (kp 04/07/2013)

Agriculture Development Strategy: Plan eyes ambitious overall growth; New farm blueprint seeks to spend Rs 502b over 10 years, by Sangam Prasain (kp 02/07/2013), Field work: New agro strategy should balance productivity and peasant rights (kp 03/07/2013)

ADS team submits report to government (ht 02/07/2013)

Soil In Rice-Wheat Cropping System, by Sushil Thapa and Juni Maharjan (rn 02/07/2013)

Mills delaying payment to sugarcane farmers, by Narayan Sharma (kp 01/07/2013)

Back to basics: Much has changed in the practice of agriculture since Nepalis first started studying its science in the 1920s, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 30/06/2013)

Focus schemes on East: Poudel to Agri Ministry (kp 30/06/2013)

Asar 15: The work and fun, by Sabitri Dhakal and Sangita Shrestha (ht 29/06/2013)

Timely rain boosts paddy plantation across country: As of Thursday, crop planted on 15 percent of total paddies, by Sangam Prasain (kp 29/06/2013)

The milky way to prosperity: Artificial insemination has helped villagers in Kaski to improve the breed and increase productivity of their livestock, by Cindrey Liu (nt 28/06/2013)

Agri-Business Management For Poverty Alleviation, by Arun Pandey (rn 26/06/2013)

Rice And Food Security, by Bhola Man Singh Basnet (rn 25/06/2013)

Financial institutions wary of agro loans (ht 24/06/2013)

Yak farming goes down in Dolakha (rn 22/06/2013)

Government calls for ADS budget revision: Agriculture Ministry says annual budget estimate of the ADS does not match current trends, by Sangam Prasain  (kp 21/06/2013)

Govt to raise awareness among farmers through media (ht 20/06/2013)

Insurance cos reluctant to enter farm sector, by Ramesh Khanal (kp 17/06/2013)

Domestic food security: Livestock sector should get priority, by Kedar Karki (ht 13/06/2013)

Agri Min to set minimum support price of paddy (kp 12/06/2013)

Harnessing rainwater: A good source of irrigation, by Khem Raj Sharma (ht 11/06/2013)

Farmers first: Climate change calls for locally-generated research, technology and knowledge, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 09/06/2013), Technology, input on time, market key to boost agriculture output (ht 10/06/2013)

‘No fertiliser shortage this year’ (kp 09/06/2013)

Rabbit farming proving a lucrative venture: Kathmandu-based farm supplying high-protein, low-cholesterol meat, by Rudra Pangeni (ht 09/06/2013)

Lack of tube wells‘affects’ farmers, by Bharat Jarghamagar (kp 08/06/2013)

Organic fertiliser production below 1pc (ht 07/06/2013)

Parsa farmers allege harassment, by Bhushan Yadav (kp 06/06/2013)

Planting ideas: Revitalizing agriculture, by Dinesh Pandey (rep 06/06/2013)

A country full of quacks: Large agricultural companies are fooling farmers under the pretext of commercial farming, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 02/06/2013)

Meat production forecast to rise by 2.62 percent (kp 02/06/2013)

Exports of CTC tea to India jump to Rs 1.5b (kp 30/05/2013)

Monsoon Forum begins in country, to help farmers plan cultivation, by Pragati Shahi (kp 28/05/2013)

Right to food: Let’s make it happen, by Ganga Dutta Acharya (ht 28/05/2013)

Youth in agriculture? Why they are saying NO (rep 26/05/2013)

Cash crops harvest to rise (ht 23/05/2013)

Govt urged to create farm-friendly policy (kp 22/05/2013)

Production of cash crops up 3pc (kp 21/05/2013)

SFDB expanding lending to livestock farming (kp 21/05/2013)

Livestock growth to be slow but steady (ht 18/05/2013)

Cereal production drops, food security to worsen (ht 17/05/2013), Cereal production down 7.6pc due to erratic rain, by Sangam Prasain (kp 17/05/2013), Crops production expected to go down by 8 pc (nn 17/05/2013)

Rs 60m allotted for organic fertiliser plants (kp 15/05/2013)

Nepal’s tea production projected to grow 5pc (kp 14/05/2013)

Young blood: Youth role in food security, by Dinesh Pandey (ht 09/05/2013)

Ginger price hits Rs 130 per kg, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 09/05/2013)

NARC must be instrumental in modernising agriculture: Minister (ht 09/05/2013)

Govt rejects demand for ban on FDI in farm (kp 02/05/2013)

National tea day: Country’s tea export up by 36.1 per cent (ht 29/04/2013)

Plan to permit FDI in poultry rejected (kp 26/04/2013)

Youths open agriculture market in Kavre, by Manoj Basnet (kp 25/04/2013)

Nepali honey to get quality certification soon (ht 25/04/2013)

Tug of war: Land reform, by Jagat Deuja (rep 25/04/2013)

Experts, farmers slam long-term agro strategy (ht 23/04/2013)

Nimbus to compensate bird flu affected farmer (ht 23/05/2013), Bird flu in Chitwan: Farmers report Rs 60 million loss (kp 24/04/2013)

Govt plans loan interest discount for farmers, by Sangam Prasain (kp 21/04/2013)

Low yield, high production cost increase agri imports, by Saurab Pudasaini (kp 20/04/2013)

Bardia lentil farmers buoyed by higher prices, by Sangam Prasain (kp 19/04/2013)

Seeds of revolution: Nepal’s farmers have nurtured a rich seed biodiversity that is now threatened by industrial agriculture, by Ben Ayers (nt 19/04/2013)

Seeing green: An illiterate farmer makes an extraordinary journey from a porter to a successful entrepreneur selling organic produce, by
Sulaiman Daud (nt 19/04/2013)

Farm subsidies and the budget: The incentives seem to be directed more at stirring the credit and insurance sectors than helping farmers, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 19/04/2013)

Credit to agriculture sector doubles (ht 18/04/2013)

Minister urges for change in agro evaluation system (ht 18/04/2013)

Subsidised hand tractors distributed to farmers (kp 12/04/2013)

Field of dreams: Nepal’s farm plan has not been able to grasp the realities of global agricultural politics, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 09/04/2013)

Government ready to unban wheat exports, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 09/04/2013)

Politicos diversify into commercial farming (kp 08/04/2013)

Report on Nepali honey sent to EC for approval (kp 05/04/2013)

Early sowing of maize seeds blamed for repeated crop failures, by Sangam Prasain (kp 02/04/2013)

Registrations of farm co-ops up in valley (kp 28/03/2013)

Govt, USAID join hands to distribute agriculture training materials (nn 28/03/2013)

ADS says poverty can be halved in 10 years at 5pc agri growth (kp 25/03/2013), ADS envisages Rs 250b spending in 10 years, by Sangam Prasain (kp 27/03/2013)

Crops ripening aheadof time in Tarai (ht 24/03/2013)

A change in the fields, by Pragati Shahi (kp 23/03/2013)

Processing frenzy sees Ilam tea farmers reap rich rewards (kp 23/03/2013)

Climate changes in the Himalaya: Farmers dealing with the unknown, by Ujjwala Maharjan (rep 15/03/2013)

Rice dependency causing food deficit, by Pragati Shahi (kp 12/03/2013)

Rice diplomacy: We must swallow our false pride and try to learn from Bihari farmers, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 10/03/2013)

Loan to agro sector increases (ht 07/03/2013)

DDC vs private dairies in Pokhara: The govt entity’s plan to re-enter the city vexes private players, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 06/03/2013), DDC on aggressive expansion drive (kp 08/03/2013), DDC’s Pokhara plan in limbo: Farmers decry government’s decision to stop expansion drive (ht 10/03/2013), Dairy Development Corp drops Pokhara re-entry plan (kp 12/03/2013)

Policy on future food, farming finalised: Recommendations include enactment of Land-Lease Act, Contract Farming Act and Secured Transaction Act, introduction of voucher system to farmers, by Sangam Prasain (kp 03/03/2013)

