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King Gyanendra assumes executive powers
Deuba sacked, cabinet dissolved; elections scrapped

Unofficial translation of HM King’s Address to the Nation:

Dated: 4 October 2002
(Translated By: Kantipur Publications, 5 October 2002) (sjs)

Beloved Countrymen,

The greater good of Nepal and the Nepalese people is our only goal. History is witness to the fact that the Institution of Monarchy in Nepal has always been guided by the wishes and aspirations of the people. We have, time and again, expressed our commitment to democracy and we would like to assure our countrymen that democratic ideals will always continue to guide us.

It is known to all that in keeping with the tradition of the Shah dynasty to remain ever dedicated to the paramount welfare and progress of the Nepalese people, the democratic multiparty polity was reinstated in the Kingdom in 1990 in accordance with the wishes of the Nepalese people. It is also clear that during the 12 years since its reinstatement, a number of political exercises have been adopted for the consolidation of democracy. In this spirit, we had, at the recommendation of the Prime Minister, dissolved the House of Representatives on May 22 and set November 13 as the date for elections to the House of Representatives. The Prime Minister, who was entrusted with the task of conducting the general elections, had made a submission to us for the removal of difficulties under Article 127 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, citing the current adverse situation prevailing in the country as the reason for not being able to hold the general elections on the stipulated date in accordance with Article 53 (4) of the Constitution. This led to a constitutional difficulty and void, creating a complicated situation in the country.

As it is our responsibility to preserve nationalism, national unity and sovereignty, as well as, to maintain peace and order in the country and also to ensure that the state of the nation does not deteriorate for any reason, a situation has arisen wherein, by virtue of the State Authority as exercised by us and in the spirit of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal-1990, as well as, taking into consideration of Article 27 (3) of the Constitution, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba should be relieved of his office, owing to his incompetence to conduct the general elections on the stipulated date in accordance with the Constitution, and the Council of Ministers dissolved. Similarly, the general elections slated for November 13 also needs to be postponed. We, therefore, issue the following orders in accordance with Article 127 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of

1. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Dueba has been relieved of his office as of today, October 4, 2002, for his incompetence in not being able to conduct the general elections on the stipulated date, and the Council of Ministers dissolved.
2. The general elections to the House of Representatives to be held on November 13 this year have been postponed.

As it will take some time to make new arrangements, we will exercise the executive powers of the Kingdom of Nepal until such arrangements are in place and we ourselves undertake the responsibility of governance in the country.

We are confident that the political parties will extend cooperation in constituting a new Council of Ministers by sending recommendations, within the next five days, of persons who have clean images and who will not be participating in the forthcoming general elections.

We will never allow the commitment and allegiance to Constitutional Monarchy and the multiparty democratic polity to be compromised. The government to be constituted will make adequate arrangements for peace and security as soon as possible and conduct the general elections.

There is no need for security personnel, civil servants or the countrymen to deviate from their responsibilities and duties. We are confident that everyone will fulfill their duties from their respective places and that, with the best wishes of the Nepalese people, all will be well.

May Lord Pashupatinath bless us all!

Jaya Nepal!

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