Red alert (ht 03/03/2013)

Govt to spend Rs 65b onagriculture in three years, by Sangam Prasain (kp 01/03/2013), Agricultural development: Engine of growth, by Manbar S. Khadka (ht 01/03/2013)

DDC launches cow milk, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 28/02/2013)

Govt all set to open up poultry to FDI, by Ashok Thapa (kp 27/02/2013)

Organic farm on Melamchi banks, by Rishi Ram Paudel (kp 24/02/2013)

Food for thought: Agriculture, by Dinesh Pandey (rep 24/02/2013)

Fertiliser shortage hits farmers (ht 24/02/2013)

Farmers left without water for their fields, by Shankar Acharya and Pawan Yadav (kp 23/02/2013)

Swimming upstream, by Manish Gautam (kp 16/02/2013)

Lamjung faces shortage of corn seeds, by Prem Kumari Ghale (kp 13/02/2013)

Small is big: Agricultural policy reform, by Yadav Sharma Bajagai (rep 13/02/2013)

Farmers’ foul play suspected for rising cases of bird flu: Farm owners found not following govt directive properly,obstructing rapid response teams, by Laxmi Maharjan (kp 12/02/2013)

Contract maize seed production starts (ht 12/02/2013)

Supply side constraints hit organic agro export (ht 10/02/2013)

Sugarcane farmers demand price hike (ht 09/02/2013), Sugarcane price hiked, by Shankar Acharya (kp 12/02/2013)

Service voucher for farmers on cards (ht 09/02/2013)

Exports of major farm products register steep rise in H1 (kp 07/02/2013)

Govt prepares blueprint for increasing seed production (ht 06/02/2013)

‘Voucher system’ mulled to increase farmers’ access to agri services, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 05/02/2013)

Investment in agriculture: Wisdom finally prevails, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht 04/02/2013)

Experts urge farmers to explore int’l market: Organic coffee, tea, cardamom and flowers have good scope (ht 04/02/2013)

Nepal is world’s sixth largest producer of lentils, by Sangam Prasain (kp 01/02/2013)

Nepal is world’s third largest ginger producer (29/01/2013)

Land encroachment hits agriculture research (ht 28/01/2013)

Scientists to boost fish production (ht 26/01/2013)

Farmers finding it hard to meet growing demand for Nepali coffee in Europe (nn 25/01/2013)

Organic culture: Promising, but still a long way to go, by Pragati Shahi (kp 22/01/2013), Safe alternative to harmful chemicals, by Binod Ghimire (kp 22/01/2013), Growing healthy tea, vegetables, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 22/01/2013), Fertilisers from local medicinal herbs, by Chandra Karki (kp 22/01/2013)

Rain brings relief to farmers nationwide (ht 20/01/2013)

Small seeds of change: Attempts at providing farmers with easy-to-understand farming tips and tricks are making visible headway in a number of districts in Nepal, by Amrit Bhandari (kp 19/01/2013)

Agri programmes in limbo for want of budget, by Binod Bhandari (kp 19/01/2013)

Four projects worth $134 million to give farm sector shot in the arm, by Sangam Prasain (kp 18/01/2013)

Nepal not realising full potential of dairy sector (kp 18/01/2013)

Promotion of agricultural cooperative, by Khilendra Basnyat (ht 17/01/2013)

Dry spell ‘likely to cut’ winter crops output: Districts in the Eastern region, including Siraha, Sarlahi are the hardest hit, by Sangam Prasain (kp 13/01/2013), Winter blues: Low temperatures and no rain mean a lower winter harvest (kp 16/01/2013)

Maize scientists commit to raising productivity: To increase production at global average level in next couple of years (ht 08/01/2013)

Government urged to allot 10 percent of budget to farm sector (kp 07/01/2013)

Govt against FDI in agriculture sector (ht 07/01/2013)

Sugarcane farmers facing bitter times in Tarai: Labour crunch hits districts in the plains during peak harvest season (ht 05/01/2013)

IB makes agro insurance mandatory: To be implemented from January 14 (ht 05/01/2013)

Inadequate winter rains likely to affect crops, by Pragati Shahi (kp 04/01/2013)

Back from the climate cliff: Farmers in eastern Nepal keep a climate diary to help them cope with erratic weather caused by global warming, by Bhrikuti Rai (nt 04/01/2013)

Nepal fourth largest ginger producing nation: Increase in production,market expansion to help reduce poverty (ht 04/01/2013)

‘Govt needs to facilitate dairy development’ (kp 03/01/2013)

Awaiting a revolution: Modernizing farm sector, by Sukhdev Shah (rep 01/01/2013)

Agro insurance to encourage lending in agriculture sector (ht 31/12/2012)

Brick kilns driving farmers madMany Bhaktapur locals have stopped growing winter vegetables and crops, by Ankit Adhikari (kp 30/12/2012)

Farmer cooperatives help people increase income (ht 30/12/2012)

Study on multipurpose wheat crop in Jumla, by Janak Nepal (kp 30/12/2012)

Demand for organic coffee in Europe high (ht 28/12/2012)

Sugarcane drying up in fields as prices yet to be fixed (kp 27/12/2012)

Agriculture development strategy: Planning Commission gathering opinions for country’s farm policy (kp 27/12/2012)

Middlemen set minimum farm prices as govt idle, by Binod Bhandari (kp 26/12/2012)

Growing sweet oranges proves fruitful venture, by Binod Ghimire (kp 24/12/2012)

Fertiliser prices hiked in bid to cut subsidies, by Sangam Prasain (kp 18/12/2012)

108 quintal chicken meant for KFC dumped in Dhading (kp 16/12/2012), Farmers destroy chicken meant for KFC: Say domestic poultry industry has been adversely impacted (ht 16/12/2012)

Chief secy for commercialisation of agriculture to create more jobs (nn 16/12/2012)

Farm gate prices of paddy fixed (kp 14/12/2012)

Drop in paddy yield to hit GDP growth, by Sangam Prasain (kp 11/12/2012), Paddy production to plunge by 11 pc (nn 11/12/2012), Cereal production drops: No food shortage situation: MoAD; Price to go up in domestic market (ht 11/12/2012)

Ministry fails to annouce minimum support price of paddy (kp 11/12/2012)

Sugarcane drying up in fields as farmers, mills haggle over price, by Aman Koirala (kp 11/12/2012)

Bird Flu Relief Fund to mitigate risk of poultry farmers: Will also help govt policy to triple per-capita consumption of chicken and eggs (ht 10/12/2012)

Mustang farmers make Rs 150m selling mountain goats (nn 09/12/2012)

Paddy prices: Price stabilisation is the best option for both consumers and producers, by Dhiraj Sharma Nyaupane (kp 04/12/2012)

Co-op run vegetable markets on cards: It is expected to provide direct access to farmers, consumers (ht 94/12/2012)

Agricultural development strategy: Govt readies draft policy options report (kp 03/12/2012), ‘Agriculture development strategy must protect farmers’: Critics say that the projections are unrealistic and unattainable in the present scenario (ht 03/12/2012)

‘Country fails to exploit agro potential’: Absence of standardisation has hit agriculture economy hard (ht 22/11/2012)

FAO projects decline in paddy production in Nepal (nn 20/11/2012)

Farmers prepare wish list for agriculture strategy, by Sangam Prasain (kp 20/11/2012)

Rice production to drop by 15 per cent (ht 20/11/2012)

Coffee production up 4.2pc to 418.4 tonnes (kp 17/11/2012)

Report from the field: Jobless youths are wandering around looking for work while farms suffer from labour shortage, by Ramesh Deshar (kp 14/11/2012)

Get serious: Boosting agriculture sector, by Arun Pandey (rep 13/11/2012)

Farmers fail to benefit from coffee (ht 11/11/2012)

Gardens, rooftops to be veg farms (ht 06/11/2012)

Farmers criticise agro strategy (ht 01/11/2012)

The Agrarian Question, by Shrochis Karki (rep 31/10/2012)

AEC to expand agro project to 10 districts (kp 31/10/2012)

Churi has huge potential (ht 29/10/2012)

Worry as potent orange trees dry up, by Arjun Shah (kp 28/10/2012)

Contract Farming Act: Final draft to be submitted within a month (kp 27/10/2012)

FNCCI, MoCS to promote cardamom, ginger farming (kp 22/10/2012)

Coffee output grew 20 percent to 482 tonnes last fiscal year (kp 17/10/2012)

Six agriculture products to be promoted (ht 16/10/2012)

New interim plan to ‘refocus’ on agriculture (kp 14/10/2012)

Poisonous food: Commercial interest in farming is growing but the commitment to produce good quality food is declining, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 12/10/2012)

Chicken and eggs, by Pramada Shah (rep 08/120/2012)

Intense rain, scorching sun: Hotter and wetter days ahead call for a quick move beyond the status quo in agriculture and land use, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 07/10/2012)

‘Nepal could be self reliant in meat’ (ht 04/10/2012)

Bank loans to farm sector jump 65pc, by Bibek Subedi (kp 03/10/2012)

Govt looking for more aid for farm sector, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 02/10/2012)

Low investment hurts agriculture productivity: Nepal invests Rs2,291 in one hectare of land (ht 29/09/2012)

Nepal scores in fight against wheat rust, by Smriti Mallypaty (rep 28/09/2012)

Getting rid of the brokers : What Jumla apples and Kathmandu politics should have in common, by Anil Keshary Shah (nt 28/09/2012)

Govt plans to raise mutton production (ht 28/09/2012)

Crop production to drop by 10 per cent: Late monsoon, fertiliser crunch major factors affecting it (ht 27/09/2012)

Rural going global: The scope of agriculture’s contribution to the national economy is limitless (kp 26/09/2012)

Nepali lab certified to test farm products, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 24/09/2012)

Weak policy commitment hits agriculture strategy (ht 22/09/2012)

Discussions start on policy options under farm strategy (kp 17/09/2012)

Farmers to get ex-royals’ land they had been tilling for years (kp 15/09/2012)

NAES urges govt to form agro marketing service body (kp 14/09/2012)

Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS): Work resumes on drafting 10-year farm plan, by Sangam Prasain (kp 12/09/2012)

Decadent dreams: Nepal should do more to improve small-holder farming instead of wasting resources on chemical agriculture, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 09/09/2012)

Herb farming lures Panchthar farmers, by Laba Dev Dhungana (kp 03/09/2012)

Banks’ investment in agro sector rises: Contrary to traditional belief farmers are more bankable (ht 31/08/2012)

Chitwan produces 35pc of total chicken meat (kp 25/08/2012)

Paddy, maize output may drop, by Sangam Prasain (kp 21/08/2012)

Local poultry farmers priced out of market (kp 21/08/2012)

High apple yield delights Bajura farmers, by Arjun Shah (kp 16/08/2012)

Late monsoon to hit crop production (ht 16/08/2012)

Ilam’s tea factories hit by power failure, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 15/08/2012)

84 percent paddy transplantation so far: Transplantation has been done on 1.28 million hectares out of 1.53 million hectares of paddy fields, by Sangam Prasain (kp 13/08/2012)

Farmers minting money from red hot chilli, by Madhav Aryal (kp 12/08/2012)

Food security scheme to be applied in Mid-, Far-West (kp 11/08/2012)

Double whammy: State negligence towards agriculturehas made drought worse than need be (kp 08/08/2012)

Tillers of the land: Commercialisation of agriculture can wait—land reform is most important for poverty alleviation and economic empowerment of farmers, by Jagat Basnet (kp 08/08/2012)

UN food agency: Poor monsoon likely to hit Nepal’s paddy output, by Sangam Prasain (kp 07/08/2012)

Ilam farmers keen to invest in cash crops (kp 07/08/2012)

Kiwi cultivation gaining popularity in Dolakha, by Rajendra Manandhar (kp 06/08/2012)

Gulmi coffee producers ready to set up research centre, by Ghanashyam Gautam (kp 04/08/2012)

Irregular monsoon hits paddy plantation (ht 04/08/2012)

Potato traders throng Jiri, by Rajendra Manandhar (kp 03/08/2012)

Failure to yield: Lack of fertiliser and delayed monsoon are depriving poor farmers of their only source of income and stunting the country's economy, by Chandan Sapkota (nt 03/08/2012)

Lack of agriculture research hurts output: Government invested only 0.26pc of the total Rs 384.90bn budget (ht 03/08/2012)

Low rainfall slows paddy transplantation, by Sangam Prasain (kp 01/08/2012)

Credit to agriculture sector surges 60pc (kp 29/07/2012)

Organic veggies from East find good market in Kolkata, by Chandra Karki (kp 29/07/2012)

Picture perfect: The harsh realities faced by farmers are a far cry from how they are imagined in pictures and paintings, by Vishnu S. Rai (kp 29/07/2012)

Sixth agriculture census will be more comprehensive: CBS (kp 21/07/2012)

Agriculture growth highest in four years (rep 15/07/2012)

With teasing rains across country, paddy plantation takes a beating, by Sangam Prasain (kp 14/07/2012)

Calamity in the gardens, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 14/07/2012)

No government, no irrigation: Lack of local governance and rains have left farmers across Nepal high and dry (nt 13/07/2012)

Drive to plant apple in Bajura (kp 12/07/2012)

More farmers tilling land with cultivators (rep 12/07/2012)

Farmers in the lurch: Fertiliser shortage is a problem that has been deeply entrenched since the mid-1990s, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 09/07/2012)

Slow agriculture growth holding back economy: Report (rep 09/07/2012)

Chemical nation: It is time to make moves away from the toxic chemical treadmill, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 01/07/2012)

Organic farmers can look forward to higher yields, by Rudra Pangeni (ht 01/07/2012)

Some farmers not worried by fertilizer shortage, by Ramesh Kumar Poudel (rep 01/07/2012)

Double whammy leaves farmers high ‘n’ dry: Weak monsoon, fertiliser shortage cloud Ashar 15 celebrations; Paddy plantation rate nosedives, by Pragati Shahi (kp 30/06/2012)

Govt set to reopen rice exports, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 29/06/2012)

Agriculture in an urban culture: Despite assimilating into city life, former farmers are not ready to let go of their rural roots, by Anurag Acharya (nt 29/06/2012)

Agricultural exports to India up 66pc (kp 27/06/2012)

Bee-keeping the means of prosperity: Impoverished Chepang families in 3 villages in Chitwan and Makwanpur find new livelihood, by Pratap Bista and Dipendra Baduwal (kp 26/06/2012)

Farmers’ enemies: Govts, past and present, have praised agriculture, but failed to be its friend (kp 22/06/2012)

Farmers picket AIC demanding fertilizer (kp 20/06/2012)

WTO aid for ginger production, export (kp 19/06/2012)

Let down by banks, Kaski livestock farmers write their own destiny, by Ishwori Neupane (kp 18/06/2012)

Delayed monsoon hits peasants in far-west, by Dinesh Gautam (rep 14/06/2012)

Govt agencies pass the buck as yearly fertiliser shortage looms, by Sangam Prasain (kp 12/06/2012)

Production of veggie seeds swells, by Chandiraj Dahal (kp 11/06/2012)

Cheese and tea from the eastside (rep 08/06/2012)

Sardikhola turns into a destination for trout lovers, by Manoj Adhikari (rep 07/06/2012)

Poultry output to fall by 10% (rep 06/06/2012)

Ilam tea production hit by red spider mite (kp 05/06/2012)

Indian limes dominate market despite rise in local production, by Rashmi Mahat (rep 04/06/2012)

Farmers left high and dry as sugar mill shuts down (rep 04/06/2012)

Food surplus doubled to record high of 886,000 tons (rep 30/05/2012)

How long at mercy of monsoon rains? Increasing agriculture investment, bringing the private sector on board need of hour, by Sangam Prasain (kp 29/05/2012), Existing irrigation facilities too little, by Pragati Shahi (kp 29/05/2012), Waiting for mega project, by Ganesh Chaudhary (kp 29/05/2012), Sikta, Babai smoothly sailing through, by Janak Nepal (kp 29/05/2012)

Tea production drops by half due to drought, by Bhim Chapagain (rep 29/05/2012)

'US can be a market for Nepali CTC tea', by Bhim Chapagain (rep 26/05/2012)

Govt indecision likely to spark DAP shortage, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 25/05/2012)

A Farmer’s View On Agriculture, by Binaya Ghimire (rn 24/05/2012)

Vegetable farming lures Parbat youths (kp 21/05/2012)

Farmers hardest the hit (kp 21/05/2012)

Govt to feminise agriculture: Will help curb male worker shortage (ht 29/05/2012)

Calculated efficiency: Small integrated farms produce many things that Nepal’s agricultural experts don’t count, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 20/05/2012)

Ramechhap farmers hit by fertilizer shortage, by Tika Prasad Bhatta (kp 18/05/2012)

Output of meat, milk, cash crops projected to rise, by SDangam Prasain (kp 18/05/2012)

From poverty to plenty: A farmer in Kalikot leads the way into a future full of opportunities, by Anurag Acharya (nt 18/05/2012)

Agricultural production up 9.8% (rep 16/05/2012)

Harvest of cash crops set to rise (ht 16/05/2012)

Special govt program for ginger farmers soon, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 13/05/2012)

Disease hits black cardamom production, by Bhim Chapagain (rep 13/05/2012)

Seed the Future, by Kashish Das Shrestha (rep 11/05/2012)

Record grain output of 9m tonnes projected, by Sangam Prasain (kp 10/05/2012), Country witnesses boom in cereal harvest (ht 11/05/2012)

Paddy production up 65pc: Narc (kp 07/05/2012)

PM assures 4% cash subsidy for jute producers, by Ajit Tiwari (rep 02/05/2012)

Ban import of unregistered hybrid seeds, govt told (rep 01/05/2012)

Climate-smart agriculture: Road map to sustainability, by Gopal Datt Bhatta (ht 30/04/2012)

Fertiliser shortage looms ahead of paddy season (kp 30/04/2012), Shortage of fertilizer hits farmers, by Madhu Sudan Guragain (rep 01/05/2012)

Apple farming paving way for Kalikot's prosperity, by Om Astha Rai (rep 29/04/2012)

Village turns to organic farming, for good, by Anup Ojha (kp 29/04/2012)

Agriculture to get top priority in new budget (rep 28/04/2012), Invest in agriculture (rep 28/04/2012)

Production of wheat projected to go up by 12%, by Sher Bahadur KC (rep 26/04/2012)

Betel nut farmers threaten to protest (ht 26/04/2012)

Panel calls for stricter testing of imported seeds (kp 26/04/2012)

Machine myths: Machines alone will not lead to an increase in agriculture productivity, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 22/04/2012)

Reap what you sow, by Dinesh Panday (kp 21/04/2012)

Jumli apple commands top price in major markets, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 20/04/2012), A blossoming business, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 21/04/2012)

Falling prices hit ginger farmers hard, by Lavdev Dhungana (kp 17/04/2012)

Apple farmer earns Rs 1m annually in Jumla VDC, by Roshan Sedhai (kp 15/04/2012)

Orthodox tea attracting German buyers, by Biplav Bhattarai (kp 14/04/2012)

Govt to start ADS drafting afresh, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 12/04/2012), FinMin agrees to hold
broader discussion
, by Sangam Prasain (kp 12/04/202)

Zoning to be done as concrete overruns farmland (kp 10/04/2012)

Western region contributes 49pc of coffee production, by Dilip Paudel (rep 08/04/2012)

Fooled by experts: Nepal’s real Agriculture Development Strategy has to be farmers’ charter, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 08/04/2012)

Govt to subsidise agro, livestock: Farmers living below poverty line to benefit from said move (ht 02/04/2012)

Labor shortage hits tea estates, by Raju Adhikari (rep 01/04/2012)

Drought affects tea farms in Ilam, Jhapa, by Roshan Sawa (rep 27/03/2012)

Dhading farmers sighing as orange trees dying, by Sanubabu Timilsina (kp 27/03/2012)

Crop failure fails to warrantgovernment’s due attentionUse of hybrid seeds, lack of monitoring mechanism major factors, by Pragati Shahi (kp 27/03/2012), Imported seeds should be tested in local climate first, interview with Hari Dahal (kp 27/03/2012), Farmers hapless victims as maizecrop fiasco repeats, by Laxmi Sah (kp 27/03/2012)

Six decades is enough: The failure to bring positive change in agriculture needs to be addressed by Nepal and Nepalis, not foreign donors, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 25/03/2012)

Use of unregistered seeds behind maize crop failure, by Ramesh Kumar Poudel (rep 25/03/2012)

Govt to distribute organic manure, by Pragati Shahi (kp 25/03/2012)

Apple farming makes a comeback in Mustang, by Dilip Poudel (rep 19/03/2012)

Stakeholders urge government to devise farmer-friendly plans (kp 16/03/2012)

Cornless cobs spark farmers’ protest, by Diwakar Bhandari (ht 16/03/2012)

Kaski village produces potatoes worth Rs 130 million annually, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 16/03/2012)

Ministry to address farmers' concerns, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 14/03/2012)

Tea output projected to rise 10pc (kp 14/03/2012)

Agriculture investment policy: Wrong move, by Manish Bikram Shah (rep 14/03/2012)

Large cardamom production rises (ht 12/03/2012)

Road to prosperity: Land collectivization, by Sukh Dev Shah (rep 11/03/2012)

Agro budget will be doubled next year: PM (kp 10/03/2012), Government aims to double agriculture budget: Transformation from subsistence agriculture to commercial is in focus at the national level expo (ht 10/03/2012)

Agro Expo highlights commercial farming (kp 10/03/2012)

The waning land of apples, by Manisha Neupane and Rajita Dhungana (kp 10/03/2012)

Document on protecting local seeds varieties gets nowhere, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 08/03/2012)

MoAC for liquidating Agriculture Projects Services Center (rep 07/03/2012)

Farmlands left parched in wheat plantation season (kp 04/03/2012)

Govt to support ginger farming in Jhapa (rep 23/02/2012)

Chicken sales drop on bird flu reports (kp 23/02/2012)

Drop in black cardamom prices worries farmers, by Khagendra Adhikari (rep 21/02/2012)

Informal trade of farm products with India estimated at Rs 65b, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 21/02/2012)

Govt pushes for vacating of NTDC's encroached land (rep 21/02/2012)

Agricultural development strategy: Seeds of change, by Damodar Kanel (rep 16/02/2012)

Demand for organic vegetables takes off (kp 15/02/2012)

Eye on agriculture, by Bala Ram Sapkota (kp 12/02/2012)

Government to take measures to ensure better prices to farmers, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 11/02/2012)

Kaski village declared SEZ for Agriculture, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 10/02/2012)

Poultry Policy aims to triple poultry business in 15 years, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 07/02/2012)

Farm sector to get $91.5m donor money next fiscal, by Sangam Prasain (kp 06/02/2012)

Coffee production to go up this fiscal (kp 06/02/2012)

Winter crop yield forecast to be ‘modest’ (kp 04/02/2012), Sufficient rain, snowfall will push up winter harvest: Report (rep 06/02/2012)

Good harvest increases food security (ht 04/02/2012)

Agriculture booms in western Nepal, by Upendra Lamichhane (rep 27/01/2012)

Meat output records healthy growth (rep 25/01/2012)

Agro census reaches out to communities, by Sangeet Sangroula (kp 25/01/2012)

Plan to revive sheep farming in Sikles (kp 22/01/2012)

It's not just about Monsanto!, by Krishna P. Sharma (rep 20/01/2012)

Commercial farming is the future, say entrepreneurs, by Bed Raj Poudel (kp 18/01/2012)

Rise milk price by 40%, say dairy farmers (rep 14/01/2012)

National Agro Census kicks off; CBS collecting data of agricultural sector (nn 12/01/2012)

Livestock's contribution in Agricultural GDP drops to 23pc (rep 10/01/2012)

Home-made solutions, by Sangam Prasain (kp 07/01/2012)

Govt starts distribution of liquid chemical fertilizer (rep 06/01/2012)

Orange output reaches Rs 11.50b (kp 04/01/2012)

Board urges to revise national tea and coffee policy (ht 29/12/2011)

Prime minister concerned about shrinking bank credit to agriculture (kp 25/12/2011)

Monsanto's entry into Nepal: All together now, by Sabin Ninglekhu Limbu (rep 24/12/2011)

Jajarkot village harvests oranges worth Rs 10m, by Janak K.C. (rep 21/12/2011)

Output of livestock products up 4.7pc (kp 19/12/2011)

Farmers demand price hike of sugarcane (ht 15/12/2011)

More than Monsanto, by Kashish Das Shrestha (rep 13/12/2011), Monsanto Seeds And Food Sovereignty, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 15/12/2011)

Government unveils subsidy on seeds, organic fertilizer (rep 12/12/2011), Quackery of subsidies: There are much better options out there than placing subsidies on organic fertiliser, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 13/12/2011)

Sugarcane growers demand Shares Rs 451 per qunital minimum (kp 12/12/2011)

Nepali lentils' overseas market shrinks (rep 11/12/2011)

Dang farmers on receiving end as crushers dry up irrigation channels: Rampant excavation using machinery also posing risk to roads, bridges, dams, by Durga Lal K.C. (kp 10/12/2011)

Sugar price, output under stress as farmers delay harvest (rep 08/12/2011)

Orthodox tea causes more than a storm in the stores (rep 07/12/2011)

The parable of seeds: The story of agricultural development since the 60s is one of “miracle” seeds, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 06/12/2011)

Wheat seed sales nominal this plantation season (kp 06/12/2011)

Support agriculture (rep 01/12/2011)

Say something USAID, by Sradda Thapa (rep 01/12/2011), Farmers’ body declares war against Monsanto (kp 02/12/2011)

Jhapa farmers benefit from semi-commercial farming, by Laxman Kafle (rn 30/11/2011)

High output, low demand: Large cardamom price hits a 2-year low, by Khagendra Adhikari (rep 29/11/2011)

Demand for chicken up 30pc (kp 29/11/2011)

Life of soil: The key to sustainable agriculture is a deep understanding of the ecological complexities of each farm—not packages of external inputs, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 29/11/2011)

A gift to avoid: Projects that endorse the interests of America’s version of the New Road gudpak sellers are not worth promoting, by Sally Acharya (kp 27/11/2011)

Paddy production hits a six-decade high, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 24/11/2011), Paddy output up 13 percent, by Sangam Prasain (kp 24/11/2011), Nepal could export rice after 15-yr gap, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 25/11/2011), Paddy potential
Crop yield has risen, but it’s because of timely rains
(kp 25/11/2011), Early rains, good seeds send cereal production up (kp 25/11/2011), Jhapa records highest rice production (ht 25/11/2011), Paddy Production (rn 01/12/2011)

Farmers get double price for orthodox green tea (ht 24/11/2011)

Stakeholders demand incentives for organic tea production: Say Nepali orthodox tea can ‘dominate’ the world market (kp 22/11/2011)

Liquid fertilizers to ease shortage, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 21/11/2011)

What's brewing in coffee outlets, wonders the industry, by Kriti Bhuju (rep 17/11/2011)

Coffee export increases to double in a year (ht 17/11/2011), Demand for Nepali coffee outstrips supply (kp 19/11/2011)

Emptiness of big claims: n the context of declining resource availability we need to venture beyond the biotech industry to ensure food security for a growing population, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 15/11/2011)

Guidelines for Farmer Card ready for Cabinet to endorse (rep 10/11/2011)

Model veg, livestock farm gives Pokhara countryside a reason to cheer, by Manoj Adhikari (rep 09/11/2011)

Organic certification of coffee begins in Palpa, Kaski, by Dilip Paudel (rep 06/11/2011)

Rice crisis, by Haridevi Rokaya (nt 04/11/2011)

Better ways than Monsanto: Nepal’s farmers and their allies should check the proliferation of hybrid corn promoted jointly by Monsanto, USAID, and the current US ambassador to Nepal, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 01/11/2011), Going to seed: Hybrid and genetically-modified seeds may create more problems than they solve (nt 04/11/2011), Why Monsanto? Instead of improving harvests, a USAID program to push hybrid maize will make Nepali farmers more destitute, by Sascha Fuller (nt 04/11/2011), Can of worms: USAID should promote organic farming in Nepal, not Monsanto, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 08/11/2011), Nepali officials deny Monsanto deal: Agronomists say hybrid crops will hit farmers, by Pragati Shahi (kp 10/11/2011), US seed giant Monsanto under attack: Campaigners say genetically modified crops damaging, by Ramesh Bhushal (ht 13/11/2011), Monsters, Inc., by Sabin Ninglekhu Limbu (rep 17/11/2011), Promoting hybrids: Who gains, and who loses?, by Keshav Thapa (ht 17/11/2011), Seeds of discord, by Krishna Bahadur Karki (rep 21/11/2011), Sensible agriculture: There are much better options than chemicalised monoculture to promote agriculture in Nepal, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 22/11/2011), Monsanto's 'bio-imperialism', by Vandana Shiva (rep 25/11/2011), In defense of seed sovereignty: Monsanto’s entry can provide grounds for an inevitable agrarian crisis, by Kusum Hachhethu (ht 25/11/2011), Monsanto comes to Nepal, by Kashish Das Shrestha (rep 02/12/2011)

Time to harvest: Attention should be given to raising the country's crop production (kp 30/10/2011)

Monsanto is not the answer: Hybrid maize production will pose a danger to Nepal’s ecologically sound, biodiverse and productive farming practices, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 25/10/2011)

Farmers seek land ownership certificates, by ERamesh Prasad Bhushal (ht 25/10/2011)

Experts urge govt to declare ‘mission pulses’: Say Nepal can cash in on the increased consumption of pulses globally (kp 25/10/2011)

Dhading top veg supplier district for last eight years, by Rashmi Mahat (rep 23/10/2011)

Rain, hailstones destroy paddies, by Prem Nepali (kp 23/10/2011)

Fresh milk crunch forces Sujal to run at half capacity, by Manoj Adhikari (rep 22/10/2011)

Jumla farmers set paddy crop on fire, by Tufan Neupane (rep 20/10/2011)

Respect Agriculture, by Narayan Prasad Ghimire (rn 20/10/2011)

Mushrooming coffee outlets to be monitored, by Kriti Bhuju (rep 19/10/2011)

New agri plan: to boost commercial farming, by Sangam Prasain (kp 10/10/2011)

Crucial agri projects made slow progress: Report (rep 29/09/2011)

Substandard rice seized in Pokhara, by Manoj Adhikari (rep 13/09/2011)

Nepali maize produce not sufficient to fulfill market demand (nn 13/09/2011)

Hunger no longer: Leasing land allows poor farmers to grow food until they earn enough to buy their own, by Shradha Giri (kp 01/09/2011)

Vegetable farming brings change to Chepangs’ life in Dhading, by Sanubabu Timilsina (kp 28/08/2011)

Paddy fields’ve shrunk 59k hectares in last two years, by Sangam Prasain (kp 27/08/2011)

Managing Soil Nutrients, by Sushil Thapa (rn 26/08/2011)

Poultry production to grow by 30 pc to Rs 53 billion, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 22/08/2011)

From poppies to paddy: Farmers in Parsa have found better cash crops than opium and marijuana, by Rubeena Mahato (nt 19/08/2011)

Paddy plantation reaches 94pc due to timely rains, by Sangam Prasain (kp 11/08/2011)

FAN to promote flower farming in five more districts (kp 03/08/2011)

Grassroots poison experts: It’s time farmers see the folly in chemical fertilisers and mend their ways, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 02/08/2011)

Tillers of the earth: Gender-blind policy interventions do not recognise women’s contributions in farming, by Bhawana Upadhyay (kp 31/07/2011)

Tea workers return to work, by Roshan Sanwa (rep 28/07/2011)

Paddy plantation complete on 62 percent of arable land, by Sangam Prasain (kp 27/07/2011), Plantation recorded in 80 pc of paddy fields (rep 28/07/2011)

Technology happy farmers: Information technology can especially help grass root farmers increase income and living standards, by Amrit Bhandari (kp 26/07/2011)

Veggie farming goes organic, by Chandra Karki (kp 25/07/2011)

Feathered feasts, by Madhav Dungana (kp 16/07/2011)

Govt ignores high rice production method (ht 13/07/2011)

MoCS proposes to lower ARF on Indian farm imports, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 12/07/2011)

Good monsoon hypes big harvest hopes (kp 12/07/2011)

Dhankuta tea farmers start their own industry, by Siddha Raj Rai (rep 06/07/2011)

Seed bank promoting local varieties, by Pragati Shahi (kp 03/07/2011)

Nepal's hunger solution: New method of rice cultivation doubles harvests with less water and less seeds, by Rubeena Mahato (nt 24/06/2011)

Yarsa-land: Nepal's new cash crop is a caterpillar and provides a living for hundreds of thousands, by Dipendra Bhandari (nt 24/06/2011)

Nepali coffee attracts WB assistance (rep 19/06/2011)

Once were farmers: Improving the agricultural sector’s performance is key in tackling poverty, by Bhawana Upadhyay (kp 19/06/2011)

Where Apples Meet Politics, by Radha Paudel (sp 17/06/2011)

Invest In Agriculture For A Prosperous Nepal, by Rajendra Aryal (sp 04/07/2011)

Community farming: Efficiency & poverty, by Satis C. Devkota (rep 14/06/2011)

Coffee produced in Parbat 'best', by Dilip Paudel (rep 12/06/2011)

Ostrich products to hit Nepali market, by Madhav Dhungana (kp 05/06/2011)

Agriculture project aims to reduce poverty in mid and far west region (nn 03/06/2011)

Govt plans to engage youth in agriculture (ht 02/06/2011)

Agricultural productivity & poverty, by Satis C. Devkota (rep 01/06/2011)

Fertilizer shortage hits tea farmers, by Roshan Swanwa (rep 29/05/2011)

Meat production goes up: Though country imports 11,760 metric tonnes (ht 29/05/2011)

More agro producers seeking certification (kp 18/05/2011)

Green bean coffee export hits 120 tonne mark (kp 13/05/2011)

Farm sector back in priority list of donors, by Sangam Prasain (kp 12/05/2011)

Most agriculture-related WTO pledges fulfilled (kp 05/05/2011)

Fruit demand soars as temperature rises (kp 04/05/2011)

Honey at home fetches money (kp 02/05/2011)

Faulty maize seeds haunt Sarlahi farmers again (rep 27/04/2011)

NPIA preparing to procure wool from local farmers (rep 25/04/2011)

Tea farmers shut down Ilam (nn 22/04/2011), Tea estate closure continuous (nn 25/04/2011), Tea workers strike hit local farmers, by Roshan Sanwa (rep 27/04/2011), Tea workers returning to work Thursday (rep 28/04/2011)

Maize farmers dazed this year again: Cobless corn problem crops up second season in a row, by Shankar Shrestha (ht 20/04/2011)

Thunder won’t blight vital crops, say experts (kp 17/04/2011)

Honey output expected to increase by 20pc (kp 15/04/2011)

Water shortage hits agro research, by Tekendra Deuba (ht 15/04/2011)

Organic agriculture: The battle against global warming, by Umesh Lama (ht 14/04/2011)

Access to technology, by Bishwambher Pyakuryal (rep 06/04/2011)

Organic optimism: Nepal’s flirtation with chemical agriculture is hitting a wall, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 05/04/2011)

The organic option, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 29/03/2011)

Poultry sector seen growing by 24 pc, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 21/03/2011)

Soil First: Promoting Conservation Farming In Nepal, by Sushil Thapa (rn 19/03/2011)

Nepal producing 2.5m metric - tonne pulses (rep 16/03/2011)

Milk production in Bhaktapur declines due to govt apathy (nn 08/03/2011)

Adapting Agriculture To Climate Change, by Bharat Sharma Acharya & Deepesh Raj Bista (rn 26/02/2011)

Bugs destroy wheat crop in Myagdi (nn 23/02/2011)

Warehouse receipts: Commodity markets, farmers facilitated, by Neerab Pudasaini (ht 21/02/2011)

Commercial vegetable farming picks up: More farmers borrowing from informal channels, not from banks (ht 18/02/2011)

Nepal produces veggies worth Rs 45 billion annually: Report, by Sangam Prasain (kp 16/02/2011), Report reveals Nepal produces vegetables worth Rs. 45 billion annually (nn 17/02/2011)

Indian aid for pulse breeding (kp 15/02/2011), Rs 9.47 lakh Indian agriculture assistance (ht 15/02/2011)

The gentleman farmer: A retired horticulturalist is taking matters into his own hands, by Rubeena Mahato (nt 11/02/2011)

FAO team to study status of GPP in Nepal (kp 09/02/2011)

1,120 tubewells in 3 districts this year, by Amrita Anamol (kp 03/02/2011)

Jhapa folk into rubber farming (ht 23/01/2011), Rubber farming booming in Jhapa district (nn 23/01/2011)

NARC to bring flood-proof rice varieties (kp 22/01/2011)

Farmers to get cheaper loans to buy livestock (ht 19/01/2011)

Nutritional diet raises milk production: Indigenous cows have not been producing much due to lack of quality fodder (ht 15/01/2011)

Curfew order in rejoinder, by Aman Koirala (kp 04/01/2011), Sugarcane price fixed at Rs 401 per Quintal: Farmers called off their two-week long agitation after forging an agreement with sugar producers (kp 04/01/2011), Govt, farmers agree on sugarcane price: Agitating farmers call off their strike (ht 04/01/2011), Govt fixes price of sugarcane; exempts VAT by 70 percent on sugar (nn 04/01/2011), Sugarcane farmers up in arms (ht 05/01/2011), Farmers demand resuming
sugar mills’ operation
(kp 06/01/2011), Sugarcane price hike fails to please all (ht 07/01/2011)

Govt to boost livestock count for cutting meat import: The government has allocated Rs 1 billion for livestock development for the current fiscal year (kp 04/01/2011)

One day at the farm in Kaski: Nepal’s agricultural experts could learn a thing or two from innovative farmers, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 04/01/2011)

Profits lure farmers away from cereals to veggies, by Sangam Prasain (kp 03/01/2011)

‘Embrace organic farming to create a global brand’ (ht 29/12/2010)

Sugarcane farmers in agitation mode; wants govt to set appropriate price for their products (nn 29/12/2010)

After cereals, vegetable output turns bumper (ht 23/12/2010), Faster, higher returns from veggies lure farmers (kp 24/12/2010)

FAO to distribute free seeds and fertilisers to farmers (nn 21/12/2010)

A bumper harvest? The production of rice and maize grew by a whopping 11 percent this year, but this overshadows the ills that beget agriculture in Nepal, by Sangam Prasain (kp 18/12/2010)

Banking on ICT: For increased agricultural productivity, by Sagar Mani Gyawali (ht 14/12/2010)

Agriculture production booms: Increased production of cereal crops can help ease food deficit situation (ht 09/12/2010)

Rice, maize output grows by 11pc (kp 08/12/2010)

Farmers leave fields fallow: Wheat seed crunch in east Nepal, by Somnath Bastola (kp 07/12/2010)

Nepal to bring back native seeds (ht 03/12/2010)

Delay in fertiliser delivery may hit farmers (kp 28/11/2010)

A perfect substitute, by Parwat Portel and Ujjwal Prasai (kp 27/11/2010)

ADB’s $20.1m grant to farmers (kp 26/11/2010), ADB to help Nepal’s poorest farmers (ht 26/11/2010)

Where fruits reap no benefit for growers (kp 25/11/2010)

FNCCI, PAF to promote agriculture: The alliance plans to work in 40 districts (ht 23/11/2010)

Green confidence: Certification is a must for consumer trust in the organic market, by Umesh Lama (kp 22/11/2010)

Bajura apple farmers’ hopes bite the dust, by Arjun Shah (kp 19/11/2010)

Farmers can benefit from sugarcane: Rising price of sugar fails to lure farmers from cane cultivation (ht 19/11/2010)

Coffee becomes a key cash crop for Nepali farmers (kp 15/11/2010), Three-Year plan to double coffee production: The strategic plan to promote Nepali coffee in local, int’l market (ht 17/11/2010), NTCDB receives its coffee logo (nn 17/11/2010)

Nepal produces over 16.2 m kg of tea annually (nn 15/11/2010)

Nepali farmers barred from importing seed from India (nn 14/11/2010)

Majority of farmers still landless: Unscientific division of lands created more problems (ht 12/11/2010)

Boost Investment In Agriculture, by Arhan Sthapit (rn 12/11/2010)

Nepal produces Rs 2.66b worth of bananas yearly (kp 12/11/2010)

Nurturing shoots of tea industry: This will uplift the status of farmers as tea demand is on the rise (ht 12/11/2010)

Contribution of livestock to AGDP declines (kp 10/11/2010)

FAO promises additional support for affected peasants (nn 09/11/2010)

Terai districts face shortage of wheat seed (nn 08/11/2010)

Farmers get kick in the teeth, by Prakash Adhikari (kp 04/11/2010)

It's got potential: Nepal could boost its lentil export with proper government initiatives (kp 01/11/2010)

Illam exports tea to India after 3 yrs ban (nn 31/10/2010)

Germ theory: Growing seed insecurity will exacerbate the greater problem of food insecurity, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 29/10/2010)

UN body distributing ‘dead wheat seed’ (kp 25/10/2010), FAO acts ‘seedy’; result, no harvest (kp 26/10/2010), FAO seed plan a mistake: Experts, by Chitranga Thapa (kp 27/10/2010), Doti farmers demand compensation, by Mohan Shahi (kp 29/10/2010), Wheat seed distribution halts, by Mohan Shahi (kp 31/10/2010), Farmers of Doti
villages in for double whammy
(ht 31/10/2010)

Rukum's apple faces market problems (nn 25/10/2010)

Govt to import large quantity of fertilisers (nn 25/10/2010)

Food revolution: Development strategy isn’t working. Neither is food aid. A farmer-focused policy could solve both these problems, by Indu Nepal (nt 22/10/2010)

Farming: New approach needed, by Jagannath Adhikari (rep 21/10/2010)

Nepal is No. 4 in ginger production (kp 21/10/2010), Nepal stands fourth in ginger production (nn 21/10/2010)

Ginger farming attracts Makawanpur farmers (ht 16/10/2010)

When the going gets tough: In light of the massive food subsidies abroad, it might be wise for Nepal to go organic, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 14/10/2010)

Apple worth Rs. 140 m sold in Mustang (nn 10/10/2010), Mustang exports apples worth Rs 180 m (nn 24/10/2010)

Govt kicks farmers in the teeth: Hikes fertiliser price by 30 pc (kp 08/10/2010)

Promote sheep farming (rep 06/10/2010)

Let's go organic, by Damodar Kanel (rep 03/10/2010)

Thailand, Malaysia potential markets for Jumla apples (kp 24/09/2010)

Production rate of pulse crops expected to rise 3pc, by Sangam Prasain (kp 22/09/2010)

Vegetable seed project to fight poverty (ht 17/09/2010)

Agricultural sector improvement: More than necessary, by Kamal Raj Dhungel (ht 16/09/2010)

The road less travelled: The emphasis on food security has made us dependent
on outside food and increased the risk of food crisis
, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 10/09/2010)

Rice production may drop (ht 09/09/2010)

Spot contract for farmers: Looking at the benefits, by Neerab Pudasaini (ht 08/09/2010)

Kailali dairymen bask in comfort of milking honey of money (kp 06/09/2010)

Organic Apples Can Keep Poverty Away, by Umesh Lama (sp 03/09/2010)

Caste and crops: Is the hierarchic caste system the reason for our failure in agriculture?, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 27/08/2010)

Flower business blooms, exports soar (kp 21/08/2010)

Gulmi produces 90 tonnes of coffee, by Janardhan Ghimire (ht 21/08/2010)

Import mars cheap manure distribution (ht 21/08/2010)

Inadequate rain hits paddy crop (kp 18/08/2010)

Tea factories choked by leaf surfeit (kp 11/08/2010)

Farmers not getting subsidized fertilizers, by J. Pandey, Lal K.C. and Kamal L. Panthi (kp 10/08/2010)

July rainfall more than normal: Boosts paddy plantation nationwide, by Pragati Shahi (kp 06/08/2010)

Jhapa tea factories shut after row with farmers (kp 06/08/2010)

Fertiliser crunch hits farmers hard (ht 31/07/2010)

A dream network, by Sharada Adhikari (ht 31/07/2010)

Paddy production: Rice Wrongs (sp 30/07/2010)

Farming diesel: If we can't mine it, we can grow it (nt 30/07/2010)

You reap what you sow: Low investment in the agricultural sector has resulted in low productivity and output, by Maina Dhital (kp 29/07/2010)

Midwest Tarai fields await rain: Adverse weather likely to reduce rice yield considerably (ht 20/07/2010)

Paddy sowing recorded at a meagre 40pc (kp 19/07/2010)

Bitter dispute over price of tea leaves Jhapa tea factories shut, by Kumar Luitel (ht 18/07/2010)

Price Of Bargain: Ilam’s tea farmers are facing a tough time, by Uma Kanta Khanal (sp 16/07/2010)

Kalaiya sees production of 21,600 metric tons of mangoes (nn 15/07/2010)

Agriculture GDP to incline by 1.05 percent (nn 12/07/2010)

Furious farmers fret at shortage of fertiliser (kp 11/07/2010)

Subsidised fertilisers off-limits for Parsa folks (ht 01/07/2010)

For Show-off Only?, by Shyam K.C. (rn 01/07/2010)

Thought for food: Hard to control heavens, but there are other ways to boost rice yields (kp 30/06/2010)

Nepali tea looks ahead (ht 30/06/2010)

Call to restore jute’s lost sheen (kp 28/06/2010)

Domestic mango output up 47pc, by Nirjana Sharma (kp 28/06/2010)

50 Years Of Rice Research, by Bhola Man Singh Basnet (rn 28/06/2010)

Farmers suffer as fertilisers reach black-market (ht 26/06/2010), Both nature and government unkind to farmers: Delayed monsoon,inadequate fertilisers taking toll on farm produce, by Ramesh Prasad Bhushal (ht 27/06/2010), Tarai farmers fall back on smuggled fertilisers, by Binod Bhandari (kp 29/06/2010)

Making of a Nepali wine: If wines tell stories, then Hinwa definitely embodies that of Nepal, by Shankar Dahal (nt 25/06/2010)

Orthodox tea from Nepal rules the international roost (kp 24/06/2010)

GWRDC plans to build 100,000 shallow tube wells to increase agriculture productivity (nn 22/06/2010)

Jute in maize loss footsteps, by Shankar Kharel (kp 20/06/2010)

Farmers across the country face shortage of fertilisers (nn 20/06/2010), Rs 2.3b to ease
fertiliser woes
(kp 22/06/2010)

Organic Agriculture Holds Out Hope, by Umesh Lama (sp 18/06/2010)

The Off-Season Advantage, interview with Hari Krishna Upadhyaya (sp 18/06/2010)

Big plan to irrigate Tarai fields, by Ishwar Rauniyar (kp 16/06/2010)

Nepali Coffee receives export boost from DoC: Registration of brand is still an issue (ht 14/06/2010), Syangja coffee comes of age, by Basanti Bastola (kp 16/06/2010)

Nuwakot maize crop wilting for want of fertilisers (ht 13/06/2010)

Vegetable farming proves money spinner for Doti folk (ht 11/06/2010)

Agriculture ministry turns spotlight on cash crops Plans two ambitious projecs for next year (ht 10/06/2010)

A new kind of bank: Two villages outside Kathmandu are leading the revival of sustainable farming practices, even if it means facing societal rejection for meddling with their own urine, by Smriti Mallapaty (kp 05/06/2010)

Bringing down the heavens: Signs of a good monsoon this year have given farmers a new ray of hope, by Pragati Shahi (kp 05/06/2010)

Fertiliser traders milking farmers, by Bharat Koirala (ht 04/06/2010)

Farm relief package likely to be delayed (kp 01/06/2010)

Coffee to register logo at home, abroad (ht 01/06/2010)

Fertilizer shortage in peak sowing season (kp 25/05/2010)

Ilam lacks tea processing factories (nn 19/05/2010)

Farmers set up first 'human urine bank' for better harvest (nn 18/05/2010)

Ramechhap locals attracted toward earthworm farming (rn 17/05/2010)

Farmers take to sunflower farming (kp 16/05/2010)

Poor crop production augments price inflation (nn 14/05/2010)

Farmers to grow sugarcane at bank of Rapti River (rn 14/05/2010)

Grain output drops by 4.33 percent (kp 13/05/2010), Food grain production drops (ht 13/05/2010), Nepal faces 316,465 MT of food deficit this year (nn 13/05/2010)

Demand for ginger up in int’l market, by Ramesh Adhikari (kp 13/05/2010)

Fish farming lines rural folk’s pockets, by Bharat Jargha Magar (kp 10/05/2010)

Fortune smiles on Solu farmer, by Kubharaj Rai (kp 09/05/2010)

Vegetables rot in storage due to banda (kp 07/05/2010)

Farming land in Kathmandu valley shrinking each day, by Rajesh Dahal (rn 05/06/2010), Shrinking Farmland (rn 06/05/2010)

Drought affects food output, by Kumba Raj Rai (kp 04/05/2010)

Strike ruins veggie farmers (kp 04/05/2010)

Disease devours mango crop, by Rabindra Upreti (kp 02/05/2010)

Locals sustain livelihood from orange farming (rn 01/05/2010)

Drought hits cardamom farmers (kp 20/04/2010)

Maize farming victims now fall prey to red tape, by Ramesh Prasad Bhushal (kp 20/04/2010)

Ripe pods: More and more farmers in the Tarai are now cultivating opium poppy, and most of the produce is sold to Indian traders, by Shankar Acharya and Pawan Yadav (kp 17/04/2010)

Cash removed from farm relief package, by Sangam Prasain (kp 16/04/2010)

Study to be done on corn disaster (kp 16/04/2010)

Maize farmers in Biratnagar up in arms, by Shekhar Regmi (ht 12/04/2010)

Fertile land lost to real estate in Morang (kp 09/04/2010)

Time to change tack: Farming based on chemicals and machines has exacerbated ecological degradation, by Anil Bhattarai (kp 06/04/2010)

Food output drops in Dailekh (rn 06/04/2010)

Cabbages remain unsold (rn 05/04/2010)

Tomato price starts falling (rn 04/04/2010)

Farmers left high and dry as hailstorm destroys yield, by Madan Wagle (ht 04/04/2010)

Changing agriculture: The implications of hybrid and genetically-modified seeds for Nepal, by Jagannath Adhikari (kp 03/04/2010), Nepal’s Green Revolution, by Andrew Stowe (kp 03/04/2010)

Worried Farmers, by Uma Kanto Khanal (sp 02/04/2010)

Opiate of the masses: The spread of opium cultivation in the Tarai is turning parts of Nepal into Afghanistan, by Rameswor Bohara (nt 02/04/2010), Bara locals mint money from opium farming, by Laxmi Sah (kp 04/04/2010)

Rs 20 crores for victim farmers (ht 31/03/2010), Farmers take to streets seeking relief (ht 31/03/2010), Victims say relief paltry, protest on, by Sujit Kumar Aryal (ht 01/04/2010)

Multinational firms wash hands of compensation, by Ramesh Prasad Bhushal (ht 30/03/2010)

Nepal’s floriculture business blooms (kp 30/03/2010)

Tarai maize farmers seek compensation (ht 27/03/2010)

Coffee farming to get a boost (ht 24/03/2010), NTCDB planning to bolster coffee production (nn 24/03/2010)

Corn farmers in Tarai to be provided relief (kp 24/03/2010)

GDP to suffer as crop production goes down (ht 22/03/2010)

More Parasi farmers into beekeeping (ht 18/03/2010)

No buyers for Shyanja coffee, by Basanti Bastola (kp 17/03/2010)

Farmers benefit from JICA volunteers’ skill (rn 17/03/2010)

Organic farming in Rupandehi, Kapilbastu (rn 15/03/2010)

Marijuana mushrooming in Saptari, Siraha (nn 15/03/2010)

Patchwork city: Rising land prices have hit Kathmandu's farms hard, by Suvayu Dev Pant (nt 05/03/2010)

Levelling the field: The government has taken some positive steps to empower women in agriculture, by Maina Dhital (kp 28/02/2010)

Jatropha could alleviate poverty in rural Siraha, by Rambabu Yadav (ht 22/02/2010)

Beans to brew: Nepal's nascent coffee business is slowly but surely redefining the idea of a Nepali's morning brew, by Foo Chee Chang (nt 19/02/2010)

Tomatoes at Rs 1 per kg (kp 17/02/2010)

Coffee export (ht 14/02/2010)

Solar pump aids farmers (kp 10/02/2010)

Sugarcane farmers get more money (kp 10/02/2010)

Experts visit cardamom farms (kp 09/02/2010)

Taplejung tomato farmers strike it rich (ht 04/02/2010)

Ginger production rises in Kailali (kp 04/02/2010)

IRRI and rice research : 50 years on the road, by Bhola Man Singh Basnet (ht 01/02/2010)

Entrepreneurs taste sweet beehive income (kp 29/01/2010)

Livestock farming bringing prosperity, by Bharat Ingnam (ht 27/01/2010)

Khotang farmers grow sugarcane (kp 27/01/2010), Khotang farmers grow sugarcane (nn 27/01/2010)

Cannabis farming rampant in Tarai, by Shyam Rai and Rambabu Yadav (ht 27/01/2010)

Three new agriculture projects in the offing: Agriculture Commercialisation Project (kp 25/01/2010)

Ginger output could go up (kp 25/01/2010)

Potato harvest begins in Ilam (kp 22/01/2010)

Rukum potatoes rot away (ht 15/01/2010)

Cardamom price at record high (kp 14/01/2010), Record cardamom price (kp 20/01/2010), Cardamom price at all-time high (kp 21/01/2010), Cardamom production plunges due to disease (kp 21/01/2010)

Sugarcane farmers get advance payment in Bara (kp 10/01/2010)

Seed security must for high agro-yield, food security, say experts (ht 09/01/2010)

‘Sugar price not to go below Rs 70/kg’ (kp 08/01/2010)

Agricultural Challenges Before Nepal, by Laxman Datt Pant (rn 05/01/2010)

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